Meterage 11-29 to 12-3-20 ~ [UPDATE7]

FYI, the site is being artificially slowed by WordPress (’cause trop de vérité), messing with the “secure” settings on sevrers to show the site as not secure. Whatever.

In the meantime… what do you call a CME and a solar flare and a solar prominence all together?

Monsieur BOOM

Someone’s gonna feel that.

This particular ‘shotgun’ portion of the sun is lumbering around to face Earth just in time for the new moon/solar eclipse. We’re guessing it will go boom around 12/7 or 8. Talk about a headache.

This is what it looked like to STEREO A:

But wait, there’s more:

This meter goes with all that:

*There’s* some megawattage (and this, from 94M miles away from the blast).

This kinda thing freaks the PTW right out. Their ET-derived future-viewer (codenamed, “LookingGlass” until the SF put the kibosh on it, now its codename is “SLAG”) once-upon-a-time showed what they thought was the sun delivering a “kill shot” to the earth at some stage… but, in typical military ca8al fashion they had no idea what they were looking at, and still don’t… or know what they’re doing (and yet, they think they know everything). Anyway, what they saw was… [insert the obvious here]… which does NOT come from the sun. It won’t register as regular solar activity, so all the boondoggle space probes in the world are useless in detecting it.

DYK: If there was AIR between us and the sun, the sound from the sun — 94 million miles away — would be as loud as a jackhammer outside your window? If you were within a half-million miles, its accoustic energy (from zillions of explosions) would atomize you. So… those ships nearest the sun have to deal with 4M-degree heat, extreme radiation, huge EM forces, AND ultra-accoustic energy, because once you get within the sun’s ‘atmosphere,’ there is enough gas-medium to convey accoustic vibration. ZAP. And you thought there was no sound in space.

Speaking of incessant pounding, we also have lots of headache-y meterage:

This is out of K-L, just 0-10 Hz, but an interesting perspective.

This is Ripa, Italy.




Jumps and ow.

Here’s Tomsk 0-40 Hz (zero at the top):

Here’s Thunder Bay last night. Looks like a jump. The black line represents cosmic background “noise,” while the other lines represent specific frequencies (used by sundry navies for sub comms):

And here’s Thunder Bay right now:

Here’s Oulu:

The “hairier” the ouchier.

Here ae neutron counts. Check out Mawson Station, Antarctica (the red line):

They are being hammered with energy. Gosh, wonder why?

Enough already.


After Saturday’s CAT session… we know something, and we know nothing. We know what we already knew, that we’re going to be undergoing some kind of transformation over the next two weeks. What that means for each of you we’re not going to speculate about because everyone is different. It’s one of those things you’re going to have to experience and not talk about in advance.

Timewise, we have no idea when the timeline split will occur… because there are so many. We saw the one main split (which already split a while ago, but the two are co-existing), but on our side (which is the SOURCE side) we saw five splits, and more splits after those… ugh, we give up. There are of course even more on the other (Justice?) side. We’re just using these terms are placeholders at this point.

As for the 2025 planetary transformation completion date… we can’t be sure, but we think this is independent of The Event/The SHIFT/The Reboot/The Whatever. We could be wrong. Ascension never really stops, so we think this will continue AFTER… whatever happens. STP, indeed.

Also, for those interested, Beethoven’s actual birthday is December 13th, not the day the MSM claims (which was when he was Christened). Mr. B has reincarnated and is a(n excellent professional) violinist. Mr. B himself was a virtuoso violinist in his day, so being one in this lifetime is Superaffengeil… but at least now he gets to be with his “Immortal Beloved.” We will respect his privacy. (But we SO want to stalk him and have coffee at the table next to his… but we won’t… for now.)

In the meantime:


And another biggie:

Note the SOURCE achor shortly after 00:00 UTC. CATs have been feeling all this keenly the past four hours.


It’s zeroing in on us:


We were curious about California’s weather, which has stopped. There was a week of rain, then nothing. We’d noticed how moisture is being stopped off the coast — reversed in fact, in a really unnatural way:

We see Positive ETs are keeping CA safe, though we aren’t sure safe from what. We’re not sure if it has to do with fire, but when we look we see red flames (like we’re seeing it in infrared). Kinda weird. Perhaps it’s something they intentionally spray in the clouds like last time with the red skies, some kind of fire accelerant. We’d show a pic of it, but no one wants to see that ever again.

Also note that in CAT dreams, some saw an approaching storm where the skies were black, so we expect something is finally going to happen. (In the dream, CATs drove TOWARD the storm in eager anticipation, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing).


Another CME — and we’re in a jump at the moment:

For those meters still working, things are looking interesting:


And another:

For those who may not know/understand, or may not remember, the sun is our multi-level “reality” projector, so each CME is an upgrade to the existing “reality TV” program already in progress… the one you’re living now… on multiple timelines and vibrations.


Another PTW base got caulked:

And Now the News

It looks like the PTW did indeed get to Barr. Not sure how that’s going to play out, but we expect he’ll either resign or be fired shortly — and replaced quickly. But there is other, more shocking news that is CAT-Verified. It’s true that 0blama was arrested (in Hawaii). B1den was arrested (and is wearing a GPS boot). And Has-spe11 was arrested two weeks ago and is singing like a canary. They were all caught colluding with a foreign power (Ch1na) to influence the U.S. election. Textbook treason. The election is now officially over. The real Powers That Be are trying to figure out what to do, and how to best move forward. They have everyone now, dead to rights. There’s never been a felonious Presidential candidate arrested before the Electoral College met, so… when they do meet, considering that B1den has pleaded No Contest, he has been disqualified as a candidate (you’re not allowed to break the law), which disqualifies his running mate, too… and ALL votes would then go to the only viable candidate present. Wow. What a mess. Meanwhile, DC is absolutely freaking out. Their heavies are being arrested. Their hideyhole bases are exploding. All Cavalry hands are on deck keeping an eye on things. Justice is being served on the Justice timeline… which is running up close and parallel with the SOURCE timeline, so everyone can experience what’s happening before we move on our merry way… whenever that is. Now… we wait. We’re trying to get clarity on what happens to the MSM. They are bound by FCC (federal) regulations, so if they break those regulations…


This just popped up , normal:

Guides and SOURCE have been bouncing CATs around on different timelines so we can do this and that, ugh. Get ready for Mandela Effects.

230 thoughts on “Meterage 11-29 to 12-3-20 ~ [UPDATE7]

  1. I do not know what happened yesterday, was there a timeline jump or something else, but as from yesterday I have a feeling that we are almost done, I feel perfect calm over situation on the Earth as we are about to cross the 5d finish line, when everything will come to be known, it was about a time ✨

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    1. I forgot to add one point, my mind is a mess lately, last few nights I have a dreams in which I am teaching others about the tolerance, how to better treat each other, that we are all one…. Maybe a preparation for my near future role 🙂✨

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    2. Me too! Yesterday everything just started feeling better! November was an emotional challenge I’m grateful to be finished with…so I am thankful that you mentioned it, Perica! ✨🙏🌻🌞 It was like a big sigh of relief! It has been a little bit harder to stay chipper & cheerful with the energies around the election floating about. The sunshine has been such a blessing. Thank you, Cats, for the details! They help so much! As does the pie! 🙂

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  2. Perfect. Gen Flynn suggesting that Mr. T declare ‘limited’ martial law in order to hold a new election. Democracy served at gunpoint. What could go wrong?!

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  3. Couldn’t hear it myself from the bldg. I work in, but apparently there’s just been one of those loud BOOMS here in central NY – people heard and felt it shake houses for several hundred miles around – of course everyone says it’s a meteor, but I know there’s tons of old natural tunnels around here that my native american friends told me about years ago, and which were apparently used to free slaves from the south – well wouldn’t surprise me if they were also being used for nefarious purposes. So here’s hoping that whatever was going on down there, isn’t anymore! I just hope my dog at home isn’t too freaked out, he hates loud noises!!!

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  4. And Now the News Update

    You seem very certain about these things even to the “No Contest” for Joe which would be a very high level detail to know.

    These are very bold statements.

    If you had to put a percentage of certainty regarding these amazing statements, what would that be?

    And how do you think the Announcement of All This would be orchestrated?

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    1. Dunno. Guess we’ll find out. Some of what is to happen will depend on which of the 5+ timelines you’re on — on one side of The Split. We didn’t look to see if it was different on the other side of The Split, because it’s too complicated. We also found it stated here after the fact:

      There will probably be no announcement until the MSM is charged by the FCC, or seized by military authorities.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. I thought ‘beforeitsnews’ was kinda fake, like the Enquirer. it’s legit?

        Will entire news organizations be arrested? What about News Directors who work for Wire Services? like my ex boss the “news nazi? who i always went ten rounds with for putting out fake news? he’s still at the top of the news heap.

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          1. FYI: The ‘report’ this info was sourced from came in the form of a doctored DOJ press release from August about the detainment of Alexander Yuk Ching Ma, a former CIA officer. You can look it up. They just altered the date and changed the reference to Obama. Shady disinfo stuff… just wishful thinking really.

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    1. Perica ❤️ You win again 😉 I have that BeeGees song in my head now grrrrr!

      I looked last night before bed to see if Laura had posted , maybe my connection was playing up, hmmm🤔

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. While at it, Laura in this video mentioned that it would be good to watch again one off her video done in a summer in which there was a post US election part going on which is now very relevant, so here it is 😉:

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  5. Re Update6: EEEEEeeeeeeee!. . . . So other than that, I spent a blissful day putterin’ around in the Sunny garden. Gardener continues to make progress in the perennial garden. She’s leaving the coneflowers until my birdies pick every last one of the seeds. They’ll probably be cut down in Feb. Other than that, a hearty Har! to one and all. <J

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  6. Regarding Update6: interesting, thank you Cats. The more the mouse wheel turns, the more cheese gets grated. Or something like that.

    Anyway, I have been experiencing slow (fast?) roastage this afternoon PDT – finally TTMB, feeling more human now. Anyone else?

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    1. And of course I forgot to add – I only got through the afternoon by using the Cat’s suggestion to ground, and to get SOURCE involved. ‘Twas a tough one, but we got through it….

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    2. Could not sleep at all last night, major blasts of ‘something’! Feeling very rough today like someone has squeezed all the energy out of me. Alas I cannot TTMB until Elsie is all safe in hers 🥴


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    3. SamV. Hi yes I’m struggling too. Glad you got through it. I was getting AFib episodes every six to ten months. It’s almost been every week for the past six weeks. Had one today at 2pm UTC. Wondered which part of the energy cocktail was poking me today lol. If my ticker is my barometer I would say events are getting very close to resolving themselves. 🤔😊💖

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  7. Can you do a reading on Sidney Powell?
    A. When I tune into her, I feel the rage and the passion to bringing down the deep state. She knows that evil people have been in power, and bought their way to the top. She feels like she finally has what she needs to expose this once and for all. I hear that her investigation and work will be like the finale of a fireworks display.

    Slowly (in fact VERY slowly) things have been brought to light. There have been some arrests and many indictments have been issued. I always saw that 2020 would have one of the biggest scandals ever, and the exposure of election fraud feels to be it. Not only were the results grossly inaccurate, the people involved (I get) will be shocking.

    I get that everything is aligning the way it needs to. Putting the American people through this was necessary to evoke a huge change. A huge reset and way of doing things is on the horizon. Saying the Kracken is being released is truly an understatement.

    And that is all I have for this reading. Love and light, Lynn

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    1. Ah yes, and in his latest update Charlie W. inserted what he thought the “Kracken” was going to be — he thinks it will be Mr. T’s entire replacement of the corrupt C1A and FB1 in one fell swoop…

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  8. Dear CATS;
    Thank you for this update and the NEWS.

    Today has been a swirl of crazy computer problems, people problems and life issues that were all tumbled, one upon the other. All of that while I watched the hearing in Michigan. (I like to sit in the Peanut Gallery and eat popcorn during these events…pretty fascinating to watch.) [Is it possible to jump from one timeline to another all day long? ]

    Your information felt like relief from a hairball that just wouldn’t come out. A major signal of health and freedom. Phew, looks like things will start moving a bit faster now.

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  9. To add to the intell, practitioner Joanne (from New Zealand) revealed in a variety of QHHT sessions that both B1den and Oblama are currently clones…..real/original B1den was exterminated a couple years ago, and Oblama and his man/wife were exterminated around 6 years ago.

    “Now… we wait. We’re trying to get clarity on what happens to the MSM. They are bound by FCC (federal) regulations, so if they break those regulations…”

    Exactly what Charlie Ward was giggling about all last month in his videos — he said he figured that Team T. was going to take out ALL the MSM at the very end here, in one big swipe, through their insanely stupid breaking of the FCC with their ‘treason’.

    All this time just letting them fall into the huge hole they dug all by themselves….

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  10. A serious question for you CATS if I may?

    How do you do it?

    How do you manage to stay sane after knowing what you know? Stretching your minds to accept new concepts, truths, other realities.

    When I dip in a toe, I have to withdraw my thinking because I feel too fragile. Is this because I’m thinking from a very limited human awareness?

    I find myself at a crossroads. The curiosity and hunger for knowledge, yet afraid of what price that knowledge demands of me.

    Thanks and forever my immeasurable respect.


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    1. We discovered much of this stuff years ago and have had time to deal with it. Some things caused days and weeks of turmoil, depression… it’s the old Kübler-Ross Grieving Cycle: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. We have also seen things for 20+ years that would cause regular people to run screaming into the night, so much of this stuff today is rather boring.


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          1. Michael’s wings are insanely huge, but interestingly, all the pristine white feathers are of normal size. And the gold armour all along the outside edge (Top when extended outwards) must weigh a frightening amount. I reckon the gypsies in my town would have a crack at pinching some given half a chance.

            You CATS are brave, but you must be utterly exhausted.

            So far since my children went back to school after the first global lockdown, we have received several emails regarding men either exposing themselves to children or attempting to abduct them. This has NEVER happened before in our town. My wife doesn’t understand it, I explained whats happening energetically and how close we are to a split. She doesn’t understand me either 😅

            Had a message about NE during meditation today, kicking myself I didn’t get it all. All I can recall is “5D look around…” and I couldn’t catch the last three words!

            Been thinking about good deeds. It dawned on me that about a third of them may be void. When I was helping people during that third, I was doing it reluctantly. I reckon it still counts though, because if SOURCE/GAIA/SPACE POLICE/et all, allows me access to NE with some reluctance, well, I’m still in NE regardless 😆👊


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      1. Rusirius/Mark
        I know what you mean. Years ago when I discovered the gov/CDC/911 and MSM lies, as well as (some of) the evil horrors that were/are occurring, I could not believe it, but I knew it was true. I had what I see now as cognitive dissonance for about 3 months. I got through it, but it was awful. It helps to see all people as my brother or sister, knowing that we are One, and to send love to the situation to transmute it.

        love love to all in the room

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        1. ella;
          I went through the same thing. Could barely see for a few days while I got myself back together. In that era there were few to chat with about all the realizations. Was isolated and stymied as to what to do with what I had learned. Eventually that morphed into a quiet acceptance and knowing that all would be well, regardless of the current circumstances-then or now.

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    2. Hi Mark. I have found that the more I discover, the more my psyche seems to expand, and as M6 says accept it eventually. Corollating information from different sources is useful for me and seems to help put more puzzle pieces into place. Also letting go of that really pesky thing called fear and finding an inner sense of peace really helped me carry on with wanting to learn as much as I could about things.
      I am of course referring to my small efforts and not the huge explorations the that our Magnificent Moggies (sorry Cats, it flowed well ☺️) take part in. I may not be so fearless if I did that.
      By the way, I am very much enjoying your book.❄️💖

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      1. Thanks M6, M5, AM, ella and Newlynn. I’m banking on a return to my multidimensional self will remedy any concerns. If not, my fancy new treehouse will require a padded interior.

        And thanks for reading the book! I’d ask a further favour and ask for a review, but let’s be honest here, I don’t think they will carry over to NE… 😆

        Mark ❤

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        1. Mark. I finished the book last night. Cue tissues! It is a lovely tale. I will be doing a review for certain. As an avid reader since five years old I am still fascinated as to where and how the ideas come from when someone writes a book. Thank goodness it happens anyway, or I wouldn’t have anything to look forward to in my bedtime reading sessions. Thank you I really enjoyed Saving Snow. Keep up the good work.☺️💖

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          1. Thanks Lynn.

            The ideas I believe are given to us. Inspiration is a bit like channelling I reckon, but with only a hint of the idea. The fun part is piecing it together.

            Mark ❤

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  11. Thanks as always for all these updates and info Cats, Ms. And commenters too. The News, confirming the alt news I follow. Wowee.

    I so much am aware of parallel timelines what with peeking at msm headlines. It’s so bizarre.

    And those meters and sun images!! I had a big week of heart arrythmia (done now, upgrade perhaps?) and am mostly calm. MY 3d focus has been on Christmas, preparing and sending gifts to family (especially little darling grandkids 💕), who are all at a distance.

    Also, some sweet moments in meditation (and daily thoughts) recently w Br J. He can really take the edge off any anxiety that may be percolating.💕💕💕

    Love to All,


    PS yes, let me know about a fund raising for kagee and her new bed. Love that idea. If we all chip in a little we can make it so.

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  12. And just like that…. I am very in synchronicity with the Update #7

    I had a very interesting / powerful dream.

    I don’t remember much of it, but I remember this….
    I was protecting Pres. T. I was told he needed protection as he is guarding (holding) the Timeline.

    I woke up and I looked at my clock it was 3:33 am.

    I’m really exhausted today. Busy night I guess /shrug

    ❤ kk

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  13. Is anybody else having the full body sensation of electrical stimulation beneath the skin and above the muscles?
    This gives new meaning to the phrase, “I feel like jumping out of my skin”.
    Yikes! I’m grounding. I’m grounding. Cay

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  14. Is it possible that pets are developing ‘super powers’? One of my guinea pigs just did the biggest ‘popcorn’/ jump and banged her head on the wooden roof of her enclosure (40cm above her), ‘ouch’!


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    1. Hi Lily. That some popcorn bounce. We often go ouch too as Luna often bashes into things when she is racing around. It doesn’t seem to bother her at all. She seems to be speeding up and develops a new super power daily lol. The latest was doing the sideways tigger bounce down the hall at top speed. Either no one told her she should slow down as she gets older or she is picking up on the energies and powering up. 😸💖

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  15. The illusion faltered today, for My phone said 1% power, going to shut down. So I plugged it in to the charger, and within 2 seconds it climbed rapidly to 50%. Peace.

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  16. Yikes!!! Today, I feel like I’ve been body slammed and then had the floor wiped up with my remains.I hurt in places where I didn’t know I had places. Just sayin’ Anyone?. . . . <J

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    1. Yup, really bad neck and shoulder pain this evening! My knees are also acting up. Tingly hands, too, all day long, not nerve pain tingly, but sort of puffy, sensitive, warm tingly, if that makes sense. But mostly neck and shoulders, ouch!!!!

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    2. J
      Misery loves company and I am right there with you in spirit. I am treating a bladder infection which I just discovered after days of discomfort. Pissed, literally.
      You might like this though. My normie husband bought a used trailer which is bringing him loads of fun. He is fabricating the trailer of his dreams for his beloved motorcycle. He is so excited that he cannot sleep and says his trailer is talking to him at all hours. This is making him to go out with the flashlight just to recheck and rethink the design several times each night since Monday night’s arrival. He started calling the trailer Jesus because it talks to him telepathically to let him know what it needs.I find this all amusing and am happy to see him excited in a new project. That is until I stepped bare foot on a metal shaving which cut my foot in the bathroom tonight. I hope Jesus tells him to check his shoes for sharps before coming in the house.
      By the way, my husband is the least religious person I know, but truly kind hearted. His sense of humor can be offensive to some as he lacks a “socially correct” filter. Cay

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      1. Ha! That’s a good story because my husband is the same!! He’s a welder/fabricator and there’s ALWAYS some kind of project happening in the barn. And once he starts something, he is obsessed and it consumes him entirely. We have a good headlamp and magnet on hand for those minuscule slithers of metal 😩. But he is very anti-religious, to the point it’s a topic that’s best avoided.
        Well, I hope your husband’s trailer turns out just as he envisions without too many re-do’s… and that he doesn’t bore you with all the technical details.

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        1. VonKitty,
          Yes, metal men live to make something from nothing. The redo’s are part of the fun I think as “everything is adjustable”. I need magnet on a broom stick. Cay

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      2. Sounds like a guy I can relate to. Let us know what it’s like when he gets the mercury vortex anti-gravity installed. Peace.

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      3. Almost forgot, more than 1 cup Green tea w/lemon(fresh squeeze) is a good flush. With a Healing Light pour there for You. Peace.

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  17. I’ve been seeing glitches in the illusion a lot now lately. Streaks of white light and sometimes bright blue strip looking things. Similar to how things look on some of the meters. Sometimes everything just gets all wavy and blurry looking. Tonight when I was driving and would glance at my odometer, it was doing a weird spinning thing. I’m having lots of sleep issues and so are a lot of people around me. I’m so ready for the truth to start really coming out in the mainstream so all these sleepers around me will snap out of it. Everyday I remind myself STP. Lol! Love and light to all.

    The Dog Lady

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    1. Yep I was waiting for the lift today on level 4 the lift went down from 10 to 7 then the doors just opened and ta da one lift for me! My legs feel much less heavy today and am generally feeling back to my cheerful calm self. Getting my daughter a guitar for her Christmas present tomorrow as she is enjoying her lessons at school, hopefully in her favourite colour, teal. Not sure if it will make it in the journey to NE but if not I’m sure someone can make her one once we are there.

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  18. WOW is that great news or what!!!! I am SO sick of Obummer’s smug arrogant demeanor, what a phony creep. I figured the boot meant B was a goner, and good riddance to that hyena sounding witch. Hoo boy this is so great. Also great news on the home front – my dog who has for the past few months really slowed down and worried the heck out of me, for the past few days has been really playful and active and acting like he’s 5 years younger again! I keep asking Source to help and it’s definitely working! Thanks Source and Cats and all you wonderful peeps out there, things are getting good!!! 🙂

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  19. Ya’ know, as I was in the shower last night, I was hit with a perfect metaphor for what these times feel to me: It feels that I am calmly walking along a calm, green path (SOURCE) alongside a dangerous raging river (other timeline) It is weird to be that close to danger , to observe it and get occasionally splashed by a rogue wave. When I look at my life and the peace and tranquility I live in, I’m totally amazed. What a reality!!! I’m remarkably blessed. I went to town yesterday and saw almost exclusively masked brainwashed conformists practicing the “new abbynormal” . So sad. BTW the pain ‘n stuff have abated today. Phew! Thank goodness. Now it’s time to take myself into the chilly morning and have my latte with the birds. (They are really into their hot pepper suet) Cheers <J

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  20. I seem to be waxing poetic this morning. As I was out enjoying the frosty air with the birds and my latte for company, the sun arose and as soon as it’s warming rays hit the trees, little diamond luminous dew drops started to gently drop from the tree boughs. The gentle sound of the drops was so sweet. Ahhh, just another day in paradise. (Don’t say you weren’t warned about the poetic waxing. Har!) <J

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