Meterage for 11-17 to 11-24-20 ~ [UPDATE8]

Might as well have a little meterage with our pugcakes.

It is difficult to see anything currently… well, that’s not entirely true. We can SEE things, but our vision has been upgraded such that we’re trying to make sense of what we’re seeing. Reporting such data to the outside world is meaningless, so we turn on our STP (Super Terrestrial Patience), log what we see, and wait for patterns to develop. But first, some meterage:


Meters all over are either down, or showing info from a lower vibration, or freaking out. Let’s take a look:

These are VLF frequencies in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
This is normally mostly blue. Note this meter shows time on the left, just a 10 min window.
This is N. Dakota (over 7 days) monitoring a single frequency, sorta on the same longitude.
And Kerlouan France.
This is a riometer in Sweden. It measures “cosmic rays.”
This is a VLF meter on a mountain east of Rome. It’s such a mess, but it’s usually a blue-green mess.

There have also been some mild CMEs on the 12th and 13th, but that was a portal thing. More on that in a moment. First, we had a small CME today, not that NASA is reporting it:

What else? Oh…

These were more DUMBs taken out. Sure are a lot of them.


CATs have been having their own upgrades, and most couldn’t see anything during said upgrades. However, several recently reported (two days ago) seeing a deep blackness with occasional light streamers, kinda like this…

But the black in the middle was DEEP BLACK. We’d never seen the likes of it before.

…but not exactly. What we saw was more like “light” rain coming in to the middle of an infinite black chasm. One of the commenters also saw something similar; she called it “The Rift,” which is as good a name as any. We’re guessing that this is something that’s to come, not something happening now, but it could be happening now, we’re not sure.

Portals, Etc.

Should also be noted that portals snapped on sometime in the early morning hours, Pacific time. It was like someone turned the energy thermostat ON and energy started blasting, then 5-10 seconds later, coyotes in the hills started to howl and yip, so it must’ve been really something (visual, visceral, auditory, etc.).

Our experiments are going extremely well. We’ll be able to share… once things stabilize. If that ever happens.

Oh, and note that you will probably start (or you’ve already had it happening) tingling in places where your talents are. A loaded sentence if we ever saw one. Many are also experiencing your back feeling HOT or COLD or BOTH. Either way, get ready for greatness. Don’t forget: You are limited only by your imagination. (Also note that, despite what lots of unicorns re saying, you will NOT have instant manifestation power once everything happens. If this were the case, and you had a negative thought about a 200-foot-tall tarantula…

“Ok, who thought of a 200-foot-tall tarantula?”

Needless to say, everyone going to the next level will require some training before they’re unleashed. This will invariably take some time, and will not be instantaneous. Which reminds us…


Apart from that… CATs are just hangin’ out, wearing our STP (Super Terrestrial Patience) hats. People at various stores think we’re race fans. We guess some people (not CATs) are camped out in Turn Three, waiting for racers to come back around and smack into the wall… but we’re not here to watch things crash. Still, if we turn our backs we can still hear the (election) carnage approaching.

Meanwhile, we’re deep-in-the-heart-of… something. Stay tuned. And keep meditating.


Crap. I thought I was a monster with a pillow in my pajamas again. DAMN.


We finally had a full timeline jump. More in the morning.

Please stop dwelling on the Justice timeline. We’re being told to concentrate on SOURCE.


We are all hearing this song: “Move out, don’t mess around…”
(Spirit and Guides like to talk to us in music.)


Sorry for the delay in today’s post updates and comments. Some CATs had their phone lines cut and then experienced 3d Team Dark intruders in the wee hours of Friday morning. Interlopers apparently didn’t realize that CATs are fully armed, battle trained, with all kinds of traps set for Xd close encounters (in this case 3d)… not to mention dragons with laser eyes dying to tear things up, and more spookage than you would ever believe possible. Remember: If you’re attacked in the Illusion you are fully allowed (and encouraged) to kick ass. Luckily we’re light sleepers (surrounded by spirits and HOBs).


We’ve had a good-sized double CME and quite a bit of solar activity the past few days:

Looks to hit around 11/25.

And for the next sets of images, you’ll see a BLAM (from Portal One, which fried us through the portal system), then a couple FLORPS… and some new visitors:

Aren’t those some interesting earth-sized-ship visitors? We’re trying to see through their shielding. Until you’re recognized as a Friendly you get The Hand, pretty much from all ETs who still use ships. HOBs know instantly who you are and what you’re doing. We still need to do a “level” post, but… well, since there are no levels, it’s an arbitrary CAT measure we use to converse about whom we’re dealing with; various vibrations have various elements, obviously. [UPDATE6: The ships are harmless, btw.]

Are we there, yet? We need to do a Guide/Spirit/SOURCE check-in and find out where we are in this process. Try not to turn into floating Star Children all at the same time.


Another good-sized, energetic earth-facing-ish CME:

Like the earlier CME, we’re guessing we might see effects from this surge of fresh programming on the 25th. Interestingy, we already had “Something Happens?” on the CAT master calendar for 11/25.

Note that through November and December, we’re going to experience more and more Mandela Effects. This has happened to half the CATs.


A bunch more earth-facing CMEs. We’re in for it, new-programming-wise.

These look to hit around the 28th.


And another:

Good-sized one.

And because of this portal BLAM earlier…

…we’re experiencing some radio disruption, currently.

Interestingly, some nice ETs paused weather on the West Coast of the U.S:

Note how much time is between each image. Those affected may recall how it was raining a little in CA, then it suddenly stopped and there was no more rain in the forecast for some time. We noticed the weather STOP out in the Pacific and looked into it. Positive ETs paused the rain… but we’re still trying to find out why. It was obviously stopping some operation and we’re not allowed to know, yet. You’ll know when we know.


FYI, the CME energy (and other energy) is ramping up. Lots of CATs have mild headaches. Ground well, Ground often.


Big non-earth-facing CME today:

We also had a little timeline jump at 9:00 UTC today:

277 thoughts on “Meterage for 11-17 to 11-24-20 ~ [UPDATE8]

  1. I woke to Hugmas(Tinkers on my chest), Nat King Cole in My head w/chestnuts roasting. It’s just about every day being the Love of Christmas in Harmony. Peace.

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  2. Have been trying to bring some festive cheer into our home and put up our half a Christmas tree (not much space here!) along with angel on top and fairy lights although I managed to order some old fashioned filament bulb lights to replace these led ones as they do hurt the eyes a tad!

    Hope everyone is fine & dandy ☺️🎄☺️

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      1. Awwww Christopher, thank you ❤️

        Although little Angel is really testing me out at the moment, boundaries etc…Currently screaming because I would not continue to ‘Bye bye, WOOOOOOWWWW Game’ and told her it was time for sleep, after sitting patiently on the floor for nearly an hour next to her bed, hoping she would nod off! I am going to have to start being a little bit tougher! Read ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ 3 times and each page lasted a few minutes as she refused to let me turn it over and screamed when I eventually did, Oh Boy, must remember ear plugs next time!

        By the way, I know I asked before but do tell, what does LC stand for? You have to spell it out with me I’m afraid, I am waaaaay too literal with everything!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. Christopher ❤️

            Doh! How did I not see that! I do apologise, must be the exhaustion!

            Thank you ☺️ 🙃☺️

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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            1. I wrote on a friend’s tool “e”! He asked what the heck? His last name is Smalley, so now all of his tools have the same marking. He Is awake! Peace.

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    1. Thought I would just explain that the tree is not a real one and is hung on the wall so completely flat at the back! It’s like Christmas tree art!

      Didn’t want you all thinking I had lost my marbles 🙃 Although I have never been quite normal lol ☺️


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  3. Haha, Yaz – Move Out! Are the Cats from the 80s? That song will now be stuck in my head for a few days.

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    1. Most interesting. . . After having watched Laurie Re: What does your body want and the statement of our operating in our upgraded body, I have 2 comments: 1 I looked into the mirror 2 days ago and literally exclaimed ” Who is that in the mirror?” I literally weigh now what I weighed when I was discharged from the military in 1971. I also am probably starting to more resemble my e.t. form. Too funny. and 2 I feel that I AM unchanged as I look out through these eyes at the illusion of my body. Whoaaaah, Nelly! Sooooo. . . . today is a clear and sunny day here in the PNW- the first time I’ve seen the sun in at least 2 weeks. You can bet that I’m going to spend as much time as possible out in the garden. <J

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      1. Hello J,
        I am glad you are enjoying the sunshine. Your garden sounds so beautiful! 🌞
        A few days ago I was talking to my husband, and he leaned in really close and said “That’s weird, your right pupil looks square!”. Could be something, could be nothing. 🤷🏼‍♀️
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  4. Regarding Update 1?? Perhaps I’m not the only who TTMB this afternoon – I had no choice, really. Hit the mattress for a solid (planned) half-hour-or-so nap, woke up more like an hour and ten later completely refreshed. The only thing is…. the clock had only moved forward a little over ten minutes! Wow – that one still blows my mind. It’s a bit weird – but I like the little surprises TLJ’s seem to be tossing our way…. 🙂

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  5. This is a great rendition of a great song by George Harrison – ann wilson “Beware of Darkness” – lyrics right on today!!! What a voice!!!

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  6. CATs, in regard to update 2, so relieved everyone is ok! Overwhelming smell of Christmas trees/fir trees woke me up, even though they weren’t part of the dream I was in the middle of. Very strange, then got up for a few minutes and saw your update. Really kind of shocking.


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  7. I’ve been having an odd sensation in my left ear.. I can hear my heart beating loudly.. I thought it was external initially. And I briefly had a vibration around my heart area. I wondered if it was a heart flutter but realised my heart rate was normal. Then a hot sensation around my forehead third eye area. I’m questioning if I’m coming down with a cold and it’s just a virus related thing, but I feel ok mainly.. or if it is an energy thing. So hard to know. I’m trying to meditate when I can. I should do more. I’ve been trying to connect with my Omatta. I could only see green and one star like bright light. Nothing obvious so I just tried to channel love to the centre and surface of the earth, and connect with a grid of light over the surface of the earth. I hope I’m connecting with many when I do this. I feel it is. Im sure I also need to stop drinking port 😆😨 i feel quite sucked in to this as a habit. Anyone have any tips on things to do to help this release? I’m sure it doesn’t help my vibration at all.

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    1. I was struggling with this as well, Cora! Not having any wine in the house helped greatly. I also replaced it with coconut water and water kefir, which gives me the feeling that I’m treating myself…may the force be with you 😉

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  8. Hi CATs and Ms,
    I am so happy you are all well protected! Hopefully everything is fine now. I can’t wait till all this craziness is no longer a problem, and the dark go where they are best served.
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  9. *****CATs are fully armed, battle trained, with all kinds of traps set for Xd close encounters (in this case 3d)… not to mention dragons with laser eyes dying to tear things up, and more spookage than you would ever believe possible. Remember: If you’re attacked in the Illusion you are fully allowed (and encouraged) to kick ass. Luckily we’re light sleepers (surrounded by spirits and HOBs).*****

    whoooohooooo! Yesssss CAT’s

    I love that and here is a kind of animation about you SUPERCAT’s:

    love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Ya’ know, I have to add a hearty Har! to that statement. I seem to be a wee bit testy on occasion. Here’s a BTW: 3 days ago (when that timeline thingy was happening, I made a comment which was apparently lost in space. Here it is again: 3days ago I said that my miraculous powers of deduction had determined that I was only 11.232 percent here. I suspect that the comment was spot on.) I have to laugh ’cause I’m pretty much fully present today in this glorious sunshine! Gardening is such a joy!!! <J

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  10. @CATs, Ms, ~AM and all… I haven’t felt very communicative lately, but this ‘dream happening’ from early this morning (Sat 11/21st somewhere maybe around 4:30 – 5? am MT) seems meant to be shared to here – don’t know if relevant…

    Dream… I was with a group of people/beings in a purposeful setting – I have NO words (that fit) to describe the feeling of type of purpose – I was then lying on a couch? – horizontal anyway – in the midst of a seizure or similar activity, but semi conscious/aware – it felt very important to share something I needed or something that was needed to share/relay to these people beings for our purpose – was just keying into it when a very disruptive TOTALLY STS lady kept at me. several times, to get some kind of information she felt she wanted or needed to have – totally unconnected to this groups intent or purpose – she kept trying to get at me, insistently, rudely to get me to find/relay information only related to her that btw I wouldn’t have been able to even get for her – what was happening wasn’t even anywhere even close to what she desired –
    I had to drag/pull myself up through/past the seizure I was in the middle of, to strongly tell those around me to get her OUT OF THERE! – this was after about the third time she tried to get to me – all the while I was trying not to lose connection to the important thing/message/information I was trying to get to relay… then I woke up still having the seizure – so upset I might not have been able to relay the information.
    The interfering lady didn’t have a evil or agenda feel to her, just 99+% STS only her desires were important and she could co-opt anyone for her so sooo important desires – there was emotional family stuff going on during that night which may have physically woken me – have no idea if that energy interfered with the dream – I WAS very upset on one level that I may not have been able to complete the purpose in the dream, but still felt STILL in SOURCE.
    So, if any of you feel there is relevance within there – that’s all I have.

    I’ve been sleeping a lot, hard to stay awake often. Have the feeling of a lot of ‘working’ dreams.
    Body’s functioning is getting more problematical and my daughter is convinced I’m rapidly going down the dementia road – I am, or to her eyes, I am forgetting things – blah blah – not important…

    I care for you all, whether I'm commenting here or not…

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  11. I have been able to avoid asking this up until now!

    If a good friend (who works as a carer) gets in touch and says they have bought themselves a flu vacs from a certain famous chemist in the UK that they believe is very helpful, realising they will probably welcome the c vacs do you say something (knowing it will not be heard) or just sit tight and hope all is going to be just fine?!

    I have a lot of love for this friend but she is ‘entrenched’ in the system and I think the only person that can change her mind is herself. I want to help but I kind of know it’s no good opening my mouth.

    Feeling very, very sad I cannot help.

    Much Love ALL xxx

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    1. It depends on your relationship. We get resistance within our own families, so… it’s a free will choice. We have educated till we’re blue in the face and lots of people will believe an authority over plain ol’ CATs. Nothing we can do about it. The one thing we do know for certain is that the final SHIFT takes place BEFORE we are forced to get any vaccines. How long this takes is anyone’s guess.

      Don’t be sad. All roads lead to SOURCE. Some prefer the long road. So be it.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. CAT Ed’s ❤️

        Thank you so much for your reply. I have sent my friend so many articles on subjects but I gave up a while ago as she is very strong minded and believes in the government, media etc…

        She has a huge heart and is very much STO but just believes what the PTW tell her as do about 99% of my family. I know Dad has had the flu vacs and is so frightened of the v***s he would probably get that vacs too. It’s like watching people you love willingly go to the firing squad. I know most of my family think I am a bit strange. Mum is the only one who does listen and is open minded to what I say. Another friend Sarah (that put up Elsie’s bed campaign) is also really on the ball but I cannot think of anyone I else I know personally.

        I know, I have to let people make their own decisions, it is their choice, their body but still so difficult to watch when you love them.

        I just hope this Shift occurs before the c v** becomes available so those led to believe it is a good thing won’t be able to poison themselves 😕


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        1. Some of my sources say that when Trump talks about the vaccine and its being readied for distribution he is setting up a trap for the pharma companies to reveal the fraud that vacs don’t work. I know he has said in previous years he is against them but needs to keep up the charade. However, especially in other strict countries, people may take them before all is revealed. Charlie Ward said in one of his videos that a group of university students signed up to test the vacs and signed waivers and all of them died from it. You probably won’t hear of it in the news though. I had also read months prior when scientists were trying to develop a vac, a group of ten of them tested it and two died right away and the rest got violently ill. Don’t know if they eventually recovered or not. On some virologists videos they say the flu vac does not work at all.
          I do the same as some of you, tell what I would do and maybe some of my findings if the subject comes up. I figure if they can give their opinion I can give mine. Say it in a way that you’re NOT telling THEM what to do, but only what you would do and how dangerous you think they are for YOU. Very tricky sometimes to know the right thing to say.

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            1. I had no idea about the University Students or the scientists, Wow, that is horrible. Do you know where this happened? If I am able to tell anyone about this it would surely help but many folk I know want proof!

              <Lily ❤️

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          1. I warned 1 of my older brothers. He thinks I’m not all here(He’s right!) Sooo, He spent over 2 weeks in bed and lost a lot of weight. I don’t ever remember him being sick in his 67 years. He’s recovered, mostly. Peace.

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        2. Thank you CATs, Carl, Newlynn, Cristina, Perica, Alnilam ❤️❤️❤️

          I will try not to say anything unless people ask or if there seems like a natural point in conversation to bring it up, just a seed like you said Newlynn ☺️

          Have to say though, I cannot help bring concerned that the UK PTW would like to push the v on the most vulnerable first, those of a certain age group and those with certain disabilities/health conditions which include Elsie and me. If anyone comes knocking on my door I will stand my ground whatever it takes but the good CATs say they will fail with this so I will trust all is well.

          Thank you ALL & Much Love

          Now I will climb back up the mountain and meditate!

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          1. hello Lily and all my friends, cat’s 💖🌈💖

            we are safe
            the cat’s told it, before something like v happens, we have the SHIFT
            and now I also will climb quikly up the mountain
            it’s a starry night up on the mountains…. I am the observer

            love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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      2. The marketing side of the pharmaceutical companies and people in power are working hard right now all over the world (through inflation of numbers, misreporting, social pressure, double talk from talking faces -political, medical, celebrities, government, etc.- all over the world) in order to create the necessary demand for the product (vaccines) in order to have the people clamoring for it and taking it rather than forcing anybody to do so, thus avoid legal battles, ideas/messages not approved spreading, questions, etc.
        The forcing, through having to present vaccination documentation in order to shop, travel, access any venue, etc., is still very far away. The well-proven marketing strategies used since the beginning of the prior century may work well enough to guarantee success unfortunately.

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    2. Hi Lily. I usually go ahead and explain to anyone who mentions the vaccine why I wouldn’t have it. Not attaching any hope for the outcome but just planting a seed that they can water and grow, or let wither. I’m apparently hardwired not to keep my mouth shut on that and a few other subjects lol! It is nearly time for the asleep to start waking up, so it’s a nudge.☺️💖

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    3. Dear Lily,
      I am in a situation very similar to yours.
      But if I’ve ever learned anything, it’s that people don’t want unsolicited advice or opinions about their own lives.
      It’s very hard for me to keep quiet. But unless someone asks me: Cris, do you think I should get vaccinated? (or anything else), my mouth will keep shut and I’ll just keep watching this circus.

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    4. Recently I was in similar situation when my cousin husband told me that he already book appointment to take a flu vaccine (normal seasonal flu), but even for that “standard” vaccine I jump in the story and told him about one medical study done in Italy (I think ?), in which all off the people who died from Covid, were vaccinated for common seasonal flu, soo considering that story, even if it is not 100% accurate, I told him that I would not recommend him to take that vaccine 😣

      The rest is up to him, I done my part, was that too intrusive, maybe, but at that point I did not care, on the end, it is his decision to eventually do it, his free will, I just felt urge to warn him as best I can, without forcing him to do it my way, soo…. 😎

      Perica ✨

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    5. Lily
      what should I say, when my two daughters are full in the system?
      I tried to write and the answer was: Please mam, I am very good informed here in Germany and I trust what the Pasteur Institute recomend.

      So is it…. sometimes we also have the lesson to not interfere and let it go.
      Think about the black ice (metaphor from the cat’s): ” You can not help others to get out of the pool and not help on the black ice. You have to climb alone to the peak.”

      I do it, and it’s not selfish. Holding space with unconditional love we allways can do.
      It is a game, a holy game and it’s all illusion….
      No one get lost…. but take a bit longer.

      love Alnilam💖🌈💖

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  12. I woke laughing this morning. I had been walking with my guide during dreamtime and relating a humorous memory of my “check out” dive off Catalina Island years ago. My dive “buddy” and I were performing the part of the certification where you “buddy breath” without a mask. It was my turn to remove my mask (unable to see) and share the oxygen respirator mouth piece with my “buddy”. I found out later once back on the boat that my “buddy” had gotten sea sick underwater while we were sharing the oxygen mouthpiece. Glad I did not know at the time or I would have failed the test gagging. No wonder all those lovely Garibaldi’s were swimming in the kelp forest around us.
    My guide must have lived as a human on this plane at one time, as he also found the situation quite humorous.
    Hoping we all find humor in the coming days . Cay

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  13. Thought I’d just share an oddity that happened.

    One if Elsie’s larger teeth came out the other day. I found it stuck to her foot when I went in to her bedroom that morning!

    Anyway, I don’t know what to do with the tooth. I put her first teeth in a little box with other baby things but it was right at the bottom of a load of other stuff I did not have the energy to go through and find it. So I put it on my bedside drawers thinking I would put it in the box later (or dispose of it, not sure how I feel about keeping all her teeth in a box lol)z

    I went to bed last night and thought I saw another tooth lying there which really puzzled me until I put my glasses on and realised Elsie’s tooth was in two halves, lying about 30cm apart on my chest of drawers! When I originally put the tooth there it was heathy, no cracks, completely intact.

    Sorry for the long story but I cannot understand how that has happened!

    Curiouser and curiouser….


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      1. Thanks CATs, I thought we had a spirit fooling around!

        I have another curiosity as well!

        Last night I was on my way to bed and got a voice as clear as a bell in my mind and following was said, cannot remember exact words but went something like this:

        Voice: ‘Hello Lily, you are doing very well’

        Me: ‘Thank you, who is this please?’

        Voice: ‘ The White Winged Consciousness of Nine, Magenta Pixie is In Danger’

        Me: ‘What do you you mean?’

        Voice: ‘ She has been taken hostage, she needs your help’

        I then turned to Brother J, Guides, AAs and asked who this was and got ‘Imposter’ very clearly.

        What the heck?! It reminded me of the voice I got telling me to leave one of our group meditations/missions a while ago.

        I immediately stated only those with my greatest good could come past my armour for the umpteenth time!

        Funny because I had grounded, cleared etc twice yesterday and that still came through.


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        1. Yes, this is a new phase. Team Dark tried this on the CATs in September. Do this: Imagine the entity who spoke to you — if they ever show themselves, use that image, if not, concentrate on their voice and presence — and then think very clearly… “You are perfect, immortal spirit, brother — whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.” Man, they TAKE OFF. They are absolutely terrified of SOURCE, and anything that reminds them of their connection to SOURCE.

          In times of extreme stress, you can also GRAB someone and say this to them very calmly (ideally while looking in their eyes). Some people lose consciousness, so hang on and get ready for them to drop. Others just run. Few attack, but that’s always a possibility. For the Fallen, this is really the only thing you can do or say that will affect them. Just 14 words. Better than a nova b*mb. We’ve even said it through (neut/neg) ET ship’s shields and it speeds them on their way.


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  14. Dreamt of a very tall building that has many floors.

    I was told to get to the top floor where the water faucet is.

    Because the whole building from top to bottom was going to be flooded with water.

    So is that the Shift or The Event?

    Understanding the water to be SOURCE level energy

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  15. Usually I would get a message in my email for the new Blossom post, but not this time around, strange, I went on her site to check it manually, which is a rare thing to do as I rely on that email message for some time, and there it was, well, I do not know what happened but here it is 😉

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  16. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Gratitude is expressed and accepted by the Hue-beings.

    Nova Surroundings elevate the masses.

    Flights of confidence are taken.

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  17. Yes the 25th lines up for me too…. A dream I mentioned a week or so ago…

    Meanwhile, I was inspired to do a task…. write a book.

    Looking forward to my kids (mostly) being together with me for Thanksgiving. It will overflow me with some much needed ❤

    ❤ to all

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      1. Ok.

        One of my sisters, her husband and especially their son, is loaded with evil spirits around them. it seems that these spirits received a free pass, were invited by the boy. My other sister who is good at meditation and communicates with beings of light has already removed these spirits once. But that is not resolved, as the boy continues to invite these beings to join their home, and wherever they go. Now the problem, they know what’s going on, but they don’t really take it seriously and visit our mother, bringing countless of those spirits together. My mother is scared asking her neighbor to sleep with her. About the attitude of my sister’s family, a conversation would not resolve, it would actually make everything worse. My mother would not be able to say no for visits (even if she did not like it). So it may be that it can be resolved, with some method to end these visits. Appreciate !

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        1. Aha. You need to create a couple safe, defended light spaces in at least two rooms of your mother’s house: 1. the main room where her front door opens into, and 2. her bedroom. This was SOP at CAT houses (not that kind of cat house) until we came upon the SuperFriends, who supercharged this process to keep the Spiderwick Chronicle THINGS off us (that’s what they looked like). For smaller things like this, we have recommendations. Please email us at the site link. We need to know some things that the rest of the world doesn’t need to know about.

          < CAT Eds.

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  18. Yikes!!! About 7:00pm PST, I was hit by some very intense energy which made me feel that I was about to spontaneously burst into flame. This was accompanied by a very strong increase in auditory energy. I hear/feel energy. (either that or I’m experiencing a hot flash. Har!) Just thought I’d mention it. <J

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  19. Same here, I woke up at that time (4:00am local time), feeling restless, some strange energies were coming in, I got word manifestation energies and I had a manifestation dream afterwards to go with it, off which I do not remember now, also, my younger son, who is such a great soul, not sure how awakened he is, but he was awakened from his bed at the same time, something was going on, maybe some new download, manifestation download ?!

    Perica ✨

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  20. Greetings CAT(s) & M’s & AM & ET’s & SuperFriends & DRAGONS! & SOURCE & posters & lurkers!!

    I do hope The SHIFT occurs forthwith, as this pronouncement has me pretty shocked & worried!

    “”Qantas boss Alan Joyce has warned future international travel will require compulsory vaccinations.

    The Qantas CEO told A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw once a vaccine becomes available, they will be changing terms and conditions for travel.

    He said while they will have to see what they do for domestic travel, the vaccination will be required for international travel.””

    Yes, this is “Black Ice” but we are still in the 3rd-density world.

    Yes, I do trust that SOURCE has this “in hand”, and let’s hope that ” “dna-changing” injections” don’t happen!

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    1. What are your thoughts CATs on this compulsory vaccination for travel?
      Does it mean that the SHIFT is happening already or is it still crazy room full of smoke and mirrors?!

      Waiting is getting extremely painful…but maybe we are already rapidly coming to the end?

      I feel yesterday and today extreme sadness and hurt from good people on the planet…
      How much pain needs to be endured before it will end?…It is just not fair to put us through sooo much suffering…

      I hope you are ALL well. Sending you ALL (((((HUGS)))) and Love!
      I wish I could ((((HUG))) you All with my hands…


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  21. The heads up is pretty clear this morning. It’s been a done deal – but now everyone begins to see it. Everyone can start to walk it. The freedom walk. Love, Angela

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  22. So I had an interesting session with Lisa G today. Don’t have hardly anyone I can talk to about it so here I am with my online ‘Omata’.

    She described the intense energy I have been feeling in my legs and feet. Said I have some work coming up to do because I have superpowers in my legs… and the energy is intense and bright white / golden. Then she gave me home work, and described that I would be ‘pulsing’/’vibrating’ a frequency into the nodes of the Earth to break up fear, anxiety, etc,… and elevate. She said AA M is part of my Soul Group / Family. After we got off the phone…. I heard – “Tuning Fork”

    So I have homework…. LOL

    Maybe that is why I feel drawn into the matrix framework lately…. The jack hammer that breaks up ‘black ice’ for people.


    Time to unblock and unlock things… see where this thing goes.


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      1. Hi CATs and Ms,
        For the past few months I haven’t been able to remember my dreams… until last night. I was in that half awake and half asleep state. I drifted off and saw myself driving a small sky blue car, sort of like a VW Beetle. I had a passenger, but couldn’t see who it was because I was viewing myself driving the car in third person from the side and away from it a bit. I was on a flat road on a flat landscape. It looked kind of like farmland. Then I woke up for a few minutes and drifted back to sleep again. The dream picked up right where it left off. All the sudden a huge hill appeared on the passenger’s side of the road. I couldn’t see the top of it because it was so tall and so close to the road. The car drove along side it for a few seconds, then the road just ended in a sheer drop off. My point of view switched from third person to first person right as the car drove off the cliff, and then I woke up again before the car landed.
        Is this a TLJ dream? I know one of you had a similar dream in the past.
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. Yay! Thank you and cheers! I’m having some issues similar. I also keep having the tuning fork thing pop up, most recently in my session with Laura Whitworth. ❤️🌎💎🌈🌟

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  23. To all regarding the upcoming vaccines:
    I seem to have had some success in making sense to those unaware, without pushing my beliefs, by asking a question. “Would you buy a new car model the first year it comes out, or would you wait and watch to see how it performs for a year or two to see what unforeseen problems arose?”
    This makes them consider waiting without going into fear of the virus or vaccine. Common sense may prevail in the face of propaganda. Cay

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  24. I just watched this most recent Lorie Ladd video which resonated with me: “The Power of Surrendering”

    I am once again experiencing anxiety regarding my dreaded, painful operation which is scheduled for a week from tomorrow, Dec. 1st. I have to stop almost all my meds and supplements starting tomorrow and begin to quarantine (which is no problem since I haven’t left the house in days). Friday I have to go in for a covid test, the deep nostril, brain-picking one, which I declined but was told that it’s the only one they do for operations. I can still opt out of this or sabotage it by missing the covid test, etc. Or maybe the incoming CMEs you mentioned will cause hospitals to lose power…. Or, as my daughter said, I can just have the damned operation and be so drugged up afterwards that I’ll miss the upcoming civil hostilities (my daughter thinks I’m nuts, but semi-believes me). Obviously, it’s hard to keep my vibration high through this, though I’m still meditating three times a day. Cats and Ms, any advice? My quality of (this) life will probably be improved if I have it. But there’s the painful recovery of several weeks… Light pours would be gladly accepted. Sigh.

    I just saw a brief election update from Simon Parkes saying that nothing would happen until after Thanksgiving but that 12/02 might be a day of action. Trying not to skate on the black ice. Breathing in deeply of Source. ❤ ❤ ❤ –Laura

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    1. Well, you’ll notice all the CMEs bringing fresh programming changes to our “reality.”

      Do this: For every thing that happens to you, ask Brother J to enjoy each with you, each time. You only have to ask once for each instance. Get ready to be amazed.

      < CAT Eds.

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    2. Dear Laura, I know it’s none of my business and you didn’t ask the peanut gallery for advice, but it seems very clear to me that you do not want this operation. This is certainly a bad time to become involved with the medical profession. It sounds like your intuition is screaming at you. Perhaps, as long as your life isn’t in danger, you could put it off at least until the virus thing is exposed? Whenever that will be; *sigh*. Sending you a huge light pour and a lot of love….

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      1. CATS, not exactly what I meant. meaning….we all know the fraud went down w/ the “competition” as Magenta Pixie puts it, but we gotta have an honest justice system to recognize that fraud and right it. and a few of our justices are frauds too. so, that’s what I was wondering. how can it be righted w/ our entire system is fraudulent?

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  25. Heavy Sigh! After nearly 3 months I girded my loins,bit the bullet and went to Seattle to see my chiropractor. I was so out of alignment that I could barely walk. Wondrous healing ensued. Things were even more grim in town than on my last visit. More old algae covered campers and tents were lining the residential streets. So sad! So needless to say my wondrous Dr. even adjusted my aching jaw. (Apparently I’ve been gnashing my teeth a bit too much. Har!) So we beat a hasty retreat back up north on the freeway only to stop at my supermarket for some supplies. (I know 3 days before Thanksgiving, right?) Anyway I truly realized that I AM operating at a different frequency. It was if there was a grey veil over the store and every mask-compliant person there. I know that I cheered up the check-out girl with my cheerful banter. One of my questions I usually ask is “What’s new and exciting in your life?” (Responses will vary, let me tell you. She responded with “nothing, work and going home” I’m sure she was telling the truth. So sad! So to continue on, we had a powerful hankerin’ for some fish and chips, so we went to a good fish restaurant and discovered that it is now, once again take out only, so I ate my meal in the car with my food resting on my lap. (More teeth gnashing ensued) Ya gotta’ realize that it was a bit annoying for such a debonair guy such as myself to be reduced to eating take out on my lap. Tongues will wag! Double Har! Anyway, the take-away (pun intended) Is that these restriction are supposedly going to be lifted on December 14th. Yup! you got that right. If you’re scratching your head about that, go back to my posts above and re-review what Lorie Ladd and LisaG. said about the 14th of December. Methinks that things are becoming more interesting. Have a joyous Thanksgiving ALL, I know I will. Cheers. . .<J

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  26. Cats
    I’m not sure if this message went through due to an error code I will resubmit.
    On waking, I had vibration around my left side chest heart area again. Since you mentioned this I’m not worried as it seems to be occurring and is a good thing.
    I also had a visual of what looked like computer data on a screen passing on my inner ‘screen’ immensely fast, I watched calmly for a few seconds, but there was a ‘frantic’ feeling about it, so I placed a pyramid of light protection over myself. It stopped immediately and calm replaced speed. I asked what was that? And I was given the image of the Crystal next to my bed, but it was glowing blue. There was a feeling of great peace, so the message seemed to be nothing to fear. I get the feeling it was ‘Crystal upgrade’ I could be wrong 😆 I’m not especially worried just curious if you have any ideas? Anyone seen/experienced similar? It felt like I was being reprogrammed which I associate with AI which doesn’t obviously have positive connotations. Very curious and interesting experience.

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    Italy, about 13:50 CET
    I had fallen asleep, I had a short lucid dream. I was still asleep, I heard two “beeps” and vision went dark, the tinnitus grew in frequency and volume, then a deep powerful vibration, and I woke-up sure that something had happened.
    No earthquake registered here, I checked.

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  28. That’s odd, I went onto earth plan blogspot and there was a video from Laura but just realised it was from 2019!!! Do ignore or watch if you like but it is an old one ☺️🙃❤️

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  29. Having mild headaches today, lots of energy. Be sure to chill, and ground well. I’m off to meditate again, myself. Today I feel a physical need for it.

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  30. Great, another round of barf energy.

    I just want a tiny house, deep in the forest, by a lake, with a tiny bench where I can sit and drink my coffee.

    Some people have that and more.

    Me, I’m forced to live right smack in the middle of zombie hell.

    There’s nothing for me to do here, finding the motivation to keep going through the motions is a MAJOR challenge.


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  31. Oh, so that’s why I had so much trouble standing in the kitchen this morning (the apple cranberry crisp DID come out beautifully regardless). I was weeble wobbling all over the room; must have been that “expected” CME that was heading for us “or or about 11/25” … yup. I KNEW I’d find my answer in this room 🙂 Love&Light to all my fur friends. Blessings for the upcoming Thankful Day.

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