Meterage for 11-17 to 11-24-20 ~ [UPDATE8]

Might as well have a little meterage with our pugcakes.

It is difficult to see anything currently… well, that’s not entirely true. We can SEE things, but our vision has been upgraded such that we’re trying to make sense of what we’re seeing. Reporting such data to the outside world is meaningless, so we turn on our STP (Super Terrestrial Patience), log what we see, and wait for patterns to develop. But first, some meterage:


Meters all over are either down, or showing info from a lower vibration, or freaking out. Let’s take a look:

These are VLF frequencies in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
This is normally mostly blue. Note this meter shows time on the left, just a 10 min window.
This is N. Dakota (over 7 days) monitoring a single frequency, sorta on the same longitude.
And Kerlouan France.
This is a riometer in Sweden. It measures “cosmic rays.”
This is a VLF meter on a mountain east of Rome. It’s such a mess, but it’s usually a blue-green mess.

There have also been some mild CMEs on the 12th and 13th, but that was a portal thing. More on that in a moment. First, we had a small CME today, not that NASA is reporting it:

What else? Oh…

These were more DUMBs taken out. Sure are a lot of them.


CATs have been having their own upgrades, and most couldn’t see anything during said upgrades. However, several recently reported (two days ago) seeing a deep blackness with occasional light streamers, kinda like this…

But the black in the middle was DEEP BLACK. We’d never seen the likes of it before.

…but not exactly. What we saw was more like “light” rain coming in to the middle of an infinite black chasm. One of the commenters also saw something similar; she called it “The Rift,” which is as good a name as any. We’re guessing that this is something that’s to come, not something happening now, but it could be happening now, we’re not sure.

Portals, Etc.

Should also be noted that portals snapped on sometime in the early morning hours, Pacific time. It was like someone turned the energy thermostat ON and energy started blasting, then 5-10 seconds later, coyotes in the hills started to howl and yip, so it must’ve been really something (visual, visceral, auditory, etc.).

Our experiments are going extremely well. We’ll be able to share… once things stabilize. If that ever happens.

Oh, and note that you will probably start (or you’ve already had it happening) tingling in places where your talents are. A loaded sentence if we ever saw one. Many are also experiencing your back feeling HOT or COLD or BOTH. Either way, get ready for greatness. Don’t forget: You are limited only by your imagination. (Also note that, despite what lots of unicorns re saying, you will NOT have instant manifestation power once everything happens. If this were the case, and you had a negative thought about a 200-foot-tall tarantula…

“Ok, who thought of a 200-foot-tall tarantula?”

Needless to say, everyone going to the next level will require some training before they’re unleashed. This will invariably take some time, and will not be instantaneous. Which reminds us…


Apart from that… CATs are just hangin’ out, wearing our STP (Super Terrestrial Patience) hats. People at various stores think we’re race fans. We guess some people (not CATs) are camped out in Turn Three, waiting for racers to come back around and smack into the wall… but we’re not here to watch things crash. Still, if we turn our backs we can still hear the (election) carnage approaching.

Meanwhile, we’re deep-in-the-heart-of… something. Stay tuned. And keep meditating.


Crap. I thought I was a monster with a pillow in my pajamas again. DAMN.


We finally had a full timeline jump. More in the morning.

Please stop dwelling on the Justice timeline. We’re being told to concentrate on SOURCE.


We are all hearing this song: “Move out, don’t mess around…”
(Spirit and Guides like to talk to us in music.)


Sorry for the delay in today’s post updates and comments. Some CATs had their phone lines cut and then experienced 3d Team Dark intruders in the wee hours of Friday morning. Interlopers apparently didn’t realize that CATs are fully armed, battle trained, with all kinds of traps set for Xd close encounters (in this case 3d)… not to mention dragons with laser eyes dying to tear things up, and more spookage than you would ever believe possible. Remember: If you’re attacked in the Illusion you are fully allowed (and encouraged) to kick ass. Luckily we’re light sleepers (surrounded by spirits and HOBs).


We’ve had a good-sized double CME and quite a bit of solar activity the past few days:

Looks to hit around 11/25.

And for the next sets of images, you’ll see a BLAM (from Portal One, which fried us through the portal system), then a couple FLORPS… and some new visitors:

Aren’t those some interesting earth-sized-ship visitors? We’re trying to see through their shielding. Until you’re recognized as a Friendly you get The Hand, pretty much from all ETs who still use ships. HOBs know instantly who you are and what you’re doing. We still need to do a “level” post, but… well, since there are no levels, it’s an arbitrary CAT measure we use to converse about whom we’re dealing with; various vibrations have various elements, obviously. [UPDATE6: The ships are harmless, btw.]

Are we there, yet? We need to do a Guide/Spirit/SOURCE check-in and find out where we are in this process. Try not to turn into floating Star Children all at the same time.


Another good-sized, energetic earth-facing-ish CME:

Like the earlier CME, we’re guessing we might see effects from this surge of fresh programming on the 25th. Interestingy, we already had “Something Happens?” on the CAT master calendar for 11/25.

Note that through November and December, we’re going to experience more and more Mandela Effects. This has happened to half the CATs.


A bunch more earth-facing CMEs. We’re in for it, new-programming-wise.

These look to hit around the 28th.


And another:

Good-sized one.

And because of this portal BLAM earlier…

…we’re experiencing some radio disruption, currently.

Interestingly, some nice ETs paused weather on the West Coast of the U.S:

Note how much time is between each image. Those affected may recall how it was raining a little in CA, then it suddenly stopped and there was no more rain in the forecast for some time. We noticed the weather STOP out in the Pacific and looked into it. Positive ETs paused the rain… but we’re still trying to find out why. It was obviously stopping some operation and we’re not allowed to know, yet. You’ll know when we know.


FYI, the CME energy (and other energy) is ramping up. Lots of CATs have mild headaches. Ground well, Ground often.


Big non-earth-facing CME today:

We also had a little timeline jump at 9:00 UTC today:

277 thoughts on “Meterage for 11-17 to 11-24-20 ~ [UPDATE8]

  1. Has anyone else noticed time speeding up lately? Every evening when I turn on the TV to check the weather forecast, the TV is a minute ahead of my clocks, both digital and whatever you call the “regular” kind. Then the next night, same thing – I’ve reset them forward a minute at least 3 times this past week now! And if it is, why does it slow down when I’m at work?!
    Also another weird thing this morning – I couldn’t find my chapstick, which is bright yellow and hard to miss, and I’d last seen it on my kitchen table. Well the table was empty, so I got out a new one, put it on the table and went outside to feed the birds – when I came back in, there were 2 of them! I’m like, is my vision going or is this a mandela thing?

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    1. YES! Most definitely today and yesterday. But today was Off The Scale! I described my feelings to my friend on the phone. It felt like the speed of light was coursing through my energy field and the physical components were doing their damnedest to keep up. Time ran away like a wild horse, and it was as if I’d lived 3 days in one! Crazy and wonderful and I’m FEEEEEELIN’ GOOOOD! XXX

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    2. Things disappearing and reappearing, uhhh, had a lot off that, the funniest was one time when I found the toolbox with wrenches betwen the dishes, that was hilarious 😂

      Regarding the time, well, for me personally, most off the time is speeding up for a big margin. Today, I was at home doing basically nothing, woke up at 8am, some time later I checked the clock and it was 11:30am, I was like, what just happened… ?! Also it can be useful, I started the dishwasher and checked the phone, browsing on some pages, checked the dishwasher and it was already in drying mode ?!

      I even wrote two separate posts on this blog about seeing the moon (and the stars) visibly moving across the sky, soo….., crazy time is already here, and what await us is even crazier, in a good way 😉✨

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      1. Perica ❤️

        Yes, the washing machine thing, it’s happening here too, thorough washes in just under 20mins, how is that possible!

        Losing things, finding them in strange places. Seeing Elsie go walk past in the kitchen then she disappears and I find her lying on her bed with her ipad like she’s been there ages!

        So happy to share and relate to you all going through the same thing. We are either all loonies or we are actually all ascending but whatever, I know I am in the best company, no where else I’d rather be 😉


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        1. Just to add one additional peculiarity, at few occasion when I did not had enough time to do something, but I really need to do it in that time frame, I was able to do it somehow, like that time stretched to suit my need at that moment, at least for me ✨

          That happened few times, it was always strange to see it unfold like that, I really can not explained it better then that, but I find it as a precursor off what are we really capable off and what is awaiting us in a near future ✨

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    3. Time seems to go faster every day. An hour feels like maybe 20 minutes. It’s hard to get anything done! However, I’m not really loving 2020, so anything that gets us to the end more quickly is okay with me.

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  2. Hi CATs and Ms,
    What does it mean if you are tingling all over the body? The energy levels in my physical vessel have been so high in the last few days, I feel like I am about to vibrate right out of my skin. Not that I am complaining… I kinda like it. 🙂
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. Well, that last part brought a interesting memory from a last year, I do not remember exactly now, either I was in meditation, or I was woken up from a sleep state or something between, just remembered that I was vibrating so fast, like never before, that I ended up having out of body experience. I was a pure consciences just above my body in some elliptical shape, observing my body, room, wife who was sleeping near me, and then I returned back to the body, it freaked me out, such a surreal experience, just happened that one time, but that vibration was soo fast to produce that split, soo do not freak out if that happened, did not last long in my case 😉✨

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      1. Hi Perica,
        I wouldn’t mind OOBing, it sounds like fun! Thank you for sharing your experience. 🙂
        I am so glad that I am crazy about crystals and I took the CATs advice to grid my space. About 2 weeks ago, I buried a cleansed (with a singing bowl) black tourmaline chunk and a quartz point (quartz point facing up, on top of the tourmaline) in each corner of the property. This is my favorite combo of stones, and I wear them on a necklace that I never take off. Black tourmaline is perfect for grounding and protecting. The quartz points amplify the black tourmaline. I also have black tourmaline all over the house in hope that it will ground my family and help keep our space clear of negative energy. I think it is making a difference.
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  3. After hearing what my children were going to create it’s definitely a good thing it won’t work straight away, what follows is a real conversation between my two:
    “Can we have a massive bouncy castle? I’m definitely having one?”
    “What about a whole field of bouncy castles?”
    “Maybe they could be over lava, that would be scary”
    “Oh no now I’ve imagined it right on a cliff”
    Me “can everyone stop imagining bouncy castles, they’ll get everywhere!”

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  4. At present I feel unmovitaved seeing things just ‘not going anywhere”. Yes, I have the tinglings & all that upgrade stuff but this place really sucks. The dram with lockdowns & politics is nauseating. And that spider made me think of Archons.

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    1. I understand completely. It’s been quite difficult to have a desire to do anything. It takes all of my energy just to complete the tasks that have to be done. Time seems to be flying by yet stands still at the same time.
      And it doesn’t help when only a very, very few of the people around me are awake but just partially so. It’s a lonely life.

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      1. With my Muggle spouse stuck in his MSM mindset trance, I am spending more and more of my days in isolation, not wanting to pick up on his vibration. It is a lonely life. STP, STP. STP. ❤

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        1. Thanks for that reply – it helps to know I am not alone in these battles.
          My spouse is living in fear of the great reset. That’s what he’s spending all of his time and $ on. He thinks ascension, meditation, etc. is just another religion and too “woowoo”. So, not only do I have to expend energy navigating negativity at work and out and about in the world, I have to come home and deal with it too. Very tiring indeed.

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          1. Yes, I have heard sooo many differing cuts from my muggle wife. I’m only stronger, and I now Know things will only get better. Much Love to All here w/smiles. Peace

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        2. Spouse here is open to the news WE read. But cannot really accept when the topic rolls around to the concept of (((them))). “How can they hide this? It’s too gigantic. ”

          she is very pure of heart, so I am optimistic about her ascension prospects.

          When we have a hug, I Ground us both down into Gaia and then up to Source, making us both into a spear of light. I make sure to include the spiraling energy of flames coming up and down, drawing us together in a sort of joint merkaba. At this point, she usually just melts into me with a deep sigh.

          Keep your Heart open and draw your spouse closer with energy rather than words.

          Energy is pure and should be accepted and absorbed. Words and logic fall short and cause shields to raise.

          Love and Light. The Universal Constant. Love from Mother Gaia. Light from Father Source.

          Powerful Stuff.

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  5. That spider made me think of the Archons. I feel generally unmotivated as the drama of lockdowns & politics continue. I have the tingles & all the upgrade symptoms but am so tired of this place. It literally sucks big time. I’ll have to grab & pull myself up by my bootstraps again as soon as I muster enough energy.

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    1. Archons smarchons, spider season is over, forever.

      I’ve been stuck in that loop for a long time.

      Perhaps we’re simply practicing patience and paying attention here and now.

      Either way, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop until we’re done, we might as well enjoy the process to the best of our ability and quit judging ourselves.


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  6. For weeks now I have seen, on and off, a separation in the sky. A horizontal line dark above, light below. Not sure if it means anything at all. I see more colours in the sky too and have to keep having another look just to be sure, it’s like the sky is changing, or I am seeing it differently…

    Been feeling very ‘shivery’ at night and seeing a lot of large orb like blue lights around me and little flashes of light here and there over my shoulder.

    Elsie has been really cuddly the last day or so, it’s wonderful! She really nestles into me. I have to say she gives the best hugs!

    She keeps playing a little game with me. She will say ‘Bye bye’ over and over again and then say ‘WOOOOWWWWWW’! I have to repeat the ‘WOOOOWWWWWW! Bit in whatever tone she uses and then she breaks out into giggles! It’s a very special kind of conversation 😉

    Oh and I had a strange experience in meditation. A very large insect being came into view like a huge ant type creature with absolutely massive eyes. I said in my thoughts ‘Only those with my greatest good in heart and mind may come past my armour’ and it faded away and my lovely lion came back again which was a relief!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  7. Lily, ditto on orbs and flashes. Last night I saw a new portal attempt to materialize for a few brief seconds, then it closed. I didn’t think too much about it. I guess the uncommon is becoming a bit more common. Har! (I have confess that this revelation comes after a lifetime of “Oh Wow! occurrences. It’s just another stage I’m passing through) Hugs to you and Elsie. <J

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    1. J❤️

      Are you seeing like really big (around 1metre diameter) glowing circles near you that sort of fade in and out? I see orbs that are smaller but these big ones feel different. I’ve seen green ones and blue ones, the last a second or so but no doubt about what I’m seeing!

      Big hugs to you too 🙏❤️🙏

      <Lily ☺️

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  8. “Tingling in places where your talents are.”
    My tingles happen on the top half of the back of my skull. Does that make me a wizard?

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  9. Hehe. Rome has always been a mess. Much dark but also light. Now more than ever, because… All roads still lead to Rome (and some other dark places).

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  10. It is interesting how we navigate this now moment individually. My husband watches informational UT videos like he is downloading information.Every thing from: how to: cook Indian street food, cattle ranching, landscaping with heavy equipment, using a sawmill, snowplowing, etc. Don’t know if it’s just distraction or trying to gather knowledge of this reality while available.
    I am tired of thinking and just want to sit in the morning sunshine, drink tea, and take lessons in BEING from my cat.
    To each his own. Would love to trade some sun for a few inches of rain “J”.

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    1. Me, too, Cay. Grey, grey, grey and it’s only the middle of November. Too cool, too damp and it matches my mood. Must cheer up!!! Without going back to my records, I’d estimate that we’ve had around 24″ of rain up here since October 1st. I’m careful to keep moving otherwise moss would start to grow on my north side. Har! <J

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    1. The Best Is yet to come. Looks like NESARA/GESARA started on the 3rd. Sooo, even Ones that are yet to awaken, Will have a better Life. I go with the Flow, Remember Source, Forgive All, just Love! Peace.

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  11. Time seems fluffy, all whisked up and full of air – just like me! I never expected this process to fill me up with wind lol. I’ve never had much of a grasp on time, hate watches and don’t wear one. A long “time” ago I read that Source was gradually speeding time up to get us through this process asap. I’ve experienced expansions and contractions of time bubbles. The expansions are nice when you are doing something you enjoy.☺️
    My legs have been tingling massively and now my arms have joined the party. My heartbeat went wonky last night only a week since the last episode and it’s usually months between them so things must be hitting up as I’m sure it’s triggered by the waves of energy. I headed it off with a tablet, asked for assistance from my guides and brother J, GPC, and breathing in Source. I’m so grateful to you Cats for giving us these tools to assist us.
    I saw lots of sparkly lights when I turned off the light last night. Lovely.💖💖💖

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  12. “Hotting Up” and predictive changed it to hitting again as i typed this correction! I did forget to say I’m having a lot of hot flushes again. Maybe it was a reminder.😸

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  13. my palms burn, especially at night in bed. I usually have them out of the covers to cool off with the rest of my body under the covers. would that be some type of ability coming online?

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    1. It’s more that you have multiple chakras on each hand, multiples on each finger, and the energy is turned up to 11. In the past, some CATs used ice packs on hands and abdomen (through clothing), they got so hot. That’s the easy part!

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. Hmmm, my hands get really tingly and itchy and over the last year or so, really dry and sometimes cracked.I get pins and needles without the complete numbness. I wonder if this is related to what you are talking about or just my body being weird again?!

        Have also had a runny nose for waaaaay too long now, I mean well over a year! No cold, just cannot stop sniffing which Elsie gets really annoyed about and motions very impatiently towards the tissue box!


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          1. It used to be quite damp, bungalow with clay soil all around! I do have de-humidifiers running now which have helped a lot…


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        1. My nose has been constantly running as soon as the weather is anything less than warm and sunny as far back as I can remember. My little brother has the same thing. Shitty weather allergy?


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          1. Sifoo ❤️

            ‘Sh*tty weather allergy’ 😄🙃

            I thought it might be some ascension/energy thing but maybe it is our home! It is built on damp clay but dehumidifiers are going all day and Elsie doesn’t sniffle just me! She is very intolerant! If I sniff she she makes very ‘annoyed noises’ so I get a tissue but if I blow my nose she also makes very ‘annoyed noises’ oh and if I cough….I usually have to run into another room or she will literally scream ☺️

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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            1. And as if that wasn’t bad enough; I also have a serious sugar, salt, nicotine and caffeine deficiency thing going.

              One day she will look back and see what she put you through 🙂

              My son is super sensitive to sounds, and anger is the natural male response to fear, so every time I sneeze he first looks terrified and then either tries to hit me or throw something at me, every single time.

              I think it’s simply overwhelming their non-numbed senses. Then there’s acceptance, and that takes time; the good news is we’re running out of time fast.


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            2. Sifoo ❤️

              Are you off the coffee at the moment???

              Yes, the noise thing….

              Daft mummy got a third (very squeeky) baby gyinea pig a few weeks ago. Our living room lead right into the kitchen and EVERYTIME i go into the fridge or make a rustling noise the little one goes ‘weeeeeek, weeeeeek’ now the other two copy so there are 3 lots of weeks. Elsie cannot stand the squeeking and will scream back ‘WEEEEEEEEEK, WEEEEEEEK!’ What she doesn’t seem to realise is that hey think she is talking to them so they get more excited and louder!!!

              Oh the Joys!!!!

              Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          2. I have that sh*tty weather allergy, lol. If it’s not sunny and warm I start getting stuffed up, runny nose and congestion! I cannot live up north anymore because of it.

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            1. I was clearly born in the “wrong” place. The mentality is all wrong, everyone is all stiff and reserved, and the weather. And I have the most common name imaginable, despite being anything but as far as my experience goes. Me thinks someone with a bigger perspective has a weird sense of humor, and by inductive reasoning via Brother J Source is a serious screwball.

              It’s not as if I didn’t try to escape South; Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Italy; but I kept getting sent back home. I take comfort in the knowing that it will soon get much better.


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          1. Lesley ❤️

            I don’t eat wheat or dairy but I agree those two foods are triggers for lots of ‘symptoms’ ☺️

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  14. Life just gets stranger and stranger!

    I ordered a jug to mix fabric dye and received a travel hairdryer.

    I keep getting dodgy emails from someone called Barrister Chan Leap Phala all in a language I cannot even decipher (they get deleted).

    Had a Shift dream but all mixed up with me dyeing some fabric panels for Elsie’s new bed grey.

    Mum, the man who installed Elsie’s bed and I were in my living room discussing the grey panels when I looked outside the window. There was a glowing saucer shaped object in the sky and next to it a light grey plane shaped cloud which suddenly started moving, flying towards our house. As it went over the roof the most ana big surge of energy went WHOOSH! Through us all and the house, definite Shift energy!

    Lots of Love and stuff ❤️🌸🙏🌸❤️

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  15. Here’s a funny feral cat story – this morning it’s in the 20’s and my pond is freezing up, so I had to put out my heated mini pond for the cats. As I was leaving for work, Petey was just sitting in the middle of it! I’m like, Petey, your feet are going to freeze off when you get out of there but he just looked at me like “nice hot tub!” Not sure if he realizes yet that there’s heat and lots of cat beds in the shed, but whatever, cats will be cats! Meantime my indoor cat had the zoomies like crazy, up and down the stairs then screeching to a halt in front of me with his eyes boring into mine, what a cartoon cat he is! 🙂

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  16. Not sure what it means, but I’m finally not alone. I’ve been sitting out in what I assume is the cosmos somewhere. On my own personal ship, watching the dark dark seas and endless dark cobalt sky. Today something came together and I’m focusing on myself. On how I will envision going forward. And then suddenly others, other ships started popping into space around me. Lots and lots of ships. And to me the ships look a lot like an old fashioned pirate ship, of all things. Like Luffy’s ship from One Piece. Ah well, I see what I see. Love to all. Angela

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  17. Hi CAT’s,

    I was wondering what is your take on the KLAUS SCHWAB AND HIS GREAT FASCIST RESET?
    Justin Trudeau’s chilling “great reset” speech as well.

    It does not look good for humanity for sure.

    Are we going to have a different time line?

    I understand it looks like a black ice and I choose different time line! But I would greatly appreciate your comments on that.

    Anyone comments would be appreciated!

    On the other hand…. It is gorgeous weather outside sunny and +8! I am going for a walk! 🙂
    Life is good! I hope you are ALL well!


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    1. I just thought it was “interesting” that the World Economic Forum’s formatting / quasi logo for the reset incorporates the opposite of the ” RESET

      Might be a bit of a red flag… 😉

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      1. Wow, that message got totally mangled — I inadvertently had html coding in my text.
        I was just noting the opposite of the Source symbol in the following:
        < RESET

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      1. This seems pretty Kraken-ish to me! Not normally something I would post here, but it’s the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. The press conference begins at the 58 minute mark. These guys pull no punches and it’s glorious.

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    1. I’m not on FB but have Messenger (so I can connect yo my kids) and today when I tried to send the above link re Kraken the message failed to send as it was “abusive” ? Whatever! Stupid FB …there days are so numbered 🤗

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  18. I am thinking about having online QHHT session as there are no licensed therapist in my vicinity, well, it can not be official QHHT as it is not allowed, but something similar.

    Anyone here done it in online form, any suggestions ?

    I am little worried about how to practically do it, regarding my family, I could get some spare hours while wife is working, maybe, close myself in a room, ahhhh, I guess most off the time it is done using the Skype ?

    Any recommendations regarding the therapist, I am drown to Dominika Reina, even she is relatively new to this, she had interesting interview wirh Joe Pena, FOL voice in Blossoms messages, any thoughts about her ?

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      1. There is some rule by Dolores Cannon herself about not to do QHHT session online, only live, and all the practitioners are respecting that, Laura also talked about that, so she is also not using QHHT way while doing online session, something similar, but I do not know what is the difference ?

        I think the Laura is pretty much booked for a whole year, and there is also a money issue, soo… I will have to think it over, anybody had online session ?

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        1. Hi Perica,

          I do remember Laura Whitworth said she was booked for the rest of the year…but I don’t know if that meant the rest of 2020 or if she was referring to 2021. Either way, there are very good practitioners out there. I felt very guided to see one girl, her positive energy had an immediate effect on me even before our session happened. Do use your discernment when/if you choose someone to see.

          I have done 2 remote sessions and one in person. The remote sessions worked as well as the in-person session. You should still feel the energy just the same as if you were there in person. Someone else mentioned that many now do BQH or name the session something slightly different than QHHT just because you are right, original QHHT had to be done in person. But due to travel and the beer bug many practitioners are doing remote only. Even Alison Coe now does all remote sessions and she has a video explaining why. I’m sorry I don’t have the link to it but it was a good explanation as to how the remote sessions can sometimes be even better, because they take a lot of stress away from the process. It can be hard to travel to another city, get a hotel, find the person’s house, then relax for the session after all of that, plus expensive to boot. It’s very easy and convenient to do a session from your own home.

          I hope whatever you decide to do or whoever you choose works out well for you, I am sure it will!

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          1. SerendipitySky, thank You for this information, I am rethinking over to do it at all, at that time I felt urge to do it, but now, not there anymore, and as CAT’S said: “The point will be moot, shortly.”, with which I fully agree 😉✨

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            1. Hahaha, well, thank You ~AM for that vote of confidence, it can be demanding sometimes, specially when coming from You guys, but I am getting better over time 😎✨

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      2. I think because of the C thing Laura and lots of other practitioners are only practicing via online sessions rather than face to face?

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      3. Laura does do remote sessions but it cannot be called a QHHT session, technically speaking. The QHHT protocol is for in-person sessions. ~ Gary 🙂

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      4. IIRC, Laura has explained that QHHT is required to be done in person – and that she (Laura) has an approach for similar results using similar paths / approaches.

        I like Laura, too – something about her just resonates with me in a positive manner….

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      5. The world has changed the QHHT people need to change with it I think even Dolores would agree if she was still here.

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    1. There is also something called Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH). It started as an offshoot from the QHHT program and a majority of the sessions are done via the Internet. It is a highly respected program. QHHT practitioners sign a legal document that they will only hold QHHT sessions in person. Laura W. was able to work around that by being a licensed hypnotherapist.

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    2. Hi there, I had an online session with Yvette Shephard. She is lovely, and it was very effective/ worked very well online. She is friends with Laura I think. I imagine it is only not allowed by the QHHT people.. it is still possible in essence. It is helpful to highlight where forgiveness is needed and very interesting. Yvette is on Ankh healing..
      She also has sessions on YouTube which are nice to watch. I know Laura is also online as you have seen too x

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    3. Forgot to say you need over the head headphones with a microphone not inside the ear ones, secure internet, and a laptop or such plugged into the power to use Skype x Yvette worked around my children/commitments which was so helpful as I had very little free time x

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      1. Thank You Cora for that info, I am still thinking about it, will se, bat as the CAT’S stated, and I am quoting “The point will be moot, shortly.”, I share that feeling 😉✨

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    4. Hi Perica. I had an online session with Laura Whitworth in September, and she was fabulous! I would highly recommend her, to you and anyone reading this. We had a phenomenal session and I’m still watching for stuff we clicked into, to show up in the world. It was done over Zoom and it’s about 3 and a half hours. So you would need to be in a quite area without interruption for those hours. Laura is lovely and being online was just fine, I was able to go under with no issues. You just want to make sure she can see you, and how you are breathing and responding. You also need to have good headphones with a mic boom that sticks out. She will send you a video so you can rewatch any time you’d like. I hope you have good luck! Be well everyone! Cheers to all of us! May we make progress together going forward. ❤️🌎🌈💎🌟

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      1. Thank You Susan for your info and advice, I also think that Laura is great, but she is also booked up to the end off the year, and as CAT’S stated, with which I tend to agree: “The point will be moot, shortly.” 😉✨

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  19. So my friends with spaceships flying around
    Lilly seeing strange things in the sky

    I had a wonderful dream about my rabbit Pedro…
    does anyone remember? He came in April to my garden and is still coming
    to pick up his carrot in the morning. He lives on the cliffs.
    In my dream he was small and sitting on my chest, over the heart and we snuggled.

    It was feeling sooooo good. I love him so much, that he appeares now even in my dreams…

    .💖🌈💖Good night my friends,
    I love you. I love your stories, they are giving me comfort.💖🌈💖

    I love the important infos from the CAT’s .💖🌈💖

    love Alnilam .💖🌈💖

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  20. Perica, a friend of mine had an online session with Laura Whitworth. She highly recommends her 💚💜🌈

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  21. I am feeling GREAT! DONT KNOW WHY!

    This election nonsense is brutal. All politicians are lying cheats. I only trust T.

    I pray nightly for T and the nation. During the I sing Christmas songs all day long. And even though I’m still recovering from my shoulder surgery, I’m making my MAGA XMAS WREATHS again this year. If they sell, great, if not, whatever. I have a vision. Lol.

    MY advertiser wanted to charge me double and I didn’t lose my temper, I just said no thx. Oh well. I just love the holiday season and nothing is getting me down. Unless crazy Pedo Joe gets into the WH. Then I’ll be cranky. Lol

    If you guys get down, turn on a Christmas movie or song.

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    1. Ooooh when did that come on, I kept checking for a ‘Laura Video’ all yesterday! Something to look forward to tonight ☺️


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    2. Wow. I am listening to this Arcturian session now. Laura’s voice is so soothing and I was thinking it would be a quiet session as usual….then suddenly the client’s/lady’s voice came on and it was so loud both my kitties jumped! 😳

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  22. The elements seem very angry/upset. Do they react to the over all mass consciousness on earth at any one time? I imagine sayings like the winds of change come from somewhere real. I hope it helps the earth to pour light and connect to settle things down.

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    1. We can laugh/dance/smile with the Elements to sunny & 75. Stay off weather forecasts, for they’re trying to program the collective. Peace.

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  23. Last nights meditation was intense, many purple/indigo flashes. I even saw a man with a beard and some sort of headgear almost like the old fashioned knights. He was completely purple and blue even his beard!

    After meditation I got a HUGE buzzing/humming and vibrating in my entire skull, more so towards the back. When I shut my eyes I again saw bright indigo light. Felt quite nauseous too. I looked out of the back window after turning lights out and could not believe my eyes. The sky was lit up with absolutely zillions if stars, so bright and so clear, it was breathtaking. I have never seen so many…

    Much Love ALL ❤️☺️❤️

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    1. My younger son just informed me 2 days ago that his new favorite color is purple. Don’t know if that is significant at all, but your purple knight made me think of that 😄 💜

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  24. Well another feral cat update – Bonga the grey tiger cat disappeared in August, was worried he was a goner – well guess who showed up for dinner last night? A little worse for wear, but he’s alive and boy was he hungry! Also Petey of the hot tub – who wasn’t frozen to the ground after all 🙂 is his best friend so they were quite happy to see each other!
    Re the nose running, I don’t have it every day, but often, and I call it being all snarfelly – not sure why but it fits – it starts when I get up and about 100 nose blows later it’s gone. I should’ve invested in face tissues, I’d be rich!
    Had some amazing epic dream last night but all that stayed with me when I woke up was a huge truck with a TRUMP sign written in red on the side of it, also a little worse for wear but the mood was happy! As am I today, the sun is shining and we’re back up in the 40s, much better!

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  25. Hi All, sorry I haven’t been talking much, days seem to skip by in chunks. And now the spearhead of change is arrowing forward. Such change. I’ve cut my hair – all of it. That usually happens when the warrior is gearing up for change. The vast stillness of change. That can’t be denied. I love reading everything about what everyone is experiencing, as we ride this phenomenal moment. Thank you. Love you-all. Angela

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  26. Simon Parkes posted this 2 hours ago, around 10 am EST.
    “US military given green light – Assets being put on key locations POTUS into war room.

    Let’s see where this goes….”
    Cats and Ms, is this true?

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  27. hello everybody

    maybee some of you remember my dream about the Mont Blanc?
    It’s the highest mountain in Europe and also a beautiful place. I don’t know the place, only from my dreams (two) and seing from an Airplane at a flight to Genebra -Swizzerland, last year.

    Here are two short videos about hiking up the Mont Blanc.
    It’s a metaphor for our journey up to the peak, after the pool, the black ice
    the path up the mountain. And we as spiritual group are in this together!
    The higher we climb, the more beautiful it becomes and the majestic mountain peak awaits us

    I love you guys, Alnilam💖🌈💖

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    1. Hallo friends

      this is my favorite Mont Blanc video, cause the hiking tour is allone. As the Cat’s mentioned: the old fashion shool style climbing on it’s own…

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  28. Wow! CATs, I just saw your post from 2016 about the Rainbow Dragon and then I saw the video of dragons in Milwaukee, WOW!

    Hope you don’t mind me re-sharing the video? Do amazing!

    Feeling a bit lost and unsure what the heck my purpose is at the moment but this just lifted me out of those silly thoughts ☺️

    Much Love & Thanks for all you do ❤️

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  29. Dearest CATs,
    It has recently come to my attention that I needed to look up what “IAM presence” is. It seems to do with embodying your God-self, and goes with a chart of various layers of rays and connection to source. It might also explain “I am that I am”, which has never made sense to me. I have been trying to understand what embodying my God-self means and this might be the next step. Do you have any teachings on this subject?

    as always, thank you for your work on this blog and calm wisdom about everything

    love love to all in the room

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      1. Dearest M2, thank you for your response. Funny you should mention that. I invite Brother J to my meditations, but we have not spoken for some weeks possibly months! oh my!

        When I first began trying to connect to brother J, I felt he told me I could call him Yeshi, as he was my brother. Even now, thinking of that makes tears well up in my eyes. I will get back to that practice, and see what he will teach me about my Christed IAM presence.

        love love to all in the room, brothers and sisters all are we

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        1. Brother J is basically SOURCE. Connect with J, you connect with SOURCE. The whole “I AM” thing is just language. SOURCE is SOURCE is YOU is US. It’s all inside you. Don’t get hung up on word games.


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          1. Thank you M2, that really helps. So many things to read, study, practice… you’re saying it is all right for me to keep it simple and direct. Brother J and I are talking again. 🙂 well, we never really stopped…

            love love to all in the room!!!!

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    1. St Germain Press has teachings on the Mighty I AM Presence. I suggest the first 2 books as they are beautiful, wonderous stories that help with understanding. Easy to read, but written in the 1930’s. Still relevant to the Spiritual Seeker. Much Love 💕

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      1. Dearest kimmcp, thank you for responding. I will take a look at those books, for sure. Part of the “chart” that was depicted on the websites that I found during my (short) research before asking here on this blog showed that the violet flame was an integral part of this IAM presence. Willl continue with more research with Brother J beside me….

        love love to all in the room
        your friend

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  30. Penny Kelly has a UT video out today which describes an opening with her inner vision through the veil. The veil, which was obscuring the path forward, is there to allow wisdom gleaned from lessons to occur before making any decisions.
    We may have access to a favorable time line for the Earth and it’s inhabitants.
    For those interested and in need of hope amid the chaos. Thanks Source. Cay

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  31. Hey, CATs. Since we know that SpaceX launch to the ISS is fake, where are those four astronauts actually? In a motel in Florida, perhaps?

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  32. Well, after watching Laura’s videos, I realized that I was skating on black ice once again. The dismals outside were getting to me, hence my dour mood. I found that looking at this video of the garden from last summer restored my equilibrium. Perhaps it will do the same for others, too. Enjoy and be at peace. <J

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  34. Hi CATS.

    I hope you are well, despite gnawing off your paws in unbridled anticipation of the promised land.

    A quick question if I may?

    I am reading conflicting advice on the net regarding removal of iron nails in trees. I thought I would pay you a visit for a definitive answer please?

    The tree in question is a well established tree, and the nails look big, several inches long. There are quite a few, spanning several feet vertically. It pissed me off. What can I do please?

    Thanks in advance


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    1. Is that so? Are they recent? Usually removing the nails will do the trick; the tree’s immune system will take over. In some cases, depending on the type of tree and the season, you would need to apply a tree sealer. Perhaps pull one nail and look to see how fast the seepage occurs; if very fast, apply the sealer. If they’re old nails (older than a few years), then the tree has already sequestered them. Either way, the tree will seal the wounds and recover. Old trees are good at this. Note any smells around the tree, specifically if the tree itself is emitting a strong TREE smell. That will tell you something. Trees communicate biochemically (and spiritually). When you walk into a pine forest and take a deep breathe and relish that scent of pines what you’re really smelling are trees exuding sap to kill bugs. (Understanding illusion details often robs them of their magic.)

      BTW, speaking of nails… anything that makes you angry, anything that disturbs your peace of mind in any way needs to be reviewed, and then released. Anger, fear, guilt are 3d things. Justice itself is a projection of guilt onto others. In reality, there is no tree. There is only SOURCE, All of Us as Extensions, and Our Memory of SOURCE. Everything else is illusion.

      After removing the nails, your task is to look up the word “equanimity” and own its meaning. Angry lighthouse keepers often smash the light.

      Note that CATs and M’s occasionally get angry sometimes too, but not as much anymore… and they get over things quickly. We can only imagine how frustrating it is for Guides whose charges put nails in trees… or how frustrating CATs have been for them over the years. We are far from perfect.


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      1. Per your advice. I lost my cool the other day when I saw someone lying again. I flipped. Why can’t ppl just be honest????? Just tell me the truth, that’s all I want. Stop the lies.

        So now I need to review that and release it?

        Reviewing that I’m in 3D world and this world is a lie so get over it. Now release.

        Is that what you’re saying?

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      2. Thanks AM. And yes, I am a living testament to imperfection 🤣, but I do not wallow as I used to, I accept and move on/up now.

        I should have used my words more accurately. I felt sadness more than anger, which I suppose is better, even though still illusory.

        It is the first time I have happened upon this particular tree. I wanted to help it without hurting it further. I suppose I wanted it to know that someone cared.

        I will buy some sealer and remove one to see what happens. Thank you.

        As for scents, its not the pine scent that I adore although that’s easily a top ten favourite. Rather, its that dank, earthy scent you smell in a wooded area, usually near areas where water and leaves and fallen wood are. I find it absolutely brings me alive, it’s my catnip. Not sure what that says about me personally?😅 My wife hates that smell ha ha ha.

        My temper is significantly better, much more than it used to be. I do not feel the rage I used to, and it was rage. I accepted things in my life I couldn’t control or change. I AM in control of my emotions much, much more. It helps as you say, to understand the illusion, and apply forgiveness wherever possible. Your blog has helped me considerably with this, thank you x

        The risk of knowing too much comes with a heavy price. When I consider the affects of this for my awakening, I shudder at the prospect of this emotional release for mass awakening. Hiroshima will pale in comparison. With this in mind, will the SHIFT happen just before, to soften the blow of unmasking our collective truth, or does the rage and pain need to surface as a catalyst for the split? Either way, I trust in SOURCE, and SOURCE trusts in us.


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  35. I’ve started to notice even conversations are indicating different realities. It has gotten so bad that (for example) I’ll say “hello” in the happiest way and others react as if I’ve just insulted them. It has happened randomly throughout my life, but now it is almost all the time.

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    1. All’s cool, They’re waking, possibly dark night of soul/black ice thing. Keep smiling in Joy, it Will rub off. Peac3.

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  36. Looking out of the window before bed last night, must have been around 12:30 am UK time. There were so many stars again it was breathtaking. Then, I noticed to the SW a light from very high up fall from the sky with a trail behind it?! It reminded me of the Dragon footage although it would have been a single dragon performing a ‘nose dive’!

    Wonder what that was!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  37. Okay, the skies are completely overcast here in the Midlands, UK, but there is a strange purplish hue coming down, EVERYWHERE.

    I showed my teenage son, he asked why is it red everywhere.

    I also hit the pillow earlier with intense upgrades and dreamt of the SHIFT happening suddenly. It is so, so close, I feel it.


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      1. I know AM, right?

        It’s maddening!

        I was just excited at everything looking like seeing through a pink lens. It was so strange. The clouded sky looked normal, yet everything was in a pinkish hue. And I wasn’t the only one to see it. That coupled with an intense SHIFT dream just prior got me all riled 😜


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      2. Yes, sadly many times we ‘feel,’ even desperately, what we want to happen, not what it really manifests.

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      1. We Are The Light for All! Keep smiling for the Ones that Are having difficulties, and lack Of Knowing. Peace.

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    1. So hot here last night in Kansas and I sat out under the stars with my animals the sky was super purple and I never saw so many stars. I could hear people outside having outdoor parities. Back to cold as usual today though.

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  38. Update.

    When my wife came home, she said she hadn’t seen it but our youngest son was telling her how everywhere looked a different colour, and that was a few miles away.

    It was like looking through a lens.


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