‘Wiggly Center’ Dreams ~ [UPDATE4]

A couple interesting CAT dreams/visions from last night.

Dream #1

One CAT (who two weeks ago had a dream where they saw a whole bank of TV sets in a store display window explode) had another dream. They saw a neighborhood with lots of houses, and lots of other similar neighborhoods surrounding it. Suddenly, something happened that caused the houses to go dark, like they were cut off from something. Going dark ostensibly means the info-stream flowing into average households… suddenly vanishing. It could mean more, in the way of services people expect, but we suspect it’s an info-feed thing.

Imagine people suddenly being separated from the MSM and social media and everything they’re told (what to think, what to do, what’s happening); no more marching orders supplied from the outside… and the dawning realization of what’s really going on. It would be like if Operation Mockingbird ceased, and the pundits no longer knew what to say. Many who read this have already experienced that moment when you understand that everything you thought you knew is wrong. While most who read this blog will be fine, this feels like something that will be devastating to many. Which means that many of us will have more STO work ahead of us.

Looks like we’re a few days out from something like this, perhaps on 11/11.

Dream #2

Another CAT dreamed about being in a house nearly done with renovation. The house circuits had been already laid in and mostly installed. Said CAT touched one junction box and it was warm, so they knew the power was on. Then they noticed the air system going through the vents was blowing backwards (sucking air), so they flipped a switch to turn that around… and all was well. Meanwhile, outside, an entire city was being rewired and renovated, new lights coming on in whole regions, but Guides said the renovation was still under way and the cityscape still set to change. The CAT in question was lead around by an old Guide who they had to support as they stepped over so many cables running everywhere; he said something about an old ship at the harbor that had already been “dragged away” and called it, “The Columbia” (as in “District of”), and that final renovations on the city itself weren’t due to be complete until March of ’21. Hurry up and wait.


Meanwhile, the (STS) MSM are setting themselves — and everyone else — up for a shock. (No one who reads this blog will be shocked at what’s to come.) Note that just because you chose the SOURCE timeline doesn’t mean that you won’t also be able to see and experience the Justice timeline at the same time; many are called to serve (hence the STO moniker). Many of us are existing on both timelines simultaneously (and indeed, exist on up to 12 more). Think of all this as checking on a pie baking: Check it every once in a while to see if it’s done, but don’t check it too early, ’cause then you let all the heat out and prolong the baking time.

When it’s wiggly in the center, it’s done.

(This is a good pumpkin pie filling recipe btw, though our crusts look better.)


Might we suggest stocking up on whatever you might need prior to 11/11? Word to the wise. (This was a vague Spirit suggestion; we’re guessing it’s primarily for N. America, but who knows?


THIS is interesting.


FYI, CATs are delayed in comment responses due to rescue activity (of various people we don’t know). We’re also working on an experiment. Stay tuned.


We typically don’t like to repost others’ works, but this is an interesting snippet from an old Sophia Love newsletter from 2018 that she just let out. Check it out:

“The following conversation took place over 1.5 years ago. (This will have been in mid-2018) It included a great deal of personal detail and at the time it was not shared anywhere. I am sharing it today (originally December 2019) because we are on the doorstep at 2020, expecting many changes soon. This conversation was with a version of me from the future: 2023. I was woken up at 4:04 AM and we spoke for a very long time.”

The first person you “hear” is me, but the me that is on earth in 2023:

What year are you coming to me from?
So, five years from now.
I am but one possibility for you to take in a new earth, a changed earth. I represent a choice still possible for you now.
Will you talk about what happened in the world from this point on?
I will tell you that your President survives this, and at this point is still President. The “swamp”, as he calls it, is clear or drained. It was brutal and painful for the country as so many beloved figures disappeared. It is a fact of the process that not all, or even most of the disappearances are done in the public arena. Yet, there are removals and trials and detentions and deaths, as some choose that mode rather than face the people. Once the “event” happens, many things change in the public eye. To save face – those in that place now face their actions and it becomes a sad and painful thing to witness. It is all part of the choosing. This, right now, is a challenging time you are entering.
Is there prosperity?
There is abundance, yes. There was a moment of upheaval, then a time of great abundance as everyone received prosperity and was overwhelmed with it. It was not an issue that people struggled. Now, money is not a part of the equation. I do not concern myself with it. I have all that I need.
What about health?
There are technologies for healing and now there are what you’d call maintenance technologies, available. You (meaning me personally) become an advocate for rejuvenation tech – it is a part of life that can be enjoyed by everyone without the need for money.
What about food? Is it all vegetarian?
There are differences, yet I will tell you that in the dimensional earth that I inhabit, there is no killing for sustenance. We have other methods. It is not bland and it does allow the building of strength and of muscle. (I was thinking at the time that this referred to sources of protein)
(I asked about specific family members here)
All of your family is in the new earth?
Why, yes.
This is a possibility from today in my life?
It is.
(I asked about specifics about how the event was experienced)
It occurred on a day you/I did not expect. It occurred for everyone. It happened at one moment and you/I were aware and conscious as it happened.
How did it feel?
Like a blanket of love.
Were you alone when it happened?
Yes. But then, no. I sought out my partner.
So, you experienced it together?
We did, yes.
Are you happy?
I am content. I am peaceful. It is a beautiful life. I am contemplative.
I think I have to go.
Okay. Know that any choice you make will be the correct one for the outcome you desire. 
Your life will play out as you intend it to.

So that was it everyone. This conversation was forgotten until now. It took place in the spring of 2018. It seems to have even more meaning as we approach this 2020 year, and she/I was connecting from just a few years ahead of where we today find ourselves. 
I remember feeling not that this was a warning, but a confirmation. We are heading for just exactly what we are creating now, with every thought and word and action or inaction. This gets reinforced again and again and again…this time, it would appear by me. (smile)
Sophia 12/19/19

And here is another conversation, from even earlier – 3 years ago. It’s with a future self (2038) and is also relevant to today’s events…

December 8, 2017
(We begin today with an answer to my reaching out energetically… to my future. Sophia)
I am able to speak only of what we are told happened and how we exist now, in the numbered future year.
It is relevant that you’ve accessed now a trajectory leading to where I am now located. So much of this verbiage is nonsense in a true delineation of life, lineage and form, but it becomes necessary when speaking in this third dimension you occupy; for you to hit crossroads that lead specifically to destinations.
All things are possible, it is true. Yet choices determine physical and immediate outcomes. 
The numbered linear year in this scenario is one in which those outcomes have occurred – it is seen then, the choices that created them.
Does this mean anything?
At this point, from my perspective, I hear tell of the cataclysm and conclusion of your earth’s hierarchy.
I almost heard “Monarchy”.
Yes, well, from here it seems as if it very much did have one single ruler. This is not known to the population, or so it says in our history books.
That Monarch has been removed.
Why the year 2038
Why is that a significant date in our timeline? Is it the end of something? The beginning of something?
It is a moment in which all choices have concluded.
I see ships returning, people disembarking.
Yes. In this now moment, all of humanity who intended to live out the remainder of their life on this particular timeline – are here.
It is not the same earth that was left.
But this is twenty years from now. Are you saying that in your history – people left the planet and returned twenty years later?
Not quite.
The story goes that the catastrophic physical events led to global lift offs. The surface became un-inhabitable in certain areas.
These lift offs began in a time that was approximately the year 2020.
They were not all due to physical damage. Many removals happened as the ones from the stars completed their missions and chose departure.
This is telling you of the historical storyline that is now told here.
It tells of a group of light-blasters/light warriors who ultimately took out the service to the Monarch. This happened in the earth, in the skies and within the government systems. Not all warriors use weapons. Not all warriors fly ships.
Please, this story is seeming to go in many directions. Would you tell me what is happening according to your history, right now, on earth, that leads to your current timeline?
The Warrior at the helm is a President of the country you occupy. This being has chosen to embrace his job, which was to cancel the slavery program. He is doing it now. This means, according to our history, that the help of the light forces is guaranteed and has been summoned. The only ending is one that finalizes the particular experiment you currently live under. I will not give details to you as it is right now playing out and you are participating.
Would you tell me what the year 2038 signifies?
At my current focus, your hardship is over a generation old. There are those here who only know of it in history books.
They are regaled as heroes and brave light bearers who carried out a revolution. Not just a revolution to free a country, a revolution to free a planet.
The ships you saw landing carry some of those warriors. These are those whose love of humanity was so very deep; they chose to continue their work – renewed and ready to impart wisdom once again for the new earth.
Indeed, it is a new earth. All has been remembered and will not be repeated, not here.
Realize that the ones of you who do not return, are in most cases headed to other planets and galaxies where the oppressors have taken root. They do not stop.
History tells us they serve a purpose and are not able to be destroyed because of the purpose they serve.
They instigate physical ascension and rapid evolution. 
Without them and their self-serving programs of control, the growth process is slow, and service to self is not always the most obvious choice. As new souls enter the grid, new choices modify the way planets and their inhabitants proceed, but the result of absolute self-service is always it’s opposite counter-part – enlightenment.
Is there a time in your history, an exact time, for the catastrophic global effects?
Yes. It takes place now and throughout the 2020’s, up until the middle of that decade. Not all of the planet is rendered inhospitable.
Is there a time in your history that indicates a moment when there were massive lift-offs?
These happened when events warranted them. This is my knowing of my history.
What can you tell me about your current year now?
That we are joyful and free and rebuilding now. So much altered from your current situation that it is not recognizable, not to me now and not to you now.The rulership you live under sounds horrific. I am amazed to feel the peace I sense within you, and to see you express and show so much love. It is truly a miraculous time for this planet.
The revolution I learn of was not dictated by evil, or what is called evil, but instead by love.
In this, it is read now, the force of light on Earth right now, succeeded beyond where they expected to. Truly remarkable beings carried this out.
Are you complete?
I could be, if your questions are answered.
I have no further questions, thank you.
Thank you, Sophia. Goodbye.

At the moment, The CATs don’t see any negative processes taking place on our existing timelines. And, like it or not, The Dance seems to continue.

261 thoughts on “‘Wiggly Center’ Dreams ~ [UPDATE4]

  1. Urp! Well, I learned something yesterday: Don’t drink a whole quart of eggnog in a 2 hour period. My body let me know in no certain terms that it was eggnogged out. Such heartburn. Oy! (But it tasted so good at the time. I wonder how poor beleaguered stomach would’ve reacted if I had put some alcohol in the eggnog. Bleah!)

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    1. Well, this eggnog saga continues: For my afternoon latte I thought steamed eggnog would be a special holiday treat. Definitive answer: NOT! All it did was ruin the taste of excellent coffee And didn’t froth either. (I confess that I choked almost the whole cup down ’cause I didn’t want to waste good coffee. Har! Lesson learned)

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  2. This years long talk of a landslide for Mr. T was always bold, if treacherous waters to wade in. He won by such slim margins last time, and wasn’t exactly a unifier in how he governed lol. With all the crazy circumstances of this year, most of which were out of his control, it was never a given how things were gonna go electorally.

    He has every right to legally pursue any voting irregularities, but I suspect not enough will turn up to make much of a difference.

    C’est la vie. We never know how things are gonna go, how we surf with that uncertainty and the lessons gleaned therein are what make this planet such fab schoolhouse for consciousness.

    Peace to everyone going forward.

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  3. this is from old post comment, please elaborate:

    NO ONE is going to the New Earth in this existing incarnation… that we know of. But they definitely might in the next one

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    1. That means that SOURCE, at the time of the ReBoot, is going to un-plug everyone, upgrade their hardware and software (some a little, some a LOT), then plug them back in and turn them back ON and place them here and there and everywhere. It will basically be a new incarnation, for everyone, with upgraded memories.


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  4. Just came across this Lorie Ladd video. Short meditation planned for tomorrow at 11:11 am EST, starting at 10:30 for set up. This may be getting to you too late to post, but I thought I’d share anyway. I can already feel the energies.
    Love, Light, Truth and ONEness. ❤

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  5. yes it’s really good
    I feel it, that it’s in love Alnilam 💖🙏 💖 Source hands nowlove Alnilam 💖🙏 💖

    just finished my 11.11 meditation
    projecting myself again on this day, when our familly made the call to Lemuria
    on Centianes beach. Isaw them all stitting in the sand, I saw Rebecca with her Ukelele
    her song ‘Over the Rainbow”
    my calling, cause I was the priestess:

    I am calling on you
    cause I love you-I love you- yes I love you
    with all my heart

    Love Alnilam 💖🙏 💖

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  6. What a coincidence this song started, and I looked at the clock! 11:11 on 11/11, 8, took a minute to sink In. Remember Source! Peace.

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    1. We’ve been there for some time, but it does seem to be coming to a head right now. Next is stepping to the OTHER side (in your mind’s-eye) and sensing what feels right for the STO-you moving forward. It’s not what you’d expect. It’s BETTER.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. I’m having a hard time sensing what STO will be like for myself. I’ve spent the majority of my life taking care of others, brothers, parents, husbands and children. I read info about envisioning what NE looks like and honestly I see solitude, peace and quiet (and lots of animals!). It feels selfish to me. I’m really conflicted. Do you CATs or Ms have any advice?


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  7. To All,
    May have been the longest night/morning I’ve spent on Earth in recent memory – I’ve spent most of it in touch with SOURCE, Brother J and others, bring in, asking for aid and supportive energies here for family members and other circumstances – I don’t feel panicked – but the illusion here abouts is SOOO multifaceted and could be seen as stressful- the least of which may be the lack of those funny looking $ bills to pay the rent – overdue – and more and varied things – other things caused panic in family members this morning etc, etc, etc…

    Is it a sign of weakness and not doing something well enough that I feel that asking for some family circumstances light pours might ease things, at least mentally, at this time??

    Baby has also turned into a pirate – her favorite vocalization has become very loud ARRGHHH sound with rasp! ALL NIGHT long – only one of the things going on…

    If you feel inclined and I’m not just nutzo – thank you in advance and no need to clog the blog…


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  8. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Oceans of Harmonics bathe the planet.
    Light BEings awaken to their roles.
    Far-seers complete their visions.
    “Causes” are dropped.
    Highest Missions are embraced.

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  9. last night was even a bit more intense in sleep interruptions, the headache changed a bit, tired what else with a feeling of beeing here and there, i did despite a calm workday more than one thing that makes no logic to a muggle to use also this term

    thought there is something in the air i look at my phone it was 10.00am so 11 minutes approximatelely before 11h11m11s

    now evening rest, need a nap

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  10. So what I noticed this morning was an almost imperceptible shift in the continuum. Not a big reboot, but just a very, very teensy pause and then into this rich flow of (endless possibilities)? I think I need to TTMB to research this. Cheers <J

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  11. Think there were a few timeline jumps/adjustments today, from my daughter/friend and personal experience is was from about 12:30 lunchtime to just after 2pm. My paperwork disappeared, two of us searching for it to then reappear right in front of us, freaking out my co-worker! My friend working in a school heard a child scream just outside her classroom, as did a couple of children, but no one there, luckily she is aware of the shift so took it in her stride. Daughter saw time turn off and on three times.

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      1. There’s lots of aerosol spraying in CA today as the PTW tries to stop the first rain of the season. Spraying started right after Biden claimed victory. Feeling lots of Third Eye activity today, too.


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        1. The spraying had gone away for a long period but it started up here in Grand Rapids, MI again just after the election also

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  12. Don’t post this if the picture doesn’t show; my first attempt at trying to share a picture. “Making pumpkin pie the easy way” 🙂

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  13. A tale is circulating that the temperature guns currently being used to detect fevers in folks have an adverse effect on the pineal gland. Research on how they work indicates that is not possible and this is more fear-mongering, but then again how can one be sure of ANYthing these days! Would y’all please comment on this: true or black ice? Thanks so much for your steady guidance!
    < j

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    1. JJ I don’t know if it’s true or not but to be on the safe side I have them take my temp at my wrist (which it will get an accurate reading there as well). Also I bring my own thermometer just in case they don’t agree to my terms (it has to be a digital one though), which so far I’ve had no problem w/either. The reason I know this, is I’ve had to have quite a bit of dental work the last few months and well they’ve had to comply w/the temperature thing (even thought both offices thought the whole thing a bit much too). Guess I was lucky. Good luck with it all

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      1. JJ and LC. Re the laser thermometers l asked the dental nurse to point it at my wrist and not my forehead like the time before. She complied happily but was curious why, so I explained about the pineal and also the mental desensitising to having a gun pointed at your head. She said omg I never thought about it and would start pointing it at wrists. In the hospital this week they used the type that goes in your ear so I didn’t have to use precious energy in explaining.😊💖

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  14. Does anyone knows why youtube is down?

    Is it because of this

    “Prepare for a possible switch off in regard to social media and any site talking about election fraud, re-counts and court cases etc.
    As the puppeteers prepare to go to their phase 3 of the long agreed plan.
    This is the idea that they totally block anything and everything that is not approved by them.
    We are moving into what I call – The difficult phase…”

    ~ Simon Parkes

    I hope you are ALL well!


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  15. I am just sooo over this whole “justice” timeline (and all this other shit) and ready to move beyond and into the “Source” timeline.
    Save me Brother CatJesus! ❤

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  16. Strange days and nights.

    Had a dream about a very, very large gathering of people at the house of a friend I have not been in contact with for a very long time. She was such a wonderful support when I was pregnant with Elsie and going through a lot of challenges.

    She had an absolutely wonderful Edwardian home but was in the process of moving to an even more beautiful home with her husband and two children. They were renovating a beautiful and very large joys surrounded my so much private land. They had a cottage on the grounds that her mother would move into, a lake and swans! I never got to see that house as I moved away with Elsie to try and escape our situation.

    Anyway, in my dream we were in this house with hundreds of people I do not know. The room we were all in was almost like a church hall and everyone was waiting for something to happen. There was a man there who had his arm around me protectively, I have no idea who he was but he was very handsome, strong and ‘well to do’. I think there may have also been another man, equally protective…The dream ended…

    The next evening I had another dream about the same friend and again I was in her home but this time there was no one around except her. I was offering her bunches of flowers which she accepted but also gestures towards the rest of the home and grounds outside which were covered with endless bunches/vases of beautiful flowers!

    That same evening I had a much weirder dream. I was in some sort of underground complex with some old friends from school and also others I did not know. There were concrete tunnels everywhere, black piping, heavy duty doors. We realised there were Fi Adair’s down there and needed to get out. Everywhere we venture came to a dead end and we knew we would be caught soon. Then, I happened to some across an orange T-Rex costume which I decided to put on and face the beings head on! Then I woke up and immediately started clearing, grounding and protecting!

    I have not felt like I have been able to speak much these last few days. So much intensity and almost like a feeling of being incubated.

    A lovely couple bought Elsie’s old bed surround. The man collected it yesterday. I was choked up so much by what he told me. They have adopted 4 severely disabled children . The youngest (who the bed surround was for) had been beaten so badly by her parents that she was left severely brain damaged and blind. He told me that that had also been a fate if one of their other children. So so sad. I just wanted to reach out and help them. What amazing people though, thank Sourceness for folk like that in the world that take on these children and give them all the love they can. I hope, at the time of The Shift all their suffering/challenges are healed ❤️

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  17. Did anyone else have dreams of WW2?

    Must have been a collective bleedthrough.

    I was in the thick of it, nothing held back. The thoughts, feelings, fears, a full on experience.

    What will happen when everyone discovers these wars are deliberately planned…. crumbs!

    Mark (peace)

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    1. @rusirius44 – Yes, Now that you mention it I vaguely remember having a dream about a war. I woke up and had the thought… hrmmm we won that war tho. And haven’t put another thought into it since.

      Something new /n unusually is happening to me. I heard my name when I was half asleep and looked up in my bedroom and thought it may have been my *spouse* but no one was there.

      Then today things have been moving around me… slight but noticeable to me.

      All my protection is up and I asked whatever it was if it isn’t in my highest good… time to leave, but I am still seeing odd things.

      Appetite is gone. 2nd Phase of lockdowns coming quick in CA. All my family has decided they are too scared of new COVID bs that they are all staying home. I think I need more patience, it is really trying me lately.

      Everything is shifting personally too…. Losing friends and close people to me for odd reasons ….

      Feeling alone…

      ❤ kk

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  18. Was anyone else absolutely blasted by energy last night? Must have been from about 1am UTC onwards for a good few hours!

    Just remembered yesterday evening before bed. I had meditative mind on the tv. I said out loud ‘time to turn it all off’ and went to pick up the remote control but before I did, the tv turned itself off!

    Strange time stuff last night too. I was rushing around trying to get jobs done in the ten minutes before Elsie’s bedtime routine started at 7pm. I did what I needed to do and went to check the time, it had gone back at least half an hour!

    Lots of planes in the sky today, very loud…Sounds like some off them could take our roof off!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Lily *****
      Was anyone else absolutely blasted by energy last night? Must have been from about 1am UTC onwards for a good few hours!****

      yes! absolutly. It was tough and knocked me over. I was feeling as a wave came and hitted me, wanting to push me away. It started 20 UTC, I went to bed emidiatly.

      love to you and Elsie ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Alnilam ❤️

        Yes! It was super duper strong! I was lucky I was already in bed when it hit!

        Hope you’re well and happy 😊

        Much Love ❤️🙏✨🙏❤️

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  19. The Winds of Change are here, billowing, blowing, cleansing, changing – everything. I’m going to gather my courage and my love and THROW my dreams straight into it – And FLY! With all my Love, Angela

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  20. Sorry to make you listen Cats – this hit me hard yesterday, a demarcation.
    I don’t usually listen to Disturbed. At all. My daughter had it in her random play list and when I heard it I froze. [snip — people can look it up if they want. < CAT Eds.]

    I figured all their music was dark and never listened. This cleaved through the darkness – with almost unbearable light. Poignant, perfect for the moment.

    I couldn't decide whether to post it, so don't if it doesn't resonate – this could simply be me.

    "This is about the symbol on the cover: Fun Fact: The symbol for the band Disturbed, used originally as art for the band's Believe album, is actually made up of four religious symbols: The Jewish Star of David, The Wiccan Star (often confused to be a satanic symbol), The Crescent Moon of Islam and the Christian Cross. The idea was it was a symbol to represent Unity especially since most of the band was raised Catholic save for lead singer David Draiman who was raised Jewish and claimed that while they don't believe in religion itself they do believe in God."


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    1. @Angela, the first I heard of David Draiman was when I came across his (and the band’s) cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s, ‘Sounds of Silence’ – beautifully done cover – Paul Simon even told him he liked it and put it on, I think, one of his social media sites (don’t know which – don’t follow any of them for anyone). Draiman was classically trained as a cantor in very strict orthodox family line of cantors, but very rebellious – went his own way – I don’t generally listen to heavy metal – he did do a lovely job with ‘Sounds of Silence’ though – I’m sure whatever song you heard was right for you that day… Sometimes getting out our boxes can surprise us with some goodies.


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      1. Hi Kg, yes it was outside my box. And led to some interesting insights. A door before me is very small, at the end of a whirlwind. And it won’t accept amorphous. It requires definition, an edge. A threading and blending of all that I am, not simply the love/light but all that I’ve learned. I can’t seem to describe this well. The darkness defines the light, it gives it an edge. Too much obviously isn’t helpful. But some is necessary, because it’s a part of me. A depth of learning, an acceptance of all parts of me. A refusal to reject, and therefore amplify. An allowing – in grace – for all of it. That is required for this door. An acknowledgement of all of me. Past that it is a choice to hold all or part – my choice. But to get through this part requires all.

        That song – I ended up focusing light through it like a lens. A searing lens. For all that has been used and abused in us. Our talents and joy. Our gifts. I’m still holding it off and on.
        Thank you so much for your reply. It helped to further clarify this for me. Love from my heart Kg. Angela

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  21. Dream about B R I D G E

    last night I dreamed about a majestic old bridge (I searched in internet and the most similliar is in Heidelberg) with stones in terracotta in sunrise glowing orange red, the bridge crossing a river.
    My husband was driving, in a car with me, and I saw the bridge, but we made a turn to the ocean, later we arrived again on the same place and I exclamaimd: again the bridge to Portimao!

    Dream in a drean

    same night, later
    we crashed in a car from a mountain, falling down my husband was able to drive the car
    and I told him: drive to the left, where was a narrow path and he did.

    Later I was cocking a meal and thinking about my dream( still dreaming) and my husband came, I told him about a dream with the car crash. He answered: This was real
    but we survived, the car is totally broken (BMW) And I said: I rescued us, telling to drive to the left.

    love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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  22. Thank you everyone and SOURCE for the light – things have turned a bit brighter here – some grants were found that my daughter and her partner can apply for and they’ve found a place to apply for rental assistance as my income was needed to cover some other things instead of usually just being able to cover the rent and a couple of other small bills – So, will rest in trust with SOURCE and thank everyone for their thoughts and ‘pours’. As we live out our remaining time in whatever version of the illusions, may we cope in GRACE. It is always a lesson to me to have to ask for help…


    PS: 🙂 baby is still screeching like a combo pirate/banshee or maybe a cat with it's tail caught in a gate – seems to be mostly for her own entertainment at this time-period or way too precocious boredom. 😀

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    1. Kg I’m so happy for your changing circumstances. A Grace filled walk for each of us – I’ll join you in that intention. And a constant pour is my intention for you – whenever you need to tap into it. Love from my heart to yours. Angela

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      1. @Angela, I’m sooo glad you were moved to send that extra light and others sending was open ended -not that long after I posted my comments yesterday, my daughter was having a really good, happy time with the baby and things were going better – THEN she tripped while holding the baby, managed not to go down, but got upset at what she tripped on and threw it (this was just about exactly when a fine thin white line was on the Schumann, between 2 & 3 on yesterdays, I noticed after) in one of those nightmarish event episodes the object ricocheted off something and hit the baby’s side/crown/forehead scaring (not scaring) her AND her mom filling her with guilt and triggering a belief that I’m sure more than one of us holds subconsciously – that we can’t be happy – if we’re happy something bad will happen – – LOOK OUT for that one, it’s insidious…
        Everything is ok – took a while for things to settle – I go into super calm mode – maybe because I had to with my early abuse experience, but it comes in handy when others are super emotional – both my daughter and her husband are somewhere on the spectrum- high-ish functional side with extra AD ADHD stuff thrown in (and my daughter not being able to forget anything, it’s all as fresh as just happened – all memories – challenging for all – then have Autistic children, too – why do we choose these super challenging lives?? Oh yeah, we forget what it’s like here – “I’ll just throw in a bit of this and that” – then there’s others free will (and ours) that goes into things after we’re in our interacting modes…

        ‘Sigh* such fun…
        much love, Angela

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  23. I have felt my vibration diminish over the last two days and despite 3 meditations (I participated in Lorie Ladd’s 11/11 yesterday). Overnight, I dreamt of the need of planning my own funeral, what songs do I want played, where to have my ashes spread, etc. And now, the depths of DESPAIR. Are any other empaths out there feeling the same? I don’t know if I’m picking up on the feelings of the Collective or if I’m just wigging out. I don’t want to have to go back on anti-depressants, having spent 20+ years of my life “coping” by using Prozac–I weaned myself off 5 yrs ago. I would appreciate any insights and, if you have 30 seconds to spare, any Light pours sent in my direction. ❤ Please. ❤ ❤

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    1. Lauraksmi. I’m convinced we are picking up on the currently very strong emotions of the collective. How can we not as we are all one being. I’ve felt it as tension in my jaw for the last week and have to keep consciously trying to relax it. There’s a background tension that I know isn’t mine.
      I sometimes state thank you for giving me this opportunity of sharing others feelings, I have learned from this and now move on, to leave others to process their own emotions. A polite way of saying I’ve had enough now let others take responsibility for themselves! Before my jaw muscles seize up.
      By the way I wonder if the funeral dream is related to you tieing up loose ends before going to NE. Have a big hug and love from me.💖🌈💖😘

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      1. I’ve feel others energy in My neck. The same stress I felt when I would do a tax return(self imposed robbery). So, I quit! Peace.

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        1. Me too! How odd To feel it in the neck. 😆 I had to do a bit of yoga stretch to shift it. I may have to try and do more yoga to shift this all out of the body.

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    2. Sending Light pours lauraksmi, and Love to hold you steady. You’ve got this. You are not who you were. No fear. Fear stops it in you. Let it go through and away. Love, Angela

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    3. Big upgrades to You, w/Loving Light sprinkling down from AA Raphael. Remember Source! Peace.

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      1. Thank you to Newlynn, Angela C and Christopher Schneider for your kind words of support and the others who sent your Love and Light. I am starting to feel better already. ❤ ❤ ❤
        I do sense that something is about to happen regarding the election. Cats et al, any updates?

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        1. I also had a really rough time yesterday, lauraksmi! You were not alone! Everything went dark for me! Had to use all my coping mechanisms to make it through the day! I don’t get days like that very often. Felt like another episode of cleaning out the past and accumulated negativity to me. I did tons of journaling, blurting out all the negative stuff, almost like purging, ‘vomiting’ it out on the page, just to get it out and get rid of it! Kids had a hard time as well! By the evening I was feeling better, and much better again this morning! Back to being giddy 😁😘

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  24. @CATs,

    Do you have an account on Gab or Parler where we can gather online if the PTW really go into panic mode and shut down this blog and more “popular” venues such as Twatter?

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    1. If You have Brave(search engine), You will have very few issues. Knowing All Is/Will be perfect, does the trick. Peace.

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  25. Here’s today’s comment for your enjoyment. Har! (Actually the comment goes thusly) I just came in from the garden after staggering around out there doing fiddly bits. I have been watching and being in this wondrous, moist air mass and experiencing the gradual change from partly cloudy to full on November rain. It’s always fun to watch it rolling in off the coast and stealthily coming up the valley. By my highly trained powers of observation, I have determined that the snow level is about 2000 feet currently. Winter storm warnings are out for the mountains for 12/24 inches of snow above 2000-2500 feet. We here on the valley floor will probably get 6-10 inches of rain in the next 10 or so days. Me likes the rain!!! (Probably just as well since we average 91 inches here at the farm.) Well, enough for today’s always interesting (for me perhaps) travelogue for the farm in the PNW. Cheers <J

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  26. Like to share this pice of music, gave me strength through a lot of years, reminds me of old family bounds…

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    1. I loved hearing this! There is a large Latvian community here in my small city. My youngest son’s best friend growing up spoke Latvian at home and we attended events at their church several times, saw the native costumes and heard the music. They are still a very vibrant community. 🙂

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  27. Those in the 3D will experience the darkness event whereas those that are moving toward the 4D look to have three days of light (complete and total yin yang effect). The light will be a bright sun and things will feel nourished and full of health.

    I see three days of darkness in the 3D a little differently. It doesn’t look like a complete blackout by the sun, but rather three days of disconnection. No internet, no electric and depending on where you live, no water. This is due to a major energetic shift at the split, and creates an EMP type of effect from the sun.


    This 3 days of darkness seems very connected to Lynn’s previous Patreon reading this morning on the man who entered the Lemurian city Telos near Mt. Shasta and was told December 22 this year will mark a polar shift that will also be a shift in dimensional consciousness. This was a very important read by Lynn and both these soon to occur events (maybe they’re the same) help explain the chaos/panic we see in Politics as the old guard tries to cling to power during a Life changing Tsunami event they have no absolutely control over.

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    1. @Interesting…

      @CAT’s could you confirm that it is could be a possibility?
      Better to be prepared…
      Also, deep inside I feel like it will not happen in this scenario…


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  28. I have one positive story to tell, I hope that it will sound positive ans uplifting as intended 😉

    Maybe a month ago I had a chipped tooth in bottom part off the jaw, it was chipped from outside, nothing structurally alarming, and I am very lazy to go to the dentist, and I do not take a good care for my teeth, so they are not in a good shape all together. Here in Croatia we all have a free health care, there is option to pay extra 11€ to cover really everything, and the dentist are actually in a basic health care, so free. The problem is not the doctors or the equipment, the problem are the waiting list, it can be a month wait sometimes, then I had ti go to my friend who have a private dentist office, he always charge me less the usual, but still, as now unemployed person, I would rather have a free service if possible.

    This was a long intro, anyway, in the mind time I read somewhere that a lot off situations in our life occur to gather new experience on a soul level, soo sometimes visit to a dentist office is not just to fix a tooth, you can even argue that tooth broke just to meet a new person, to share yours energies and thoughts.

    As I never meet my new dentist, as my old one retired some time ago, I was contemplating that this broken tooth is a message from my guides as a push to go and meet a new dentist for some reason. Even I started to think that maybe the case, I was reluctant to go, and off course, maybe a week ago there was a crack in upper tooth, No2, just next to the middle one, and I just knew it would not ended well, and off course as I was thinking to now really go to see that new dentist, two days ago, 1/3 off that tooth broke off, and now there was no other way then go to see that new dentist. I was actually telling my guides, OK, OK, I get it, I am going to meet this person as You are pushing me to do it, there are no coincidences in a life, for some time I am aware off that, there are only opportunities for a new experience.

    Her office was inside medical facility near by, 10min walk, but before entering the building I had to put the mask on as it is mandatory by law. I went to the upper floor just to see her door open and one lady with a young child coming out off her office. One thing which immediately brought a smile on my face was that she (my dentist) did not wear a mask or a visor, and she was good looking one, which was the Plus 😎, she asked me about my problem, I told her, but as they have vacation scheduled for the end off the year, and some mini vacation next week, they are really full for whole year, and first available appointment could be the next year, I was like, what…. ?!

    But then she looked at her watch and told me, OK let’s do it, I have a 15min free until the next patient, during her work on my teeth she was not wearing a mask or a visor, and even she was joking with her about the whole Covid situation….

    So much synchronicity were in this case, the moment to visit her, just at the right time that she had that 15min window, her state off mind about Covid…., no coincidences there, never is, never was ✨

    Everything turned out well, she was a nice looking lady, I got a tooth job done unexpectedly that same day, she was obviously awake individual, not caring about fake virus, all in all, that visit to a dentist was not just to repair my tooth, but a much more, I think that broken tooth was just an excuse from my guides to go and meet a new uplifting person, even if she was a dentist 😁

    Perica ✨

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    1. Very cool Perica, good for you listening to yourself! I always dread going to the dentist just for checkups, and actually for the first time in years, the other day I had one and no issues, that was amazing. My also new dentist’s tooth cleaner turned out to be very awake and a T fan, nice surprise also. Guess we just have to be brave and good things arrive right?
      I have to take my old dog to the vet Monday, he has a huge fatty tumor on his leg that makes walking difficult and it’s getting worse – and he’s a big boy. Can’t let him come upstairs at night with me anymore, not sure who hates that more, me or him. Scared to think what I might have to do in the near future, as I don’t want him to suffer but he actually growled at me hard when I asked him if he wanted me to let him go! He’s so intuitive with me I just hope I don’t let him down. Please send your lovelight to my big beautiful velvety Rascalboo if you feel so inclined, he’s a lovebug!

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  29. Happy Friday 13th ALL ❤️

    Interesting info on Friday 13th considered unlucky in patriarchal society but is actually a very powerful divine feminine number/day. Something of course the PTW would want to suppress and did!

    Much Love & Light ❤️🌟🙏🌟❤️

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  30. They really are going for it today with their ‘spraying’. Is today’s date significant for them? I’m guessing so although it absolutely astounds me that they think they can stop Source?!!!

    Crikey oh Riley!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  31. Ive been feeling a building sense of anticipation for a while now, but this past few weeks a feeling of exhaustion, inability to concentrate, vague nausea, over emotional ness … needing to breath deeply.. I just want the tension to break now.. And the waiting sensation to be over. I’m stocking up again on supplies tomorrow and battening down the hatches. Chickens are laying eggs and we have some veggies in the garden. Hang in there America ❤️

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  32. The results of SOURCE and y’all is filtering in – the man that we helped in past stopped by today – he’s working for the first time in yrs right now and heard we were in trouble and stopped by with a bit of help – the lady next door that my daughter has helped in past chipped in, too, A Mothers’ aid group has found that they can pay our rent this month – the WHOLE thing . Yay!- we pay the max here because of our family make up, somewhere 3 times what others are paying – the joys of HUD housing. Takes just about my whole SS check – which is gone this month for other things. Food has been tight, I think I know all shapes of pasta now, lol. There was a ‘take me’ bag of different things by our mailbox yesterday – health enthusiasts would frown on contents – I don’t – it fills stomachs and when shared with Brother J it’s all good atoms for our use – that’s all the good news right now, besides being alive and being able to communicate still with you all and all the CATs etc…

    love to all,


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    1. Kg, you will never know hardship again, soon.

      Sorry you’re struggling, you don’t deserve to. At least goodness is finding its way to your home, that is a very positive sign! Sending you a big hug ❤


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  33. Looked at sky earlier bcause of all the sky ‘striping comments – variably cloudy, no stripes – haven’t been that kind of activity hereabouts much last 4?-ish yrs – maybe people planting crystal things in area – I heard rumors of something like that last few years*shrug?*
    Our city’s motto, made a long time ago, is ‘A city different’ … yup! and a capital, too – extra yup…
    Anyway, for some reason looking up at the sky made my vast dizziness sooo much worse – pulled my turtle head back into my darkened room…

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