Anomalies, etc. 11-5 to 11-6-20 ~ [UPDATE3]

Some jump/anomalies… maybe.

But First…

Again, an important note from the M’s: 

Anchoring the frequency of a new reality is not exactly what you are doing by being the calm chewy STP center at this stage — it’s more a choosing. THIS is the time to choose the SOURCE timeline over the Justice timeline in meditation... unless you want to experience the Justice timeline. (We’re pretty sure that BOTH timelines go to the ReBOOT, but one is just a lot bumpier than the other.)

And yes, SOURCE is on all timelines. SOURCE is inside you. SOURCE is all around you. SOURCE is in your popcorn (psst, there is no popcorn). But what do you want to experience? It’s the Free-Will Express. You are currently smack dab in the middle of a NE choosing point. So, go into meditation/prayer and CHOOSE.

Jump Anomalies

13 is midnight PST.

Look at this series:

And a few more anomalies:


Look at this last-minute pre-Halloween ET war/drive-in rush (what ~AM calls a “car wash”):

Be sure to keep an eye on the skies at night. There are currently more ETs out and about right now than at any other time in our long history. You should be able to see all kinds of craft during the “ET magic-hour window” of 9-11pm, wherever you are on the globe. We saw four different craft in four minutes last night just looking through our windows. (NOTE: If you’re going to be outdoors, be sure to G+P+C really well, and keep your wits about you.)

“Hey… I only had one head yesterday…”


We’re a little confused at the moment. The timeline jumps/anomalies are only being felt by some people; not everyone is experiencing what’s happening, and with so many meters down or showing another timeline (we’re experiencing two main ones simultaneously) we don’t know anything for sure. Perhaps this is more of an escalator than a jump? We’ll see.

FYI: In meditations last night, many CATs saw themselves “zip out” of their old skin-suits (clothes and all) and then let them drop away; some even heard dates like “1634” (different dates associated with each “suit”) which could be when the CAT experienced and cataloged a specific “layer” of existence due to some past event. Then there were more lower, flatter layers removed, pancaked below the ones above it. Interesting.


Another jump oddity:


As we suspected, what we thought were timeline jumps weren’t exactly timeline jumps (which is why we added the word “anomalies”). The energy readings in this post are not so much timeline jumps as they are BLACKOUTs, to keep certain factions from seeing certain things at certain times. If that makes sense.

Here’s the latest activity:

See that thin white line at 14:30 Tomsk time?

Here it is again and again:

Muonic component.

More as we find it.

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    1. Okay, who’s cuttin’ onions in here?!!?

      @lily144, Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful story!!

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    2. Now that Was Beautiful! Thanks! What a load of feelings came thru. New pic is 5 shades of gray from 3 days back. Peace.

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  1. Everyone on my face book is celebrating the demise of the president of the US. The media smoke screen was very effective in the UK. A Powerful control mechanism. I now see why this had to happen. I pray it will be enough. It seems it can be hard to spark discernment in this fog.

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    1. Cora. I’m also in the UK. I have never been on fb or any social media, don’t watch any news and can recommend distancing yourself from it. To me from the outside it appears like an addictive drug. Meant to brainwash, control and drag your emotions this way and that. I like Lynn World, it’s insular and I’ve made it a happy place. Please try to stop worrying and create a nice little Cora World. Sending you peace and love.💖🌈💖

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    1. Ha, good one Perica – I saw that a couple weeks ago and put it up in my office – I work in a hospital research area, and it is simply BLASPHEMY to them! SCIENCE, you know! 🙂 That cat video made me cry, that poem about aging was great, all your stories here are great, I just can’t wait to meet you all! BTW is anyone else’s head ready to explode again today? I was better yesterday and had all these plans for outdoor yard work but bending over right now moving rocks doesn’t seem like fun, oh well…

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