615: Meterage, etc. ~ [UPDATE7]

BIG earth-facing CMEs inbound:

Looks like a direct hit starting around 12-9/12-10. Wake us when they finally arrive and something actually happens.



We often write thoughts on the CAT whiteboard. Here’s one CAT’s musings and an M’s answers:


Are these folks still alive?

  • 1. the queen
  • 2. “prince” philip (her Vlad the Impaler husband)
  • 3. tom hanks
  • 4. HRC


M3 reply:

  • 1. I think she is, but barely, she’s at the end of her “term” so to speak…
  • 2. No, I don’t see any image of him being here. He’s gone — and in the “white room”; he’ll be there a long time. Queenie will be in her own “white room,” soon.
  • 3. No, his brother is filling in for him. (Interesting fact, his brother actually did the voices on Toy Story and Tom Hanks took the credit.)
  • 4. She is detained somewhere.


FYI, the “white room” is a room where a (person’s) spirit is placed (after death) who either inflicted serious trauma, or experienced trauma. They are surrounded by Guides and “soul therapists” to slowly heal their (insane) minds. Some are in this room a long time, hundreds of years. In the past, many have escaped back into flesh as fast as possible, but that was back when the Soul Catcher Facility (that portals spirits to that part of Orion) was in operation, lorded over by the reptoids. That Facility is now DOWN… but the portal is still active… but that’s just a jaunt. Space and time mean nothing to spirit, as we are non-local beings having a local experience while in bodies. You can cross to “The Other Side” anywhere.


AND they mix with “the english” in stores and in town.


CME-hits might be starting:


Looks like it’s time to pick a lane again if you haven’t, or perhaps reaffirm your pick if you changed your mind…

Also, this is what a couple earth-directed CMEs looks like:

Here they are from the side:

Should be here shortly.


Well this is disturbing:

(NOTE: The above is an image.)

FYI, after the fire propagation scenarios were scrapped (for now) because the PTW couldn’t get necessary cloud cover for spraying that red fire accelerant without us all seeing them do it… they’ve switched to disease propagation. THIS explains why the air streams are not being allowed to go over California (and why it’s been so sunny, as sunlight kills germs), and indeed in other places: The PTW are trying to make people sick and keep people sick and scared versus healing (there’s no money or power in healthy people). We don’t tell you this to scare you, just to inform. Positive ETs and Angels and HOBs are working 24/7 at this level (which is NOT easy for them) to keep us safe, so no worries. Still, it’s infuriating.

In other actual (CAT) news, it looks like the T case will have to go to Congress where he will be re-elected President (the House votes that one), and… one of the generals (?) will be elected (by the Senate) as VP; one of those who said “Release the Kraken” will be VP.

And one of the M’s dreamt about a massive graduation event (in a huge building that probably represented the earth)… but we didn’t see the actual ceremony. We were waiting in vehicles in the parking lot, getting ready to bus people here and there to their various timelines and destinations. The first grads out the door were dressed all in purple with purple hats…


FYI, the PTW are officially spraying again, with worse things than before, but don’t fret. However, Guides made a point of telling us something before this started up again. They suggested asking Brother J to enjoy whatever it is you’re experiencing with him (drinking, eating, breathing, etc.) but, to underline it, add: “Brother J, please make [whatever it is] Clean, Healthy, and Pure.” CHP. When you’re feeling more expansive, you could try doing that to your house, your town, your hemisphere…


Considering you have SOURCE within (as an Extension of SOURCE), you have huge power at your fingertips to affect your immediate environment — or anywhere. Anything you can see or experience you can influence. You don’t even have to see it, just think about it. It’s just another light-pour technique, if you think about it.


Good grief. We meditated on this CHP thing and spread it here and there for a little while and… blue skies. That was the fastest yet.

265 thoughts on “615: Meterage, etc. ~ [UPDATE7]

  1. Lately I had problem to meditate, either I would fall asleep or would not feel much during meditation, which also was short ones… Like I was in a some kind off limbo, and few days ago I felt like all is done, to relax and wait, my meditation improved, I would felt rejuvenated after it, as in the past, I am again thirsty and again drinking a lot off water, I am again seeing colors around me as more vivid, more saturated, my dreams are lucid again, more vivid, I sleep more, soo all in all, things are better and as I was going through some necessary waiting period, some preparation, maybe a learning period…. Now I am rumbling, better to stop if it was not already late for that 😁

    Perica ✨

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  2. Oooh, ooh, ooooh! I just looked out the window at the most beautiful sunrise I’ve seen. The sky is the most beautiful pink,peach color imaginable. What a blessing to see. It has now subsided, but was a brief glimpse of glory. I think we’re gettin’ their ALL!

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  3. I just remembered, I had a Graduation dream a few months back! I was sitting in the front row. With w couple of friends i talk to anymore. I thought that was odd.

    But it’s good to know I’m graduating! 🎓🎓🎓🎓

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  4. I have been using the energy pours to continually pour on the fridges with the vaccines in and have been putting energy bubbles round the place they have been giving them, I know in the scheme of things it’s just a dream but I feel this re-enforces who I am as a being of source.

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  5. Went outside looked in the sky and again saw silver sparkles everywhere, so beautiful.
    Learned a new technique sending my consciousness out sending love bubbles to people and seeing and experiencing the results. Sent to a particular person I was meeting who I hadn’t seen in awhile and was unsure of my reception, (it was really wonderful), to myself in the future , to places I need to go. I am having fun with this and enjoying myself immensely 🎶💞💖

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  6. They’re spraying Pixie dust in the sky, to heal All. You must send Love/Forgiveness to all those that lack Light. Light pours for All, on The House! Peac3.

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  7. dear CAT’s
    Today is a strange day
    I had together with my husband the session with Edina via skype.

    I asked her if she can tell her guides that my meditation is not really good and that I have not contact to the higher beings
    Edina told me that their guides are telling, I have fear that my husband die before me, and I will stay alone. Then I answered that I have no fear to stay alone, cause I am independent and have allready lost my former husband, that I am more affraid to leave my husband alone…. ascending for example would be this: leaving my husband alone.

    Edina told me, to achieve the connection to God, my husband is in the way and I really get upset.

    Please can you tell me cat’s what all of this means
    I will not follow the advices of this woman, she can be wrong with her guides
    and isn’t it much better to listen to my own heart and brother J ??

    plead Cat’s give me an answer

    Love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. I don’t think you’re going to find that answer, or any other answers really, outside.

      Trust what you know, it’s all that matters.


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    2. thank you for the answer Sifoo

      I am still waiting for something from the Cat’s
      I am much more in harmony today…. and yes this was my thought: to trust in myself
      I have to find all in myself!

      PLEASE CAT’S: can you check this lady out please?

      Edina Koszma

      she is in contact with very high light beings that also lived on earth in Antarctica long time ago.
      Edina lived two years in Antarctica (Patagonia Chile) to channel this beings. She works with pendulum and various list where she is pendeling over…

      I am definitly out of this since yesterday, but she is in contact with other menbers of my familly, she also told my husbands daughter in California, to leave the place (Santa Cruz) ,because it is not safe there anymore and she need land for growing her on vegetables.

      thank you for any answer….

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      1. Sorry, we can’t connect to anything in this regard with her, but… maybe she can see something that we can’t pick up on?

        As far as we know, no light beings have resided anywhere on the earth before. They don’t need to, as they can pop in here at any time either via the portal system or just by thinking about it. If they were to come for any period of time they’d bring a ship. [Like the Star of Bethlehem… which isn’t her real name; we don’t really speak light language — though someone just said, “Yes, you do.” Anyway, ~AM has since renamed her; she was gifted… sorry, LOANED to him.] The earth was formerly known as a low-vibe destination, so light beings would not have created cities or a even a base here.

        A whole squad of our Guides are the light beings who helped Mary and Brother J during their entry, life, and subsequent exits from earth (though Mary is still here, having reincarnated in Africa to help; it would be fun to meet her), so we know of what we speak.


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        1. dear Cat 6

          ****As far as we know, no light beings have resided anywhere on the earth before. ****

          thank you so much, this was the answer, I was waiting for! For this reason I mentioned Antarctica and Antarctica sounds for me more about the watchers, Annunaki etc.

          So your answer was very helpfull, that gave me the assurance of what I already suspected. Yesterday I still was thinking on this meeting with Edina and that she told, she will open the stargates and she need our permission.
          So I sent Edina to source after this memory of mine with the cat’s mantra…. I saw her returning to the light. I saw a web that was woven around me and was pushed away in direction of Edina in a vortex of light. The web was not dark, more golden.

          I did the same with my familly members, burning the web wit a sacred fame and send it to the light vortex.

          Love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️


  8. The BS from the top doesn’t bother me much any more, they’re Dodo, just didn’t get the memo yet.

    What does bother me a tiny bit is how little it took to get seemingly intelligent and aware people around me to switch to full drone mode.

    It comes down to a deep love of humanity; our empathy, creativity, kindness & courage. Watching us giving it all away in the name of fear and security is painful.

    And there seems to be nothing I can do about it except to watch it unfold, questioning the official narrative is not helpful at this point.

    I can see a breaking point coming up around the corner, where the polarization completes; and I think the vaccination might be part of the trigger.


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    1. “What does bother me a tiny bit is how little it took to get seemingly intelligent and aware people around me to switch to full drone mode.”

      Some of the smartest people in the planet are also some of the most stupid.

      I had my comments banned (not downvoted, just banned which means it’s a moderator action) for criticizing YouTube’s official censorship policy regarding the election. This was on a popular hacker forum where top techies congregate and average salaries are $300k/year+

      Apparently the smartest love “science” but forgot the part where hypotheses need to be tested and went straight to the “trust the authorities” part. Or equally as likely, their salary depends on suppressing the truth in technology, science, medicine, or law.

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  9. Today is a far cry from yesterday ❤️

    Thank you CATs and Everyone here 🙏

    Still exhausted but somehow made a little blissful bubble today. Being reminded how strong we ALL are (thank you again CATs!) was needed. We can go into fear and be on ‘that’ timeline or we can be consciously and positively creative and take that power and use it to assist not only ourselves but those around us, CHPing the sky helps everyone, I will CHP the water, the land too!

    Elsie has been so funny the last few days. She comes and sits next to me and turns away, nods her head a few times and then turns back to face me and says (right in my face) with a huge grin “HEWWWOW” and starts laughing. I have to then say Hello back to her before she repeats the same routine but this time says “BUBEEEEYYYYEEEE, WOWWWWWWWW!”

    We are also getting a hamster, I cannot think of anything about a hamster that could upset Elsie: sleeps all day, is quiet and will not invade her space. And, I get to talk to a little furry friend every night about anything and everything!

    lots of Love, Light, Fun, Joy, Health and Creativity to ALL 🙏❤️🌈❤️🙏

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  10. I feel like I’ve been getting an MRI all day – the whomping in my head really sucks and I’ve got a horrible pain in my heel. And the virus talk is driving me bonkers. It’s unbelievable the number of people getting tested “just because”. And what’s really interesting, to me, is that close friends and acquaintances whom I deemed intelligent, including some into crystals and yoga and new-agey-type things have really fallen for this virus fear hook, line & sinker!!
    However, when I got home, I limped along on a walk with my cat and dog. Out of nowhere my cat flattens herself and ears go back. I then notice a flock of what appears to be a 100 cranes quietly approaching, very low. They flew right over us, only maybe 50 feet above. It was breathtaking. And then they flew in a beautiful wave right into the swamp. It was in that moment I was reminded of why I am here – the incredible nature of this planet.

    I am very new to this site but I can feel that all of us here are very important to making this shift happen. We are here because we’re up to the task. We have the ability to do it. We’ve just got to hold our Light and trust in Source. 💖

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      1. Yes, they were.
        It was amazing how quiet they were – usually you can hear such a large flock coming at you, but these you could only hear their flapping when they were directly overhead.

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    1. Yes, had the head pressure, yet My Muggle’s loud pop/country music did not help. Lots of cold water, holding a kitten in Joy on a lower level seems to be working. Peac3.

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  11. The day progressed beautifully. (With a few hiccups, of course) Plants got serenely planted, grading was done with great joy, being in the garden is so soul-satisfying. As I laid down for my nap I could literally feel waves of love and that intangible light emanating from my body. Did anyone pick up on it? Just askin’ It felt remarkably powerful. (It’s effortless, IT just flows. I highly recommend IT ) Cheers <J

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    1. I wish I was you right now. Obviously not what I signed up for though. An easy life was not on my list for this life time. I hope I’m doing ok. Thanks for shining and bringing peace and calm from your little corner of the world x x

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  12. Oh, now this is too much! Chinese flight attendants in diapers so they don’t have to go into the bathrooms on flights?

    OK, where is it? The camera – where is it? This IS the new Cosmic Candid Camera, right? And Allen Funt is gonna walk in any second, right? With Roger Rabbit . . . LMAO!

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  13. Dears Cats,
    the vaccine issue concerns us all and it is something that is a possibility in our near future.
    In Spain they want to start vaccinating in January, luckily it will not be mandatory.
    My close family, father, mother, brother and husband, are convinced not to get vaccinated, without my having to tell them anything. But I know a lot of people who are totally innocent and trustingly willing to put it on. I have already said here that unless you ask me, I do not feel that my mission is to “evangelize” anyone on these issues, but to share my knowledge on health and prevention issues.
    Therefore, if you allow me, I would like to share the homeopathic protocols of Doctors Bajneri for vaccines and excess medication.
    I have to say that thanks to his protocol for uterine fibroids, mine practically disappeared, avoiding the “carnage” that medicine practices in the uterus of women in my situation.
    I share below. Let’s avoid the vaccine, but if for some reason we or someone we want to help gives it, let’s be prepared.
    I have already ordered the homeopathic doses, in case at some point there is a shortage because they prohibit it, which has happened at some time.

    After giving the vaccine, administer Thuya 30CH one dose 2 times / week for 3 weeks.

    If you have been vaccinated a long time ago, administer: Thuya 30 CH 2 times / day and Calcarea phosphorica 3X, 3 to 4 times / day.

    When the person comes to the consultation for the first time and is polyvaccinated, they are cleaned with a dose of Thuya 30 CH, a single dose.

    Thuya 30CH 2 times / day + Calcarea phosphorica 3X 2 times / day. They will be administered for 6 months. If it does not improve, the Thuya is replaced by Aethusa 200CH 2 times / week. Aethusa helps in mental retardation.

    It is also advisable to supplement with a dose of Camphora 200CH to eliminate the effects of previous medications, (not just vaccines).

    And another important thing, these homeopathic products cost between one and two euros, which is very, very cheap … which of course does not interest pharmaceuticals.


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    1. Hi Cristina,
      I just want to make you know that different homeopaths have also different opinions.
      Personally I think that some people with no good intetions in mind, infiltrate in homeopathic field and made confusion.
      I can also tell you that the cure that came (from India) with the beginning of the C-19 was wrong (that cure had caused some “collateral effect” like diarrhea and other things that should not came out).
      I personally follow Unicist hahnemanian homeopathy philosophy – that one that came from Samuel Hahnemann, the first doctor who brought this kind of treatment.
      It’s even easier ☺️.
      I wish I helped someone.
      Big Hug to you All.

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      1. Dear AeS,
        Homeopathy is a universe, very different currents and even conflicting opinions.
        I do not pretend to defend some positions against others. I only share, with the best of wills, what I have experienced directly, in myself and in the people around me.
        From my experience, and for me, the protocols of these Drs. they have always given excellent results. I met them at conferences in Spain where they gave their protocols for free. With this I do not mean that the protocols of other streams do not work, it is not my intention. I only speak of what I know and with the best of intentions. I guess like you do. I also have to say that these are long before the appearance of Covid. I was aware of them in 2008, but they are older and they are also being expanded and updated.

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        1. Hi Cristina,
          I do 🙏
          I did not want to be arrogant.
          The ways of Love are infinite 🌈, so we are.
          Light and Peace to you,

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          1. Oh don’t apologize!! I wasn’t offended by your comment. 😉
            It is enriching to open lines of discussion like this one. It would be interesting to be able to discuss this face to face. But by this means the context of the conversation can be lost and misunderstandings may arise.

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  14. Piggybacking on the Update 6 and with the sentence: “Considering you have SOURCE within (as an Extension of SOURCE), you have huge power at your fingertips to affect your immediate environment — or anywhere.”

    For anyone that’s called into metaphysical action, I also suggest doing the Metaphysical “Assignments” laid out on this site (in addition to dealing with the “spraying” going on and any other immediate physical and nonphysical issues you may have on your immediate surroundings, residence or country):


    There are also lots of Archangelic and Deity Weapons and Tools available to be borrowed listed there for the current “Day” (which is equivalent to 144 hours in 3D time setting) to help you do the assignments or even just to aid in meditation or to aid you in your own personal metaphysical workings to metaphysically affect and solve any problems concerning your immediate surroundings or even country.

    Feel free to also read the news updates on that site as well.

    As for doing the Metaphysical workings, it’s not really that difficult if you utilize what I call ; virtually all metaphysical-type of workings can be done sitting/lying down in a meditative state and any other props are not really required (some may help or boost various effects, but not at all required) and only really required FOCUSED and PURE:

    -Imagination (a.k.a. Visualization) and/OR the ability to recall, remember or identify information e.g. a color, shape, word, tactile sensations (as an alternative for people with Aphantasia who can’t/find it difficult to “Imagine”/”Visualize”)
    -Tactile Energetic Feelings: e.g., the “goosebumps” when you’re “spiritually inspired”, for example through mediums such as certain beautiful/powerful music (e.g. the “Epic Music” genre–can be accessed on YouTube, and other such soundtracks/songs), or a beautiful/powerful scene in a movie/show for example, and so on
    -Creativity/innovativeness on using/wielding one’s skills, techniques and tools: e.g. making a technique truly your own by adding one’s own “spin” to it and not just limiting oneself from pre-established patterns presented by other people because metaphysical techniques and tools are very malleable–one’s imagination/creativity and focus are the limits, to mention a few
    -BELIEF–Conviction, without a shadow of a doubt

    >>Focus all of those or a combination of those and you can begin working metaphysically, be it manifestation, healing, self-defense and so on.

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    1. Just don’t forget that you are all more powerful than you were led to believe; your core have millions or more experience and mastery over many, many metaphysical and spiritual arts.

      You are not your Physical Body–“Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter”, so if something is happening to your immediate area or country (such as this spraying incident), don’t think for a second that you “can’t do anything”–you can.

      While we can’t do much on the “Physical” sense since we mostly need lots of physical money, fame and influence for that; all of us can do something “Metaphysically” and consciously affect, intervene and even solve these problems plaguing this world, so never give in to fear and powerlessness, because you ARE powerful.

      For example: having problems with these goddamn planes spraying your skies with diseases? Utilize “The Fundamentals” I listed and go into a meditative state and together, envision yourselves striking these planes with massive metaphysical swords or other weaponries or even metaphysical lightning strikes with the intent of short-circuiting the planes or even outright destroying them so the enemies can no longer use them.

      This same method of disabling enemy weaponry has been the theme of previous Archangelic Calendar assignments as well when we were consciously targeting CCP weaponries; so the same modalities should work in this case as well.

      Your/our enemies are giving it their all to bring us down in accordance to their role that they are faithfully fulfilling–it will be a disservice to give them any less than your best by sitting around and cowering in fear because of reasons like “oh the government’s gonna force this and that”: no, you HAVE the power to change, prevent and affect these; all you need is a pure and concentrated intent (and basically, “The Fundamentals” I talked about).

      Don’t wait for someone else to fight your battles for you; this is OUR fight, everyone can participate in one way or another, and we can damn well do something through Metaphysical means; that’s where our true power is in this Grand Play.

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      1. No no no. Do not use force. That lowers your vibration, as does anger. (Trust us, we know this one well.) To cleanse things, like the air after chemtrails, use the CHP protocol (Clean, Healthy, and Pure). We’ll detail it in its own post.

        Defensive fighting is ok if you are openly attacked; this passive-aggressive thing the PTW uses can be defeated in less in-your-face ways. With Great Power…

        < CAT Eds.

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        1. Oh definitely; striking your opponent with anger/hate and all the negative emotions and thoughts in your heart in mind in a martial arts combat setting will definitely lower your vibration.

          But I found out from experience that striking them down while having a clear, calm and pure mind and heart with no unnecessary and destructive emotions doesn’t really lower your vibration: you are stopping someone from committing an entropic act through force in this sense as an act of self-defense and protection of people you care about.

          Hence I often emphasize when I teach people Metaphysical Self-defense to have their heart and minds as clear and still as a serene lake–the Kendo/Kenjutsu concept of Meikyo-Shisui or “Clear Mirror; Still Water” while having no anger, hate, fear and other negative emotions and thoughts in their heart and minds when they fight because if they do, that will only lower their vibration–George Lucas was onto something in his Star Wars films.

          All of these is just an illusion: “Form is Emptiness and Emptiness is Form”–and there are many paths to the top of the same mountain. Stopping an “aspect” of you (which are these so-called “enemies” or “PTW”) from making a mistake has several methods, one of which is talking to them, but if that doesn’t work, sometimes it’s necessary to give them a much more forceful “wakeup call”.

          I view these “enemies” and “PTW” as a sort of “damaged limb”; you have various options to cure it: one is to heal it (e.g. through talking it out, or through using your CHP method/not-so-in-your-face methods), and another is cutting it off then healing it (through the power of Infinitely Expanding Creator Source) and “reattaching” it back again.

          However, “cutting it off” while having negative emotions and thoughts in your heart and mind will only leave it in a “cut-off” state, without any opportunity to heal.

          A true swordsman uses their sword to not only take life, but also to give life. And that means fighting without negative emotions and thoughts in your heart and mind.

          Well I suppose I should have included that in my first few posts–a mistake I made since the “Meikyo-Shisui” part was in a different section of the Metaphysical Self-defense lessons in my Notepad files so I only get to copy-paste that one section.

          In either case, we definitely have our differences in perspective, and annoying your opponents through “less in-your-face ways” -may- get the message across… I apologize for my perspective but the way I see it, however, it’s like putting bandaid on a wound that will keep on bleeding unless you suture it.

          In another angle, I only said to target the weaponry, NOT the living organisms piloting it, and it can be done while the planes are docked and have no one in them, so the next time they try to operate it, it won’t even run anymore.

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            1. Oh, all is well. I’ll really just chalk it all up on the differences on perspectives really–different people, different angle of looking at things.

              Granted my “warrior/samurai mindset” somehow doesn’t mix well with folks who are all “love and light” as proven by an experience I had last year on a certain “magick academy” Discord Chat group full of, unfortunately, dabbling kids/teenagers with obvious unstable/poorly managed psychological problems (LOL) which is just a complete disaster if they are even thinking about getting serious on Magickal/Occult practices and studies.

              I got kicked out without warning the moment I brought up Metaphysical Self-defense, combat, sparring WHILE not having one’s emotions and thoughts be clouded by anger, hate, fear and other negative stuff.

              It’s like, I got shunned and pinned as a bad person poisoning their students’ minds; and maybe it’s just me but I just can’t seem to understand their mindset of fearing “Destruction” and shunning it away when both Creation and Destruction are just part and parcel of Balance and of the whole of existence and that both are necessary…

              But anyway, backstory aside, I wouldn’t mind trying to find a common ground with folks that has different perspectives than mine as long as they are also sufficiently open minded and reasonable enough: Coexistence, Balance and Harmony despite perceived distance and differences are one of the things I’m fighting/advocating for anyway.

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  15. So the names of the products are:

    Thuya Occidentalis 30CH
    Calcium Phosphate
    Aethusa Cynapium Dilution 200 CH


    If so, thank you very much. this will help. Though seems to be difficult to come by in Switzerland at least.

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    1. That´s Mycale :
      Thuya Occidentalis 30CH
      Calcarea phosphorica 3X
      Aethusa 200CH only necessary if the vaccine causes encephalitis or mental retardation.
      In Switzerland I don’t know, but in Spain amazon has it, although I buy it in a Spanish online pharmacy, and I have also bought it in French online pharmacies.
      Normally I buy them from the Boiron house, but if it meets the standards of quality and controlled production, any brand will do.
      If you can’t find it in Europe, I sometimes buy in a US store, https://www.luckyvitamin.com/, the order takes a bit to arrive about 10-15 days, through customs, but they are very serious, professionals and at very competitive prices. I have never bought homeopathy from them, but I have seen that they have a very extensive menu of it and very good brands.
      I hope this helps you, anything else feel free to ask me. 😉

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  16. Lots of physical weirdness lately.

    Body temperature has been crazy today, one second I’m freezing the next sweating, then both at the same time.

    And my left eye keeps catching glimpses of movement in empty space and blue orb like thingies, feels friendly but will take some time getting used to.

    I’m not complaining though; I can feel the pressure building up inside those who still haven’t made their choice, who aren’t even aware of a choice yet, who are still pretending; I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.


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  17. Okay, I don’t quite know how to put this, I’ll do the best I can. I assiduously re-read the comments from top to bottom daily. I find if I don’t I miss some important stuff. This is MY personal experience, but perhaps it will help others. This blessed place that I am privileged to care-take is my touch-stone. I will once again state unequivocally that ALL IS WELL! If it were not, I would sense it. SOURCE is Always present in everything. The only way that changes is if I get crabby. (I think I may have added yet another endorsement of ACIM. Har!) Clearly we are on the cusp or this grand adventure. This space is a sublime manifestation of the internal. To be quite honest, I don’t really know how it happened, but I’m goin’ with it. cheers <J

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  18. @Sifoo
    This is so true about “the pressure building up inside those who still haven’t made their choice, who aren’t even aware of a choice yet, who are still pretending…”
    Peoples actions sometimes so strange, hard to understand.
    Some people hurting others knowingly and it is so hard to watch and experience!

    Does anyone has good tips on how to deal with all this craziness around us?
    Being empath is hard in general especially now!…. 😦

    I hope you are ALL well


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    1. Know it’s not Your energy, ignore it with grounding/breathing, a hobby/kitten or other nice Friend. Live food, and keep chugging clean water from source. You Are The Light! Peace.

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  19. I seem to be rather wordy this afternoon. I just came in after having my afternoon latte in the garden. Here’s what I saw: We had more rain last night so the air is moist I was watching the sun set over the mountain. The sky was blue with voluminous iridescent clouds with a lovely peach-pink-golden radiance. All this was seen through ethereal grey mists. The evergreen trees were silhouetted in the background seen through the bare dogwood branches. The entire scene glowed with the light being bounced off the clouds and through the mists. This scene was accompanied by a compliment of small birds quietly moving with me through the bushes. The only thing lacking was seeing the 2 fawns who reside in the garden. Awwww! Also cue the music. Cheers <J

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  20. Cats, have we settled onto the civil war timeline you discussed ? SCOTUS rejected the lawsuit by Texas and other states against the corrupt state’s elections , and the Texas GOP just put out a statement essentially implying possible secession , that “perhaps law abiding states should form their own Union that follow the Constitution” . Are we taking the hard way, where Biden appears to win and all hell breaks loose?

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        1. Well… hold the phone. The CATs who wrote that forgot that this timeline (whichever one it is) seems to have something ELSE going on. It’s hard to tell what’s going on, frankly. We’re going to have to recalibrate. I mean… today my S.O. showed me someone’s Xmas card that came in the mail — a family whose Xmas card never seems to change — and she commented on their kids, but reversed the kids’ names and demeanors. When I pointed that out she looked at me like I was crazy, then patiently explained that this one kid was always X and this one was always Y. There’s certainly nothing wrong with MY memory, so… I’m either on a totally different timeline than I was yesterday, or the timelines have collapsed and things changed… or things are getting wigglier. This is happening with other CATs, too. We’re going to take it easy for a few days and watch what happens.


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    1. All Is Well, It takes what it take to expose All of the dark. Then it’s military time/return of the Republic. No worries! Peace.

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