616: STO, STP, CHP ~ [UPDATE4]

So, this really works.

This was part of an earlier UPDATE, but it’s important enough to make it its own post. But first..

  • STO: Service to Others
  • STP: Super Terrestrial Patience
  • CHP: Clean, Healthy, and Pure

Thought we’d do a quick recap for those who mght be new to the site.


The PTW are officially spraying again, with worse things than before. However, Guides made a point of telling us something before this started up again, suggesting that besides asking Brother J to enjoy whatever it is you’re experiencing with him (drinking, eating, breathing, etc.), you should also add: “Brother J, please make [whatever it is] Clean, Healthy, and Pure [CHP].” Try it for small things: food, water, air. Then, when you’re feeling expansive, try it with the environment around your house, your neighborhood, your town, your hemisphere…

Considering you’re an Extension of SOURCE, you have huge power at your fingertips to affect your immediate environment — or anywhere you can think of. Anything you can think about, you can influence (as you’ve seen in yout “light pours”). After we tried this CHP technique on… certain things we can’t talk about… we got blue skies, whereas before there was serious chemtrail haze. (It was getting into our houses like smoke, it was so thick.) This CHP technique cleared things faster than any we’ve experienced.

Oh, crap. It made him FLUFFY.


For what it’s worth, this is a SOURCE reality anchor (those two green lines):

Right around 23:50 UTC.
You can see them here and there.

And this was interesting:

And it just started raining in CA:

And… most importantly… we discovered that this image of LLOYD Bridges from “Airplane!” (1980)…

Airplane! (1980).

…predates a similar shot in John Carpenter’s “Starman” (1982) with JEFF Bridges…

…Spooky, huh?


Rather than go back and forth on what’s happening with what timeline, we’re just going to put our trust in SOURCE. SOURCE has our greatest good in mind, and has everything under control, so… why worry? Just watch and remain calm.


We don’t know what exactly is going on (no one does), but it seems we woke up this morning on the “all hell breaks loose” timeline. Yay. Buckle up.

FYI, we know Laura W. saw the FLASH coming from within, but we also see an external wave as well; once it hits, it fills you full of light (en-lighten-ment).  The process looks amazing.

Team: one C-note + three hours. Tick tock.


Happy Beethoven’s birthday, everyone!

128 thoughts on “616: STO, STP, CHP ~ [UPDATE4]

  1. It seems they’re trying to prevent as many people as possible from ascending. Multiple vaccination campaigns are activating in a number of countries, with Europe being next after Happymas.

    This is it. We need that Reboot!

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  2. I feel a general sense of absolute chaos. It’s not my energy, so it’s out there somewhere. A general sense of pressure building and a need to keep calm and breath. I’m so thankful I can be at home for this time.

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    1. All will be fine, as the chaos grows, We feel It. Spring water seems to flush very well! Peace.

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