617: Meterage, etc. ~ [UPDATE2]

Yeah. We know.

Put simply: We don’t believe anyone anymore.

Blossom’s latest about the monoliths… sorry, but those things are fake, it’s someone’s private joke. We don’t know who Blossom is talking to or what they’re talking about, but we don’t see what they’re seeing… and that makes us not want to listen to anything else from her. No offense. (We didn’t want to say anything, but CATs had stopped saying her mantra back in July because it felt like it was a tracking thing; now, we say, “Love and Light to all” at the end of the G+P+C process.)

While Laura Whitworth’s videos are still worthwhile, we don’t watch anything/anyone else, preferring to keep our own (limited) counsel. Note that we will not allow videos in the comments sections anymore, as that same dark faction that’s been active for so long is still down there and is trying to keep the dark alive through any means necessary, using some group (of 50) on the surface to broadcast… and it’s leaking into lots of unicorns. Watch that stuff if you want, it’s your choice, but not here. Meanwhile, the MSM chose today to crank up their “hope has arrived” crap about their slow-death shot. No, thanks.

Anyway, meterage. Meters either look either blank, or inexplicable… but, as you will see, the “KNOCK” is back:

This is what we call “knock knock” in the VLF spectrum. It’s rare that it’s affecting this meter so dramatically.

KNOCK has so far mostly been detectable closer to Portal One inside the sun, thus:

This is what “knock” usu. looks like, a timed pulse from Portal One in the sun… only now it’s in ALL the portals, locally. (That’s that feeling you’ve been getting in your gut.) And yes, that’s a CME at the end. We’d track it, but… why?

KNOCK has been in Italian meters for a while:

Note the crenelation in the (green) Geophone signal.
Note the indigo spikes.

Whatever is coming is getting closer — closer than it’s ever been. The fact that we’re getting KNOCK in fairly UNsensitive meters is telling.

Anyway, yeah. We might be a little down this morning, given the state of things… everywhere… but in our (blah) eclipse/new moon meditation this morning… we all heard this theme (some had heard it a day or two before, but not mentioned it):

Considering the state of things, we’re going to hang our hats on that, at least till the solstice. YES, this is all Illusion, but we’re still sitting in the middle of a movie we’d rather avoid, thank you.

And ok, we also hear this sometimes, too:

In the meantime…


The KNOCK finally broke:


Oh no…

Crap. Here is comes. Note the sun sprouting legs and trying to get away.

…a gynormous SPACE SQUID has exited the sun and is heading to earth! It is coming to EAT all those who have been bad over the past year; the chomping sounds should be epic, but… it’s a messy eater so you might want to avert your eyes. And for SOURCE’S sake, DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THE SPACE SQUID. That’s what it wants you to do. Yes, we’re kidding. Like Justice, the SPACE SQUID has no sense of humor.

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  1. “loose gravel” ???? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA – I’ve given up following everything now. None of it resonates, and it IS the “Christmas season” which is the perfect excuse for baking yummy treats and the cold weather brings on split pea soup and apple crisp. I’m very happy in my kitchen where the energy is always high 🙂 Love&Light to all you cats, kittens and M’s =>•.•<=  {miew}

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    1. Oh Yes! My kitchen is my sanctuary too Janie… as is my craft room. Everything I make contains a healthy dose of Love! So it’s always a good vibe in our cottage when the oven is turned on and the sewing machine is buzzing! 🙂 xxx

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    1. Me too, Angela! He looks ‘IGZACKLY’ like my beautiful Elvis, who came into my life one day and left about 3 months later, to who-knows-where. I adored him, and I felt he came to teach me about boundaries (I had some difficult neighbours at the time). He was my pussy-cat-guardian-angel for a while… I miss him so much.

      Big hugs, Jay xxx

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      1. Hi Jay, I like the name you gave him too – Elvis. Cats and Dogs are something. So much in their eyes alone.
        Love, Angela

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  2. Honestly, I haven’t trusted most of what blossom says, always smelt of hopium.
    I only get an effective meditation when deviating from her mantra.

    I think everyone is ready for the current illusion to end.

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  3. The governor of NY livestreamed the first person in his state to get vaccinated.

    Based on the race of the recipient, I got vibes of the Tuskegee Experiment. And the room felt like an execution chamber. Couldn’t they have at least picked a sunny garden or something while giving the shots, nah too much work for the PTW.

    I’ve felt that Blossom, while she has good intentions, has been channeling the wrong entities for at least a decade. They’re telling her what she wants to hear, not what is actually going on.

    Mainstream media and big tech continue to gaslight everyone into submission. Most people around me are eagerly looking to Biden to save the planet, and the shots to make everything go back to normal. Most people probably think I’m a lunatic. This illusion is whack.

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    1. I’ve often wondered if some of these channelers, like Blossom, were victims of mind control.

      The technology exists to externally manipulate the brains Limbic system.

      Voice of God Technology – been around since the early 1970’s. It began as a marketing idea. It was used in a Denver Shopping Mall for awhile. It was setup in a marketing Kiosk. As the individual walked past the kiosk it would broadcast a commercial about the product displayed in the kiosk into the persons brain. Once past the kiosk the message could not be heard, hence the name,”Voice of God”. Took it off the market immediately when they realized what they had.

      It can also send the recipient into states of bliss or rage. Explains why so many ‘crazed killers’ have that dazed look on their faces when they are booked and photographed after the murders.

      I agree with the CATS. Something has been off about most of the resources we’ve been use to relying upon. I don’t think that they are evil, but what they have to say is tainted. I’ve read them, of course, but do so more as curiosity rather than news sources.

      We are in a period now that requires to piece together the puzzle into something whole and make decisions about what to do with it. Most here already know the answer to that need.

      We are living in the most extraordinary of times, are we not?


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      1. Linda, my sentiments too, dear heart. I feel that many who feel they have to inform the masses about Planet Earth and other mysteries, are deluding themselves somewhat and as such, their need for validation and verification in itself, taints the ‘message’… Bless them, though. I don’t judge them, as it doesn’t affect me and I don’t listen to anyone but my own Inner Being, my INNATE WISDOM (and I don’t mind if it’s not as wise as anyone else’s by the way). It’s mine and it’s got me this far!

        Big hugs, lovely lady, Jay xxx

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      2. Oh yes, many channelers are compromised. I think they’re just connecting to whatever voices show up and assuming they’re forces for good.

        Some voices may have good intentions, but many are just being mischievous or looking for attention. I used to read the channeled messages from some lightworker websites and laugh about how many would say “Dear ones” or other flowery language.

        There are a few legitimate channelers around, all of whom I’ve met in person and were good enough to charge money for their services. One of them even channeled someone who diagnosed problems with my car I didn’t know about. I’ve noticed that all legitimate channelers all make it a point to have multiple layers of protection, interrogate the voices to ensure they’re whom they’re looking for, and if anything seems off tell them to leave.

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      3. Mmm… we looked at the “Voice of God” technology and that never existed. It’s a tale.

        However, Lynn at Psychic Focus today talked about dicyanin dye and THAT’S 100% true. And very cool. Some CATs can just naturally see that frequency of light. Apparently, Project Looking Glass used the same stuff, but it also needs a particular field active… and it’s also easily swamped by… The Light. We are all swimming in it right now (The Light); if you went back to 1999 and stood before your self then, your old self would see the future you GLOWING.


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        1. And if you did actually go back to have facetime with your Feb/Mar 1999 self, how would you advise that one to prepare for Y2K?

          DJ on the Radio: “Ask not if your dreams are too crazy. Ask if your dreams are crazy enough.”

          John Titor wasn’t able to ‘remediate’ (aka take control) of the EOF event this time. But that’s actually a very good thing. Gary North/Oxford Club was only partially right about the consequences of that. False light stopped pouring out of those clunky computers and REAL light was able to penetrate the canopy. Remember that December 21, 2012 happens on two calendars: The Gregorian and the Julian. Same is true for Y2K. What if all the Tartarian Utilities never stopped at EOF, just the meters and ‘off’ switches controlled by the bill collectors did? What if, what if, what if.

          Here’s what I’m going to tell myself: “Do NOT under any circumstances participate in the 2000 Census. Do you want your money and your life controlled by the Clinton/Bush/Rockefeller OMB? No, I think not. Opt out.”

          A fun little thought experiment.

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          1. Well, the dye (dicyanin) was very volatile and tended to degrade after only 30 days — and it could catch on fire — so… even if you found a pair, they either wouldn’t work or you wouldn’t want it near your eyes. But there are other dyes that work better. It’s not the dye, it’s the frequency of light that it isolates.

            <CAT Eds.

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  4. Thank you.
    Glad it’s not just me that’s having trouble navigating all the ‘stuff’ out there. I find I’m reading/watching less and less. The delete button is really useful 😹😹
    Trust your instincts everyone and hang on to your hats
    Love and light 💚💜🌈

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    1. Me too, i reduced my input to 2 sources that enlighten and make you smile even at the not so good days,

      By the way hard to get we are mere 2 weeks from 2021

      Navigation vehicle ready😀

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  5. Well, thanks for this. One’s own guidance is the determining factor for me. Personally, I’ve been watching Mary Tyler Moore videos. I’m just starting Season 6. I figure that she’ll show me the way. Har! BTW, I’ve been sitting in the garden this morning. (I know, big surprise) Just wanna’ say that it is soooo quiet and still that it’s truly sublime. I find myself slipping into meditation without even being aware of doing it. It’s like lucid dreaming. Interesting!

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    1. Magnum PI (on ROKU Channel, btw) holds up surprising well.

      Stargate SG-1 (on Prime) also holds up well AND gives out MANY ‘controlled’ tidbits of truth. Of course, all the while pooh-poohing them. But WE know.

      Sumpin’ gotta break soon. I call it the LOGJAM. When one log breaks free, the hole barge of logs will flow.


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      1. There’s a channel on YT called ‘Cosmic Agency’. They don’t channel, but chat via a program on the internet. Our friends are in low orbit, thats for sure. I find it to resonate deeply w me. No sugar-coated poo-poo, like the others. They explain EVERYTHING, over the last 3 years. Its the only one I trust, after finding it years ago. The ‘GFL’ is the top of the pyramid, according to these ET’s. But…also us. Starseeds, anyways.
        I always trust what my gut says, & this actually puts all the pieces together. Last night, was regarding Egyptian hieroglyphics & the origin. I definitely recommend it!

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  6. I agree on those Monoliths. Doesn’t feel right/like its from the good guys. They don’t pull stunts like this. I listen/follow few ppl’s material these days, like to hear different perspectives. Really up to me though. love to all!

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  7. When I first saw the information about those Monoliths I was not triggered by that info, no sensation whatsoever, so I thought that it was either a prank or advertising for some upcoming movie. And when I stumbled on some MSM covering it, then I was sure that it is just a distraction, so I was wondering why was Blossom triggered to even ask “them” about that ?!

    Is this repeating situation as with Sophia at some point, when she was fed a bad info ?!

    For what is worth, Kabamur on Twitter denounced those monoliths as not real deal, and I got good vibe from that his info, soo… 👍✨

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  8. I know it looks bad, in general. However I feel ok about things. It seems they are going to dovetail to a meeting, and I still feel good. It’ll be ok. Can’t provide any proof. Simply a knowing. Love to all. Angela

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  9. I am sending to all of you – everywhere – unconditional love, honor and respect.

    Please – not to preach – remember every-thing you need can be obtained by going within and connecting with your Higher Self. I’ve learned over the years to drop all that does not resonate….very very short list of sites/others that I check-in with from time to time for energy intel. This is one such site. Of course, I am partial to cool Cats ; )

    The requirement (IMHO) to go within and maintain one’s own personal ‘zen’ while being surrounded by insanity will only become more and more imperative.

    Do I know when anything is going to happen? Nope.

    Do I care? Yep.

    Kind-while – I’ll take some coffee with my chocolate – and make like a tree.



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  10. Thanks CATs, it’s good to have that little mystery cleared up…I was about 80% sure it was fake but a small part of me thought “What if…’

    Never mind, maybe it’s a lesson to not look outside to be saved, to trust the process…

    Mum came over today and we were so utterly grumpy, really down in the dumps blah, blah, blah!

    All is well…

    Much Love to ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  11. Interesting about Superman, just thought of Superman & the song a few days ago. I have stopped listening to the msm for awhile now, it is just brainwashing & fear monger I get & all bs anyway. I have been trying to send joy to people I meet, so many are in fear and it is so sad for them. The best antidote to all this chaos is being in nature. So quiet and healing. I do my GPC on my forest and beach walks and get inspiration & encouragement from, what I believe is Source. It is what keeps me centred & at peace & able to share that peace to others. Love & light to all of you.

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  12. I’ve been meaning to share this dream for a while. Perica, you were definitely in it and I think some other lovely folk from here were in it too but that part is blurry!

    Blurry part:
    I am some kind of university but instead of being a student, I am alongside some of you folk here guiding students to where they need to be…

    Perica part:
    I say out loud that the last cycle on the washing machine is having a few technical problems! Perica, you start coming down a staircase towards me to assist with the final cycle! I block you on the stairs so you cannot come down any further and suggest we both climb up the stairs together where the washing machine sits. The stairs are very plain and clean and white!

    A Yucky part (don’t read if you are eating or feeling nauseous!):
    I am holding what appears to be a small brown pig. it has a bloodspot on its body. I hold the pig up to my face and suddenly realise I have this nasty hard black lump on my cheek (this is where it gets gross!) I pull the hard black bit and cut it off (ewwwww) and loads of stuff comes out (gross!) but I know it has to!

    Okay, so I am officially losing my marbles or beans!

    Love to ALL and don’t kiss any spotty pigs!


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    1. I get it, so this blog is like the meetings teachers hold before the school term starts and students arrive.

      Sifu in Chinese roughly means teacher.

      I say little piggy was very lucky the last cycle (which is usually spinning) didn’t work properly, even if the spot didn’t go away.

      Don’t really know what to do with the black lumps, the scene (minus pigs, Pericas and washing machines) feels weirdly familiar to me, gross indeed.

      See, losing your mind isn’t all bad 😉


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      1. I gave up trying to interpret about 50% of my dreams a long time ago. some are really obvious but others are just plain weird!

        Love your name/meaning….☺️

        Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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    2. OK, soo You were basically escorting me back to upper floor, usually on the upper floor are the bedrooms, hmmmm, what was I doing there beside repairing the washing machine 😇✨

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        1. Soo, I was already ascending, but I came down to help You ascend as well, I am OK with that, I was always a gentleman ready to help a Lady in a trouble 😎✨

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          1. Well I seem to be going up and down stairs all the time to do some work in Dreamtime, I did not want you to descend so sort of blocked you from coming down ☺️ Then we went back up to sort out that final cycle on the washer 😁

            Funny old dream! And yes I am sure you are a gentleman and would always help anyone in need!

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  13. Another dream!

    I am with lots of people, some kind of gathering. I am wearing a really long, old fashioned, fairy tale outfit. I also realise my nose is pierced!

    I am suddenly looking through a box of earrings, trying to find a nose stud that is pretty and is ‘right’ for me!

    someone wants to know who I am. I look down at my dress and get confused. I say, ‘Well, I know I am not Snow White, I am one of the other ones..!” I suddenly have a very old book in my hand with fairy stories in and i am flipping the pages to find out which character I am. I know it’s a princess but a very obscure one…..and with a nose stud!

    What are they spraying in the skies? I think it’s affecting my dreams!

    Much Love ALL 🙏❤️🙏

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  14. I confess, I couldn’t restrain from sniggering at the snow globe. Then a thought dawned upon me that the murkiness may not have been mud/dirt, but rather something a litter tray would entertain. Snigger deactivated, but acknowledgement remains.


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  15. CATS! This post is MUSIC TO MY EARS!!!

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU… did I mention that I’m grateful for your honesty? 🙂

    I don’t know what else to say except, Thank You again…

    Jay xxx

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  16. We were blessed with 3-4 inches of fluffy, pristine snow yesterday! What a wonderful “hygge” day ensued (Danish expression, really fun, look it up if not familiar…😉)! Today’s walk was magical, the setting sun painting the sky pink, orange and cream, like different ice cream flavors, surrounded by and blending into a lovely, peaceful light blue, framed by snowy branches everywhere! Happy dogs romping through the snow, what a treat! Even managed to bake a bunch of banana bread this afternoon! This bliss was sorely needed, of course…I was rather keenly aware of the building “big showdown scene” energy this morning! It feels like the battle lines are drawn out there, we are so close! Hero energy abounds! And it feels like Source’s blessing is right around the corner also! Phew! These next few weeks will change everything we ever knew! Of course we are all exhausted…so tired of it all…for what seems an eternity already….this is all so very mind boggling! I can shed tears of bliss and gratitude one moment, and the next I want to pull my hair out and yell and complain and argue with Source, Trump, anyone in charge, can we get this over with already? Then back to grounding, protecting, connecting, meditating, praying…STP!!! Then I calm down everyone around me, we’ve got this, Source has got this, and I feel blessed again to be a human during these truly extraordinary times! Thank you all for being here everyday!

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  17. When Blossom first sent the email the link didn’t work, so I just took it as a sign it wasn’t worth my reading. Now it seems I should just unsubscribe. The favorites on my iPad are quickly diminishing.

    For the first time I got to pet my wild kitten at work. He was so hungry he ran right up to the food bowl as I was putting it down. I stroked his back a few times and then let him be. Highlight of the day.

    When I returned home the sky was flooded with chemtrails again. I counted six jets in the vicinity at once – and I’m nowhere near an airport. I just tried to stay focused on CHP during my walk.

    There are numerous people in my area sick. Of course they have tested positive. Just learned today three of them are now in the hospital with breathing issues. All of the people I know that have gotten sick and tested positive and ended up in the hospital, all seemed to take a turn for the worst AFTER they were tested. The vaccine is terrifying, but I do wonder what’s up with all these tests – is the testing just a way to collect DNA, or is the test itself infecting people?

    Can’t wait to get back to my home planet, wherever that may be …

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      1. That comment about the Apache Medicine Man came from me. I didn’t realize I wasn’t logged in and I hit Facebook not realizing I would show up differently!
        I wondered why none of my likes were showing up!

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      2. Indeed. I had to have one of th0se c-virus tests (the deep nasal to brain stem test) that is supposedly covered with nano particles to infect the brain and cut one off from God/Source–before my recent painful surgery. Of course, I learned this post surgery. Now I’m praying every day with the CHP mantra in order to counter-act those nanites. Light pours gratefully accepted. Whatever you do, don’t get tested!

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        1. Not ALL of hem are contaminated.

          Ask Brother J to enjoy each thing that happened to you in your experience. And then ask that all meds, tests, etc. be made CHP. You can do this retroactively.

          < CAT Eds.

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    1. I am in spiritual community with an Apache Medicine Man (he uses that
      term but only privately) whose home tribe is in AZ. He went back home last November ostensibly to retire from a long life of teaching and healing but then Covid hit and he had to do a major healing stint with both is tribe and the Navajo Nati0n.
      He told us that no one there had it up until late January, when he witnessed an FBI agent spraying some kind of aerosol in a tribal bar.
      Shortly after that many people became very ill. (He knew the man was FBI because he has been harassed and tracked by the three letter agencies for most of his life and he can spot one a mile away psychically.)
      My brother lives in AK and just recently told a similar story of many local people suddenly becoming very ill. These are small town people out in the middle of nowhere with very little coming and going from the outside. He didn’t see anyone spraying anything but I had to wonder…

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  18. Gosh, what a great bunch WE are! It’s sheer pleasure to read youseALL comments and experiences. Thank YOU ALL! Now I must retire to the kitchen to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies to send to my dear sister as a Christmas present. (I had to go to the girl’s house to get a coupla’ giant fresh eggs first. (Thank you girls! They got a handful of dried buggssess as a thank you gift) Cheers and happy baking ALL. <J

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  19. Cats, I always appreciate your [collective] wisdom and especially your sardonic humor – thank you especially for the Loose Gravel and also then Kitty Filing Its Nails pics – hilarious in the extreme!! Definitely puttin’ a smile on my face and in my heart – thank you!

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  20. Despite the nature of the updates on this site, I still feel awesome–in a “no worries” kind of way.

    I feel like I’m parroting/sounding like a broken record like heck here now but once again, be strong: let your mind and heart bloom radiantly like a lotus flower despite its roots being submerged in muddy waters and have no fear and worries, for these creates “ripples” in your heart and mind that should otherwise be clear and serene: Meikyo-Shisui (Clear Mirror; Still Water).

    On the other hand, watching all these “channels” and other “Galactic Federation” or “ET”-allied “groundcrew” are quite entertaining; quite useful on energetic downloads but that’s that. I always felt like there are always hidden agendas to these, especially to the ones that has a larger following/viewership (since if you have an agenda, you gotta target the people who has large followings, and this means having your own website, social media sites, and upload regularly on the “Tube”).

    And also, even those who promote “mass meditation” wherein, sure as heck, there will be forces within their organization who will try to siphon the goodwill energies of the well-meaning participants for their own greedy purposes, so one must always be careful, aware and conscious on where the intent/energy goes and must always add a “clause” to their energies that their own energies and intent must go to the INTENDED TARGET/S, pure, uncorrupted and pristine–it must be protected, and that any and all entities, beings, and any other individuals who will try to siphon, deflect, redirect or block the positive, well-meaning intent and energies of the mass meditation for their own greedy purposes be drained of their energy instead and stop, or continue and cease to exist.

    Good thing Metaphysical/Spiritual arts can be commanded to work the same way a computer program/software works by adding various “commands” and “statements” to consciously command how one’s energy will behave; well, it’ll be a damn shame if this whole Illusion/Matrix/Grand Intelligent Design is dumber than what humans have created with their “programming languages”–one must always be SPECIFIC, precise and accurate, down to the very last detail, on how one commands their own energies/power: one of the first few important lessons for any aspiring mages.

    Hence I always emphasize to those I teach to utilize their “Three Brains”: the Head-Brain, the Heart and the Gut on analyzing every information they come across, and to always remain in a state of 50:50 ratio of belief and doubt and adjusting that ratio as necessary, until they can confirm any information, without a shadow of a doubt, for themselves, through their own experiences and senses.

    So I say, sit back and enjoy the show in this Grand Play, while being prepared to defend yourself and those you care about: you can do these through “Physical” (3D) means, but most especially, you can and must do this using Metaphysical (5D) means, because that’s where our true power is in this Grand Play; don’t let anyone mess with you, lest they get a “knockback” they deserve.

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      1. We have known for quite a while all hell was going to break loose at some point and we were in a calm period before the storm. It will all pass. What will be will be. Solidarity and connections help and it’s always good to have a heads up of possibilities ❤️

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          1. Thanks for the reassurance 😆 what doesn’t break us makes us stronger seems to be my motto for life.. it’s not much fun though x

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      2. Hmm can’t seem to recall calling the chaotic times ahead a “bad thing” specifically, but I suppose, you could say I’m trying to give the readers some words of encouragement on the chaotic times ahead regarding the “all hell breaks loose” part if in case some of them are worried/fearful.

        And at this point in my development, I may still utter things like “oh this is bad” and such 3D words as a force of habit, but deep within, I feel that the essence of these things is not really all that “bad”–“Diamonds cannot be polished without friction. Gold cannot be purified without fire.” as they say, so the more friction and resistance there is, the stronger the collective will become once it’s overcome, assuming it doesn’t break from the pressure.

        In either case, I have to apologize in that English is not my first language nor even a native of the Western world so I may have lapses of understanding on your comment.

        Anyway, I’m actually very excited on what’s to come–I don’t have any such heavy feeling at all with the current situation as it stands; I don’t know why, maybe that’s just me being weird, but… I’m just really excited to see where this whole story will end up; but of course I won’t just remain a passive observer, I will still use my abilities to help make this world a better place in any way I can as for my promise to myself and those I care about in the physical and nonphysical realms.

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        1. No problem. We realized afterward that you’re in the Philippines, and that English was probably a second language… albeit your command of it is very good.

          Note that diamonds and gold can both be processed *sonically,* with no heat required. We’ve heard car stereos in Southern California that qualify.

          < CAT Eds.

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          1. Indeed, it’s a kind of a 2nd language here. Then again this place has so many words borrowed from many other languages from all the colonization that happened it’s quite fascinating. The native culture and spirituality is pretty much needing a revival though; those dang colonizers, I tell ya.

            And thanks for the compliment. This is thanks to all those amazing and story-driven english-translated RPG/JRPGs I played since young until nowadays and everyday conversation with foreigners online, still, I of course have more room for improvement (and if I speak in person, I’d surely stutter a lot).

            Also that’s interesting information regarding the sonic processing; didn’t know until now. If it has same concept as ultrasonic cleaning, I suppose it’s a very powerful method of processing minus the heat–I suppose the pressure would be very, very strong ; well, goes to show you can’t really seem to achieve “improvement” in a fast/sure manner without some form of resistance or pressure in your path, one way or another.

            In any case, many thanks for the update again, update 2 is very interesting. I’m following this site for several months now and it’s the first time I saw the Coronagraph like that; mostly it’s a fan-shaped ray, but now it looks more like a jet. I checked in on NASA’s website for it too for the Dec. 16th update with what little site navigation streamlining they implemented, and it seems the legs/arms became two this time, but it’s still jet-like.

            I suppose this could mean there’s a very, very high chance we’re really getting an OUTSIDE (of our consciousness/body) “Flash of Light” by Solstice? And if it is… I suppose THIS is what’s making me really excited during today and the past few days.

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  21. I lost attraction to Blossom back a few weeks. And others over the years. I See slightly different. I feel Blossom is stuck, maybe a bit/a lot of b-ice. As long as We keep the intention, We Will Grow exponentially. We feel each other, then assist when needed. If We stay open minded, We Are The Light(Truth). Follow Your Heart, It makes Your truth better for All. Much Love on Your path. Peace.

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    1. I can’t find My Griswold #8 frypan, yet, I do have a flat shovel to clean the gravel in the way. Peace.

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      1. Okay Christopher, now you’ve gone and done it! Tonight I’m going to breakout Christmas Vacation and watch it once again for the 111th time! (give or take) For those who wondered, the Chocolate chip cookies for my sister turned out rather tasty. I only ate 4 baked and about 3 0r 4 as raw dough. Yum!

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    1. So… no. Note that the video in that link is from 2015, and it really says nothing about six days of darkness. And the “press release” is the same one from 2015, too. Looks like fear pron. Pretty sure six days of darkness didn’t happen in 2015. If anything, this might pertain to the internet being down for six days sometime in the future — which is actually a cause for celebration, not fear — but given how messed up everything is, and how this is really five years old… we don’t think so, but you never know. We DO know that T is triumphant, and that all those involved get what’s coming to them, if that makes you feel any better. EVERY timeline has that. And we all later discover 30-years-worth of bad things the PTW had planned that mysteriously failed. Gosh, wonder why. End of an era.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. It’s funny, in the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta (I’ve been to Atlanta many times), they have every product COKE ever made, even international flavors (under the name FANTA)… but there is no mention of “New Coke.” If you ask one of the tour guides, they feign ignorance and pretend to know nothing about it.

        If you want to feel sick later, you can also sample some 50 different COKE products from around the world, on refrigerated drink dispensers. Not that I’d ever do that again. A different age.


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    1. Reminds me of that piece of news, months ago, of the President of Tanzania supposedly using testing kits on a goat and a papaya, with both coming out positive to the beer-bug.

      This would be hilarious, if we didn’t know any better. I can’t wait for the PTW stooges to be gone for good. Greatest riddance ever.

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  22. Can someone tell me how Trump lost the election?? I see that the bookies have now finalized bets too. 😱

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    1. Sourceplayer… my friend Simon called me today after he ‘lost’ £300 betting on Betfair (whoever they are) on DT to win! They withdrew the bets and he’s gutted. He advised me to bet at the time but I wasn’t having any of it… felt totally ‘off’ to me. Anyhoo… I told him, ‘It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!’ (as the saying goes) And so it is… Hare and Tortoise springs to mind! xxx ps. don’t forget that the bookies are more than likely controlled by the PTW! XXX

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  23. Crash Test Dummies – Superman’s Song (about 10 yrs.ago)
    Tarzan wasn’t a ladies’ man
    He’d just come along and scoop ’em up under his arm like that
    Quick as a cat in the jungle

    But Clark Kent, now there was a real gent
    He would not be caught sittin’ around in no junglescape
    Dumb as an ape doing nothing

    ” Superman never made any money
    For saving the world from Solomon Grundy
    And sometimes I despair the world will never see another man
    Like him ”

    Hey Bob, Supe had a straight job
    Even though he could have smashed through any bank in the United States
    He had the strength, but he would not

    Folks said his family were all dead
    Planet crumbled but Superman, he forced himself to carry on
    Forget Krypton and keep going

    Tarzan was king of the jungle and lord over all the apes
    But he could hardly string together four words:
    “I Tarzan, you Jane”

    Sometimes when Supe was stopping crimes
    I’ll bet that he was tempted to just quit and turn his back on man
    Join Tarzan in the forest

    But he stayed in the city
    Kept on changing clothes in dirty old phonebooths ’til his work was through
    And nothing to do but go on home

    ” Superman never made any money
    For saving the world from Solomon Grundy
    And sometimes I despair the world will never see another man
    Like him ”

    (BTW – solar eclipse energies were brutally painful, ripping & tearing every muscle, every joint & bone crushing so I can relate to the ‘loose gravel’ pic.)

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  24. I just lost a lot of money by betting on T to be reelected. Betfair settled the bets today even though they said they would not settle it until all court cases are over and recounts finished. A lot of T supporters are outraged over this decision and are threatening to take legal action. I’m not sure what to do about this situation to be honest.

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      1. This is comforting to hear.

        I decided I wasn’t going to accept a world where the PTW are in charge, and mentally prepared myself for Civil War. Especially since the “Option 1” in a previous post seems to have failed. I’ve always had a rebellious streak so it wasn’t hard.

        Even rewatched some Battlestar Galactica episodes, the one about mutiny and insurrection. Kara Thrace yelling “These people are no longer your friends, they are the enemy!” while shooting at her former coworkers who were trying to steal the ship. Inspiring.

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  25. interesting today, i smell things others and have a certain sense of no envy to eat like i use, the calls for a soothing sleep to incorporate

    subject videos and so on there is a cheer endless mass that can be read, watched analised, the question fast arrises what you really want to do in your day to day

    this comes even more often as near sleepless nights

    what education is needed to fully understand the graphs?

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  26. Re; Blossom… I am done with almost everything i used to follow. Just following my own intuition and guidance for the most part. I am still clinging to Ben fulford for some reason because he often links to zero hedge or news i am not willing to follow anymore.

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  27. What ever happened to the ballot watermarks? Didn’t I see that on here as a factor a few weeks ago? And if the answer is STP and you don’t want to write anything due to “prying eyes,” it’s OK to just not post this.

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  28. Not feeling that great – have felt a bit like I got pulverized by that angular large piece of gravel lately – body/mind not working well – I wonder how much is related to all the myriad dream activity that I lose memories of…

    I know I haven’t been able to physically respond to recent ‘helpers’ personally – I’ll try to soon – Please know I have received your messages or/& you family members messages and help. Every ounce of help is greatly & graciously received and appreciated… ❤
    My daughter is not looking at it because she is aware she has difficulty in being aware of positive things esp if the touches on her life and is keeping a step back, so she doesn't 'contaminate' your kindness – there is such a wonderful being under all the negative poison she heaps upon HERSELF everyday – I so want the CHANGE to happen so she can see differently…

    After this morning with SOURCE I had a long kind of meditation thing around being released from the purpose I was 'stationed' in the NM area – kind of 'energetic anchoring'? This lead to the plans that have been thought about as a possibility lately of me and the family moving back east – even though people warn her of difficulties there – she is being drawn and/but she would have more friends and family support back there –
    I remember how the energy changes more and more positive/clearer as you traveled north from the mid Ct state area, esp past the Ct/Mass border – you can start breathing more deeply/cleanly – So, unless we can travel to the place we all desire to be than here soon, we will probably use the $ to arange how to find a place and make a move – will probably have to arrange nice weather, too… – All subject to change of course – My 6 yr old autistic granddaughter has a VERY autistic half brother back there that has to be in a special school – his father (her father) hasn't seen him since coming out here – he had to give up shared custody, so he could stay in the school – I'm sure hard on dad…
    I'm babbling aren't I???
    I'm looking forward to the tine I don't feel pulverized.

    May you all be well and hopeful throughout this season – may the cooks and bakers inherit the Earth…


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    1. Soooo… “Very interesting” to semi-quote an old “Laugh-in” tag line…
      After pushing the ‘post comment’ button thing on my comment above I saw a NEW? whatchacallit (lost the word) under the Astrocats picture – TONIC4CATATONICS –

      @CATs etc. Is this new or am I only newly aware of it – it seems esp poignant considering the content of my comment and my family – I will implement this and add it to my life process.

      Thank you CATs etc and thank you SOURCE for letting me become aware of it in such a timely fashion… Tonic4Catatonics – yay! Just the right medicine for my day.

      ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. As I chose to do this tonic for/with my daughter I ended up using four cords – two to solar plexus, two to base of spine – balance? different colors – now that I think of them the spine ones were more nature based colors and the solar plexus seemed more related to her essence/person–ality?
        As I dropped/extended them to the center of the appropriate level Earth they ‘braided’ like the cords you do of different number strands in a crafting setting – and as I said the mantra the words flowed and ‘braided’ down the cord interwoven into the cords… kinda cool –

        thank you…


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        1. Ha! Just looked at the laptop’s clock a few minutes ago – it showed 5:55 : 56 (probably also 55 seconds as I’d started reading it, lol -)

          In the number reading tab under Spacecats pic…
          “HUGE changes are up ahead.
          Trust that this transition is your highest good.
          Prepare for massive shifts!
          Things are getting exciting.


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  29. So, what about a read on the composer John Williams? Hugely successful, but of ththe dark or the Light?

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      1. music for me is done by the persons, a composer can make a not good version but the ones playing one can modify it so it is better

        i read once a thing that can enter into subject conspiracy of the music and if only a part is true of it the term dark is appropriated

        for more i make it out of the blog to not attract problems

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  30. Nice space dream last night, did not had one for a long time 🙂

    I should off write it down after I woke up, now I am left only with snippets, but I felt so natural being in space, like it is a second nature to me 😉

    It looked like I was on some space station as this place was soo big, enormous, so I do not believe it was on a ship, but then again there are some big ships out there, soo it is possible 😁

    I was at some promenade looking at a open space, but I did not have impression that it was covered with some protective glass or something similar, maybe it was protected with some energy shield or there was a huge dome above it ? Anyway, I was looking at open space, everything was black outside, some stars only visible, when suddenly in front off me starting to appear a large object, but really large, enormous, moon size maybe, it looked like a set off toll skyscrapers with only visible lights coming from it, its sides were just outlined, this skyscrapers (not the best explanation, it looked like a pillars with lights spots showing randomly), were rotating in unison as one object. It reminded me on one Star Trek episodes where this kind off object was clocked in the orbit off one planet and it was guardian off the planet population, which was not at high level off development and it was looking to a guardian as a god.

    Anyway, I had feeling that this object was expected and when it appeared, everybody were starting running around in a preparation to meet that race, including me as I also had to be on that meeting ✨

    Unfortunately that is only what I remember off that dream, but it was very vivid, like I was there, maybe some past memory coming back, who knows, I hope I will, we will get to know it very very soon 🙏

    Perica ✨

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      1. Cool dream Perica! I had an amazing dream just before I woke up today.. I was looking out an east window at night in a bldg. very high up, and noticed all the sudden that the moon was in the lower left of the window looking HUGE… then realized it was a sphere, kind of opaque with rainbow colors swirling around inside, and it started to move up and to the right until it just became translucent, and then disappeared… I was like WOW that is fantastic and woke up in a great mood!

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      2. But there were more pillars and all off them were straight and the whole structure was rotating, but what is interesting is that even in a dream I thought off that Star Trek episode reference, hmmmm, I wonder… ✨


  31. dear friends and CAT’s

    for three days I have been dreaming of the nightingale singing. I dream that I wake up and still hear her.
    Today it was like that too, since I plugged my ears with wax, I took out the earplugs to listen if she was still singing. But after I took out the earplugs, I couldn’t hear anything.

    I think you cats said it was New Earth already? Becaus I allready had dreamed about the nightingale singing.

    I want to say thank you for your news
    the “knok knok” I do not understand….

    Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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  32. Just because you like his music so much: Superman. And he worked in the corrupted Hollywood for so many years.

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  33. My husband is amazed at my refusal to accept B as President at this time. Little does he realize that he is watching faith in action. I can see that it bolsters his own beliefs and he wants to have my faith. (It also helps that I do not watch MSM news.)
    I made a red velvet cake yesterday as I could not shake the pull to do so. Did you know that you can use red beets to color the batter rather than food coloring? Cay

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  34. I’ll set aside my more usual light-hearted style to share with you.

    Similar to what many of you have already posted previously, I’ve pretty much given up on most (except for a couple…) of the other voices, and am trusting in SOURCE to help guide me. I’ve also been directed to recent additional help, and wanted to share here.

    For some time, I have felt a bit disconnected from all the hoopla / drama / virtual shouting to which we have been subjected for the last few years. In seeking to understand more about my apparent lack of participation (apathy?) in these reported events, I sought out counsel from others whom I thought would provide me trusted guidance. The response I received was a suggestion that I “…adjust my inputs…”, along with a recommendation to read the book “Disappearance of the Universe” (Gary Renard) as a starting point in my quest for greater understanding.

    It’s taking me a few weeks to work through its content and rich messages (first time, I’ll be reading it again). In short, it’s a practical first-person account of the impact of “A Course in Miracles” in the author’s life, but with a highly entertaining twist: he was communicating with not just one, but two, other personalities who were specifically sent to periodically help him on his journey to SOURCE. Their interactions helped him – and me – understand the Grand Plan presented in ACIM. The book is humorous – “Laugh Out Loud” in some parts, completely irreverent in several places, and [to me] a complete joy to read. And it contains some surprises, challenging to my thinking, education, and religious background – and that’s definitely okay!!

    Again, I’m sharing this with this great community, suspecting that I’m not alone in my being disconnected, not feeling I’m a participant in this world. And it’s a great book – I’m looking forward to reading it again, not only for the insights it has presented to me on my first reading, but for the changes it’s bringing to my thinking, my spiritual practice, and to my outlook.

    Perhaps you’ve already read it – bravo! Share your thoughts, and perhaps we can help others benefit.

    Blessing to all who read this blog, and much thanks to the Cats & M’s for their guidances (is that a real word?) to all of us!

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  35. Another non-speaking day (no voice)- ‘little dog’ has been sleeping above my head again last couple of days… had a huge feeling about something this morning SO, did my connecting things with SOURCE and my “I ams” and felt into it, meditated on it then.
    I felt to do the ‘Tonic’ steps for me and did – very thick green cord, only one – solar plexus to New Earth center.
    The ‘feeling’ I woke to was without any particular emotion attached, was -I don’t have the right word – maybe the rightness of time? to separate from the family – just feels right for both – don’t know how, when or why, but it’s just THERE…

    Guess will see eventually… sooo tired in so many ways…


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  36. Anyone else dealing with a headache? I got one last night, had one all night, and still, have one now. I rarely get headaches and when I do they are short and I can usually tell what they are from. This is a long lasting one with an origin I am unable to discern.

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    1. Yup, yesterday and today (but today was almost nothing, just a touch). Glad its settled down – at least for now. My recent practice is to offer it to SOURCE and Brother J, asking for relief. I also ground to SOURCE with it to make relief more certain (I guess…. LOL). Hoping you get relief quicky – they’re no fun at all.

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  37. Geez, I don’t know about anyone else, but I just looked at the 10 day forecast for the farm. Heavy sigh! 8.5 inches predicted. Ye gods! I certainly won’t have to water for the next little while. Har! (must remember to keep turning around so moss doesn’t start on my north side,) Many new shrubs arrived yesterday, sent magnolia cuttings to a nursery today for propagation, spent time dodging raindrops. All in all, a most satisfactory day. Cheers <J

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    1. J,
      I just love your humorous posts, and a good Har! now and then brings a smile to my lips. Thanks for being with uz on this journey.

      love love
      < ella

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  38. Laura Whitworth has released a meditation for the Solstice on you tube. I just did it and must say it helped me get myself back on track ☺️

    I won’t post the link as I know you CATs would like to cut down on the videos but it’s really easy to find.

    Much Love ALL 🙏❤️🙏

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      1. This is exactly what I have been doing.. it just felt the right thing to do. That makes me happy.. I must continue amidst the chaos.. im drinking to much with all these crazy energies x I hope you are all hanging in there and feeling centred x x

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  39. “…now, we say, “Love and Light to all” at the end of the G+P+C process.)”

    I have shared Blossom’s mantra with my entourage for some time now. My question now is, can I ask them to say “Love and Light to all” (after their prayer) without the G+P+C process (sounds ‘Greek’ to them)?

    Could it be that Blossom mantra felt like a tracking thing to the CATs because you all are under radar by the bad guys/entities?

    As for CPH, does it work too for the Covid vaccination?

    What’s a Space Squid or is it just a joke? Just curious, how do you all communicate with Bro J, Angels, HOB etc? Telepathically?

    And I have been wanting to know please, 🙏 does Bro J look like the image being depicted in our world? What about Archangel Michael & Archangel Raphael? Just trying my luck with such question 😉

    Thank you for ALL the updates – it helps to keep me CALM & ZEN despite the madness over this Presidential Election. So, STP! STP! STP! is my new mantra now 😅

    Much Gratitude & Love 💖🙏

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    1. No, everyone needs to G+P+C. It doesn’t matter what you say afterward, it’s not a magic spell. That’s just what some CATs say; not all of us say that.

      Frankly, the Blossom mantra never settled with us. We are Light, we are Love… that’s true. But to say we are Truth… Light and Love are enough. Truth is endemic. It always sounded specious to us.

      Squid is a joke.

      Brother J looks like J, but his hair was parted in the middle. He had blue eyes. The Angels look… well, we arent supposed to describe their appearance. It’s not big deal, just a private thing. To most people, they would look like 8-25 foot tall (or much bigger) humanoids of bright white light. If they appear to you otherwise, you’ll somehow know it’s them.

      < CAT Eds.

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  40. I hope that this the truth 🙂🙏✨

    “Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, December 17, 2020

    The global shift has commenced. The 21.12.2020 portal was fully opened yesterday evening. The ascension energies and vibrations are off the scale and very uplifting. The last two weeks of this year will be the most transforming in the history of humanity and this earth. Cancel all your plans and social activities, stay at home and meditate. There is nothing else you can do as everything is ready now for the shift.
    The shift will be all-encompassing and will transform this reality radically. Most people will be in shock and panic. We will be called to explain what has happened – as ascended masters and as awakened informed individuals on the ground. There will be a lot of help from the higher realms.
    That’s all for the time being…”

    From here:

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      1. Well, at 4:00am PST, I was bolt upright awake. The background energy which I always hear had changed once again. Mercy it was intenser! Har! Otherwise, same-o-same-o (tongue firmly in cheek)

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        1. Ha! J that was probably about the time I finally said “enough” – couldn’t sleep ’til about then and finally insisted my body get some zzzzs.


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  41. ~ CAT Eds. ~ Unusual readings on Cumiana European Lightning index , only 12! just now. It has been showing less and less activity over past several days. How does this relate to what is in progress energetically, if it does?

    Kp levels are at Zero a lot lately too. I’m noticing continual heart/ body effects also for at least a week now. All part of the ongoing energy build?
    Thank you.
    Love, friend

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  42. Note the sun sprouting legs and trying to get away;-) The cat nail-filing is good, too. Thx for the reality; yr certainly right abt the chems… If I see another “great sunset/rise” posted as a pict, I’ll die.

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  43. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say great blog!


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