THE EVENT: Your Official Notice [UPDATE2]

[That is, 16 days from the date of this video.]

As Gregg Prescott correctly points out: “…the video announcing these gamma rays was produced by BPEarthwatch, who took a fear-mongering view of the event. It should be noted that both BPEarthwatch and one of his sources listed on the video, Paul Begley, are religious zealots who are seeking “End Times” prophecy fulfillment.” The CAT Staff doesn’t see it this way, of course.

In fact, this looks to be your late Xmas present. Something big and intense and POSITIVE is coming on/around December 26th. For those who like LOVE, it will be beyond positive. (For those who don’t….) Right now, take some time and imagine your ideal future. It’s time. For most, this is not “the apocalypse,” save for those who brought t upon themselves. Updates as they occur. Luck is not a factor. Stay positive.

UPDATE 12-15-16

All is well.

Don’t try to steer. Just sit on the funicular as it goes UP, and enjoy the sights. You’ll be instructed where to go and what to do.

Source is in control this time, so… everything is perfect. (Even the Oversoul is tickled.) If you start feeling anxious, stop and take a breath to reset things. I see a shift in energy AFTER the holiday (this calm and zen feeling). Just get through the next 10 days.


UPDATE: 12-20-16

As per the comments below…

Large Wave of Energy from Unknown Source Hitting Earth Now


HEADS-UP from M1-4: “The above image is a precursor… the real thing won’t leave you questioning. It will be so obvious you won’t have any doubt when it happens.” 

UPDATE 12-26-16: Well, we got a good-sized WHOMP…

…but it sure wasn’t The Event. Maybe we were reading the smaller energy influx; of course, the day’s not over yet. The lead Meowracle said The Event energy, which defies time and space, is “one universe over” from us in the omniverse, apparently. How long does that take to get here is anybody’s guess.

UPDATE 1-3-18

What we know now is that this was just the beginning… or it was the middle. Anyway, this energy has been building around and through and beyond the earth for a while. It turns out to be a 12-step process, with Step 8 on the way as we write this. This will mean various things to various people. Either way, your life is changing for the better.

UPDATE 8-5-18

One of the M’s just gave more info on what to expect from The Event: “What is The Event?

93 thoughts on “THE EVENT: Your Official Notice [UPDATE2]

  1. If Monday isn't the main Event, then it's definitely a major upgrade, given everyone's physical symptoms and interfacing spirit activity. Sure will be nice to sleep well again… one day.~M4


  2. Night before last my body was wracked with pain everywhere. Culminated in an intense dream of being a male pict in front of a pagan goddess. My heart chakra burst open as I surveyed the stunning landscape of Albion. The goddess approved me from my reaction of flooding with tears. She then shape shifted to a huge hare and we ran together down a grassy slope and weaved in an and out of a trees that formed a grove.When I awoke with my eyes shut I was receiving a download of information, but not like ever before. The strange symbols were passed down in the form of a rotating spiral, they looked like a scripture I have never seen before?This continued until my wonderful pet dog began fetching and I had to quickly prise my aching body up to attend to him, Aaaarrrggghh! Come to planet Earth they said, and bring plenty of SOH…..


  3. Something is going on today – i'm so full of what feels like anxiety and this only happens when something is about to happen. (Feel free not to post – I am trying to stay positive while observing the feelings that come and go). Thank you all for this blog it has been such a reassurance. 🙂 May all be blessed.


  4. i've had a lack of appetite too but the real pain is the terrible sleep the last several weeks due to the dreams… either way too technicolor or stressful or way too active… woke up at 3:30am-ish EST for weeks. people also seem a little more scatterbrained (me included) as well. hoping for the upgrade as opposed to the err other outcome. been forcing myself to stay positive in all things especially in my thoughts and actions. happy holidays and thanks for the great posts and excellent comments. happy holidays. lean into it!!!-AvoidTheHerd


  5. Whoa, that was intense. I've also seen those strange symbols in the rotating spirals in meditations, in golds and yellows. Tried to read it, but it was beyond me.Out of curiosity, what color was the hare?-CAT4


  6. Lean into it. It's just a flesh wound!We have all been having that wakey-uppey thing at 3:33 sm, though last night I saw “8:30 am” in my dream. No idea if that's something. We shall see. Oh, and some random half-crazy guy came through the grocery I was in recently, shouting and touching people's shoulders, telling everyone that “THE LOVE ANGELS WERE COMING!” Indeed!I cannot wait.-M2


  7. Hi CAT4.That's incredible you have the same format of presumably downloads!The hare was a golden light brown colour.I also forgot to mention that the lyrics of a Cliff Richard's song played in my head as I got out of bed, it was “He is coming, he's coming, on the saviours day”. (Disclaimer: I never listen to Cliff Richards normally…!)AND, when I went to the supermarket that same day, as I entered the bread aisle everything went brighter and I can only describe as being 15 feet tall. And I had lost my tunnel vision, instead I could see everything around me at the same time in focus, hard to explain. This lasted half a minute, a very cool half a minute though lol.I wonder if the download had promoted this spontaneous expansion of consciousness awareness?Have a great Yule tide or Christmas guys!!!BBMark


  8. Sorry. Had a pre-Event hiccup. All should be back up.VERY heavy energy last night. Yikes.-CAT3


  9. very heavy energy today….I am “seeing” more energy….that space is FULL and nothing is solid….if that makes any sense. The portal in my dining room is vibrating with energy….this is new…I've only ever seen it look more solid..not vibrate! Sooooo……….coolio!!!!


  10. Hey, if this Event Energy does not subscribe to time or space, then why are we “in line” to receive it?I mean I would have thought it would be swept accross all universes simultaneously?Is there a pecking order? Are some universes in more need or are they preferred in some way? Perhaps a first created first serve basis?I know the British people just luuuurve to queue, but we are talking millennia here, PLURAL! This is clearly taking advantage of our good nature a little too far, and Source can rest assured that I will be taking this up as soon as I have made a suitable reconnection.If it is simply case of being understaffed, after all this upgrade takes a considerable amount of planning, or possibly even an issue with working unsociable hours when rolling it out, then we should have been forewarned, we are not the beasts that higher dimensional social complexes may have been led to believe.LISTEN UP BIG G, LETS DO THIS ALREADY, PREFERABLY BEFORE I HAVE TO ENDURE THE NEW YEARS EVE REVELLERS CELEBRATING, BESPATTERED IN THEIR BODILY EXPULSIONS WHILE MURDERING OL LANGS SYNE !!!


  11. Btw, “Cobra” or whatever his name is, said that none of the gamma rays we're feeling and hearing and SEEING since 12/20 are happening. Kinda cancels him out. Kinda figured he and Wilcock and Goode were in the same boat.


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