Meterage for 12-13b-18 [UPDATE4]


Looks like we’re in a budding WHOMP condition, with possible timeline adjustments. Have to wait and see.

(Note that the “b” meterage designation means nighttime observations for us.)

Ok, so we’re going to step up the accepted level of understanding to better reflect how we talk amongst ourselves. Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re also gonna get this one out quick and dirty, as the comments section on the previous post was exceeding flight parameters.

Ok, there was a rather large neutron event in Kazhakhstan @ 3:00 UTC 12-14-18 (7:00 pm PST on 12/13).


Looks like Wave X. And there was this from the Moscow NM:


There’s also a (7m) muon trend that may mean errant WHOMPiness:

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 11.22.20 PM

We’re already feeling the effects of energy as per the Moscow SR (at top of page), so this muon increase seems a no-brainer. Could always be from something else, but we doubt it.

There was also a rather weak GRB, but it contained a lot of information. All GRBs carry high-level Universal info-traffic (like the ultimate email), some of which might be coded for humanity (it’s very difficult to tell, the energies are so high all we get is a “coded” smear of high-freq noise when we look at it):


We didn’t report this next item at the time — since we can’t find reference to it anywhere — but there was a weird greenish-gold energy oscillation/burst the night of 12/10/18, around 11:45 pm PST, accompanied by sky rumbling that lasted about a minute:

We’ve seen this greenish-gold energy a few times before. It was both inside and outside.

Three of us then noticed (in our various locations, but same timezone) some .mil helo activity in our vicinities… helos snooping around, looking for portals… when suddenly a HUGE white Thought-Ship swooped straight down into the earth near the coast, very fast. It was easily as big as a city. It seriously spooked the helo pilots, who left the vicinity PDQ.

More as we find it. Seems like we’re on the cusp of a new spate of energy — with new effects? Some of the M’s and CATs and other psychics are beginning to make 12/21 solsticial noises, so we’ll see. We predict that there will be a CME over the weekend, which will hit around the time of the solstice and bring in a bunch of upgrades/information/CAT letters to Santa/sleepless nights/aches and pains….

Have a Wave X Xmas!


UPDATE1 ~ 12-14-18 17:25 UTC

Interesting. Something is happening right now.


Might be another timeline split coming.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.10.32 AM

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.10.48 AM
Thar she blows.


We’re currently going off the muon cliff:

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.33.00 AMScreen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.33.20 AMScreen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.33.37 AM

NOTE: Folks, if we don’t respond to comments right away, we are DOING SOMETHING IMPORTANT! Or we’re asleep. Please, don’t get demanding. We do this for free, remember?

UPDATE2 ~ 12-14-18 20:04 UTC

Something singular is developing… and it’s not just CAT5’s Amish whisker oil:

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 12.01.55 PM

Seems we DID recently have yet another timeline jump and skip (aka, a Parallel-Universe Creation event, which is surprisingly common) around 14:00 UTC, and now that (above) muon thing is happening:




Ok, the muon thing MIGHT be CAT5’s (fake) Amish whisker oil.

Fake Amish Whisker Oil is ALWAYS INTENSE. Just watch the Muons FLY!

UPDATE3 ~ 12-15-18 00:10 UTC

A couple of years ago, we regularly dreamed about working various tasks on “the 31st floor,” taking the elevator there in our dreams. (We work on different floors, now.) Anyway, look at the 31 Hz level that just popped up on the Moscow SR meter:

Hm. That wasn’t there before, was it? Not on this graph, anyway.

And ha! Right on cue: another CME. We were just talking about looking for one this weekend:

This may be your solstice CME upgrade… unless we get more. This is directed away from us, bt we feel the effects regardless.

That could be why we were seeing these:

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 12.18.36 AMScreen Shot 2018-12-15 at 12.19.07 AM

Also: the Kiruna meter is looking kinda… sine-wavy… lately, like a vibrating piano string:


What a day. Time for bed.

UPDATE4 ~ 12-17-18 11:42 am PST

Ugh. Rough night.


And the muon counts:

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 11.52.45 AMScreen Shot 2018-12-17 at 11.54.03 AM

Someone asked in the comments and we lost track of where the question was, so… FYI, the above muon graphs are from Центр информационных технологий ИКФИА СО РАН ( in Siberia.

191 thoughts on “Meterage for 12-13b-18 [UPDATE4]

  1. I’m getting pretty fed up with all the astral ego stroking going on out there these days. It’s like people are just sitting with their antenna folded out and fishing for the next slime blob to drift by and tell them they’re the chosen one, that the future of everything is on their shoulders, that the reason we’re even here is because of them. The age of false prophets, indeed.

    The slime blobs know what they’re doing; if you don’t have your energetic ducks walking in tight formation, they’ll find a way into your brain and help you dig a bigger hole. Why is it that being special is so damn important? Why can’t people see the obvious trap? We’re all equally unique, it’s the only way forward.

    I guess “saving the world” makes up for some of the collective guilt over not doing shit for a long time, and I guess pretending to know sometimes makes it easier to live through all of this uncertainty, and I guess feeling powerful and important is nice for a change.

    But it’s still pretentious ego bullshit, and it’s going out of fashion fast. It’s wake up time, coffee smelling time, unity time.


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    1. @ Sifoo
      Well said Sifoo! I can only add to it that all this savior/messiah/ET Santa Claus/ etc/ next coming and saving us all idea, is nothing else but a victim hood program.


  2. My nervous system is totally out of whack. It hasn’t been good for a long time but now it’s come to a point where I’m constantly in pain.
    Ever present noises are like needles. Went for a walk this morning, yet found no relief. I almost collapsed.
    Any insights on this, energywise not ailments or treatments, are greatly appreciated.


    1. Some people — CATs included — are having a tougher time than others with the energies. All we can say is, drink plenty of water, take it easy, and if you can, try fasting. Some CATs are fasting, while others are craving MEAT. These days all I crave is The Event and getting to the next step.


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      1. Ok thanks a lot. ❤️
        Craving meat and the event.
        Getting a B-complex injection tonight.

        I was out for 1,5 hour just now and I saw 9 eagles.

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  3. Somebody on this site said they saw the Event happening at the same time as a revolution (of course, some also said they saw it happening when the weather was still warm in the daytime). However it may be that the “revolution” seer was thinking of the Yellow Vest protests, which seem to be simmering down from the acute phase in France, but are now spreading more widely across the EU.

    Anti-globalist protesters in Belgium were “smashing every window of the European Commission building they can see in their path! To protest against the #UN Migration Pact of #Marrakech in #Belgium!”


    1. Yes, several of us saw this. BUT… there have been SO MANY timeline jumps and skips that no one knows where anything is anymore. Beware predictions of the future. It’s impossible to predict when and where at this point. There are infinite parallel universes — lots where Madonna is still a waitress.


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