Meterage for 12-13b-18 [UPDATE4]


Looks like we’re in a budding WHOMP condition, with possible timeline adjustments. Have to wait and see.

(Note that the “b” meterage designation means nighttime observations for us.)

Ok, so we’re going to step up the accepted level of understanding to better reflect how we talk amongst ourselves. Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re also gonna get this one out quick and dirty, as the comments section on the previous post was exceeding flight parameters.

Ok, there was a rather large neutron event in Kazhakhstan @ 3:00 UTC 12-14-18 (7:00 pm PST on 12/13).


Looks like Wave X. And there was this from the Moscow NM:


There’s also a (7m) muon trend that may mean errant WHOMPiness:

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 11.22.20 PM

We’re already feeling the effects of energy as per the Moscow SR (at top of page), so this muon increase seems a no-brainer. Could always be from something else, but we doubt it.

There was also a rather weak GRB, but it contained a lot of information. All GRBs carry high-level Universal info-traffic (like the ultimate email), some of which might be coded for humanity (it’s very difficult to tell, the energies are so high all we get is a “coded” smear of high-freq noise when we look at it):


We didn’t report this next item at the time — since we can’t find reference to it anywhere — but there was a weird greenish-gold energy oscillation/burst the night of 12/10/18, around 11:45 pm PST, accompanied by sky rumbling that lasted about a minute:

We’ve seen this greenish-gold energy a few times before. It was both inside and outside.

Three of us then noticed (in our various locations, but same timezone) some .mil helo activity in our vicinities… helos snooping around, looking for portals… when suddenly a HUGE white Thought-Ship swooped straight down into the earth near the coast, very fast. It was easily as big as a city. It seriously spooked the helo pilots, who left the vicinity PDQ.

More as we find it. Seems like we’re on the cusp of a new spate of energy — with new effects? Some of the M’s and CATs and other psychics are beginning to make 12/21 solsticial noises, so we’ll see. We predict that there will be a CME over the weekend, which will hit around the time of the solstice and bring in a bunch of upgrades/information/CAT letters to Santa/sleepless nights/aches and pains….

Have a Wave X Xmas!


UPDATE1 ~ 12-14-18 17:25 UTC

Interesting. Something is happening right now.


Might be another timeline split coming.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.10.32 AM

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.10.48 AM
Thar she blows.


We’re currently going off the muon cliff:

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.33.00 AMScreen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.33.20 AMScreen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.33.37 AM

NOTE: Folks, if we don’t respond to comments right away, we are DOING SOMETHING IMPORTANT! Or we’re asleep. Please, don’t get demanding. We do this for free, remember?

UPDATE2 ~ 12-14-18 20:04 UTC

Something singular is developing… and it’s not just CAT5’s Amish whisker oil:

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 12.01.55 PM

Seems we DID recently have yet another timeline jump and skip (aka, a Parallel-Universe Creation event, which is surprisingly common) around 14:00 UTC, and now that (above) muon thing is happening:




Ok, the muon thing MIGHT be CAT5’s (fake) Amish whisker oil.

Fake Amish Whisker Oil is ALWAYS INTENSE. Just watch the Muons FLY!

UPDATE3 ~ 12-15-18 00:10 UTC

A couple of years ago, we regularly dreamed about working various tasks on “the 31st floor,” taking the elevator there in our dreams. (We work on different floors, now.) Anyway, look at the 31 Hz level that just popped up on the Moscow SR meter:

Hm. That wasn’t there before, was it? Not on this graph, anyway.

And ha! Right on cue: another CME. We were just talking about looking for one this weekend:

This may be your solstice CME upgrade… unless we get more. This is directed away from us, bt we feel the effects regardless.

That could be why we were seeing these:

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 12.18.36 AMScreen Shot 2018-12-15 at 12.19.07 AM

Also: the Kiruna meter is looking kinda… sine-wavy… lately, like a vibrating piano string:


What a day. Time for bed.

UPDATE4 ~ 12-17-18 11:42 am PST

Ugh. Rough night.


And the muon counts:

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 11.52.45 AMScreen Shot 2018-12-17 at 11.54.03 AM

Someone asked in the comments and we lost track of where the question was, so… FYI, the above muon graphs are from Центр информационных технологий ИКФИА СО РАН ( in Siberia.

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  1. Interesting effect tonight. Tried to go to sleep, but my physical eyes were nearly seeing in the dark. Almost like I was wearing night vision glasses. Almost like being on the verge of having a major perception upgrade. Anyone? Beuhler?

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    1. Something like this has happened to me recently also. I notice it most in the early morning right after waking up or right before falling asleep at night. It’s almost like I’m able to see the outline of everything in my room, while my eyes are closed. At first I thought it was just the image “lingering” in my field of vision or something, but it’s happened several times now _before_ I’ve opened my eyes in the morning. Weird stuff!

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      1. Yup- eyes open or closed, the images remained the same. I kinda liked it. (maybe it’s my Superman abilities coming on line. Hmmm?

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    2. Yes, I feel like a change, a big one. It feels like I’m having a HUGE shift in energy.
      Earlier in the day I felt a disturbance in the force, anxiety and pain, and then suddenly, this huge shift into a blissful feeling, which has lasted for hours now. It is very strong in my heart but is all over my body also.
      I see visuals when I close my eyes. I often seen visuals but these seem different and the energy seems more animated or alive.
      And yes, I did see a white light behind my eyes, earlier, like a white ball shape. Very very bright.
      Writing this post is making it more intense. Heart is just FLAMING into bliss like it is going to explode. I’ll take it!

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  2. NZ here. We have Lightening flashes. No clouds. Clear sky. Just strobes going on. OK just heard on thunder peal against 5 strobes of lightening. One. Weird

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  3. Going to Stonehenge for the winter solstice. I am ready. Bring it all on! I also was able to receive two major upgrades in India. The first was when I saw two magenta circles come together to form a viseca pisces and then finally merge into one. The other was as if I was in the matrix movie or tron. I was Navigating an electric blue outlines with a black background. Felt like being a conduit to the blue flame. All in all what remains is the event to transcend duality for all those who wish to experience the ones and unity of higher realms.
    Peace Love and Light

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    1. Let us know what you see. We cannot at this time say anything about certain things… which is terribly vague… but we’re all almost done. Then you’ll either see what we’re talking about, or we’ll tell you.

      Keep your eyes open for a torus!


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  4. Wow, I ventured outside today for a walk with my son Elion and I’ve been sneezing my brain into mush since I got back. Whatever was in the air today is not supposed to be in my nose, I think we may consider that case closed.

    Thankfully I still have my nose cleansing routine from the Yoga as a backup. Running body temperatured water with some salt and natron in it through the sinuses takes care of most invaders in no time. In the ashram we did one round with waxed cotton thread, which was just past the line of what I can force this body put up with.

    We were also encouraged to try using our own urine diluted in water if we could sense something wasn’t right , which was…different but very effective. Some also drank a cup in the morning as a feedback loop, but that’s nothing I would recommend without the month long detox we went through before. And some washed their hair, which is not as weird as it sounds considering that its part of any shampoo you’ll find out there. But I don’t recommend that at all, urine nor shampoo.

    How’s that for a change of subject? Now back to the present:

    Yesterday is history
    Tomorrow is a mystery
    Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present

    Pooh, if I remember correctly.


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  5. The picture of this post is a déjà-vû for me. ✨

    A woman in Nijmegen (Holland, close to the German border) and a man in Kortrijk (Belgium, close to the French border) reported a sound that resembled mechanical zoom/humming which was followed by a loud bang. This happened at night, 2:30-3:00 UTC+2, on Sunday Dec 9.
    There were no clouds, no rain or thunder, in other words it wasn’t associated with the weather nor was there any report of an explosion or fire in the media the next day(s). It’s interesting they both heard the same thing cause they are more than 200km apart.
    At the same time two separate dudes in Australia, no further location details, reported a loud rumbling noise. This has been ongoing for weeks. In their words it was as if the earth itself is rumbling.

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    1. My family is from Nijmegen. Also, there is history of those strange sounds all over the world. Just search on YouTube, it’s crazy!


  6. Was just going to say ty 💕

    But now will ask:

    So are they finally doing more than just observing?…

    To observe harassment, intrusions, attacks, and other violations to our free will by forces the average person cannot see, or understand and do nothing makes them accomplices.

    It is NOT honoring free will. That was dis-info by other guys.

    Just their knowledge that this was happening to us? placed FULL responsibility upon them for WHAT they knew and HOW they responded TO that knowledge of suffering (perceived-illusion or not) taking place.

    In my decades here I have NEVER once just witnessed an attack, harrasment, miscarriage of justice etc to woman, child, dog, ANYONE and walked past or “just observe”

    I have NEVER not ONE time, failed to jump in and help.. And i am not alone. so they’ve had plenty of examples to see how its done.

    Are they FINALLY seeing perpetrators mostly invisibly attack us and are taking action?

    Ty to ANYONE in humanity who DOES step up to help your fellow man.. maybe they just needed to see how its done

    (If my tone sounds off? I have a right to it. I once did a 50 day fast with 2 different time intervals of two hours each 12-2 and 7-9) during those intervals i specifically sought help FOR humanity and i didn’t do ALL of that out of boredom or because i have time to waste. So… I need to know if that WAS a complete wasre of my time, energy, commitment and love? )

    I’ll chill but would like an honest response.


      1. Were you kidding? Not to you. To the “neutrals” observing us attacked. And do nothing.

        When i sincerely ask for help twice a day 50 days in a row which would make it be exactly 100 times and its denied because they’re still just “observing”? I don’t think it out of line to ask them ( the observers) WHY?

        You yourself have questions you want to ask. This is mine.

        I’m sorry it wasn’t clear in my communication. Sorrier still you took offense

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        1. Sorry, Iota. Some took what you said the wrong way. And there *is* a certain callousness that we’ve observed from Spirit at times, perhaps because they KNOW there is no death, so this is all a big video game to them. And many of those steering the bus on the Spirit side have perhaps never had a 3D life, or they had it a loooooong time ago and have forgotten what it’s like. Beings don’t understand emotion until they’re under its yoke. Perhaps the steerers need a one-life 3D tour, so they can see what it’s like — esp. with the PTW (formerly) in charge. I have often wondered if the TWBs were SUPPOSED to do what they did to us to see if we could overcome it (but I doubt it, they’re just too clueless). I personally don’t understand why we have to do all this karma/playacting to get closer to SOURCE. Can’t we all just meet 1:1 in conference rooms and work it out? Or isn’t there some impossible galactic mountain i could climb, instead? Or just sit and meditate for a 10,000 years as a bristlecone pine? Regardless, one of the biggest lessons here is letting go, andoverlooking what others do — because none of this is real. When you wake up from a dream… do you worry about it later? No. It’s gone. You move on.

          Btw, next time, please be specific in who you’re talking to. 😉


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          1. Yes thank you AM..

            My mistake to not re-read for clarity.

            I don’t understand.. and i won’t talk to them.. So was hoping maybe you guys had gotten some answers i just haven’t.

            Ty so much
            Little feelings hurt a bit
            But no harm done

            Ty for responding 💕

            I guess some answers will have to wait

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          2. @ AM

            I personally do not forget my dreams and they are as real to me as an “awake dream” during the day hours the logic is different though but basically I am perceiving and interacting with information in both cases. Apparently, many tribes, esp those in Central America and NZ have the same perception, for hundreds of years. Like I said before, if it has a long lasting or any effect on you at all, it’s real enough (i.e.- must be taken into account).

            What we are talking about here is that the earth, at some point, turned into a holodeck with a safety protocols turned off, metaphorically speaking (or maybe not so metaphorically). It hurts the crew members, just so you know, even though they are aware that the holodeck attack was not real and the evil and attacking and intentionally harming you characters and plots are just photons and force fields. However, when such malfunction of the holodeck program is present, the other crew members try their best to fix it from the outside the holodeck and/or from within it, whichever approach works, and sometimes both approaches are applicable.

            If what is happening on earth for millennia was an illusion, why then has it attracted so much attention from the rest of creation, including the Source itself?

            Iota is talking from the place of pain- most of the time, but she’s got a point, together with those who deciphered what she actually wanted to say (it could have been said in a short and straightforward way for the sake of practicality).

            I think that the cats have the same questions and concerns as Iota raised together with a couple of other commenters , i.e.- “the non-interference tactic” is not quite applicable to the local (earth and the neighborhood) situation from way too many stand points.

            So, I think that the cats, even though have the same concerns regarding the matter, just agreed among themselves to interpret this discordant and harmful situation on this planet the way AM presented it her comment: “it’s an illusion, it can’t hurt after we wake up from it, no harm done, all is right, all is love”. Something tells me the cats are not a 100% sure that’s the case, chances are it’s a guess, and you don’t have all the details or information to actually draw a clear line in a situation when you need to decide what’s right- to exterminate the fleas that bug, poison and in some cases kill the dog or to find a new home for them.

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            1. And yet, ALL the crew members entered the holodeck with full knowledge of what was to happen, and all permissions granted. This is the state of things. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. We are 100% sure. But the illusion is powerful, and gets to everyone at times. A large percentage of HO beings and ETs are incarnated here (on earth) at the moment, and they know this is true, yet struggle with it. It’s very very difficult. This is why we chose this path. Because it is difficult, and gets us so much closer to SOURCE than just sitting around on the other side of the Veil acting as civil servants. You don’t have to come here. And anyone who realllly wants out can just ask to be let out, and another being will take their place (in the same body). This whole show has ALWAYS been illusion, not just for millennia.


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      2. The ones who have NO right ate perpetrators of attack upon humanity. Those subjected to THAT? Have EVERY right to speak or act to terminate and prohibit that.

        Am i wrong?


          1. I WAS clearly headed there.. Since Josh left..interest has greatly diminished.. I do good to smile and love in spite of it all and now maintaining that as best i can is about all i can do anymore..

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  7. I haven’t posted in awhile, but I wanted to get y’alls read on the “sun simluator”. I haven’t paid much attention to any of that, including “Niburu”, because what I believe is that the people who do are creating or merging with the realities that will have that occur. Do you have an opinion?

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    1. We don’t have opinions. We present what we KNOW. There is a huge difference. (Sorry, that sounds peremptory, but I didn’t mean it to.)

      There is no “sun simulator.” There are no DEWs. The PTW is pushing the sun sim thing so when the sun’s companion, or any of her own solar system, appear in our skies, they can have some nonsense to cloud minds with. The DEW thing (I know you didn’t ask about it, but it’s related) is the PTW trying to invoke fear in the populace, as if they can destroy anything they want from space. (Psst: they can’t.) Many times when people are seeing and recording unusual dual-suns or things like that, it’s just a timeline jump — which is literally seeing two (vibrationally similar) parallel universes either bumping into each other or splitting apart. It happens all the time, but the fact that people have phones and cameras everywhere now makes us more aware of it (as opposed to other people telling you that you’re seeing things!). Anybody tired of the PTW, yet?


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      1. @ M6
        Ok. Can people jump timelines only when they are outside??? Why then nobody has ever seen or taken a pic of the dual sun indoors?


        1. Nope. Timeline jumps can happen anywhere, anytime. Don’t fear ’em. If you’re just getting into your car or using something electronic, it might just not work for a minute. Just be patient and things will return to normal. A ripple in the illusion!

          Oh, and people HAVE taken pics of double suns. Those pics are out there, along with those pics of “chinese cities floating in the sky” and the like. Same thing, timeline splits or a parallel universe bumping up against us, giving us weird effects, mothman, etc. We looked at the construct more closely and The Omniverse looks kinda like a softball but with all these 5 mm (scaled to the softball image) silver ribbons coming out of it all over the place — except there are infinite ribbons. It’s kinda crazy. Occasionally a ribbon will rub up against another one and we’l see unusual things, and in some rare cases people/vehicles cross over and get lost (that very rarely happens). The Burmuda Triangle has a gynormous chunk of broken crystal beneath the sea floor that was part of that A place (we don’t like to use that word, for a number of reasons) that sank, and this crystal makes the parallel universe interactions more intense when they do happen. Does that make sense?


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          1. 👍🏻 Have received same/similar info….

            @Anonymous……also don’t miss THIS beauty:


  8. If you dont want to post the comment snd just respond privately you can. Ill check my email if i don’t see comment.

    But i deserve an answer — from them. NOT that I’m open to being spoken to by them. But since YOU are? id appreciate an answer


      1. @CAT2…can’t you pick up on the pain in Iota’s comment?? He/she is talking about people being attacked by unseen beings, and higher realm beings allowing it. Part of his/her pain was that YOU have been attacked by the TWBs. Starting at the age of three, someone wrote. You CATS seem to have had whatever it takes to survive it, but maybe not everyone does.

        We can all sit around and say that it was for spiritual growth or whatever, but it just looks to me like playing dirty is being allowed by those higher-ups who might be able put a stop to it. Iota was wondering what these higher level beings have to say for themselves.

        So…the take-away is that playing dirty is okay? It sure looks like it.

        I think Iota is wanting to know how this situation can be construed as free will. I couldn’t agree more. It looks to me like free will is all about letting the bullies do whatever they want to beings who are helpless to stop it.

        Iota said he’s not in touch with the higher level beings, but he knows that you are and is wondering what their excuse is for letting terrible things happen here to defenseless humans. The whole world is full of people who are being attacked in one way or another, even unto death, and it’s being allowed. Like Iota, I’m wayyy past the time when I thought suffering was for spiritual growth. I guess if you survive it, you can MAKE it into a growth experience….

        What happens to a soul when the torture just goes on and on and on? There must be a point to it, since it IS being allowed, but it doesn’t look to me like it’s a positive thing. You wrote that you held up to the torture and didn’t dispose of the TWB’s when you had the chance, but how many souls can hold up to it? What happens to them when they finally cave? They turn to the dark side? I suppose we could then blame them for being weak.

        Iota is just wanting to know what excuses the higher level beings are giving for not lending a hand. I’m more than certain that a billion prayers have gone out for help, it’s not like none of us has said anything.

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          1. Sorry, but I didn’t see anything uncivil about what Iota wrote.
            He started out by saying that he just wanted to say thank you and put a heart there. I thought that was to thank you Cats and M’s for your service for all of us. Did you miss that part?

            But then he wanted to ask about something, about the higher level beings allowing such cruelty here. I guess nobody wants to touch that one with a ten foot pole.

            As for teachable moments. We are all told that what goes on here is because we are students and we are on a spiritual path and we are learning. But what kind of teacher sets his students up to fail? If I were a teacher, would I want to just hammer a student till he breaks and can’t perform? How many evil beings started out as good guys who just got one too many smackdowns and finally broke? You CATS said yourselves that you felt like you had a close call with the breaking point after the TWBs were attacking family members. Who wouldn’t??? Even some higher level beings were hoping you would do a bad thing and get rid of them. And then, of course, if you had, it would have been on YOU and not them. That doesn’t sound very nice, does it? How convenient for them.

            And what if we are NOT students, we are just beings who got stuck in here? Now, THAT is the ten foot pole question. Pardon me if I am being uncivil to ask it.

            Well, peace and over n out.


          2. @cat2

            If you will please read my read my response to gaiasophiaofearth i have explained.

            Im sorry you found my feelings “uncivil”

            They were NOT directed at the Cats ( whom i had kind of opened up my heart to and therefore got an ‘ouchie’ from response)

            That hurt

            The download i got? Cost me. Time, effort and commitment. ALL done ONLY out of love. For people I’ve never even met!

            Ive lost my son subsequently. As a mother? There is NO greater pain!

            I dont really think anyone who has put the love and effort forth to help and ended up with THAT experience CAN be told what is “appropriate” or to be civil about her experience and feelings.

            But to be clear. I in absolutely NO way intended to offend the cats!

            The Higher ups? I may be offending. But they can be certain the offense is NOT greater than MY feelings of deep offense at losing my child.

            And if they (higher beings ) are going to ignore 100 cries for help? I apologize if my response is to ignore them too and just stick to humans whose compassion i can relate to

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          1. Hey Iota, what a ride, I’m so with you in this drama! This happens to me all the time! Where things can get quite ugly, when people completely get me wrong, are pissed and don’t say a word, but the empathic me can clearly feel their anger, while I have no clue what might have happened. I often wonder, if I might have signed a “push peoples buttons” contract, before I got mind wiped. At times I even enter panic mode, when I want to open a chat again the next day, and then it takes a while to calm myself down, before I’m ready for the next round, wrestling with this wonderful language and it’s endless ambiguities… 😀

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        1. MaryMartha!!! 💗

          Oh my goodness!!! In the decades i have lived! NO ONE has ever understood SO well… AND your courage to speak just moved my heart to tears! NO one does one!

          For you to understand was rare enough! ( though bet money there were others who understood as well) but to speak and act with convention is exceptionally rare and a priceless”gift”

          I will remember this for a very long time and don’t really have the accurate words to describe my feelings or gratitude. Ty beloved sistet!

          May Peace and joy and love abound near and around you always! 💞💕💗

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        2. @Mary Martha

          I posted a reply of gratitude some time back that may have gotten lost ..

          But just want to express tons of gratitude! Ty SO much .. U neant it exactly as you understood it! And that was pretty amazing on your part!

          People always assume I’m pretty tough and no one ever suspects otherwise so i honestly was very moved that you understood AND said so!

          That takes super courage to do in face of possible negative repercussions. Even when people KNOW its right they seldom do it. You have both my respect AND gratitude.

          Many have my love .. Just what comes out of me..but very few on the planet have my complete respect.

          You have that absolutely!


      2. One Iota: I would like to add this Teaching Moment if you will use your free will to indulge me. Free will is a >>process<< not a right. It's something like a motor vehicles license. If you use your license to drive through our neighborhoods at break-neck speed, drunk and weaving all over the place mowing down mail boxes and putting tire tracks through our flower gardens all the while endangering our children and pets, well – your license is gonna be yanked. And your insurance will be cancelled. If you're lucky, you may be able to buy a bus or train ticket to get you from point A to point B. End of teaching moment.


        1. Yes gaiasophiaofearth

          THAT kind of is what i question.

          You see if people are relentlessly subjected to attack. And observe even the human perpetrators OF these atrocities prevail?

          An average human would conclude that MUST be ok

          For people to do good and kind and refrain from participating in harmful activities and instead of being rewarded get attacked?

          Would “teach” maybe that’s not the best course to take to the average person.

          That is WHY i fasted and prayed for FIFTY days FOR humanity to be helped.

          I beseeched them (higher ups) that the people were being assaulted left and right .. experiencing pain..from forces largely invisible and undetectable by the average human.

          That most were just trying to survive and that it was unreasonable to ask them to withstand and overcome what they were not even aware of!!

          People were suffering and in pain and didn’t even know WHY much less HOW to defend.

          Then they were being manipulated and deceived into accepting conditions that further enslaved them

          I argued that WHAT People were agreeing to and what they THOUGHT they were agreeing to were two different things. And could not be held accountable. That the responsibile parties were the ones deceiving

          Not the ones deceived

          So i just asked please for help.

          From ANYONE in the universe the multiverse. The galaxy.. The multiverses of multiverses

          If ANYONE was seeing this occurring? And they COULD help? Would they PLEASE help?

          It was supposed to be a 40 day fast. But 40 days came and went without an answer.

          That it was peoples’ “free will” and there were consequences to interfering with that ..

          (So imagine! My heart was super heavy thinking i was going to experience HEAVY karmic repercussions for taking it upon myself to even ask for help on behalf of ‘my people’! … BUT even thinking THAT? There were too many i loved in pain to do nothing. So i proceeded anyway.

          One time (i used to walk my puppy while i did this 12-2 and 7-9 each day)

          My puppy stepped on a thorn! I immediately bent down to remove it!

          I then a bit agitated TOLD whoever was listening (higher beings- speaking of higher beings)

          “See??? THIS is what us UNevolved 3D humans do! WE HELP!

          I’m not going to tell my puppy:

          “oops! Sorry! Did you step on a thorn? Well good luck with that! It was YOUR free will TO step there.. Hope you can figure it out! .. For your ‘spiritual growth and all!”

          I told tbem (highr bengs)

          “Guess I’m not as ‘evolved’ as you! Because i WILL help my puppy!”

          When i continued past 40 days? I began to see blogs of others now breaking contracts not just for themselves but on behalf of their families and loved ones… I was elated that the frequency seemed to be shifting a teenie bit. And then o. 50th day? Download came

          I was right

          Humanity. HAD chosen

          Of their FREE WILL

          that WHEN there is a perpetrator victimizing someone of lesser capacity than themselves?

          As in a child molester?

          That WHOEVER knows about it? SHOULD step in and r
          Help remove the perpetrator from the victim

          And in fact, we had laws to that effect that said FAILURE to do this? Made them an ACCOMPLICE!

          EVEN in the case of the victim having been manipulated and convinced tgat they WANTED it

          (think 14 yr old girl saying ‘but i LOVE my 50 yr old guy and i WANT to be with him!”)

          That we STILL say:

          “We get you THINK you WANT this.. But you do NOT have the capacity to understand the FULL ramifications and implications of your choice. So answer is NO!”


          That was a download

          And it was withheld and kept from me for FIFTY days…

          Hence i feel i deserve an explanation. AND why i dont trust 100% guides and highr beings… And wont talk to them per se.

          But since i knew the Cats did? Was asking if

          1) are they (higher dimensionals) NOW FINALLY helping us?

          ( Cause that’s kind of what i understood from THIS post)

          And 2

          would cats ask for an explanation please!

          Because i maintain i feel i deserve one.

          (Not from cats.. From those i asked to help over 100 times! What made it ok NOT to?)

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          1. @Iota, I feel your passion and frustration Humanity has suffered so much and the majority do not even know why they have suffered. Your posts are so heartfelt and raw, wanting so much to be able to assist, just be able to do something to help but at a disadvantage because we are human and our evolution has been so controlled. We have been attacked for so long and any means of defense have been taken from us. Our gifts/abilities etc have been supressed. Sending you love ❤️❤️❤️ And praying that this darkness we have been under for so long really is about to end. Love & Light 🌟🌟🌟🙏🙏🙏

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    1. @ Iota
      Indeed, Iota this is really confusing,- your whole comment. Who are “they” and what are you talking about?


      1. Malevolent beings mentioned in previous post that have messed with humanity. (Cannot bring myself to mention them Tall White ******** Hopefully The Event will put an end to all that Love/Light to All 🌟❤️🌟


        1. You are seriously puzzling me.

          I “bereated” ONLY those (neutrals) and ONLY by asserting facts.

          Humanity has a term for those who know a crime is being committed and do nothing!

          That term is “ACCOMPLICE”

          that is just a fact

          And it is NOT my term
          NOT my definition

          And certainly NOT my fault the “shoe fits”!

          Why YOU Cats feel offended in this is beyond me as i have made it clear None of it applied to you.

          AND i THOUGHT you could “see” purity of heart. If your guides are saying otherwise?

          My life would attest differently

          Please stop being angry and offended where mone was intended

          If the WB were deserving of your love? Am i not?


          1. IOTA ~ you are one of the most authentic, heart-centered being’s on this thread. i ask the same questions. to watch suffering of any kind goes against love. love helps. does what it can TO help. we have been deceived, i feel, in thinking the term “higher up” (higher dimensions and the like) imply more benevolent. i find that nonsense. love is love is love is love. you have my deepest empathy for the loss of your son. yes some will say “death is an illusion” – in the END of the experience here in this simulated realm, yes it is. but in the moment of now? it hurts deeply – the heart, the human and the piece of our Source Soul that is within this vessel. support and kindness are the way to Source. as i feel/know it.


    2. Iota, remember the the Tao thread at GLP? I,me and myself? nobody responded much to your posts there , write less contemplate more.

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  9. @ Cats & Ms
    You were asking about the origin and significance of this greenish-golden colour many of you have recently started seeing and found prevalent in or around your residences. I looked into it. The colour is unique to you guys (all cats and ms) as it is a frequency of psychic abilities and mystical experiences and also practiced activities of this very nature. It is your natural frequency, you have more of it when you are around one another and naturally it accumulates in where you spend most of your time- your houses, also b/c of your friends from higher places are there doing what they and you are doing. I may assume your psychic and mystical skills have recently been upgraded and you, most probably, had asked for that, that’s when this particular colour became visible and very pronounced for all of you/most of you. I personally see various very vibrant, almost alive colours each of which kinda moves forward from the white background and takes most of the space for a little while. Then slowly another colour moves forward and replaces the previous one while the previous one gently and simultaneously disappears (dissolves) inside the white background from which all those different colours slowly occur one after another. I have noticed that the occurrence of various colours depends on one’s intention or need. For some it maybe e.g. yellow most of the time b/c that’s the frequency they need for the moment or it could be e.g. fresh grass green or clear light blue as those frequencies bring more balance to those ppl for the given period of time. In a way, it’s almost as if ppl are invoking this or that color to come out of this pure white background depending on what frequency they need the most (or which frequency they are in deficit of) and they then absorb this frequency (colour) like the sunshine. If they are in a state of balance they tend to spontaneously invoke the color that is the frequency they currently enjoy or that feels/is natural for them.
    I believe there are some who don’t have this experience yet as they need to deal with some unfinished businesses, evolving, or purging/clensing.

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    1. Well, that was an awesome reading. Thank you, Space!

      It is an odd color, and we’re an odd bunch. Beings from all over the Omniverse, some of whom have been in the same form since before time began, which I can’t imagine. So very many varieties. And they are all supernice… save for one or two (whom we’ve already named), but they’re gone. Thanks again!


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  10. Hey CATs, Ms, and everybody else. I have a question about the greenish-gold energy burst that you mentioned above. Maybe this is a dumb/silly question so I apologize in advance, it’s just something that popped into my head that I was curious about. My question is whether the colors in such an energy burst (e.g. the greenish-gold one) have anything to do with aura colors. For example, would the effects of this type of energy burst be more noticeable to someone with a greenish-gold aura than one with a different type of aura?


    1. Mmm… we don’t know. It’s some kind of Wave X energy, and so far we’re the only ones who see it (though one other commenter saw it?). We just hear a rumble, then the light starts, and we hear: “UPGRADE!” and boom there it is.



      1. @The CAT(s) That Lived

        I remember the time, I was still in Facebook and Amanda Lawrence
        was telling about a green ray and that is the sign, that the “solarflash” is near.
        This was in 2017

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  11. Dear CATs and friends, thank you so much for all the support last week. I feel a little better and am ready to get back into the fray!

    Just a brief message to notify you guys that I’m ok and not about to give up, yet. I’m off to a pizza gathering with my Reiki sharing group now, so I’ll see you all later!

    P.S. Been feeling all those temporal kerfuffling jumps a lot lately… my head feels like it’s about to burst. Are we there, yet?

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    1. This may be off or related. But there was a post in g*dlikeproductions labeled:

      “Timelines to a global reset 2016-2017″ from an obscure China man who used the handle”the Tao” who was working with the Wisdom Keepers all over the world to bring about a “smooth” reset.

      It is one of the longest threads in history there and he told of the “wild card” winning election (trump card).when that seemed impossible

      THAT event was said to be “marker” for the Reset (Event)

      But just the onset… NOT event itself

      One of the “markers” it was near was specifically Pink and blue hues being CLEARLY seen by people

      So got a bit excited you mentioned this.

      Another thread there “ME tell u now so u believe me before May 15” purportedly accessed by fluke with being from parallel universe told of the merge of parallel universes or timelines way before years before any talk of Event was fashionable. He spoke of the split occurring and gave markers.

      Would be before May of whatever year involved
      “Brown cheats”
      “Oil sickness”
      “Kennedy returns”

      Brown is Gov now and ive suspected if the time is now? It will come out he was involved in fires somehow

      I mention it because it was yrs BEFORE jfk jr “died” in crash. When he “died” hope that what had been told held truth was abandoned. But you recently confirmed that he didnt and is indeed Q as is suspected.

      Bits and pieces of obscure info tying in to here

      So… Just fyi

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      1. @Iota, interesting post. Where was it confirmed that Q was JFK Jr.? I must have missed that, but incredibly curious to know!


        1. Rishi, the CATs (or M’s) mentioned it in an earlier post, can’t remember which one (is there a Search button here?), could be Into The Sparkly Blackness. Q was discussed, too.



          1. thank you, antoniatailor. I did try searching for both QAnon and JFK and came up empty handed, but I’ll try checking out the post you mentioned.

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          2. @M2, THANK YOU for the verification, you have no idea how much that question has been on my mind the past few months. Much appreciated =)


        2. @RISHI

          very, sorry don’t have this set up to email me responses so just now saw this.

          CATS and AntonioTaylor answered about confirmation of Q.

          here is a quick reference to the thread that indicated his return as marker:

          “*(The Entity made more than a 100 predictions/calculations and it was Rubicon who decided which predictions should be used in the “Me tel U” thread. Some of the predictions were just impossible to manifest and were kept from the Reveal. For example there was a prediction that “the young Kennedy wil return” to be some kind of a new leader, but we all knew Young Kennedy died in a plane crash, so this “prediction” had no way of becoming reality. Even with these false-positives in 2006, the Entity’s authenticity was verified by different means to the Researchers at the time (1994-1999). As mentioned in the Nexus article these “means” still remain classified)”

          Post by: akasuzanne

          User ID: 54788868 ~ United States
          07/23/2018 02:41 PM

          in case you were curious. ❤


    2. This evening’s sunset was AMAZING! I can begin to describe the feeling, sensation and the CALM & LOVE! The pink bands you mentioned, yep, saw them on the edges of the clouds, but also in the sky too! I’m going to watch the sun raise tomorrow morning

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    3. Yes, pink energy bands in the very early morning, 6:30 Am to 7:30 AM, twenty miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Many times over the last six months. Almost phosphorescent, not normal rays, like the light glinting off of a CD. I drink coffee with another friend in the park, she sees them too. I’ve tried photography, it doesn’t work.

      Also, you guys stunned me with the green gold paisley pattern. That knocked me back to my childhood. I’d spend hours locked in that same colored landscape. Why the paisley pattern? Because its like the Fibonacci series. My paisley patterns transitioned and grew exponentially, continually regenerating themselves.

      I listen to videos that use the Fibonacci series and Binural Beats for hours, I’ve read in your column that others do the same:

      Meditatively, my path doesn’t seem as complicated as the others on this page; sound and color is what I need. I’ve been an inner city warrior for a long time, a technical expert, using my skills to keep this big ship afloat. We passed the test, my ears stopped ringing two weeks ago, down 85%. They had started ringing more than sixty years earlier. That’s when I first saw the green gold Fibonacci paisleys. I remember the day, I was in Kindergarten.

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      1. sorry but @The CAT(s) That Lived

        I don’t understand the meaning of ducking????
        two red Deux Chevaux and one coming from east
        and the other from west in one minute
        this was insane.

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    1. Ha! Spent a lot of vacations in Switzerland as a kid and these Citroens were anything but rare back then. Always loved the rickety looking things….

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  12. I sympathize with the kitty who looks pissed off under that awkward Xmas tree: Where are the branches?! Nothing to jump upon!

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    1. Yeah, i had to do that with one of my cats and trees one year: intentionally pruned it to keep dumdum from climbing, then he kept making adjustments, i made adjustments… and soon i had to take the “tree” outside to spraypaint red and put a big white foam ball on top to make it the North Pole. Bad cat.


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  13. I think Ill keep my eyes, ears and heart open. I think @iota means by “them” are all the aliens ets archons and others dimensional beings in contact with us.


  14. I got caught in the split between 5 & 6 est. Opened the door to get food for Minky[my kitten has nicer fur than any mink]. Walked back through the door and it was closed, I ran into it. I’m certain I left it open for I knew my hands would be full. Strange joke! Yet it was a great energetic day, I felt 150%. Happy Friday, Peace/Love/Harmony to All

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  15. ok… I almost shared something in one of my comments yesterday and had my computer refuse to type – it would do anything else, but no letters would show up… this has happened before when I was supposed to edit or delete things, so had to delete stuff… the fact that I forgot for moments to ‘keep my head down’ I take as a positive sign (as well as using my name originally, really surprised me, but didn’t get warned off from it as usually happens – either I comment nothing anywhere or am cryptic) perhaps that means that there may be less of that which I have needed/chosen to keep hidden from… I’ve survived enough trauma not to invite more… also have had more peace feeling in body than previous, so feel this also bodes well… I keep getting nudged to share this and will continue to ask for edit guidance before posting. About 4 or 5 yrs ago I received information about why I’m here, what I’m doing which has made being here much more tolerable – I just keep reminding myself. – I’ve never been in a planetary life form here or anywhere before this life almost 70 yrs ago. I have had life before but not planetary based, very different… Today I experienced a different body feeling and after questioning understand the co-incidence of life form activations within the same general ‘time’ sequence. I’m sorry for this sounding so crazy or cryptic, but I’m urged to continue. I want you to be encouraged (that doesn’t sound pompous does it, lol) that what humanity has grow through in spite of others intentions, and that a good portion now can want and work towards something better for all. It’s something like my not being able to blame others or have certain feelings toward the perpetrators (this isn’t putting myself forward in any way, it’s just what happens with me and more people have wanted to argue with me my whole life that I’m just not facing up to what was done – oh, I’ve faced it, every minute of it (some has been held back from my everyday consciousness – I can look toward it, but it gets shut down immediately – too much to carry around and be sane… but who says I’m that, lol) So back to humanity and add any kind of life here – what has been, is being accomplished here is very important and unique and unexpected, the how of how we’re doing it is being gathered, saved and has everything personally to do with my next assignment – a very long, long, long assignment. It’s worth being here and experiencing what we do, whatever you chose to and coming to a place of more SOURCE orientated feeling and behavior or however you chose to say it. It’s ok if you don’t get what I’m trying to convey or disagree or even if his isn’t posted – I find it easier if I agree to the nudgings – they just continue if I don’t follow through… peace and excitement to all AND gratitude to you all… Kg

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      1. thank you… I’m insecure enough to think it might not be posted, for whatever reason, which would be ok, as long as I wasn’t ‘wrong’ for writing it. I did forget one part – it is that what amazes and almost a feeling of awe towards us from those that watch and are rooting for us is that we are succeeding to move and develop in the direction we are with the degree/depth of emotional and physical feelings we experience, which most can not even contemplate what THAT is like without incarnating here. That we can get there, the perception and choice to move and change to a better way to be while being WITHIN a body with all or most of the SOURCE amnesia most live in. A number of years ago I had an experience of feeling the presence of those watching/paying attention – like a gallery – there’s no number that can convey – it was like the whole Universe(Omniverse?) That we can do what we’re doing is almost incomprehensible. It was positive, like what we are doing will affect the WHOLE positively – Am I being redundant – feels hard to convey the experience. I have deep gratitude for your acceptance of me here. luvvies and huggles to all… Kg

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        1. Thank you Kg. This is your “coming out” party. Yaay! This is from another who is considered “strange among the strange” I still don’t talk about my deepest knowings because I somehow self-judged them to be from my ego. Altho, according to Sweet Lisa Gawlas, all that is about to change. EEeeee! On an entirely different subject: big wind storm here in PNW 60000 without power. It came on back here at my house at 12:45 A.M. I had awakened just micro-seconds before it came on. Electrical re-set apparently needed. My car battery was tired this morning so I had to get a jump-start. Hah! This is gettin’ interesting! Woohoo!

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    1. Yes. This happens to us all the time. We’ll start to comment somewhere (usually on another site, but sometimes on this one), or write a controversial post and the site jams. We try to post again and it still doesn’t work. It’s the same process as when Spirit gets us stuck in traffic so we’ll miss an accident (or in the last case, keeping us from getting lost in a parallel universe with crazy PTW bad-actors): they’re keeping us from harm. Sometimes we’re asked by people to do a reading on something… and we either get nothing (a blank wall) or we’re flat-out told, “NO.” This happens to Lynn over at Psychic Focus, too.


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  16. I heard somewhere (maybe Aluna Ash) that judgement is what holds us in duality. Once we break free of that trap, there is freedom to see things from a higher perspective. That rang true for me and is my current goal. Good luck to all in your endeavors. Cay

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  17. Some commenters have recently mentioned a bizarre occurrance of the sound of a non existent alarm clock or a phone ringing while in reality neither the alarm clock nor the phone were emitting any sounds whatsoever. Does anyone here has any direct awareness of what it could possibly be? I have already have it happened to me twice. The second time it happened (yesterday), I was already awake and acutely aware of the foreign sound. The thing is, not only I didn’t have an alarm that was on, but also, I don’t have any electronic device that has this sound. In both cases the ring tone of the mysterious “alarm clock” was going off for about a min, maybe a min and a half. Does anyone has any realistic idea of what this phenomenon is all about?

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    1. Ha! This just happened to me, and has happened repeatedly for the past two weeks.

      Note that it is very common to have auditory hallucinations in the shower or near water (waterfalls, the ocean, etc.), as white noise causes your brain to short circuit across what’s known as Broca’s Area in the brain. (One of the reasons so many holy sites are near water, and why you always hear your phone ringing while in the shower.) BUT… in my recent alarm clock cases, there was no white noise present at the time.

      And check this out. The dishwasher I bought and installed… seven years ago?… just started doing an end-of-wash-cycle beep… that the OLD dishwasher used to do. Which was a totally different brand. My ears are now ringing like crazy. Upgrades!

      Suddenly, the world has become so much cooler.


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    2. Anonymous,
      For years I have been awakened by rings and bells of all kinds. Church bells, brass hand bells, tinkling tiny glass bells, bike handle ring, old phone ring, short order cook’s counter ring, and lastly the front door bell (which I got up to answer in the wee hours of the morning). Someone is trying to get my attention and has a good repertoire of a 63 yr. old’s ring memory. Cay

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  18. Oh, boy. Things are happening:

    1. Looks like one of the CATs has a new connection with someone we’ve been waiting for. It’s a big deal, but we’re gonna wait for the go-ahead from them before we say anything. Stay tuned. This is a big precursor to The Event.

    2. Also… is anyone else smelling “ionized air”? If you know what negative ions smell like, this could be yet *another* precursor. Some of us have smelled the air on the New Earth (for a glorious minute) and… it was like nothing here. The freshest air imaginable.

    3. One of the CATs had a dream last night that they made a thousand brown bag lunches… with little blue blobs of energy in each bag! Pink and blue lights.

    4. And the new phonebooks are here! (Probably no one gets that joke.)

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. I had been smelling coffee , but, not when I realized that I was smelling my upper lip! I washed my whiskers and it was off to the races (after I got the battery jump-start)

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  19. Ok, this is interesting. Some may have noticed the little Iota-kerfuffle we had here on the site. Well, as far as we can tell, it seems we had a timeline jump and another CAT(3) wrote a reply to Iota — via email — and it wasn’t OUR CAT3 who wrote it. This created a kind of snafu-step that we never took. We checked the logs and there’s no funny business. And the email date corresponds with a timeline jump. No wonder everyone was so confused.

    AND some of us are having deja vu like mad over some comments coming in now, while others dreamt about them 6- months ago. And we thought we’d seen everything.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. This sounds a lot like what I’ve been experiencing off and on for awhile now… Deja vu about moments you’ve dreamt about or already experienced from the future but in the past. It makes more sense in my head. It’s some trippy shit for sure. It’s always really fleeting for me and hard to process but it’s like “Oh, I already swept this garage floor on this day because I remember doing it.”

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    2. Okay that confirms a lot! I was worrying all night about the posts on here, something felt really off. I wanted to comment but my head was mush, had such horrible migraine and could not string together any words. Whom page today personally has gone off the scales, feel like my body cannot take much more. Sending love to everyone, mind and soul is strong but my physical body….. Peace 🙏❤️🙏


      1. Also feel like really crying! It takes a lot to trigger tears but today…. I will have to hold it together until daughter is in bed, phew…. Breathe, breathe, breathe🌟❤️🌟

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    3. I was texting with my brother this Tuesday, then woke up on Weds to “see” a response from him, I texted back, then went to look for his last text and it was nowhere to be found, I know I saw a text from him🤔. I can really relate to the high strangeness going on!
      Much Love

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    4. that was SO weird. when this was ALL over, i checked my email and it was CAT3 thanking me for all the work i’ve done for humanity and it was dated Nov 30!!!

      so now, i was the one super confused. how could she have understood and thanked me two weeks ago? and then yesterday been confused and upset?

      but THIS CAT3 has no recollection! yet there it was in black and white!

      we jumped timelines .. and when that happens “they” (unloving beings) don’t like it and try to drag us back down by engaging in strong negative emotional reactions.

      but we overcame that it seems, because then this morning as i walked my puppy i look up in the sky and there are literally clouds in shape of angel wings spanning 30+ feet above me and i just felt so much gratitude.

      and then, as i walked and looked up again there were more clouds this time in shape of a dragon. literally majestic with tail and seemed to be devouring something above my house … and then another one to the right having “gotten” whatever and now flames coming out.

      i noticed one of my “handlers” came out. so maybe they were taking care of that since i mostly just take it as a sign i’m ‘onto something” they don’t like and just ignore them.

      our emotions seem to be a key ingredient in what we create. that is why they are used and triggered. they can either elevate us or drag us down.

      meteor passing closest in Canada 16th … time to stay focused and positive. sending love to all ❤

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      1. Yes, they try to create discord and duality and feed off our negative emotions like vampires….All is well, Love, Peace xxx


        1. Whew!!! So glad everything got worked out. 😉
          And glad you feel better, Iota. Plus, since you were feeling better, you wrote about that GLP thread re the Global Reset, a nice, concise summary that I found helpful.
          So, I just gotta say this, if no Higher Realm Beings will help us, we at least are trying to help each other. There’s that.
          Hope you see this…

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          1. @MaryMartha

            ty! ❤ i think we figured out that there was a timeline shift/distortion that took place, because the CATS had actually responded in the past to what i spoke of (in ANOTHER timeline) and in this one had NO recollection. I'd heard of this even in couples, with one party upset because their partner said something the other had NO recollection of, but this was my first actual experience of it! even here in reading comments, i responded to a couple that are NON existent, yet the CATS did NOT delete any.

            i've learned to "let it go". and for me, that's slightly more challenging because once upon a time, (maybe another timeline?) i had a photographic memory (then got stabbed, so maybe traumatic shock is to blame) now i don't. BUT i kind of took a bit of pride in remembering facts. with these timeline changes? i no longer even attempt to. it has become irrelevant as in any moment i may find myself on a timeline where none of it took place.,.. sigh …

            but was just really grateful for your perseverance in communicating your understanding. i was truly impressed because very, very few even 'enlightened' humans are at that point. to speak truth AS they understand it, irrespective of repercussions.

            it is one of "jobs" here on the planet. and let me tell you to be a teenager doing what NO adults dare to? (speak truth unwaveringly without stuttering or backing down ~ in the face of NO agreement) was a daunting experience of life! so i've had loads of experience in not being "taken out" by much. but this was practically my FIRST experience at being on the receiving end of what i have done for others all of my life. you are VERY rare to come across and truly remarkable. i thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤

            i think in THIS matter and as we navigate further through our collective evolution we will find ourselves not just experiencing different timelines simultaneously BUT having "different" interpretations simultaneously as well.

            i liken it to speaking different languages.

            so speaking 3D understanding would be just AS i stated to the Higher Beings "IF you KNOW we are being criminally and maliciously persecuted and endangered and you CAN do something but FAIL to do so, you DO realize that in 3D terms that makes you an ACCOMPLICE, right?"

            speaking 4D at the VERY same time:

            is to understand that in ALL these experiences there are "lessons to learn" some which can ONLY be gleaned from personal experience. such as when we stick the stick in the electric socket or touch a hot stove? WE "learn" that is dangerous and NOT to do that BY the personal experience OF it.

            so .. "allowing" us the EXTRAordinary experience of surmounting TRULY daunting and INsurmountable challenges gives us a strength and power we would NOT have, IF they "stepped" in .. as children become self reliant in doing things for themselves, so do we on this level.

            (i maintain boundaries are lacking. even a mother will not allow her child to be run over by a vehicle so he can "learn" to look both ways before crossing a street … so …. one for me would be crimes against the children and our fur babies for example. i find it a stretch of imagination that the child or animal is "learning" anything worthwhile in there)

            BUT for most things? the above IS valid.

            then there is 5D understanding that we have operated from a DISconnected to Source manner, and the objective is to RE-turn or return OUR awareness to it.

            SOOO that is where we EVENTUALLY start to look within for answers as to WHY what is happening is happening….

            asking questions such as "what inside of me remains YET unhealed that i STILL see myself as a victim and therefore drawing painful experiences to me to validate that viewpoint. ACIM teaches we WILL seek witnesses to attest to what we believe. i recently posted a meme that stated:

            "the search for someone to blame is ALWAYS successful"

            some, as I AM, are stubborn. boy can i get very, very creative in my searches. and always am i successful to my detriment! lol!

            eventually even i will come around to say, "it was ME holding unloving and untrue beliefs about myself and projecting them out to others that is creating this repeatedly"

            now to UNDERSTAND, and navigate ALL of these SIMULTANEOUSLY? can get anyone dizzy.

            so no worries if i express myself speaking a 3D understanding in one minute, rest assured that by the time i hit "SEND" i've moved on to explore the 4D and 5D version after that quite rapidly … 😀

            anyway, wanted to throw this out in case it might be of help to any others …

            either way, MaryMartha? at THIS point? i'm left feeling that if as long as there are people like YOU here working for "our team"? … i think we'll be just fine!

            I'll have a nice conversation with the Higher Beings later and i'm sure they do not doubt that i WILL … 😉

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  20. I’m seeing this green-golden light since few weeks (3 or 4) but while grounding, comming up from earth core and covering me like a fluffy blanket.

    And also the pink colored clouds… are strongly tied to a dream I’ve had some years ago, always the same dream, but not knowing what it was about back then. Now I know it was an Event-Dream
    I was searching the skyes for this color since then.
    12/12 I had the same feeling/emotions/senses exactly like in this dreams. It was so strong, it causes me nausea. I looked at the sunset, and there was this color clouds/mist for the first time! The feelings and nausea were gone immediately

    Almost every time I tried to comment about this here, I was told not to. Not sure why it seeems okay now

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    1. We just had a gorgeous sunset here in SW lower Michigan of pink clouds against the blue sky. About 4:45 pm ET. It gave me goosebumps! I thought it was the start of the Event.

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  21. Cats, why I am getting a feeling , that you guys ‘are bubbling with excitement’ and not telling us mortal beings?

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        1. that’s really great Lily! are you familiar with channel ZenLifeRelax? very soothing great ones! i saw another comment you feel like crying … it’s ok Lily .. just allow it to flow without judgement and then you can release it … i’ll send you lots of love and light and angels … i took several pictures of the clouds on my phone maybe they will go to you now ❤

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          1. @Iota, thank you so much, I will check out that channel 🙂 Yesterday was a real test but all is well now, sending love to you to and to all that need it xxx


  22. I woke up thinking about my kid’s hair. We skype an hour later and first thing she tells me: I cut my own hair!

    Last night before sleeping I saw colours in front of me, it was like a light show, with big balls of light moving from one side to the other.
    Purple, green, orange, yellow, blue,… Also the light seemed to fade, as if someone was playing with the light switch, making it brighter and darker.
    Then I saw what was like a white vertical line. It reminded me of that yt-video where a man opens a portal in his bedroom using the 525hz and 528hz tone. When he starts the first tone, a white vertical line appears which later evolves into a portal. That didn’t happen (yet).

    I was experimenting with the tone generator by szynalski, ( you can change the output (left/right) so you get the binaural effect of phantom frequency which should happen if the left ear frequency is 10hz below the right ear frequency, yet it yielded no results. My girl said perhaps we shouldn’t try this because we don’t know where we’ll end up. This rang true and I know our bodies will transmit these frequencies by itself some time soon and we can open portals without the use of external equipment.

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  23. I was looking at the Sun time-lapse thingy on the site that was down a week or so ago? ( I enjoy looking at the activity around the sun occasionally) I perceived something different, maybe it was something about the extra bright ring at outer edge that seems different and there seems to be a ‘softness/quality? to the corona part – maybe to do with the consciousness there? Wonder what that western bright blob will do next… Anyone else feel/perceive anything the sun lately? I’m going to try to post the screen shot I took – I’ll add the timestamp that I felt it the strongest ( 2018-12-15 02:35:30 ) if it doesn’t show up… Kg
    ok, couldn’t figure out how to include the screenshot, so here is the webpage with the sun thing… sense seems just as strong when I updated the time-lapse…

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  24. By the way, I have been a bit worried about Anonymous 144, I have not seen a comment from him for a while, I hope he is okay, can anybody check? Many thanks xxx

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    1. Ignore this comment please! I just saw that Anonymous1444 commented very recently, don’t know how I missed it, Doh! x


  25. Wondering if you noticed this glorious Gaia Portal message:

    Shoals of Illumination present their Guidance.

    Celebrations are prepared for the inbound Light Crafts.

    Ports of Sol are opened.

    Higher Vibrationals enter with glee.

    ÉirePort | December 14, 2018 at 11:11

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  26. May I ask you Cats, where your Muon data is coming from? I have checked a lot of the public real time data sources, but not one of them shows similarities to the graphs you showed! Does your data perhaps come from a home made Muon detector? If so, I wonder why the published ones are nearly always boring flat and yours are so “crisp”?


  27. That 1/2 wave shown on the Kiruna riometer from the 15th is EXTREMELY low frequency with 1 full cycle being about 26hrs and with my back of the napkin math telling me it’s 1.068 *10^-5Hz.
    We have been ‘bombarded’ with low frequencies off and on for quite a while now (several years) but I have never seen anything with this low a frequency before.

    Low frequencies such as these are very significant and permeate EVERYTHING because this wave has a wavelength of 1979 miles, nothing will ‘stop it’.
    And these low frequencies tend to literally ‘shake up ones entire body’.

    Just more ‘unique’ stuff going on to which we all are a witness and participant.

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  28. Dear CATs and Ms,
    Have you visited the site of the one called Bowban? Here it is:

    If you read his post entitled Census, there’s a lot of interesting information about genetics, DNA, the origin of the European (Caucasian) race (how the Reptilians created the Europeans), blood types, incompatibility, etc.
    Quote, “European can only access two-strands of his DNA because he cannot get past the 1st light of density, anything past of 1 density of light gives him cancer [second highest rate of cancer in the entire world is in Israel, who is in Israel, where is the first], cancer, so he is always and always will be trapped in his lower self.”

    What’s your take on this? Thank you.

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    1. Thank you for sharing. I like it a lot. What a treat of a precious gem for reading all the CATs and Ms comments. Purr-ing 🙂 ❤

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    2. @antoniatailor

      Quote, “European can only access two-strands of his DNA because he cannot get past the 1st light of density, anything past of 1 density of light gives him cancer [second highest rate of cancer in the entire world is in Israel, who is in Israel, where is the first], cancer, so he is always and always will be trapped in his lower self.”
      this would be eternal damnation!
      FAKE NEWS.
      and it stinks horribly


      1. @oro:
        Please read all the post to the end, do not focus on excerpts only.
        I just asked the CATs and M’s for their opinion on the research data. It’s a neutral question. Anybody interested should do more research in order to have an informed opinion.
        Love to you, oro,

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    3. @ Antoniatailor

      …antonia, sorry it’s a remarkable piece of nonsense. Also, most Jews in Israel, as well as Arabs over there are of African, not European descent and there are mixed nationalities with African genetics dominating the European one. Use your own discernment girl, VERIFY things before you believe it or take it for granted. It’s the case where you don’t even need to know genetics or demography, just mere logic will suffice to see that that statement about the EU folks and the 2 strand DNA is fabricated to mislead.

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      1. Thank you.
        As I wrote above, I wanted “a second opinion”. The info looks and feels questionable. I don’t have the time to do research, this is an enormous subject matter. Thanks again.


  29. Just an observation and I do not suggest anyone do this!

    I looked at the sun today, it was incredibly bright. I closed my right eye and could not look at it…painfully bright. Then I closed my left eye and I was able to look at the sun with my right eye, no glare, could make out a pulsing orange and red around it quite clearly. The difference in each of my eyes and ability to look directly at the sun was immense!

    I wondered if anyone else had noticed this?

    Love/light xxx

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  30. @anonymous1444

    I saw you mention Amanda Lorence. Here is her post from today:


    This Passageway effects every human being upon Gaia, to varying degree, dependent on their own path, stage and current over residing energetic frequency. The following will be understood by some as occurring to them, where they are part way through this defining period of energetic shift within. Please just discard if this doesn’t resonate:

    The Forerunners are being encouraged (by Higher Self which is them), to increase the spin of their Merkaba. They do so by going into the ‘Now’ moment, then into their heart space, then into Light Body Mode. From the Heart Space, their energetic portal and seat of Love, and from their CONSCIOUS Will, they are able to physically feel the spin of their Merkaba, and thus INTERACT to increase the spin speed, spinning it CLOCKWISE. This expands their energetic field out, and increases their energy field and awareness.

    For people at this stage, the current passage way 11-22 Dec, is akin to being in a Light Tunnel. Where the light is so strong and so bright in front of you, that you can not see what lies ahead. So magnetic is the energy within this Passageway that to turn around and look behind, even slightly, to observe or interact with lower frequency energetics, is not only difficult, it can be energetically nearly impossible. And this is the perfection of where we are NOW. For there is only Now, at this particular stage, in this particular Tunnel/Passageway we are in the midst of. For to engage in any energetics within, or without, than that of your highest available frequency feels to the human as frustration, and brings an energy a human will label as ‘agitation’. It is not actually ‘frustration/agitation’ which are humanised words to describe energy. It is an energetic RESISTANCE to dip your energy frequency at this time. Your RESISTANCE is to enter lower energetic frequency fields you have already been, and done, and come out from. It is your current ENERGY field that is not allowing you to go backwards, dip into lower energetic frequency fields… from where you have already risen from. Your energetic journey and path JUST IS. Yet the human tries to describe it. Peace is found in just allowing YOU to BE YOU, allowing your energy to FLOW and increase ever HIGHER. Allowing others their own journey. The Resistance comes from our HUMAN version that may try to turn around and watch, witness, engage in the illusion. Yet energetically, it can’t Now.

    So right NOW, at this sector, we are being encouraged to go within, be present, and work on our OWN energetic FIELD. Increase and expand our own energetic field. Increase the spin of our own Merkaba, through our very conscious will and ability to do so. It is these people, that at the time of the MAIN WAVE, will all have a natural KNOWING…to switch mode, into their LIGHT BODY MODE at the time of the MIAN WAVE. For in that state of ‘Light Body’, they are able to absorb the highest degree of energy possible, via their Light Body. Far more energy potency, than their human physical body could withstand. And so at the time of the Main Wave, those that are able to access their Light Body, and be in that mode, will naturally KNOW to become that Light Body State, at the time of the Main Wave. In order to absorb the incoming energy through the Light Body, anchoring it naturally down into Gaia ( wont have to try), and across the energetic field of collective consciousness, thus bringing in the highest degree of energy possible for the Whole.

    It is this short and basic explanation of how the mechanics of energy and light body work, that is behind the phrase ‘Pillars of Light’. And there will be those that become in complete conscious waking awareness, as their human Will, the Pillars of Light, that light up the planet, that light up the grid we have already been creating. The Main Wave, the Light Body’s via their human form and Will, effectively switch on the new grid to full power.

    It is not about who is awake and who is asleep. It is not about who knows this and who knows that intellectually. It is not about what human and non human experiences any one of us have had, and will continue to have. It is not about tools on the outside within our illusion. It is not about gifts we have within or don’t appear to have just yet (everyone has them). It is about who chooses to reside in their heart space and BE…GIVE OUT unconditionally from that heart space…for the heart is our ‘own’ energetic GATEWAY and PORTAL to all that is, and holds also individualised key to everything. It is human choice, to reside in our ‘own’ energetic heart space, from where we are able to serve the WHOLE from a higher embodied state of Being, a higher consciousness and higher awareness. For in truth, we don’t have separated hearts, we have just undergone an experience of separated, individualised hearts. In truth, it is one heart shared out, via our heart portal, shared openly, willingly, unconditionally (for no personalised benefit), in a knowing that the heart accesses the infinite, never ending Love that always just IS present.

    One Love,
    Amanda Lorence
    16 December 2018

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    1. This post by Amanda Lorene, passed on by Conciously Connecting, reminds me of the expansion felt when your purring cat lies on your chest or lap. The auras of both combine to become a sum greater than it’s individual parts. Anticipate love magnified. Cay

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  31. I’m CONVINCED it’s Time to get my Bunny Suit out and send it to the Cleaners.

    Them Graphs and Meters is lookin’ Mighty Pretty!

    (I’m envisioning a Meter Museum someday featuring Art Prints, Photographs and Paintings of some of these beautiful colorful Graphs and Meters) 🙂

    I’m SO busy, but never too busy to keep up with Y’all.

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