Your Basic “Solar Flash” [UPDATE1]

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 9.14.56 AM

Well, there really was a “solar flash” yesterday around 18:12 UTC (11:00 am PDT), just as predicted, but we’re not sure if it’s what people were expecting.

It started like this. Note the timecode:






The solar flash lasted approximately an hour, swamping the sensors on the LASCO coronagraph — an instrument on SOHO, a satellite fairly close to the sun. SOHO picks up blasts like this all the time, and these types of energy blasts can last for a while, but… that was a pretty good one. What kind of energy was it? Well, we’ll tell you:

We have no idea what kind of energy was released, save that it was Wave X energy. It is interesting to note that fewer ships were seen in the various other satellite views during that time… though there was this one:


Even more interesting, the energy resembles Lisa Gawlas’ “confetti” conjecture:


Regular readers of this blog may recall that the sun is basically our local multi-dimensional reality projector and full-service gynormica portal. Info-wise, whatever comes out of the sun is basically programming that then travels at high speed to the “screens” (your “reality”) here on earth. The sun is about 93 million miles from earth, so it typically takes this high-speed Mahabharata anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 days to get here; while we are indeed 10 light seconds from the sun (it takes light 10 seconds to go from the sun to the earth), the energy/info you’re seeing above is typically more dense and travels more slowly, hence the lag. OR… it got here in 10 seconds, it’s hard to tell.

What is in this energy burst? YES, you guessed it…


…doves and bunnies.

The sun appears quite unsettled, of late:

These lines are usually FLAT and boring.
The GOES X-ray flux is UP a whole order of magnitude.
And sure, we had a timeline jump, too. Why not?



But wait, there’s more!

Even more fun, that one Jupiter-sized ship that’s laying down an energy beam (to the “left” of the sun) IS NOW EXTENDING THE BEAM A MILLION MILES. Look:

Note the beam.
(Note: We added the red circle and arrow.)

It’s really easy to see on this time-lapse video. Watch it quick before it has itself a little NASA accident.

That beam was shorter a few days ago, so we’re guessing that something big is being ramped. Or… YES, they’re just releasing…



Well, it is almost Easter.

Yeah, we don’t know what’s what either.


Yow. We all felt the pure muonic BAM in our heads around 11:45 PDT. It showed up here on the Siberian muon meter (where all times are UTC):

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 1.45.36 PM

So, unless this was from one of the flare/CMEs, the Wave X/solar flash above took about 24 hours to get to us. That’s pretty energetic. Our heads still hurt.

150 thoughts on “Your Basic “Solar Flash” [UPDATE1]

  1. Today at 11:45am UTC+2 my mom felt a wave of bliss and love. Her whole body was tingling. It lasted for a few minutes and funnily enough it was somehow connected to seeing a featherlike cloud in the sky.
    Anyone else?

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    1. I experienced the same thing here around the same time. Was out walking in the sun with my son and caught myself feeling pretty good. And the people I met along the way were all positive. Going outside, especially during the day with all the noise is one of my least favorite things to do lately.

      If this is the way it keeps moving I can take a few more nights in the dishwasher to get there. Today was definitely a leap in the right direction as far as I can see.


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  2. Of course we all have our own selfish reasons for wanting the event and 5D to happen now. For me, I’m fairly blessed, life will go on with ups and downs. But the children across the world who are sold into slavery, tortured and abused? What happenes to them if there is no shift? The sick twisted diabolical evil ppl of the world continue their reign and the children are lost. Or those ppl suffering in third world countries being held hostage by dictators. How can we save them? This is why I want 5D…to save the world from evil.

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    1. It’s not selfish to want to be in a CLEAN classroom without bullies and murderers and arsonists and self-centered dickheads, where lunch grows on trees, and where the teachers are not only borderline-magic/exotic, they’re also YOU.


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      1. I know. I live in the desert and everywhere you turn is dirt. even the houses are painted dirt brown to blend with dirt. The funny thing is, one reason I resonate so much w/ this site is whenever I’m asked what I want in life, I say magic. I want something magical to happen. Since i was a kid. LOL I stare at the skies during the day and at night searching for magic.

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        1. There’s a mountain in Tucson not far away where Brother J appeared before some hikers, then at the peak…he vanished. He left them a little note, too. That really happened. His style is always so understated.


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      2. We must lead by example, for We Are 1 and We Are creating this new reality. I felt great vibes from All at the grocery store today. Much Peace/Harmony to All.

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          1. Yes! W/bright blue eyes, she loves All humans she meets. I had to share her w/the world! Peace.

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    2. @ duganknows, I know. I think we’ve all gone to bed at some point or at many points on this journey, sick to the stomach because of reading about all that is happening out there and feeling so helpless and frustrated that you cannot just go in there and grab those children, people and pull them away to safety. Have managed to do it in my ‘dream missions’ a few times but here in the physical 3D that’s not so easy. It is hard to know about/read about but there are many brave people coming forward, whistleblowers etc… I really believe that we will have our Event. In the meantime, it’s not perfect but things are coming out more and more, it will get harder and harder for these insane, sickos to carry on like this. Hopefully though, the shift will come very soon and sort them all out!….sending love ❤️

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    3. Being here and now of our own free will in the hope of turning this ship around is as far from selfish as my imagination goes. Without that carrot, I sure wouldn’t be here.

      The line between good and evil runs through every human heart. They are insane. Believing that getting rid of them would solve our problems is not far behind. We still have a shitload of uncomfortable truth to deal with collectively before we go anywhere.

      Saving anyone isn’t really possible, we’re born into this world saved and nothing can change that. What if these children agreed to play this role to help us all face our demons? Is it really that farfetched? The road I’m walking sure isn’t without sacrifice. Everyone plays a role, nothing is ever wasted.

      Free will, there’s that funny phrase again. We’re free to react any way we want to the cards we’re dealt.


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      1. @sifoo, i totally get what your saying…maybe these children chose this path of torture and destruction for a higher purpose. But it doesn’t make me want to save them any less on my end. My entire body experiences a physical pain when I see a child, animal, elderly being abused. Literally. I just want to hold them and love them and show them not everyone is cruel. To me its unfathomable. When I say selfish…some ppl talk about the event on other blogs like they had a bad day in traffic so they r hoping for the event to take them away. Yeah traffic sucks, but I want it BC there is so much cruelty happening, especially with children who can’t run away, that’s what I mean. 😉

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        1. Everyone agrees to what they do or is done to them before this life; it’s part of their pre-life agreement. It’s hard to fathom sometimes, but that’s the way it is. Most times, hard lives are a way to rid yourself of lots of karma in a hurry, karma compiled through unforgiving the same people over and over again. This is why people who make your blood boil often turn up… then turn up again. Every appearance is Just Another Forgiveness Opportunity (JAFO). Your murderer this time was your victim last time. One of the CATs has two kids who were best friends in a previous life, turned bitter rivals over a woman; since they couldn’t get over it, they have to come back for another go. What *everyone* must do (me, too!) is forgive completely others’ trespasses. Let it go. Everyone screws up. Sure, we see some as monsters, but they’re just insane. Their minds will be healed and they will come around and become saints in short order. If Louis Zamperini can forgive all those Japanese prison guards who beat and tortured him — much to their surprise — then anyone can. Louis said that when he finally made the decision to do this, his PTSD nightmares finally ended… for good. Never forget that this is all an illusion. No one is really being abused. All are perfect and immortal and indestructible. And calmly plugging yourself into SOURCE releases all karma… even though you were never really unplugged from SOURCE in the first place. And what you are seeing is part of YOUR lesson in forgiveness.


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      2. Yes, the insane ones will eventually go somewhere else, very very far from here, after The Shift, and learn their lessons. Part of their (self) punishment is that they will never again be allowed to come to the earth, which is known throughout the multiverse. *EVERY being in the multiverse has heard of earth.* It’s the only place where you go in and completely forget EVERYTHING… including SOURCE. And then… we rediscover SOURCE… and come back a million times stronger. Beings on other worlds are in awe of humanity. They adore us, even though some of us do things that are insane.


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        1. ~AM / CATS THAT LIVED,
          WOW! now this is what I love reading about! YES, I love the updates and shift and meter readings, but I adore the All the “inside” info that you CATS KNOW!!! Awesome! It’s like reading about our true history! How can you not love this?!I

          Suggestions for the idea 📦
          While I know you don’t post without prompting from guides or info, how about just sharing information about our true history? It’s fascinating!

          Example? Evil monsters….Hitler? Dudes a Saint? Short order cook? Osama bin Laden-terrorist or spy for C_A? Is he shocked by what he did?
          RASPUTIN? Henry the 8th, Ted Bundy

          HRC – JUST mad hatter or evil
          Jesus and Mary Magdalene – couple? Kids? If so, kids in 3D trying for 5d?
          Sodom and Gomorrah? Wth?
          Elvis? Triplet? Did he have a baby with Marilyn Monroe?
          Oprah? Has she become idk….evil?
          What’s with the rings around Saturn? Jupiter – big fiery mass

          Or just share whatever, but who wouldn’t want some insight on some of this?

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  3. Great post, thanks CATS & Ms! Been feeling really achey all day, like flu, neck and shoulders arms, everything,must be that flare?!

    It been a very ‘bunny’ day all around! Bunnies here, bunnies there…Oh and I bought my daughter and me some yummy chocolate bunnies, felt a bit mean eating them but oh my, with a cup of hazelnut/cocoa milk coffee they were very lush! Mmmm! Love to all ❤️

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    1. P.S My daughter (for all who don’t know is quite severely autistic and really struggles with communication) spelt out ‘GIANT’ with the letters on her light table today. Not sure what it means but she is a mini lightworker/crystal child and I take notice of everything she does! Last year she kept saying ‘RAINBOW’ over and over again, nothing else, just ‘Rainbow’ and the colours. It’s worth mentioning there were no rainbows in the sky at the time….Or were there? She sees more than I do, always has orbs around her, talks in a language of sounds sometimes that I do not understand to someone I cannot see! Love, Light ❤️

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      1. @lily144. Do you think when the veil is lifted or the shift occurs, you’ll be able to have a no holds barred conversation with your daughter? When I read your story, I envision her “waking up” and communicating with you at ease and excitedly saying “we did it!!!” My God daughter has a form of autism. She can’t do movies bc of the sound, too intense. She doesn’t like touch or feeling. Like she won’t hug anyone and she can’t wear certain clothes. Bc it feels weird. Would not sleep. Drs thought she was bipolar at 4 years old and wanted to put her on meds. My friend was like no. She got a diff diagnosis at 8. Now does natural meds and therapy.

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        1. @ duganknows Yes, I really believe she will be able to communicate with me when we are through the shift! I think she is extremely aware of what is going on but just cannot let me know that she knows if that makes sense!

          Your God daughter does sound quite similar! My daughter cannot handle being in a shop, busy places. She has sensory processing difficulties and really struggles with noise. At her hospital apps I have to ask for a separate room to wait in as the waiting areas are just really painful for her. She cannot handle other children due to the noise, anxiety etc.. so I home school which has been an interesting challenge with all these shift ‘symptoms’!

          So glad your friend is using natural therapies. It’s so important not to load their systems up with meds…

          Much love ❤️

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      2. The first thing my daughter did this morning was to spell out ‘DWARF’. After last nights ‘GIANT’ I am starting to wonder if she is just enjoying her ‘opposites’ or if she is secretly visiting fairyland 😉❤️

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          1. @ CAT Eds, thank you so much, I have been very worried. Yesterday morning, my daughter was incredibly distressed for no obvious reason. She looked very scared. One minute she was fine, sitting with her books on the sofa and next things she was really crying and panicking. I phoned the psychic that I usually speak to when I am unable to handle the attacks we get. He basically told me that my ex had been sending more ‘stuff’ and that my daughter had a lot of ‘black’ around her.

            She does often see things that I am unable to see. Sometimes she looks quite happy and will laugh but this was very different, she looked petrified. Do you think the giant and dwarf are helping us? Goodness knows we could do with some assistance! It’s one thing for me to be continually attacked but its going much, much too far when I see my young daughter so utterly distressed. I want to protect her!

            i wanted to mention something else that may or may not be related. Mum came over today and it gave me a chance to lie down whilst she looked after my daughter. Whilst I was lying there, I noticed lots of tiny black, very thin, wispy worm like ‘things’ in the air around me. There was also one or two very small dark grey spheres/orbs. I cleared and cleared and invoked the violet flame, asked Brother J, Archangel Michael, Guides, Higher Self etc… to assist me but I could not seem to clear them away. Do you have any idea what they are?

            Much love❤️


            1. Oh, we thought she was happily seeing these. The dark things and lower-level ETs know that their time is up and are doing everything they cn to sew fear. Note that a mother’s hug and calm strength is more powerful than a supernova.

              The things you were seeing when you lay down… did they move side to side when you moved your eyes? We’re seeing different things, here.

              -CAT Eds.

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          2. @ CAT Eds than you so much for your reply. I’m not sure what it was that my daughter saw when she was upset. I guess it’s possible that she saw something else other than the dwarf and giant?

            Yes, when I was lying down the little wispy things and the tiny dark orbs did move when I moved my eyes! What do think it is?

            Much appreciation & love ❤️🙏


  4. Ah, this is what I would like to see:

    Tiny road signs for animals:

    Restoring our connection to Nature,

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      1. @lily144
        Once I found a hedgehog in the fields and brought him home. He was great fun! Actually, he was a small piggy … He slept in an open drawer, and he would go out at night running like crazy all over the place.
        On the following year I decided to return him to the same field where I had found him. He ran away.

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        1. @antoniataylor, awww good for you, what a lucky hedgehog! Some people keep Pygmy hedgehogs as pets!

          I wish folk in the UK were as conscientious as these guys, so many poor hedgehogs, deer, foxes etc get mowed down on the country roads, so sad. Whenever I drive I ask spirit to keep my daughter and myself safe and every living thing around us! ❤️❤️

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  5. PPS You probably all already know this about blue light and your computers, phones, iPads etc.. but I just thought it might help someone out there who may not have seen this. You can download f.lux to take out the blue light from your screens which can hinder natural circadian rhythms etc..

    Love. Light, Chocolate 🙂 xxx

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  6. Hello Cats & Co

    i have one question…

    How can take us anybody (special ppl in 3D) serius if we put out so many dates and nothing (visible to all) happen?

    We sound like false prophets..

    Maybe is just mind playing tricks with us 🙂 and is better be quite and live in the NOW


      1. There were so many dates ! last one is for “The Event” ,we have many dates last year started around march 2018 !


        1. We try not to call out dates for specific things now, and haven’t for a while, apart from the “Steps” we were seeing. But there are no hard and fast rules for what’s happening; it’s all very fluid, with multiple timelines, impossible to give specific dates or expect certain outcomes. We just know when an energy event is coming. We don’t call it, “The Event,” unless we’re referencing other people’s dates — but responsible psychics aren’t citing specific dates. We have certain things on our calendars to watch for, but The Event seems to have been misunderstood. As far as we know, this is ALL “The Event,” just much slower than we were all expecting. Some people are vibrating UP to the New Earth (which is already there), some are vibrating UP but staying with both Old and New to help with the transition (that’s us), and some people are staying with the Old Earth, for a time… *then* there will be a SHIFT or Event that separates Old and New. It may be obvious, it may not be. So far, this is all very subtle. The two will eventually split and go on their separate paths. We don’t ascribe dates to things as the ca8al then uses those dates to program negative events to ‘get out in front’ of the positive with fear.

          -CAT Eds.

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    1. No, I tend to ignore the news in the UK, wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they went into their burrows. Bunch of ninnys when the sh-one-t hits the fan. Maybe scared of getting a suntan!😎🔆

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        1. Yes. Simon Parkes explained it on one of his podcasts. Oh boy. It’s the type of thinking that I would ascribe to adolescent boy racers. He said -from what I remember-that the reps leader is referred to by this term.

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          1. Yeah. No biggie, really. What would REALLY surprise you is your ability to open a portal with your mind right next to the schmoe and teleport him 20 parsecs out into space. Needless to say, you’d only do this during an emergency situation. We’re getting to the point where whatever you can think, you can do.

            -CAT Eds.

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          1. Dear CATs just thought this article could be very distressing, please don’t post it if you feel it is too disturbing I don’t want to cause anyone any unessearry upset 🙏


    2. Thanks M5, I wondered why it was so quiet, they can hide all they want this energy is penetrating into the Heart Core of Gaia so going underground in their bunkers will not keep them safe.

      The same day the twb’s returned 21/22, my sacred space was messed up … I woke to find a painting off the wall & a mess to clean up but nothing was broken whereas it should of been. Its like they tried to turn the world upside down the painting is a scene of above & below the ocean (whales dolphins all types of fish) & in the sky is the sun & all the planets its a beautiful picture reminds me of the new earth & I am so grateful it didn’t break.

      We are Love holding more Light now & I don’t give a crapola about them anymore they make me so angry but my heart fills with passion & I hold more light & forgiveness. The carnage they have done is unforgivable but we must go within our Hearts to have compassion this assists the clean up, believe me the clean up is underway we just wont see the results for a while so hold the light & keep being love 🙂

      Thank You Cats & M’s for all you do … Love to you all.

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      1. Note that we doubt if the TWBs are harassing anyone else unless they live/work near portals. Could be others. This world is absolutely swimming with beings and spirits right now. It’s incredible.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Thank You Cat Eds, I knew it wasn’t the twbs thankfully I don’t have to deal with them, it just happened to be the same time/night that you mentioned they where back & obviously they were not the only ones back … I have sensed a great deal of activity they are hell bent on stopping us move forward we are on the cusp of turning away from the LItE & into the LIGHT. The ca8al have everything to lose & they are not very good losers. I am always vigilant however the past few days I am on High Alert

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    3. Bunkers, or graves; if you can’t get out, you can’t get out.
      It’s not like the energy they’re so allergic to is going anywhere anytime soon. And they have as much of a clue as the rest of us about how intense the cleaning cycle will be, none that is. Given how many of them are aiming for NZ, that’s definitely a place I’d stay away from.


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      1. No, no. This is all a LEARNING EXPERIENCE, not a punitive exercise. Even the negative schmoes will get a fair shake… on a totally different planet… in a galaxy on the opposite side of this universe. All is designed so beings can experience and learn. Unless they’ve been very very very bad, in which case they are wiped and re-educated. The “Dark Universe” next to this one was totally wiped out and is now completely devoid of life.

        -CAT Eds.

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    4. @ M5

      no … didn’t … but quite fascinating … time to rejoice will be when they are completely vanished permanently … will look into it! thanks ❤

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    1. Nah, just a dust devil. The Rainbow Dragon is either in her pocket universe (that the dragons created), or in transit here for The SHIFT.

      Kukulcan is the previous (male) Rainbow Dragon, or his spirit being channeled back then.

      -CAT Eds.

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        1. Me too, I love dragons, ever read the dragon series by Anne macaffery? Her talent series are good too, when I was little I used to imagine I had a baby gold dragon as a companion. I started to think today she must be an adult by now!

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        2. @Lily144, you should check out a book called “The Sophia Code”. I don’t have words to explain how incredible this book/codex is. It is so pure, and the activations are so powerful and healing.
          There is much about dragons and how they are sovereign creators of species, planets galaxies, universes. That doesn’t begin to explain it though..check out the reviews to see what people have to say. Here is a link if you are curious:


  7. I wonder why the Pontese Observatory is not properly working today … It only shows half of the electric field spectrogram and NONE of the magnetic field …
    Not recording the magnetic field?

    But the field is electromagnetic. Have the poles anything to do with it?
    Just wondering…

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      1. Hmm … The energy is down to its minimum, perhaps the device just cannot register it?
        Here is a graph of the geomagnetic activity (it’s been the same for 3 days now):



      2. Ha, I got a reply to my question about the absence of graphs in Pontese.
        In fact, there was no CME! Very low activity!
        “The Geomagnetic Storm that Wasn’t” – this is the reply,
        source: Removing the Shackles,
        look at Transpicuous News, March 25 Geomagnetic Update

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          1. Is this why I’ve been feeling like … “out of this world”, or between worlds, or in many worlds simultaneously?
            Quite uncomfortable, I must say.
            I’d rather have the Schumann meter in high spikes, full energy blast!

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  8. Just when you think things are not moving forward. I woke up to a third eye video of the Flower of Life design scrolling from top to bottom. The entire field of vision was, transparent, iridescent rainbow shimmering, interconnected circles forming The Flower of Life design (moving like the symbols scrolling down in “The Matrix” movie). It makes me think the original codes have been sent to form N.E. Time to create with thoughts what you desire on N.E. Cay

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    1. Don’t forget that when you experience a STILLNESS or a deep SILENCE… at any time… that that’s you getting closer to SOURCE. It’s not always a feeling or a vision. We’re getting this a lot, now.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. @ Cay, I often get the flower of life Mandala in meditation or if I have been facing the sun (eyes closed, in third eye) so beautiful isn’t it ❤️


    1. Let me just say, SITTING in the f’ing poppies, not a good idea, but quite stunning drone footage, really!

      From this article below: “Wildflower-seekers slid and fell down the side of Walker Canyon, that was never meant to be hiked on, though some managed to do so anyways — even in very chic wedge heels… free-climbing and scrambling as large boulders toppled down behind them, as every step kicked more rocks loose, threatening to squish children or seniors who couldn’t lunge out of the way fast enough.”



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    1. Around here, a big boom / power outage = a transformer blowing up, usually due to a squirrel zigging when he shoulda zagged. Maybe your boom was more cosmic than that though… 😉


      1. Good thing/bad thing none of the above? It wasn’t even in the news that it happened. I used to be a radio reporter (don’t hold that against me) and I would have been on that like crazy tweeting it out then calling 20 ppl to find out what happened. Journalism is really is dead

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        1. Just an energy thing. The earth-energy system is being blasted with so much energy, sometimes it has to ‘off-load’ some of it into the sky, which sounds an enormous BOOM, with requisite white flash. Happens all the time even without Wave X.


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  10. I woke up an hour ago, 7:15am utc+2, from this dream: was walking at the corner of the street here closeby and it was either dusk or dawn. There was some visible fog and people were on the streets. Normal and everyday scene. Then all of a sudden, the fog enveloped me and I couldn’t see anything anymore. Not even my hands. Just when I thought “this ain’t no fog”, I heard other people say “oh my goodness” (or something similar in that sense of awe). They weren’t scared but more like overwhelmed. I instantly realized this was the Event and the fog was in fact the brightest of the brightest white light that enveloped me. Feelings of bliss and love arose. It lasted for a few seconds, then I woke up.

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    1. Keep in mind that The Event/SHIFT may not happen to everyone all at once. We’ve all been slowly vanishing — from people’s thoughts, too — here and there in ones and threes. Once your vibration is higher than about 44000 cycles (44 kHz) you’re on the New Earth; you might be able to see both Old and New until The SHIFT.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I have so many questions about this statement, can you still see the ones who have vanished if you are straddling both worlds? how do you know if people are forgetting about you?


        1. We don’t know. Some of us (with very long memories) won’t forget anything, some will. We still don’t know exactly how it works, despite “knowing” how it works! Note that all is well, and everyone will be eventually find the perfect place for themselves. The logistics of this thing are beyond our comprehension. You see, some of us are also multi-beings, living several lives simultaneously across the multiverse, and each of those lives have to be processed and reabsorbed and combined and whipped into a fondue and garnished with Spirit strawberries and placed into this perfect parfait glass with whipped cream that will then vibrate out through the Top of Infinity. Or something like that.

          In dreams last night, many of us saw just such an amazing human panoply of expression — in the guise of an ever-ascending market! — rising up and up and up, and the takeaway was that everyone has their place, everyone has something to offer, each little shop stall perfect for them, while others are destined to keep moving up and up and up… even after The SHIFT… into a new kind of light beings.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. Last night, some weird and funny symbolism and visuals…

            In one vision, I was: Popping zits, just a few here and there, all over my body. Lol. I don’t pop zits, in fact I grew out of them a long time ago (thank you Jesus), so this was kind of a crack-up. I think my guides were making me laugh, while explaining that most pain has come to the surface and now I am going through a final purge. That’s maybe just for me, I’m not sure about others…but I was laughing (through my purge tears, lol). The idea of the “last” purge was strong in my mind though, I’ve had that for the last 2 nights.

            I also got from my guides that dark memories, implants, installs, what have you, were being removed, and that this was the last time for that too.

            I also had (after months of none) – travel dreams again! I was packing and someone reminded me to not forget something…I don’t remember what. It was more about the travel itself, I think – like, “get ready!” Again I think guides were in a funny mood.

            Also – White ball of light. Whiter that I have ever seen. Like lightning. When seeing this, I was filled with unspeakable bliss. I felt “holiness”, and when I feel that feeling, it does get very quiet. It’s like the world and everything in it stops to pay attention to and to worship that light. Nobody was laughing during that. It was special.

            Lastly, Bill and Ted are making a 3rd movie, so you know we’re getting close to something (lol). Now I can say “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K” once more, and that statement will be more true that it has ever been.

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        1. Mmm… not exactly. It’s more like people — or you — falling out of people’s lives, dropping away, losing touch. 3d people won’t really know most of us are gone… until they KNOW. Then… they’ll have to deal with it. It will be an adjustment. But everyone will go to where they are best served.

          -CAT Eds.


      2. Now that is really interesting that it would tie in with the Nyquist theorm… I’m guessing that is no coincidence? Where did you learn this info, if you don’t mind me asking?

        And for those who don’t know what I’m referring too –

        “The Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem says the sampling frequency must be greater than twice the maximum frequency one wishes to reproduce. Since human hearing range is roughly 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, the sampling rate had to be greater than 40 kHz.

        In addition, signals must be low-pass filtered before sampling to avoid aliasing. While an ideal low-pass filter would perfectly pass frequencies below 20 kHz (without attenuating them) and perfectly cut off frequencies above 20 kHz, such an ideal filter is theoretically and practically impossible to implement as it is noncausal, so in practice a transition band is necessary, where frequencies are partly attenuated. The wider this transition band is, the easier and more economical it is to make an anti-aliasing filter. The 44.1 kHz sampling frequency allows for a 2.05 kHz transition band.”


    2. @777, I seemed to have a dream this morning like or referring to your fog dream – similar, but can’t remember details; then felt to spend the next time segment, half asleep saying~I take full and utter responsibility for all my choices, decisions and actions, and forgive myself – and forgiving myself for situations or relationships that seemed not to be what another person felt they needed from me, kind of doubly forgiving in a way I can’t explain now… This went on for some time (I’ve done this sort of thing several times in years past) – This time when I got to Source(until this year had referred to Universe – Source came this year) forgiveness got the sense/message that as far as Source goes there was no need for forgiveness, hmmm, just got a separation of that word, as in SOURCE: FOR GIVE-NESS.

      be well all


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  11. “I am love; love I am”… “I am love; Love I am” – This is how I’ve been surviving –
    This is first I’ve been able to approach commenting in’ whenever’…

    @-CAT Eds. Thank you so much for the orange poppies and Celestial music… In flowers orange has always been vibrationally my favorite – whenever I could afford to buy flowers I’d try to find orange ones… I once bought a, yellow blending down to orange at the center with red stamens, hibiscus from Trader Joe’s – they are not supposed to do well as house plants – maybe just surviving the first bloom – if they ever bloom again, usually only once a year – if that… I had mine for, I think, 8 years, moving 4 times. even surviving being eaten right down by the landlady’s cat(naughty cats), but it came back,,, It liked the place two moves on, with a skylight, best- the place before I moved into senior housing – I think it knew something and gifted me ! 3 ! bloomings my last year at that address. That senior apartment didn’t have enough light for it and then my friend took care of it while I was in hospital in 2014 – it seemed he may have been overzealous with the watering and it got root rot – sadness ensued… It gave me much joy in it’s time with me… Didn’t have any idea I had that much too say about it… I used to greet it saying… “Hi-Biscus” 🙂

    Anyway… I’m still with you – last time I felt well at all was during the 24 hr blast-ola – toward the end of that it started becoming increasingly hard to stay conscious – have felt many of the same things many of you have the last few weeks making looking after the granddaughter the work of a zombie grandmother while parents work – and difficult with recent hyper-agitation in body and it’s body earthquakes some days… She seems to be doing just fine in her Autistic way with the energy soup… except keeps growing; she’s about the size of a 7 yr old- she’s 4 1/2 yrs old – I think about 70 lbs and still has diaper changes, but is mostly cooperative with those – Mom was able to get her a refurbished Roku TV and tablet package, so peace has been restored unless controller gets misplaced or ‘juice’ runs down on tablet – she continues her self education… 🙂

    — sometime? last week? had dream of world governments changing over and many empty cardboard boxes being nested together after the changing – following dream I was in a ‘my place’ and being told somehow (just energy directed?) to choose what I wanted to bring with me – didn’t see much I wanted to take with me…

    I can’t seem to care about some things happening with my body – I’ve been wondering the last few days if a certain thing going on (for several months) symptom-wise, if my body is rising hidden fragments – like the first signs of a very serious disease I had in ’67? for which-after treatment- I had to be tested every week for a year – is it being risen to clear out? – if not have no idea…

    OK, the exhaustion-unconsciousness thing is closing in again, so I’ll say good night – I’ll keep reading here as much as I can, sometimes even that is difficult, but caring for you all, seen and un-seen… ❤

    Oh – I've also been surviving by binge-watching things that have MANY seasons and I'm reaching the end of a current run of a show that had 21 seasons 🙂 … So, if any of you have recommendations… I'm partial to UK shows… 🙂

    love to all,


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  12. Hi Cats, this is an image of a high altitude balloon flight and there is this hot spot on the clouds, created by the sun above. This is quite impossible if the sun is 93 Million miles away and this hot spot can be seen on every high altitude balloon video. I would love to here your opinion on this, because I’m clueless here as a non-psychic.

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  13. Hi beautiful people! wanted to pop in and catch up …. but as i was about to hit send on what i’d written? the ENTIRE post “disappeared” as the page mysteriously “reloaded” of its own volition … so … hmmm ….


    one part was i ran into a congressman whose twin brother will be running for president and had the chance to gave him a pretty CLEAR message as i’m wont to do … so wondering if i’m to speak of it or not??

    yep … going to (never been one to be so easily dissuaded … here we go 3rd try)

    but first

    just to catch up, my son’s anniversary of transition was beautiful and filled with love and grace in case anyone remembers or wondered… actually filled an entire restaurant with people showing love and support and it was one of those moments when you feel that Source “gives you one” … and words just can’t adequately describe … if anyone here prayed or sent love? … please KNOW … i’m VERY, VERY grateful! could have been absolutely brutal instead, you know?

    secondly, i was over the moon about the last post the CATS did!

    you know, i spent 50 days fasting and praying FOUR hours each day back in 2015 specifically requesting (commanding, intending, etc) for the removal of the negative polarity beings … and at that time? i felt very alone and my heart was heavy in that aloneness …

    (just perception i know, but EXPERIENCING “that perception” and our response TO it? IS part of the game n’est ce pas?)

    SOOOO … over the moon to see multiple sources calling for the very same thing now (albeit five years later and all :D)

    wow … almost happened again (the reload page deal)

    anyway, the thing is that i truly think it is a move forward to take action towards the effects we want to see instead of passively waiting. a book i read once DOES say:

    “faith without works is dead”

    AND we are NOT alone in feeling this “urge”. i’ll give just a couple of sources as example.

    1.) my beloved Grace posted an article in her blog

    (NO ONE had best even think of commenting on my use of “beloved” … it is THE most accurate word to describe how i feel about her, and the day i change to suit another is the day i’d just as soon transition out of here, so please ….. )

    it speaks specifically about Co-Creation of Ascension Life! and since i don’t get hung up on terms i was able to benefit greatly from it! words proceeding from a pure heart and pure intentions emit a pretty powerful energy and that was my experience with this one

    a 2nd source is David Topi just days ago initiated a series calling for their elimination as well! The first article begins here:

    (side note: i’m well aware that there is an anonymous poster who takes exception and demands explanation of people who post David Topi articles. i’m fine with him taking exceptions and not really into giving into demands)

    there ARE gems to be found in unexpected sources

    it is my hope maybe one of these will resonate with some, and if not, it’s easy enough to “skip” them. the point i was making is that we are NOT alone in these feelings and urges and multiple calls to take action are going out

    lastly, the meet up with the congressman. Castro. his twin is going to announce bid for Presidential candidate as he held office in Obummer admin.

    it was a “chance” meeting

    based on an “unexpected” call in a way that has never happened before with more than one factor that “never happens” but tonight “did”

    so in he walks, and while my companion greeted him and was in awe, i turned to him and asked him which one he was? and his position?

    he told me “congressman, my brother is going to run for office”

    “which one?” i asked

    “President” he replied

    and that was all it took to wipe the smile off my face. and end all pleasantries

    “Then you NEED to tell him that he NEEDS to do EVERYTHING he can to end human trafficking”

    “i know he said”

    “I’m serious” i told him. “As much as he may think that this is a secret that few people know about? he is wrong. And when ALL of this comes out in a VERY public way which is just about imminent and unavoidable at this point, people are going to be enraged!”

    “you’re right” he said

    “look, i’m telling you, that this IS going to come out! and whether he wins or not? questions WILL be asked and NO ONE involved is going to get off clean. this is SO serious, i almost do NOT care about ANY other issue! but hurting the children NEEDS TO END NOW! i need you to tell him!”

    “i will” he said, looking a bit shaken

    i tend to look people straight in the eyes and be very direct when i’m very serious about a subject. i did not smile once.

    “ok” i said, still not smiling

    needless to say, my companion, who had NO clue what i was talking about was also taken aback.

    “the wall and many, many other things involve sex trafficking of children that involve people at the highest levels. you heard him! did he ask me what the heck was i talking about? or did you not hear him say that i was right?”

    she had to concede his assent.

    “he’d best get clear and on the right side of action on this issue because there WILL be repercussions for this” i told her.

    in all fairness, i knew i had caught him completely off guard, but my tone and directness really didn’t allow for pretense and my face and tone didn’t leave much room for BS to be exchanged either. it just needed to be said.

    and with that, i was ready to go.

    so … hmmm interesting evening.

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      1. thank you my sweet Lilly! it really helped! all expressions of love are maximal! very grateful my dear friend! ❤ baby steps for me still ❤


      2. I just realized i didnt cite the article in earthplan blog. It is:

        And to be clear, what i specifically called out for continuously and connittedly and relentlessly during my fast? Was to remove the negative polarity beings!

        As in on earth? OUR Freewill choice made throughout centuries and in EVERY culture?

        When there are Perpetrators preying on innocent lesser advanced victims (child molestors for example)

        WE have consistently chosen to REMOVE the perpetrators and sequester them!!! Specifically FROM their “prey”

        We don’t leave them free to “roam” and do “again” and again and AGAIN

        It is unconscionable to “know”… shrug… And fail to take action..

        THIS specific action😔

        This is WHY i felt “alone” and heart heavy and refer to it time and time again. Perhaps jogging another to do the same

        At the very least I do KNOW and believe in responsibility being “activated” WITH “knowledge”

        And i have no qualms about assisting others IN that knowledge and thereby expanding AND extending THAT responsibility in doing so

        This isn’t MY planet

        It is OUR planet

        And a SHARED responsibility implied..

        It is also WHY just don’t communicate with “guides” and benevolent ETS. And WHY i asked CATS if ANY of the ETS here were at MY request.

        I didn’t pray FOUR hours a day for 50 days to hear myself talk or because i had nothing else to do with my time.

        I was dead serious

        And not interested in “hearing” ANYTHING else from these beings til they answer specifically to my commited communication as given

        Courtesy is courtesy. And prior to talking to me about anything else? I want an answer to what ive already communicated BEFORE they seek to move on to another topic with me.

        I truly felt this deeply and my commitment demonstrates this .. I didn’t undertake it lightly then and don’t regard it lightly now either.

        It is time for these beings to go

        As in yesterday already… 😔


  14. sure could use some prayer or positive intent and loving projections to create a positive outcome to back up my message

    the children are innocent and NEED us

    awareness carries responsibility and i believe this group to be a powerful bunch that unified in an intent could create much!

    much love and appreciation to everyone! ❤

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  15. Urgggh! Full of flu, yuck, yuck! Thank goodness grandma shaped cavalry is on the way!

    @Kathleen totally empathise with the carer re whilst going through all this ‘stuff’! Daughter is doubly incontinent in nappies. She is 7 but also very tall for her age. Trying to clean up whilst legs are kicking about can be quite a challenge! She is pretty good for the most part though, have to see the funny side of it all! Been getting lots of snuggles with her lately which is pretty special ❤️

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      1. Yes, she said that to me a couple years ago, devoted an entire article blasting me to both her WordPress and Facebook crowd — along with something like, that I was “the Darkest example of False Light she had EVER had the displeasure of knowing….along with *everything* that was “wrong” with me as she projectile blamed and vomited all of her own negativity issues all over my persona.

        O my goodness! ;D

        To this day, that silly woman still doesn’t realize that I was “Master Manipulating” her, with ultra-high Positive Energies, in order to trigger her and speed-force her to EVOLVE. Out of her many many self-looping issues.


        Lisa Gawlas today’s quotage:

        “Our game will be inlaid with master manipulators to allow us the opportunity to grow, to evolve, to change on a moments notice.

        The biggest take away from yesterday, is being CONSCIOUS of your mastery. If you are just waiting for something to show up, you will wait thru the next lifetime. If you are deliberately participating at your highest consciousness level, you are going to receive personal gifts at the speed of light!!

        New teachers of the new energies are now in training. Yep, that’s you!!!”


        Riiiiiiiiiight…….all this, and yet she STILL has not figured it out…..nor will she.

        O my goodness.
        PleasepleasePleeeze BRING ON MY *BELOVED* FOG…..


        1. It may not happen like that. We’ve jumped so many timelines that no one really knows what or how. You’ll just find yourself on the New Earth in ones and twos, no big thing about it. The SHIFT on the other hand…

          -CAT Eds.


        2. @ Anonymous
          2019-03-26 AT 12:15 AM

          but-but-but…expand your thinking, Master! Your thinking too old!
          in holding grudges against her, YOU_ARE_THE_CAPTIV.
          the moment you let her go, you are free.
          “I will behold you with the eyes of Christ…”

          But hurry: Lisa is gloriously flying UP!


  16. MOAB is about to drop! Had a dream an old style bomb (think ole’ Wylie Coyote ACME bomb) was dropped, but instead of falling directly down, it was flying in at an angle like a thruster style missile. It lodged into a house and remained intact. It didn’t explode. My interpretation is a big information dump is going to happen and it will impact every “household”. It’s not destructive, but for some (well many non-awakened folks) will create fear.

    If my dream is a heads up, then we’ll need to hold our ground and inner light for the remaining folks who need a little poke to acknowledge the whispers of awakening they are ignoring. With the feelings I felt in the dream, we should “see” the dark/opposite polarity and understand their role in all this. I’d say some ho’ponopono is in order and recommended either way. 😁 ❤️🥰✨.
    If my dream was just the ramblings of mental jargon, then I’ll take it as a mind movie to relish. 😜

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    1. Sounds very much like the beginning of the Justice phase… that we all apparently have to go through (unless something changes), with the enlightened set keeping the unenlightened set safe from themselves.

      -CAT Eds.

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  17. Building on 2 comments about kids and justice: in the 90’s there was a woman here called Regina Louf aka Witness X. She survived ritual abuse and pedophile rings. 3 investigative journalists wrote a book about her and all the other X’s, called the X-files.
    This book basically names all people in charge in Belgium (royalty, judges, nobility, senators, CEO’s, secret service, Media execs, Chiefs of Police,…) as being part of this network.
    Long story short: Regina Louf basically blew up Belgium and linked everyone to everyone. A huge conspiracy to cover up horrific child abuse and ritual murders.
    Media labelled her a nutcase, what’s new…
    IMO she deserves a golden statue in the centre of Brussels.

    Tying into this: Some may remember that the Catholic Cardinal died last week. He was the one who kept the lids closed on the pedophile network and murders. How else can one explain finding videos of murdered kids in his desk?
    Now that the Cardinal is gone, the sewers are about to explode. Watch my words.

    If that’s indeed the Justice timeline you Cats are mentioning, I’m staying. Those who read my personal story 2 weeks ago, know this will be my cherry on the ascension cake.
    Cake anyone? With Belgian chocolate! OK, stop pushing please, there’s enough for all Cats, M’s and commenters.

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  18. Just an hour ago, 2 earthquakes off the coast of New Zealand. New Zealand again. And guess the depth of the quake… Indeed.


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