Meterage (and WHOMP?) for 3-25-19 [UPDATE3]


Over the weekend, nearly all the CATs had head and chest issues, but we were expecting it given all the flares/CMEs over the past ten days, so we kept our uniforms on… good thing, too.

Around 9:00 pm PDT last night, some strange solar activity totally swamped the LASCO box on the SOHO satellite — AND IS STILL SWAMPING IT. Take a look:

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 11.45.23 AM
Something big flies by FAST…
Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 11.44.14 AM
…calmness… well, kinda… then…
Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 11.44.25 AM
BOOM. Timestamp: 03/25/19 04:45:50.
Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 11.44.38 AM
Still going. 03/25/19 06:16:00
Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 11.45.00 AM
Still going. 03/25/19 07:46:00

…and then we have…

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 12.19.39 PM
Still going.
Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 12.19.53 PM
Still going.

As far as we know, it still looks like the above, which is unprecedented. Now look at this:

This is a certain frequency of the sun (211 Angstroms) off the SDO/AIA satelite. Watch as the sun kinda dims and pulses.

Other satellites and meters picked things up, too:








All this is reminiscent of the Solar Flash that happened last week, which caused the British hegemony to head for their “pindar” bunker. Keep a close eye on world leaders — and especially the media — to see if they crack. If nothing else, they may try to make fear out of it.

What this means for the rest of us is that we can expect a number of things: a Wave X energy hit, obviously, but also perhaps more societal earthquakes… and perhaps some real earthquakes… and volcanic activity… and weird weather… but we’re kinda having that already. Certainly nothing to be afraid of, just more in the AWESOME corner of thing; we don’t see anything that you should be afraid of… but perhaps this is the kick-off for the “Big Show”? We aren’t sure. This is basically re-programming energy coming in on a number of levels, so expect tangible effects as early as… tonight? And if this lasts as long at it looks, things might get kinda ouchie or turbulent or amazing for at least half a day, we’re guessing.

We’ll post more as we find it.



Btw, YES… we’re still fighting over who gets to be Dr. Strange-Cat:

Whomever can accurately say the word, “PENGUIN” gets the job. 😉


Whatever it was, it stopped at least as late as…


…but probably sooner.


Wow, the above energy looks to be hitting right now. Some of us just thought it was what we had for dinner that was making us feel like we were going to explode! To begin with, look at Medicina, one of the Italian meters:

Looks like an Outer Limits episode.
Blam. Energy like a wall.
Tomsk takes a little notice.
Kiruna’s 38 MHz band has jumped a whole point in voltage.


Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 9.38.19 PM
We had another solar event at 14:12 UTC today. Look at the max velocity of the CME jumping off the sun: 1952 km/s.


Aaaand we had a GRB, too. BING.


Energy-speaking, last night was, as M5 just said, “Savage”:

Doesn’t look like much, but it was Force 5 — at least around portals.

More as we find it.


122 thoughts on “Meterage (and WHOMP?) for 3-25-19 [UPDATE3]

  1. Hmmm! Gee,I’ve noticed nothing ,errr except, maybe an acute case of “blind staggers” Nothin’ to see here! Needed a mid-day latte to brace up. (BTW, the tongue is still lolling) Must have nap!

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      1. Yeah. If Lisa reports what she saw going on with me, maybe we’ll all know. Most interesting, this cluelessness.

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  2. Thanks CATs & Ms for yet another amazing post. Things do seem to be getting interesting!

    I think the news, media, entertainment really should be taken over by the felines, especially that kitty in the raincoat, I love him/her!

    i’ve had another odd experience, possibly ufo of some kind. Tonight anf last night, looking out of the kitchen window which is a regular occurrence since seeing the last ufo! I saw a rectangle shape with lights, a bit like a traffic light but the lights were yellow/white and the rectangle was diagonal in the sky. I stared for a few seconds and then it just vanished. Did exactly the same thing yesterday! Do you have any idea what it might be?

    I also wondered if you might be able to tell me what those black squiggles and tiny dark orbs were that I saw that moved when I moved my eyes? Just checking I’m not possessed or anything, there is so much weird stuff going on lately for everyone it seems!

    Much gratitude, love and appreciation for all you do and to everyone who reads and posts on this blog, it is the BESTEST place to be! 😉❤️

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    1. Lily, I’d like to know that, too. I have a shadow-like tentacle thingy (or a tail?) that is dipping down ever so discreetly at the tippy top of my vision over right eye, and it’s been doing that for several days. It’s crafty; I kinda have to “try” to see it, but it’s there and it concerns me. I’m having trouble getting data about this (very unusual for me), and clearing it isn’t working, either (also very unusual for me). Anyone?

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        1. Are you asking me, CATs, or Lilly? If me, I can see it when eyes are opened and closed. It’s pointed on the lower end that dangles. Sometimes it’s darkish, sometimes it’s lightish, and it retracts most of the time so I can almost not see it, then it dangles back into my vision. It’s not right in front of my eyes, by the way; it’s way up at the top of my head (hard to describe; like if you rolled your eyes up — then I see it). Been there for about a week, now. Perplexing.

          Please forgive, if you weren’t responding to me. 🙂

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    2. Hi Lilly those squiggly things you are seeing maybe “floaters” they are actually in your eyes and are not harmful, I have quite a few though they can be annoying.

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      1. That’s what some of us thought they were, too. It’s probably just dead cells and arterial debris in the aqueous jelly… but there’s some spirit stuff you’re seeing, too. It’ll get a lot clearer, soon. 😉

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. @ CAT Eds, thanks so much, I bet the little dark orbs were spirit stuff? Hope they were not up to anything dubious, I am getting a bit fed up with these entity games lol (the not so positive kind).

          Heh heh ‘arterial debris in the aqueous jelly’ that’s such a good line!

          Apologies, I’m full of flu and have a bit of delirium today. It’s gone on my lungs, thought I was a gonner last night, could not breath at all, inhaler was not helping much. Ended up putting a ton of olbas oil on my chest and pillow and am still here this evening phew!

          Thankfully, yesterday I had a feeling the flu would trigger off bronchitis, went on line and was guided to a supplement called NAC, thought it might be of interest to share:

          I ordered some and it came this morning, talk about quick! I’ve only had two doses but already my breathing is a bit better!

          My daughter has been really suffering from my coughing fits. She seemed to tolerate them yesterday, which I was really surprised about as she usually gets incredibly upset if anyone coughs. Today however, her sensory processing difficulties kicked in again and she has been getting very distressed when I cough which is impossible to avoid. I keep running into a different room, breathless to cough behind a door or into a pillow!

          Poor thing seems to be coming down with the flu now, the next few days should be fun! At least I have a brilliant holistic healing cupboard of potions and lotions!!!

          Love to ALL ❤️

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  3. let us all remember alchemically we flow through the dark to cocreate our lead into gold! yippee enjoy the ride.

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  4. Most interesting though confusing news …
    I think this is due to the kitty reporter in the mackintosh …
    If only it were not raining heavily,
    And if spring were here,
    Animals of all species would enjoy sniffing flowers:

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      1. Heard some spring peepers during today’s woods walk! (Connecticut) Seems a bit early, but maybe not. I like to think it’s the frogs’ job to sing-in the Spring ~ especially when they get that space ship sound going. Very woo woo!

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    1. AND oh-so-thankfully diverging far AWAY from each other….at the very same time.


      Bring on the *beloved* FLASH.
      Bring on the *beloved* FOG.


      1. @ Anonymous
        2019-03-26 AT 1


        And when i say *beloved* my heart is just bursting with love and my smike is huuuge and its like champagne bubbles spilling over!!

        So yea!!! Bring it on! 💗💕💞💌

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  5. Pinguoin en français … did I win?? I AM unabashedly stealing these cat images. Dr. Strange IS one of my favorite films and having lived on the coast of Washington State for ten years, I can certainly identify with reportercat. Let’s get this done. Meeeow!

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      1. I haven’t seen it (yet), but will before too many “time ticks” … Of course I wouldn’t expect to “win” anything. This energetic experience is MORE than enough reward … okay maybe that’s stretching it. I have noticed a propensity for having TWO glasses of wine at night instead of one. Feeling weird and stressed? Me? Maybe I just need a new catnip mouse. Love & Light to all you crazy cats and your furbabies. 🙂

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  6. Knocked out by “the flu” for the second time in three weeks. It’s been 10 years since I’ve had the flu.

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    1. It’s been a number of years, since I was sick with the flu, which started last Thursday. Was pretty much sick the whole weekend. Of course people at work today, kept asking me why I wouldn’t get the flu shot. Kept reminding me that it may not be late to get one. Whatever…
      – K17

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          1. @Lily. My father in law has passed out on two different occasions the day after having the flu shots. Still goes and gets jabs! I have tried telling lots of folks about whats in vaccines but it would be more helpful to bang my head against the wall. Have stopped trying to wake them up.

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          2. @Newlynn totally empathise. It’s hard to sit by and watch folk do this to themselves but the NHS put huge pressure on people and use fear tactics. i have a real suspicion my daughters autism was brought on by vaccines. She was fine for the first year of her life. Hitting all developmental milestones etc.. Then at 13 months she had all the ‘routine’ vaccinations. The same eve she had a fever and I was told to give her calpol. Less than two weeks later she had blood in her nappy, and started to lose skills and started to disappear into her own world. she was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, then global developmental delay, then severe autism. She is now 7 years old, doubly incontinent in nappies day and night, has only just started using words, has to use a wheelchair outdoors, needs full physical and personal care (washing, feeding, dressing etc.)

            She is also an incredible soul, I have often thought about the crystal children, many of whom have autism or some other form of disability. Did they choose to come to earth and for example, in my daughter’s case know she would have a vaccine that would result in the challenges she faces and in doing that teach others many valuable lessons? I know that CATS have said it before, everyone’s path is different and very complicated and sometimes it so hard to see past the suffering of a person and the higher good that may come out of it all.

            Me, getting frustrated with my Dad. Him getting the vaccine. Maybe that was a lesson in itself for us both.

            On another note, the media are doing so much to try and wipe off all anti-vax material from the web! there are so many battles going on at the moment in so many areas of life/the world. It has to all be for the highest good…..?

            Sorry, I’m rambling on, thinking out loud!

            Love to ALL ❤️

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        1. Second that.

          Vaccination is one of those uncomfortable truth trains that are coming up around the corner.

          It was never a good idea, but I’m pretty sure that the latest stuff is even worse since they’re getting desperate.

          These are the same people who recently got a sizeable part of the population hooked on synthetic opiates designed to be as addictive as possible in the name of profit. They’re not in the business of curing or healing, they’re creating repeat customers. Not the kind of people you want to give free access to your blood stream.

          There’s not much more to say really, it shouldn’t be like this but it is what it is and no amount of pretending otherwise is going to help.


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    2. Same here, Anonymous. It has been brutal. Weeks of this mess, now. And, like you, I haven’t been sick in at last a decade. But this knocked me down good. I have lots of suspicions about this; I’m soooooo careful…


      1. This flu has its funny side. I don’t think I’ve ever made such tuneful noises whilst blowing my nose, I’m talking an entire brass and wind section lol, at least it’s making everyone laugh. Daughter is being very sweet, every time I cough she passes me my inhaler, I’ve had to get an empty inhaler for her to give me so that she can feel like she is helping without mummy overdosing! 😜❤️

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        1. Ahh Lily. Thats so lovely of your daughter bless her. Hope you feel better soon. I had it a couple of months ago and my breathing was so loudly tuneful my parter kept laughing at it. It even made me laugh.

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  7. I’ve seen videos by people aiming at the sky looking for ufos and sometimes there are cat faces seen in the sky. Close to clouds but not in the clouds. Kind of sweet cat kin are looking out for us.

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    1. ok … well that’s weird … just stepped outside and cloud above the house looked decidedly like a face … but it looked like a dog not cat.


      don’t like to be watched … shrug …

      energies just feel “unsettled”

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          Take a good look at yourselves and you’ll see that you are acting exactly like 99.99% of all the other 3D-entrenched Lightworkers with your Power-Over-Others restriction of our replies — Old Earth tactics you refuse to let go of.
          You literally cannot make it to the 5D level if you continue on like this.

          The lot of you are so disappointing at this level of your development, that I can’t even describe the sickening pain of your NON-Unity Consciousness…


          1. @ Anonymous
            2019-03-26 AT 11:34 PM

            …let’s see:
            wrong tone
            wrong target
            wrong subject
            wrong rant
            wrong blog
            wrong time
            wrong place…

            garbage can trash bin wave X energy noise?

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          2. This is a moderated site, comments appear 6-12 hours after being posted. Yours finally appeared, didn’t it? Source only knows what would get posted if there were no mods…check out the (unmoderated) comment section of sites like Zerohedge if you really want an eyeful…spam, ad hominen attacks and just plain un-thought-through foolishness. Yeah, it would be nice if comments appeared a bit faster, but I think CATs do what they can.

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        2. When i looked away and looked back? Still a dog .. but now puppy

          But no matter how “cute” after being”watched” …foooheva?

          STILL do NOT like to be “watched”😔

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    2. @ Patricia yes so many amazing clouds! I saw a beautiful dragon cloud last week, went to get my camera but only seconds later it had vanished! ❤️

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    1. Yes! This is exactly what this Wave X energy (or whatever it is) sounds like!

      “For your entertainment. For the past two nights in a row I’ve been awakened around 1:00–1:30AM or so, and then again around 4:00–5:00AM, by a very loud sound that to me sounds completely physical. I’m asleep in my bed when suddenly I’m wakened by the loud sounds of a big plastic trash bin (ours here have two wheels on the back of it to push or pull it around) being rolled down the sidewalk right behind my house. I wake up all pissed off at the bleeding idiot whose rolling a big trash bin down the freaking sidewalk at 1–1:30AM. I lay there in my bed in the dark listening for any sound at all and I hear nothing other than the sounds of the moving trash bin. Then a few minutes later I physically hear—all this sounds 100% physical to me—the sounds of a bull/cow moving around and knocking the trash bin around. WTF?!”


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      1. For months I heard loud garbage can noises my dog would bark at it was all night like someone was dragging one up and down the street never anyone there it finally stopped recently lol. It is like the reality is just playing any noise ever made at us.

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    2. Hi J, ‘taking out the trash’ was one of the first things I heard when reading that yesterdee. I have been seeing lots of cows and bull heads with rings through nose, in daily visions for the last…. hmm… few days? Also had a very strong message about their ‘race’? And how they’ve been used for food and other products. Heavy hey? But right on time re Uranus in Taurus, and me as Taurus, in this life cycle. The crashing noises… I also got ‘building’ and ‘construction’. In a DT a couple of months back, there was some ‘foundations’ being built. It had stopped after they were ‘set’. Sounds like the time has come to complete the rest.

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        1. OH…. and they were in my DreamTime last night. Taurus/Bull/Cow Energy… anyone else getting anything? Would love to hear about it if so. Meow’s…

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  8. Meows and purrs to All.
    I’ve only just read the post and a couple of comments (will go back and read them all), need to type this out whilst its fresh. I was wondering if the ‘entertainment industry’ would be mentioned….. DreamTime last night: Two of the highest known and paid Australian actors were on a chair, which was on a track, being forced by ? to go incredibly fast, towards a wall with ouchie things on it. I was observing from all angles. Both were thinking its a joke, at first, then they realized.. it was no joke, and screamed the rest of the way to the end. They hit the wall at full speed. Messy. But symbolic. There was another part to this DT, with another actor from the UK. This part involved wasps. Many wasps. The actor was in a hysterics. He knew he was going to get stung. Again, symbolic, dontchya think?

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  9. At approximately 04:25 GMT, I awoke with my solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, right upper head/face/teeth getting a right royal hammering.

    Dreams of loose foundations/walls being dismantled and replaced, and the acknowledging of human bodies a temporary vehicle for consciousnes.


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    1. I dreamed about this tall father like being building a new house then this blue energy hit it and the electrical system started sparking all over the house. I was so scared I started chanting but he acted like he could fix it lol.

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  10. Ugh. I’m so very tired, today. In every conceivable way. This energy is hitting me harder than I thought…

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  11. Hey cool Cats, check out the latest gamma ray bursts, they’re enormous. The one today: Sunday:
    Another mystery, on 3/26 at 17:24:24 on both images (slow down the player to view).
    What’s the huge white object in the bottom right corner? I’ve never seen this kind of thing show up either. You don’t need to publish this, but feel free to blog about it. Peace

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        1. You mean the one to the immediate left of the sun’s disk? That’s been doing that there for so long that we thought it was a satellite sensor malfunction. Could be something else, though.

          -CAT Eds.

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  12. So just went out to walk my puppy and i look up into the sky and there are 3 very bright stars it seems UNTIL… a red flash on ALL of them and they start to move.

    I look, considering… could be planes in movement…. just rather clustered together if you ask me… I look to see if they’re moving in a coherent and somewhat “sensible” linear pattern?

    Then i shrug.. “What do you want” I ask

    “You know, doesn’t matter… We’re in a bit of a crisis here… With negs hyjacking humanity for a while now… so nice of you yo “show up”… nicer still if you help out a bit more than observe

    We absolutely would if we could… But hard to see what is invincible… If YOU see them? How about helping or at least shine your beams on them so WE can please!”

    “Otherwise going back inside a bit preoccupied with what is at hand ti be too fascinated with your comings and goings unless you’re going to be of some use…”

    I’m quoting myself and my communication to them… and im back inside now…

    soooo tired 😔

    Tomorrow? Flood atmosphere with gratitude… Just going to set time aside each day to beam it out… Even if doesn’t “help”? It won’t”hurt” either…

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  13. Gratitude because it us a cohesive emotion and starves the negs …

    Actually being more “contrary” than trying to be “holy”.. im like that sometimes..

    And i meant *invisible” NOT”invincible” in prior message

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  14. Contrary as in “I’m irritated” and “they” (the negs) like that!

    So i think. “hmmm let me choose this happy emotion maybe that will irritate them!”

    See? I told you.. I’m NOT “trying to be holy”

    And i like flipping my emotions “AT WILL” for the sake of “mastery” and to be less “manageable”

    For some reason? That makes me smile..

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  15. More skills coming online.

    I have two alarms set every morning, 70 minutes apart. This morning I awoke at at most a couple of seconds before each one.

    Dreaming of lighthouse duty, and an impending storm and waves of huge sizes heading our way…


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    1. @rusirius44,
      This reminded me of when I was 11 or 12, and I had both an alarm and a lamp go on to wake me up in the AM for school 😉 but fairly often I’d wake up just before the alarm as you are doing, or I’d hear a cheerful dapper fellow’s voice saying “It’s time to get up!” right before the alarm went off. This did not extend into my teen years, sadly.

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  16. I’m transmuting and releasing many things I didn’t know I held.
    Thank you energies, Source, brother J & Mary. As always, thanks for the posts and updates Cats and M’s.
    Feels like the block of all blocks is removed now. Acknowledging that I too was part of the darkness once, working through it and finding the Light gave me ultimate freedom. Very humbling and empowering at the same time.
    The speed at which this “coming to the surface and clearing” happens is warpspeed. Last few days were a rollercoaster, yesterday was the apex. My legs were on fire, ate loads of food, nearly lay down all day. Dropped of a package at the post office, time stamp was 11:11. Today feels gentler and more stabilized. An innate peace, trust and knowing.

    So many things happening in one day it’s just too much to write it here. Getting a lot of downloads and upgrades. Starts with hearing “incoming download” and then my eyes start twitching fast while closed and feeling my brain being rewired. I can’t open my eyes, tried but nope. It lasts for a minute or so.
    In a daydream Brother J and Mary/Magdalena were standing next to a portal. They said: you may enter now. I replied: Thank you, 3 things though: I’m only going with my kid. Can I come back? Who was Zorro? (joke) They said: of course and yes. And so I stepped through the portal and was immediately greeted by my dog Charlie who passed away last year.
    He looked like a puppy not like the 10y old I got out of the shelter. My kid was with me as well and we stepped into New Earth.
    End of daydream.

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  17. Oo its all happening. Update two is rather interesting. Thank you. At 7am ish this morning (Wednesday) the sorf meter shot up to 50 and straight back down again. Looks like a very quick blast of summat! Love your uniforms and the two beautiful cats underneath. The raincoat cat looks anxious. I need to give it a cuddle. 🐱😻

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  18. New Gaia Portal ❤️

    Predictors of lower dimensions are recognized and abandoned.

    Timelines of “definites” are seen for the illusion they present.

    Particles of Quantum Light recycle from future Elevations.

    Hue-manity learns the multi-dimensional game.

    Checkmate nears.

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  19. For those becoming a little jaded with the meters, check out these sexy wave recordings.

    The images have been modified as per a channelled message for activations.

    Can’t verify the source, but they sure look Purdy!


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  20. Went to bed last night at 8:00, promptly awoke at 12:00 and 4:00 and 6:00 on the spot. Blind staggers all day, but doddered in the garden anyway! It’s Spring and work needs to be done! Lisa has a new post today. Won’t post it. See previous posts. Oh, CATof 9, I meant did you all have a project or lift off yesterday. Since you’re back up today, never mind.

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      1. I’m not sure why CAT Eds but this statement made me tear up. Then I remembered a dream/vision before I woke. I don’t play video games but Ive watched family members play for years. It was like I was the player playing myself as the avatar. I was on what I think is called a map screen choosing different locations as they clicked through my vision like a slideshow. I feel like it was all significant but then again it seems everything is lately. Nothing is mundane anymore. Thank you CATS. ❤🌈

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  21. I don’t think people fully understand why we have these “sun posts.” When you see it here (like the above post), you feel it one to five days later. The sun is our reality projector, which is why we observe what it’s doing, but it takes time for the new group-programming to get here, as the projector is far away. The various “meters” are then the bounce, or the echo of that energy, giving you some idea of how much energy you’re being bombarded with.


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    1. I appreciate the sun and meter posts, it gives me a heads up and subsequent validation.

      I also know when to be more forgiving.



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      1. That was actually just an FYI to everyone, not directed at you. Oftentimes, commenters will bring up things that we then use to bring up broader topics. Alas, WordPress doesn’t have a way to mark things as “general use” or equiv. We should work up a simple way to do this, so those of you regular commenters don’t think we’re picking on you!

        -CAT Eds.

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  22. My cat was not impressed last night trying to get a relaxing cuddle while my whole body jerked around, then I got so hot I thought I was going to explode, all fun and games 🙂

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  23. Wow, the messages (direct and indirect) are all coming in fast and furious! Encountered a message when the same information surfaced on 3 different mediums. While the message was for me, it was full validation I am (and we are) on the right track. So here’s to “hold’n th’ light” and keep on grounding. ✨🙌

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  24. Ooooooo…feeling a lot of energy in and around. Pulsating and seems like in reverse? Not sure if that makes sense or not, but it’s like a cleansing of some sort. Anyone relate? Usually it always felt like a download, but right now, it’s different and it feels very much like what a T-shirt would feel like in a washing machine…ha, neat analogy 😂. Interesting and cool!

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    1. @ NLNL8, I certainly feel like I am having one whopper of a purge with this flu thingy. must be some sort of super cleansing, reprogramming thingy, what doesn’t kill you takes you to New Earth! ❤️

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  25. Bless you.

    I know you wouldn’t pick on a befuddled old Elf x


    P.S. Loving the Marvel Cats! And YES, Dr. Strange is my favourite too.

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  26. I was wondering if anyone is having problems with their pets leaving poop in the house when they are trained not to. Our dog is only 5 yrs. and in the last few weeks has left several piles in the house and didn’t know if the energies are contributing to this or not. We made an appt. with the vet but won’t get in till next week so just curious if anyone else is experiencing this. He has had the other unusual symptoms in the past when the energies are high like clingy, unusual appetite, staring or barking at something that isn’t there. Thanks


    1. Hi, Brenda. My 6 1/2 year old dog had a couple of instances where he was needing to go out every hour through the middle of the night with really loose “poo”. During those times he was also anxious and clingy. He hasn’t had any accidents inside but he isn’t alone very often. Funny thing is my husband and I have had digestive issues on and off as well. I’ve connected these incidences to times of high energies coming in. Sending good wishes that your vet finds your dog in good health and he’s just having energy symptoms. ❤🐶

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    2. A dog is a mirror. In other words: you’re releasing crap. It needs to go now, energies are no longer allowing otherwise.
      Hopefully for you in more appropriate places. 😉
      Or you’ll get a story like Howie Mandell on Tyler Henry, Hollywood Medium. What? Google.


  27. My “usual” sign of being on “the right track” are short term “assignments” that i “show up” for “do my thing” (allow whatever message needed to be said or they needed to hear to come through) and then i leave.

    It’s always completely “random” as in hadn’t been there in forever or maybe never but THAT day, right before was just compelled in that specific direction with NO logically discernable reason why?

    And then someone else “shows up” as if “on cue” they’re drawn to me and its all organic and flows beautifully and then i know “that was that” and i go.

    Had been a while since that happened.. quite a while… So was kinda surprised and lifted my mood to have a string of these occur

    But then wondered… “Oh no!” Did i get stuck left behind in lower timeline to “help”

    This notion was exacerbated by the fact that a rush of people from my “past” are suddenly back on the horizon

    None of them would be considered “awake” and without ANY bad feelings or specific “reasons” it had been an organic drifting away that so many of us experienced these last few yrs

    The reaching out part is normal and good ….. lots of love with many many friends that will always be there. BUT… The wanting to re-establish connection on an ongoing basis… trying to draw me back in? … Why? I thought those chapters had “completed”

    So a tad worried… Am i going “backwards”? 😔

    Anyone else experience something similar last few weeks?

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  28. Another point i wanted to check on? These friends from the past making a return appearance? I noticed a slight “difference”

    I don’t really do “small” talk. I talk about whatever i talk about and they know this. And they’ve always “listened” to me even as a child i haven’t been “ignored”. But it was more from a place of recognition they could learn something from me. Topics that were usually no-where on their radar.

    But “NOW”? It’s been a “subtle” change to genuine interest.

    As in “send me the article on that” and “i want to look that up!” Even taking the time to personally “Google” stuff further…

    Anyone else seeing this “shift”?

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  29. Very interesting day of sun/fun. I was coating a roof, 3 stories up in Butler, Pa. for a friend. I could feel energy’s in my body, then a large boom beside me, 75ft. away, a transformer blew, too cool. Peace!

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  30. I feel as though I am being microwaved the past 2 days. Hot from the inside out but no other symptoms of illness. I guess I am not DONE yet. Also the increased intensity of the sun is notable with every year surpassing the previous one. Anyone else noticing this ? Cay

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