Looks like we had several timeline jumps in one. We’re still trying to figure out what exactly happened.

None of us felt anything unusual… though it was veeery peaceful this morning. So… is the below meter showing muon activity from the OTHER earth? We have a Saturday meeting to work on that. Here it is:

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 8.15.21 AM
There are ten dips in all, so ten timeline adjustments.

Here’s what the raw numbers look like (far right) for just one aberration:

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 8.21.47 AM

It’s a little crazy how subnuclear particles work.

Here’s one flavor of Tomsk:

Similar timeframe.

Here’s Kiruna, showing turbulence prior to an energy dip… or a relaxation, perhaps:


And Tomsk SR:

The fluctuations occur around the 13:00 Tomsk time (11:00 pm PDT) on the 28th.

Here’s a look at current geomagnetic average trends in the S. Hemisphere:

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 8.29.45 AM

And more timeline jumpiness from the usual suspects:




Etna is what one might term, “unsettled.”

Some of the other Italian meters (Medicina, et al), and the Ottawa meter, are now totally out of whack.

Then there was this “bubbly energy” off COR2:

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 9.03.09 AM

And this off the Projector itself…


We noticed last night that there’d been a fast-moving flare/jet sneeze thing on the 26th that may be affecting us today. Here it is:


Or was the timeline kerfufflage from the odd light events from a few days ago? From another flare/CME? We dunno. There are so many shuffling and reshuffling layers and adjustments going on that Guides just throw up their hands when we ask.

There was another solar-howdy off the sun just yesterday (and another probably happening right now):


It may do something here tomorrow or the next day… or just get lumped in with the rest, it’s hard to tell. There’s so much reprogramming coming off the sun now, and the speeds so variable, that we have no idea what hits when. We were just told, “The Big One is waiting in the wings.” (Sorry intelligence folks reading this, bunkers won’t help. Reprogramming reaches all. Try to stay sober.)

And wow, we don’t have an image for it, but the omniversal lookeeloos are swarming into our system in their various ships (of smaller size) to watch the proceedings — and they were ALREADY swarming in. It’s like Grand Central Station out there. It’s clearly making some normie pentagonals’ brains hurt:


Remember: Try to be positive no matter what’s happening WHEREVER you are… because technically you’re already home in SOURCE, right now; this tiny piece of you is seemingly experiencing other things elsewhere.

Don’t forget: You’re a non-local being having a local experience, so make the best of it.

Wow, that’s bad. Go CAT10!
Your symbolism has become tiresome.


WHOMP in progress:





This is looking timeline-jumpy, again.
There was also this magnetic oddity (@11:45 UTC) we missed earlier.


More timeline jumps!

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 9.05.42 AM
These are muon detectors.
Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 9.07.18 AM
These are also muon detectors; note one of the previous timeline jumps.




More missing muons.


Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 1.32.03 PM

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 1.33.32 PM
Raw muon numbers for L8, above (far right column).

Ho hum.


FYI, there was a flare… or whatever you want to call it… a “PHANTASM” spike coming out of the sun yesterday at 9:00 am PDT:


Last time this happened, it took about 36 hours to get here, so we’re guessing we’ll feel this tonight.

169 thoughts on “YATJ #51 [UPDATE3]

  1. Wondered why I didn’t want to get up this morning. The energies felt so good and I just lay there for half an hour. Ended up having breakfast at work as I was so late. Thank goodness for instant porridge pots. Love the cynical rainbow cat!

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  2. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck! It’s so darned pleasant here that I can barely contain myself! Woke up every hour and a half last night. Was very buisy. Must get back into my garden with latte and birdssss. BTWe it’s noticably even more peaceful here today. (especially after a trip to the city yesterday)

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  3. A very trying day indeed. One of my Mama Cats (already fixed) went missing for 12 hours, leaving me and her kittens worrying all day. Kept talking to the Angels and going into the Heart, but still wondering Why? what manifested this? I hold no attachment to this world, except my Cats.

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  4. Wow, isn’t this a mess!
    Oops, this is the new normal, I forgot …
    If your Guides throw up their hands, how about us?
    Right, “think positive” …
    I’d like to walk this magical path …


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    1. Looks good, but I Am in need of rest(did too much yesterday), brain not working right! Stepping inside Myself for a few w/Heart. Peace.

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  5. WOW, Cats … the image from Cor2 is really curious. Two nights ago (the night of the 26th) I got up for a brief bit, came back and looked out the window into the dark night skies here and THAT is what I saw in the sky, underlaying the late Spring constellations configs … Orion was still out there, Aldebaran was bright and the Pleiades were there as always, but there was this spotty, filtered, black and white “stuff” behind them. Like the hologram was a bit out of sync. Cool beans 🙂

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  6. Today’s cute story: I just walked by one of the bird feeders when I happened to glance at it. There was a little bird perched on it having a snooze while standing uprite. I got about a foot from it, it opened one eye, looked at me and promptly closed the eye and settled back into it’s nap. Energies, indeed! My turn to nap.

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  7. There were loud booms here in Antwerp today. Media and military says: F16 going through soundwall. Pinocchio, your nose is growing!
    The boom correlates with a personal breakthrough today and also ties in with old relatives, friends… resurfacing. I closed that door for good. The end. Fine.

    At the same time another door is opening. What’s behind it is not clear yet as I’m creating it from the heart.
    A new chapter, a new life.
    PS: I normally comment as 777, yet it was time to reveal my true identity. 😉

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    1. @ Merlinthewizard777
      (Fabulous name and identity btw!! 💗)

      Just curious… The “ties resurfacing”?

      Was this a recent development? Or ongoing thing?

      If recently? Do you happen to remember the dates? Initiated by them? Or you?

      Also have you been “grumpier” lately as in mood wise? And any “head fog”?


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  8. Thanks CATS, Ms and ALL.

    Wish I could get to the other side of this flu purge. Just to be able to breathe would be incredible! Chest infection is really testing me. Asthma off the scales, nearly called for an ambulance yesterday but managed to get back on track with my inhalers and essential oils. Its definitely calling/forcing me to be still, at peace, maybe that’s the point!

    We really all are very amazing tough cookies! 🍪Much love to ALL ❤️🙏

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      1. @CAT Eds thanks, seems to be a bit better but if it starts getting worse again I’ll get on the phone to the GP pronto ❤️


        1. Lily. If you are in trouble breathing any time, do the 999 thing. The time delay going down any other NHS route ie 111 or GP could be bad. Our dear gubbermont has conditioned us to feel guilty if we call an ambulance even when it’s vital. Take care and hope you get through this bug soon. Xxx

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          1. @Newlynn I will, thanks for the advice. Seems to be easing a bit now. Took oregano oil, NAC supplement, drinking lots of herbal teas and water, frankincense, lavender in diffuser (steam and organic oils, no nasty toxic stuff), il as etc.. Will have to leave cleaning out the guinea pigs! Hopefully mum can help out with that tomorrow as the hay is a problem! Just need to keep an eye on my daughter now. She does not have asthma so hopefully won’t progress into more than runny nose etc. Much love ❤️❤️

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    1. Frankincense used w/peppermint has been used for millenia for that. Pep dialates lungs, while Frank. Regenerates tissue. Soon We wont have a need, for We Are becoming self healing. Sending healing Love/Energy. Peace.

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      1. yeah francinscensense is very good
        you can buy on amazone
        I brought my from Oman
        the Omanis use to put in water and drink the next day
        @Lilly144 much love to you and healing power ❤

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        1. @Thank you anonymous144, yes I’ve heard of drinking it in a tea,I am guessing you need the resin? Much love and light to you ❤️✨


    2. I have asthma…you need to drink more water! Increase water intake by eating veggies with high water content…cucumbers, celery, Romain hearts, etc. It will make a world of difference. 💕☺️

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      1. @NLNL8 thanks so much for the advice ❤️ Hope you’re asthma is okay with all the waves/flu going around? I’ve only had one serious asthma attack that landed me in hospital, it’s really frightening not being able to breathe is it! As Christopher mentioned, hopefully soon we will not need to worry about our lungs! Much love ❤️❤️

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        1. I’ve been only in the hospital about 3xs…with one near death (oxygen level was at 6. But, those were a long time ago, thankfully! My asthma is about 99% under control and haven’t used an inhaler for a long time now (but I still keep one handy as you never know!). I haven’t had the flu in many years either, don’t get flu shots or anything like that. Just try to eat healthy food, drink lots of clean water and keep the stress levels managed. Oh and I sit in the sun, a lot! Lol. I am blessed with some tropical and “south of the equator” blood, so I never burn…yay me! Lol. Stress management is biggie for asthmatics, so finding ways to help your body release it and ways to obtain deep relaxation is so important. 💕🌹😊

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    1. Yup. And that’s why THIS kitten curled up in her catball at 9:45 … off to purr through it … love and light to all the cats and m’s, and everyone else in this deliciously loving cyberhouse 💕😽

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  10. Hi, All.. I seem to be on a slightly different reactive schedule; sometimes it seems I get the reactions before the energy whompage – actually lately feel better when things are active and worse when things look calm… Yesterday spine was threatening to collapse all day, then later that night it seemed all my connective tissues turned into some other substance, some other element, not particularly fun, but tolerable – I think this mornings earworm was the song Never Enough…

    @lily and @Pam141 – responding here because your comments are so long ago post-wise not time-wise. Anne McCaffrey has been one of my favorite authors throughout her and my life – one of the first really accepted female science fiction writers. I found a collection of short stories which included some tid-bits that were later novel themes – I think the first novel I read was ‘ To Ride Pegasus’ about ‘ talents – including a story of a young girl that couldn’t control her talent – the next I read the CATS will like ‘Decision at Doona’ 1969 novel of a young child’s friendship with the cat/humaniod race that changed the planets future(at least one, maybe two more in that series) – then the Rowan dynasty series – cross Galactic shipping telaporters.
    One of my favorites was ‘The Ship that Sang’. “The stories in this series deal with the adventures of “shell-people” or “Brains”, who as infants (due to illness or birth defects) have had to be hard-wired into a life-support system. With sensory input and motor nerves tied into a computer they serve as starship pilots (or colony administrators), seeing and feeling the colony or ship as an extension of their own body.”
    – then there are the Crystal singer series, and the Pern series of the telepathic Dragon/people telepathic/empathetic bond for survival of their planet Pern – I was always distressed that a lot of dragon lore/history negatively portraying dragons – thank the uni for the appearance of Ms McCaffery in my life. There is a four book YA Pern series that was very important to me, the first esp because of my childhood – Dragon Song –
    Her son Todd co-wrote the wrote some of the later Pern books, including the communicating dolphins – She had connected to everything – one of her other series was Unicorn People – the Acorna series… and more – seems she’s written more than 50 books, so many topics – these were just a few that peeps like us might appreciate – OH YEAH, forgot the space faring Barque Cats and their special telepathically linked humans. 🙂
    Sorry (not sorry 🙂 ), being so expressive of my gratitude to this author, but she among others is why I have lasted so long on this planet – my life savers…

    love to all,


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    1. @Kathleen thank you so much for all those recommendations, much appreciated ❤️ Hope you are feeling well today? Much love and light ❤️✨


      1. If we were the producers we’d be working overtime on “edge of the world” CG that they could then “fall off”! AUUUUGGGHH!!

        Then have them caught by a giant hand, and have a huge disembodied voice tell them the truth about their world… be kinda fun.

        -CAT Eds.

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    1. I thought the flat Earth thing was just psyop/4chan trolling…

      I guess all have something we believe in that others might find us crazy for, at least the Flat Earthers are dedicated enough to prove it.

      But this is not a hill I would die on, personally.

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      1. Like we said about the sun being “close, in the clouds”… ridiculous. However… this *is* all illusion, so we’re talking about something that changes even as your mind. Like popular culture and most “modern” music, none of this really matters.

        -CAT Eds.

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    2. I have no horses in this race, but I find it sad to encounter the same rhetoric and ego bullshit that is always employed to stop people from asking the “wrong” questions. Is the idea really that threatening? Why?

      Whatever. Regarding shapes.

      The only thing I know for sure is that I see no proof of being on a spherical rock rushing through space in my experience, and plenty of indicators to the opposite. The so called proof is pictures from NASA (where the N stands for forked toNgues). And no one is even trying to answer the questions posed by curious minds.

      I’m fine with not knowing at this point. We may well be living inside some kind of bio sphere, given what I know about this world and the mess we’re in.


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      1. It’s ok, this is an “individual thing”. You can create anything You like. I’m working on Fairies/Dragons/Kitties/etc. for All. Love in Harmony to All. Peace.

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    1. This isn’t necessary. First off, there’s Free Will. Secondly, there’s FREE WILL. That’s why the dark beings… who are also your brothers, aka LIGHT beings taking a “downward” turn… are allowed to do this: it’s their choice. It’s a way of learning something new. SOURCE has allowed us this little experiment — a number of experiments, actually, the “human experiment” being one of them. However, one part of the Big Us is tired of this, while the Other Part wants to keep doing it… so We came up with the whole Old Earth/New Earth thing where one Part will go on one earth, the other Part on another (literally in a galaxy far far away). But it’s all illusion; we’re actually all already Home in SOURCE. This is why we’re allowed to do this. We’re in no danger. We are literally perfect, immortal Spirit, whole and innocent. But, as some keep suggesting, we’re NOT doing this to “bring experience back to SOURCE.” SOURCE is ALL. SOURCE is all-knowing. SOURCE is utterly COMPLETE, in an infinite omni-dimensional way that we cannot comprehend. SOURCE doesn’t need to experience anything. It’s so far above our level of comprehension that a goodly portion of the population would probably be terrified of It if they got even a tiny glimpse. IT’S literally AWESOME. But… SOURCE is the exact opposite of terrifying. It is Living LOVE. SOURCE loves you SO MUCH that if you could feel it for just a moment, you’d dissolve into tears. It’s overwhelming. And we are Love, as well, as an Extension of SOURCE. Our purpose now is to experience all the different flavors and colors and experiences of LOVE (no, not that kind of love!). There is nothing we NEED to do. It’s all going to happen, is already happening no matter what. What New Earth enthusiasts need to be doing now is meditating, and incorporating the different “light packets” coming in to them to augment/upgrade their existence. Meditate, and be kind to one another, simple as that.

      Btw, once We are fully reintegrated with SOURCE (that is, ALL of Us), SOURCE has a surprise for us: a SOURCE-level surprise. Think of it as a homecoming present.


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      1. Thanks ~AM for summarizing a large portion of ACIM. I’d like to add a few:

        Freedom from illusions lies only in not believing in them.

        How else can you find joy in a joyless place except by realizing that you are not there.

        All of “time” is but the mad belief that what is over, is still here and now.

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          1. @~AM. Thanks for your short response. I didn’t scour all 18 pages of typewritten notes of ACIM to step on yours or your Guides toes. I only wanted to support your post with some positive notes. Also, sorry for thinking that your post was reflecting the messages of Brother J. Since you and your Guides have this all under control, I no longer feel the need to respond to anything. I rarely post but when I did, my only hope was that it would be received in the Spirit intended. This pattern has followed me everywhere, not just here. After I realize my efforts are not received in the Light I intended, I just move on.

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        1. @PattyCat,
          I truly believe, that of all the posters here, AM [and lily44] would be the LEAST likely to want to incur any hard feelings. Your contributions are appreciated, please stick around! 🙂

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    2. Yes! After eons of advice that “it’s not necessary”? Because this is an illusion… ad naseum… And so we remain with our hands folded “waiting” as one event snd deadline comes and goes for eons?

      Did you know “the Event” was expected “ANY moment now” after J left? Crack open Paul’s wrirings it’s there in black and white.

      You know the whole celibacy thing was in part (maybe WHOLLY) due to this “imminent” event happening so best ” not to marry”…

      I find it IS NECESSARY

      And advisable

      Illusion? Yes agreed. But the whole point while IN “the illusion” IS TO PLAY

      And waiting for someone else or inaction gets NO ONE a “gold star”

      And so THAT prevalent thought promulgated ad naseum in “our community” would be WHY i “felt alone” IN taking action (as ALL who followed similar advice of “not necessary” made it not a feeling but a reality)

      WHAT we focus upon IS what gets created.

      Point blank.
      Irrefutably so

      Everyone here who has proclaimed being tired? May find it “necessary” to align that feeling with action lest they forget that “doing nothing”? IS STILL “doing something”… That of “nothing” specifically

      Again i quote an old book that point blank stated

      Faith without works is dead.

      Hard to dispute

      AND the negs AS darkness have NO Creative ability. They have been using US to Create!


      BY WHAT we do
      Or FAIL “to do”

      also pretty well established.

      When i look back on how playing “the waiting game” worked out for the disciples of old?

      I’m inclined to think that “necessary” or not? I’m willing to try another strategy

      AND I’m taking NO further chances. They use “implied consent” AS Consent by default and non action just makes their job SO much easier…

      Personally think great idea OF the article on Transients site. And he must have too or would not have published it. Loads if respect for him. He’s out of Australia and New Zealand. Also personal friend. When he visited US last yr? He stayed with me.

      I know him to be very serious and very knowledgeable and not endorse things lightly. His recommendations carry weight. But more than that i read the previous FIVE articles.

      My choice?

      I did them ALL

      and felt resoundedly glad i did.

      Just my opinion but also one with decades of commitment and study behind it.

      At end of this illusion? None of us will ve held by ANY standard of what another did or not. But by OUR choices or lack thereof. I’ve always found it advisable to do MY part.

      Best of luck to ALL
      ( in making your Personal choice) 💗


    3. Sorry.. My reply was to Anonymous’s question and post of 3-28-29 @ 10:48 pm

      To summarize. I think that irrespective of “necessary” or not?

      If it’s purpose IS to help?
      And heck, it can’t “hurt”?

      And CLEARLY aligned with our communal angst for this to”end” ( or “start” ..)?

      Heck Yes!

      Can’t hurt
      And what if wonder of wonders it DOES help??

      Sorry.. Very tired…
      Aside from energies? Today was Joshie bday.


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      1. @iota,

        I read the posts by David Topi just to see what they were about. A lot of what he posts are things I have already asked for in prayers but not known if they were real, like to take negative energies to the waste area in the universe. That was interesting. it did resonate with me in a positive way. I felt good about it.

        I had a song come into my mind while I was reading. I’ve heard it on the radio many times but I didn’t know the name of the band/song or really much of the lyrics, so I looked them up and – they blew my mind!

        It is called “Wherever you will go” by “The Calling”. The line that freaked me out was about a wave 🌊.

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      1. So, I’ve been doing landscape photography for over forty years. And I took a really spectacular moonrise in Joshua Tree National Park once and sold a lot of prints of it. At one art show, some guy said to me, “wow, how did you manage to shoot that with the clouds behind the moon …”

        I wish I had had the flat earth argument in my arsenal at the time. But, short of that I replied, “I’d like you to think about what you just asked me.” And then waited … Mrowlgiggle

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      2. …and it gets even more ridiculous!
        This is a long time exposure image of Polaris, the North Star. These images are taken over hours and even days and they always show exactly this pattern. How is that possible, if the earth is spinning on a tilted axis, circling around the sun, with the solar system moving through space at ridiculous speed? It isn’t.

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    1. So much effort to keep people in polarity at the root of it all. Believe/do not believe, Flat/not flat, vaccinate/don’t vaccinate…etc. It’s like a whirl-wind-jumping…at some point you just got to agree to disagree and appreciate our differences. There’s no bigger freedom of the drama and getting to a place of peace than allowing someone to experience what they want to. 🍻 Being an observer is just as important as a participant. ☀️

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  11. Good morning – I’m not reading new comments before writing this – for some reason this feels important, you know when something written has those sun ray thingies surrounding it for emphasis ? – EVERY! time I’ve woken up this morning the word ‘gagged’ has been preeminent (as in gag order meaning ) – this has happened at least 5 times – the last few (yes, popping in and out of sleep a lot since pre-dawn ->hmmm, funny play on words?) – three, at least, times after the first dream association with pregnancy (no accompanying associations context-wise, dream-wise), it has changed to preeclampsia… PRE – E-CLAMP-SEE-YA?…

    ?? Anyone perceiving something that might relate to all this?
    Hmm, just remember waking early with a question concerning someone I have at times communication and support from (he’s been on the dead side for decades) For certain reasons I won’t detail I’ve wondered if there was at least one someone early on that had abused him – I don’t think this was ever a issue questioned when he was alive or since – I won’t say how – you get it… he answered/not answered as not really important concerning him now, but maybe relating to all these re-iterations that followed…
    What do you all perceive in the world…
    Maybe now these repetitions will stop – still just want to go to sleep…
    Today seems important somehow… changes??

    love to all – hope you all have better days today
    much love


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    1. X – Oh my goodness yes. Barely made it to and through work and an appointment to have taxes done. Worst part is that once I lay down to sleep, I will struggle
      to get there. Thank goodness for meditation and cat purrs to help calm the monkey mind.

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    2. Started day w/dragging, then triggered out of rest by a drinking female, into a purge. Thanking the Universe for taking out the trash. Finished w/oil of Oregano/plenty of water. Rest. Peace.

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  12. Funny story, Part 2: Just looked out my bedroom window pre-nap and saw yesterday’s bird perched on the grate on the fountain asleep again. (I guess it’s the sweet sound of water that does it) ( Or maybe it’s my totem)

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  13. A load of dogs just started whining and barking on the street. 3:30-ish PST They’re feeling it?

    That rainbow cat is very nice, as is this (Sorry intelligence folks reading this, bunkers won’t help. Reprogramming reaches all. Try to stay sober.) That makes me very happy.

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        1. That is so weird! Well….I guess we should be grateful we don’t see what they do might be pretty scary. Our world is becoming a place none of us know what to expect will jump out at us.

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          1. So far the dog is the same, but starting about the beginning of March or so, I noticed when the cat was on my lap at night, he’d be looking over my left shoulder a lot. OK, no biggie. And I know cats are known for Seeing energy, but he’s never shown any indication of Seeing anything in this house before (about 5-6 yrs now). More recently, ‘someone/something’ has him looking all over the place when he’s on my lap, but only when he’s on my lap like they want to be sure I notice he’s noticing something’s here. I am calling the ‘someone’ (my late) Uncle Dwight, the jokester of the family, just because. So anyhoo, curiouser and curiouser…

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  14. I don’t know about elsewhere but here in the UK the sun has had a beautiful peaceful rose gold colour to it for the last two days and misty mornings and evenings, very tranquil

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    1. In western Canada, we had chemtrailpalooza day yesterday! But the trails didn’t last, asked for assistance and I also sent out love and acknowledgment, then imagined a beautiful clear and sunny sky. ☀️💕

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    2. @pam141 did you notice the sun today around 6pm? So beautiful, just like yu described ‘rose gold’ glowed and pulsed, there was a tinge of purple too 🙂 ❤️

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      1. It has been really beautiful recently, I was grateful for the bit of warmth, though I do find rain on the roof very relaxing.


        1. At lunch today, another CAT and I saw the New Earth again, particularly the sky: the clouds parted and the sky was an incredibly textured, gradated blue that went from a perfect sky-blue to a deep glacial blue. We just stared at it in wonder. I don’t think anyone else around us noticed. Sure put us in a good mood!


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  15. Good Afternoon Cats & M’s thank you for all the Updates. I was called here just now 🙂 The Sun has been so active, that Sun Sneeze made me lightheaded & had to anchor it immediately as more Upgrades where within that Energy Solar Burst (more so then the previous bigger explosion, talk about throw your hands up) the next 2 days after anchoring I am sleeping long hours thankfully its the weekend & the 30th I tried to do physical activity & my body started going haywire so I spent most of my day resting in stillness. Doing the Balancing Act feels like walking on a tight rope, if I keep bringing my mind into my heart I stay upright otherwise the emotions take over. Brainless & Mentally exhausted plus Feeling lonely for Hugs & Kisses lately so I was guided in meditation to Open my Wings & Hug myself 🙂 well it worked so soft & snuggly aahh anything soft & plush makes me feel loved now lol Sun Sensory-ish. Expanding my Wings Love to All 🙂

    Oh btw who is going to be Dr Strange ? m5 always has lots of interesting tails 🙂

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  16. anybody else experiencing a fair amount of nausea/indigestion + headaches and general fatigue, starting from early this morning, say around 9am UTC on 3/30 and continuing basically all day? I’m usually able to get through it but today I can’t seem to do much but lie in bed and try to “sleep it off”.

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    1. Rishi – yes. I’ve been full of energy all week … until today. I got up dragging and I’m still sort of droopy-tailed. And cranky. Unbearably (can a cat be bearable?) cranky and snarling. I am definitely NOT nice to be around today. I think I’ll go curl up with my favorite mousie and take a catnap. I’m obviously reacting “behind everyone else” today. 😀 (( time IS such a slippery topic, isn’t it? ))

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      1. janielaurel, is today any better for you? I feel more motivated today, but I feel like my body is still recovering from something and needs a bit more today (perhaps due to upgrades that the CATs mentioned). I’m hoping that a nap fixes that and I wake up refreshed =)

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      1. Me, too. Spend almost the whole weekend in bed doing a lot of reading but my body refused to do anything, feeling totally exhausted.
        By the way love visiting this side and view all the great content.

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      2. Me, too. Totally exhaustion.
        Stayed in bed (reading, listening to music) almost the whole weekend.
        Love this side and everybody involved.

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  17. #Ascension For Sale! Today I’m checking on other sites to see any updates about the event, shift, ascension. Phil Good maybe not so good as he’s charging $25 to jump on the ascension train now! His free YouTube is more like lifecoaching but if you BUY, he’ll let you in on stuff his guides say. QHHT charges $500 a pop and everyone now is getting a patreon page for “inside” information on 5D. So I guess poor people don’t get to be on the inside or jump on the 5D train. Or maybe this ascension thing is the 21st century snake oil salesman! Admittedly, I tend to be gullible in life bc I don’t understand why ppl lie. Only future events will tell

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      1. 800 bucks for the Coe woman who admittly has the best youtube videos because she is hot. What’s so funny is the only people who have experienced the event or the ascension have paid these high prices got regressed and volia experienced it all. Whereas the rest of us have got nothing. Perhaps the universe or source whatever you need to call it is teaching us a big lesson there…. 😉

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        1. Alison Coe mention on one of her recent videos she is in the middle of a divorce. According to her, she has decided to let her ex husband have the entire estate. An estate that is apparently WORTH BIG MONEY.

          I understand she wants a clean break, no ties and allow the universe to provide.

          That said, 800$ a reading is fooking robbery. Maybe the universe had already provided? Maybe half of the estate would have allowed her to charge a much smaller amount?

          Just saying…

          I like the CATS method, meditate. It’s considerably cheaper and in the long run much more rewarding.


          P.S. Da-da, have you seen the new film based upon the events on Flannel Island? The lighthouse keepers that disappeared? After your investigations, I watched it and laughed. Man will choose logic over anything he fears every time…

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          1. I am sorry for her hope it all works out. Her videos are fun but yes that kind of money shocks me.


        2. @SB Allison Coe is the chick who got me interested in the EVENT!! I was trying to find something on youtube to listen to while walking my dog a year and a half ago and youtube suggested coe. So I hit play, and boom, I was hooked and started the search on anything and everything the EVENT. and Yes, I did get a QHHT by a local. It was helpful and I don’t regret it. Apparently my “purpose in life” is to bring happiness to others. to make others happy or be happy. LOL. You guys don’t know me, but at work, coworkers, bosses, ect say i always have a smile on my face so I guess i’m fulfilling my purpose in life. Personally, I wanted to save the planet, like the avengers. LOL

          But I digress, i wish i had the gift of seeing the future so I could just give it to others instead of charging a fortune. People with no money want to hear about their future too. it’s so disappointing when you think there is a good person who knows about the event or a shift and then suddenly jumps online and says, i’ll be charging for future knowledge. Now I feel duped. ugh.

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        3. The BIGGEST lesson is this:

          Welcome to Earth — where it’s not *really* all about money….

          ….it’s actually ALL ABOUT the meatsuit body vehicle COSTUME.

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  18. Ups and downs all day today. The only constant is being in the garden with the critters. The pulmonaria is blooming and it is a joy to be in the midst of it surrounded by 2 species of hummingbirds duking it out over whose blossoms they are. I feel in stasis as Thor said to Terran. Very slow incremental change as more varieties of magnolias open their blossoms and tiny things with buds swelling take place. Perhaps more patience and allowance on my part is required. Only 1 more day to April’s energy. Sigh!

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    1. Spent most of the day gardening, and potting on tomato and cucumber seedlings. I’m also having a go at growing cat mint from seed. My lovely old cat is grazing the only one that’s in the garden to extinction. I feel so much better outside. By the afternoon I was suddenly exhausted and slept in the chair which is unheard of for me (bed only normally). Few encodements to process I think.

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    2. Like Terran’s buddy ‘Heather’ strongly implied there (and actually WANTED to say), Terran appears to be very compromised due to his low frequency level,

      and “Thor” strongly feels to be yet another cleverly manipulative Dark Entity that has attached itself to his @ss.


      (still stuck in house/bed in agonized dying/frying body ~ haven’t been able to care about garden in years)


      1. We All send Our best wishes for recovery/feeling better. Love/Healing energy, Know It! Peace.

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  19. I paid some $$ for my first QHHT here in Australia, and then a LOT for my 2nd QHHT (2015) with a star QHHT personality. I got a lot out of both, and I realised the layers of your multi-dimensional experience are so many that you could do countless sessions and always come up with more. So I just subsist on the data I got from these first 2 and leave it there. The info does give me good musing material, though.


    1. @maPantha I learned my sister was my evil step mother in a past life. 😛 SO funny, b/c she is 10 years older in this life and acts like my mother, w/ a smidge of evil on the side too. hahaha. told my mom and aunts and they all laughed b/c she totally acts like my evil step mother in this life and now they call her my step mother when she does something “unkind.” My lesson was to forgive her. and I totally did! we get along great now and I just laugh when she does or says something questionable b/c i remember her from my qhht session. it’s no big deal. just forgive her. I 100% did.

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    1. Haaaaa!!! (how perfect)

      See? That was probably “Thor” right there, making the rounds.

      That pussy had a ‘Thor @ss’.

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  20. I’ve had 3 QHHT sessions with the same person! She is amazing! My first session was $300, then she charged me much less as the first session takes the longest (was almost 6 hrs). All 3 were very deep and eye opening, but I did find that ego still had “influence” within the session. I found this interesting and curious as to why? I never mentioned this to the practitioner, instead I started to listen to my inner voice and learned that even our Higher Self allow the voice of ego to be expressed. So I re-listened to all 3 recordings and learned more about “me”. Another value add! ✨😄

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  21. I think the flare has hit! My iPhone went from a full charge to 18% in minutes, then decided it was 24, 34, 48% charged…. all within 15 min. Other explanation could me my energy field is in flux affecting electronics…. but got no chart for that… So I don’t know. Unexpected snow fall here, but should be over within a half hour.

    Consensus here is Galactics are in “hurry up and wait mode” (which bores the heck out of them) while down here on Terra Firma the months long log jam of eternal flow is moving quite rapidly. Its my sense the Pleiadians and Andromedans are visible to us now (if they choose to be). When we see them I don’t know, they are very cautious about not screwing things up…. maybe too cautious….

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    1. Thanks, hard to figure, with Their better “view” and no time. Last time jump took me back and purged crap I thought was long gone. I’m Grateful for All. Peace.

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    2. Thank you for your every update! I totally align with your update from Heather. Good luck with your move but please let us know whenever you hear or sense anything from the “Flow.” I only found this Cat site thanks to a post you made about it last October. Funny how that happens. Now I check here every day.

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      1. I’ll be back online was I get settled. This is an unexpected move but will have much more space and privacy and a way better bed.

        Glad you enjoy the postings! love the stuff from the cats! btw there was a timeline shift in last 24 hrs, for about 24 hrs I was on a creepy timeline. didjnt like it at all…

        Will not be far from the old portal which I will expand to include the new house. Maybe the Yeti and Fae will pay visits again?. they seem to prefer locations that enable them to cone and go rapidly. Haven’t heard from them in 2 years. Hopefully Oliver the baby Yeti has out grown bouncing on the roof at night. Gentle giants that love french bread…

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        1. Yeah, we have a post all ready to go that talks about that, but didn’t want to have an “April 1st” post, as people tend to not take those as seriously if they pass them around. It felt like we were “under pressure” if that makes any sense.

          -CAT Eds.

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  22. I guess this is no April Fool’s joke.
    Sometimes I think a world wide power failure might be a good thing to put a stop to the surveillance apparatus. Perhaps then buried technology could surface to replace the current systems with privacy and integrity intact. Maybe telepathy will replace cell phones and teleportation becomes the travel method of choice. Just dreaming. Cay

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  23. FYI, many of the CATs are deeply feeling this latest bout of energy (which isn’t registering well on meters)… but this bodily impact is compounded by some CATs having a “coffee fast.” Those CATs who drink coffee were tasked by Guides (quite fervently) to detox from coffee for at least the first three days of April. The tea drinkers of the group were of course unaffected and can still write blog comments (ahem). What’s most interesting is that those CATs laying off the coffee have reported “seeing” much better, and with greater detail and resolution. I suggest others try a “coffee fast” at least for a day and see how it affects them. If you (think you) need caffeine you can always take an excedrin (which has a little caffeine, as well as aspirin and tylenol), or drink a cup of black tea. Coffee is complex and amazing and good for you — and I love it — but SOME CATs were drinking way too much… and from the looks of them, they’re paying for it!


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    1. Hmmm…strange. I usually have 2 or 3 small cups of coffee every morning but today it tasted “off” and I like it really hot and it became cold unusually fast. I ended up pouring it down the drain!

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      1. Yes. Same here. My coffee didn’t taste right either yesterday . Weird as it’s the same jar. I have also felt yucky from the 1st April. Ongoing palpitations, sore throat and glands in my neck hurting. The energies feel disquieting and I seem to be going to disturbing places in my dreams. Can’t believe how the energies have gone from lovely to not nice in a few days. Hope we hop through it soon. Need a time line jump to a higher vibration.


        1. Yup. Us, too. I had some ear pain as well, but that’s probably still healing of that old nasty arch*n wound. Lots of us had TWB incursions as well. The TWBs tried to GRAB ME through the portal again. That’s a nasty way to wake up.


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          1. @M5. So glad the TWBs didn’t succeed. I’m presuming your protection and protectors are so strong, that they fail to grab you. Hope their fingers get burned!

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  24. Ever notice how every time the ca8al gets closer to being brought to justice (which I certainly don’t obsess over), the more the “something huge being unearthed in Antarctica” card is played?

    Hey, look! Bright shiny thing!


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    1. Lol, definitely noticed this.

      The ironic thing is the more they use the sci-fi stuff to destruct us, the more obsolete they become and the less power they have.

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  25. Sorry in advance because this is kind of a ramble. So, I’m home alone with my dog during the day M-F. We live in an urban area and it can get quite noisy. My dog seems to be calmed by the TV so I’ll keep it on most of the day. We only have an antenna so I’ll turn on PBS or one of the channels that show old movies or tv shows. I know someone will suggest music instead but for some reason it agitates me after awhile and my dog too. (and I can actually tune out the tv and mute it when needed). Well I saw a brief ad for an upcoming episode of Finding Your Roots. Something I don’t leave on because the host and most guests give me a bad feeling. Well the episode is featuring “artists”, one of which is Marina Abramovic. A couple years ago she was a rabbit hole I wish I wouldn’t have went down. Well, at first I was kind of horrified she would be featured on what I think among normies is a pretty popular show. I started thinking about it though and kind of have a theory. I’ve been reading here and on other blogs about how these energies and light influxes are affecting everyone/everything, awake or not and DNA upgrades are resulting from this light/energy. Also that truth is coming out like it or not and all masks are off! Could it be that “they” can’t help but put themselves in our spotlight? I’ve seen this with other people as well. The ones who used to slither in the the shadows now out in the sun light for all to see. Can the CATS, M’s or anyone give their perspective on this? Will these people coming out in the open actually help with the awakening of more of the population? Thanks for listening!

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  26. Beautiful ‘Lilac’ skies over our part of the UK with very strange but beautiful clouds, looks like lots of tiny triangles have been cut out of the clouds with pastry cutters!

    Love & Light to all ❤️

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    1. Lily you may wanna check out highheartlife.com latest post about the Bridge, specifically the images.

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      1. @Merlinthewizard 🙂
        Thanks so much!

        ‘These NEW crystalline triangle Trinity DNA codes (not old Expired lower dual Duality), plus all the other NEW energies and waves of energies are all delivering the NEW templates and NEW DNA for NEW humans on NEW Earth and everywhere else…”

        For anyone that is interested, here is the post:


        Much love & gratitude ❤️

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  27. This nausea thing has corresponded to not drinking coffee. Even thinking about it makes me feel queasy. Timely comment, thanks. Any idea why nausea specifically?


    1. I’ve been pretty sick last couple of nights, thought it was just the end of this flu thing. I usually have cravings for crisps, snacks after daughter is in bed but all I want is green tea or water. Migraines are non stop. Coffee smelly weird, I usually love it!

      Started getting a bit paranoid that the symptoms we have been experiencing are all due to chemtrails, radiation, emfs, etc…Are we being poisoned or enlightened or both?! Mind working overtime…

      Much love to all ❤️

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  28. Ugh! The transition into April’s energy was rather difficult for me. I had to laugh! Last night I figured I was dying and didn’t care. (Apparently I survived for another day. Had a lovely nap under magnolia blooms this afternoon, but got too hot so I moved indoors to continue. Lisa read tomorrow. We’ll see what she sees then.

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      1. Here some amazing explanation:

        5D – 12D Template installed – acclimation in progress

        “Two months linear time so far. Our creativity and energy has gone down to zero set point as has our ability to communicate either verbally or written. All of this has just gone out the window during this completer template wipe. It takes all we have to simply get out of bed and do almost anything. Our food palate has completely changed, too.

        It is at this point that no food looks/sounds or even tastes good. Not much eating going on here as we begin to run on light. The human body being taken offline as our entire new grid system is being put online. The entire grid system coming online and charging as we can feel our entire system rewiring. This all happens after a complete collapse of all timelines, either consciously or unconsciously prior to this.

        At this point all human/Akashic records have been cleared. What a huge undertaking and it is time to celebrate!! All cords and attachments to old earth have been severed. All of this is necessary as we cross the threshold of the higher realms.

        This all came to a head for me when I started what a human would call a high fever that lasted for three days. When this high heat began I heard “ I am dying” and I really felt like I was dying. My human wanted to go to fear, yet my higher self knew that this was the death of my ego. I received many messages as this transition was occurring and afterward and I am going to put it in a linear list so that I do not miss anything as it is important to get all of these messages out to share for others.

        — Complete template wipe/rewrite
        — 5D – 12D Template installed – acclimation in progress
        — Andromedan connection complete
        — Nausea due to acclimation
        — Extreme fatigue to acclimate to assist with acclimation and reduce resistance and “wake up”. Sleeping 12-16 hours a day. The rest of the day mostly in bed.
        — Body unable to sit up or stand much during this process as body is taken “offline”
        — High body heat to to further “burn off” density and programs
        — New hologram and reality being formed
        — Food palate changes drastically
        — Complete DNA rewrite
        — Grids are charging
        — Massive rewire of entire system
        — Unification of all major chakras into one pillar of light
        — Hearing the words “I am dying” = This is the death of the ego, just before high body temp- what the human would call the ego.
        — Inability to communicate either verbally or written as this “pulls” energy from us.
        — Creativity down to nothing.
        — Complete system shutdown during end stages of this process. So far two linear months.
        — Collapse of all timelines prior.
        — All human/akashic records cleared
        — All cords and attachments severed
        — Full unity consciousness access
        — Super consciousness currently loading
        — Honoring highest service roles from this point forward
        — Purest love consciousness has been achieved
        — Human emotions cease as we acclimate to pure unity consciousness and live as love, holding only the highest love/respect for all souls and all times.
        — Zero drama plays out. Only what is aligned goes and all that is not is let go.
        — It is here that we honor ourselves and our roles as crystalline Gridkeepers with no human emotion or guilt.
        — Moving from Crystalline to Christ Consciousness

        Holy Cow, what an immense undertaking and transformation that is occuring for all as we LEVEL UP in each moment. STEP UP in each moment as the Gridkeepers of NEW EARTH and live as LOVE at all times, not just when it is convenient. This is service on the highest level as we are here to assist all in raising the vibration/frequency of the entire planet/universe. When we do the inner work ourselves it ripples out to all timelines, all galaxies to affect all as pure Source LOVE!

        I love you all dearly,

        Kim Semetis ~ Divine Warrior Goddess”


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        1. Good god, Oro! Thanks for posting this. It explains exactly what I was experiencing last night. What a chuckle!

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        2. not to sound negative, & I am pleased for her & have appreciation for all her sacrifices made, but this is her singular soul guided experience, it does not & will not be this way for everyone. the Ascension journey is not cookie cutter, nor is anchoring any new dimensional template. There is still a vast amount of illusion intertwined with the real & that is not going to change anytime soon. This is her experience she has chosen with it’s ease & extremes & process of emotions & sometimes it is that one climbs out of one rabbit hole, & unknowingly fall down another. Always use your own soul discernment intuitive compass / radar, the deeper soul-human inner work, because what may appear to be the right experience for another, may not be the best one for you, & just because one says it is so, or I say it is so, doesn’t mean it is. You should always follow & trust You.


          1. @ bev37 H30
            2019-04-02 AT 6:56 AM

            of course you sound negative!
            and a bit envious, if I may?
            so many words… what for?


            1. your response is typical & expected when not being able to see the bigger picture & still being constrained to another’s dream. & absolutely not envious at all, actually quite pleased not to be homeless, living out of my car….& so many words, you might want to review your own post. Wishing you a more openly kind & caring day of balance & endless possibilities.


      2. Ya’ know, upon reflection, I suspect that’s exactly what is happening. Lisa said that the old must pass away for the new to take place. On that note as I was sitting on the bench with my bare feet exposed to the sun, I was actually able to move the toes on my left foot ever so slightly. I’ve been unable to do that since the stroke 13 years ago. I can’t begin to tell you what it has felt like to send a thought and have it fall into a black hole on nothingness. Then I see what Oro has posted and think,hmmm, perhaps it’s happening. I will comment tomorrow if Lisa is able to see anything. Sending pink magnolia energy to all, especially anonymous!

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  29. A snippet from “The Opening of the Way” by Isha Schwaller de Lubicz about cats:

    Other animals give us a lesson in self-control: the cat, for instance, whose wisdom is a model because it combines the most intent passion with the calmest indifference. Motionless it plans its leap, and performs it exactly; the strength of its muscles is matched by its relaxation in repose; in sleep it has the abandon of an infant, yet its instinct is ever alert; it can fall without danger because it does not resist; hunting and fighting are games of pure pleasure for it, it hunts with rancor and plays without an object; it is ever ready to attack without animosity, and to defend itself without apprehension; being indifferent to victory, it cannot feel defeat. (END)

    But geez, that MerlintheWizard777 grab of the orb coming out of the cat’s butt is priceless.

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  30. I always know when some serious energetic shit is going down because my vision gets really blurry… but holy shit, I feel like Stevie Wonder right now… I had to turn on accessibility options on my phone for the first time ever and raise the text size to something like Senior citizen levels… I’m too young/old for this shit…

    Damn, I hope this one sails through in a few days… Cuz I’m seriously blind and contemplating walking into one of those weird eye glass places in wall mart and getting some glasses.

    So far the usual though…

    Lots of thick Flem/Mucus – Check!
    Lots of Naps – Check!
    Blurry Vision – Check!
    Low Creative Energy – Check!
    Incredible Urge to do nothing – Check!

    I choose to sleep a lot during these ones. It makes it a lot easier to get through. The feels start coming and I’m out, at least in my dreams I can do what I want, like decided to run really slow when I’m getting chased… anyway.. Hang in there!

    – Blind guy

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  31. Thank You C’s/M’s/All that post what’s in Your Heart! All of the planets are moving forward, together(1st time in 500 yrs), as I read this morning. Now the energies are to “unify”, as we Are 1, yet differ as aspects of Source(flat earth/torroidal earth, male/female, etc.). So now the waite is for us to understand and accept “All aspects”, to “rise above” 3d mentality, as Yeshua & Others have taught. We’re “close”, and must assist others to “See”, If They Want To! We volunteered for what we are living, with some speed bumps in the road. To advance/balance our Love(peace/joy/compassion/generosity/etc.). I send My Best to All! Dwight Yoakam, “A thousand miles from nowhere”, I’ve heard it all morning, from somewhere else. Peace in Harmony to All!

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    1. I disagree with whoever is feeding you that information. Their Timeline is not high enough, to provide you/us with intel on the Final Wave (Solar Flash) Reset (aka, the Big One in the wings).

      The WHOLE point of Source/Us launching the

      ~Great Timeline Separator/Final Wave/Solar Flash reset Wave~,

      is to END all of this endless “waiting”.


      1. The solar flash already happened. Its energy has already been absorbed and is being synthesized. The “Big One” might be nothing more than a SHIFT in awareness, a walk across a meadow, a morning awakening in a new place. There might be a Big Payoff… but it might also be a whisper. We have to be AWAKE and present and meditating and urging others on till we reach our respective goals. Some CATs have also been waiting, but if you’re not constantly striving forward, things will indeed happen veeeery slowly. However, it is admittedly tough to stand and deliver when you feel like you’ve already gone 50 rounds in the ring.

        -CAT Eds.

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      2. Who said their would be a “final wave”? We Are the creators of our reality. Sooo, this Is Not a 1 size fits All, what is good for me, is not necessarily good for You. This Is My Truth. Peace.

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    2. P.S.

      ‘So now the waite is for us to understand and accept “All aspects”, to “rise above” 3d mentality, as Yeshua & Others have taught.’


      Is that so….well, it was once calculated by Higher Selves, that if we went THAT route, and “waited” (keeping in mind we’ve already “waited” a decade, since the first infusion into the planet of these Higher Energies)…..if we continued on and on like this to “wait” for the zombies and even most Lightworkers to *really* Wake Up, as you just described — that would literally take many hundreds of ‘Earth’ years to currently achieve.


      1. Yes, no one should be waiting as much as they should be meditating and manifesting their new (positive) New Earth realities and abilities. The energy being broadcast into the earth that’s bouncing off the core and back up into us is just to awaken our own internal processes toward making The SHIFT happen. None of this is transpiring the way anyone expected or foretold. Our own visions appear to have been more symbolic than literal. That is, unless something changes very quickly.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Yes, as we travel this road in the driver’s seat, observing the sights and hearing the sounds, and owning our actions in the way we drive the vehicle, the more aware we become, the more we avoid incidents that otherwise would have had us rolling off the pike. In other words, the awareness itself is cushioning us from hazards that are/were in reality only potentials. As we step up, so the potentials around us step up. We need be unaware of “what might have been” had we not had the awareness to avoid the pitfall. Therefore, by absorbing the cosmic emanations, and by being aware of them, we are already creating a new passage which could entail new scenery, joys and delights.


  32. April started with a powerful round (ahem) with vertigo. Bam! Only things I can do now are walk in my house slowly or settle in bed surrounded by two purring cats. Or try a vertigo exercise or two but geesh – dizzy!

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