Meterage 2-29 to 3-4-20 [UPDATE10]



Lots of activity.

We’ve had two CMEs:

This feels like “change” energy for the U.S. elections/primaries.


And there were other things going on:

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 5.24.15 PM
This neutron burst jammed the meter.



More heavy Wave X activity:

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 4.27.13 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 4.26.58 PM

And this Schumann strangeness:



And this:

The PTW trying to ramp PLG, but getting nowhere. Hello? It’s never going to work again!

What else? Oh, the sun is happy…


…on both ends. Note that we suspect we may have had a timeline adjustment for some people, but not all. We can normally feel/sense these things, but all CATs had been fasting the past two days, and that can make you feel kinda wonky. Better today (after coffee).





Another CME:

We might be in for it from 3/3/ to 3/6. Buckle up.

Also, the KNOCK KNOCK energy is back (coming from the portal inside the sun), manifesting this way:


There was also a pulse of energy around 16:00 UTC lots of folks felt:





Also, lots of CATs impacted by a cold… but it’s just a cold. We are also having ‘shutting down old parts of the house’ dreams. Last night all but one of the M’s had dreams where part of their house was BLACKED OUT (due to burned out bulbs in the dream), and then in the middle of that someone needed help with something and they left the house.

FYI, some have mentioned weird sinus pain/headache in the sinus region that we don’t think is part of the cold… but it’s hard to tell. {Later: Most CATs think this was due to high pressure/low pressure changes, not Wave X.) A few CATs started having that lung thing.


FYI, something interesting might be close. Several CATs saw (in evening meditations) various people looking up at the sky, mouths agape. One of the M’s saw a rocket launch and what looked like a photon-torpedo hit it. Could be the start of the Bluebeam thing, or it could be a couple of things coinciding.


Correction: One of the M’s saw a craft launch something that looked like a photon torpedo, but they say no impact. On further review, the people we saw in our visions were seeing actual UFOs. Looks very Disclosure related.

Also, we had another timeline jump — and some drama. Check it out:







More jumping meterage:




Two more earth-directed CMEs inbound. Expects energy fun.



These are about two hours apart, though they look nearly identical.


Here’s some energy that’s either from the last batch of CMEs or Wave X energy or both:



There was also a good-size GRB (Gamma Ray Burst):


And this dog shadow has predicted who will win the next U.S. Presidential race:

(FYI, we’re not being political. We’re merely pointing out what Guides said.)


Wow, we are being roasted with Wave X energy, impacting the South Pole (gosh, wonder why) and S. Hemisphere more than the Northern. Here’s just the last three days:

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 9.17.48 AMScreen Shot 2020-03-03 at 9.18.06 AMScreen Shot 2020-03-03 at 9.18.24 AM


And another:



Here are the times:

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 10.34.48 AM

So, why do we show you these? The sun is our multidimensional ‘reality’ projector. CMEs are major ‘software’ updates. From what Blossom’s Guides told us, we might want to stock up on popcorn. One of the M’s said that it looks like we’re going to have to really earn this ascension.


Looks like a little jumpage, earlier:




Picking up some chop:



And more jumps:



Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 10.23.10 PM

Allow us to be blunt: This is the homestretch of ascension. You need to step up your output. You are going to be put into situations that very much feel like the no-win scenario. Best to use LOVE at all times (we say this from experience — from doing it the wrong way, then finding the right way). As J says, LOVE is always the appropriate response. We are speaking to ourselves here, too.


This post is getting too long!

More Wave X energy today… and those CMEs are inbound, too.

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 8.26.15 AMScreen Shot 2020-03-04 at 8.26.25 AMScreen Shot 2020-03-04 at 8.26.42 AMScreen Shot 2020-03-04 at 8.26.52 AM

And there was of course another CME:


And this usually means we had a jump:



Expect the bumpy.

And DON’T FORGET: Those who are reading this are those who work to quell fear and anger in others. Don’t add to them. Be the calm center.


221 thoughts on “Meterage 2-29 to 3-4-20 [UPDATE10]

  1. – this got long – feel free to scroll on by…
    @M3 re:
    “Ok, I finally got to look at this. This does feel like a trauma release that needs to be processed. Most likely brought about by wave X, but needed for ascension. You def need to work on moving energy through the throat chakra. Other CATs weren’t 100% sure, so they were siding with caution.” Thank you ‘other CATs’, 🙂

    Thank you – I started to respond to you yesterday – stuff happened – I’m putting this here because it was a few posts ago?
    I agree – not only from the choking incidents, but after reading your response I remembered freshly I was usually tied not only by limbs to things , but also across the throat holding it/me down (hence some difficulty breathing) also as far as throat chakra – it took me I think over an hour to get myself to release my thumb/thumb web/index finger from pressing my lips sealed after my aborted reply to you – I was never supposed to make any noise or tell, of course. I often find myself unconsciously holding my thumb or otherwise pressing my lips shut – sometimes with or other times feeling unable to speak – prone to laryngitis too.
    this led to other links to things I was told in my QHHT sessions I wouldn’t have to remember consciously (not conducive to functioning) of things linked to happenings when taken to groups of men in childhood and whatever happened under the college – only college I was at all called to go to. Freaked out in session, then told I didn’t have to remember – the last therapist I tried to go to to get some brain function back tried to have me make a safe place in my mind – when I started to, it was replaced by warehouse looking space (starting to shake, breathing…) with a concrete boxed off, seal off from outside? place in back corner(there’s a name for those things, can’t bring to mind ) – a tall pole with oval/spherical metal thing on top was next to me blaring “this is not allowed’ . started not being able to talk, even less in sessions or seizures would start – therapist dropped me because I wouldn’t talk to her more – duh? why was I there in the first place.
    There seemed to be limiters put on my mind – any time I thought too much in some area or direction or drew inventions (I’ve seem some of them in the world recently) or any number of things my mind would shut down like a light switch being turned off – the last time I felt my mind really work was 7 or 8 yrs ago I discovered Human Design System and a friend had a friend that loaned me her (thick) book on it – for a day, maybe a day and a half my brain worked GREAT, then bamm lights out again, couldn’t even read the book – happened with another book about finding you soul essence/purpose a few chapters in couldn’t even open the book again… Even just household stuff if I start being too functional I start getting to ill/weak and lose time – I think it goes on a couple of days and my daughter says I’ve been like that for a couple/few weeks.
    I’ve been getting the sense I might have to remember those things I was told I didn’t have to before – I don’t know how to handle that – or process out any of this – just logistics, don’t know how… I’ve asked for ‘HELP’

    If any one who reads this has any suggestions of things I’d have to DO, I’d be grateful. (I just heard a cat meow – there are none in this complex and none outside???)
    The choking sensations have lessened some the last few days.

    Again, many thanks, M3 –

    @Lily, so happy for you and yours –
    to others – I had the wheeziness for two days? over the weekend?.
    – I relate to those that have had the hiding thing in their lives – me too. I used to cry on the way to patients when I was a Home Health Aide (fine once I got there) and appts as a Massage Therapist with my mind repeating “They will find me, they will find me”

    My love to all – I know we’ll get through this – sometimes I just don’t know how.


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    1. Kg ❤️ Sending out the biggest hug through the ether 🤗 I often think of you, hoping you are having a good day etc…You are such an incredible Light, hang on in there, it will be so worth it! You are right, we’ll ALL get through this…

      Huge, Gargantuan HUGS & LOVE ❤️💕❤️☀️✨☀️

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    2. Even though I have spent quite some time trying to help people with similar issues, after having dealt with my own share, I have no easy solutions to offer.

      When we are seriously traumatized the personality splits in self defense, the part that knows is suppressed while whatever is left is tasked with running the show to the best of its ability.

      The only way to be all of you and get rid of the pain is to find a way to integrate the pieces, which means facing whatever happened. There never were any alternatives, because part of you knows and you can’t hide from your Self forever.

      Way easier said than done. But you are not alone in this, far from it. I adapted the following from a source I have long since lost track of, may it help you find a way.

      We are the survivors through time of those
      who witnessed unspeakable pain and
      violence to the Human Spirit.

      We have carried this shard of glass within to
      join together in a shimmering lens, a mirror
      reflecting the resilience of the Human Spirit.

      We will watch our world be reborn as a unified
      people; once we extract the sharp splinter of
      personal tragedy from our heart for love to
      assemble, each one a ray of light intrinsic to
      the whole.


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      1. @Anonymous, Sifoo, thank you for your very apt reply… yes, I fractured or my HS arranged an indeterminate supply of shards to take over when the previous ‘couldn’t take it anymore’ – which (mostly?) always produced guilt and ‘not enough, not strong enough’ feelings. Since it all started in infancy and ‘that part’ lasted 17+ years, until that participant died, there ended up being a LOT of shards.
        In the early ’90s I volunteered (which I NEVER do) to be ‘the body’ at a talk/demonstration of a particular modality to a small group of Massage (etc) Therapists and professionals – The modality aided in the release of tissue bound pain/trauma – it did help my then condition even after the short demonstration and I arranged to start working with him – 5 yrs followed of 2 & mostly 3 times a week of spontaneous memory recall and subsequent pain release to safe transfer to first a small flat cabinet I made of cardboard then when that was full the interior of a mountain – he had a psychiatrist acquaintance that he had come to meet some of me to evaluate – it was her area of specialty and yes, it was true – he had never worked with such a person, so he would consult her occasionally. Probably not oddly he ended up with a few others finding him later on.
        Anyway, along the way there were several group integrations. I had to stop when my spine decided to kind of break – there was a ‘straw that I think broke it – saying ‘ no more’.
        About the last changing of the guard was, I wasn’t surprised later at timing, Dec 2012 – a few really weird things happened related in the first 6 months of 2013 then pretty stable-ish, a few hiccups til now , but often it’s easier to detect from outside of me. But the standing order in my life was to appear ‘normal’… 🙂

        Sifoo, thank you for your kindness and the time you took to reply and the words you shared, it was helpful. I always feel awkward sharing so much, not because I feel any need to hide it, always seems TMI?, but I’m kind of gently pushed to each time…



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    3. “I’ve been getting the sense I might have to remember those things I was told I didn’t have to before”… As I got to this sentence when I read your post very late last night before going to bed, I could hear my voice within speaking the words: “You need to voice it”.
      And I was shown something…

      My experience is, that every emotion that does’nt get to be expressed – especially the negatively charged ones, those that deals whith something that we don’t want to do but are forced to do – that does’nt get to be expressed or was allowed to by either ourselves or those around us, is stored in our body as stagnant energy memory and as such it will eventually reveal itself ahead as physically disruptive.
      Now, energy can’t be stagnant in the long run since it’s nature is to be Free. And the key you have to be able to unlock yourself and set yourself and all that stored energy Free is via your voice – to voice it – because via your voice, you vill be able TO FEEL the stored negatively charged engergy from all those sad experiences physically leave your body.

      What I was shown was a woman. I “hower” slightly above her. Her back is facing me. She is standing in a beautiful grassfield. It’s all silent. She stands there for a while, then gets down onto her knees and leans forward untill her forehead touches the grass. Then I start to hear a faint moan of agony that gradually increases in strength untill she lifts her head, sits upright on her knees and now screams in full pain. It is heartbreaking to hear and to watch as I see the pain her body expresses. Then as her scream starts to change from pain to pure anger, she slowly starts to get herself into upright position yet with her head facing the ground while every muscle in her body is as tense as her clenched fists. But after a while her scream of anger changes and as her body slowly lets go of its tense muscules, she lifts her head, places her feet firmly into the ground, slowly raises her arms and now that voice of hers shifts and becomes a roar. It is a lions roar. All the pain and anger is gone and the only thing left with her is sheer power fuled by the force of the power within her. To see this woman express this is so powerful that it is hard for me to translate it into a description it in just written words.. I wish I could show it to you. And then the vision fades out..

      Kg.. she does’nt have to think about translating her experiences or emotions into spoken words because she does’nt have too – the tone of her voice is all that’s needed to let it all out. And by now, you probably realize who the woman is that I saw in my vision…
      You obey to no one but yourself. You are the one that decides when and where, but I wish with all my heart that the next time you are by your own and alone in your house, you would dare to release your voice so you can begin release the stored energy in the form of all those memorys and thereby start releasing yourself. Voice it and let yourself BE FREE…

      You are a Leo, Kg.
      So am I. Now let me hear you make that roar💖💕💞

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      1. @Measmeandu, Thank you, Uli, for sharing that vision with me -it was/is powerful. I’ll attempt to find the opportunity and courage to emulate this – I’m rarely alone here – usually the least here is when I’m alone with my granddaughter – that wouldn’t be good – they rarely go off anywhere all together – last was a trip last June? – not this year as my daughter will be full term about then – not making excuses…
        I have tried similar in past – paralysis of throat happens often – there is also an inner not wanting to ‘bother people’. we share a duplex wall in a six unit complex – I’m sure police would be called, now if I could have that soundproof room(I’ve wanted for practicing singing and flute) in cabin on a mountain – I’d be sure to go for it. 🙂
        I’ve been aware of the effects suppressed energy manifesting as body conditions from studies before and during classes I took in becoming a Massage Therapist, and other energy modalities – I knew my thyroid condition I developed was such – within 3 weeks of watching the two part Sybil movie in ’77? (which I HAD two watch(remembered very limited abuse at that point) I developed such severe Thyroiditis the college sent me back East after being in the hospital there to have more tests right before finals – I learned many years later they thought I had thyroid cancer – I got the diabetes from the thyroiditis. – who was it, Louis Hays or they other lady that wrote the book on body symptom/emotion relationship? I read all of them… doesn’t always help in getting yourself out of them. Hmmm, just remembered I did an other body therapy – almost as bad as Rolphing, but the guy eventually stopped working with me because I opted to try a nerve shot(can’t remember the name -same as when in delivery?, because a other disc went and it was constant feeling shards of glass in my butt and thigh – one shot worked some the next one didn’t…

        Uli, I will hold the vision of that woman to me and practice embodying her waiting in fullness for the time I can just release her in reality – where ever that may be. Thank you so much for your help…


        PS: I've never been able to feel anger concerning the abuse at least the familial activities – (people usually don't believe me or think I'm deluded – it may be partly because I was in their heads, too at the time or by early on the main default was resignation – anything else made things worse – the last I remember objecting, about 14 yrs old I ended up being taken to a barn and stung upside down by bound ankles quite high and left… my mother eventually found and released me – I think that was my last objection…

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        1. Kg❤️
          You can gently hum in perfect harmony with her without having the neighbours nor your familymembers scared in any way.. 🎵✨🎶

          Resignation.. yes, I remember it too, how it felt when I had to allow that resignation to set in, or how my mother looked when she had to succumb to it. It was the only option left as a way to endure, to survive. But to have to give in to someone elses insanity and to have to allow oneself to be treated that way.. In me it lit a spark and a realization – and I will never forget the day nor the occation or how it happened – that I will fight back. And so it began..

          I could not have done it the way you’ve done it, Kg.
          You are an amazing woman. So strong💖

          Loving hugs🤗💕

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          1. @Measmeandu, Thank you, Uli – I’m glad you, too, made it to here & now. You mentioned me being a Leo I am twice, in Western (tempered by Virgo rising) and & Indian Astrology(begins with a J) ,but in Chinese Astrology I’m a water buffalo – my resignation is balanced by blind perseverance… one foot in front of the other… plod, plod, plod… 🙂 I think that is how I survived(plus a LOT of’ guidance and help unseen, no doubt – one person told me once that if I opted out anytime it would take me seven lifetimes to do/cover? what I choose to live this lifetime – it was one of the things that has prevented suicide in my life – the other I never wanted my family to KNOW I chose suicide, so often chose trying to get sick enough to die(by lying in frozen brook or snowbanks- never worked 🙂 probably made my immune system stronger.), but they wouldn’t have THAT pain my father at least never seemed to know what her did afterwards – total dissociation like no one was there inside at all and I thought if he was faced with it he’d commit suicide (he found his father in the basement at 9 yrs old after he had hung himself I couldn’t stand the thought of HIM doing that, so I couldn’t… he sort of did we were encourage to get family counseling by my doctor after I psychosomatic spots after three weeks of appointments, in which I never said one word my father had a center of the brain cerebral hemorrhage inoperable,, couldn’t move him to bigger hospital – took him two + weeks to die, he wasn’t supposed to last overnight – I was right not to push him…

            thank you again, Uli.


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      2. Kg & Uli ❤️ I wish I had words that are worthy. I just want to send you a huge amount of Love. You are so, so strong, magnificent hearts and souls…

        So much LOVE to you ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. 🙏❤️🙏

            We are perfect immortal spirit, whole and innocent, all is forgiven and released…

            We Are The Light, We Are The Love, We Are…

            So be it, so be it and so it IS…


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  2. ok, just saw this – and have been poke(poke poke poke) to post it – I haven’t even watched it yet, just skimmed what Amanda wrote about it. (descrbing the content) – maybe it’s just an answer to my recent comment, a few minutes ago and that I had asked for ‘HELP’ *shrug*?

    Here it is for those called to watch…
    Amanda Ellis
    March 2020 – Hymn to the Silence

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  3. So okay, between 11:30 and 12:00 pm Wed PST, I experienced 4 “wink outs” with the 4th being so strong it appeared just briefly that the whole 3d “reality” was being drawn into itself. Is it me or what???

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  4. “…And DON’T FORGET: Those who are reading this are those who work to quell fear and anger in others. Don’t add to them. Be the calm center.”

    I accept this challenge. Even more, I know it’s true, to my core. Now, if I could just remember to remember this all the time…. 😉

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  5. “Those who are reading this are those who work to quell fear and anger in others. Don’t add to them. Be the calm center.”

    How timing! I have been doing that every day for more than a week now, in more than one front. It’s quite tiring sometimes trying to encourage people not to spread fear or give in to provocation etc … So, I was using the two Mantras a lot lately.

    @CATs, is there such thing as doing too much of Mantra 1 & 2?
    Correct me if I’m wrong – I remembered one of you mentioned here that we only have to say the Mantra (1 or 2?) once as SOURCE will never forget.

    Also, any idea when will the coronavirus peak?

    I just noticed that I have bookmarked another link for ACIM

    which is different from the one recommended in this blog

    Are they referring to the same “A Course in Miracle” ?
    Is the book (A Course in Miracle) in Amazon same version as the one in ACIM website? The link to Amazon was given in website ? Just wondering why Amazon is selling it cheaper.

    I have to say that it’s pretty confusing as to where to start while going through the latter link. Perhaps my mind is too tired with all the goings-on for more than a week now!

    Thank you so much for this blog to keep me zen!

    💖 Much Love & Gratitude 💖

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    1. I found it all confusing too, which is why I haven’t purchased a copy yet.


    2. One group uses an uncorrected first-draft of The Course, stolen from the publishers. The link is the one Brother J suggested we use. It has more than just The Course: it also has The Workbook for Students (which is indispensible in learning The Course), a Handbook for Teachers, and other supplements. However, from what we can tell, the one on Amazon is the same… but we’d steer you from the mass-market paperback, it doesn’t hold up well. Get the softcover or hardback. This is not a book you read just once. It’s advanced spirituality; it’s not for everyone. You have to kinda be ready for it.

      If you’d like an overview first, we highly recommend Gary Renard’s intro to The Course…

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. One of my favorite books I read as a kid. It literally called to me in the speculation section of the now defunct Borders Books. They loved to put all the good books in the speculation section by the bathroom.

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      2. Thanks for the advices. Ya, I think I will also start with that book ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ recommended by you.

        Anyway, I have intended to get the Hardcover version for ‘A Course in Miracle’ book, seeing how thick the book is and to keep it as a collection eventually.

        Am I ready for it? I have been thinking about doing it at the back of my mind for a year now. Since young, I have many unanswered questions about Life and Afterlife, the Universe and what is beyond etc.

        At least I found the answer to one of my old unanswered question as to “Who am I? Why do I feel as though the world is centred around me? Then what about others? Do they feel the same way too”? I kept asking that questions for a while then but eventually I brushed off such perception as being EGOISTIC! And SILLY – surely everyone cannot be the centre of the world too, right?

        So, when I read Blossom’s posting about – “each soul is residing within their own world…. And you are in theirs! Yet … you run the show ultimately’’, I got that ‘Aha!’ moment and it finally dawn on me that in fact, I’m running my life in my OWN world!!!

        One last questions please: If this ‘A Course in Miracle’ is a self-study program, why is there a ‘Manual for Teachers’ section?

        One of you wrote in a comment some time back – “Be sure to do the workbook exercises at the same time you’re reading the text. You can only do one exercise per day. It’s a process.”

        So the section ‘Manual for Teachers’ is for who then? Thank you very much.

        💖 Much Light & Gratitude 💖


  6. Correction: The 4 winks that I talked about earlier happened between 11:30 and noon this morning. Wed, Mar 4 PST. I’ve been out in the sunshine sitting with Ruby. She’s on the point where she surveyed her domain. As a side note it is deafeningly quiet this afternoon. SOURCE is strongly present!

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    1. Don’t know what happened to my earlier comment about the 4 “winks” this morning, but they were irregularly spaced intervals with the last one being so strong that it appeared that this reality was imploding and being drawn into itself. Anyone else experience that phenomenon or was it just me?

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      1. J. I didn’t experience winks exactly, but Tuesday I had several “waves through my head” feelings where you just blank out for a split second. Had to go home to bed. Next day I was fine. Glad Ruby is still staying around. Our ancient and venerable cat enjoyed sunning himself on the lawn for an hour yesterday. He hasn’t stayed out like that since Autumn. 🐱🐾💖

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  7. Could that “NO WIN SITUATION” look like your gambling addict friend pretends she forgot about plans with you, but instead blows her new I-just-got-paid-check at the casinos and is lying to you about it?

    how do you handle a situation when you don’t want them lying to you?

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    1. CATs were placed here to delve out tough love to some, but… some people/beings don’t want it. In some cases, that’s too bad, and they get it anyway (if they put others in harm’s way). But when it comes to doing harm to themselves… you love them the best you can… but you can’t save everybody. We’ve all learned that the hard way.

      -CAT Eds.

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  8. Another white horse dream. Same drill – woke up, eyes still closed, enjoying my warm and comfy bed when I’m standing on the front porch.

    I hear a rhythmic noise from the side of the house and then see a white Icelandic horse coming along the driveway toward the street. It vanished before getting to the street. This time I heard, as well as saw and instinctively knew it was that particular breed of horse. Also, I did not recognize the gait. Clearly there is specific information here.

    These horses most likely came with the Vikings and now are considered a pure breed – no other horses have been allowed on the Island for a 1,000 years. Yet, each horse has a unique appearance. What are their traits – brave, reliable, rationale, strong. About that gait – these horses, unlike most in the world, have a fifth gait, a tolt, that allows them to move fast and cover long distances without tiring. Riders describe it as a glide.


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    1. And here it is, 1:30 AM, and I’m watching videos of the five gaits of Icelandic horses…. Magnificent creatures, and how about that flying gait?!

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    2. It’s the only kind of horse I’ll get up on these days, and I started riding school when I was 9yo. They’re definitely special, very reliable and intelligent. Compared to your regular nervous wreck of a horse that will occasionally back flip at the sight of a stick it didn’t expect to be exactly where it is.


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  9. I haven’t had a chance to read the comments, so i apologize if this has already been covered.


    i feel the NEED
    (and i have to say, the STAGGERINGLY UNBELIEVABLE notion that at THIS point in our journey, i’m almost 100% certain that this point NEEDS to be clarified)

    LOVE is NOT the SAME as “nice”

    like its time to just print this out
    memorize it
    and do whatever is necessary to begin to transform perspectives to understand this in a SOLID and fundamental NO confusion way


    ALL the groans about being in the “justice timeline”!!!!

    HOW and WHY exactly was ANYONE expecting to NOT be in the “Justice Timeline”
    WITHOUT having understood the above statement ?
    and let me repeat:

    LOVE is NOT the SAME as “nice”

    the NEW Earth?

    is NOT for victims
    tolerating of what DOES NOT “serve” you folks

    THAT is THIS earth


    the ONLY way to NOT have landed here
    was to have MASTERED Justice ALREADY

    as in LOVE?


    IT BEGINS with YOU

    now is it loving to ALLOW UNloving actions towards you?

    THAT is not just “implied consent”!!

    its just about FULL BLOWN permission

    surely SOME of you have got to have children!!

    you LOVE these children, do you not?

    HOW in any stretch of the imagination does that LOVE translate into letting them run over you? or anyone else? MISbehave? allow them to operate without ANY boundaries

    when THESE concepts are implemented?

    OFTEN it will not “occur” as NICE

    BUT i would believe it IS most definitively LOVING


    and there is NOTHING “loving” about witnessing
    OR experiencing
    grievous violations
    and being “nice”

    THAT basically

    ~ actually SUPPORTED
    the “bad” behavior

    NOW how the heck is that Loving?

    consider this:

    “what you ALLOW/TOLERATE?

    you are (in essence no bones about it)


    and THAT is


    towards SELF
    AND towards the perpetrator

    who at THAT point is NOW receiving the “message”
    that the INFRINGEMENT
    IS ~ OK

    when it is NOT

    so that “niceness”?
    is a LIE

    and it may be “nice”

    but it is NOT ~ LOVING

    to ANYONE

    i? am CLEAR in my message to others and the Universe

    of ALL the functions i may have here?

    Being a receptacle (trashcan)
    a “container”
    a “landing space”

    for the “trash” that others CHOOSE to throw?

    is NOT my function

    in fact, i have enough to deal with effects of the CHOICES that I make

    ALL of the effects/impacts /consequences of the CHOICES another makes?


    and I proclaim this silently or outloud AS i remove their negative energy and ALL its effects COMPLETELY OFF of me and send it to its rightful owner ~ its Source

    this silent proclamation would be the VERY LEAST action to take on EVERY single “infringement” that someone is subject to.

    i actually believe that THIS practice alone would have significantly reduced , if not 100%, the NEED for “JUSTICE Timeline”

    as it is?

    there has been NO “Justice”

    one party is CHOOSING to “throw” trash”
    while the other party “receives” it


    the perpetrators “learned” nothing
    they were in NO way assisted in their evolutionary growth

    and the “receivers” ?

    the “receivers”:

    TRAINED themselves to be

    and in short, ~ VICTIMIZED

    being VERY , VERY NICE about it

    NO JUSTICE = NEED for “Justice Timeline”

    this is at least a start.
    I, personally, am NOT silent

    i speak and i speak clearly

    I with some degree of compassion and acknowledgement of the fat that i understand that the 100,000 people in their lives that came before me? FAILED to tell them the Truth and in their “niceness” gave them the erroneous message AND TRAINING to CONTINUE

    I am NOT “nice”

    but I submit to you, that I AM VERY LOVING

    and the proof lies in the fact, that more than a few have actually entered a transformation to varying degrees.

    they have thanked me

    I went home to lie down

    not very happy with ALL that came before me made my job more difficult than if everyone had just told the truth in the first place

    oh and yea … i had a very Happy Birthday
    first one in 4 years
    feb 29th

    Full of people getting along and engaging in a loving manner
    because i told them ALL the Truth

    which was

    that their animosity, divisiveness and UNforgiveness?


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  10. PS last note here

    IMPORTANT and perhaps “advanced” point

    i was HAPPY
    because i CHOSE to be Happy

    Happiness is a CHOICE
    NOT an “effect”

    we are programmed to believe that our feelings are dependent and based on “WHAT HAPPENS” to us

    this is NOT accurate

    what “happens” OUTSIDE of ourSelves ~ externally
    does NOT have the POWER TO determine our state


    We do it by the “significance” OR “meaning” that WE assign
    to the EXTERNAL event

    this is WHY the EXACT same thing can happen to 10 different people
    and there can be 10 DIFFERENT experiences (happiness, sadness, don’t care etc)

    EACH one GAVE it a DIFFERENT “meaning”/significance

    so to be CLEAR,
    i did NOT FEEL like BEING HAPPY on my birthday

    a lady that was like my mother passed away on Feb 15
    my son died on March 2 just a couple of years ago

    and the energies are driving me batty

    SO i just HAD to make a CHOICE

    and given that i hadn’t had a birthday in 4 yrs
    wasn’t gonna have another til 2024 IF WE ARE STILL HERE

    AND right about now, i kinda NEEDED a “high”
    a “Happy moment’


    i declared that on FEB 29 between the hours of 7 to 11 pm
    (i did a CASINO party and those were their hours)


    WHETHER i wanted to or not
    whether i FELT like it or not
    WHETHER anyone decided to stand on their head and throw a hissy fit or not

    which (of course) they did

    venue was changed 1 1/2 hrs prior to event due to owner not allowing set up
    (oh never mind .. tons of crap)

    whenever we take a stand (at least for me)
    you can BET you will be challenged

    and i was

    and i KNEW i was
    and would be


    i stuck to my guns

    from 7 to 11

    Because I am in command of my feelings and choices
    and i refuse to be led around by the nose at the whim of external sources

    been there and done that for TOO darned long!!

    and i’m just done already


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  11. This is a message just now in the comments section, from one of the most popular (positive) YT channels:

    The Galactic Travelers:
    1 hour ago (edited)

    We got a message for you all too that my star family had told me to activate that may make you feel uncomfortable. Please have no fear as this applies only to those humans who reside in deep deep low energies and have chosen not to let go.
    The message is this…

    “E.L.E – Extinction Level Event activation commends”

    We have launched this energy yesturday and I was shown Earth to become a New Blue Planet.
    It was newborn and reborn with all those souls who have ascended past he dark debree and are on the way to Ascend or are Ascending. Everyone else will have to go.
    We cannot have any pity or reservations for regarding these changes.

    There has been plenty of time for the transition and waiting any further will hold everyone back and it is not for the higher good of the collective or individually.

    Let’s clear out the debree🛸
    We are being guided to New York City to perform the clearing there as the city is meant to awaken and experience a profound shift to be transformed into one of the Green Cities post Event.


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  12. Whoa, what a WT* night (2020-03-05) – about 2 am MT my body started flip-flopping (plus other twitchy-ness) around – only thing that eventually calmed it down for a bit was holding my little dog close(loosely) for a while (felt it wasn’t that great for her) –
    About an hour later my daughter started getting violently ill. I was concerned (pregnancy and such – she’d had a miscarriage a yr ago) – I think her partner suggested calling an ambulance at one point because she yelled “don’t you dare” – it went on about an hour and a half – I kept ‘asking’ questions about what would be most beneficial and asking multiple SOURCE(s), AAs etc etc, to be with her and assist if it was approved by her HS. (I’d made an agreement with her a few months ago not to offer help or interfere with things unless she called me or asked specifically, which is sometimes very hard to do. I looked at the time on ph when she was better and it was 3:33 am – I opened my laptop to look at Schumann and the activity coincided with the start of my body stuff, which was still going on… AND my laptop had reset the time to Eastern time – it’s been set to MT since I’ve had it~ 2 1/2 – 3 yrs. I corrected the time settings, it would re-correct to Eastern I re-started it, same thing I shut it down same thing – at one point during this I g***led the NOW MT time – it agreed with my ph… ??

    I asked and invited help from All it came to mind to ask… grounded, ‘I am-ed’ threw cords, etc… My body continued it’s actions all night until about 5:50 am when I started having seizure-y stuff – sort of welcomed it because they usually make me very tired (I started this night extremely tired. :/ ) I did fall asleep, but was woken less than an hr later by an insect bite – it felt like I’d gotten more than an interrupted hr of sleep – I’m hoping to get a bit more sleep… please!
    Oh, also all through this, body also felt like my ?ligaments were being stripped from my body energetically and at one point a cold water flowing through my veins feeling going on… such fun…

    Was the energy more than just the Schumann?

    Hope you ALL survived the night well,


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  13. I am amazed at the wisdom in the comments today. Thank you Iota, Sifoo, Uli, and Cats. Happy Birthday to all those who recently celebrated and decided to be happy as you are an inspiration (as well as a reminder to keep one’s vibration as high as possible). Thankful for those who have jumped to a higher timeline with their families and furry friends. Sending love and support to those still processing and releasing illusory challenges to Source (which includes me). This site is a blessing and grounding cord to N.E. Love, Cay

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  14. @Cay I could FEEL awesomeness vibration emissions pouring out of you!! Made me happy AND grateful! TY so very much! 💗💜💗

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