Meterage 2-29 to 3-4-20 [UPDATE10]



Lots of activity.

We’ve had two CMEs:

This feels like “change” energy for the U.S. elections/primaries.


And there were other things going on:

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 5.24.15 PM
This neutron burst jammed the meter.



More heavy Wave X activity:

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 4.27.13 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 4.26.58 PM

And this Schumann strangeness:



And this:

The PTW trying to ramp PLG, but getting nowhere. Hello? It’s never going to work again!

What else? Oh, the sun is happy…


…on both ends. Note that we suspect we may have had a timeline adjustment for some people, but not all. We can normally feel/sense these things, but all CATs had been fasting the past two days, and that can make you feel kinda wonky. Better today (after coffee).





Another CME:

We might be in for it from 3/3/ to 3/6. Buckle up.

Also, the KNOCK KNOCK energy is back (coming from the portal inside the sun), manifesting this way:


There was also a pulse of energy around 16:00 UTC lots of folks felt:





Also, lots of CATs impacted by a cold… but it’s just a cold. We are also having ‘shutting down old parts of the house’ dreams. Last night all but one of the M’s had dreams where part of their house was BLACKED OUT (due to burned out bulbs in the dream), and then in the middle of that someone needed help with something and they left the house.

FYI, some have mentioned weird sinus pain/headache in the sinus region that we don’t think is part of the cold… but it’s hard to tell. {Later: Most CATs think this was due to high pressure/low pressure changes, not Wave X.) A few CATs started having that lung thing.


FYI, something interesting might be close. Several CATs saw (in evening meditations) various people looking up at the sky, mouths agape. One of the M’s saw a rocket launch and what looked like a photon-torpedo hit it. Could be the start of the Bluebeam thing, or it could be a couple of things coinciding.


Correction: One of the M’s saw a craft launch something that looked like a photon torpedo, but they say no impact. On further review, the people we saw in our visions were seeing actual UFOs. Looks very Disclosure related.

Also, we had another timeline jump — and some drama. Check it out:







More jumping meterage:




Two more earth-directed CMEs inbound. Expects energy fun.



These are about two hours apart, though they look nearly identical.


Here’s some energy that’s either from the last batch of CMEs or Wave X energy or both:



There was also a good-size GRB (Gamma Ray Burst):


And this dog shadow has predicted who will win the next U.S. Presidential race:

(FYI, we’re not being political. We’re merely pointing out what Guides said.)


Wow, we are being roasted with Wave X energy, impacting the South Pole (gosh, wonder why) and S. Hemisphere more than the Northern. Here’s just the last three days:

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 9.17.48 AMScreen Shot 2020-03-03 at 9.18.06 AMScreen Shot 2020-03-03 at 9.18.24 AM


And another:



Here are the times:

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 10.34.48 AM

So, why do we show you these? The sun is our multidimensional ‘reality’ projector. CMEs are major ‘software’ updates. From what Blossom’s Guides told us, we might want to stock up on popcorn. One of the M’s said that it looks like we’re going to have to really earn this ascension.


Looks like a little jumpage, earlier:




Picking up some chop:



And more jumps:



Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 10.23.10 PM

Allow us to be blunt: This is the homestretch of ascension. You need to step up your output. You are going to be put into situations that very much feel like the no-win scenario. Best to use LOVE at all times (we say this from experience — from doing it the wrong way, then finding the right way). As J says, LOVE is always the appropriate response. We are speaking to ourselves here, too.


This post is getting too long!

More Wave X energy today… and those CMEs are inbound, too.

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 8.26.15 AMScreen Shot 2020-03-04 at 8.26.25 AMScreen Shot 2020-03-04 at 8.26.42 AMScreen Shot 2020-03-04 at 8.26.52 AM

And there was of course another CME:


And this usually means we had a jump:



Expect the bumpy.

And DON’T FORGET: Those who are reading this are those who work to quell fear and anger in others. Don’t add to them. Be the calm center.


221 thoughts on “Meterage 2-29 to 3-4-20 [UPDATE10]

  1. Hey cats what do you do if the ghost is using the bathroom door just opened and slammed lol. Hurry up in there? 🤣

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  2. Well, I’ve been up and down and all around today. Still in a state of shock over Ruby, but thank you AM for your illuminating words. It is exhilarating rushing into spring. The birds are in full throat and the weather is nothing if not exciting. The new plants are due to start arriving this week, so I’ll have something to occupy my time. Yaay! We’ve made it through the first 2 months of the 2020 energies. Scheduled for a Lisa read Monday. Here’s hoping. Once again, thanks ALL for your loving support.

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    1. Since it’s still winter here, I was quite surprised on Friday to find the seed potatoes I ordered a couple weeks ago sitting on my doorstep. It was 30 degrees out. Hope they’ll still sprout; don’t know what the company was thinking. They’re kinda special; purple with pink swirls! I’ve also ordered some blue-all-the-way-through ones; potato harvesting should be fun this year. Enjoy your lovely spring; I’ll just patiently wait another couple months!

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  3. Top cat smelling the coffee reminded me that I had an olfactory awakening in last night’s dream. Cannot remember what it was about, only that the odor detected and object being viewed had no relation to one another (at least in the 3D realm). Cay

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  4. Woke up from a deep sleep with a start looked at the clock saw the time and jumped out of bed, text my work colleague that I would be late in, wondered why my wash wasn’t dry, ran around the house then saw food on top of the stove defrosting for Sunday 🤔 ……..finally realised it was Sunday, text my work colleague, made hot lemon tea and crawled back into bed.
    After that spurt of energy, exhausted for the day 🙄
    Watching myself panic and running around for nothing….. completely bat sh*t crazy!

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    1. My 22 year old son came round this afternoon and as we baked together(ginger snap cookies and peanut butter cheesecake), he said he’s had some very intense dreams; one dream was living in our old house, (which was very creepy had to do loads of clearing etc. ) and asteroids were raining down. He says he feel a very unsettled and ‘what is the point of all this’ and he feels in limbo like he’s waiting for something.
      Always happy to listen to his much younger view point as he’s quite switched on! Had no idea what to say to him so just listened and fed him warm cookies fresh out of the oven.

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      1. Second that, not very comfortable at all. Better today, but yesterday was really icky. It seems like just when I start thinking its finally over for me, the next one hits.

        I would like to talk a bit about narcissists. I’m sure I’m not the only one with experiences to share, they like to target wholehearted and empathic people.

        My last two partners were both messed up, but in very different ways.

        The first one was abandoned by her mother at young age, probably raped at some point in her teens though I never got a definite confirmation, mistakenly pregnant in her twenties and with a serious alcohol habit. Not that difficult to analyze, but still tricky to get out of in one piece.

        The last (and some days I really feel like it was the last) was seemingly normal seen from the outside. But with very weird and wicked behaviors, all carefully hidden and disguised. I never really got to the bottom of what the issue was, there were just too many layers of lies and twisted realities to dig through. So I’m guessing whatever is in there is even worse.

        Lately I’ve realized that both of them tried really hard to kill me, simply for being a walking talking reminder of how messed up they are, and a constant threat to their fake realities. Not with their own hands, that’s not how they work, they have to be able to pretend it wasn’t them. So they will beat you up mentally and emotionally, put you in bad spots any chance they get and try to twist your reality into one where it’s all your fault.

        I don’t blame them. But I still find it surprising just how easy it is to mess humans up, and how seemingly impossible it is for them to snap out of it no matter how much you love them.

        They were both dead scared of meditation, just the idea of sitting still with their eyes closed scared the shit out of them. That seems like a pretty good test to me.


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      2. Good to hear, this ‘uncomfortable’ time is positive. Elsie has been so poorly on and off since Christmas, constipation, pain in tummy and we have both been pretty much housebound all year so far, emotional stuff, no sleeping, have been feeling like I was losing my mind. My health has been bad too, non stop bathroom visits, bleeding etc…Just broke down in tears this morning with sheer exhaustion after having to change another wet bed. Just ordered waterproof pants to go over Elsie’s nappies to try and minimise the washing. Going to try fasting, hopefully get my symptoms back on track…Feels like a mammoth purge has been going on for both of us. Physical, emotional, mental…got to keep on keeping on…

        Much Love to ALL, hopefully we are getting close! I’m sure I read that it was going to get tougher the nearer we got, hopefully these challenges are actually a good sign!


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        1. Hi Lily. I feel so sorry for you both. What an awful time you are going through. Hope you are asking for buckets of help from your guides and brother J. Sending you both very big bear hugs and love. 🤗💖💕💖

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          1. Newlynn ❤️ Thank you so much for your kindness. I wrote quite a long comment lower down but things have changed dramatically from yesterday. Something has happened and Elsie and I have just been lifted somehow out of our misery! I am so grateful, bewildered but so grateful! Much Love to you and huge hugs back! ❤️🤗❤️

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    1. (Darn! Accidentaly clicked ‘send’ – sorry about that)

      …I had gotten severe asthma or something around 22.00 yesterday evening. I felt like crap, pain all over, and was coughing up loads of mucus so I stayed up untill around 01.00 just to kind of monitor this sudden flu-like development and drank loads of water. That’s when I got an urge to check Kiruna, and I was like “hmmm could it be?”..
      Today is Sun the 1st, and I feel just fine. Talk about having a hyper-fast flu!
      Makes me wonder about all the times during the unaware part of my life where I suddenly became sic, felt feverish and had respiratory problems – perhaps I was’nt sick from viruses at all nor had a weak immune system like the the people around me always used to claim and thereof wanted me to get the annual flu vaccination – which I never took. Guess it can be a good trait to be obstinate…at least sometimes.

      Hugs to CAT’s & ALL💖

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      1. Hi Uli. I was going to ask on the blog if anyone else has been affected by bad wheezyness. Then I read your post. It started last night but it hasn’t gone yet. The Vick inhaler is taking a pasting! 🤔😊💖

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        1. Hi Newlynn☀️
          Yep, it all started with a wheezyness that gradually became worse up untill the point where I started to wonder if it was some kind of allergic reaction.. then all the rest broke loose.

          Yesterday (Sun) was all hunky-dory. When I awoke this morning (Mon 2nd) I felt fine for about 15 min but then I quickly got so ill from flu-like symptoms that I had no option but to call in sick! (??!) It stayed that way for about 3h untill around 08.00, when I closed my eyes, leaned my head into my hands and tried to calm myself down. Think I must have done some form of a super-fast meditation while I closed my eyes at the kitchen desk, because the visuals I got [Thank you!💖] made me take some calm & very deep breaths and they made all the symptoms fade away. (!!?) As of this now at 10.00, I am feeling a bit shaky and very tired along with a pressure around/on my head and some dizzyness/vertigo.

          I don’t know what to make of this. It’s all very confusing. One minute you’re sick, the next minute you’re fine. Guess it’s yo-yo-time..

          Sending Love, Newlynn & please Take Care💖💝

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          1. Ulis, I’ve had these “symptoms” on and off since last October. Mid November through Christmas was the worst of it. I’ve also figured out deep breathing and relaxing into it helps.

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          2. Hi Uli. It is strange the way the various symptoms are manifesting and then poof they are gone, and ping they are back! What a ride we are all having. I felt very wobbly and tired this morning too. I’m getting used to sounding like an old pair of bellows when I breathe lol. Having to stop halfway up the stairs at work to get my breath. Then one day it’s gone and you suddenly realise you feel ok – for 5 minutes! You take care too. Lots of love.😸☺️💕

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        2. Yes to the wheezing, asthma has been worse last couple of days, reaching for ventolin a lot, I did wonder if this was an ‘energy’ thing!

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. Hello Christopher,
            may I ask you of your opinion about which essential oils to buy that could be useful to have at home? I’ve been thinking of buying some for a while now but since there are so many of them I don’t know which ones to choose.. Are they only for inhalation/external use, or can a drop of let’s say peppermint be put into a big cup of hot water/tea?


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            1. I believe peppermint for sore muscles(blood thinner) and breathing issues, tea tree(Australian)anti bacterial, oil of oregano(oreganum volgare) is the most useful anti bacterial/fungal/viral known. It will kill even the anti biotics that they are giving to patients. These Are the 3 We use the most and are used on the exterior or interior mixed with carrier oils(coconut, olive, grape seed, almond, etc). Frankincense to mix w/pep. for breathing issues, wintergreen/birch(these 2 are close to each other, super blood thinners) can be used to make other oils penetrate fast, helichrysum accelerates healing(used in the arena for gladiators). These are just a Few of the uses for these Few main oils We use.

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            2. Thank you so much for your reply, Christoper. You helped me narrow it down a bit because the assortment they have at the shop is a bit overwhelming to a newbie in essential oils like me – especially since they claim that every oil is a ‘must-have’ at home..

              Again – thank you🙏💖

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            3. Hi Uli,
              Not to promote, but rather for educational purposes, Hopewell Oil is a website I found recently that gives a good manageable amount of background info on essential oils and their usage, including certain safety tips and whatnot. Some oils are OK to apply directly to the skin, others you definitely want to dilute — and they do discuss ingestion as well. And also, if you’re looking online, shop around and find the ones with a good rep AND a good price, as some sites will charge an arm and a leg for the stuff.

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            4. Wow, what a site!👍
              I actually have’nt found a site yet that was THAT detailed about how to use essential oils, so I greatly appreciate you mentioning it, Laura🙏😍

              And what I’ve discovered about the pricing on some of the brands so far is.. ummm.. let me put it this way – I can either choose between buying five of those oils that Christopher mentioned, or.. fill up the fuel tank in my car!😕
              So.. I will definitely look around a bit more [sigh]😓

              Big hugs🤗💖

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  5. Today’s March energies so far to me have felt very tranquil and peaceful. I sat in my golf cart for quite a while among the bird feeders and was serenaded by the sweet warbles of the red-winged blackbirds. The always happy and excited cheeps of the grosbeaks accompanied by the always raucous chatterings of the bluejays made for a serene morning for me. Sigh!

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    1. I’m with J on this one. It’s awesome. The struggle is over. The karma has come clean in miraculous ways. Stay silent. Stay strong. Stay loving to all that come within your sphere.

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  6. Ye, same here for a some time, but it is a kind off intermittent issue, it appears and then go away ?

    Like cold symptoms, lite cough, lite running nose, strange ?

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  7. So, about the corona virus; I know that as far as the illness itself goes, it’s pretty much a nothing burger, but do you have any insight into the motivation behind it? It’s certainly not being treated like a nothing burger. According to updates on Simon Parkes’ website, UK hospitals are telling their employees to stockpile food and water for two months, some UK schools want their teachers to take their summer holiday now to avoid any emergency, the Louvre has closed, Xi Jinping has fled, Saudi Arabia has closed its borders to non-Saudis, etc., etc. Looks like the pope is sick, too. Usually, I can get some kind of a handle on what’s going on, but this is perplexing. Some are saying it’s to set the stage for mass quarantines or medical martial law in order to keep people out of the way so that the long-awaited mass arrests can finally take place. Others say that the virus only kills those in the 13 bloodline families. It’s also been suggested that this is a way to crash the stock market and either bring about a new, gold-based economy or blame the crashed economy on Trump so that we’ll vote for someone else. Always of a practical (not fearful) nature, I’ve made sure to have plenty of food and supplies in the house, just in case the (mostly fake) excrement hits the oscillating bladed device. However, I’m traveling again next week and really hope nothing
    untoward is about to happen. This whole thing is just weird!

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    1. It’s all about getting as many people on the Fear Bus as possible. Now that the impeachment thing has failed, the PTW are tanking the markets and playing the pandemic card, all to foment fear. But not all people are falling for it this time.

      Note that we just started seeing people (while we’re in meditation) looking up at the sky with mouths wide open, so… something new will be added to the mix, soon. Like the Ebola… er, Zika… er, Corona (COLD) virus, It’s nothing to fear… because it’s nothing.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Upon further review… we now see the “people looking at the sky with their mouths open” thing to be a UFO sighting… and we got an excitement about it because real truth will be coming out.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Had one like that in a dream but in mine the sky turned into a heavenly sky full of archways and rainbows something out of a church mural. People were so transfixed they had picnics set up to look at it. Children were asking what was going on. But, then the great flood started again and we all had to escape to boats. We did manage to get away from the lizards they were coming down from black helicopters trying to grab us but they couldn’t catch us and people with any reptilian DNA in them were spitting out crocodile teeth to get it out of them.

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    2. I’ve been wondering along the same lines. I realize it’s very convenient for the state, as they can pretty much do what they want and get people to stand in line and ask for more if they manage to evoke enough fear.

      One thing I picked up was that some of it is caused by 5G radiation damage to the lungs, which is a bigger thing in China and on cruise ships than elsewhere. Apparently the symptoms match pretty well and it looks the same on lung x-rays.

      Whatever will be, it really doesn’t matter any more; I’m just curious, figuring out their game is a convenient way to make time pass.


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      1. It matters now more than ever.
        The war was long, but this is the last confrontation.
        It is precisely our awakening to Truth,
        that put them now in vital danger.
        So they hit back,
        with their most lethal weapons.
        Our thoughts, stance, presence,
        are crucial now.
        It is WE, who enact the Event.
        Through our unifying in Consciousness, actively.
        That is how, each and every one of us matters.
        and each thought we pulse out, matters.

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        1. I mean it doesn’t matter what they try next, we’ve already reached critical mass from what I can see and we’re barely getting started. Once it hits the fan for real it seems reasonable that even more people will join the party, those who feel too insecure to jump into the crazy box without external confirmation. But you’re right of course, every thought and intention matters, always.


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  8. Perhaps these meters help explain why I’ve been feeling semi-intense neck pain since just before 10:30am PST, continuing even now (4:15pm PST). I’m slow to make cause/effect associations, but wonder if these are all truly correlated. In any case, more Advil, more water, smile, go on about my day ’cause what will be will be. 🙂

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  9. The good day today ,busy in the garden doing stuff. At about 5:30-6:00 PM PST I got absolutely slammed! Woozy with head pressure. The question I have is, did we get hit with something or is it just me??? Must take long shower and climb into bed early. TTMB

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    1. Everything was fine. Breezing along, very little pain, no anxiety, able to stretch out on my back and stare at the ceiling in composure, all was well. No hurries.

      Then last night, March 4, around 1AM EST, the nightmares began; I was being chased by grey ghosts using wild witchcraft. Very scary. It was pitch black everywhere but their hair was sheet white and flew about in all directions. Then Joe Biden took over, trying to get my attention. I wouldn’t listen to his rant. He smacked me with his newspaper. Even scarier. The nightmares went on for hours.

      Coffee, says I, coffee is the cure to all this nonsense. And so it was. After just one half cup, the day broke warm and friendly. And the nightmares were over.

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        1. This is just as fake (in a different way) as the bluebeam stuff. Thoughtforms are a little more ‘real’ to the REAL (spirit) us, so we feel it in a… hinkier way, if that makes sense. (You have programmed yourself over the eons to fear this feeling, as it reminds you of who you really are.) But YOU have the exact same power. Just shield it and shrug and think, “Whatever.” WHATEVER is the teenage “Protego” spell of our time.

          Joe Biden! The Dems chose the most hilariously flawed candidate. (The DNC will not survive the final death-blow of lawsuits against it after they lose — again — and try to rig — again. Bernie and his estate will be suing them out of existence.)


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  10. I’m starting to believe the SHIFT is not going to happen. It’s starting to feel like it’s a tool for controlling people.

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    1. Yeah, we’ve all had that fleeting thought here and there. Don’t worry, it will happen. And $0r0$ et al will not be on that new timeline.

      Funny, some of us woke up hearing Natalie Merchant’s “Candy Everybody Wants.” No idea what that means, yet.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Love love love Natalie Merchant! Looking forward to singing “These Are the Days” ❤️🎶🌎🌈💎👏🏻

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  11. “Several CATs saw (in evening meditations) various people looking up at the sky, mouths agape…”


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  12. BIG NEWS (thread 1/3). Earth has a new temporarily captured object/Possible mini-moon called 2020 CD3. On the night of Feb. 15, my Catalina Sky Survey teammate Teddy Pruyne and I found a 20th magnitude object. Here are the discovery images.


  13. As above so below —
    For years now my higher team has told me that the solar flash around the Earth in SLOW MOTION, looks like the dande-lion flower seed, like so —

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          1. Mmmm, I will elaborate in that it is supposed to illustrate the Source light emanating back up and out of the ‘Core’ of the Earth (it first enters and fills up the Core when it arrives — and the many white pinpoints of fountaining fireworks-like light are exiting out of the Core through all the ley lines, throughout the entire Earth’s grid…..perhaps seen better with this image —

            (Added this one ’cause it’s so PURDY ) —

            re: the flower of life is obviously fundamental and gives rise to the lego building blocks of this reality with the Metatrons Cube platonic solids….AND the 19 complete spheres of the flower of life, are actually fully activated opposite spinning merkabas, overlapping each other.

            Not many people realize that.

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      1. Thank you, @ Anonymous!
        what a beautiful lesson!

        @ rusirius44
        coronavirus misses the CORE!
        No connection to Source.
        Looks like a PARASITE,
        – artificial –
        hooked on the surface of a whole,
        sucking Life Energy


  14. Nutz! Now it’s Monday. I guess I took to my bed too early ’cause I awakened at 4. I’ve apparently gone on daylight savings time a week early. Now I have to wait another 4 hrs. for Lisa visit. Too dark to have coffee in garden. I gotta tell ya, it’s damn tough at times. Whine!

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  15. Yesterday, March 1, I had a horrible day.
    On Saturday I was fine all day. But yesterday when I woke up it was like returning to those horrible years of “dark night of the soul” to which I never want to return.
    Nothing in 3D had happened to me to feel this way.
    Needless to say, I took out all the “artillery” in the form of homeopathy, Bach flowers and orthomolecular medicine.
    Meditations, ask Brother J for help, recite our mantra ….
    Nothing gave me back the lost Light and Joy.
    Today I find better. Let’s say I’m in “neutral”, I’m not particularly happy, but I’m not bad either.
    Will it be energy thing ???

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    1. I know this sounds crazy and may be unrelated, but I feel euphoric since I started taking liposomal vitamin “C” last week after getting ulcers (viral) on the back of my throat. Perhaps it was just whatever energetic changes that occurred at that time, but I then decreased the dose from 1400 mg/day to 400mg/day. The throat issue resolved in 2 days. Feeling great. Watching comedy skits on u-tube also helps. Cay

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      1. Oh Cay, I know it!!
        That form of vitamin C is almost magic!
        Do you follow the protocol of Linnus Paling, the Nobel Prize in Medicine?
        Vitamin C enriched with bioflavonoids and at doses of at least 1,000 mg /day also work very well and is cheaper. If you have stomach problems avoid it in the form of ascorbic acid and use ester-C.
        Thanks for taking the time to remind me. 😉

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        1. White pine needle is 300x’s + or- higher in vit c than oranges. They are the long needles, just remove 1/2″ of the end that was attached to the branch. That’s where the turpentine is, not toxic, just strong flavor. The ones I’ve tasted were kind of sweet here in Pa. Look up pine needle tea w/honey, licorice root, rosemary. Peace.

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      2. Following your heart will always lead where you need to go. I recently started drinking a cup of water with two drops of pure organic tea tree oil once a day, has the same effect on me. I know you’re not supposed to drink it, you’re not supposed to do a lot of things; but lots of people do and real scientists try everything themselves. If it works, it works; trusting our experience is one of the lessons we’re all (re-)learning.


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        1. I’ve been consuming tea tree oil for a long time, and it works well. The Aboriginal tribes taught the use to Dutch sailors around the 16th century(made tea with the leaves). That was the origin of the name. And it is good in most teas. Peace.

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    2. That happened to me too! Sunday on couch all day. Out of nowhere, and better today. (((Hugs))) ❤️️🌎🌈💎😇

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  16. What you are feeling in your Update 2 seems to be corroborated by Benjamin Fulford’s post today. I am not a subscriber but have been reading his posts for the past 5 years. The first half is posted on Mondays, then I can usually get the second part via Kauilapele’s Blog on Thursdays. Check out Fulford’s post today, at least the first half, here:

    I have been feeling a deep sadness that I am trying to shake. Finding it hard to feel the Love and the Light.

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  17. greetings and salutations ALL CATS-well hard to specify but it has been intense-here in so az usa we have had wind and clouds and almost rain-and through the night its gone and we are now in late spring sun and clear skies-but more incoming they say-so waves of weather whirling and swirling-getting thru the day is an endeavor and fasting helps-but in truth just hard to keep focused and forward-mostly sitting down and appreciating life and sweet breath and deep breathing-nights are long and within one sleep period many dreams and awakenings so the next day is like the next decade-in terms of holy moly-that was wierd- saw this last night and perhaps others may find it of interest-there is some interpretation of schumann and other celestial earth events-read and see how it feels to u or situations interpretation- apparently march will speed up-faster and many things seem to are inline for manifestation-humans in power appear to moving toward land grabs and people controls-my internal self feeling is just trying to be at peace and appreciative-during the days-observing and at night like the biolobical system is in deep reset with some wonderful healing occuring but instead of experiencing the night i am waking up in an older perception of future self-??? what i have found is that we express ourselves to others thru words-written-oral-hooks to hang reality on-but the universe speaks to us thru clouds-storms-singing birds in the morning and other fantastic experiences from nature and gaia-guess the birds-many not seen or heard before have choosen to winter here-they did not get the winter should be here mem0-manythxs4sharing

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  18. Notable to “update 2”, yesterday afternoon I was napping and had this near-lucid dream where me and an unknown character were rummaging through dilapidated homes for who knows what(every dream tends to be a mission), and at some point we felt we need to go outside and this huge silvery grey storm cloud was barrelling down upon us and I woke before it hit. Fun times.

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    1. Eric. Every dream seems like a mission. Very well described. I totally agree. That’s probably why I wake up tired. Sleep isn’t restful any more. 🙄🤔😾

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      1. Do they not know running Biden is a huge mistake. I honestly think he’s acting senile to avoid being arrested at this point.

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          1. Kolibri,
            Had to laugh as that is what came to mind seeing Biden at debates or rallies. Also Madonna having physical breakdown touring at 60 (?)
            then Oprah falling down on stage while speaking about attaining balance in one’s life. They are crumbling before our eyes. May I say the mantra while laughing? I see the ridiculous humor in what we have created. It is all a farce like the emperor with no clothes. Cay

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  19. Hi CATs!

    Thank you for your updates. The adorable white cat is looking right into my heart!

    I was wondering if you could dissolve a big mystery for me? 🙂
    Why do cats sleep so much?! Why do they need so much sleep?

    Looking forward to your thoughts! 🙂


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        1. I think they are more sophisticated than that! :)))…

          I would rather think that they are meditating or experiencing another time/space. 🙂

          Thank you for your answers anyways!

          I guess we will never know…or will we? 😉


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            1. I had a reverse situation with a dog I used to have named
              Christine, who was a sweet Lab/Shepard mix. She stayed
              outside, most of the time, as she and my two Siamese cats,
              Indy and Kiri, did not get along. I always laughed when I saw the cats looking through the window, at Christine, as
              they had a look of horror, on their faces, as they observed what they seemed to think of as “the monster”!



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            2. I 100% agree with you Christopher Schneider! 🙂
              They are grounding and do feel like holding a baby!
              And they are awesome healers!

              Did I mentioned that I LOVE cats! :)))


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          1. June,
            I think that the reason cats sleep so much is
            that they are doing important work out of
            their bodies!



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            1. I believe Cats are very grounding. They make me feel great, like holding a baby. Strong Medicine. Peace.

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  20. Our blessed Lisa saw the month of March for me bathed in a blue light with spirit hands along the length of the month stretched out to assist me during this month. My job is to ask for their assistance. Tough one for me because of my stubbornness. Har!

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    1. J. Har back at you! Put the stubborness in your shed and request help. We all need help at some time and this will be a hard month for you without your wonder dog. Ask Ruby for help when you need it. Bet she is looking after you anyway. 🤗🌲🌼🌻🌸🌺🌷🐾

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  21. I had the really bad head pressure too with the eyes really hurting and not being able to focus very well. Better the eyes than the teeth though. Can’t stand when the teeth and jaw ache cause then I can’t chew and eat very well. At least I can close my eyes and rest them if I need to. Heavy fatigue too and weird sensations in the head like it is swimming. Better today so far, but then again, it comes and goes during the day.

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  22. I spent all weekend feeling like I was just going through the motions, again – 2 whole frickin days off – whoo hoo – to take care of all my errands, the luxury of a nap, spend time with the pets and then back to the same ol, same ol on Monday, ugh. I’m so sick of it! Then I got so tired yesterday like J, though I forced myself to stay up until 9 at least so I wouldn’t wake in the middle of the night, then I just conked out. Dreams also repetitive – can’t get away from it – I had to go to an impromptu wedding and didn’t have the clothes for it, kept trying on different outfits in different places, kept getting interrupted or told “that looks awful, you can’t wear THAT to a wedding” – really frustrating as I didn’t really even want to GO to the wedding, and finally woke up – to oh boy, Monday and work again. So yes I have the blah blah blahs these days, what a holding pattern we’re in – and then people around me freaking out over the fear virus, I’m just so over all this crap! Glad for the company here though, my sanity friends! I hope you Cats are right about the UFO sighting, I could use a pick me up! In fact I’ve looked out last 2 nights and saw nothing at all, but used to see a lot of moving lights. Heavy sigh…..

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    1. Same here, I try to think of it as a marathon; one foot in front of the other, and again, and again.

      Dreams as well, often wake up really frustrated because I’m stuck in some kind of loop. Can’t find whatever I’m supposed to find, can’t get it just right.

      I’m sort of looking forward to the virus hitting head on over here, I figure it will take a couple of weeks tops. I function better in the middle of chaos than repetitive, mundane everyday situations. And there’s some hope it will give people who are wavering the kick they need to snap out of it.


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  23. Out with a dog, again, and during our walk, I asked the guides if I finally get rid off bad karma with this predicament I had by getting laid off, and I got big Yes, I hope that this means that something good is for me in near time or the Event, what ever comes first I am all for it ✨

    After getting that answer, I looked up in the cloudy sky and saw cloud formation which looked like two hands making the heart symbol ❤, I felt much better after that, somebody up there is thinking about me, at least I hope so ✨

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  24. People are going nuts lately. My BF almost ran over some chick DANCING in the middle of a busy street… Friend also had some lady swerving in and out of a busy car lane.

    Say safe people geez.

    Also, off topic- does the words “Chez Nelly” mean anything?

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    1. Um, I’m kind of one of those people I think.

      Yesterday I left the local supermarket at the same time a twenty-something store cashier did. He was swigging back a can of energy drink and threw it against a back fence bordering the car park before he got into his car.

      I was going to ignore his callousness then I remembered the kindly middle aged woman whose job it was to clean the car park and store. I turned about and casually walked up to his car. He was sitting in the drivers seat talking on his cell phone. I picked up the can and slammed it down on his bonnet, directly in his line of sight. He stopped talking.

      I casually turned and walked back to my car and left.

      I should meditate more, I know this.


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        1. You’re right, Cat’s.

          It was an attack thought, it was ego driven. My actions could have escalated quite a drama. No one was in any danger until I got involved. The old adage, “For great evil to exist, all that has to happen is for good people to do nothing” probably doesn’t apply to thoughtless discarding of rubbish.

          I guess the “Justice timeline” got the better of me that day…


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          1. Well… there is no great evil, either. There is only your brother, exhibiting insane behavior. Would you beat the insane person, or allow them to be helped? (Note that it’s not your job to fix everyone. Work on YOU, first.)

            Also note that the CATs wrestle with this all the time, too. YIN has an easier time with The Illusion than YANG… in my opinion.


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          2. It was kind of you to think of the lady who has to clean up the mess though and letting the young guy know that guess what selfish actions do come back to you. Hell even Christ had it one day and got a whip out didn’t he. LOL. While we are trapped in the illusion we sometimes have to fight for what is good not only for ourselves but also for our brothers and sisters who don’t really care too. Inside the illusion or outside of it if you don’t have a heart what is the point of anything?

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            1. It’s not just for the cleaner’s benefit, I thought about the environment, our environment. The animals and insects and birds and flora and so on. It’s not right or fair. I’m not perfect, far from it, but I am considerate.

              I was thinking about being judgemental today. Then I thought how we come by a judgement. I do not think we can be judged from judging. A judgement is really forming an idea about someone with the facts we have at our disposal. The brain builds up a picture the best it can with what data is available, approximating a summary. It’s actually a normal, innocent process that has served our survival well. I think judging others is fine, as long as we refrain from treating the judged negatively or portraying them negatively if our judgement finds them wanting. Nobody is perfect.


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      1. Mark, you are now my new Hero! I have often wanted to do this same kind of thing. Particularly at stop lights, I could see myself getting out of my car and picking up whatever bag of trash, cigarette, drink, whatever, and throwing it back into the window from whence it came. But fear often stopped me. Thank you. Thank you. 🙂

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        1. Ssshhh, Ann, I never meant to start a revolution, honest 😉

          You’ll get me into trouble with the CATS!


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    2. @Lore
      hi, Lore,
      “chez” is French for “at”.
      chez moi, chez toi, = at mine, at yours
      So “Chez Nelly” would be “At Nelly’s Place”, maybe a restaurant.


  25. Two days ago I had a vivid dream. Unknown location, at open air with my parents, at night, I was watching the sky with my dad, seeing amazing and strange figures of light. There also were like “holes” that were opening in the sky. My mom was in the car (looks like we had stopped during some travel) and she was looking to another direction. I had to insist strongly to make her give a look. By the way, very vivid and pleasant. Interesting that now I read your update 3 on this post.

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  26. Morning dream — I found myself in a lovely apartment. It was “my place” but did not feel permanent. On one side were French doors to a dormitory like building, and on the other side, French doors into a grand lobby where I could see large doors opened to outdoor gardens. I was free to move about either place; however, I stayed there, resting up and answering knocks on the door from the dorm side. People wanted to cross through and go to the lobby. It was fine with me, but first I swirled an amethyst energy cloud around them. Then I walked with them, opened the doors to the lobby and off they went. I did not know the people. It was not for me to know who, why, or when, but only to assist if I was asked.


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  27. Hilarious. I couldn’t care less about the virus, my main concern is navigating the insanity it leads to and keeping those close to me from being dragged into it.


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  28. Okay, I do not know where to start with this or how to explain it but something huge has happened!

    For the last few weeks, well months really, years perhaps things have been really tough, I mean really crawling though each day and it’s been (as you know ,apologies for all my desperate ramblings!) particularly bad since around Christmas time. It has felt like Elsie and I have just been swamped with the blackest, densest horrible energy for soooooo long. Both of us have been so ill, I was looking at her face the other day and she was so pale, black round the eyes through lack of sleep and myself, well it was a shock to look in the mirror, I have never looked so haggard! It felt like there was just no hope and although I have been meditating and trying to be cheerful, deep down inside I did not think I was going to last much longer.

    Then….today, I woke up, kind of tired, no change there, but as the day progressed I noticed a definite, different, something! I felt like myself, I mean the self I should have always been, the best bits of me, brighter, happier, positive. Honestly, I have no idea what has happened. Yesterday I was broken, in tears, crying on my Mum’s shoulder thinking I could not take a moment more and now, it is as if someone has taken a huge black, weighted, smoky, yucky, gross, painful blanket of ick of both Elsie and myself and let the light in! Elsie has been laughing, she has colour in her cheeks, SHE SLEPT last night for heavens sake! I feel like we have just been lifted up so much higher and I have no explanation for it but boy am I grateful!

    Last night in meditation, I asked for help, I asked Brother J, AA Mike, my team, my guides. I told them I couldn’t go on like this and I really needed assistance…

    I’m perplexed whilst absolutely joyful!

    Thank you, so whom/whatever has helped us, may we stay here in this newfound happiness and light!

    Hope you are ALL well.

    Much Love & Light 🙏❤️🙏

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      1. Jane ❤️ Now wouldn’t that be amazing! I have been Mantra-ing everyone I come across now, doesn’t matter if they are just passing by, I’m doing it anyway. When I do, they turn and smile…mostly!

        Lots of Love ❤️🤗❤️

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    1. Lily, Oh my gosh! I had this renewal of energy and hope yesterday. I haven’t had that much “me” since last October! I finished a bunch of projects in my house and after dinner, thought I’d really pay for it today. I ached all over and could barely walk. ( up and down a ladder making and painting most of the day) These past few months the aches and pains from normal activity would force me to rest at least a day. But, I woke up today feeling lighter and virtually pain free! I was really wired last night, too. Felt like the energy bunny and couldn’t shut off to sleep. I really expected I would be exhausted.

      So happy you and Elsie are feeling better! I think Source is giving us a reprieve to prepare for the 3d chaos that’s about to hit the fan.


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      1. Brigitte, that’s fantastic! So happy happy to hear that you are having some relief too! May it continue for as long as possible! I know there will be more challenges/rungs on the ladder but it is so refreshing to have a break, so necessary!

        Much Love to you ❤️🤗❤️

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    2. Excellent news 🙂 I pulled whatever strings I could from over here as well. Having had most of my energy drained due to bad health and bad company since forever I feel that maybe this was part of the plan all along, to force ourselves to sit still until it’s (finally) time to rock ‘n roll. And I guess the more powerful you are, the more weight you need to hold you down, which says something about both of you.

      I’ve had the same experience off and on last few weeks. Some days, for a few hours here or there, I actually feel fine; and when I do, the whole world smiles at me.

      Hang in, this is where the good part starts.


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      1. Sifoo ❤️ Thank you, what a brilliant perspective! You are pretty amazing as is everyone here. Yes, lets all hang on, it will be worth it

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    3. Interesting and joyous news Lily! This certainly lines up beautifully with what Lisa saw for me in March with her reading. I suspect those countless spirit guide hands reaching to help for me are there for you, too. I asked for their help last night too. I stood taller today! I went into the city today, went downtown for the first time in years and was absolutely dumbfounded at how it has changed. Giant, lifeless high rises everywhere! Seattle’s lost its humanity. So sad. Drove through the old neighborhood and passed where I used to work. It looked about the same, but I was shocked to realize I left Seattle 32 years ago! If that little fact doesn’t prove that all of this is not an illusion, I don’t know what will. All we have is the eternal now. I, too thank the guides for their unending assistance. Hugs!

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      1. J ❤️ So happy you felt stronger today. Sounds like a lot of synchronisity going on with many situations. Things are changing fast, so important to take a step back and just breath isn’t it?! So thankful for our guides, I have a feeling we will be calling on them more often over the next few weeks.

        Much Love & hugs! ❤️🤗❤️

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    4. So glad to hear it Lily, I was just thinking that I hadn’t seen many comments from you lately. You certainly deserve it and it must feel great know Elsie’s better too! And J, hope you’re holding up ok without the Rubester. I had a minor miracle myself yesterday – only family left is my panic attack sister for whom I’m the only support and my brother who is pretty much awol – finally yesterday I emailed him that he just had to start helping with her as I’m still working and they’re not and I can’t be the only rope she can hang onto – fully expecting a rant email back – but guess what – he called her and they had a great connection finally and he plans to stay in touch with her more, yea! Not good at asking for help myself either, but so glad I did! Have a good day all you cats and kitties!

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      1. kt1111 ❤️ Thank you so much and I am so happy to hear that the situation with your sister and brother has improved too! That’s brilliant and must be a relief for you! Onwards and upwards!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  29. So happy you felt great today, Lily! I did, too! It was my birthday today and I started the day with a meditation, during which I visualized a bubble of happiness around me wherever I would go. No politics, no negativity, no bellyaching…
    I had a very busy schedule, teaching, meetings, work, rehearsal, but I decided to make it all a celebration! I remember sort of ‘discovering’ during the meditation that I could just DO that, I could be in control of my immediate environment like that, I could decide what enters and what doesn’t. All of it seemed much clearer today! And then, lo and behold, I had a fabulous day! No one mentioned politics to me (on super Tuesday!…), everyone was sweet and positive and excited about the future, a bunch of kids told me how much they like my class, and all of it was just hunky-dory! (And I got the best birthday song ever from the choir😁). Yes, I would definitely concur with you, Lily! I felt way better about myself today, much more in control, much more secure, relaxed, and open.
    It’s a wonderful new world!

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    1. veni vidi 11 ❤️

      Happy, Happy, Magical Birthday to you! So wonderful that you had such a good day! Yes! We have the power to be what we want to be, no fear, just pure Love. Even if things start looking difficult again, it’s so important to remember our own free will and strength and that we can change things if we allow ourselves to!

      So much Love & Light & Yummy Cake!


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  30. Dreamt last night that I couldn’t graduate my current class because someone took my white cotton socks. Borrowed, dirty or gifted socks would not work to complete the journey. I walked without a clear sense of direction through an enormous shopping mall trying to get back to my vehicle only to come out on the opposite side. My interpretation is that until I can incorporate TCIM concept that ALL IS CREATED ILLUSION I will be unable to walk forward or proceed to Source. A female guide was walking with me through the darkness around the mall parking lot to try and locate my vehicle so that I could go home. I was asking my guide if there might be another opportunity to complete the curriculum. Then I woke up feeling a set back in forward progress. To be continued as I am not giving up. Cay

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    1. Newlynn ❤️ Thank you! I have been talking to myself since and am absolutely determined to keep this light around us, even when the world really starts going doo-lally! I think, from what Blossom was saying, that it has only just begun, the beginning of the end, I guess this is where we show what we are all made of!

      Hope you are well?

      Lots of Love & Hugs ❤️🤗❤️

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      1. Hi Lily. I’m happy and ok thanks. Could be because I have a day off today and it’s sunny yay! You are an example to us all my little petal. Eh up and onwards – the Yorkshire version.☺️🤗🌞🌺💕

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  31. O my! With all these jumps no wonder I do not remember what I study a day or two ago…Sometimes it feels like I am loosing my mind… can not remember things…
    Feel more and more detached from this reality… It does not bring me joy anymore…
    Woke up at 4 am and can’t go back to sleep… feels like something is coming again…

    I hope you all well!


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      1. It looks one way on camera, but to the naked eye you can see that rainbow afterglow that speaks to its artificial nature. This is because it’s trying to augment the *already existing* 3D holographic matrix we already live in, and it throws up interference as the ‘programming’ is distorted. All you really need do is have access to power grid levels for any city and you’ll know when something artificial is happening. You should also be able to hear it produce a serious HUM of interference and power generation. It takes a good bit of juice to do this at a distance. And those who are thinking of attempting this, large scale, continue to forget that, not only are millions (billions?) of us onto them, but TRILLIONS of higher order beings and spirits are also here to interfere with their interference. It’s a bit of a nothingburger, so don’t worry about it.

        One thing you COULD do… if you saw it happening and you happened to have a laser on you when you see something “bluebeam-y” is… shine your own laser on it. THAT would be interesting. [PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT shine lasers at planes or aircraft. This is a felony.] But if there’s a fake UFO attack… you and a thousand of your friends might be able to train lasers on the UFO to help “bring it down.” Ahem. They’re probably also use weaponized drones, so if you see this kinda thing happening, keep your distance. It’s like OCP Disneyland.


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  32. Can you define “homestretch”?
    We were told this 2 years ago and now we’re in yet another home stretch…
    I’m really tired of false promises.

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      1. There seems to be miscommunication.
        Where I’m from, “imminent” and “homestretch” are synonymous when talking about time. So many people have claimed it to be imminent for decades.

        My question was basically 2 fold.
        Is this really the home stretch?
        Do you have a ballpark idea of when it will happen?


        1. Again, it’s relative. Spirit uses these words, but they have a weird sense of time. We’re constantly trying to translate what Spirit and Guides say vs. how/when/where it manifests in our “reality.” Then we keep timeline hopping, which resets everything, so we have to look at it again. And again. No, we have no exact time and date as to when, nor will we ever. Frankly, we’re tired of people asking about it. It’ll happen when it happens. If you know how to read the pre-SHIFT signs, it’s very close… but if we give a ballpark figure, then the PTW does things to screw with it. We give up.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. Fair enough.
            I keep getting personal messages, but they always come true, so I don’t see the time they’re meant to take place. The trick for me is to determine which is a vision and what is fantasy.

            I guess it’s more me wanting to confirm certain things i’ve seen.
            Unfortunately, my perspective is very different from most, including you.

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    1. It’s still the same one, just longer than most would prefer. Take a deep breath and have a good look around the world, can’t you see/feel it happening? And would you even be here if it wasn’t?


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