618: Meterage and More 12-17 to 12-19-20 ~ [Up.1]

Hello! We may have finally reached the end.

Welcome to CAT Post #618: The Golden CAT Section. It’s a little chilly here and there, but all is well…

…provided you’re not fashion-conscious. Onward.


We may finally have some clarity on what is to happen. In the past, we’d talked about the SOURCE timeline and the Justice timeline… choosing one or the other. Well, we may have a handle on that, now. Or not.

Seems the big thing we’ve been feeling, what we now call the Final Timeline Bifurcation (FTB; we gotta call it something) is coming up shortly. What was confusing was that things had already split and have been running in parallel for some time (what some call “The Shift,” to one side or the other of “The Rift” between the two major timelines)… with each side of the split splitting again all the while (six on one side now, eight on the other), with the splits running parallel. But then we finally saw what’s happening. The “SOURCE timeline” ostensibly refers to a point where we move on without knowing what happened with the election. Meanwhile, those on the Justice timeline will stick around and find out what happened with the election (Trump wins), and see the arrests, the trials, the sweeping changes… and all that. We don’t know if The FLASH is part of this Final Timeline Bifurcation (FTB); we were originally told that all those on the two major timeline splits would all experience The Flash… but we weren’t sure where in the sequence this was to happen. Note that every time we have a jump, things change. However, the “cleansing rains” going on here and there suggest that the FTB is coming up very soon.

Most CATs now think the FTB will be before the end of the year, perhaps at the solstice, at least before January 1st or 2nd. This of course could change, but things feel more and more ‘finalized.’ This next segment may or may not involve some dramatic FLASH. Time will tell. But we are cautiously optimistic.

(NOTE: After The FTB, we think the whole mask/distance/vaccine thing will vanish for some segments, but we’re unsure what with the various timelines on BOTH sides of the split.)


Interestingly, a new separation has started on the Tomsk Schumann meter:

Note the line along the bottom (this meter is upside-down, btw) between 33 and around 37/38 Hz. Note the “timeline bounce/echo” at 11 Tomsk time on the 16th (centered on 33 Hz).

We were also wondering why there was no big CME payoff from those previous bursts, so we suspected it was portal traffic. We’ve had some recent sun/portal kerfufflage the past XX days, but most of that seems to be from ship transits, thus:

These are two Neutral (5d) Pleiadian ships exiting Portal One (inside the sun); note the cubic shielding on the one. We aren’t fond of Neutral Pleiadians, but they pose no threat.

And there was another armada, earth-incoming…

…and a little space drama…

…but it all worked out for the best. Some ETs who thought they were hot stuff are a little weepy today, but… all are now doing what they’re supposed to do, performing duties they agreed to/contracted for in advance, making deliveries, ceasing insane operations, etc. We hold no grudges… though the TWB side deal still rankles. Anyway, all are getting what they deserve, going where they need to go, doing what they need to do. (We even got a delayed delivery.) SOURCE and Co. are here, totally in control. You could not be in better hands.

We did have a big BOOM six days ago:

BOOM. This is facing Stereo A, btw, not earth, btw.

(FYI, the BOOM image normally looks like this:)

The BOOM didn’t show up anywhere else that we can find. It appears to be more upgrades, and is one of the sources of our various (somatic) headaches, even though it was not earth-facing.

Meterwise, this spiky white structure has been appearing more and more, and also seems to bring headaches with it:

And this is interesting. It shows a magnetic field NORMAL TO ITSELF, in one place:

The magnetic field is shown here ‘crossing itself.’ Note the field direction legend at top. We’ve never seen before.

And something hit just recently:

And to answer that recent question — YES, Barr was in handcuffs:

And we don’t know what the following means…

FYI, the glow is WHITE and non-creepy…

…but, starting last night, when we see the Three Archangels now (Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel), their eyes and face and shoulders are GLOWING WHITE and looking right at us. That could be because we’re finally seeing better, or we’re reaching a new energy state, or getting new energy, or coming to the end, or all of that. OR… it means they just ate a LIGHT DONUT:

In closing, note that we haven’t been answering questions as much as before, as we are also undergoing upgrades, and have had much to do, elsewhere. At least the last-minute, late-night rescues and crazy RIFT-jumping seem to be over. That was fun.

Until the FTB, we suggest everyone meditate daily — shoot for twice a day (morning and evening) going into the solstice. The more work you do, the better you can SEE… but yeah, we’re tired, too. Just take it easy and stay off the ice as much as possible. Note that pre-FTB ‘mandella effects’ could become more prominent; we’re not sure if the timelines on each side of The Rift will come together pre-FTB or not, but we suspect they will.

And now, it’s time for that LIGHT donut…


Ok. CATs were presented with a dream puzzle last night and we just solved it and… we figured out the puzzle of existence BEFORE someone had to tell us the answer (!). We have to ask to see if we’re allowed to share this. It’s just a bit mind-blowing, solving the Existential Puzzle of Your Life.

The Light Wave/Realization has got to come soon to the rest of the world. We’re always 2.5X ahead of the curve… which is… the solstice. We’ll see. We’re not making any predictions, as things can change fast, but… to see Mr. Nasty BOW… oh, man.

ALL are perfect, immortal spirit, whole and innocent. All IS forgiven and released. For everyone. We’ll explain soon.

141 thoughts on “618: Meterage and More 12-17 to 12-19-20 ~ [Up.1]

  1. Thanks you so much for this very special ‘Golden Cat Section’!


    Meditate, relax, breathe and eat donuts, I can do that!

    Much Love ALL 🙏❤️🙏

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  2. Cats, thanks for the head’s up / analysis / observations. Guess this means there’s even more reason to ground to SOURCE and heed our inner voice’s guidance. I’m thinking I may have popped too much popcorn, as the Mandela Effect may erase the show I suspected to happen. Not sad about that at all! I’ll follow the kitties’ examples in the pics above: I’ll keep my cool, and just let things play out – and keep my eyes on SOURCE, hopefully remembering that other than SOURCE’s love for up, it’s all an illusion anyway. 😉

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  3. Thank you for the valuable info, CATs and Ms!
    This resonates so much with me. I haven’t had any interest whatsoever in the 3d drama, and stay away from all “news” sources. I really have been living in my own bubble. It feels like the home stretch.
    Quick question though…
    My upper back and shoulders have been buzzing / champagne bubbling pretty much nonstop for months now. Is there anything to the talk about growing wings, be it energetic or otherwise?
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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      1. Yes, I have been practicing STP. The question has been knocking around in my mind for a while now. I guess we will all find out soon enough. Thanks for the wonderful info!
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. I’ve had the same thing. Thought it was from an overactive imagination. A few times with a vision of angelic wings wrapping around me, like an owl’s at rest. I just shook it off as weird, nice but weird.

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      1. Hello Linda,
        I have read speculation about growing wings discussed in the unicorn community. I take everything with a grain of salt. But when the upper back / shoulder tingling started and never stopped, I thought twice about it. 🤔
        I guess we will all find out soon enough.
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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        1. CATs get that back-feeling all the time, too. But… [ugh]… this opens up a whole barrel of information. We don’t want to go there yet because:

          1. We don’t want other people to feel bad because it’s not happening to them
          2. We have to start numbering everything
          3. We respect people’s privacy.

          We’ll write a post about it and see if you can read between the lines. We have no idea how Envy — and Humility! — will play out in what’s to come.

          < CAT Eds.

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          1. Thank you, CAT Eds!
            I never meant to make anyone feel “less than”. We all have our own strengths and specialties. I am just genuinely curious. I also know that you all have your hands full. So thank you for the reply, and I will keep practicing STP (I am making progress in that one 🙂).
            Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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          1. I once found a person who treats narcicism and that person talked about wings, there are blockages that exist and there exists quite a variety of, however i doubt those we posess are all the time at the same intensity actif

            Best teacher is our mind with energy movments

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  4. Cat Eds. Coo. That’s a post to behold! Many wow’s and thanks. I will have to read this a few times. Just had to laugh as Luna snaked her paw round my tablet and patted the keyboard. I think she approves of your news. Oh and I must ask her where she hides that giant light doughnut as the cat looks so much like her.😸💖

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  5. I had a graduation dream last night…I’ve had them before…but this was really weird.

    I dreamed I was graduating from a military bootcamp (usually it’s a college setting). The final assignment was to take the vaccine.

    I refused, and I failed to graduate. The general’s reasoning was that this was an illusion and even the bootcamp itself wasn’t real.


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    1. I had a school dream too trying to remember where my locker was and my combination. A person in the dream said remember we are in the new building none of that matters you get all new.

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  6. I do not want to sound as ungrateful for many excellent posts You delivered over the years, but somehow this ones is the favorite one off all up to now, and I believe that I am not alone 🙂

    Perica ✨

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  7. Now when You mentioned that those 3 Archangels are glowing, I can say the same for Brother J (Brother Isha for me 😇), at least for me ✨

    It started some time ago, a month maybe, when I noticed during Connect part off meditation with Brother Isha, that he is glowing, first partially, hear, head, shoulders, the wings (I see that he has a wings, not sure if You also see him with wings), and I was wondering what is that glowing phase about for me, maybe the clarity in my visions and dreams ?

    Perica ✨

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    1. I have had the glowing light but in my mind, but it is just a blur of white for me. It seems like it is coming closer and getting brighter! But that is all I have been able to see for the last 2-3 months.

      I notice this blog post and the newly posted one above make me very tired to read – like a download. It feels like I’m integrating the information, almost like a codex.

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  8. Woweee! Thanks Cats n Ms. 💕💕💕

    On another (or same?😉) note, Ive been CHPing lots, starting with my immediate environment, then going regional, (special ones for kids n gkids), then hemisphete then whole shebang. Plus I’ve added a few to CHP, those being: Awake, Safe, Free, Happy and All of SOURCE… plus including SOURCE as well as Bro J as ‘administrators’ and any HOBs of Source who want to join. Yeah, i know i can get carried away, and it IS a mouthful (mindfull) but there ya have it.


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    1. Ok, I added another….LOVING. How can I leave Loving out? And so it becomes CHP-FLAASH
      Clean, Healthy, Pure, Free, Loving, All of Source, Awake, Safe, Happy. (Of course All of Source would include Loving…heck, all of those, but Im having fun making FLAASH be part of the CHP. 😁).

      CHP-FLAASH to All

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  9. A wise older guy at my first real employment would say…

    “As you wonder through the Bakery of Life, keep your eye on the Donut and not on the Hole.”

    (thx Bill, where ever are now.)

    I just read C. L. Day’s three part Vibrational Mechanics piece at Golden Age of Gaia site. She describes something about streams of time. What you say here about FTB connects perfectly with her description.

    I love Synergy.

    Thanks for ALL your HARD WORK and CARING.

    Enjoy some small measure of downtime, before the remainders encounter the spinning blades.

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  10. Well, no wonder I woke up at 4 this morning. The energy/ tonal s have been all over the place today. Rain stopped for about an hour today. I actually saw a bit of blue sky for about 15 minutes. 4-6 inches of rain expected Fri. and Sat. Snow levels going above 4000 ft. Thinking of smearing tar on the Arc. (Ya’ never know. Har!) So now I’m having a cookie baking frenzy. Today it’s my lemon-icebox cookies. Yum! ALL are invited to come enjoy them as well as world-class lattes. WE can enjoy the Kabuki theatre. (What election?) Gardener and I could use a helping hand with the planting. Let’s have a Solstice party. Yaaay!!! <J

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  11. I love you guys and Cat commenters. Holding the halo of sparkly donut light to make the path ahead visible for those who wish to come along. Cave time. Cay

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  12. Smiles and thanks!! Been a long time traveling parallel but centered in source!! Best wishes for all!! Riding the tsunamis with a big toothless smile as an old time suffer rolling into a knew new world

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  13. Love kitty in his Christmas cloak, though he looks a little grumpy about it. And I love donuts❣️ But the rest is making my head hurt.
    I am meditating morning and night, but the nighttime one I always seem to fall asleep before I make much progress. Things are definitely feeling different.

    I do need and want the SOURCE timeline minus the mask/distance/vaccine segment because that sh** is driving me bonkers!! I can’t escape hearing about so-and-so’s exposure/positive/quarantined etc. It’s getting worse by the day. And as for politics, I just CAN’T anymore. Just doing my best to float through the day, and not overdo it on chocolate.
    TY for the update – it gives me much hope ⭐️

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  14. Very Peaceful morning w/8″ or 9″ of snow, yet not cold, 32f. So this evening I went to feed the Deer, by the salt lick/Garden area. Upon my return to the house, 150’/50m, I walked out on the old Butler Alley. I had to look, for I heard a Horse drawn carriage. Disappointed, for none to see, Yet! A Loving weekend to All, for It Is Our youngest sun/son Christopher Michael’s B-day, the 18th of Dec. He’s the Weatherman for the Navy(armed forces) for the east coast to the Rockies. He was a Present from Source 27 years back. Peace.

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    1. Happy Birthday Christopher Michael ❤️

      Deer are one of my favourite animals as are Lions, so very different! Funny, I read your comment and heard that carriage as if it was going up my own street!

      Much love ❤️☺️❤️

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      1. Thank You! I had a vision this morning upon waking. A baby Dragon just broke out of It’s egg shell. You 2 have a magnificent weekend, full of Love. Peace.

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  15. http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com

    The global shift has commenced. The 21.12.2020 portal was fully opened yesterday evening. The ascension energies and vibrations are off the scale and very uplifting. The last two weeks of this year will be the most transforming in the history of humanity and this earth. Cancel all your plans and social activities, stay at home and meditate. There is nothing else you can do as everything is ready now for the shift.

    The shift will be all-encompassing and will transform this reality radically. Most people will be in shock and panic. We will be called to explain what has happened – as ascended masters and as awakened informed individuals on the ground. There will be a lot of help from the higher realms.

    That’s all for the time being…

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  16. Well, gosh…now a donut sounds really good. (Just as well it’s a bit of a drive to a shop, which may or may not even be open… 😉 ) Thank you again, fantastic Cats, for the fabulous info & your impeccable taste in fashion! So many blessings to you all! Life is nicer (& way more interesting) with cats/Cats! ❤ 😻 💕

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  17. I’ve been having an overwhelming desire for a few months of wanting to go home.
    Unsure if this means another planet or simply to the light.

    Hope this is a positive thing.

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  18. In a word… no.

    1. The sun will never go “micro-nova.” The FLASH has nothing to do with the sun. It will in fact happen NEAR the sun, and use the sun as a delivery vehicle. This is the problem with the government and their “scientists”: THEY DON’T KNOW OR UNDERSTAND ANYTHING, but they think they know everything. The sun is also way too small to do anything other than slowly peter out.
    2. The sun has never gone “micro-nova” in the past. It has issued various ZAPs now and again, but they were always directed.
    3. You’re not paying attention: *SOURCE is in charge.* Is there anything more powerful than SOURCE? No. So, why worry?
    4. Our magnetic field has been flipping — slowly — ever since the sun’s polarity went SOUTH-NORTH. It happens every 18-22M years. It’s no big deal, really. It’s weaker in a SOUTH-NORTH orientation, which is where it’s going (in about 180 years). In fact, that’s what’s allowing all the Wave X energy to reach us so readily.
    5. Galactic energy wave… YES. That’s true. It’s Wave X/SOURCE energy. It’s been rolling in for a while, rolling over us again and again. But it’s SOURCE energy — Wave X energy — and SOURCE Gaia would never let us come to harm. Gaia is hugely protective. And SOURCE is LOVE. Love is not a Destroyer.

    Thanks for the heads-up, but it’s not necessary.


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  19. Thank you thank you thank you 💖🌈💖

    that’s good news and like Perica allready told: my favorite
    together with the black Ice dream and the top of the mountain, where I use to sit now
    enjoying the peace of nature….

    to all my friends here on the blog and Cat’s: I love you and appreciate y’all so much
    together we are united and in a brink of an eye the shift shall come and bring us to NE

    Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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  20. Thank you once again for the updates. Everything really does feel “at peace” on my end–though it already is since October–but this time, it has this “for real” feeling.

    It’s also quite nice to see some independent “observers” who may or may not be associated with all these metaphysical/spiritual stuff noticing the increased activity of the sun, like this YT channel called “SuspiciousObservers”

    The one about the three Archangels is also quite interesting; I haven’t work with them for a while (and AA Uriel on the North Direction), but I will be on/before 21st-22nd, along with my personal guardian: AA Barachiel. I’ll go check on how they appear to me this time during meditation as well.

    Now I gotta help out to make sure things go smoothly and with the update on the Armadas and other “lightshow” on that sun’s corona image, I suppose I have nothing much to worry about concerning those troublesome ETs.

    We may be reaching the end of the line, but don’t rest on your laurels yet, everyone, let’s do our best until the end.

    (I have a feeling people who “work” on all these metaphysical/spiritual stuff for Gaia and her inhabitants will be helping out on the “aftercare”, but that’s all fine).

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      1. I see, glad to know they are positive ones.

        This whole situation feels like this planet and everyone here are in the spotlight and our galactic neighbors are waiting for the “curtains” to be drawn and the “show” to start.

        Well it certainly does feel a LOT different than during December 21, 2012 and the days preceding it… though maybe it’s because I’m still pretty much not quite receptive back in those days.

        I shall wait and see.

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  21. Latest school news letter..

    “In January, supported by Armed Forces personnel, schools will begin to offer rapid COVID-19 testing on site. We will update you as an and when this is available. Testing will of course be optional but strongly encouraged. Consent will be required from the pupil or parent as appropriate.”

    I was pretty hopeful all this would melt away. I still am. This is not my idea of a safe environment for children. Not really my chosen timeline in any way shape or form 😆❤️ Dystopia continues but for how long? I really hope the cleansing rain washes alll of this nonsense away x

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  22. CAN’T we have both Cats?! I soooooo want to be on that source timeline shift! But I’m also insanely curious to see how things shaked out? I don’t NEED to see people arrested, it’s more like who and what got them CAUGHT? Like I loved history! I thought of it as gossip! Which apparently also it was. Lol.

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      1. Dearest CATs
        It is so wonderful to read your calm, sometimes humorous, love-filled answers, which take the pressure out of the question. “Love does not judge” so we can choose either one. So so perfect.

        My question is, would the Justice timeline be the default for those who are not aware of what has been happening in our world for eons? Makes sense, because then the problems would be disclosed at the same time as the punishment is passed, providing disclosure and closure at the same time.

        Also, will my self -person be on the Justice timeline while I am on the Source timeline, so that my partner will still have me around? Actually, my partner, kids, in-laws, siblings, co-workers, etc. Just curious, not worried, as I know everyone will all be taken care of and will be fine.

        love love to CATs, Ms, ~AM and all in the room
        CHP FLAASH 😉
        < ella

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        1. What a good question. Hang on…

          [NOTE: This reply is for all people and beings involved.]

          We were just told that, “SOURCE knows your heart.” And… “SOURCE will place everyone exactly where it is best for them to be, and will adjust their mindsets to make everything ok for each individual person.”

          There is no default, per se, but more people will be on the JT than the ST. It’s a bit like the Sorting Hat. There will be a no-time moment — that for some might last some time, for others no time at all, depending on your upgrades/requirements — then a placement back in time and space. Some will be relocated to another planet on the opposite side of this universe. Some will stay on 3d for a time. Some will go to 4d/5d. *PLEASE NOTE that your destination is not your vibration.* Some 4d’s, 5d’s, and 6d’s will stay on 3d to help. Others will go elsewhere. There will be multiple 3d timelines, depending on your curriculum. As for 4d/5d timelines… that no one knows yet (past the obvious restarting point) because no free will has been exercised at that level and point in space-time yet. It is called “Revelation” for a good reason. All will be revealed to everyone’s eyes… unless such a revealing would make you (more) insane, in which case the action would then stop.

          < CAT Eds.

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          1. Yes, really good question, I was thinking about asking the same thing, I am glad that somebody asked it and the answer off course will be welcomed by many here, I presume, Thank You CAT’s & M’s for that 🙏✨

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    1. Everyone will get what is coming to them. Roberts only got that job (from the second Bush administration) because he was fully compromised; he’s not really qualified to be Chief Justice.

      No one will get away with what they’ve gotten away with. All those tainted will do down. Strange as it seems, these people and beings CRAVE being brought to justice, like it’s the only way they’ll ever change. So be it.

      While SOURCE is LOVE and would never punish, there is a profound element of SELF-punishment at play here. If any of them read The COURSE, they could start healing their minds immediately… but healing takes time, of course. It’s a process. In some cases, it will take some beings millions of years to heal, to change… but change and heal they will. This is what time is for.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. “That is what time is for” is straight out of the ACIM text. And it blew my mind when I read that.

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  23. Feeling emotional, looking at the blog post number. Recalling how many times your information and support dragged me through my dark days.

    I love you all so much, CATS and commenters alike, thank you.

    I’m so tired. Now, I just want to hang with the glowing ones.

    Pilot, set a course for SOURCE, we’re going back home.

    Mark (Yes, Mark, that is what they used to call me…)

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  24. I just returned from my post-operation appointment, 18 days after and my first in street clothes and not bed-ridden. I am on the mend but still in a good amount of pain. I will be going back to bed shortly to continue with the CHP protocol. Next check up is for 1/4/21. I hope I don’t make it! Source make it so! Sending love and light to all, Laura ❤ ❤ ❤

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  25. I had a tranquil meditative morning sitting on the cart with my morning latte. The only sounds to be heard were the sounds of the eagles chatting across the river and the sound of the gentle rain falling on the roof of the cart. As I dove through the drifts of coneflowers, the flock of tiny birds that come to feed on the seedheads took flight. I drove through a flock of about 35 sweeties. Aaahhhh! All is well! <J

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  26. Today, after a very long time, I ate a donut and later saw a donut car drive by twice. Wow!
    I loved your stories and about archangels and Armada of ships, we are living in exciting times.

    Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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    Please note that anyone who posts a comment on this site CAN BE SEEN by CATs, in any number of ways. For those who crave anonymity, please note that it is impossible in this forum… unless you are of a different SOURCE Extension, but those have never used the internet… ah, except Angels, we’ve just been told. (Angels are a separate Extension from SOURCE.) Please note that questionable commenters are viewed and either escalated to a new category, or ignored, and in some cases suppressed. And… not to make you paranoid… but you are constantly surrounded by Guides, occasionally by Angels, ETs and HOBs of all levels — and of course 50:1 more spirits than there are people — at any given moment. Needless to say, you are never alone.

    < The M's

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      1. You mean IPs. That’s nothing. Some CATs *don’t* like to look, because they’re nice; some CATs are curious as hell. It’s difficult NOT to look because when we see whatever name you put up, and your words, we flash on where you are who you are what you look like what you’re up to what you’re hiding… usually people hiding things are thinking about that all the time. We’ve met people in stores who walked up to us and said hello and a CAT has said, “So, you’re hiding that, why?” like they were already in conversation. Being around CATs isn’t easy. For some (esp. M’s) it’s like stepping into a conversation you were having on some other level but weren’t aware of, and the words just start flowing… and regular people FREAK OUT and run the other way. It’s fun at first, but then it’s kinda annoying. CATs have educated other CATs on how to be in the regular social human “hi, how are you” world. It’s a process. We keep writing that…

        < CAT Eds.

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        1. Heck, I kind of knew already but you must have seen my ugly past…I’m not afraid to look at myself although at times it’s been very unpleasant to say the least!

          Even still, this comment brings comfort, I’ve found peace as best I can, hopefully the outlook is brighter…

          Much Love


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        2. Hey, I find the idea that maybe I’m not completely invisible or alone to be rather comforting. Truly. And CAT conversations sound perfect; never was much good at small talk and freaky is fun. Just hope I wasn’t in my rattiest pjs if you ever happened to check in on me……

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    1. I hope I do not belong to that “questionable commenters” group, even sometimes my posts can be questionable, but it is just my curious nature popping out 😇

      Perica ✨

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        1. Yeah, I just knew it, now I feel like a black sheep amongst white ones 😭

          Off course not 😁, I feel like I am amongst best friends, as a part off one big family ❤🙏❤

          Perica ✨

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            1. Stolen, I do not know nothing about that 😎, but one little bird told me that she saw a flying saucer came down to pick up that bench, as they need it for some Old Earth exhibition, at least I think that was what she told me, but I can not be 100% sure as I was sleeping at that time, 6:30am, upsss, I have to go now 😎✨

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    2. Hahaha, well a little friendly hide and seek game is quite fun; though I feel this certain “nothingness property” of mine goes full power if against the baddies.

      That being said I do need more practice on remote viewing; I can only get a “feel” on what others are, but a thorough remote-“scouting” skill like what you guys can do is still underway.

      I still somehow remember that one post months ago where you pinpointed a rude commenter’s physical location and a “needs some improvement” restaurant or something in their area IIRC, it’s quite awesome, reminded me of my teacher/mentor Hecate.

      Anyway, totally agree on the “never alone” part. We’re like a whole team, if not legion over here as I’m sure is also the case with many people and indeed, also comprised of many different “races”/”types” of nonphysical folks (hence there’s really no need to be afraid, lose confidence or paranoid, folks).

      It’s like a perfect balance with this physical vessel wanting to have “alone time” and be a solitary practitioner, but deep inside I would love to have lots of understanding/compatible companions which the nonphysical-side fulfills.

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      1. Oh, it’s much worse than that. Some CATs (not the ones on the Ed. Desk at the moment) have an instinctive protection circut that instantly gives them THAT ONE THING you don’t want anyone else to know. It’s usually a memory of an act (in some cases in another lifetime!); in others, a physical object; in some… brrrr. (Some things were won’t discuss on the site, because the very idea of them is like a jagged edge of a tooth yor tongue keeps finding.) Sadly, some psychics and sensitives (no CATs, though) can trend toward alcoholism or substance abuse to self-medicate-away their sensitivity. Such sensory input can be overwhelming. Worse is feeling the feelings they’re feeling… yuck. SO MANY people in recovery discover that they are indeed empaths — or more. More often than not, when you’re feeling depressed or down, it’s something you’re picking up on from someone else, or from a segment of the population.


        Sometimes CATs synchronize thoughts. The three of us just inadvertently touched the mind of an Angel… such melancholy!

        Angels need a hug.

        < CAT Eds.

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          1. Didn’t say that. Melancholy isn’t depression. Angels are very complex. They’ve seen a lot. But they can see SOURCE, and can go home and commune in/near SOURCE if they want. They are also a whole helluva lot stronger and tougher than nearly every being in the omniverse. It’s the toughest sgt majors who need the biggest hugs sometimes, after the toughest campaigns, but they only let go with whiskey. Angels can’t get drunk.

            < CAT Eds.

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            1. Indeed. Add to that the fact that they can really just “go” anytime, but duty calls.

              In some cases, they’re doing their best for humanity but majority just keeps doing stupid/infantile things and fights, while completely being asleep and unaware of their true power yet they stoop so low and then they do atrocious things to each other; no wonder the melancholy.

              To some–can’t speak for everyone–it feels like they just wanna give up on humanity but they can’t, they hang on to hope that things will work out in the end no matter how FUBAR things get.

              It’s like… they wanna let go, but they can’t, but they’re on edge of letting go. Can’t speak for everyone but sometimes it just produces a “side” that wants to just go “ahh I’m out, done with this s***” (the “Dark Wolf”) and another side that just goes “I won’t give up!” (the “Light Wolf”); then whoever gets “fed” more wins in the end.

              And it feels even worse if they get involved into the various dramas that incarnating on a human body brings to their path (which is inevitable), yet they had to become “part” of this play so they can fulfill their mission/assignment, and they just can’t let go and have to do what they need to do and endure out of unconditional love.

              Hugs are so appreciated but then most of the time people just misunderstand them and/or avoid altogether haha.

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        1. Well that ability could prove useful, as long as it’s controlled, otherwise it can be quite a burden.

          I haven’t really experienced that yet, though I can get various impressions on the people I talk to, online or otherwise.

          I suppose my version of having an “uncontrolled” ability is, for some reason, people get angry at me -without- me even trying haha, I’ve come to a point wherein I just think that it just makes them feel good to release their negativity on me and so they do it whether or not they are conscious of it.

          And yeah, it’s kind of a problem when psychics/empaths resort to that because of their abilities–I’m not sure how simple it is for this to do but from my experience, meditation and energy shielding and imbuing it with appropriate commands/programs through intent can sufficiently protect them against unwanted “data”.

          Also completely agree on the “Angels need a hug” part.

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        2. Much Love and Gratitude from Italy from the depth of my heart. Apologise for my poor english, I know that I’m talking with family members (some sort of feeling HOME, ahhhh) and there is no need to be perfect….it’s my first time I wish to be part of an online comunity. The information is so uplifting and resonates with me.
          Thank you to everyone CATs and Ms and friends in the physical and non physical.
          Hopfully I’ll enjoy your visit here in my station for gooood food and wine as well…. Let’s have a good time after the big FTB.

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        3. I did over the last years enough to be more in my own energy, emf wise, to block out the emotion mess sourrounding me is no wise choice as that means giving up my sensivity, however i don t recommand scanning my house lol

          Life is sure intersting beyond mesure in those times of big change


    3. Har! Youse Ms. (tell me something I didn’t know.) I’m constantly being “buzzed”. I enjoy being by myself a lot ’cause I’m never been alone. Again I say Har! (The invite for those lemon-icebox cookies and lattes still holds, too) Christmas cheers! <J

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    4. In the NE we have telephaty and we know everything about others
      nothing more to hide. It’s comforting to know how much light beings are around us.

      I feel really comfortable her Cat’s…. I love the energy here!!!
      interesting, that I used to call myself an open book

      Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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    5. It is comforting to know we are surrounded by guides and family of all sorts. I have been seeing more and more the deeper in meditation I am going. Sometimes it startles me a bit, and I come back from wherever I was-the colors and vivid imagery can be intense, but is most welcome.

      I appreciate the guidance, assistance and wisdom of this site, and all here, and have had a knowing/dreams that confirmed this notice. It is also nice to hear that meditation and patience are of the essence these days. Source timeline, patient steam ahead!

      In a recent dream I was playing in the World Cup with my favorite team (nicknamed the Black Cats) , even though it is a club team and not a national side. It was 1-1 at halftime, and I was on the bench for the first half. We were huge underdogs, and the place went crazy when we tied the game up. I started taking photos of the stands at halftime, where the field morphed into a pool of some sort, that I avoided photographing. Walking back down to the field, which was a field again, we started a game of telephone, passing along the message that we are going to win this game. Someone changed the message to let’s win this f$&@!r, as we headed onto the field.

      Resting, listening to healing frequencies, and meditation, and connecting with some folks on the internet are the plans for today. Tried to do a nature walk today, but the path was icy, so I just photographed some ducks swimming in a stream, and grounded a bit. Wishing everyone a Source filled weekend! 🙏🏽❤️✨

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  28. That reminds me of a conversation I had with my brother about 20 years ago when he still seemed to have a crack of light open in his mind…. I said, well you never actually feel like you’re ALONE, do you?! And he was like whaaaaa? Never forgot that, made me feel sad that there are people who really do feel truly alone, when I’ve taken it for granted all my life that I’m not, thank Source! And thank Cats too of course!
    Oh and my sister who has been battling myriad undiagnosable illnesses for years, just called me up and said all the sudden she feels a great CALM like she can’t ever remember feeling and is so changed already, it’s amazing. I had told her last week on the most recent trip to her doctor for another unknown that it had to be spiritual, and she didn’t buy it, but then read this and that… and now is feeling Source at last! 🙂 Happy Days ahead everyone, yahoooo!

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  29. A few random thoughts…

    Big lesson just learnt and somehow I feel more peaceful with myself.

    My sister in law works for the NHS on reception/administration. She has been given the task of administering the vaccine and is incredibly proud of what she is doing to ‘help society’. It was my Mum that told me. First instinct was almost verging on repulsion, then I pulled myself in and just breathed. We talked about how it was everyone’s choice to do what they wanted. It would do no good for me to say anything, as Mum said, certain members of the family would think I was crazy in my views and not working for the good of everyone in non compliance…

    Everything feels like a test at the moment…react or take a step back and just send as much love and light as I can do.

    Planting seeds is absolutely impossible in some circumstances especially where you are seen as the poor vulnerable single mum who needs help. They would say I am exhausted and a bit delusional perhaps!…My closest friends are those who see my strength and resilience and ability to get back up over and over again…

    Oh and the bad actors that come into my dreams pretending to be people I respect and then try and harm me…I see you, I know…

    I had a dream last night where an entity acting as Trump tried to assault me, when I first came to this wonderful site, several entities pretending to be some of The CATs entered my dream state and tried to assault me. Crazy but true, complete imposters…Hopefully all this will cease very soon…

    Love & Light to ALL 🙏❤️🙏

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    1. Lily I had this too. Totally saw through it straight away. I don’t know why they bothered. Still disconcerting that it’s even possible. Glad I’m not alone with that one x x x lots of love cora.

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    2. Lily

      do you remember in my dream vision some month asgo, I saw three cat’s attacking me they were in my aura. I told it on the blog and was first confused. But than I saw it like aprotection. The cat’s were protecting me.

      Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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      1. Lily

        you are such a braveheart
        we are in the endtrack and that’s the most challenging
        I admire your calm and compassion for your familly

        Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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      2. Alnilam and Cora ❤️☺️❤️

        Just after reading The CATs new post, I thought to myself, we are not just learning lessons in 3D everyday life but also in dream time. Everything is becoming so much clearer now, we are all acting all the time, awake and asleep until we ‘awaken’!

        Much Love & Happy Solstice ☀️❤️☀️

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  30. If “SOURCE will place everyone exactly where it is best for them to be, and will adjust their mindsets to make everything ok for each individual person.” And even there will be multiple 3d timelines, depending on your curriculum.

    Won’t our loved ones find us “missing” if we are not place in the same Timeline as them?

    I would be over the moon if I could give a big warm hug to Angles! Ya, I know it will be just an illusion. Hug them again on my behalf please! 😇 So, how about my wish to see you CATs right outside my house? Is it possible? 😉

    More than 10 years ago, I requested a reading on myself and one of the thing I was told that I would be influenced by a group. But the astrologist couldn’t “see” more detail. At that time, I have no inkling idea what he was referring to. But now I know, the answer is right in front of me: This BLOG, you CATs and Ms and the many commentators here!

    So, a VIRTUAL HUG for all of you reading this! 💞 💞 💞

    And yes, ACIM is definitely a course in Miracle – a course on Forgiveness and Healing, on Oneness. 🙏 I told my family that when the day comes when I’m no longer around, to give this ACIM book to charity so that someone else may benefit it too.

    Just curious, in a much earlier comment in another post, one of the CATs mentioned that some of you were in WW1 (1914 – 1918) and WW2 (1939 – 1945); it means that some of you CATs are more than 100 years old, right?

    Last but not least, when will I get to buy and read Dada’s book about you CATs and Ms? Thank Dada too for his precious support behind this blog 🙏

    Gratitude & Love FOREVER 🙏💖

    – “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me”-

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    1. Maybe in another previous life time they were in the war? I saw myself as a nurse in the war in a past life regression.. I assume we can’t be in the same linear timelines simultaneously? I fingered it would have been the life before this one….But there is no time so maybe we can?
      Anyhow blood and needles make me pass out. I feel no fear or panic, I’m calm in an emergency and always know what to do.. but I see stars quite literally… we are a culmination of all our lifetimes of experience I guess, even if we don’t remember the lives? So that could have been what was meant? However they could in fact be over 100 what do I know! 🤣

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      1. I guess that we’ll never know whether some of the CATs are more than 100 years old. Forgotten that my Mom used to remind me that “It’s rude to ask someone her age!”

        I have wanted to do past life regression but never got to doing it. So, I will never know any of my past life. Hmm, I hope that blood and needles didn’t make you past out as a nurse in the war in that past life! 😁


      1. Sorry to hear of your past life in a burnt out building in Korea – it must be horrifying to “see” it again.

        When I visited The National 9/11 Memorial Museum some years back, somehow those horrifying images I saw on the TV, flashed back again in my mind as I walked through the museum. I was so moved by the memorial displays that at the end of the visit as I made my way out, I was humming “Amazing Grace” in my head for those who had perished on that tragic day.

        Perhaps one of the reasons why I never actually get to doing a past life regression cos I’m afraid to find out about my past lives, in case I “see” again horrifying past life experiences.

        An accident that I have witnessed right in front of my eyes (we were just a car behind when that car was spinning out of control and flipping over and over) and when we rushed to render help, the badly disfigured of one of the victims and the last look of despair of the other victim pleading for help with her eyes, were stuck in my mind for many many years.

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    2. All time is now. The are no past timelines. They are all now. The you you see in another “time” is just a parallel experience as we are multidimentional beings.

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      1. Yes, I read often that we are multidimensional beings but then how does Karma work out (since Karma is linear, based on what we had done in our past Lives) if All (our Past, Present and Future) is happening at the same time NOW?

        Appreciate if you could further clarify that more for me please. Thanks 🙏


  31. Just an fyi – if you post a current image of the Schuman on the blog in comments, it NEVER shows the current time image, but if you click on the image anyway it transforms to the current time image – it is quite active at this time…

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  32. Just dreamt of watching fleets of different light craft filling the skies, but travelling in the same direction.

    One landed near me. I walked towards it and two female pilots were inside. I asked what was happening and they replied:

    “Big Daddy is switching it on!”


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  33. It’s 12pm here in the UK. The Sun is breaking through the grey and I just had to share the moment.

    Just sitting on the sofa and felt the most wonderful surge/feeling of love for everyone and everything no matter what belief, thoughts they/we hold. Love is all that matters now…


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    1. I think I got this at the same time as you too, followed by a lovely feeling of peace and a sense of completion.

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      1. Something really does feel different, yes like a sense of completion, I hope that this means what we all hope it means

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  34. I was awakened in the early predawn hours to knocking at the front door. Since it did not continue, I knew it was just someone/thing trying to get my attention. Rolled over and back to sleep (the cat did not move so knew it was in my head).
    I have never felt alone for as long as I can remember. As a small child I could watch bees sipping nectar from flowers or comfort a dog frightened in a thunderstorm for long periods of time.
    True anguish is watching another in pain and not being able to alleviate the pain. That is the downside to being empathetic for me and others I am certain. So far I have not been able to master separating myself from another in pain. I know it keeps me from “seeing” more because I “feel” too much. Cay

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  35. I have resumed waking up at 3 AM, peaceful, quiet, reflective. 12:28 appeared – time or date?

    with my headaches – is it growing or healing (both/neither) and should I want them to stop? they have recently moved down my neck/shoulders and into the back – it’s relentlessness.

    J – if you’re there – may my errors only temporarily block the light, other wise forgive me, and may the salt of my tears heal the wounds

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  36. Whoooaah! I don’t know about any one else but as I write this it’s 11:11 P.S.T. Sat. morning. I’m going to TTMB shortly. The energies feel to literally knocking me sideways. It feels like I’m in the middle of a maelstrom! EEeeeeee! (And, yes, if I hadn’t grounded repeatedly, I probably would have been carried away.)

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    1. At 11:11 AM my time on the East Coast, I felt the same. Crying for those who would not be coming with us was the reason. Grounding myself was essential. Lorrie Ladd’s recent video, posted above in the comments, was spot on.

      The person in my sphere who would not express love or gratitude, only anger and resentment, was the cause of my pain. I realized our journey was over.

      Cats, viewing others goes two ways, you know that right?

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  37. Liking that update!!!
    Have had a good, positive Saturday and feeling optimistic. We had Christmas lunch with my mom’s side of the family today and it was rather enjoyable, though I’ve eaten too much gingerbread.
    Lots of laughing and ZERO talk of politics and the virus. Such a relief.
    The monoliths did come up briefly, and both my aunts are hoping they’re portals to another planet. 😂 Amazing how many people are so over this and ready for something so much better.
    Hoping all here have had a beautiful day as well 💖

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  38. Thought it appropriate timing to share this ‘Sing of Love and Freedom’ by Elizabeth Natale seen today on the Earth plan Blog ❤️

    ‘The snowflakes that glisten that fall on my crown
    The teardrops that gather, what is not bound
    A gentle reminder, that all is well
    Nothing to despair, when love clears the air

    Oh The rainbows the laughter the birds fill the sky
    This love song within me now has wings to fly
    To carry this message to lift our hearts high
    Remove all the burdens and soar to new hights

    Oh When love is reflected in all that we do
    We remember our wholeness as that which is true
    We’re guided by love, not by our thoughts,
    One is eternal the other is not

    We are shimmering light rays expressing our song
    We can do nothing other than be what we love
    Its plain, its simple, because it is true,
    Loving is natural cause that’s what we do…

    When there is no opinion to alter the truth
    When all is forgiven no guilt on the loose
    When our purity’s accepted we finally see
    We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for we set ourselves free ….’

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