633: WHOMP/Weirdness ~ [UPDATE3]


Incoming. Seems to be from some recent CMEs. Probably won’t last long.

Little jump in there, too.

There have also been big and little jumps here and there, time adjustments:

This might be from the CMEs a day or so ago, but if so then they were fast. Energy is swelling a bit:

There was this jump yesterday:

But wait… there’s more.

We would’ve noticed the above WHOMP earlier (thanks for the heads-up Alnilam144), but we were discussing our own little timeline weirdness from today.


High Weirdness. The timeywimey stuff going on right now is awesome. Given our proximity to portals and the fact that the veil has been paper-thin of late, we’ve been recording all kinds of various phenomena at our respective houses, and this morning we were puzzling over hearing CATs talk about this and that… in the middle of the night, when no one was here. It wasn’t us, we were asleep… in different houses. The recording was muddled and nothing that could be admissible in court, but you could definitely hear that it was us. There was one clear bit we puzzled over, then set aside.

And just now… the CAT on the recording (who didn’t know about it) just said what was on the recording! Those present instantly realized and grabbed the recording and played it back (we can’t let you hear it, as it’s kinda top secret)… and it was that exact moment we recorded 12 hours prior! Those SuperFriends who are… well, let’s call them Time Experts… were very excited. They said either the timelines are closely intertwined and looped back on themselves at the moment, or we experienced a wormhole (which is pretty rare), or… the timelines are occurring at faster and slower rates. Or some combo of all that. That’s the easy one.

Complicating this are two CATs who showed up late to the meeting, and as we told them what happened they said this exact same thing happened TWO DAYS AGO. Head-spin. Sure, it’s nothing we didn’t already know about, but to have physical proof of it is pretty amazing. We also got more birdsong from the New Earth, and a CAT talking to the birds: ~AM. But he’s here now. And he doesn’t recall being outside and speaking to birds, lately. Gotta love anomalies. It’s quite possible that the portals around here are interacting with one another on different timelines, creating eddies and currents that might make you find yourself in the…

It’s actually weirder than that. The SF informed us that some of us have portals INSIDE OUR BODIES now, multiple ones (it’s a long story), and that we’re using them without knowing what we’re doing, especially in our sleep. If half of somebody’s dog is missing, don’t come blaming us.

“Honey! Are you using that Time Helmet again?”

More as it happens.


The weirdness continues. We looked at one of the OTHER major timelines and… things there are resolved: A political split occurred and both candidates are President, each reigning over different territories, and people are happy b/c they can pick. Seems something similar is going on here as well.


Another base destroyed:


NOTE: Folks, we made no predictions for the 30th. It’s just a number we saw. It could mean anything. It could mean 30 years. Don’t hinge your whole lives on a date. You need to be ok with who you are and what you’re doing NOW. There really is no future, no past. There is only NOW. Try to join with SOURCE in a NOW meditation.

When this universe was created — by us, by ONE — it was created holographically: Past, present, and future all happened at once. (We’re not sure if this universe was created at a different instance than the Omniverse.) Beginning, middle, and end… done. Then we come along, as spirit, and experience Time, like running an old reel-to-reel tape over a tape head. We are all NOW — the NOW where you are with SOURCE, only you think you have a past and a future. There is no past in The Illusion. There is now future. There is only NOW. This is why mindset is so important. Keep your vibration high; don’t get bogged down in the minutiae of vaccines and elections, etc. Carpe diem.

Btw, if your ears suddenly started ringing this morning, you might’ve heard this:

Part of a CME just hit (so expect somatic/programming upgrades).

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  1. I felt pain in lower back early morning. Used much water/green tea/natural maple syrup w/ movement, cured. Update 3, Agreeeee! Leave worries behind, They have free-will. Observe, then respond/inform, then think of kittie/puppies/etc. Peace.

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  2. We all intrinsically know and understand update 3. I guess we’re just really good at believing the illusion, especially when bad people seem to always win.

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  3. You guys mentioned the reason we got bait and switched again was because SOURCE wanted to give us “leeway”. What do you guys mean by that? It seems to me more souls will be lost/ traumatized the longer we wait. Also, if the PTW tried to blow up the sun, why were the arrests called off? Whatever boom-boom they found couldn’t be as bad as attempting to blow up the sun, no?

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    1. SOURCE is terrifying to those who think they’ve done something wrong, but SOURCE is SO NICE about everything that this is taking forever. We can’t fault SOURCE in trying to accomodate everyone. And it was Team Dark and their off-world doltage who tired to axe the sun. The PTW are about as effective as Dairy Queen on Venus.

      < CAT Eds.

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  4. Hello:

    Dream #1 (night before inauguration)

    I was putting on all this flag jewelry & clothing — people kept giving me more to put on. I said, “I can’t wear this, I’ll be attacked.” They laughed and said, “don’t worry…you’re in Florida. You’re safe here.” Dream switched to me roaming around a huge structure with many rooms…all these children came up and gathered around me saying “Thank you so much for what you did,” and presented me with all these wonderful Harry Potter foods: fresh squeezed pumpkin juice, cauldron cakes, pumpkin pasties–trays and trays of stuff it seemed they’d worked really hard on. The children wouldn’t tell me what I had done, but they seemed filled with joy and gratitude.

    Dream #2: (last night)

    I was with a group of people walking on a mountain trail (I live in a national park) and we got to the end of the trail and were standing on the road. I looked up and saw that the sun was sort of pulsing. Then it dimmed, lit back up to regular, dimmed again, lit back up to regular, dimmed again–then flared up so bright and a shimmering wave of this amazing pink, rose-gold light started traveling toward us and blanketed everything as far as I could see–we were covered. When it was all over and we could speak again, I said “Oh my God, did everybody feel that? I feel so different–like I could do/accomplish anything!” And everybody said, yes, they felt it and felt so affected/changed. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen happen before–so alive, so vivid, so damn cool!

    Separate point:

    A switch flipped in me on inauguration day–I laid down my mask. No more. Which is causing my family anxiety but is my choice. I want everyone I encounter to see my smile and feel my warmth/love for them. I choose to be loving, positive, and fill every now moment with joy and laughter despite those who would rather I join in with their negativity. My friend got volatile and hung up on me today when I refused to join in with their negative views. I sent him love and a long distance grounding cord.

    Thank you for update 3, Cats–all I have is this moment and I’m grateful for it.

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  5. I felt the cme as 3 distinct pulses in which there was brief silence as they passed through. . . just a random observation. I was on my way into S3attl3 today to see my chiropractor. We had great fun and excellent results I might add. It’s always great to have a healing treatment. It’s always a great relief to me physically. While I was waiting to get in I called my old friend of 50 years. He seemed quite excited to be getting his c-shot this Thursday. When he asked why I wasn’t getting mine I simply replied that it was my personal choice and that he wouldn’t understand the reasons why. Easily enough said and sarcastic remarks were avoided. Sun is out and so it’s into the garden I go with great joy! (and of course, latte in hand. Life is good!) Cheers <J

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    1. I am just telling the shot groupies I am not apart of that collective. They really do act like they just made the best deal of their life. Weird stuff.

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  6. I heard the ringing in my left ear for a loong time, very different pitch than I’ve ever heard.

    Noticing lately for those who watch TV (I’m addicted to home improvement shows, having remodeled 3 houses I can’t stop thinking what I’d do with the next one) all the shows say, “Make memories”, not “enjoy your new home”, or be in the now, but be thinking, while celebrating a birthday or whatever in this new space, of the MEMORIES you’ll be making, (not the FUN you’re having NOW)! I remember shows used to say something more like, love living in your new home, your future is in this new space. Anyway, things like this really bug me, it’s more brainwashing that’s so subtle, ugh. But listen for it, MEMORIES is in commercials, tv show, the news, everyone is talking about memories… not sure if it relates to cloning or erasing history, whatever.

    Good news for my best dog buddy Rascal, a great guy is building a beautiful ramp, quite speedily and would be done tomorrow but for a lot of snow coming, what a relief! I ‘ve been asking for help and it really does work, every time when it’s important, so why do I always let life get to me? STP ! Oh and we actually had a totally blue sky here today for the 1st time in ever! YAY thanks Source! Thanks Cats and all you cat lovers out there, life is good!

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    1. Kt1111. We are also addicted to the home rebuilding/ remodeling shows and I totally agree about the emphasis on building memories. I’m not a nostalgic person at all and I find it peculiar too. That and the number of people that set unrealistic goals such as finishing by Christmas. Whut! Even the presenters on the UK programs make a joke of the “C” word now. People either live in the past or the future.
      So pleased you have solved the dog ramp conundrum.💖😊

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  7. I just wanted to chime in, as its something I just realized & well….whatever.
    When I was with my ex, he was projecting just like the PTW have been. I had to change my phone password, at the end of our relationship. Not bc of me, but him.
    Ya know what I set it to? Yep…0130
    Its my bff that passed away’s birthday & one I knew he wouldn’t know/remember. Its been on there for the last year.
    Funny coincidence is all…..
    Or is it? Lol 😘
    Let’s find out 🙂

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