632: Situation Update ~ [UPDATE3]

Don’t panic. This morning we apparently woke up on The Biden Timeline. Yes, the one to hell.

Yes, we’re kidding. Well, kinda.

The energy has us all in a funk (and we even meditated). We are on the Biden one, but… we think this is so now The Split can finally happen. So, perhaps this is the SOURCE timeline after all, the one that takes us to SOURCE faster. Maybe we all had to experience this to get to that next level.

So, Get It Out

CAT7 had a good idea, and people are already doing it in the comments. We encourage folks to write what concerns them about all this; get it out in the open, without worrying about putting on a happy face on it, acknowledge what you’re feeling. Only then do you perhaps have the opportunity to move on without spending time in anger or depression — sort of like picking a time line. 

For some CATs, we wanted truth and light to win. To see it NOT win again and again, to be lead to this point again and again throughout history with no payoff… till next time… it’s almost too much to bear. But it reminds us that this is all Illusion, and that perhaps we should consider this farce a heavy cloak that we’ve been wearing for too long and that we need to take off, hang on a hook, and walk away from and never look back. We basically leave everything on the table and walk away. (Some might recall our earlier vision of unzipping from our suit-bodies and floating upward.)

The fact that the majority of people on earth want truth and light and are not getting it… perhaps that has to happen to force that very ‘trump card’ into being revealed to each of us.

Which brings us back to…



Ok. We had this vision a week ago, but didn’t know what it meant so we kept it to ourselves. We still aren’t sure what it means, but it does offer a glimmer of hope.

We saw two identical Powerpoint slides, each with a blue-and-green slice of earth at the top. Below each was a bolded entry, then bullet points beneath. The slide on the left had fewer bullet points, the slide on the right about twice as many. Each bolded entry was THE SAME:


Then, it either changed, or the timeline values changed, or our minds interpreted and modified the data. Some remembered seeing: “10/20k/30” then “10/22k/30.”

Right. We don’t know what any of it means, which is why we never told you. CATs have ruled out that it’s purely a date, as October 20th, 2030 is ten years away and we agreed that can’t endure this for another decade. That leaves us with our current interpretation: “10 days from the 20th on the 30th.” (?)

We bugged Guides and Angels about this for a week, straining in meditations trying to figure out what it means… but it’s supposed to be opaque, ambiguous. But then we realized no one asked what happens on the 30th (if it was to be on the 30th). We were trying to not concentrate on outcome.

So, this morning, we asked Guides and Angels that very question and saw:

Yeah, looks ‘Event-y.’ Frankly, it looks ‘Rapture-y.’ We’re not making a prediction, we’re just telling you what we saw.

Might be as easy as that, to just wait. Or, as usual, it’s not that easy and we each need to get up, dust ourselves off, unzip ourselves out of our old lead human-suits through meditation — step out, and start UP the stairs. We’re going to (personally) try this in our next set of meditations.

Going up.


Aha. Some CATs woke up this morning with this silly song in their heads, a series of fake commercials from the old SCTV show back in the ’80s (a parody of the old Patty Duke Show theme song, which is actually before our time). That old show — and the silly SCTV song, which we remember well — involved life with twins who might look the same but act totally different. As usual, it took us a little while to figure out what ONE meant by this. Put simply, as Simon Parkes has said, there are two governments in the U.S. right now: twin governments. One is insane and bumbling, one is entirely capable and in control. The fake B1den one (PTW), and the real one backed by U.S. troops (PTA).

We’re working out what happened yesterday. We had a bit of a hiccup as some of the far-looking CATs were around too many strong-emotion people and couldn’t see anything. That said, AA’s have informed us that the 10/20/30 thing is still running, whatever it is, so everyone will need to relax and practice STP until then. We’ll let you know when we know something… but we’re guessing you’ll know pretty soon.


Question: Is someone, or some group, really in charge and in control of something if everyone ignores that person or group and refuses to do or follow anything they say? You are more free than you know.


We checked. It’s official: THIS is the Justice timeline, it just hasn’t happened, yet. However, you can make this the SOURCE timeline with your own STO actions, how you choose to live etc., so… lots of people got their wish. It’s not readily apparent at this point, but it will be. FYI, the arrests were indeed called off at the last minute because the ca8al planted a big boomboom somewhere, but it has since been recovered. Thing is, if you allow them to get away with extortion once, they’ll use it again and again. Considering this, and everything else… the gloves are off — for all of us. Brother J told us pointedly, some time ago, that if we were ever attacked we were allowed to fully defend ourselves. Something to keep in the back of your mind, should the need ever arise.

Speaking of the unknown, we woke up with this song… “The Rabbit in Red” (??):

Perhaps it means something about adrenochrome and the harvesting culture that’ll come out soon? (The molecule is shaped like a rabbit, which is why there’s so much of that symbol in ped0 culture.)


Also something to keep in mind: None of this is real, so… you don’t need to worry about it, per se, it’s just something to keep an eye on, like on an annoying villain who never seems to know when to quit or shut up…


An apt demonstration of how many non-Hulks feel.

252 thoughts on “632: Situation Update ~ [UPDATE3]

  1. And Kamala put her clutch bag into of the bible so she wasn’t directly touching it when she swore her oath! Okay time to stop peeking at stuff!

    More tea, coffee anyone? ☺️


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  2. Even if it might all be play-acting, it really looks like everything is going back to the bad old ways. Seeing the farewell messages from T wife and daughter, the news that executive orders are issued and so on is incredibly disheartening.

    I know putting faith in dates is stupid, but I had hoped this would be the event that started the change. Sigh

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  3. Just read that before 1871, when America was made into a corporation and sold to the Rothchilds, March 5th was the original inauguration date. Could Mr T be sworn in then as the 19th president?

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. 1 possibility, I had read years back he was involved or related to redsheilds. When he changed his mind he was taken out by a stage actor(John Booth), who assumed a new identity afterwards. Booth did spend 2 weeks (+ -)with the oilmen/bankers of my area in western Pa. just a week before Lincoln event. Peace

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  4. Thank you, CATs. I really appretiate this initiative you’ve given us commenters to ventilate what weighs us down, to let off some steam.. here goes what I feel.

    A person can only carry so much and when an awakened/awakening person compares that to what he/she is experiencing in this 3d world/3d illusion, it can become quite hard, heavy and meaningless at times. There are those that handle this inner and outer contradiction like true masters and there are those of us that sometimes falls down on our knees, because it just becomes too much. Once a person starts their journey to enlightenment, to remembering, there’s no way back because you realise that what was/were, was not at all what you had been taught or others had made you belive.. It’s not easy to try/have to exist in a constructed babylonian system.

    In my opinion, the hardest part of it all is trying to bridge my inner knowing and knowledge with the outer world I was born into. It’s like standing barefoot, having one foot stuck in cold mud and the other foot in fine grains of tropical warm sand.. Contradictions. This place with it’s issues of duality – it ain’t an easy place but it sure enables opportunities to growth/awakening. Just imagine and feel the kind of world we would have if everyone stopped to value every thing or every living being they see, trough the by indoctrination monetary clip-on eyeglasses…

    A new president has taken his oath. But that does’nt mean that everything already accoplished will turn to dust. Rather the opposite. Because it’s impossible to go back to the way things were before 2017, and what lies ahead will only expose [[them]] even more. Though so many of us are so darn tired, we got to remember that we need to keep our faith in Truth and our focus and observation on/in what we want to create – easy to say, hard to do yet if anyone can do it, it will be the ones longing for change and they are quite many. I belive in all of us💖

    Take care everyone – appreciate you greatly💖🤗

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  5. I’ll have to say, today is a better day for me. The last few months were bad but the last week was really intense. I sleep so little these days…uh, nights, but it normally doesn’t bother me too much because I spend a lot of time praying, meditating, talking to Source, doing Reiki. However, almost every night of the last week, I would just lay there and cry and spend way too much thought on black ice. Last week I ventured out to a grocery store I don’t normally go to and happened to see someone I only slightly know. Wanted to say hi but just couldn’t bring myself to interact so headed to the other end of the store. A few minutes later she appeared behind me and asked how I was. Of course I broke down and started crying in front of the frozen pizza section. We ended up having a really nice chat and afterwards I realized that Source REALLY wanted me to run into her (she normally doesn’t go to that store either.)

    Anyway, last night’s insomnia session (after the nightmare that was the Byden “inauguration”) was really productive. I felt so much better and got the message that Source has this and that we may possibly be on the Source timeline because if T ended up with a second term, that would have definitely indicated that we were on the Justice timeline as, I imagine, he would have opened a can of whoop ass on the DS. Just my thoughts.

    Lastly, I found Lorie Ladd’s most recent video helped me see things a little more clearly.

    Thank you all for being here; it’s helped me immensely to know there is a community that understands.
    Love you all,

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    1. That Is Nice to hear! Yesterday I felt congested, from the energy in the air. Today I feel the collective Has calmed, for everything Is Lighter. Peace.

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  6. Whadda day yesterday was! I finished it out by mixing up yet another batch of lemon-icebox cookies and ordered a bunch of new plants. See, there really is a wondrous future! Note to Brenda: Thank you for posting a brief description of what was done to WE the people by the insidious dark (of course in our names. . .right! I didn’t feel up to it yesterday) <J

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    1. Okay J ❤️ After so many mentions of these delicious ‘lemon-icebox cookies’ Elsie and I are just going to have to wing our way over to you asap to try one 😉

      Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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  7. Was devastated yesterday, though I’m not typically someone who follow politics with any real interest, though I vote in presidential elections. I’ve been disappointed many times before that my candidate lost, but this was on an entirely different level with much more at stake.

    I had been following Simon Parkes, so also felt duped. Just checking in with him now to see how he wrangled out of this, but was surprised –
    if you check out his latest video with Charlie Ward and 2 others, there is an interesting hypothesis with some hope. Specifically, early on in the video Charlie reads some intel that sounds very feasible for March 4th. Just putting it out there if you’re interested.

    I don’t like to focus too deeply on 3D goings on, but this situation has significant ramifications for the conditions under which we will continue to live until the full shift; until then, what happens here in 3D will still greatly affect us and our loved ones.

    Anyway, this could be one last morsel of hope; will just have to wait to see if it plays out. I’m not going to stress about it though, but continue on as usual taking care of business and trying to stay “up.” Love to all.


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  8. After a cathartic night I feel a lot better, back to my normal positive self. Looking back I did actually get a warning this was to happen in my meditation but I didn’t realize what it meant. I was doing the DNA meditation when the world’s split like they should but I was briefly on the wrong one before my attachment to new earth sprung me back to the new earth, like when you let go of an elastic band.

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  9. Was super bummed yesterday, felt duped – but check out Simon Parke’s latest video – a shred of hope for March 4th.

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  10. I’ve been reading that DC is being left behind for a fresh new start elsewhere – since it’s actually a foreign govt. which was owned by the vatican (no longer tho) and is surrounded by fencing and military, let alone a satanic site. I don’t really think all those troops would’ve been brought down there to guard empty streets, but more like to arrest people while it is cleared out.
    Also, I thought Trump and Melania looked pretty darn chipper yesterday both leaving DC and arriving in Fla… like they’re thinking, Whew! THAT part of the plan is over, thank God, and now they can sit back for a bit and let the military get things on track. Can you even imagine how much those 2 hated being in the Whitehouse but had to be there? I think Biden had to be “elected” as part of the plan but I sure don’t hear any happiness coming from his “supporters”, just more T hate. And did you see Antifa is still destroying what’s left of poor Portland? They hate B too, there’s just no end to the hypocrisy.
    On another note, I keep hoping that the shift will happen before I have to take drastic measures with my dog… he’s having great difficulty on stairs and I can’t find anyone to make a ramp I can afford, that’s got me down more than anything these days. He has my heart and is my best friend -really only friend anymore, since with my world views I’m batsh** crazy apparently 😉
    What also would help my mood, is could we PLEASE have some sunshine in the northeast? It’s been about 1-1/2 months straight of gray cold blahness day after day after day, it always looks like it’s dusk outside, so depressing!! And when there IS a peak of sun, there’s the chemtrails making sure you don’t get too much of it!
    OK done complaining, onwards and upwards, I like that stairway visual!!

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    1. You know, I couldn’t get myself to watch it, but this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that T&M were very chipper during the move from DC to FL. I was told they looked happy and relieved.

      I know that 4 years must have been such incredible stress…but are their reactions due to just that? Or is there more meaning in that relief than we know?

      It is curious.

      💜 you Cats, MCats & friends

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      1. We sorta ‘visited’ in there to see what that was like (we didn’t make it creepy!) and… DC is horrible. The history, the stain, the evil geometry… it’s worse than the energy around Vegas. Simon Parkes was right: the whole thing needs to be razed to the ground. We suggest that is also needs to be cleansed and exorcised (in a nice way). SO MANY GHOSTS there, holy crap. Ghosts, not spirits. A cavalcade of the dead. Those ca8al who now inhabit those spaces… ugh. Remember the terrible dark things that come and take bad spirits away in the movie “GHOST”? That’s what’s happening to those living stooges who are taking over right now (for their short time); bet they aren’t sleeping well. Getting out of that place must be a huge relief, what with the constant horrorshow spirit activity, the hatred and assass. attempts. For T&M, they were in the monster’s mouth 24/7, so there’s that relief. Plus… they did their jobs, so there’s the satisfaction of completion. They’re kinda done, and now get to let others take over. A very complex set of feelings. While we’re looking (we don’t mean to pry), we see they’re also rediscovering each other, how they originally met and wound up together… that’s enough. It’s really none of our business.

        DC is 3d in microcosm.

        Which reminds us… what’s happening on the OTHER timeline…

        < CAT Eds.

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            1. ~ Lily~ Fear not. I saw “Powell” also, twice. If nothing else, we have wach other for company in loopyville.
              Love, friend

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            2. Ha, thank you Friend, so happy I wasn’t the only one to see that And you are very welcome to join me in Loopyville and of course anyone else that would like to come along

              Much Love 😊❤️😊

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            3. RE Parkes/ Powell earlier….
              Thank you ~ jj ~ I’ve been flipping up and down the comments and post to find the ‘Powell’… and now, 5:58pm PDT it says ‘Parkes’. Definitely was Powell earlier today. Seems like I read Simon Powell referred to in 2 different places by CAT Eds today, not sure where the second was now. Powell is a fine British name too…

              TLJ indeed! Maybe a unicorn is no longer so farfetched, at this rate 🙂

              love, friend

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  11. Thank you all, Cats, Ms and comment kitties.

    You are all Loved and appreciated.

    I have been a political junkie since I remember, as a five year old, the nomination conventions of 1956. I was mesmerized by the cross of solemnity and sillinss of the process. And the fact it was preemptive on all of the main TV channels AND ran past the normal closing time for TV.

    Since then I have been avid in studying the campaigns of both parties and the import placed on the results and the new directions which are offered and sometimes taken.

    THIS election had ASTERISKS all over it from the start. Remember how this started with a magnificent shitshow in Iowa for the democrats. They were flummoxed at how to properly count caucus votes. These caucuses had been successfully and efficiently counted literally, forever as long as they have been happening.

    This time, not so much. Too many candidates? Never been a problem before. Process to complicated? never had been before. People allowed to vote VIRTUALLY by phone? NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.

    Right here the dems discovered the key to the White House. Add ballet access complexity so that, while it is happening… in the heat of counting, no one at all could actually see what was happening and deal with the added complexity.

    Thanks to COVID for THAT (convenience).

    some things I still know…

    The Gaia/Tara Complex is moving forward with what IT (She) NEEDS TO DO.

    In law, FRAUD VITIATES (invalidates) EVERYTHING. Election Fraud and Foreign influence in this election (as well as in others) are WELL KNOWN to the Military… They were with POTUS in the SCIF on election night.

    Finally, it is a well known and, to my knowledge, never disputed FACT that the Military recruited Citizen Trump for this assignment. (In a deeper, energetic sense, Comte Saint Germaine has also had a very heavy hand in these events.)

    This being the case, and the OVERACHING military sentiment to NEVER LEAVE A COMRADE BEHIND, makes me feel and sense that THIS AIN’T OVER.

    We have been told “Biblical” many, many times.

    Donald J Trump has been Crucified.

    Tell me, Biblically speaking, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

    LIGHT has WON. DARK is being REVEALED.


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    1. Maybe, the Potomac gets diverted to finish the cleanup. DC was a swamp, w/much fill dirt to build on. I heard years back that Quan Yin would team up w/St. Germaine for the Re-Do. Peace.

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      1. kinda off topic from this post but ive always been curious about St. Germaine. was he the “professor” that was hanging around back in the days leading up to the signing of the declaration of independence? and the same dude that was last seen around mt shasta in the 70s? curious person and the historical reports from famous people (european royals and others) are more than odd…

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        1. Yes, and many more thoughts are out there. It Will be an interesting time to unite/reunite w/Him. Peace.

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  12. Here’s a p.s. to my earlier today’s comment (Thurs.) The energies are much more relaxed. It feels like a giant festering pustule has popped. (Eeeuuuw. Sorry about the visual from that. Har) ALSO from my garden check: It is even MORE quiet and peaceful than yesterday. Just sayin’ cheers <J (Time to bake the lemon-icebox cookies. Y'ALL drop by)

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  13. A quick question please –
    Are any of you with children, esp young children, having issues with pretty constant meltdowns, crying/screaming – normal physical issues have been checked as there are some normal-ish conditions that would cause distress, but not this constant many hrs reaction – esp with the almost 7 mo old, but also the 6 yr old autistic gal, too. Which all add increible stress to the ‘on the spectrum mom’ with her own health issues with added sleep deprivation and partner with his own not helpful or helping issues – is this all part of the collectives stress breakdown.

    I’ve worked with energies, SOURCE, Brother J, light applications, protections, groundings, connectings, asking/calling on appropriate AAs and other beneficial HOBs?, etc. etc.
    Some few hrs sleep have been gotten by fam members this morning –
    I don’t feel negative myself, just don’t know what else to do to help or even, I don’t know…

    Any insight would be helpful – this doesn’t seem normal…

    thank you, all,


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    1. ~ Hi Kg ~ About children and melt downs recently- my young grandson is having far more upsets than typically. Also he is having more times of disturbed sleep, is showing his tiredness more frequently and needing shorter activity and awake times and is in general just ‘spinning out’ way more despite his outer life and schedule being the same that used to work fine for him.

      I know he finds the heightened energies mire than he can comfortably handle on his own. It’s not just his stage or age.

      Perhaps something similar is happening w your granddaughters…
      love, friend

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      1. Hallo, Friend,
        how old is your grandchild?
        Mine is 4 weeks old, but everything seems normal.
        But, what can i say, mine is 400 km away…😢

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    2. I think it saddens me when my children are not kind to each other and don’t behave like decent adults 😆 When they constantly seem to be trying to push my buttons. I try and remember they came to show me how to be a better person. I get freaked out some days wondering how a new earth is possible if children can’t even be nice to their own family and need to be taught. But then remember they are part of a repressive system with little choice and freedom. All their days are mapped out and planned for them. They would be happier running in the woods building dams and camps more. And every time I’ve done the wrong thing I’ve been shown that mostly I do right as they tell me and know the difference. Raising kids is hard especially in a busy crazy world. They must pick up on collective energies too including global ones.. we all do. I did wonder the same of mine recently, and then wondered if maybe it was me or sent to teach me more. I hope they calm. Don’t worry. My friend reminded me a few days ago.. Remember they are children and still little.. and it does get easier as they get more self aware and they teach us how to behave 😆

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    3. yes.

      ride it out and dole out forgiveness all around.

      wouldn’t be surprised if this was worldwide. it seems like i remember a post at the end of last year where people were talking about their pets flipping out. maybe it’s the same thing but just in our “spectrum” of awareness now. idk, lol…

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    4. Hi kg
      I work in a supermarket and I have noticed so many young children screaming these last 2 weeks. So that’s a big YES. The poor mum’s are all starting to look and sound seriously frazzled.
      Love you all

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    5. Kg ❤️

      Yes, Elsie was up again all night shouting, we are both exhausted again today. I thought it might be the homeopathy/detoxing but now I am not so sure. Since the inauguration she has been sleeping so badly, there has been so much more dense oppressive energy around us. I have been clearing, saging etc… but it’s not helped. Trying to keep upbeat but it’s tough when you feel like lead and your daughter is suffering.

      Sending a load of Love over to you and yours


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  14. OK here’s another weird synchronicity of the type that keeps happening more and more often… I was reading an article online, it mentioned Bob Newhart. I’m reading my detective/crime book at lunchtime, it mentions Bob Newhart. Then I just went to a twitter account and THEY mentioned Bob Newhart… I haven’t even thought about him since I last watched the movie “The Librarian” on TV and now 3 times in a few hours?! Seems to me the more these things happen the closer we get to … whatever.
    Anyway, had a brainstorm about my dog and stairs – I’m going to get some free pallets and make steps out of them – so they’ll be big enough if he slips, he’ll still be on one step, not going down all of them. I just love these flashes of brilliance that come out of the ethers! Now I just gotta find someone with a truck….

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      1. Haha, I loved that sitcom! Bob Newhart was the best – his dry wit and deadpan delivery was legend in my opinion!

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      2. Love Bob Newhart, especially his monologue the driving instructor, ‘men who never know if they’re coming home at night and face death a thousand different ways’ 🙂

        He also physically looks like the Bob I ran away from years ago; the most attractive man I ever met, felt so drawn to him physically – he is the most beautiful soul, loved his quick wit, sense of humour and intelligence, a true warrior. Oh if I could go back and talk some sense to my younger self – we could have enjoyed some years together before he passed away, (silly stupid me).

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    1. That kind of stuff is happening to me (and my husband) all the time too, and much of it is stuff I haven’t said out loud – yet, it will appear in a post on the Internet, in a movie, etc.

      I even had thoughts of insane clowns before the insane clowns were posted on this site. (I do NOT normally think about insane clowns!) Though mine didn’t blow up.

      They were sitting around sad in the woods because they had nobody left to scare. I can’t remember if it was a dream or just a passing thought but it struck me as so funny, all the insane clowns being out of a job because for some reason they no longer had a job and nobody was afraid of them anymore.

      The next thing I know, I check the site and insane clowns heads are blowing up here.

      What does that even mean? I’m not even going to try to figure these synchronicities out yet…I just know it happens a LOT lately.

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            1. There is a movie from a few years ago…been racking my brain to come up with the title and director’s name…a Samurai movie…complete with costumes, make-up…flying Samurai fights…and if I remember correctly… magical occurrences…anyway…the final scene (spoiler alert..is it a spoiler alert if you don’t know the movie?)…is when the bad guy dissolves into a singing “Broadway” character along with the whole rest of the cast…all somehow naturally, like it happens everyday, morph into a Broadway musical number with dancing and singing and funny faces…perfectly edited..& expertly done…oh, the good old days…


  15. A different question – there has been a reporting of a dely to t.he plann because something unexpected was missed that was brought to attention (conjecturre has been a missed breefcse sized, not nice device, that was missed in previously gathered ups that would ‘dirty’ endanger MANY.)
    Curious what else this danger could really be if higher helpers would as said previously prevent use of that type of specific type devisse??

    UGH… I still feel calm and unperturbed, but I realize another few months delayy will drive some beings bonkers…


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  16. Hello and thank you for providing a forum to get things out!

    I was reading another blogger today who said he lost his balance and got got angry and then was told that the higher realms said later that he needed to get angry about something in order to get him to summon the higher realms to get things moving! So maybe your blog is contributing to that as well:)

    I was angry talking out loud yesterday too especially after seeing pics of Lady Gaga wearing her pin from the Hunger Games! Ugh Lady Gag Gag…I can’t stand that evil woman!!

    In any case, there are so many proofs that this is not over. Watch the Simon Parkes video from yesterday with Charlie Ward…it may make you feel better;) “English Uncle Charlie” is so sure of himself…And if you haven’t watched “Amazing Polly”, she’s another one to help with the facts of this particular timeline drama;)

    Finally I had a dream last nite and Trump was in it giving interviews to “reporters”. I was somehow helping him with that and he was so sweet, such a nice guy. I have heard he’s a “walk-in” and all is very planned, so no worries!

    -Juliana, Pittsburgh

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  17. Okay, here’s my 3rd unsolicited comment on this Thursday. I was just sitting out in my new chair enjoying the warm after-glow of having eaten a few of the still warm lemon-icebox cookies when I observed that everything was sort of shimmering. By that I mean that I could see the energetic movement of everything I looked at. The illusion is revealing itself. This is something to behold! (Of course, it could also be the direct result of eating those wondrous cookies. Har) The energies are becoming exhilarating. There is a very palpable feeling of joy,peace and excitement. <J

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    1. Oh J! I’m sure that’s short for Joy! That’s what you are, & what you give! A million thanks will never be enough! But I’ll try! Thank you thank you thank you thank you… (it’s a start…)
      💕😻💞🐦 💖🤣

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  18. Summary of clif high’s latest interview everyone might find interesting: https://www.transients.info/roundtable/threads/trump-biden-national-guard-jan-28-29-event-clif-high-interview-on-in-the-dark.8414/

    It seems like he’s back to his old self.

    To be honest, I let myself get swept up in the emotions. I’ve always followed the webbots and they’ve always been accurate about events. The secrets are only revealed because of the populous getting fed up and raiding certain areas (like DC and Vatican), finding secrets and showing the world. Only after that will we get out of this millennia of control.

    He says temporal markers are pointing to the end of the month, which would be a great birthday present for me.

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    1. From My view of the “movie”, the Light brought up the dirty b thing to awaken more souls. They Will continue to do whatever it takes to awaken as many as possible(to a point). Remember, Source Loves All! Peace.

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      1. The media in the UK has sick a tight grip on perception, I was hoping for a big shock to help people on their way x

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  19. Thank you all for being here. You are my balloon. Last weekend, when I asked about Brother J feeling things with us, you told me that none of the pain was real.
    When I read that, I saw myself under a big heavy weighted blanket and I pushed it off. It is fascinating to me that you, days later mention shrugging off a cloak.
    Since that time, I have been feeling very naked, raw and vulnerable. I have also been vibrating and trembling like crazy. I keep asking for help from all of the angels and Source and am getting some comfort. But seriously, the anticipation/anxiety is shaking my sanity. It also revealed to me some of my shortcomings that I was hiding from myself. Not exactly a comfortable time here.
    Sending and receiving steady light pours everyone. Love to all!

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  20. ~ Hello All ~
    A thought:
    I notice something in myself in regards to the build up of expectation and subsequent letdown whether large or small.  
    With each new build up, I find it easier to imagine the hoped-for outcome/ change, and with the processing of each letdown, the ability to more easily regain my balance.
    Like many here are saying, this expectation / letdown cycle is very old news.

    Perhaps now, as we have had so many trial runs at imagining ‘stepping out of our shoes’, when that moment DOES ACTUALLY ARRIVE, we may find the release a mere featherweight, since the attachments to ‘what is’ have grown thin and ragged through all this see-sawing.

    love, friend

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  21. #4 Today: As I was enjoying my afternoon latte sitting in my latest favorite place I glimpsed randomly into the sky. There is an arrow-straight 75 foot tall Deodora cedar standing as a sentinel over the surrounding area. At the absolute top (in perfect alignment with this straight trunk) was the moon like a Christmas star on a Christmas tree. I have no doubt that it was symbolic. Just sayin’ <J

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  22. My cat has been giving me lessons on how to land on my feet and hit the ground running after the rug has been ripped out from under me. Yet again I bounce back, astonished at reflexes and adaptability. We certainly have devised a Sh?t show as a collective. I keep slipping and recovering against all odds. Oh well.

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  23. Update 2, yup, I was talking to my husband about this theory. I’m going to live my best life, while I’m here, and will be ignoring the PTW that think they have power over me.


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  24. Oh what a roller coaster ride I have been on lately. I guess all of us. Yesterday morning when I woke up and there was no EBS going on I was so dejected. Then the inauguration started and it got worse. I only watched the sleazy, slimy, scum take the oath and then I turned it off. Later I went to some of my favorite sites (apparently a lot of us go to some of the same ones) and then I started feeling better. I posted on a good friend’s fb page that it wasn’t over. Boy, you’d think about everyone on that horrible site thought it was though. All saying how we have to accept it and move on. I wasn’t gonna go out last night, because I had a busy day scheduled today and am super low on funds right now, but I changed my mind at the last minute and went. I ran into one of my favorite friends to hang out with and he generously picked up most of my tab. I went from being down and dejected to telling everyone don’t give up yet. It’s just beginning. Wait and see.

    Flash forward to this morning when I woke up super early, and somewhat hungover, to all the crap on my news talk radio station. Back down in the dumps I went very quickly. But, I got up out of bed and got on here and there was this latest post. I can’t tell you how much better I felt. Hopefully, we don’t have too much longer now. One thing no one else on here has mentioned was the video done by JC. She saw Trump being secretly sworn in as the new President of the Republic. And, then I saw a comment that Biden was actually sworn in on the 19th not the 20th. So, really there’s no president of the corporation right now. I agree that this is how it has to be done. People everywhere are already totally freaking out about everything JB’s doing so quickly. It’s got to be waking up waaaay more people. Especially, Biden’s speech about unity and then he’s all gung ho about the illegal impeachment trial against Trump. And, also McConnell going berserk about the pipeline being stopped. We’re not gonna need all that oil and gas once we get free energy. Granted, it may take a little time to switch over. I have to say the split has got to be really close though. I’m so thankful I stumbled back on this site last year. All of you help keep me balanced! And, I can’t wait to have one of those lemon ice box cookies! WWG1WGA! Love and light to everybody!

    The Dog Lady

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  25. huh

    Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes post a video on Bitchute. Charlie makes the statement (but no proof of date and time stamp) that he was sent the inauguration video at 7:00 AM Spanish time. Which is 2 AM DC time a good 10 hours before the purported DC “LIVE” inauguration broadcast on the major networks.

    CAts can you check this?

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  26. Gosh I remember that Patty Duke show, had an older sister who watched it.
    I’ve been hearing love is in the air, and we are stardust. I even caught myself singing it yesterday, face palm. I feel much compassion for everyone, in the states, in the world, all beings. I have friends facing vaccines, or who have family that is. So many people are brainwashed, duped, or simply lost. The woman who cuts my hair, said her father is considering it, and asked my opinion. She knows I’m strongly against it, but asked what could the long term effects be. I wanted to share the CHP, she’s a devout christian, I said tell him to ask the Holy Spirit to bless it. She said what? and gave me a funny look. I said sure the Holy Spirit has power over all matters. She agreed, and quoted scripture. I just feel everything is moving along, and going to be fine. It’s uncanny, I had a very similar vision in meditation, of souls rising up and unzipping, or casting off the old. I mentioned it in an earlier comment, but called it sleeping jump suits. I also saw a long steep stairway, slightly ahead, very steep, that looked much like the picture you posted. That was around the time you suggested we clear, our intention to draw nearer to Source, to a higher level, or New Earth. In that meditation, it felt as though I was lifted up, and my body just slid off. It felt like I was up a floor, and was starting to explore, and the neighbor’s video gaming distracted me. The clock was at 4:44 when I finished, another sign for me. Today has been delightful, no pain when I woke up, there was a palpable feeling to the peace, and grace. I saw an eagle high in the sky this morning. I watched it soar higher, until it disappeared, and then I was seeing orbs, energies, perhaps because my eyes were out of focus. There’s been a strong, loving presence, peace, joy, and lightness of being. I send it to you All, with all my Love, respect. gratitude, and Light, We Shine as One Love beating in the hearts of many. Hang on, it’s gonna be beyond your dreams. <scott

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    1. Perica, I dropped off a short note yesterday to Georgi to tell him of my shimmering experience. He responded with brief note on the subject and said to check today’s post (above) Referencing the increasing frequencies. (I was glad that what I experienced is real. Not that I had any concern.) Anyway it’s a new day. Sun is shining. More tractor work being done in the garden, more delicious coffee followed by lemon-icebox cookies. Just sittin’ in joy. Cheers <J

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      1. J, I also recently contacted Gorgi regarding what I felt to be the activation of the “threefold flame of life”, and he confirmed that to be the case 😉

        I know we are on the end off the road and about to embark on the NE, but the waiting is not getting easier over time, ahhhhh, this too will pass soon 🙏

        Perica ✨

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    2. Perica


      In the meantime, the USA will have two governments – the fake Biden government and the invisible military regime where the real power lies. This is a stalemate situation that serves us perfectly well to accomplish our ultimate goal – to leave this toxic reality asap as we cannot care any longer about how the masses of young souls organize their new life. They have to make their own choices without our stewardship and guidance on the ground, otherwise, they will not learn anything and will not progress in their soul evolution. ****

      wow and yes, absolutly
      the article is really good and comes to the point
      and helps me to get away from this vortex of JUSTICE
      from the old Atlantean timeline and reach the NE timeline
      to stay on the NE timeline and stop observing the old one

      I really want to ascend and I am every day in meditation
      I can not help anymore, only sending love and light like a lighthouse
      I did it every night and was spreading the light in Washington DC
      but the energy there is horrible.

      Love Alnilam 💖🌈💖

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      1. I agree, I think we done what we came to do, our job is finished here, now we can only wait and see the time unfold, I hope it will not be the long wait 😉

        Perica ✨

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  27. You know what?
    I was going to write another “great, It’s ok we ( I ) have STP,  I (we) know The Plan is going to succeed, just hold on a little bit longer, youll see. You see, I am a child of God, and I (we) have the capacity for ENDLESS optimism and FORGIVENESS.

    But something happened to me.

    Something broke. Through.

    I happened to see a MLK clip from probably his most famous speech. AND I happened to hear a song, that song, the one that REMINDS US OF THE HELLISH CRAP these MONSTERS have done!! They MASSACRED those BRILLIANT, GOLDEN SOULS RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES!!!!!

    THEY SACRIFICED our Golden Ones. 

    Not to mention all the other INNOCENT ONES who have been sacrificed.

    And to borrow from one of my current fave people, my gut started sayin….started SCREAMING,
     started CRYING…

    NO. NO. No. 

    I finally get it.

    This is why They win all the time.

    Because we (i), effectively roll over, take the higher ground, do it all ” legal”.  Let’s send Light Bubbles. That should do it.




    They are ALWAYS gonna slither away. Always !!! You CANNOT FATHOM just how EVIL these basturds are. 

    I hope and pray that TPTA TORCH the F’n Slimeballs ASAP…..NOW!!

    I AM DONE. I WANT THEM GONE. NOW.  And, i DON’T CARE how it is done. 

    I think we all have been TRICKED, FOOLED, etc, because of our inherent goodness. But we may have missed something. You gotta fight fire with fire is a good analogy. If you really want to win
     If you really NEED to win. And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I NEED THEM GONE. NOW!!!

    Gandalf indeed.
    Archangel Michael indeed!
    You, and You, and You INDEED !!

    WE are The Army of God.
    WE are The Answer

    I’ll tell you what. I am signing allegiance to AA Michael RIGHT NOW. I AM DONE with this EVIL S__T. 

    All Love (for the Real People of God, not demons who pass as being worthy of love to trick us into 1,000+ more years of slavery)  and
    All Fire (to vindicate the atrocities that have been committed upon our dear brothers and sisters, ouselves)

    Trinity (the trinity who will kick butt til The Matrix is NO MORE)


    Sent via my Samsung Galaxy, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

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      1. I’m praying it’s nothing too awful. We just seem to have been waiting and waiting and trusting and waiting.. the only ones making a fuss have been the Antifa idiots who are probably paid. It doesn’t seem possible for anything to shift. If it does I pray people stay safe x

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          1. Dearest CAT Eds,
            When SOURCE says it’s all under control, is that like an intervention is in process, and we don’t really know it, but the intervention is going well?

            As Mark said in the next post, I just realized I don’t know anything about anything anymore. I am reading “Disappearance of the Universe” (as you know) and have begun to realize that God/Source did not make this universe/world/my body — we did, and God/Source is not in control of this universe/world/my body — we are. So if Source says it’s all under control, then how can that be? In this case, “it” must mean something else besides our reality, since we are responsible for that. Meanwhile, yikes!, since now it seems we are responsible for our reality. Yep, straightjacket for 1 please, size medium.

            I Love you CATs, and I could not be getting this “far” in my studies without you.
            < ella

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            1. That is a good question. We do not know the answer. Yes, WE created all this (as ONE), and SOURCE is helping to wake us up… but how involved is SOURCE at this granular a level (like with timelines)? CATs are part of TWO Extensions, so we see things a little differently than the unicorns. We disagree with the coddling going on for so few insane dark ones against the desires of an obvious 2/3rds-plus majority. Time to rip the bandaid off.

              < CAT Eds.

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      2. Yes. That’s why I offered my “services” to AA Michael. He, backed by Source and Br J, will have that covered. So I might just be given kp duty given my state but I’ll tell ya, if so, those taters are sure gonna get a peeling!!


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  28. I have a really evil uncle that’s trying to screw my mother over and leave her destitute. The situation keeps pulling me back into 3D.
    Will people like this ever get their just-desserts (so to speak). I have faith in source that it will end well, but I kinda want him to learn his lesson.

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  29. Wow the energies available for uplift ever since Wednesday have been profound ✨ just enjoying this ride, staying completely neutral with whatever the 3d political drama is or was. Being ✨💛✨

    The word the 2 beasts has come up quite a bit over the past month. Which I didn’t understand at first, but maybe this is why I stayed neutral politically over the past four years. The first beast fighting the second beast system for control, and the 2nd beast isn’t easy to see yet. We are more powerful than these leaders and systems!! It’s time to completely embody ✨💛✨and rise. True Freedom 🎊

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    1. Well. This is interesting. I checked to see if the Whitehouse.gov link I put in my comment was working, as I wanted to clarify something. My search returned a ‘ 404’ – Page Not Found to the two different ways I looked for it.

      It is also Page Not Found from links embedded in the Wikipedia article titled National Sanctity of Human Life Day, either.

      Soon… in case anyone is interested in actually reading what the proclamation states, here is a working link to the Federal Register:

       “…On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, we celebrate the wonder of human existence and renew our resolve to build a culture of life where every person of every age is protected, valued, and cherished….”

      love, friend

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  30. Sigh.. could humanity not have focused a tad higher? I hope I didn’t contribute to that jump 😨Which ever way we get there make it happen and be gone as soon as possible please source ❤️ Just so long as the pain suffering and awfulness is finally over for the world.. we can ride with anything.

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  31. Thank you, Cats, for ALL your help, in ALL of its forms, and thank you fellow Cat commenters for all you share. And for creating a space where sharing is encouraged. I too picked up on the mournful energy of the week. I haven’t been as bright & chipper feeling as was usual for the past year. But…I haven’t been feeling horrible either. It’s been almost an odd mix of emotions…hard to place a finger on. Yesterday I realized that the easiest discription was…sorta like the mush inside a cocoon. Not a catapillar anymore, but not quite a butterfly yet either. I have felt oddly peaceful despite the B thingy circus. Like I’m in a protected wrapping, womb darkness preparing to emerge into light. My personal life remains sweet, pretty calm and peaceful. I feel so grateful so much of the time. It does feel like a bit of an endurance test. But also an opportunity to remember to generate peace and love from within, & shine it outwards for others who have yet to learn how to focus & generate divine love from within. Instead of relying on conditions from “outside”. I still need to practice this more. But I actually feel heartened. I’m watching birds hop around on my plants and look for tasty bugs to munch, it’s finally cold and cloudy in central coast California, & the wind is softly blowing the wind chimes. No traffic on the quiet road I live on at this hour. My landlady let me spray paint a gigantic flower in the middle of the road in front of her property Wednesday. The center of it has a large white ‘t’, four orange ‘w’s surround it & yellow gold hearts. Hearts for petals, red, purple and blue. Big green vines from either side spread out from it. We’re finally supposed to get some rain. It feels like a lot of creative energy is sparking up. It does feel like B doing his charade will help wake up folks that still have complete faith in msm (like my mom…sigh. She told me yesterday that she signed my dad & her up for the vaccine. My cringe factor went through the roof in that moment, I confess.). Against all odds, I still feel peaceful though, and full of faith that Divine Love is doing what needs to be done to bring light to the dark. Lorrie Lad did a great talk with Jason Shurka about bringing the darkness to light that I can easily recommend to anyone dealing with darkness (read:everyone). The opportunities to deepen my compassion feel endless…as are the opportunities to deepen my gratitude. Thank you all for being here. There are such a mind boggling number of precious souls embodied here and now, assisting our beautiful Mother Goddess World with the process of freeing herself and her children from the illusion of fear, journeying to the reality of Love. When I remember how incredibly blessed I am to be here, the epic-ness of Love astounds me.
    Here comes the rain! 🤗💦💕

    (A side note, ‘the greatest good’ is still a judgement call. ‘The highest Love’ is a bit more clear.)

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  32. Cat’s whats going on with Cumiana?
    they are telling 6000:

    22/1 19:00 Further increase, around 18 UTC the graphs show the maximum
    value of Power 6000.
    22/1 17:00 The peak of activity was around 15:30 UTC for about 20 minutes, followed by other strong activity that hit Power 600 just before 16 UTC.
    22/1 16:00 A powerful activity is shown in the Italian graphs that has reached the full scale in 2 of the 3 graphs shown, the values of the electric field detected by the Marconi Antenna (VLF – Very Low Frequency) are very high and touch Power 3000. In the area they are not reported lightning.
    22/1 14:00 Today the Frequency has returned to oscillate between 7.50 and 7.60 Hz, well below the base value and, as for the last few days, no significant movement of the other parameters, the Amplitude has reached only Power 6. Some movements are instead reported on the Italian charts, around 12:30 UTC there was a phase in which Power 20 was reached, around 13 UTC there was an intensification that reached Power 30.

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