631: Odds and Ends ~ [UPDATE6]

It’s all happening… on so many levels…

Jump Meterage

We’re still in a timeline jump. Best if all NE enthusiasts meditated, often.

Here are a few timeline snaps/glitches:

Here’s a timeline glitch from yesterday. Note how the activity is totally different:

There was also a FLORP a few days ago, too:

Angry Fake Villagers

FYI, we’re seeing lots of angry villagers for this week… but most of them are FAKE: Left posing as Right. 

Keep away from this.

NASA Fakes Again

Hardly important, but this is being shown by NASA as Pluto. It’s an artist’s model, totally fake:

It even looks fake.

Totally Unimportant

Not that it matters, but… we couldn’t believe how little Twabber CEO J*ck D*rsey is:

Numbers #1

Speaking of little, apparently the authorities (the real Powers That Are/PTA) tracked payments for all planetary mayhem and tracked it to The Vatican, The Royals, and DC. They have gone so far as to seize the Vatican Bank… which is a big deal. Inside they found… $34Q: $34 quintillion dollars.

That’s $34,000,000,000,000,000,000 — IN THAT ONE BANK. There is more money elsewhere.

If the above amount was split between everyone on earth, we’d each get $3.4B (and a loaf of bread would be a million dollars). We haven’t heard if this is electronic money (in which case it’s worthless) or not, but if it’s tied to real physical assets, then it’s real money, and could be used for any number of STO projects. There’s much more money out there. The Royals have this much money too, so much as to make money meaningless. Austerity, indeed. Do a google search for “white spiritual boy” and look at the insane amounts of money squirreled away.

Just one example.

Numbers #2

The three “heads” of the Khazarian mafia are dead in three days. They aren’t really the heads, exactly, but you can guess what that means. The real heads are not human.

Numbers #3

U.S. Marshals have sworn in 2000 National Guard reservists as U.S. Marshals.

Some of you may know what this means. U.S. Marshals have a specific function.


Speaking of that, three CATs had dreams where they finally escaped from an insane spooky funhouse and, once out front, saw an insane clown EXPLODE. You can guess what that means. It happens soon.

In terms of the Laws of Free Will, a simple majority is grounds for spiritual change. We are currently at 78% Light, 22% Dark. The new phonebook might be here, soon.

Cape Hatteras IFO…

A good clear video of a Pleiadian ship:

Note the very real stars.

What Angels Look Like

We were curious, so we asked our resident Archangels what they really look like. We got a number of images, none of which we can find exact representations for (we’ll have to break out the oil paint and canvas). Basically, they kinda look like huge streams of energy going in various directions from a fixed point, like a super-orb. This could be where people get the ideas of wings. They look like a cross between the image at the top of the post and this one:

What angels really look like.

Oh, and we met our first female Archangel; totally gorgeous. She had a gift for ~AM.

That’s enough for now. More later.

MLK would’ve agreed with this 100%.


Well, we’re on THIS timeline, now. We’ll have to wait and see which one this is. It might change again. And again.



More TLJ (the same jump):

This is interesting. Some Team Dark stooges tried to blow up Portal One (they failed miserably, of course), thinking that’s where The FLASH would originate. Luckily, portals are a whole lot tougher than anyone thinks (try infinity minus one). They’re managed by the SP and Angels and SOURCE and Spirit if that tells you anything.


How can you not see the folly in fighting SOURCE??

Btw, we were curious last week (you know… CATs), so we asked to see what SOURCE really looks like… to our tiny minds, anyway. SOURCE is infinite, so there’s that unimaginableness. But there’s a ‘light pocket’ that SOURCE created for us to kinda hone in on… and while it looks small from a distance, it’s actually bigger than the Omniverse, so the closer we got… rather mind-boggling. Then we asked to see what We, what ONE looks like. The ONE Extension is about the size of a constellation, so It’s infinitessimal compared to SOURCE (though We are connected to SOURCE, so technically we’re infinite, too). It had a scaled-down version of that same light pocket, but… Ours was terrifying. Our Gift from SOURCE is Creativity, so we are seething with creative, chaotic energy. Looked like the Krell furnace from “Forbidden Planet,” but all colors:

Btw… buckle up. Seriously. Keep all hands and arms inside the vehicle. It starts tomorrow. Be patient with everyone. It will take them time to catch up. Like, a month.

It’s almost time for lift-off. Thing is, there’s more than one lift-off.


This just in… more info coming in. In terms of the below image… they actually tried to blow up the sun.

We couldn’t believe it. Rather than just lose they were going to destroy the entire solar system. Needless to say, SOURCE would never let that happen. They’ve now got the attention of the SP.


Some CATs have seen military planes of an offshore U.S. military force off the coast of CA. Someone may have already hit the GO button.


Oh! We forgot to tell everyone… there is no attack from China — or any other country — that you need to worry about. They know better than to poke the eagle. We would come together in a heartbeat and go after them. America is armed to the teeth and every country knows it.

All is well. Nervous butterflies are GO. Still trying to figure out which timeline this is.

136 thoughts on “631: Odds and Ends ~ [UPDATE6]

  1. Tuned in to Simon Parkes today
    He had heaps of new posts one of them was the Go Button has been hit
    So exciting great birthday present
    Finishing off the strawberry lemonade cupcakes
    Love to all

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    1. So Biden took the oath. Doesn’t feel right. I can’t believe T would just walk away. Now Biden has nuke codes. Now he can executive order us into communism. This is all very strange.

      I keep thinking trump is about to make another move, but how can he when Biden officially took oath?

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      1. Biden has tapioca pudding. Someone else has the codes. Anyone else happen to see the Cl1nton5 both on the scene looking cheerful walking through the Capit0l?


        And yet for some reason I feel free and cannot explain it, as if something has been lifted off of me. Maybe that’s just my rational mind realizing that I’ve uncoupled from the Clown Show that is D.C.

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  2. What the actual …what???? How do you even attempt to blow up a Sun? And any more details on what the heck you’re seeing off of California??? I’m in NJ and this day felt waaay too quiet.
    Unity meditation ongoing. Also the forgiveness prayer:
    I’m sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
    Be well everyone. ❤️🌎🌟

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  3. Thanks Cats & M’s hilarious post lol the ptw are sore losers & always have been. Synchronicity 119 mirrored, a major sun focus during gridwork on 18th … sun dialling doesn’t work 🙂
    Oh nice thats what the winged ones look like & yes its hard to explain for they are huge baubles of source energy & the dragons look more like the auroras.
    I can definitely feel a shift in energy today, my legs have been feeling weird & the only way I can explain it is that feeling I get when taking off in a plane & it lifts off the ground … we are lifting off but wait there is more 😉
    and Elon Musk thinks he will be the richest man in the world by the end of this year lol
    Its all happening … GO Trump 🙂 you got em where it hurts … Source be with You!
    Interesting times on the edge of my seat … the horror movie is coming to an end & there will be no sequel.
    Love to All

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  4. New Gaia Portal message:

    Caretakers take flight.

    Harbors of old elements are cleared.

    Cleansing is begun.

    The Light of Life enters.

    Perica ✨

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      1. Yes Lily ❤, it was a close call, if I knew You were also going to post it, I would let You be the first one, until the next time 😊

        Perica ✨

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  5. As no one else asked, are we allowed to know the name if the female archangel and what she gifted to AM?

    Oh, and we met our first female Archangel; totally gorgeous. She had a gift for ~AM.

    Things always come in threes so will be interested what the third gift will be.

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  6. Thank You, CATS, M’s, AM, Da-Da, the entire crew, as well as all the commenters, readers, and support team, for guiding Us, keeping Us informed, getting Us prepared, Thank You ALL for Being here and sharing, shining so bright, Source has Our backs, this is what We are here for. STP, STO, Gynormous Hugs, Love, Light to All! ~scott

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    1. I’m going to wait until the end of the day before I start losing hope in humanity, lol.

      Supposedly you have to wait until after the inauguration to prove you’ve been injured and have legal standing (or treason).

      But if it’s just another day, people who believed would start to doubt their faith.

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      1. To be honest, the fact that the ptw are back in power makes everyone doubt. No matter how hopeful and positive we are, no matter how much we meditate, it seems like we’re not on NE and bad things are still happening.

        Biden is in power, thus undoing the work of the last 4 years.

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  7. Well, here it is Wednesday. I’ve yet to go into the garden to have my morning latte. Should prove to be an enjoyable experience. It’s the inauguration of my new teak Monet chair which finally arrived yesterday. Cheers <J

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  8. Ok, something interesting from my morning meditation.

    Did my GPC + DNA — DNA looked more like grounding roots into GAIA this time, networked roots of a tree like…. spreading everywhere around me..

    Then I was asking for the highest possible timeline for all, I was shown this timeline (looked like a golden white lit road) and I was standing on it. There was darkness on one end of it. I told it if it doesn’t have the greatest and highest good for all then it was not able to proceed any further. I Set protection and limited their power on this timeline I saw, and I heard Gandalf’s voice “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!’ The darkness melted back and was further away. I heard in my mind… today is the last day they have to hold any influence on this timeline now….

    I hope this is what it felt like….

    ❤ kk

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  9. Glad you cats are nervous too! Exciting and wondering what will happen! Good to know all threats of war are to be ignored. Whatever happens we all know where we end up regardless x

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  10. All those guard and soldiers and I really did expect SOMEthing to happen. Other than an inauguration. 🥱 just got to trust and be thankful for peace and a warm fire tonight ❤️

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  11. What an interesting time indeed…With all these good signs pointing into the Light direction that we should take…There is still so much deception in front of us to deal with…
    What happened to the Go button that has been pushed? What is this timeline anyways?…Are we in charge of anything at all?!

    Keep praying that ALL will be well…


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  12. Just came in for a very late breakfast. Been rather busy moving gravel to soft/low spots in the paths, hosed out debris from the courtyard due to last weeks wind storm . What is most profound, however is the unequivocal, palpable sense of deep peace. Just sayin’ <J

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  13. I’ve had an interesting last few days-
    I lived through two successive Jan 19ths – the transition ‘night’ between them had ‘Mission’ dreams. Felt very weird waking up to and living through the second Jan 19th.

    It’s become much easier to transmit light to all beings, life forms and extended places since then. And there was reception the other day in members in family to activate their light within.
    Other stuff, too, but that’s enough for now… oh, there was a series of many successive settling body/? shoulder drops last evening along with tiny zaps of mood lightening.


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  14. Something weird just happened….

    I laid down with my granddaughter for a nap. I turn on some waterfall noises to help her sleep. (this is normal for her) I swear I heard like a sonar beeping while I was laying there listening to the waterfall noises… went on and on for over 15 mins. Sonar beeeep…. beeeep…… beeep….

    I fell asleep for 15 ish minutes and was awaken by a small / soft knock on the door… but no one knocked…

    Is the illusion getting ready to disappear? Something is coming….

    Or its getting time to check myself in to a white room…. lol

    ❤ kk

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  15. On our morning walk, my husband and I passed a Chinese flag hanging on a neighbors house where the American flag once hung. It gave us a laugh and helped to lift the somber mood with his warped sense of humor. Woke up sad.
    We also were out of power for 26 hours as a precautionary measure due to high winds and fire danger. The generator made it bearable and proved it’s worth. Cay

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    1. Momentary light amusement. But you may want to ask your neighbor to take that flag down. This thing has never been about China – except the KaChina’s kind. It’s about ‘beige-ing’. A lighter shade of Brown Note. Stay tuned.

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  16. It popped into my head that Biden is playing a role in a much bigger sting operation. If so, who would that be? An Antarctica archon? This is all a very curious drama we are watching

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  17. Great post, CATs💕
    Well, I’m a bit late to read the Updates (as usual🙃) but…..WOW!! Is it ON? YAY!!!😍😃🙌✨
    And to the pathetic beings that tried to blow up Sol… oh grow up will ya! Pffft..🙄

    Btw, I was shown Light in a different form today as I woke up from a nap and decided to rest a few more minutes more before I open my eyes…
    It started as a little white dot that build up to this bright white cloud/front that “stretched all across the horizon”. Came right towards me in incredible speed. And when it passed over/trough me, it actually took on the form of bright white marbles (bubbles?) with this silvery-goldish hue. It was as if I was bathing in this rain or perhaps more like a gigant wave of perfectly round shiny Light-marbles. Could clearly see them. So pretty and felt wonderful. A few seconds later, it was gone and I opened my eyes and said Thank You Source – Your bubblebaths are the best there is😉💖

    Take care everyone💖🤗

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  18. I avoided the TV & main media the whole day and kept myself busy, not wanting to know what’s happening at the White House, if anything at all.

    Then the unavoidable (nightmare) news trigger in … first from my family, then from the alternative media and then from the main media. I wanted to cry but no tears would come – perhaps too shock?!

    Kind of sad to see so much negativities/name-calling being blurted out in anger and rage by Trump’s supporters. So, I decided to “walk away” from such negative energy.

    Thank God! I have this blog to find my sanity again. So, a part of me tells myself often “Trust SOURCE” and so I’m still trusting and still waiting 😁

    Thanks for every update 🙏 My heart beats faster at each update, waiting for some upbeat news, as always. And of course, looking forward to hear about that female Archangel’s gift to AM! 😉

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