631: Odds and Ends ~ [UPDATE6]

It’s all happening… on so many levels…

Jump Meterage

We’re still in a timeline jump. Best if all NE enthusiasts meditated, often.

Here are a few timeline snaps/glitches:

Here’s a timeline glitch from yesterday. Note how the activity is totally different:

There was also a FLORP a few days ago, too:

Angry Fake Villagers

FYI, we’re seeing lots of angry villagers for this week… but most of them are FAKE: Left posing as Right. 

Keep away from this.

NASA Fakes Again

Hardly important, but this is being shown by NASA as Pluto. It’s an artist’s model, totally fake:

It even looks fake.

Totally Unimportant

Not that it matters, but… we couldn’t believe how little Twabber CEO J*ck D*rsey is:

Numbers #1

Speaking of little, apparently the authorities (the real Powers That Are/PTA) tracked payments for all planetary mayhem and tracked it to The Vatican, The Royals, and DC. They have gone so far as to seize the Vatican Bank… which is a big deal. Inside they found… $34Q: $34 quintillion dollars.

That’s $34,000,000,000,000,000,000 — IN THAT ONE BANK. There is more money elsewhere.

If the above amount was split between everyone on earth, we’d each get $3.4B (and a loaf of bread would be a million dollars). We haven’t heard if this is electronic money (in which case it’s worthless) or not, but if it’s tied to real physical assets, then it’s real money, and could be used for any number of STO projects. There’s much more money out there. The Royals have this much money too, so much as to make money meaningless. Austerity, indeed. Do a google search for “white spiritual boy” and look at the insane amounts of money squirreled away.

Just one example.

Numbers #2

The three “heads” of the Khazarian mafia are dead in three days. They aren’t really the heads, exactly, but you can guess what that means. The real heads are not human.

Numbers #3

U.S. Marshals have sworn in 2000 National Guard reservists as U.S. Marshals.

Some of you may know what this means. U.S. Marshals have a specific function.


Speaking of that, three CATs had dreams where they finally escaped from an insane spooky funhouse and, once out front, saw an insane clown EXPLODE. You can guess what that means. It happens soon.

In terms of the Laws of Free Will, a simple majority is grounds for spiritual change. We are currently at 78% Light, 22% Dark. The new phonebook might be here, soon.

Cape Hatteras IFO…

A good clear video of a Pleiadian ship:

Note the very real stars.

What Angels Look Like

We were curious, so we asked our resident Archangels what they really look like. We got a number of images, none of which we can find exact representations for (we’ll have to break out the oil paint and canvas). Basically, they kinda look like huge streams of energy going in various directions from a fixed point, like a super-orb. This could be where people get the ideas of wings. They look like a cross between the image at the top of the post and this one:

What angels really look like.

Oh, and we met our first female Archangel; totally gorgeous. She had a gift for ~AM.

That’s enough for now. More later.

MLK would’ve agreed with this 100%.


Well, we’re on THIS timeline, now. We’ll have to wait and see which one this is. It might change again. And again.



More TLJ (the same jump):

This is interesting. Some Team Dark stooges tried to blow up Portal One (they failed miserably, of course), thinking that’s where The FLASH would originate. Luckily, portals are a whole lot tougher than anyone thinks (try infinity minus one). They’re managed by the SP and Angels and SOURCE and Spirit if that tells you anything.


How can you not see the folly in fighting SOURCE??

Btw, we were curious last week (you know… CATs), so we asked to see what SOURCE really looks like… to our tiny minds, anyway. SOURCE is infinite, so there’s that unimaginableness. But there’s a ‘light pocket’ that SOURCE created for us to kinda hone in on… and while it looks small from a distance, it’s actually bigger than the Omniverse, so the closer we got… rather mind-boggling. Then we asked to see what We, what ONE looks like. The ONE Extension is about the size of a constellation, so It’s infinitessimal compared to SOURCE (though We are connected to SOURCE, so technically we’re infinite, too). It had a scaled-down version of that same light pocket, but… Ours was terrifying. Our Gift from SOURCE is Creativity, so we are seething with creative, chaotic energy. Looked like the Krell furnace from “Forbidden Planet,” but all colors:

Btw… buckle up. Seriously. Keep all hands and arms inside the vehicle. It starts tomorrow. Be patient with everyone. It will take them time to catch up. Like, a month.

It’s almost time for lift-off. Thing is, there’s more than one lift-off.


This just in… more info coming in. In terms of the below image… they actually tried to blow up the sun.

We couldn’t believe it. Rather than just lose they were going to destroy the entire solar system. Needless to say, SOURCE would never let that happen. They’ve now got the attention of the SP.


Some CATs have seen military planes of an offshore U.S. military force off the coast of CA. Someone may have already hit the GO button.


Oh! We forgot to tell everyone… there is no attack from China — or any other country — that you need to worry about. They know better than to poke the eagle. We would come together in a heartbeat and go after them. America is armed to the teeth and every country knows it.

All is well. Nervous butterflies are GO. Still trying to figure out which timeline this is.

136 thoughts on “631: Odds and Ends ~ [UPDATE6]

  1. I’ve spent 2 days making marmalade which I find a very meditative practice so I’m ready to go 😹😹
    Looking forward to meeting you all 💓💓

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  2. So, the odds and ends are interesting stuff that (at the risk of sounding vain) I’ve known about for quite some time. Moving on. . . .At an energetic level, Lisa saw some interesting stuff regarding the work being done by my energetic stuff with the sun. I told her that I’m just in a state of Being. Beyond that I truly know nothing. I sat out in the garden enjoying the peace. Just mentally shrugging my shoulders at this point. . . . Cheers. <J

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  3. Interesting about the 78% light…
    Does that mean the majority of people in the ”light’ have chosen it subconsciously?
    I’m really hoping my loved ones will be on the NE. I’m not saying I’ll be on NE, I just hope I will. I have been desiring to go home, though I don’t know if that’s another planet or not.

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  4. Thank you for that fascinating collection of information. Those sort of numbers in banks just scramble my brain! Just crackers wanting or needing to amass that amount of money. Past one million and it all becomes meaningless to me.
    Angels sure are gorgeous. Hope I meet one in the future.
    Also me and my partner were knocked off our feet this afternoon from 2pm utc. I took to my bed as I just couldn’t stay awake. Three hours later we both said what happened there? It took some grounding to return to consciousness. I think it must have been the timeline jump, not sure.🙄💖

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  5. Thank you for your reassuring Post.Especially the angels💫 I’ll imagine 4 of them huge Ones
    Hovering over the USA to guard and shine .
    My heart wants so much to go into Joy.
    I am grateful you are there😻

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  6. CEO JD looks like a meth head to me! Or, a crack head. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the two. Either way, they’re both drug addicts. Or, maybe it’s because he can’t get his precious A**Chrome anymore. On another note, I’m having very little problems getting into the dna meditation, but then I keep falling asleep and having the most lucid dreams. I’m beginning to think I’m going to sleep right through everything. Ooooh, and my left ear just “toned” right as I was writing this. I usually take it as I need to meditate some more. But, I’ve got to get some stuff accomplished today. I seem to be so unproductive lately. Well, at least here in the 3D world. I just woke up from a 3 hour “nap” after laying down to do my meditation earlier. I’ll do a mini one when I take my shower here in a little while. Well, off now to try to do some 3D stuff. Love and light to all!

    The Dog Lady

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  7. Woke with the Pointers Sisters song, “I’m so Excited”, specifically the words, ‘tonight’s the night WE’re gonna make it happen’. So much Love and Respect Cats.

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  8. Wow, love this CATs and I LOVE that painting(?) at the top of the Angel, did one of you guys do that? I think that is just how I would paint an Angel if I had the time to get all my art stuff out ☺️

    I have been feeling insane energy/pressure/density around my head this morning and into this afternoon along with feeling physically really heavy like lead. Mum came over for the day and we found our selves sort of debating about vaccines etc… which I did not want to do (she had been on the phone the previous day to my brother and sister in law.

    Sister in law works for the NHS and got the vaccine, she then got the bug but is convinced the vaccine made it less severe and brother was asking Mum if Elsie and I were going to have it and probably saying we should so Mum came over with all that in her mind plus she had read terrible things about Q supporters in the newspaper, apparently they are having a field day putting ridiculing all the conspiracies, probably last ditch attempt to remain in control, who knows, who cares!).

    Somehow, happily, we both managed to pull ourselves out of the discussion smiling and agreed it was such a waste of time and energy and got on with the rest of the day which involved making a flat pack lamp table! funnily enough the dense yucky energy dissipated soon after our discussion changed to lighter topics!

    Have been seeing a lot of large blue orbs around and many, many flashes of light, the frequency and intensity has increased so much the last couple of days. There was a really big blue orb in the back corner of my garden too 🙂

    Hope you are ALL well, much LOVE & LIGHT ❤️✨❤️

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  9. I’ve never commented here before and I was wondering, if I’ve had negative thoughts against THEM does that mean that I’ve put myself on a timeline where IT doesn’t happen? I am worried about this.

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    1. We’re pretty sure it’s never too late to choose a timeline. Go into meditation, and think: “Brother J, you are WELCOME” and welcome him and SOURCE in. Then express your timeline preference. And show GRATITUDE.

      < CAT Eds.

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  10. Awesome, All! LOVE the angel pics.

    Between meditations I have been breathing in Source, often (a lot!), with this new caveat:

    I do the CHHP-FLASH-CSS (yeah, I added stuff 😉) to encompass All Everything : all life, Multiverses, timelines, Quantums, Etc, then I
    Breathe in The One True Source Creator Divine Love and Light..
    Breathe out all evil and all thats’ not all right.

    Once you set it up it’s simple. And yes, G-P-C before, and/or throughout the day.

    I got this in a meditation the other day after asking how I can best be of service for what’s happening.


    Healed n Healthy
    All in Source

    This keeps me focused, busy, outta trouble. Mostly. 🤣

    All Love

    PS maybe it’s just my lil imagination but Archangels seem to love prayers and hugs for them. I did it the other day…sooo sweet. 💕 They are pretty busy for too much of that tho.😉

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  11. It’s been a rough Monday. I was happy to see a new post. When I read the bit about the vatiCON I felt a big wave of relief, not sure why.
    I am not a fan of clowns, especially creepy ones like those. But I do want a tee like that!!!
    I’ve been envisioning lots of rainbow-colored hearts everywhere- I’ll take that as a good thing.
    Issues lately with posting comments, and hoping this goes through as intended… big thank you for brightening my day

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  12. All that money, wow! They were just sitting on it. Not using it. Not even enjoying it. Just grasping it to themselves. What benefit was it to them?

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    1. More money they posess more power they think they have, by that even little billionaires are like kids and can t play with the bigs, their money can t save their fate, we have the real power as humans

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    2. Power
      (power by control, power by force, power by wealth)

      re “Numbers #1″ :
      ” There is more money elsewhere.”
      One of the where may be the follow-on to Babylon (HSBC is a part of many)

      re 622’s UPDATE3, thank you.

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  13. Excerpt from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dfBWvdtECE
    That is where you come in, SuperNova Soul. It’s time to reach deep down inside of yourself, and claim the light that you are, the only reason why you bothered to come to this Earth. For many years and lifetimes you have been preparing for this moment. It’s time to put your unwavering attention on the magic of what you know is energetically occurring on our planet. Somewhere inside of you, you know that this is a positive shift, leading us into a Golden Age.

    The new mother energy is here to envelop us – for all of us to be held in love; reminding us of our natural state of Joy of Being – walking in Beauty and Grace perhaps some – feeling so joyful……. will fly.

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  14. Aaaaand yet another comment. After my Lisa visit this morning I have done nothing (read everything) but sit in the garden in the sun and meditated/ruminated. That’s exactly what I was called to do. The sweet scent of the witch hazels carried on the gentle breeze caressed my nose as I sat on the bench. Truly sublime! Such peace!!! Now it’s time to TTMB. Cheers <J

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  15. Life is so intense and so very good right now!
    Feeling and then releasing pain from the past.
    Forgiving self and others.
    Seeing with new eyes.
    Understanding of the past.
    Finishing old stories.
    Welcoming the light.
    Oh my, if what’s going on in our household is any indication of what’s happening this week on a larger scale, we are truly heading for something biblical! There is some serious life-time cleaning going on inside! I feel like every bit of stored “verklemmtness” is leaving me….Ha, I created a word there, I think…😂😊 I am getting a taste of the bliss that’s coming for all of us and I’m liking it!!!!! Sending TONS of hugs and OCEANS of love to all of you!!!!
    Vic ❤💜💙🧡💥

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  16. Speaking of insane amounts of money, I heard today that there is a tunnel underneath the Vatican that goes all the way to Jerusalem. In this tunnel was found a huge pile of gold; 150 miles long, 120 meters high, and 60 meters wide. And the Vatican has records for all of it; where it came from, who it was stolen from, and when. This planet is going to be swimming in unimaginable wealth, to the point where it becomes utterly meaningless. It’s a fun little brain stretching exercise to try to figure out how things will work when that happens. Probably time to study up on the care and feeding of chickens and figuring out what, besides eggs, we’ll be able to barter! With any luck, before all that wealth becomes meaningless, we can get a replicator in every home. Or move to a density where we’re able to easily manifest whatever we want. Or an interesting combination of both, or, or, or…..The possibilities that will be revealed in the coming months make my head spin when I contemplate them!

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  17. referring back to a recent post in which you all felt a “soul sadness”, i sure hope those new deputy [email protected] and all others involved are all fine and doing well, say… this time next week. i dont know if it’s because im stressed or something else but my intuition hits a wall this week. sometimes it’s almost as if future events are just beyond what i can imagine. honestly, it’s probably just anticipation of the next few days ahead. that aside, i hope those young kids in uniform there are well and continue to be so.

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  18. Given all these points Cats have shared with us (including Update#1), I’m really thinking fondly of the French adage, “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.” Maybe with a dash of “Que sera, sera” thrown in for good measure.

    My reality is that all things are continually changing, therefore I must personally stay the same: looking to SOURCE, practicing love for all and especially forgiveness, believing that things are going to get better at some point – and not fretting about when that exactly will be. All these things are a Very Tall Order Indeed for me, but when I compare myself now to even three years ago, I can do this.

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  19. “In this world you need not have tribulation because I have overcome the world. That is why you should be of good cheer.” – Brother J 🙏

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  20. The nasa fake looks like an inwards flowing see

    If you see the stormspot of jupiter you start wondering how it will be seen beneast the clouds a thing we never can see or experience in physical for more than one reason

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  21. Regarding update 2,
    I hope that was the good guys and not the bad guys. Back when I was still heavily engaged, it seemed like they would be using a 72hour block for releasing everything on TV for everyone to see.

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  22. Odd… despite my best efforts to meditate on a good timeline (which I feel were mostly successful), I still couldn’t avoid that huge wave of sadness and depression setting in over the past couple of days. I’m doing my best to hold on, but any light pour from others is more than welcome.

    It’s a good (?) thing I have to work, or my bed would turn into a permanent stationing as far as I’m concerned. I’m so over everything, you have no frickin’ idea!

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    1. Hi Francisco, I’m experiencing the same deep sadness and some angry, even in the dreams.
      I’m exhausted.
      I send you a big hug brother.

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  23. Cracking list of odds and ends. As I steer away from all other news, its nice to catch up here without anchoring in.

    I could sit and speculate about them all, for an inordinate amount of time, but, instead, I’ll keep my head down, being grateful and thinking about my beloved Angels, and J and SOURCE and all you guys here ❤


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  24. Intentions to put out as much Love & Light our there as humanly possible to ALL

    Love you ALL so so much!


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    1. That was Backatcha! Spell correct can’t spell very well. Those Nuns, Bless them for busting it through My head. Peac3.

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  25. 60 mph wind gusts in Southern California and power outage. The good news is that brush fires have burned vegetation in all directions around us recently so little fuel for fires. Also I made granola last night and stocked up on yogurt so breakfast is easy.

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  26. So, like many others, I wouldn’t say I have been depressed but I definitely feel in a funk. Been trying to meditate, however I am having some physical issues at the moment. Fever and pain. Instinct says UTI / Kidney infection. I don’t want to go to the hospital so I am doing my normal stuff, and going to add my colloidal silver to the mix.

    Anyways, during my meditation this morning after all my GPC + DNA piece, I asked for me and my ‘family’ to be put on the best / highest possible timeline.

    What I saw was no inauguration, military control. Then trials and information spewing out into the public for weeks. The new republic unfolds and we piece things back together one thing at a time, because at this point the whole thing needs to be destroyed and remade, financial, economic, etc.

    So I saw that timeline in a vision and decided … I would consent to that timeline.

    I also saw a ladder and started climbing it…. felt like my whole family was with me climbing at the same time.

    And the weather here is perfect and sky is dark blue and so clear….

    The ball is starting to roll downhill….

    ❤ kk

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  27. I hope this is not just another trap for folks like me to fall into. They have worn us down with projections/dates/happenings that didn’t. We long for change, for peace, for love. My hope is that those who are filled with hate awaken soon. They divide us for a reason. Let’s find the common ground.

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    1. You Can get excited Now, for things are too bright, to hold back real improvement. We Are the One(s)! Peace.

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  28. Re: Update 3
    Wooohooo! Let’s go!
    Funny thing, though… the Universe/ Spirit/ Source has definitely kept me in a holding pattern up to this point. I am totally fine with that, I will just wait on further instructions from Source… and send tons of Light to All.
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  29. ive been pretty positive. but i read T’s farewell address and see his moving boxes at Mar-a-lago. now i’m a bit concerned. not crazed. but heart skipped a few beats. I’m telling everyone around me, it’s gonna be fine. and now i’m wondering, did i just fall for the biggest scam ever? i am gullible.

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    1. Nope, I don’t think it’s a scam. Every aspect of DC is satanic; not the best place to build the New Republic. Besides, T has to keep up appearances until it’s go time. Might be a little while, as everything needs to implode on itself first. JC Kay says 9 weeks, for whatever that may be worth.

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    2. You’ve been doing that news thing again! Breathe and KNOW, every thing Is good. T had to go, for DC is set like a prison now, and We Are under military rule(NESARA) until new elections. Sleep Well! Peace.

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    3. I think you did. Since the election there have been an untold number of grifters pushing false hope and stringing genuine T supporters along. Electoral fraud Krakens, the Supreme Court saviors, an Italian IT whistleblower(?), Insurrection Act non-starters, the Pence Card impossibility, prayers for Martial Law, and now the EBS electronic seance… it all was never gonna come to pass. To those who knew this fact but told it otherwise, I’ll just say I don’t understand your ways.

      Peace to all moving forward.

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  30. Well it makes sense, the Catholic Church and the Vatican have been around for almost two thousand years. Even if they just saved a little gold at a time, and you know they did more than that, they really SHOULD have a mountain of it at this point. Granted it goes against the tenants of the faith but the Vatican has always been more of a cooperation rather than anything resembling a religious instituation. I should know, a few years ago I worked there. I work in finance now and I will tell you, the the Roman Catholic Church is FAR more cooperate.

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    1. Is it worship or war ship that stole the bulk? I was raised in that church/school.. That little white piece of collar represents the % of truth vs. The black outfit of darkness. They Are Perfect, Immortal spirits, Brothers, Whole and …… Peace

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  31. Good grief. Update 4 certainly brings things into perspective with regard to the soap opera dramas going on down here on earth. It’s staggering that any beings would conceive the idea of taking on Source. Mind bogglingly barmy.
    What part of “we are all one” do they not understand! Most of it I think. Very sad.😞💖🌈💖

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  32. hi cats, my friend just told me she has the beer bug. she’s just taking sudafed and Tylenol. i remember you said not to take something. and to drink something fizzy that had a q property in it. what was that again. and Yes, i fully understand without a doubt everyone on this blog is not a Dr. and i am in no way holding anyone responsible for my health or my friends or family’s health. Disclaimer and so notarized.

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    1. NO Advil, ibuprofen, or equiv. And Zinc helps keep viruses from replicating. Lots of Vitamin D.

      If she’s actively ill, she should call her doctor.

      We expected this because of those stupid “vaccinations.”

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. you guys rock!!!!!! thanks for replying so quickly! she is one of my best friends. she knows im into “this” but doesn’t follow. ya know? so i’m off to share info!

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        1. Oh, the thing with the Q property is the quinine in tonic water. There’s actually a Q brand of tonic water 😉

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      2. Quinine and zinc, which helps to absorb. Quinine is found in tonic water and can be homemade from grapefruit peels.

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    1. Strapped to a rolling hospital bed in a basement somewhere in cold storage while the Royals figure out what to do given their situation. Her spirit thinks she’s sitting in a hard plastic chair in that white room of requirement (RoR) necessary to the truly insane, getting a talking to that will last a hundred years… but it’s her own punishment illusion, so she’s literally doing it to herself. Vlad the Impaler is in another RoR, as will be a bunch of cabal, shortly. Any public queenie appearances are being handled by body doubles and fakery. What a waste of time and resources.


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  33. Wowzers, CATs ‘n Ms! Today has been getting my “duck’s in a row” day. Roomie just surprised me by saying ” I’m trying to do stuff today, but I feel that I should be meditating” BTW, he doesnt follow this blog. So whadda’ you say. cheers <J

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  34. Whaaaaaaaat, how did they think they could blow up the Sun?!!

    Oh boy, if they could just allow themselves to stop this insanity and start healing…


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  35. So did we end up on a civil war timeline or a not so bad timeline? I guess trying to blow up the actual sun isn’t particularly civil.. are they being rounded up? I can’t get off the edge of my seat 😆

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  36. So I am watching my granddaughter last couple days. She’s 3. She keeps telling me there are aliens outside…. (like right outside NOW) Never heard her say these things…..

    and she keeps saying… “What’s Happening!!!”

    Normally I would ignore… lol but for some reason I think she might be on to something?

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    1. She’s right. They are everywhere, all the time. Might want to teach her to set protection if she can see that well so early.

      CATs literally have that situation in their houses and outside their houses 24/7/365.25, but… we have SHIELDS.

      < CAT Eds.

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        1. The ones around us aren’t bad, just curious. She’s seeing 5d and higher. Ask her to draw what she sees. They’re probably also drawn to YOU. Just set clear intent that only those with your Greatest Good are allowed past your Protection. This will keep the numbers down to 1000 per cubic meter! They’re at all different levels of vibration, so they can overlap. It can be overwhelming, but it’s no big deal. Though, she needs to be taught about Protection early. (That sounded kinda strange, but you know what we mean!)

          Are you near a portal?

          < CAT Eds.

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