644: Limbo, etc. ~ [UPDATE8]

Where we are, what we’re thinking, etc.


We verified this with the M’s and lots of CATs, and we are indeed in some weird pre-SHIFT limbo:

Pre-SHIFT adjustment

It’s like SOURCE hit pause. We’re in motion, but nothing is happening (that we’re aware of); however, lots of INTERNAL things are happening. So… make the most of it.

Ow. Make more of it than that, Taro.

Meanwhile, the reptoids continue to try and squeeze another timeline-boat outta here…

…like that’s gonna happen. They got nowheres to go.

AND, since we have the comments turned off (yay!), we can tell you…

SOURCE Proximity

As we stated earlier, those who are going to the New Earth are experiencing a ‘cozying-up’ to SOURCE at the moment (unless you have a particularly strong sponsor in proximity, but even then, if you haven’t done the work, or you still have a 3d mindset… you have work to do before you see the NE; even some CAT family members are on the bubble). We’ve had a zillion timeline jumps and got this far, vibrationally, but… some people, even unicorns, just aren’t ready, for a variety of reasons. If it’s something you really want, then work for it (via meditation, etc.).

Greater Family

Basically, SOURCE and AAs and As will be taking a much more involved role at the next level (much more so than ETs, sorry unicorns) than people realize. So… if you have a problem with SOURCE, or Angels… you know what you have to work on. We are all scions of SOURCE: Angels and SuperFriends and humans and HOBs and ETs alike. We are all related, all part of the Greater Family of SOURCE. And Angels (in good standing) are one step below SOURCE, so they are technically the very highest of Higher Order Beings.

(And NO, there will be no Fallen or any references to them in, on, or around the NE. Darkness has no place on the NE. They are everywhere on 3d, but that’s as far as they get. It was their choice. They were supposed to be keeping an eye on humans and Gaia for SOURCE — they were The Watchers — and then someone had a bad idea, asked about it, was turned down, then did it anyway. And that bad idea infected other angels, then they did their Fall thing, etc. and starting humping the populace… and that opened the door to opportunistic ETs who came in and called themselves “gods” and we’re still stuck with them.)

For the record, when Angels and Archangels are in their ‘human-friendly’ manifestation (as opposed to the awe-inspiring way they really look), they don’t look angry, or mean, or sexy, or any of the myriad crappy ways they’re portrayed at this level. (They can look FIERCE, though.) When close to humans they actually look (and are) NICE. And honest. And trustworthy. However, if you find these qualities boring, there’s always 3d.

[Choir of Angels, detail from Journey of the Magi c.1460 (fresco) by Gozzoli, in Florence. Some of the CATs actually look like this. Metti via l’ombrelona.]


We suggest those interested in exploring the next level review the “Seven Deadly ‘Sins'”:

  • Pride
  • Anger
  • Lust
  • Envy
  • Greed
  • Gluttony
  • Sloth

Technically, there are no “sins” in The Illusion, so consider these as gaming rule violations that can get you “kicked” or “banned” from the server. WILL you be removed if you break these rules? We don’t know. You certainly won’t find yourself on the New Earth if you’re not ready to be there, and stay there. Some CAT asked where lying was on the above list. Technically, lying falls under the Big Rules For Living (aka, The Commandments), but CATs aren’t biblical, so whatever. We’ll review said list at the next level.

(FYI, there were really 12+ Commandments, but Moses dropped one tablet and it shattered. Seriously.)

In the meantime, CATs compiled our own sample list of virtues, which those concerned can discuss at the next level. We’re certainly not going to discuss them on 3d earth.

New Earth Virtues (suggestions, in no certain order)

  • LOVE
  • Humility
  • Truth/Honesty/Sincerity
  • Politeness/Respect
  • Prudence/Practical Wisdom (from prudentia meaning “seeing ahead, sagacity”)
  • Creativity
  • Compassion/Benevolence/Generosity
  • Fortitude/Toughness. Patience and Perseverance and Courage are related to this; courage is bravely doing what is right
  • STO/STGF (Service to Greater Family)
  • Exploration/Learning/Perspective
  • COFFEE (Making a Good Cup of)
  • Baking

Note that all of the above isn’t RELIGION, it’s just The Rules of the Game at the Next Level.

That’s enough for today.


Big energy at present:

These are showing pre-jump:



FYI, after The SHIFT, SOURCE informs us that there will be, as we expected, an “untimed period” where each person will have their minds/bodies slightly — or not-so-slightly — modified. For most, this will be about 5-10 seconds (time is relative, and subjective, so we’re not sure if you’ll even be aware of time passing, or if it will feel twice as long). For some (like ~AM), this upgrade will last 2-3 weeks, as he’s being significantly modified. However, each will hit the START square at the same time. Should be most interesting.

More later.


It’s doing that split-thing again:

And a rather unusual CME, as CMEs go:

(“halo II” means the angular width of the CME was greater than 90 degrees of surface arc.)

And this kerfufflage:


Whoa, night of weird dreams, occurrences. Efforts are under way by team dork to separate us more and more, but they will fail.

We had a new big CME:

Fresh (major) programming hits around 2/24.

And we can’t tell, but we may either have just returned from a jump, or we’re in a jump… or we’re in a NEW jump… but not all CATs have reported in, yet. Meanwhile…

This last bit looks like we’re in a jump, but it could be locality.


WILL we get some separation?

We’ve already had six CMEs (and two flows) in the past two days:

More later.


To answer a few questions:

  1. Yes, TX looks like it’s been messed with (aren’t we told not to do that??) as punishment for “going their own way” too much.
  2. Yes, the “rover on Mars” thing is theater/misdirection. All this “space” stuff is a farce used as Bright Shiny Thing to distract your attention.
  3. The NE will be a mix of 4d and 5d, and HOBs will come and go much more easily.
  4. Yes, ALL CATs had weird dreams/downloads over the weekend, so don’t freak out. It’s not just you.
  5. The AWAKENING going on right now is profound and deep.

Here’s how things currently look; lots of jumps/adjustments:

There’s a new kind of SOURCE Reality Anchor on the right.
Note the limbo/modified Groundhog Day scenario still in effect. This invariably ends in a BIG jump… which might be coming with that incoming CME wave on Tues/Wed-ish. Or it’s just fresh bumpy programming.


Getting bumpy:


Still going up: