643: 30 ~ [UPDATE1]

FYI. Might be something… might not.

Again, we recommend this.


Aha. We know now that the 10/20/30 thing was for some CATs. It may have been for other people as well, but we don’t have insight into every single person. (The number of people who are awake and NOT pining for some past experience or world is very small.) Some CATs now have a 1:1 “doorway” to SOURCE; we can talk to SOURCE just as we can talk to someone standing next to us. We knew that Brother J has really been SOURCE all this time (J moved back into SOURCE some time ago), but it doesn’t matter. It’s all ALL, all the time. We are also being transformed… into something else, we don’t know what. What we can tell you is to have no preconceived notions when it comes to SOURCE. Take SOURCE as SOURCE Is.

It is also vitally important that you unplug from The Illusion, from “the big show,” from watching UFOs and wondering about this and that, and meditate. Don’t concentrate on anything other than getting closer to SOURCE… and SOURCE will do the rest. While SOURCE is within you, you don’t have to actively look inside yourself; just go in that SOURCE direction and all is well. This is your ticket to… whatever you want to call it (NE, etc.). We’re not going to speak in specifics anymore, nor do we recommend meditating with specifics, as some distractive programming is floating around. Just go in a SOURCE direction and you can’t go wrong. And don’t concentrate on any one aspect of “superpowers” or anything like that. Be single-mindedly SOURCE. Be sure to G+P well first before you Connect.

It appears that we are in some kind of limbo prior to The RIDE being open… but, that said, things have turned some corner. Don’t ask us how. (We know you can’t ask; note that we’re going to keep the comments off for a little while longer while we work on some things.) All should be working on themselves now anyway and not sharing funny cat videos. Even WE won’t share any funny cat videos.

More later.