618: Meterage and More 12-17 to 12-19-20 ~ [Up.1]

Hello! We may have finally reached the end.

Welcome to CAT Post #618: The Golden CAT Section. It’s a little chilly here and there, but all is well…

…provided you’re not fashion-conscious. Onward.


We may finally have some clarity on what is to happen. In the past, we’d talked about the SOURCE timeline and the Justice timeline… choosing one or the other. Well, we may have a handle on that, now. Or not.

Seems the big thing we’ve been feeling, what we now call the Final Timeline Bifurcation (FTB; we gotta call it something) is coming up shortly. What was confusing was that things had already split and have been running in parallel for some time (what some call “The Shift,” to one side or the other of “The Rift” between the two major timelines)… with each side of the split splitting again all the while (six on one side now, eight on the other), with the splits running parallel. But then we finally saw what’s happening. The “SOURCE timeline” ostensibly refers to a point where we move on without knowing what happened with the election. Meanwhile, those on the Justice timeline will stick around and find out what happened with the election (Trump wins), and see the arrests, the trials, the sweeping changes… and all that. We don’t know if The FLASH is part of this Final Timeline Bifurcation (FTB); we were originally told that all those on the two major timeline splits would all experience The Flash… but we weren’t sure where in the sequence this was to happen. Note that every time we have a jump, things change. However, the “cleansing rains” going on here and there suggest that the FTB is coming up very soon.

Most CATs now think the FTB will be before the end of the year, perhaps at the solstice, at least before January 1st or 2nd. This of course could change, but things feel more and more ‘finalized.’ This next segment may or may not involve some dramatic FLASH. Time will tell. But we are cautiously optimistic.

(NOTE: After The FTB, we think the whole mask/distance/vaccine thing will vanish for some segments, but we’re unsure what with the various timelines on BOTH sides of the split.)


Interestingly, a new separation has started on the Tomsk Schumann meter:

Note the line along the bottom (this meter is upside-down, btw) between 33 and around 37/38 Hz. Note the “timeline bounce/echo” at 11 Tomsk time on the 16th (centered on 33 Hz).

We were also wondering why there was no big CME payoff from those previous bursts, so we suspected it was portal traffic. We’ve had some recent sun/portal kerfufflage the past XX days, but most of that seems to be from ship transits, thus:

These are two Neutral (5d) Pleiadian ships exiting Portal One (inside the sun); note the cubic shielding on the one. We aren’t fond of Neutral Pleiadians, but they pose no threat.

And there was another armada, earth-incoming…

…and a little space drama…

…but it all worked out for the best. Some ETs who thought they were hot stuff are a little weepy today, but… all are now doing what they’re supposed to do, performing duties they agreed to/contracted for in advance, making deliveries, ceasing insane operations, etc. We hold no grudges… though the TWB side deal still rankles. Anyway, all are getting what they deserve, going where they need to go, doing what they need to do. (We even got a delayed delivery.) SOURCE and Co. are here, totally in control. You could not be in better hands.

We did have a big BOOM six days ago:

BOOM. This is facing Stereo A, btw, not earth, btw.

(FYI, the BOOM image normally looks like this:)

The BOOM didn’t show up anywhere else that we can find. It appears to be more upgrades, and is one of the sources of our various (somatic) headaches, even though it was not earth-facing.

Meterwise, this spiky white structure has been appearing more and more, and also seems to bring headaches with it:

And this is interesting. It shows a magnetic field NORMAL TO ITSELF, in one place:

The magnetic field is shown here ‘crossing itself.’ Note the field direction legend at top. We’ve never seen before.

And something hit just recently:

And to answer that recent question — YES, Barr was in handcuffs:

And we don’t know what the following means…

FYI, the glow is WHITE and non-creepy…

…but, starting last night, when we see the Three Archangels now (Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel), their eyes and face and shoulders are GLOWING WHITE and looking right at us. That could be because we’re finally seeing better, or we’re reaching a new energy state, or getting new energy, or coming to the end, or all of that. OR… it means they just ate a LIGHT DONUT:

In closing, note that we haven’t been answering questions as much as before, as we are also undergoing upgrades, and have had much to do, elsewhere. At least the last-minute, late-night rescues and crazy RIFT-jumping seem to be over. That was fun.

Until the FTB, we suggest everyone meditate daily — shoot for twice a day (morning and evening) going into the solstice. The more work you do, the better you can SEE… but yeah, we’re tired, too. Just take it easy and stay off the ice as much as possible. Note that pre-FTB ‘mandella effects’ could become more prominent; we’re not sure if the timelines on each side of The Rift will come together pre-FTB or not, but we suspect they will.

And now, it’s time for that LIGHT donut…


Ok. CATs were presented with a dream puzzle last night and we just solved it and… we figured out the puzzle of existence BEFORE someone had to tell us the answer (!). We have to ask to see if we’re allowed to share this. It’s just a bit mind-blowing, solving the Existential Puzzle of Your Life.

The Light Wave/Realization has got to come soon to the rest of the world. We’re always 2.5X ahead of the curve… which is… the solstice. We’ll see. We’re not making any predictions, as things can change fast, but… to see Mr. Nasty BOW… oh, man.

ALL are perfect, immortal spirit, whole and innocent. All IS forgiven and released. For everyone. We’ll explain soon.

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  1. Cheers to that update! Hope you are allowed to share more. And cheers also to being seen! Hello and (((hugs))) everyone. You might see some really junky closets, and hopefully you’ll see my big bright Heart too! ❤️🌎🌟🎶🎉

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  2. Simon Parkes had two updates today for those who may be interested. Watch the hour long one first, then the update, both full of intel.

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  3. Can you feeel it, Can you feeeeel it, Can you feel it do da do, do do do da do…,

    Blimey, I feel….I have no idea how to describe this, tingly times 1000!😮😊

    Love to ALL ❤️☀️🌟☀️❤️

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  4. Hello All, my electronics aren’t dealing with the upgrades as well as I am, but I’ve got an old windows pc finally working with windows. Been a while, glad everyone is doing well & rising to the occasion. I had an scene in meditation a few days ago, of people gathering in line, at a station, or gate, for departure. As each group departed, balloons were released, and there was much excitement, and anticipation. I also heard the number 618, but wasn’t able to make any connection or sense of it until this post. I’ve had a feeling, or sense of our rising unity, and feel a joy in my heart, when I send light pours, to the group. I’ve felt some angelic or angels in training a few times, and getting a better connection with my Omata, Brother J, Source, and ALL. Still climbing, shining, forgiving, and being the loving witness. Thanks to everyone for sharing their views, wisdom, grins, and grumps, dreams, and your visions, Celebrate Life/Love!!
    Happy holidays, Much Love and Light<scott


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