Day 12: Cosmic Bike Lane Open(and a Quick Q&A UPDATE)

We don’t always understand the details (velocipedal?), but Gaia Portal’s latest message is pretty clear.  Things are zooming right now. The really good news is that the recent tremendous influx of light has caused dark-entity attacks (usu. at night) to dwindle to nothing (at least for us). Phew. Anyway, here’s the latest: Aaaand… this is Day 12 of the 40/40 meditation-a-thon. You’re probably (nearly all) … Continue reading Day 12: Cosmic Bike Lane Open(and a Quick Q&A UPDATE)

Day 16 UPDATE: WHOMP & Circumstance [UPDATES]

Ug. Currently having a WHOMP. Everyone hang tight. Want more? Ow. AND… the day after we first showed this graph, the system in Italy is having typical Voyager problems (systems offline). Today’s heliomancy is interesting: A witch show-jumping a bison toward a snake. No idea what that means. BUT… “witch riding a bison” has never appeared anywhere before. Another first!  Don’t forget your 40/40 meditations. … Continue reading Day 16 UPDATE: WHOMP & Circumstance [UPDATES]

40 Days & 40 Nights [UPDATED]

The title of this post doesn’t mean we’re suggesting epic rains and floods are coming; we’re already seeing that as part of this version of earth being allowed to return to normal. Instead, this post is… well, just a suggestion. A very important suggestion. We suggest folks dedicate the next 40 days and 40 nights (40/40) to meditation — when you can, not all the … Continue reading 40 Days & 40 Nights [UPDATED]