That THURSDAY Message of Unity

We meant to send this out Wednesday, but got hammered by energy. Then another group of CATs noticed a bright shiny thing and put out a fresh meter post… so… so what? Two posts in one day! Here’s an eye-opening snippet from ONE, via Sophia Love’s latest newsletter. We’ve added a little emphasis, in blue… =====================August 7th, 2018 I reach out now from a point … Continue reading That THURSDAY Message of Unity

That Monday AM Message of Unity

The CAT abides, man. Hi, all. Ok. Everyone needs to try this. I’ve been experimenting with playing “the game” (as the Oversoul terms it) with love and mirth. Since I can see the wheels and gears working behind everything, I actually call out this mechanism — as its working, or trying to work — when I’m talking to anyone about anything, keeping it friendly and … Continue reading That Monday AM Message of Unity