Significant Global HAARP PULSE Detected

Wait for it…

Sorry for the huge files. No other way to show this. It’s been confirmed by CAT sources that the rather sizeable energy signature seen in these animations is due to HAARP. (One of us grabbed them before the files got disappeared.) What HAARP is doing here remains to be seen.

Here’s the West Coast iso:


Could this be the main energy thrust of the planned “el nino” shift “forecast” months ago?

Perhaps after the US govt goes out of business (their corp already has), we the people won’t have to pay their (what must be) uber-monstrous electric bills. Can you imagine how much it costs to keep pumping energy into the Pacific 24/7, not to mention how much is costs to run CERN’s LHC at 6.5 TeV all day and all night?? Anyone tired of this crap, yet? Remember when we used to have NORMAL WEATHER? Well, The CAT can. We have long memories. Speaking of that, where’s that catnip treat can gone to?

2 thoughts on “Significant Global HAARP PULSE Detected

  1. Dang… So these are drying/heating blasts (like we need more of that)? Does it seem like this is courtesy of the US or China, and whatever entity is responsible, can you glean the “logic” of whether this is designed to help or harm the West Coast weather situation? I'd like to believe they may think they are helping, and are just incompetent vs the scale of global weather as opposed to having scant concern for humans/citizens… but its hard to keep one's hopes up much these days.Sigh,MRSX


  2. From what The CAT has discovered, the cover story for the aircrews is that they're helping to keep harmful fukushima radiation from the west coast… but that makes no sense, as what they're spraying (heavy metal aerosols) are just as polluting, if not worse. not to mention the huge amounts of energy that HAARP is pumping into the pacific, which is obviously killing tons of sea life, though the Powers That Were are chalking it up to radiation. Once people realize the truth — and they will — the airforce is gonna get hammered with lawsuits (like 15 million of them). They'll be sued out of existence.


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