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  1. Not sure why, but I felt this message very strongly. Tears of joy and sadness I think. Maybe picking up on collective energy. Feeling alternantly disconnected from everything but safely cocooned as well. Very hard to describe but something feels very different today. Thank you for all your work and humor!

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    1. Yes. This is sadly true for the kind of writing we do. (They’re saying that it’s tough to translate this kind of post.) Some of us are more creative with language than others, and have influenced the writing style of the other CATs. It’s like our own particular literal patois. We might want to look at offering an easier-to-translate version of the post at the end. We’ll talk about it. Thanks for your patience and understanding.



      1. Ooops. Sorry, I thought you meant the language in general, not the fact that the text was part of the image! Sorry. I added the text at the bottom of the post.




        1. Minha segunda resposta pode ser errado…
          Quero dizer que quem teve a ideia de adicionar o texto na parte inferior acertou!!!!
          Imagem com palavras precisa de conhecimento linguístico e, minha internet não é boa para ficar escrevendo o texto em outra página para poder traduzir…


  2. Wow, you guys are multi-language-inclusive/friendly. That’s nice to see for a change. Thank you, for everything you do!


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  3. I’m saying this in a positive way and only because I want to hear other opinions…
    but what makes this message by them any different than the last 50 times a page like that has said it?

    I for sure feel that we’re at the turning point, no doubt…been watching this gone down forever (literally lol) but what exactly is so special about that particular post?
    Feelings of the moment or do you feel THIS is the one?

    OR am I a big ball of negativity today? If so I’m sorry :/

    Better yet how about I balance that with let’s talk about all the ways it feels different now than say 5 years ago?

    For me it’s the scienctifc data, that heart floaty “omg I’m gunna burst” happy feeling coming on more regularly, and also seeing people wake up on a mass scale since winter 2016 spring 2017

    What about you guys?!

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    1. Hi, Elizabeth. We tend to treat all data the same, and look for patterns (though the psychic side of us loves to see our findings mirrored and validated by scientific instruments). Sometimes it feels like The Event will be any minute now, then it fades. This might be frustrating, but it’s also useful (one of my Guides just said this): every time we feel that The Event is any minute now, we getting more and more in tune with it, so each one of those moments is like a tune-up before the main orchestral downbeat. At least half the CATs roll their eyes whenever certain people/sites say things (like this one)… since they’re not really saying anything that’s typically clear or useful. OR we’re just lame and it’s very clear to people more advanced than we are (this is what happened with the last one). Bottom line: you’re not the ony one who feels this way. I think we’re all just ready to go. We’re sitting in our train compartment, tickets in hand, but SOURCE keeps adding more and more cars to the train… which is a good thing. Would you wait a week to help a million more brothers wake up and make it to the New Earth?


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      1. I would wait for a week more, but there should be a ‘cut-off’ point also. If we didn’t get the event by this year end, some of the ticket holders will start doubting all this , well some are already after all QHHT,Lisa etc. like people and there timelines for event didn’t turn up any good.

        There is a limit to everything, else normies will see all of us as new age harold camping , and technically they will be correct…


          1. after I wrote the post above, I came across a ‘date’ for the event . Lets say i came across a clue in July and just now I understood what the date translates to based on that clue… interesting that it came just after my above post

            is that source/universe etc. responding to my post?
            not even sure I should share that date, as after that date if nothing happens i will join the Harold Camping club…

            Will just say its within this year


          2. I don’t see a reply button in your below response ,

            I don’t see any email id anywhere, could you please share


  4. Elisabeth, I fully agree with what you said. This is really annoying to hear this notorious regurgitation of a new-agie gooey nonsense that has been circulating the entire i-net over the last 10 or so years. Sure many people want to hear something like this after they experienced a life-long deficit of kindness, inner peace and plain positivity from inside and outside. But that doesn’t mean one should cancel all their discernment and basic awareness of the actual reality AS IT IS NOW and freely fall into a state of unconsciousness via promises of the love and light that don’t require any functional ability to navigate one’s personal vibratory state to match the energetic ambiance of the “rosy land of n-s dimension”. Each time i hear it i want to tell the author to either cut it out or cut to the chase. It’s not informative, not unique, not related to the contextual reality and I am afraid related to some form of manipulation or has a hidden purpose to put the reading public in a state of trance of irresponsibility and unconsciousness. I am glad there are people here who bring this to their and everybody else’s attention. So, thank you!

    Regarding the event being far then close, then further away or nowhere near again. My personal feeling/awareness regarding it, especially of late is this. Even though it is due (if not overdue), once it gets really close to the culminating point, TPW are trying to re-channel/slightly disperse the energy of it (tinkering with the Sun bursts and activity a lot), so it sort of …in a very artificial fashion rolls back a little and from that point (since it’s highly unlikely it can be cancelled) the event starts gaining a new momentum again (and many feel it). It’s as if the PTW (and i don’t know whether it’s the bad or the good fraction or both) do whatever they possibly can so even when it does happen, it will happen in a controlled by them way. I don’t feel the delays of the event are natural- at all. I do not feel the even is cancellable either. I do detect though that there are a few groups of players who try to keep the public unaware of what has been and especially what is going on as long as realistically possible. That gives these players more freedom to sort of direct the unfoldment of the event the way THEY find suitable for the public (or maybe just for them?). For the love of Life who gave them the right to decide what is right for the collective?!? It’s the collective that has every right to make a collective decision for the collective, it’s up to the collective to choose how it will process the manipulation and trauma and drama and all else that facilitated all these many eons of enslavement and missed and many times hijacked opportunities to evolve. By keeping the public unaware they keep the public uninvolved/unengaged/and not yet suddenly united so that people naturally choose that it’s freaking happening now (full termination of imposed control, misuse and harvesting of people’s power, abuse and messing up with our evolution etc and the emergence of multidimensional awareness for all and oneness of the entire collective that should be the only one who is given the ultimate privilege and right to decide- in a fully aware, informed and enlightened state what is right for it and when and where it chooses to go/evolve from now on).


  5. For me too something definitely feels different about today. Can’t articulate it though. Thanks for posting it, good to know I was not the only one who noticed.


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