Jumps, etc. for 1-22 to 1-23-20 [UPDATE2]


We’ve had numerous jumps the past 24 hours — and one just a little while ago:


Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 9.23.47 AM
This set of Siberian muon detectors just got reset a day ago… right after that jump, actually; luckily the data was still being recorded.

This explains a lot about how so many CATs and commenters were feeling lately. Here’s when it began:

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 9.26.52 AM

And here’s when it just ended (for now!):

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 9.27.27 AM

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 9.28.13 AM
This is for right now, 9:40 am PST on 1-22-20. (The folks in charge of this meter haven’t properly added the date and time to this graph, yet.)
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 9.28.25 AM

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 9.29.02 AM


This geophone anomaly now makes sense.

This has nothing to do with those recent “CMEs.” They weren’t CMEs at all, just big ship portal transits.

FYI, the SuperFriends wanted everyone to take a deep breath and remember that none of this is real, that this is all Illusion. Try not to let it get to you.

Describes our moods nicely.

Btw, would everyone rather that the new comments at the TOP of the comments section instead of the bottom?


Here’s more energy stuff from today:

We had a GRB.

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 7.08.58 PMScreen Shot 2020-01-22 at 7.09.50 PM1-22-20-test_calc_f

And here’s the SECCHI view of that big ship coming out of the portal:

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 7.55.58 PM

And we should’ve mentioned that the timeline jump(s) correlated to the white WHOMPs on the Tomsk Schumann:



Well, this happened:



More later.



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      1. @CATS haha nothing as far as I’m concerned! I jump around on the Q sites and this week, I jumped on some that say he’s rogue and I went down that rabbit hole. All heresay. Only solid evidence is his wife got a note at Bush Sr. Funeral like all the dem wives. No one knows what was written in those notes. Then another Q follower says JFK Jr is gonna step into the vp spot bc P is rogue too. So where is this suddenly coming from?

        I say, Why would Jr want to work in the public eye after spending 20 years disappearing? Why would T have someone a heartbeat away from his job knowing he is rogue? Doesn’t make sense. But people are making videos on it! Not just blurbs on twitter!

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        1. Duganknows – I’ve heard that Nancy wants rid of T and P so she can have the job.
          yikes! Glad there’s nothing to it! Thanks Cats and ALL

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  1. So… The vision, or should I say experience I had during my QHHT session of living on Alceyon and my awareness of living as a cat being have become so real to me lately. In many ways it feels more real to me than being in this human body. Today I had a sudden realization that this was truth for me and I got that tightening sensation in the back of my neck. I also had that sensation during my QHHT session every time something came up that my higher self wanted me to pay particular attention to and remember. This awareness of who I really am feels like home to me. I’ve been telling people that I was a cat in a past life since I could barely speak… When I didn’t even know what a past life was. Part of my vision on Alceyon was of myself and other light beings traveling down to Earth on a comet to incarnate here and to help the planet and the humans. I later looked it up and there indeed was an enormous comet that occurred about two weeks before my birth. It was the famous 1966 Leonids meteor storm. 😊❤️🌞☄️

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    1. That is interesting I had a dream that I was diving into earth as ball of light with tons of other light balls funny thing was my ball of light had my long thick hair attached to it and I smiled. I guess so I would know myself in that form lol.

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      1. Interesting, because when I was a child I used to have a reoccurring dream that I lived in a giant airplane that was really like a little city. I now know that this was probably a ship and that these dreams were most likely memories.

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    2. When I read your words about “that tightening sensation in the back of my neck” , I saw a mother cat grabbing/carrying her kitten by the neck…. (not sure if my wording is accurate, as English is not my native language). There seems to be someone cat-like watching over you and guiding you. Love and light to you

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  2. why starchilds (indigo,rainbow,crystal children) seems to not to be fully grounded here and now (they live in the “air”) on planet earth? will be they fully grounded on NE? tnx CATs


  3. So besides the high definition music reality change my old or new back pain went off the scale for an hour of two? – just because, figured it couldn’t hurt(after it had lessened) I looked at Tomsk Schumann – I asked truth concerning if one of the other present soul shard embodiments – it seems likely there’s a fellow HS soul shard living in that area – why it biongs off to me I have no idea…- it all coincided with the pure white at top down to blue/greeny near bottom at around the 13 mark, round about the couple of hrs before 12 am Jan 24th – my brain doesn’t feel like calculating more accurately.

    btw… grddaughtr more engaged every day – came out of her room today, NOT crying and repeated, “something… something” – the previously cracked smart phone -we got it fixed- needed charging and the Roku needed new batteries – either one would have triggered meltdowns a short time ago – other like things…
    @Lily – is Elsie showing continued changes? Also I hope you were able to not be effected by a certain comment made the other day – I have to admit it tempted me to crawl back in my turtle shell a bit – “I am a jelly donut, I am a jelly donut and I’m delicious – blackberry jelly, I think…


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    1. That’s what JFK said to the folks in Berlin in… 1963? “Ich bin ein Berliner!”

      He should’ve said, “Ich bin Berliner.”

      Germans at the time knew what he meant though, and took no offense. The media has made more of this than it deserves.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. @Cats Eds – now when I say “I am a donut ” (it always makes me smile) I’ll think of JFK – he’s the only Pres. I listened to – his press conferences and speeches always came on after school hours in the early 60’s – I liked listening to him – he was serious, but had a sense of humor…


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  4. Just woke up from this dream.

    I see an illustration of the Bigfoot people. I go outside and find a small Bigfoot they look beat up. I sit cross legged across from them they wake up and take the same position and we talk mentally. I say to them you have been like us before but then you came into this group your next life you will be human again but on the new earth and you will do great things. The new earth is here.

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  5. I see an illustration of the Bigfoot people. I go outside and find a small Bigfoot they look beat up. I sit cross legged across from them they wake up and take the same position and we talk mentally. I say to them you have been like us before but then you came into this group your next life you will be human again but on the new earth and you will do great things. The new earth is here.

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    1. We LOVE Bigfoot. They are so sweet and gentle. And some, from different dimensions, come in all manner of rainbow and pastel colors. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a light aquamarine Bigfoot!

      -CAT Eds.

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  6. Did anyone else feel something coming through last night around 11 pm CST? Both kids really emotional right at the same time, took a while to calm them down again, leg/knee pain today.
    I have been feeling very detached from the world since the last big TLJ on Tuesday/Wednesday, like my soul is being pulled off of this reality more and more. Almost like painter’s tape, sticky, a little painful, slow and steady, the old velcro metaphor would apply as well I suppose…Lost interest in pretty much everything here, feels like all joy is leaving this old earth and heading for NE with Gaia. Very strange sensation, much stronger now since that last jump for me. A whole lot of “Meh”-feelings regarding both things that excited me in the past as well as things that stressed me. Thank you for reminding us of the mantra and the power of love, with all that “meh” I was starting to just not care anymore…
    This just feels so strange! So unlike me, sort of empty. I think I am beginning to understand how truly horrible the old earth will be after all love and light is gone!

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    1. Yes, something Is different today. I went on a job and said heck with it, went back home(food is always fun for Mini, Minky & I). Peace.

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    2. As far as last night goes, that might have been the effects of the new moon hitting early.

      I’ve been feeling the meh feeling a lot too. I’m very, very anxious to get this all over with and get on with the transition to NE.

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    3. I had another dream after my Bigfoot one and it was the whole sky turned into a green aurora and a wind came through that destroyed everything on the surface. It was like how one might experience the end of 3d I suppose. I was yelling at it go away out of fear. But, what was strange was my dog and I were not even touched by it just watched it go after 3d creation.

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    4. @veni vidi 11, yes – that’s about the time frame my extra-uber pain level was going on… – this after noon (1/24) I have a lot of eye closing/dizzy/ falling asleep stuff going on…


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    5. We’re leaving 3d for 4d. We’re guessing that we will coexist till The SHIFT.

      Funny, Da-da (who’s also a designer) recently made both LOVE and MEH mugs to reflect this very feeling.

      -CAT Eds.

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    6. @ Veni Vidi 11 – thank you, I belive your comment just helped me get out of my writers block❤️

      About two hours after the stroke of midnight at New Years Eve, Mr H, our dog and I were travelling on our way home. I’ve travelled along that road all my life since it’s the main road to/from my parents farm.
      The further we drove along that road, the more “strange” (don’t know how to describe that feeling) I felt inside, untill we exited a roundabout and Mr H gained some speed – that’s when I clearly felt and knew that something had definitely changed, because it was as if I’ve never seen the area where we were before in my whole life. It was totally new to me! Yet, at the same time, I KNEW that I was very familiar with it. Either we passed trough something or we entered something – I really can’t tell the difference, but the conflict inside really got to me, because from that moment, I knew something major had changed. And it keeps on going..

      Along with some other things, I feel completely detached from the 3D-world, both by my own choice but I also feel like there is placed some sort of protective bubble around me.. It’s kind of like I’ve been “put on hold” untill a certain moment arrives where I will be of some sort of “use” again, and the “meh”-feelings as you describe them are profound. Can’t stand any 3D-shit anymore and the immature ones desperately defending it, because it simply makes me… “allergic”😉

      @ CAT’s and M’s – please stay with us❤️

      Loving hugs and take care ALL💖🤗

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  7. I’ll wade in here, I have been using msm cream in prodigious quantities on my ankles,calves and lower back. Ouch! (The pain didn’t stop me from cutting some split snow-damaged rhododendrons today. I couldn’t stand to look at their poor broken branches. I guess it is time for a change in that part of the garden)

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  8. Thanks to all y’all for giving me feedback on this! I think I would go crazy without the insight and support from this blog! Love and hugs to all!❤❤❤❤❤❤

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