A Little Disclosure [UPDATED]

Ok, you’ve been waiting patiently, so it’s time for a little Disclosure.

The CAT staff (made up of mediums, clairvoyants, clairaudients, clairsentients, psychic empaths and other whackos) did some checking and cross-checking and indeed, the ETs shown at the 1:38 and 3:21 marks are REAL. This is actual footage of ETs. This video was originally released in 2011.

The ET is in the Details

Here’s part of The CAT staff’s recent discussion on this topic:

CAT1: “I sense that these beings are from the past, are presently here, and will be here in the future. They’re affiliated with the [friendly] tall whites.”

CAT2: “They feel kinda “off” to me; they give off a weird vibration. It’s not fear, but it’s not a super great feeling either (like with love and caring), just really odd.”

CAT3: “Are they clones?”

CAT2: “That makes even more sense as to why they feel so off. YES, I think you are right!”

CAT3: “Which leads to an interesting question: do clones have spirits? Or do they share a collective, group spirit?”

CAT1: “I get they as a group are tapped into a collective consciousness, but don’t carry their own spirit.. Great question. I had to really focus on that.”

CAT3: “Are they artificial creations? Like genetic robots? Oh, and what’s the government’s name for them? I’m guessing you can’t understand their language.”

CAT2: “I can connect to them, but I don’t hear any messages (not talking to me?? like they are checking me out or something?). The term I hear describing them is something like “z-bots”…not exactly that, but something very similar. Weird.”

CAT3: “When you said ‘the collective consciousness,’ did you mean THEIR group consciousness, or the Oversoul? That is, OUR collective consciousness? And when you said, ‘tall whites,’ are those the good white-grays who are working on keeping the earth stable geologically? And… what do the z-bot ships look like?”

CAT1: “I feel like they’re tapped into OUR group consciousness. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t be able to connect to them directly. They are other tall whites (the good ones), like a version or relation to the good white-grays. The image I have for their ship is like a flat oval.”

This brings up a topic The CAT’s been meaning to broach… but we’ll save it for next time.

Coming Soon: All ETs Are Not Created Equal

[NOTE: This article caused an ET protection swarm around a few of us — BEFORE the article was even published, no idea why, but we appreciate it!]

[NOTE2: FYI, we’ve been informed (don’t ask us how) that the term “z-bot” is derogatory, so we’ve been guided to refer to these beings as “Zetas,” or technically, “The Zeta,” as they are a communal being, just like The CAT. This doesn’t speak to their place of origin, per se, it just doesn’t carry the original offensive intent. At least they didn’t want to be called “Lionel Ritchie,” hello?]

“Ack! TheLionelRitchie is trying to communicate with me! The EYES, AIIEIEE!”