This blog has been a little weird lately (no, really!), because the world is getting more and more magical… while at the same time looking more and more like a bad Movie of the Week. That said, we’re going to tell you a secret:


We’re not sure when, but we know it IS going to happen. What’s going to happen?

Your unbreakable connection *to* and affiliation and identification *with* SOURCE is going to be driven home through the middle of your very being in such as way as to utterly blow away your idea of who you are. For those who already know we’re an infinite and immortal and indestructible extension of SOURCE, this will be only entirely spectacular. And amazing. And spectacular.

THIS is one of the prime reasons you decided to come back for this lifetime. It’s also the reason why all kinds and manner of aetheric, high-vibrational SPECTATORS are arriving in droves.

Call it what you will, but something even bigger than The Rainbow Dragon is inbound. (She’s here to both herald and facilitate this reconnection).

This cannot be stopped. The clock is ticking. None of our SOURCE sources will tell us when, for obvious safety reasons, but it is a foregone conclusion. AND THEY ARE EXCITED. Jumping-up-and-down excited. (One CAT staffer was actually POSSESSED for a moment and made to CLAP REPEATEDLY to get our attention! Seriously. Da-da was a little mad about this, as that’s a pretty serious breach of personal space! But still…)

Soon, you will all instantly KNOW who you are and where you came from. It will be undeniable and public. It will change your world forever. You’ll also be reminded that the earth is a living being, and that you need to start taking care of her. (The sun and moon are also living beings, and there is concern about how the moon is being used and being basically turned into a cyborg.)

What will all this be like? We have no idea. We only know that it is definitely coming. This is not a prophecy. It is not a prediction. This is what we KNOW is going to happen. We can’t tell you why or how. We’re just giving you a heads-up so you have something to look forward to. You will need something to look forward to.

And YES, you could call this The Event. We do. But what it really is, is a supreme reminder of SOURCE in your lives.

That’s it. Updates as they come available. We already knew this was coming and that stuff was happening to ensure the build up, but… we didn’t want to mess anything up by mentioning it. Regardless, we were reminded again and again of this — and then something whacked some of us in the head and said SOURCE IS COMING! — and we looked down… and it was 11:11.

Ok, even a bunch of dumb CATS can take a hint.

NOTE: The more you meditate and forgive and think good thoughts, the faster it’ll come. That’s one of the reasons for the fuzziness of the timing: as usual, it’s up to us. So, get to it.

NOTE2: Be sure to read the 4th comment down, “CLICK CLICK CLICK.” Awesome.


  1. LOL – not “Wicked Good”, “Hella Good” :)”The waves keep on crashing on me for some reasonBut your love keeps on coming like a thunder boltCome here a little closerCause I wanna see you baby real close up”Wave X is full of love & is gonna a rock our world. So just 'keep on dancing' until it gets here 🙂


  2. A Supernova 570 Billion Times More Powerful Than Our Sun Just Pushed The Laws Of Known Physics


  3. Thanks for your responses. Most vivid dream I've ever had was the sky made an incredible noise like a choir in the heavens. Everyone was outside looking to the sky. There was a gear-winding noise and the sun and the moon moved into alignment beside each other. They CLICK CLICK CLICKed into place, and the sky opened up like curtains, revealing more planets. Two other planets moved into alignment so there was a grid of planets, looking so close it took up the whole sky. Once they CLICK CLICK CLICKed into place, the sky opened up again to reveal a new sky, with objects, planets and stars like we've never seen, in colours I've never seen before. I looked at the ground and made plants and flowers bloom with my eyes, and could swirl peoples auras around them like ribbons. I asked the universe for a sign this would be real, and I see that sign almost daily. I guess this is my interpretation of it. Exciting!!


  4. Know… Almost too broke-apart to get back up-off the the ground, to continue the race.Must be like that night in the garden… I Know some of that pain much better now.I Know you made it bearable, then as now.What “Will” it take… (no question mark)”I can only show you the door”(movie night… rofl)


  5. Yes, but this kind of thing happens all the time. What we're talking about is something that has NEVER happened before. Anywhere in the universe. The earth's grandstands are filling up with celestials and higher-order ETs here to watch. That's how special this is.


  6. I was just posting the fact that we do have an alignment of planets happening now which correlates in a way to the dream.I am well aware of what is happening……like many other lightworkers on the planet (and off) I have been devoted to this for years. Here is a small piece that explains it beautifully:”You said earlier you're here to observe the Big Event, can you tell me what it is?””Sure, the core crystal of your planet is moving into alignment with a very distant object. It's an alignment at an intergalactic level,” the little guy said, flatly.”What's the object the core crystal is aligning with?” I asked, curious.”The Big Guy, head honcho, mister big, the main man, center of the universe, the beginning, the grandfather of all grandfathers, get it?” he replied. Bruce Moen, The Gathering


  7. Of course the “when's” are all up to us – but in my dream, it was summer (North America). The power goes out across the city (and globally, I assume). Everything is warm and still. That's when we start to hear the sounds above, and why everyone goes outside – no one is cold. I like the post about planets aligning. Perhaps it's the culmination of all these events happening at the perfect, precise time. I hope we're almost there!I know this is my own interpretation and doesn't mean anything.


  8. Ever meet a REALLY smart person who speaks multidimensionally? The truth becomes infinitely dense with the proper gnosis, EMOTIONAL framing and temporal sequence of the words as they are inflected on while they are expressed. Humans have potential for n-dimensional existence where we express, feel and experience at an infinite density… we call this joy and it gets deeper the deeper consciousness goes.


  9. Welcome to the Multi-Verse!!!!! Understand? If not, just know the TRUTHFUL (good/god) parts you feel and let the gravity waves between the (communicating) Source-sink (beings) wash over you. Reflect and go within. Why are you uncomfortable and how does your body consistently follow your thoughts. Act in the direction that resolves the issues hurting your heart, as pain is TO LEARN from and to be acted upon. Not avoided!!!!


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