MEOWMANTRA #1: The Three D’s

Destination, Determi..UNGH.

Ok. Lots of people are down about the current political situation — all over the world. This is intentional. Therefore, we all need to VISUALIZE the exact world we want. I’m talking to the CATs here (and myself), too. If you get sucked into the negativity, you can feel it wrapping itself around you. This is intentional by our former masters. But we are immensely powerful manifesters now that we’re in the Wave X field. We’ve seen it, firsthand.

When manifesting our COLLECTIVE positive future (not just yours), try using old Wilkie Twycross’ Three D’s in visualizing LOVE-LIGHT-PEACE-TRUTH-EVENT, etc.:


Don’t get splinched.

Wave X energy is supercharging your manifestation ability, so stay positive. And don’t jump at shadows.

When shadows… ATTACK!

P. S. Meowmantra?

4 thoughts on “MEOWMANTRA #1: The Three D’s

  1. It is natural that the system is so unhealthy having not had to do anything useful for a hundred years. It can't even pretend to offer decent candidates or platforms. Part of normal cycle I think – the government is an entity that gets so large it only becomes concerned with promoting it's own interests, not those of The People. Normal step in the evolution to something better. To me these are all significant and necessary turning points that clearly demonstrate the brokenness of what was.


  2. So here's a question. Last night, I was meditating while listening to the heart frequency, focusing on love covering the planet and all of her inhabitants. All was well and felt great, and then suddenly, it was like a door was slammed in my face, and that door completely shut down my meditation. It was like it severed all the good vibes I was putting out, to the degree I was challenged in raising them again.Anyone else experience this?


  3. I've had a bunch more nasties poking in around the edges of my protection and making evil faces 10X more than usual. The lower vibe beings are feeling the Wave X pinch as light shines into the lower depths and drives them out into the open, like someone poked a stick in a hornets nest. People are reporting all sorts of negative spirit incursions, much more than usual. I've found that I needed to expand my protection out to 20' in diameter, and I now call it a “SOURCE-light bubble.” Note that this protection comes from INSIDE YOU, not from the heavens. You are a tiny teardrop of a vast ocean of SPIRIT, which is itself an extension of SOURCE. (That's how SOURCE created us, as an extension.) So, you basically have access to limitless light- and love-power and spiritual indestructibility at your disposal. Seriously. Next time that door slams in a meditation, get tough and KICK IT OPEN… in a loving way. No anger is necessary. (Factually, anything that disturbs your piece of mind should be examined by you internally.)


  4. lol @ 'piece'. Totally agree with you Da-da. Kick that door open with no anger; and in this case Don't give 'em a “piece” of your mind when doing it ! Don't give 'em any 'piece' of your mind! That's what they want (and probably more).Peace OutDangerouslySimple


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