Boom! Zap! Pow! WHOMP! [UPDATE2]

There was a BIG cosmic ray burst last night. Several of us felt like we were being shot with a plasma rifle. All night.
That’s the biggest jump we’ve seen in some time.
There was corresponding Schumann Resonance activity as well.
Sure hope we don’t have another YEAR of this.
UPDATE 7-15-16: Last night saw some very specific chakra energy activity. Three CATs (maybe more, we haven’t heard yet) were awakened in the middle of the night with energy streaming into the root chakra, then moving up slowly, in order, through each subsequent chakra… then repeating. Totally amazing. You light up when it hits your 4th. Be alert for this if it’s not happened to you, yet.

It looked like this, and seems to still be going on. This could be the beginning of You Know What.
UPDATE2: Check this out from last night.

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