The Saturday Experiment

Since we have a little time to think and chat and experiment, we’d like you to try something with us. We’re going to do it, too. We’re NOT Ascended Masters, so we need the practice as much as anyone. That said, let’s try a Brother J exercise.

Today is Saturday, so we’re calling this the Saturday Experiment.

Just for today… imagine that everyone around you is related to you.

Imagine that everyone around you is your Aunt Tilly and your Uncle Dave and your Cousin Smoochie (who kisses everybody) and your Brother Tim (the Enchanter). When you’re driving, and some jerk cuts you off… imagine that it was a relative — one who’s a little crazy, and maybe not the greatest driver in the world. Oh, that was Uncle Dave. You can’t get mad at Crazy Uncle Dave. He has that metal plate in his head and loves wearing reeaally big jackets from the ’80s.

Now, try it with everyone around you.

Look around, all day, and SEE everyone around you as members of your family, soon to be at a family reunion. Sure, some can be occasionally annoying, but you still care about them, if only a little. Some you care about a lot. And some are just plain amazing.

Try this and see what happens.

Oh, and while we’re thinking of it, you can also imagine anyone (family included) whom you’ve ever had a problem with, at any time in your lives… just close your eyes and see them… then do the mantra on them:

You are perfect, immortal spirit, brother,
whole & innocent.
All is forgiven & released.

Give it a try.

That Crazy Uncle Dave.

18 thoughts on “The Saturday Experiment

  1. Practice and practice and practice….and screw up…and get back on track and practice and get off track…. and get back on track and practice and practice. Every day in every way I am getting better and better, with the help of the universal divine principle…and practice


  2. this is soooooooo awesome…because last night while meditating I found myself saying to every 'flash' I got in my minds' eye “I AM THAT, I AM”….acknowledging my oneness with Source/All THAT IS!!!! I will continue to do this all day long along with: You are perfect, immortal spirit, brother, whole & innocent. All is forgiven & released


  3. hey, what's your take on sept 23 and all of the talk of prophetic constellation and general star alignment being talked about in some places?also have been wondering… is the passage to a new earth from this earth through death or a boots on transcending death path as talked about by don juan matus?thanks again for the forgiveness prayer and the enjoyment technique. wow, the later has really come through when needed. i hope this msg gets through. thanks.-karategrandpa


  4. The star alignment stuff has either not worked for us, or it was working and we didn't know it. As for passage to Nova Terra… we don't know, yet. We've only seen The Event, and what's on the other side… we've never seen transport, but if we do, we'll be sure to post. And our pleasure for the stuff. We're all in this together!-CAT8


  5. Thanks CAT6, but I am a little confused?According to you guys we are completely rid of all negative entities such as Archons and the like, but according to Lisa Renee we are still battling with them?I am not trying to catch anyone out, just highlighting crucial disparities.For the record i believe you guys over anyone else.


  6. No worries. I understand your confusion. Frankly, we're a little confused, too. We're not seeing any dark entities or bad/neutral ETs in our timeline. Are you on ours? Is Lisa? We have no idea. People are throwing around observations and pronouncements (like Corey Goode and Cobra) that are just plain wrong (for whatever reason), while others may be making statements based on past observations… it's hard to say exactly what “reality” is for any one individual. For the whole, it's impossible. That said, one of the CATs reported some activity last night, but we need to look at what that was. Sometimes the shadow of a friendly ship can be misconstrued as a passing archon! Very confusing. Still, the bottom line has not changed one bit: SOURCE is in control. That will never change. Some beings don't like losing control. Boo hoo for them. Best thing to do is relax and not take it all so seriously. ~M3


  7. Note that we did say that something happened in our original post, but we weren't sure what. AND… that same energy is spiking all over again, so it may be an ongoing pest removal process. We'll post some new graphs today.-CAT5


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