Jump/Meterage 10-23~10-26 [UPDATE7]


Something interesting is happening.

Various meters are showing timeline jumps… yesterday…


…and today…



And a bit of oddness:



The knocking has returned… but on a different frequency/level.

There there was this…

A warning?

…followed by this…

The beginning of main SHIFT separation?

And then…

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 9.34.40 AM

CATs’ messages to one another are being stonewalled again. We were hot on the heels of uncovering that Laser FE (fire/earthquake) Ship, and while trying to verify its discovery, the PTW killed all channels between us. They have potentially FIFTEEN of this kind of ship, and we aren’t sure of they all have this capability, or just the one.

Increasingly, we are being presented with blood-boiling scenarios that try to hook us into emotion (and a lower timeline), but we’re not taking the bait. We’re gonna let SOURCE and ONE handle things… for a while. The green light will be very clear when it comes.



Hm. We were told that the end of the month was gonna be bumpy. Things are looking kinda WHOMP-y right now… we’re not feeling anything, though… but we got FLOORED by portal energy on Sunday and Monday, so… this might be the next oomph-step:






Wow. Drama.

Some of us were busy doing work on one side of this most recent timeline jump…

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 7.28.15 AM

…but had not jumped yet, ourselves… we didn’t realize it… until the gate began to close. Well… the M’s saw what happened as it happened: Something big collected all of us in its arms at 4:10 am PDT, along with our families *and our respective houses* (no idea what that’s about)… and JUMPED… and landed here, on the other side of the above timeline jump. Good thing, too. The portal energy on that other timeline was 12 or 13 on a 10 scale, which is why most of us were awake. Still trying to figure out what we jumped away from.

The air smells purple here.

Oh, in last night’s meditations, one of the M’s saw the sky go WHITE. Closer and closer… provided we don’t miss the bus.



There was another timeline jump:



More meterage:

FYI, the “knocking” that’s appeared on the LYRA short wavelength channels is deepening.


Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 10.07.18 PM
The knocking has ceased in the X-ray dept.
And the electron flux is up, though this is being blamed on that bugaboo, the sun’s “coronal hole.” The flux is usually up with the muons are up and we’re having timeline jumps.

Oh, most important…

Remember: If the sky goes PINK for some time, and it happens over two days, The SHIFT is imminent.



We can’t tell if these are jumps or not:

Last night was another toughie.



Also, the proton count has taken a dive. That’s a Wave X thing.


And the short-wavelength knocking is getting more dramatic.

Something’s gotta give.


And it did. FINALLY. A CME directed at Earth. We need it.



Looks like this energy will hit the day before Halloween, or sooner. We’d already seen the energy spike at the end of the month. We’ve also had three GRBs over the past two days:


And this strangeness:


And this…


…which then calmed down to this:



Something going on right now:

Started feeling it in our crowns and checked…


Note that CATs may lose power sometime in the next day or two, due to power company subterfuge.

84 thoughts on “Jump/Meterage 10-23~10-26 [UPDATE7]

        1. LOL….just GUN IT. ;-))
          I was getting that WAIT signal idea when I first read this post. The caution yellow lights really were zapping me.
          But it seems to be gone now. Whew~

          So….heyy…GO FOR IT. 😉 Whatever feels right to you.
          Maybe it had to do with that big jump that somebody stepped up to help you with??? Wow….houses and all.
          I’m seeing little instant replays/hops. Things are getting crazier every day.

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  1. Good gawd! This certainly explains the foul moods and the seeming static-y scratchy energies today. I sat on the bench on the point and tried to absorb all the miraculous colors, but somehow my vision seemed less clear today. Egads!!!

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  2. Thank you CATs.

    Oh jeez…there must be some big “waves” in the air today. So glad I managed to drive home safely from work because at the moment, I’m sitting in a chair and I feel so dizzy that I need to lean my elbows to the table, otherwise I fear I will fall off the chair!😁

    I wonder what this timeline contains.
    What I’ve seen today at work are that a lot of people are behaving like.. how should I describe this?.. hmmm.. that’s it! They are behaving just the same way as a little kid that has had way too much candy/sugar to munch on! At the same time they annoy themselves over every little tiny thing they can find that could be a potential cause for some sort of desired annoyment… It’s really fascinating to watch them. As for me, all I’ve focused on today is to just BE. And with tranquil chillout-music in my headphones I managed to endure this day just fine. Thank heavens for beautiful music..

    Please take care CAT’s, M’s and All.

    Loving hugs💖

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      1. A popular Mandela Effect where many people remember green on top, me included. Traffic lights is just not something you would forget as it’s so common, you see it everytime you go out.

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  3. Dreamed giant ships filled the sky like the Vogon fleets from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. They could even break apart into several other smaller ships and those ships could break off and make a small little drone to get even closer to us. They were going around and scanning everyone several people ran away and went inside their homes me included. But, they would send a big light with the drone and it would scan you. Like they were making sure they who you were? Again no idea if they were positive or negative in the dream we never knew. At least we didn’t have to listen to their poetry.

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      1. I cried when I listened to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (again) this morning; there’s this one part where you can hear him become accepting of his death, where he reviews and relives every bittersweet moment of his life (which was truly bittersweet) and anticipates his future demise, his sense of loss, and acceptance. It’s extremely touching.

        That said, The CATs know who Beethoven is *in this lifetime.* He plays and teaches violin at a famous music school (Beethoven was also a master violinist). AND he’s married to his “Immortal Beloved” this time around, which we were gratified to learn. One of the other M’s contacted him and recommended that he revisit all of Beethoven’s works — and told him why. He was totally floored… and touched and awed. An amazing moment. A psychic’s dream, really.


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        1. I so love this affectionate and profound observation of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony….indeed has a parallel with Mahler’s 9 th Symphony in the way that he too was preparing for his death…a life review…..I am an orchestral musician…..I play the timpani….Beethoven’s writing for timpani is extraordinary demanding with many solos as indeed are present in all his other symphonies that I have performed…..the one aspect of his writing where timpani can support effectively is the driving rhythms and forceful fortissimo accents, perhaps expressing his frustration at his slowly failing health. I would love to know who the violinist is , described as a reincarnation of Beethoven’s who teaches at a famous music school !! Namaste to all here .💜🙏

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  4. Early this morning the loudest sky noise woke me up I thought maybe it was a plane but it was so loud it sounded like an actual sky quake and then we lost power so maybe it was the wind? It just seemed louder than a plane or the wind it was just louder than anything I have ever heard louder than even a portal boom.

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  5. I haven’t been able to define how I’ve been feeling or experiencing the last few days, dream time, too, but the update here and was also pre-guided to Amanda Ellis’ new video today – the pre-announcement of her posting it in a few hrs this(my) morning was front and center, then found myself repeatedly checking to see if it had posted (uploaded).
    Just finished watching it – so many things related and better defined/explained what has been going on for me – maybe will to others here as well.
    I recommend it if you are drawn to watch…
    much love,<3

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  6. Thank You Cats & Ms for all the updates, just catching up its been a rough week in the sea of emotions. Very Interesting I dreamt last night about Fire, I couldn’t see the actual Fire but I saw the Clouds of Smoke Rising orangey red, I was with a group of people & I said there is Fire we are surrounded we have to navigate our way, I have no idea where I was but it was a mountainous terrain & wasn’t in my own country.

    I haven’t been doing any gridwork (not til mid nov/dec) however I have been anchoring on demand. Yesterday On the 23rd a strong request came thru to work on Peru & anchor the Christ Mind, Eye of ONE (during that big timeline jump 22/23). The BEE energy is very strong, I received a very clear message the SUN’s new trajectory is crossing barriers of time & space we have never been & its not for the faint hearted. Bee represents SOLAR & reminds us … the sweetness of the Honey comes through the Nectar of Light … it is our SOURCE of Strength! Spirit says follow the BEE we are on the path of the ONE following the Path of the SUN.

    Yes boiling scenarios … I left my job due to constant bullying over 12 weeks, no matter what I did to shift the energy the certain individual would change the game. So I decided not to play the game anymore & walked away! this is something I have never done before worrying about finances etc. I have had enough & Im done with this inverted 3d reality, I could lend up homeless over this but I trust that all is well, im following the BEE & matching my reality to my Light Body 🙂

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    1. We just learned this week that lots of CATs were ID’d in the ToL by the goddamn reptoids, and got the TWBs sicced on us by them — for our entire lives, so far — with the extra added bonus of having everyone who possesses reptoid DNA to instantly bristle and HATE us just by us being in the room. We had no idea this was the case till we each looked at it. Good riddance to all that.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Yes, I knew you would all be fine working on the ToL especially with your super friends but I also knew one of you would be affected more so then the others. Thank You this makes a lot of sense why I just couldn’t shift the energy with that individual. Good Riddance is an understatement 🙂
        the Eye of ONE is dealing with the reptoids & their mind control programme, like you mentioned they will experience the tol over & over again (this was all to do with Peru yesterday) where they project future timelines of false ascension, kinda like the looking glass teck, a mirror image of their own demise. Source no longer tolerates interference as you well know 🙂 btw there was an earthquake North of Ascension Island 6.3 … geez another failed attempt oh diddums! interesting the Fire dream I had, we where moving in a northward direction 🙂

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        1. Yes, we don’t understand those actions either. Each time they try to create mayhem, they dig a deeper hole. We had to give up on them. But… we won’t turn them away of they actively try to atone and consciously strive for the lighter path. We can’t guarantee that anything will change for them, but SOURCE realizes that this is all illusion and that there’s really nothing to forgive; a mind-healing is more needed.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. We keep saying illusion, and I get it. But is it really an illusion?

            What differentiates something happening in an illusion and something happening outside an illusion… nothing.

            What happens, happens, and what happens is felt.

            For those that exist outside of said illusion, it is easy to rationalise. For the majority that don’t, they suffer immeasurably. If we are SOURCE, and SOURCE would feel our pain, then why the hell has the horror been allowed to continue.

            Some “experiment”. Little wonder some have defected. When we see this model in a macro form on Earth, there is outrage. I just can’t shake the feeling of being duped and used. The real illusion is that we never had a choice. And it’s “my way or the highway.”

            I know I am treading dangerously close to treason of the highest order, but without an acceptable explanation, how can I feel otherwise.

            I would like a meeting set up to discuss what went on here, before it gets brushed under the ascension carpet. And without any “feel good” energies befuddling hearts and minds. A simple, honest discourse…


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            1. interesting…
              there are some thick blinders around your eyes…drop them.
              there is a certain stiffness in your thinking…i feel.
              it helps being wise, malleable.
              meld with your researched object…go into it, become one with it.
              do it gently, but let the pride at the door, go simply.
              no need to order anybody explain life for you…this is your chance.
              smile and learn.
              heart reaches where intellect cannot.
              open your heart big…send out Love:
              Love will come back to you.

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            2. Mark, those are excellent questions, and they deserve an answer.

              Maybe nobody here knows the answers, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to ask them.

              Illusion or not, this has been a hell experience for many if not most. They surely are not going to be expected to just drop it and move on to an ascension party. This has been soul searing, and probably soul damaging.

              Every teacher knows that if you teach a unit (more than just a single lesson), the final day is the culminating lesson. You review what the students have learned and how to apply it and what it means. You don’t just leave the students with some info but no knowledge or understanding of how it all fits together into a bigger picture.

              You said you would like a meeting to discuss what has happened here, and that would be the culminating lesson. I would think that any good Teacher would provide that. I sure hope so. I have some questions, too.
              May all our souls find peace.<3

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            3. Mark, I bet you were that gifted student who sat in the back of the class. And everybody got nervous when you raised your hand because you were going to ask the uncomfortable questions. 😉 The ones nobody knows how to answer.

              I’m putting your questions into a simpler scenario. Say, we were all going to a wonderful party at a fabulous restaurant. But before we could get in the door, somebody jumped out and grabbed us and beat us up. And then kept us for a looooong time, mistreating us the whole while. Then (hopefully), one day, we were set free.

              Would we just shrug and then mosey on into the restaurant? Or would we want to look into what had just happened? Would being set free offset the bad experiences enough so that we would just forget about them and go right on to the party?

              I bet we would all have some QUESTIONS. Was there no security in the parking lot? No cameras? Nobody to call the cops? Who did that? Why? What gave them the right to do that to us?

              Well, like I said, I have my own questions. Not exactly the same as the ones above in the party scenario, but similar. And very much like your questions.

              Maybe someday we will have a different perspective and more information at hand.
              For now… all the best.

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            4. Mark, thank you so much for saying all this-you’ve hit the nail precisely on the head more than once. I feel the exact same way, and feel the same as you with what you wrote about the ToL, and I have all these same questions, too. I don’t think there is anything that anyone could ever say that could really, truly answer these questions with any explanation(s) that would make any sense. I’m definitely open to hearing any explanations, but, again, I still can’t imagine any that would really, truly answer the wonderings/resolve the knawings. Here are a couple more: probably for most of us who are awake and even a lot of those not awake, our hearts would never let us just walk on by and turn the other cheek if we were to see someone beating up on a child or an animal, or anyone, and yet the physical and emotional torturing and suffering of billions of beings, or more, for eons continued and continues to happen, and countless lives have not been saved by anyone stepping in. And as well, Negatives are given free reign (since no one had actually come to the aid of the countless beings who have been killed during these eons) to torture, and kill countless innocent beings, while countless innocent heart-centered beings trying to exercise protection and defense for themselves and others as their free will continually have constant, massive obstacles and mostly don’t succeed in that ??? I just can’t reconcile all that…

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      2. If the Old Earth is going to be cleaned up and anyone not moving up to 5D being evacuated to other 3D environments, how is the ToL going to be relevant? Or can it also function to move souls to other places besides Old Earth? How do you see the etheric realm connected to this and other planets?

        Also, do you see any reptoids at all that are going to 5D…or is every one of them lower-vibe?


        1. ToL: we don’t know. SOURCE has plans for it that don’t involve those with higher vibes. Some of us initially thought that it needed to go, but after discussing it with the SF and ourselves and Guides, we were basically told that what we were doing wasn’t necessary — and it was a very difficult thing to modify; the space cats and dogs and reptiles created it with someone else’s help loooooong ago. It *might* be used for 3d purposes, but again, that will be run by SOURCE and Guides (Spirit). Takeover will occur at the time of The SHIFT.

          As for reptoids… no. None of them go to the NE. They are Negatives. Some of their reptilian future-visitor/incarnators might appear on the NE, but we aren’t sure. The reptoids are of such a low vibe that they are not going to the NE… ever. No Negs will. And lots of Neutrals won’t be allowed there, either. The NE will feature a strong STO mindset vs. the OE’s STS model. It will feel very much like all the positive aspects of Star Trek, except we’ll have SOURCE instead of Starfleet Command (not that SOURCE will ever give orders). Humans will have advisors, but the days of overlords ended when we posted our proclamation and recent “end-of-filtering” notice. Some ETs (blue birds) scoffed at these — some space cats did as well, as Nuetrals — but they now understand that our free will has teeth.

          -CAT Eds.

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        2. @ Anonymous
          the answers are fairly simple.
          you only position yourself outside of you,
          and ask others for YOUR answers.
          they are inside you – all seeds of Knowing.

          in the vastness of the eternal Universe
          there is purpose.
          each lesson serves growth, evolving, advancing, transmuting to Light.

          ” Time to step in.”, as

          -CAT Eds.

          puts it.

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      3. *this turned out to be kinda long, and ok if Cat Ed’s think not right place to post, or just want to think about before deciding ok for a public comment, but I have to try to get this across…others likely have all this but didn’t see before*
        I’m very sorry, but welcome to my world. It’s not a fun party, it’s actually a prison. They grabbed the biggest chunks of Light as soon as they came in. At least your “hate” thing is only linked to DNA. Are you SURE it’s just DNA? Do these people possibly like you first and then quickly turn to “hate”? I have found that there are many layers of other things that go along with this. Very hard to see! But when you figure it out and look back, the pattern lights up everywhere. You can’t believe you didn’t notice it before! (At least around Lightholder Women. I don’t have enough data about Lightholder Men as they are not “allowed” to be around me. But it seems they do everything they can to keep LHWomen away from love, and tend to throw tons of Sex , or at least crazy women at LHMen to disrupt them from bonding deeply. They do not want our Hearts to spark- it hurts them somehow!) I know everyone is busy with Fire Ship Mission, but when get a chance: Interesting to check yourself for the following: Mine is anyone that likes me gets repelled, the more they like you, the stronger and faster they dislike you. The nicer you are, the worse it is. Thereby weaponizing 99% of humanity against me. And there are like nets of “thought bomb land mines”, programs that just hang out around me that people run into (“don’t listen to her”, “don’t think about her”, “forget her”, “rebuke diminish disdain”, “blame her”, etc) They literally get whammied to not hear or recall you. Light workers are not immune to these either. People are always pre-irritated with me, there is some “repellant” signal on ALL layers of communication (sound /energy frequency, hormonal signals, voice, mouth, face/eyes). Men that really like me (that I like back) are not allowed to even look me in the eyes. They run! Makes it impossible for people to connect to you. Hard to plant a seed of Light if they keep blowing the soil away.
        People at the fringes of the bell curve of “normal human hive mind frequency” can be somewhat immune to this stuff…disconnected people( crazy, drunk, drugs, or deaf), the very young or very old. They don’t hear the signals. Angelically Kind people can also seem to override these signals. But then, anyone that happens to get through these automatic program filters, gets implanted to run away anyway shortly after the critters notice them. If you pull their implants, they just reimplant more. If it happens too much, they call in a huge “Kept Away” level thing, and these people will be “Kept Away” from you in a big way.
        This is so insidious you only notice it when you look back. Are people often mean to you for NO reason? Do they overreact WAY more harsh than needed if you do happen to do something wrong? Forcing you to have to be perfect, but still not get ahead much in any way? Constantly the “victim” AND somehow made to be the “bad guy”? It’s not Martyrdom, or Victim, it’s these twisty programs & implants. You are “Targeted”…it’s a bit different than Victimhood (which we all have,yes, but that’s organic and this is not) “Have all the people you’ve dated been “crazy or disconnected” somehow? Most likely they HAVE been, because all the “normal, stable” people left the building as soon as you walked in. Pushed away by simple programs. Most of LHWomen I know say “Men are Crazy! I can’t deal, so I just gave up on them.” All men aren’t crazy, it’s just you’ve only “been allowed” to be around the crazy ones! So you give up and you think it’s YOUR decision to not have a relationship. But that’s not your free will choice. And no one around you has been able to have free will choice to like you either. They kept a majority of the “normals” away, with simple, AI programs. Without even wasting very much manpower. And the higher level “Kept Away” thing is hugely powerful, and cloaked. Like Arcturian Mother Ship level powerful. Has shielding somehow against High Light Energy!!!! Can grab it and turn it against you even.Uses holographic weapons to hide. Will just show you movies of something else if you get close to tracking up to it. It mimics how your guides, angels, etc come across your sensors. So it will just drop a false story down your channel, with a kernel or two of truth mixed in and a “glamour” around it to make you not look too close, to seem like that is the True Cause but it’s not. That’s how it bypasses your Discernment. Can also timeline jump. Best way to see it is by using what I call a “Discernment Protocall” :ask a totally “New to you” Benevolent Dimensional Being (someone the critters do not have a record of your sensors perceiving before in their “library”) to 1) to protect your communications from being perceived by others so they can’t record how this being appears to your sensors and 2) come up with a code so you will know this Being is real again in the future and not a mimic playing over your sensors, and 3) ask it if they will look at the person FOR you, and show you what THEY see. Using THEIR sensors. Also, don’t just try to track up directly through the person, go to someone sideways to them (like the guy that ran away) and try to track up that way and back over to the person. You still won’t get the big guy this way but you’ll get some of the “implanters”.
        But most high level Tracker/Fighters will not do this. (That’s likely another program) Try telling them to “not trust” their sensors, guides, etc. Good luck with that! It does not matter how High or Pure their guides are, they won’t even get the question, the critters block the channel once they are aware they”ve stumbled onto a big light chunk. And they are not immune to those program thingies, in fact they work better in clearer channels. They will just tell you that you are doing something wrong, or inviting stuff back in, or just not compatible with their work, and they will drop you. Cancel, cancel, cancel, delay, delay, delay.
        This is how they are doing it. This is how they delay everything so easily. They have co-opted most of the Light, without anyone being aware really. Anytime they want, they can just whammy a good Lightworkers sensors, so the other piece of Light trying to get help is just pushed off, or sent on a wild goose chase. Or told to “go within” blah blah blah. And neither would EVER know. Because they will just lighten up the torture a little so it feels like you’re “clear”. And they only do this when the tracker/fighter bumps into a big chunk of Light. Most of the time they are “allowed” to be right. They don’t care if Mary Jones or Joe Smith get clear. Them Sparking is like a match, or an LED light. It doesn’t hurt them. And they WANT the trackers/fighters to be accurate, like 80 accurate, so that the big chunks with gravitate to them for help. They focus 85% of the Dark on the top 15%-20% of the Light. That’s why “most people” are feeling lighter, get things clearing. But the big chunks are being totally locked down on. We are Darkness’ last stand.
        But I’m pretty darn sure the Event will be sparked by the big chunks Sparking! That’s why there are zillions of layers of things lined up against that. And unfortunately Team Light is NOT doing the same focusing as dark is. Due to the manipulation and mimicking of the sensors, they are mostly clearing the Mary Jones’s and Joe Smiths. They need to focus on the people that can’t seem to get cleared. But everything is lined up for them to push those people away, or be irritated by them, or feel like they are whining and complaining. So the big chunks are being told false stories, or being ignored or rebuked when they say they don’t think this is right, because they are not “clear”.
        Pretty sure this is why many say Event time can’t be determined because it depends on us, we trigger it. But it’s the “big Light chunks” that will trigger it, not the Mary Jones’s. So Light really needs to wake up and see this is happening. Some big Light chunks are worth a million or more Mary Jones sparks. But the trackers/fighters will be blowing that person off after a session or two. And the big light chunks are also blocked from connecting to their OWN power and they can’t clear themselves. They need others to do a lot of it for them until they get mostly unlocked. (Which the critters ruthlessly fight against!) So don’t hold your breath for the Event until we start turning this around.
        I know this may all sound like just the fictions of a creative mind, lol, but I have been looking at every single interaction I’ve had for over 4 years to try to figure the “rules” of this stuff out. All of the above is happening to me and many many others that I am able to observe. I can see it but I can’t stop it. That’s the real torture. (On top of all the other torture I mean 😎)
        Blessings, Love, and radical forgiveness for all of us (even the critters!) ❤️🌎⚡️🎁🌌
        PS: And while your No Blocking post is fantastic, and a wonderful thing, I’m pretty sure the biggest blockers are coming from a level outside the Light Matrix that all creation projects into. So, what is “distance” to that thing??? It will just block somewhere upstream of whatever your “limit” definition is. Also it’s kinda like the old Daffy Duck cartoons, where he would be all offended and holding a sign up to protest something the creator of the comic strip did…and the Artist’s hand would just pop in holding a pencil, and erase his pants and redraw him in a skirt or something silly. Or make his sign say “kick me” instead. Does this make any sense? The level of this Kept Away ting or its cohorts is WAY outside the comic strip. Or they stole Tech from there that allows them the same power. So how the heck do you fight THAT thing???? That’s what I’ve been thinking about every day for over 4 years. 😎⚡️💥 The answer is to get big chunks Hearts to spark.


        1. No. Those energy “blockers” were Neutrals masquerading as Positives. Very annoying. Too many schmoes trying to keep us down.

          And you fight the impossible with the impossible. The rule is: if you can imagine it, no matter how impossible, it can be. You just need more minds to make things happen faster.


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  7. Weird……i’m hearing songs (out of a speaker, not in my head) in the last 12 hours that i know well and there are defintely slight pitch changes in some of the notes…….timeline change i’m thinking or my hearing has changed?


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  8. I have been reading, and appreciating, all the comments in this blog for many months. One thing continues to bother me: I’m not experiencing the levels of stress / emotional swings / annoyance per se which others seem to be “enjoying”. In one sense, it makes me feel like I’m just not “in step” with everyone else here – or it could be that I’m just immune (Ha! Likely not….). Thoughts? Suggestions on anything that I should be doing differently (even more meditation for example)???

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    1. Well… not all CATs are experiencing everything, either. Some people are just ready. They were born ready. Some need to work things through. We’re all different. We’re all the same.

      How much meditation are you doing?

      Note that a bit less than half the CATs (we’re guessing) are in a meditation black-out after the latest set of upgrades; we haven’t heard much from them. All we can do is be patient and wait for the lights to turn back on. Abilities are coming back, but with very interesting differences. More on that later.

      -CAT Eds.

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  9. I bring thee a most wonderful and blissful message from the Kingdom of Belgium: one of the lowest vibe reptilians died yesterday.
    For what he did to children he’ll spend the next 5,000 lives in very dark parts of the Universe.

    And now I’m dancing on his gra-ave! Dancing on his gra-ave.
    I meant: dancing with my-se-elf.
    Mixed up Billy Idol’s lyrics.

    Timeline Justice has officially been declared open.
    Swooooosh! The sound of evil being flushed away from Planet Earth.
    Swoosh! Swoosh!
    We may need some Toilet Duck.

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      1. Michel Nihoul.
        Child killer, torturer, rapist, swindler, drug trafficker and much more.
        Leader of the pack in both the Dutroux case and the infamous Bende van Nijvel-killings.
        Anyone with power in Belgium was linked to him, from the media to the court, hence he wasn’t convicted for child murder and still gets good press upon his death.
        More than 30 people that were gonna testify against him, were found death before they arrived in court. Says enough about the scope and level of his network… Same network that sent me death threats.
        Anywho. Ding-dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead!

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  10. Woke to La Bamba this am. Party starting? Phone being too smart for Me, or I’ve been “googled”. Much Love/Gratitude. Peace.

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  11. Marc Dutrou or someone of that ilk? Now that would be good news and perhaps put others on notice including my ‘parents’
    Those who hurt children have no place here.
    There was a comment that they quit their job after 12 weeks of bullying, wish I was that brave. Car died can’t afford another now in limbo do I quit my job? Weird that I feel so FREE for not having one since I was 16 – now 58.
    Burned out by this whole illusion game…..are we there yet?

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  12. Okay, Update 2 explains why I was awakened at 3:00AM PDT from a dream in which I was giving a remarkably impassioned summation about something to some group. I think it was about the sacred duty of education or something. This is the first time that I got the full audio as well as visual. Hmmmmm. As an aside, the energies at the farm are remarkably more peaceful than yesterdays.

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  13. The latest whomp/jump for me came with a dream – it may help clarify what we left behind. The dream was on a large ship, possibly a military ship. Everyone was granted shore leave and were wearing their civvies, and walking off happy and relaxed. It’s the unique feeling of happy and relaxed that comes after a long time doing a hard and stressful job – observing rules and regulations, and having a superior breathing down your neck. This is an extreme example (our mileage will always vary), but I think the coincidence of when it happened is fairly striking.

    In the dream I also lost my phone but kept my wifi puck. Seems silly but might be significant?

    I hope in this new timeline that everyone can take a few minutes to kick back and relax, and take a brain-break from some of the past 3D nonsense we may have been dealing with. Where we’re going, that kind of stuff will be a distant memory.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Hi dreamwalker444, I too found myself dreaming a similar dream, I was awoken around 3am to remember it. We had just arrived, everyone was walking leisurely happy & free. I was walking beside & communicating with someone who was responsible for bringing us here to this new place, while talking I realised I left my computer behind & said you know I will have to come back with you (in my head this was a long journey) they agreed I had to go get it & would bring me back. I have all my spirit work on my computer so I gather I needed to bring all that with me. Everything is feeling lighter today 🙂 the recent gridwork involved energetically balancing the collective consciousness mind, it is out of balance with unity so to me we have jumped away from the hive mind mentality (work in progress) & into Unity Consciousness. The Hive is being smoked by the Bee/Source. Love to All

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  14. So much going on out there it’s mind boggling but I trust in Source that our lights are getting brighter and brighter despite the unrest…

    I was sitting in my daughter’s bedroom today, had just changed her nappy and was feeling a bit tired so just sat on the floor thinking quietly to myself. I looked over at my daughter’s bed. She has a lovely white duvet with tiny gold embroidered stars all over it. Anyway, it looked like it was melting, the entire middle bit of her bed, just like melting marshmallows!

    And…..for the third night running I just heard more bird song in my living room!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Looks to me like the Ole’ Government Shoe has caught up to the TIMES, seems like a mighty provocative conjecture to have a positive introduction to brand name war machines!

      What kind of Higher Order Being needs a space fleet?

      The Kind That Isn’t Made Of Light

      i dont know, please tell me if i should just stop commenting at all




    2. hi, @ lily144,
      that’s simple.
      Our Trumpeter is Godsent. The Universal / Galactic Alliance
      gives him direct, mighty support and guidance,
      for a long time. Actually directly under & by BrotherJ.

      If they appear in body around the President, means…
      well — that SHIFT is imminent!

      I bet, under the high hair of the Lady-Commander
      there is an elongated scull!

      love to you, dear lili

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      1. I was hoping this was genuine, thank you for your replies! I was also hoping the space fleet was a cover for something more positive rather than needing a fleet to fight with in space etc…. Would be wonderful, if this is genuine and positive that it might well mean the Shift could be soon!

        Much Love! ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. I feel the Space Fleet is a cover to bring the Secret Space Program out of the Deep State cabal control and into a more positive position under Trump and the Alliance.The Secret Space Program ,having its origins in the US in the early 1950’s but going back even further to 1930’s Nazi Germany has at present unbelievable technology that even surpasses ‘ Star Trek ‘ type science including holographic healing ‘Med Beds ‘that offer age regression facilities that are available NOW !!! to all humanity. It is the ultimate aim of the Galactics , two of whom were present in person with Trump at the Oval Office ,to bring this tech and much more to all humanity .

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          1. i honestly still dont ever really know if when people talk like this its secret code for natural healing like, as in, a “med bed” does that mean laying in your bed and reattuning yourself>? or do people actually believe in this high-tec fantasy driven novel-esque interpretation of a lot of useless things we dont need that would drive us further into a cyclical nightmare scenario… i mean

            Whats the point in becoming a star trek holographic world when you could just become a buddhist instead…

            why fight nature with technology even if it is masked as light…

            No one needs anything more than whats inside them

            and also maybe a hug.


          2. Someone ❤️ Thank you for your comment, that is incredibly positive! I have heard of the ‘Med Beds’. How long has this technology been kept from humanity I wonder!

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️


  15. so,

    things as they are here on new earth are starting to become a bit more lucid everyday…

    I just have one question

    Are the consciousnesses manipulating nature naturally, or are “they(?)” the artificial intelligence or

    Is that just the nature of consciousness.

    Because, i mean, lately it seems this lucid three dimensional screen is reaching out to me in at a whole new invitation

    Is this what could be considered entering the Fourth physically versus what the experience was as, in preparation, mentally…


    Liked by 2 people

      1. i’m doing my best to just be now while all matter?/energy? around me is more alive than the people shuffling their stinky feet along the deck!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Hang in there. I had my hearing magnify really badly the other day. I mean we are talking I could hear planes flying by as if they were next to me. I was kind of disabled by the noise of it all. Cars going by. People walking… Things got very noisy for a moment. It lasted about two hours and then I passed out for a nap which I never do. I think I was just overloaded. Where is the handbook for all of this?

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  16. ONE learns to appreciate being sick
    ONE says


    Because the opposite is not

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  17. re: Update 2
    Thanks. I was wide awake and watched the meters spike for a hot minute. I was wondering what was up. These time line jumps are starting to feel different than the ones before. Any reason why?

    Liked by 3 people

  18. Anyone else noticing the minute you get near a lower frequency angry person it is like getting an energetic smack you can’t be anywhere near them? Just had that today.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Yep and something always happens where I get pushed away. I’m like in permanent quarantine at the moment. Clients canceling me, plans falling through. In the beginning I was freaked out but now I’m getting use to isolation.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I am noticing they do not want to get near me either now wow this is interesting….before negative people just had to show me what they were made of now they are like I think I will not even walk near you lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. re: the 2 Spectrograms
    They don’t feel like a warning. They feel like an assuring message. More like we are all here with you. Same with that very last one at the end of the post. But all those other ones feel hostile almost as if they are battling their own war. Have you ever thought that they maybe there is a massive war happening outside of us? Out there ☝️? I think this is all a little more serious than expected. I dunno.

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  20. This is my first time visiting this particular page. For the past few years I have been paying attention to basically most of this page has offered. I have not really talked about it, but I have questions after reading everyone’s comments. On the 23rd, I had a hard time breathing. Catching that one, good satisfying breath. I was on edge about everything, which after dealing with depression and anxiety for most of my life, I’m kinda used to, but that day was especially bad. 24th came and it was the same. Cant breathe, couldnt focus, bored but jittery. 25th I woke up being able to breathe! Still huffing and sighing, but able to get that good satisfaction. We are on the east side of this post-tropical depression. Tornado watch and flood watches. I started hearing what sounded like a low flying plane. Freaked me out because it sounded like a tornado, but it just stayed in one place, moving around in circles or something. Lasted for about 10 minutes. An hour after i last heard the noise, i got a bad headache. Where it starts with my vision, and pain spreads to the other side of my head. Over noticed with the schuman resonance when the red line goes haywire it prompts the bad breathing. But is this at all related to what you guys are going through? Or could I be imagining things? I live not far from a training military base. Could this be effects from military inventions, or HARP or DARPA? After being told I was crazy most of my life, I really want to find the reason instead of treating symptoms. The above post about the “keep away” program feels like my life. My mom was hit by drunk driver when I was 8 and was left comatose for 17 years to the day. My grandmother got rare form of cancer and fought it for 10 years. They died 11 months apart. Have 3 friends that are amazing, but it’s hard to make new friends. My other grandma said my man pocket was broken because I kept finding losers. Am I being targeted? I’m sorry for the long post but my mind is racing right now.

    Liked by 3 people

  21. Just a quickie to note a Dreamtime from a couple nights ago…
    A house by the sea, of which I’d been to before in a past DT. At that time, many very awake people were there, working together for the greater good. Also helping others whom were on their path. Lots of ‘instruments’ and rooms for healing etc.

    This time, as I walked nearer to this house, the sea was much nearer, almost lapping at one of the walls, and it was night time. I was with another, maybe more… and we were checking out all the rooms, to see if anything had been left behind.
    Not a jot. Everything and everyone had left. In a good way.

    Much Love ❤

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  22. This is lovely: Something big collected all of us in its arms at 4:10 am PDT, along with our families *and our respective houses* (no idea what that’s about)… and JUMPED… and landed here, on the other side of the above timeline jump.

    I think respective houses is lineage. I.e Egyptian, Greek

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