A Serious Change of Season [UPDATE3]


Leaves are already changing (in spots) where some of The CATs live. We’re anticipating an early Autumn for some N. Hemisphere locations, and a deepening of Summer for others. The weather will change FAST this year. We’re also anticipating some new revelations. We have a few for you.


Like we said, things are going to FALL fast — all over the place. Have lots of tea and personal comfort items on hand. Do something you enjoy.

It’s going to go from unGodly hot to cold in a big damn hurry (and v. v. for those in the S. Hemisphere). Expect 95 degree temps to drop to 50 in a ridiculously short time in the N. Hemisphere. It’s interesting to note that one of The CATs wrote “impromptu/ unexpected snowstorm” on the whiteboard next to “SHIFT SIGNS.” It’s been there for a while.



This is so strange… and well illustrates the thinking of the Chinese Government (who should not be confused with the Chinese people), their thoughts and intents.

Boxes of unmarked seeds labeled “ear rings” from China have been reported delivered to people in several states, left on people’s doorsteps. The boxes contain seeds of some sort, all different kinds.



Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 2.46.05 PM

This is something strange that China wants us handling and even planting. We get that some of these plants will destroy natural ecosystems, so… they should be BURNED.

DO NOT plant them. Soak them in gasoline and torch ’em.

What’s strange is that SOMEONE in the U.S. should be able to identify these seeds and quickly make recommendations. Findings will be made later, we’re guessing, but the delay is interesting… in a horror movie sorta way. The whole thing is very 3d.

Meanwhile, back at the News Ranch… some GOOD news:



This shows you some of the new “programming” those recent CMEs brought in.

We were frankly shocked to see a new mainstream news outlet like OANN on our cable channel lineup, especially considering this new channel WAS REPORTING TRUTH ON TV. We don’t watch regular TV, so it was a (normie) relative who saw it first and told us to give it a look. THEY couldn’t believe what they were seeing, either.

The Truth on TV: What a concept.


Speaking of the unbelievable…

1952 (2015 0116 082) (LDLUX4) Gene Kelly; Singin' In The Rain; Broadway Melody sequence
Yeah, Gene… we couldn’t believe it either… but you’re the Third 6 in this frame.


We couldn’t believe this. We used to love this movie. But the operative word in the title is “SINGE” — that is, BURN — not sing. Try saying it. “Singin'” in the rain. You’ll see what we mean.

A few CATs just re-watched this film the other evening — which was originally released on April 11, 1952 — since discovering that Gene Kelly had been full-on groping and trying to rape then 19YO film-newcomer Debbie Reynolds (who had never danced before this role, but was a gymnast) throughout the entire filming of the movie. He jumped her so many times that she refused to ever be alone with him — and never spoke to him again.

You can almost see the stress.

Anyway, The CATs were re-watching this movie to view any subtle tension between the two actors… but instead they saw something they didn’t expect.

Notice anything odd here?



Yes, that stupid Illuminati Eye was in movies even then. But wait, there’s more.


At the culmination of the “Broadway Melody” segment, where Kelly has gone from rags to riches, he loses (or never gets) the one thing he really wanted: LOVE. (From Cyd Charise, unforgettable as the woman in green. )

The EYE never even blinked.

Anyway, we noticed this at the culmination of the dream montage. Note that EVERYTHING in a movie is deliberate. And Gene Kelly was the co-director, as well as leading man and choreographer. Lookie:

Being SINGED in the Rain 1

Note the horns… which even flash on and off a few times.  You can also see the words “WARD” [a person or thing under guard, protection, or surveillance], “STASIS” [the state of equilibrium or inactivity caused by opposing equal forces], “BANKING,” and the apt homonym, “LOEW’S STATE.” You might be able to make a case for “TASTOR” or “EASTOR,” but “LEVITATE” seems pretty clear. Kelly’s character name in the movie is “Don Lockwood.” Besides “Don” [lord, master] we have the Luciferian, “DAWN” and “LOCKWOOD” [enclosure]. A DAWN ENCLOSURE: Mr. Nasty in the flesh. 

We paused it right there. At first we thought, “nah,” but then remembered that 99.99% of everything in a movie is deliberate.

Being SINGED in the Rain 2
SINGED in the Rain?

Then we hit play and kept watching… and saw this in the scene transition: the previous lights glowing in the next shot — which Kelly HAD TO LEAN INTO TO MAKE HAPPEN:

Being SINGED in the Rain 3

The horns again, the dancers in Hell (on his shoulders) pulling him down, etc. We checked with Guides and… it seems Kelly really did make a deal with Mr. Nasty (which is never really binding) for fame and fortune in return for… other considerations, just like Bob Dillon and lots of other celebs. Very sad, esp. for those who used to love this movie. Takes a lot of heat to be singed in the rain. Interestingly, the other main stars of this film never worked with Kelly again.

Wait, there’s a little more.

The co-director, Stanley Donen [pronounced “Dawn-en”], went on to do a bunch of other famous movies: the horrifying “SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS” [think about the premise of this film for a moment]; “DAMN YANKEES” [uh huh]; the very funny “BEDAZZLED” [with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore… about Mr. Nasty tempting a fool], and other hits in the Sixties, all very good, all with a certain theme. Later, he downshifted into weird movies like “SATURN 3” [May/December couple and giant freaky robot] and the pedo-oddity, “BLAME IT ON RIO.” Hmm.

Speaking of burning untenable segues…

Uh, ok.


Since those still on 3d can see these words and images, we were instructed to put this out there. It’s for those ca8al members who may be feeling reluctant to participate in the “upcoming ritual” that this insane group has tied to an old pagan harvest festival. We just aren’t sure if it’s this timeline or another.


We don’t know the ritual they have in mind is, but we do know that the old pagan harvest festival/First Day of Autumn, called “Lughnasad” (Lammas Day, Loaf Mass Day) is this Saturday, August 1st. And according to Team Dark, the sacrifices 13 days previous to any pagan date sends ‘harvested’ mojo to… wherever; to “the old ones,” perhaps, though they’re either dead or on the moon, yay. Note all the riots this past week. We aren’t anti-pagan, but we’ve grown weary of all these 3d festivals, weird spirit conclaves of any kind. So many of these have been subverted by Team Dark that NONE will be celebrated on The New Earth. Not a single one. We’ll instead make up new ones. Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

In CAT dreams and visions some of us have seen a bunch of dark-clad “business casual” people on a train (in coach!) and… a topless woman with a “vampire bite” (ew) on the left side of her stomach (ow) being passed around from person to person on said train (train = timeline) so every person could symbolically drink her blood, hooray. And then we saw that someone not of this group was set to write the word “RAPTURE” in the moisture of one of the train windows when their backs were turned. Yeah, we didn’t know what it meant either. But we were shown that this needed to be put out there, so there it is, for what it’s worth. Perhaps those who participate in this activity are to be put on their own fun timeline. Perhaps the woman is poisoned. Perhaps the food car was out of provisions.

Ok, time to purge that image…



On to more REAL fun… if you like being spooked.

Expect all kinds of EXTRA knocks and bumps in the night from now until Halloween as the spirit world goes berserk the next three months, and… you yourselves start flexing your manifestation muscles. (When we get in the zone now, we can hear the walls and ceiling CRACK with the energy expansion.) Things will get crazier and crazier as the season deepens… but what else is new? Most CATs have been experiencing this kinda ‘bump in the night’ since forever, lately most notably while in the course of energy upgrades by “A-Team” Guides; they must be either romping with spirits who are already here or creating some sorta hullabaloo. Perhaps it’s just our Guides, or our proximity to portals. We should try to get some footage of this. Too bad we sold our noise-activating recorders so long ago.

We also saw Laura Whitworth wearing a funny hat and smiling, so we have that to look forward to. (And no, Laura, you do not want to live next to a portal. It’s a bit much… though on second thought, we bet you could handle it. Your family might not like it, though!) If you don’t mind having every kind of spirit and ET and eight-foot-tall blue higher-order being come out and LOOK at you every few hours, OR being roasted by extra energy all the time, then by all means… sign up now!

We’re tireder than we look.


Finally, enjoy the change of seasons. Take solace in small things. Make pumpkin muffins. We are not planning any super-strenuous activities… unless someone hits the alarm. Even then, we might just stare at it.






AND a huge Wave X WHOMP is now here:

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 6.45.05 PMScreen Shot 2020-07-28 at 6.45.15 PMScreen Shot 2020-07-28 at 6.45.26 PM

Which would explain why we’re all falling asleep. Yikes…


Now that train vision/dream makes sense. We’re in a timeline jump right now:

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 1.31.46 PM



Timeline-loopage city. The whole day felt like this.

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 3.31.19 PM
Yes, we see the face.

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 10.55.28 PM

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 3.26.56 PM




102 thoughts on “A Serious Change of Season [UPDATE3]

    1. Here’s a nice little music video from LaLa Deaton — WWG1WGA 🙂
      I liked the lyrics underneath in the comments, and did not see the visuals.

      It is amazing to me that all of these dark subliminal messages, symbolisms, and behaviors have been in our face for …decades?…centuries??…millennia…??? And that SO MANY people were in on it, or at least knew about it, but felt powerless to expose it, UNTIL NOW ?????????????

      Thank you, Cats, for clearly pointing out the examples in the above loved “Classic” movie, with actors and actresses my Grandparents enJoyed. I wonder if Grandma and Grandpa knew? …

      Once, in my early twenties, I wrote a letter to them and casually mentioned that I might head out to Hollywood…. My most beloved Grandfather, first and ONLY time in my life!, immediately wrote back to me and said everything in his power to dissuade me from it. At the end of the letter — it seemed peculiar at the time since I knew it all by heart — he wrote their address and phone number and told me to always keep it with me, and that no matter what I was always welcome and could come home to them if I needed to.
      I WONDER IF THEY KNEW THEN what we are learning these past few years about what’s really going on out there in Hollywood, in D.C., with the Royals, and with all levels of Governments, local and around the world…

      I did not follow that path. Twice the opportunity presented itself, and both times (Thank you, Grandpa for one of those times) I said no.

      Does anyone remember the 1988 John Carpenter movie, “They Live”?
      OBEY, CONSUME, REPRODUCE, CONFORM, were the subliminal messages everywhere you looked, being put out to the masses by the 1% ruling class and controller aliens, and could only be seen through special sunglasses.

      Cats, did you get a pair of special sunglasses? 🙂

      It’s like that black and white line drawing of…something? I cannot remember what it was…and if you stare at it long enough you see Brother J’s image in it. And once you finally see it, from then on, it’s hard to look at it and NOT see Brother J’s image!

      I am feeling like that with the world nowadays.
      Like I cannot unsee what I’ve seen, unknow what I know,
      and now I see it everywhere! Pervasive.

      My challenge is to keep my eyes on the prize, and not on the dismantling.
      Or not.
      Turns out I remain in my Heart, regardless. I am so filled with gratitude that I am who I am and have stayed true to my Heart and Soul no matter what.

      The judgement I felt is ending, and it feels good, liberating –NOT condoning, and NOT normalizing — just freeing for me.
      In it not of it.
      To discern without judgement.
      Discern = dealing with what is.
      Judgement = deciding that what is is good or bad, right or wrong.
      Discernment keeps me in my center, supporting my choice of yes or no.
      I make my preferences very clear, and then let it go to my Divine Team and those whoever have the job to ferret out and deal with all the darkness and evil.

      It feels very close to completion, like months not years… I can hardly wait !!!!
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I wondered why all of the charts I’ve been looking at seem to have paused. Weird is the new normal. Love the pics Cat Eds. Thanks. 😸💖

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    2. Oh , meow…
      Used to love this old movies…it’s hard to stand this any longer.
      Early autumn while still in summer mode. Yearning for sunshine!
      May i ask for some light? Especially for my precious daughter Mira.
      She’s going to be mother and making me grandmother at Christmas time. What a
      special gift! 🌞
      Thinking about them is the only thing to keep me going.
      But i want this beloved child to see NE…not this deranged world.
      Love u 🌈

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      1. Dear tunguska2019,
        Light and Love for all 3 of you. May life be truly wonderful for the birth of you grandchild. Love, Angela

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  1. Can’t wait.

    I started picking mushrooms back in Germany, there aren’t that may trees left but we had a decent patch of forest nearby.

    Sweden is different, I never thought I would miss it but having seen both I can certainly see why the Germans go here on vacation. Having deep forests and wild nature around the corner is truly a blessing.

    I’ve already started scouting for good spots.


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  2. ECHO Echo echo, Is anybody, out there? What a Beautiful day in Pennsylvania. Every One Is so nice today, partly cloudy, 82 f. And I ran into an old friend(who took off his mask, into pocket). Expect More Light, for it Is Growing as We pour it on. Peace.

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  3. Testing 😉

    Beautiful evening, clear sky, birds flying by, a lot off lights in the sky, I was able to see 3-4 ones which are moving, stopping, changing colors while moving, but it seems that they are appearing from nowhere, probably from a clocked ship, maybe from natural portal somewhere near, I believe that there is one near by anyway, I am always glad too see them 🙏✨

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  4. Just a quick comment of autumn (I usually say fall) coming early – temperatures have been about 10 degrees lower than are usual for this area, this time of year and esp cooler at night even considering there are usual cool downs at night in SW USA, and continuing to be expected even cooler farther in days ahead- fine by me…

    yes, I wondered what had gone bonkers with the posting ability..


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  5. Well, yesterday Tuesday at approx. 3:00pm PDT, I experienced a definite shift in which there seemed to be actual physical movement. I felt a pull if that makes any sense. Today, I’m exceedingly CRABBY! (classic understatement) And,and, and (wait for it) things are breaking and going on the fritz. I also want to be left alone. (accompanied with maximum gnashing of teeth!!!) Rant over, thank you for your patience and understanding. Please put your tray tables in an upright position. Thank you for traveling with us.

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    1. Hi J, been there…yikes. Very happy when that phase passed. Very molasses like at the moment though. Feel happier soon. Angela

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    2. J. You sound like you are having a Tasmanian Devil moment. Grrr. Go get em. We love you whatever!😳 💖😸🌈😁

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  6. Wow, this update. The day it posted I was thinking about snow actually and wondering when we’d see some at an odd time. Also the train dream and the rapture word. That word has come up as well in another way this month.

    Today on a personal level was a complete crazy train event. My partner (who we’ve been growing apart for past few years) completely went bonkers with anger over my having a differing view than his. Completely railed at his worst for a good half hour maybe. One thing I noticed different this time is I just really held the love through all of it. Didn’t lash back, defend or anything just completely held and said I love you, etc. Then after he calmed down started crying and then we talked about how to end things as he can’t be with someone who doesn’t share his view on everything happening. Most of the time I’m very neutral and just avoid conversations about these topics, but past few months he’s not OK with that. So I thanked him and respect his feelings for what he wants, and that’s that. This will be a big change for me after 11 yrs with this person, but I know it’s the right thing and will be supported thru this. Just the timing seems a little crazy with all of the external chaos.

    Thank you to everyone here who is encouraging and shining the light for one another during this time. The past few exercises we’ve done as a group I think also helped me tremendously today. Normally after something like that I would have been more of a mess.

    Here’s to the falling away of what no longer serves our highest ✨… Fall is definitely here for me personally, lol.

    Much ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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    1. Been there, I spent 10 years with my first partner; and suddenly, just like that, it was over.

      I’ve been through three more since then, shorter but still painful.

      I know this much: somwhere out there, someone is waiting for you.


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    2. AOL My split with my ex brought me a great senses of relief and I hadn’t realised just how much pressure and compromise I had been coping with until it was over. Distance gave me great perspective. I wish you great joy, peace and love. 💖💖💖

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    3. Dear AOA, I’m sorry to hear that your old life has so dramatically changed. (even though it was an ill fitting life). And so happy for you as well. You won’t completely realize how stifled you were until you are away from the relationship for a length of time. I released a marriage of 25+ years a few years back. We’re still good friends, and supportive of each other. And surprisingly he is one of the ones who currently gets things and we are on the same page about much. (that one was a surprise). But the sense of freedom, and the ability to be yourself again. It’s priceless. I hope you enjoy that aspect fully. Congratulations, it was an enormous milestone. And the fact that you handled it well, will be a good start to your new. My mantra was “I Trust Life” and things simply fell into place over and over again. With some stretching of myself (of course) And that’s what it’s about, the dance with Life. Happy new journey. Love Angela

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    4. AOA ❤️ I’m sending you big hugs and love. You are fully supported 🌈🙏🏼❤️

      ps. I haven’t been able to comment for days even tho I’m logged in. Hopefully this goes thru
      I love you guys so much!! 😻😘❤️😘😘❤️

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    5. Hello! Hoping this will post… not able to since last Fri/Sat. I’m logged in too?? I’m trying multiple posts at the moment to see what happens 😊. I love you guys very much. ❤️❤️

      AOA. Sending you a big hug and lots of love and support as you navigate forward. 🌈🤗❤️🦋


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    6. Thank you so much Sifoo, Newlynn, Angela C and Jane for your kind and encouraging words 💖💖💖💖and personal shares.
      I agree 💯 I know without a doubt that this has been stifling for me energetically, and Im not surprised with the timing and the big bump up we all just had. I’m looking forward to whatever comes next and trusting ✨knowing I’m fully supported.

      Thank you and big 🤗 and ❤️to you all.

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  7. Cats, i’ve got a question.
    Once you mentioned Odin and described him as a nice guy.
    Did you meet him? Where is he now? What is he?
    Love u 🌈

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      1. Have they all evolved so well? And we only know of the negative aspects because of where we all are down here. I need to grant that knowledge credence I would think. Something to look at in myself I guess. I grant that grace to other beings, but for some reason I have resentments regarding the so called “gods”. hmmm

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        1. Yes, Angela, I get it.
          That separating world, NO MORE!

          However, I AM purposely playing with the ideas about how each of us — including myself — are a Spark of God/Source, a fractal maybe, who are growing into being conscious heart-centered co-creators/creators of micro-universes and worlds.

          Baby steps.

          Ever since I can remember, I have been very consciously connected to and interacting with God/Source, but still with God/Source being outside of myself, as I was taught in church.

          But later, I really connected with Source WITHIN my heart during meditations, and became familiar with the feelings and sensations of Source within me.
          Then, somewhere along the way, I invited and allowed Source to see and experience through me more and more and more, until now it feels second nature. Always constant. No separation. Familiar, identifiable.

          For me, there will be no more gods outside of the God Source I now know within. That doesn’t mean that those who have gone before us haven’t evolved.
          I am still evolving every day, and will keep going!

          Language has been so limiting to understanding.
          I am very much looking forward to more telepathy!!!! 🙂
          My Heart to Your Heart.
          Big Love
          ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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          1. Hi sparklygoldendiamondrainbowhuebeing, I went to catholic school. I remember the nun teaching class and saying we had to go through a priest to talk with God. My hand automatically went up. I didn’t know how I knew, but I was adamant that was not the case. And I questioned her. No good answer in reponse. How could there be? Somewhere inside we know that connection to Source, whatever name you give it, is ours and is always there, and cannot be severed. And does not need an interpreter. We can be convinced that it does, but that is the great lie that strives to take our power for itself.
            I guess being here (and lower levels still) allows us all to sink to that level, including those who masqueraded as “gods”. We all evolve. And here where time moves so slowly, so much has gone on outside of this time construct while we were whiling away the time. no pun intended. It’s like we’re stuck in a black hole, where 3 seconds here is 3 decades or more outside of here. I’m rambling.
            Your conscious connection sounds beautiful, and carefully cultivated. It does take that. Attention and intention. I feel that somehow fractals are in the equation. I’m not sure how. Some spark or quark or fractal. A piece of all that is in every living thing. Containing the all while it lives out the singular (many singulars in different spaces and times and dimensions and levels. So much Life.
            Thank you, Angela

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            1. Ha! The same thing happened to me in a Sunday school class long ago, the only one I attended. The nun in charge of the class said the same thing and I raised my hand (I was a precocious eight-year-old) and said: “Excuse me, but you are mistaken. Anyone can speak to Him at any time, since we are ALL Him.” The LOOK on her face was priceless. I shrugged and left.


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            2. Well said, Angela,
              and straight from your heart! 🙂
              I can feel your Big Love.
              THANK YOU !!!!

              Side Note: Similar to your experience!
              During 3rd or 4th grade, our neighborhood friends invited my sister and I to their Saturday catechism. I may not have had the vocabulary to spar with a Nun on her turf, but that did not stop me from asking a LOT of questions, and arguing with every one of her answers.
              (Like you, I felt NO NEED for ANY intermediaries between me and my God. Also, I had sparred earlier with the Clergy in my family church over the fact that I KNOW my dog has a soul, and that it was more connected to my God than the Clergy’s would ever be! )

              At the end of my catechism visit, the Nun pulled my friend aside and forbade her from bringing me to visit ever again. 🙂

              Big Hugs
              Big LOVE to you, Angela, and heart connected to this blog 🙂
              ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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            3. Agreed. Dogs are big giant walking heart love. They are so unconditional and forgiving. (most of them) Powerful healing that. I can’t wait for the day when we can all communicate again.

              We were all rebels from the get go….that inner knowing, it’s amazing we kept it. Love to you too. Angela

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  8. In NZ all week has been Spring-like, we’re in Northland & all those in my circle are talking about it; trees are starting to blossom, flowers emerging, the sun is hot!!

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  9. Hello All,
    It’s hard to imagine people getting any crazier than they are now (or I just don’t *want* to imagine people getting crazier).
    My husband’s grandmother transitioned earlier today. My husband was very close to his grandmother. He went back to Connecticut (we live in Texas) last week to say his goodbye to her and to see his family. He had a really nice lucid conversation with her, which was wonderful because she had suffered with dementia the last 4 years or so.
    He also got to spend some quality time with his parents.
    What didn’t go well was visiting with his 2 brothers and their families. Both of which watch too much news and are petrified of this virus. His oldest brother would not allow anyone in his house, and met my husband and his parents in his backyard. He insisted that everyone wear a mask and keep their distance.
    The youngest brothers wife took their 9 month old daughter out of town to avoid my husband. My husband hasn’t even met his newest niece yet. The wife also keeps the baby away from my in-laws. My husband acts like it is no big deal, but I know it bothered him.
    It is sad and a little surprising to me that people are so gullible, to the point of being ridiculous. Especially at a time when a family bond would be helpful and comforting. At first it made me angry, the way his brothers and their S.O.s acted. But I realize that they are brainwashed.
    My husband spoke to his older brother today, and the brother was shocked that we had dinner tonight with my parents in a restaurant. 😞
    Maybe I shouldn’t be sharing this, but it does feel better to get it off my chest. I know we are All ready to get off this crazy train. Until then, I will continue to meditate, mantra and pour pitchers of light on everyone.
    I love you All, and am thankful for this community of beautiful souls.
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. I believe they’re all playing their parts perfectly, allowing you to see to madness for what it really is.


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    2. Sharon, it’s driving me nuts too, why can’t people “see”?

      This is the real divide isn’t it? I guess its needed for the polarity shift, we all play a part.

      Be in peace x


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      1. hi, @ rusirius44

        here, something quite sweet for you, and for
        @ Delfina Cristina
        and all here who need a good laugh!
        A new hero is stepping on stage,
        bringing right this significant moment!
        with charm & ease
        lots of surprises and Truth.
        PLS scroll down to July 22, when UncleRob twitter started:

        Robert Trump

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      2. Hello Mark,
        I am not normally around anyone who takes this virus madness seriously, so hearing my husband talk about these occurrences was a bit of a shock to me. I do wish them all well and sincerely hope they wake up soon. I am so happy that my parents and my in-laws see through the BS. The polarity is definitely getting stronger.
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    3. Hi Sharon, it is difficult. My friend I’ve know since high school tried, but she simply could not agree on my viewpoint. So we agreed to leave that outside of our relationship for now. Our friendship is worth more than a difference of viewpoints. My brother and I the same. He will ask questions every once in awhile, but we both agree to skirt around conversation about current events, unless he asks then I will anwer.
      We have friends that demanded that we Say we were going to wear masks everywhere or we couldn’t meet. Just say it, which I thought was odd. But we couldn’t agree at the time, so we are staying respectfully away for now.
      I’ve mentioned enough things prior to this, that when the time comes they will ask questions. And that’s fine. You can’t force it, or you will damage the relationship for later. And it will be harder for them to come to you at that point. I do believe that point will come. So I find ways to stay connected without confrontation now. In the beginning it was a bit hard. But I decide I don’t know all of it, so why push my “theories” on anyone, just to garner agreement. We’ll all see as it rolls out.
      I wish you a calm interim. The rest of this year is coming up fast, so I don’t think we’ll have long to wait. Love, Angela

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      1. Hello Angela,
        I totally agree that we should put our differences aside. I felt no need to say anything to the brothers or their S.O.s. I do not enjoy conflict, and I know I can’t change their mind anyway. I just let people be and send them Love. It is a challenging time for us All.
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  10. Well call me Blossom,
    I’m now channelling, who or what remains to be seen:

    Welcome to the new world.
    A world where people are valued and judged by who they are rather than how well they learned to play the game, a world based on truth and love.
    We’re just getting started, but if you read between the lines you can already see it emerging from within the turmoil and chaos.


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  11. “…we’ve grown weary of all these 3d festivals, weird spirit conclaves of any kind. So many of these have been subverted by Team Dark that NONE will be celebrated on The New Earth. Not a single one. We’ll instead make up new ones.”

    What, no traditional holidays on NE?! I don’t care what Team Dark did with them, for most of us they are excellent, innocent fun.

    I live for Christmas, with the decorations, trees, carols, presents and the family gatherings…nothing but good vibes and great memories there. It’s the only time of year I go to church, about half a dozen times for various performances (and to make up for the rest of the year when I do not show up, LOL).

    Even Halloween can be rededicated from dark purposes to something purely amusing, which it already is for normies who are completely ignorant of its occult origins. Just call it “Harvest Festival of Costumes, Gourd Carving and Sugar Binging”, or Tooth-Rot Day, for short, and away you go for your masked dances and trick-or-treating.

    I am sure people of other cultures also have wonderful special occasions they would be reluctant to surrender. I don’t think that only North Americans will make it to NE. Hopefully with more spare time on NE, we will be able to host fanciful and creative events every weekend.

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      1. Agreed. We will differ. I can’t abide Christmas. The commercial gloss, high expectations that are not based on reality. Wanting everything to be perfect. It’s a false festival as brother J wasn’t born then. So many people fall out with one another. The sadness of those that have no one to spend it with, but think they are missing out. Spending crazy amounts on food and drink, presents and decorations. I could go on more but won’t.
        Halloween is just awful too. What on earth are we doing to the children conditioning them to think dressing up in nasty costumes and getting them to threaten people to play tricks on them if they don’t receive a bribe. I will say goodbye to these events very happily indeed.😟

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          1. Hi Lily. I agree regarding bonfire night. It’s getting worse. The bangs are louder and I wince when they explode. There is a lovely horse in the back field and lots of pets just up our road, let alone the whole village. No idea how it will affect Luna, but she did surprise me a couple of nights ago when we had a thunderstorm. She sat on the chest of drawers underneath the velux window and watched it all! Apparently Burmese don’t have much fear according to the internet.😸💖🌈💖

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            1. Bless Luna, she sounds like a strong kitty. Most cats would be trembling under a closet. and of course the wildlife, I hope there is no such thing on NE. There are also many people with PTSD from war experiences that suffer these times too. Feel so sorry for them all. Perhaps there will not be another Bonfire night if the Shift comes…🙏

              Much Love to you and husband and Luna Puss 🙏❤️🙏


    1. Each to their Own, for I see a snapping back together more than channels/qhht speak of. You can put 10 people in a room and get 10 differing stories of the same event. Timelines are slightly different for All. Sooo, what We read is that persons experience on that timeline. That may/may not be our experience for Our expansion. Peace.

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  12. Dear CATs,
    these are so important pieces of information you share with us every time♥
    Do you have some kind of source for the chinese seeds in the boxes?
    I would like to spread this information-if I may- and make more people aware of it, but I guess many of them will need 3D info to cope with.
    I can “feel” that something´s wrong with the seeds just by looking at the pictures! Because I´ve been collecting seeds myself.
    Thank you so much and meow!

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  13. Sharon, it’s driving me nuts too, why can’t people “see”?

    This is the real divide isn’t it? I guess its needed for the polarity shift, we all play a part.

    Be in peace x


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  14. At some point, very soon, when the second lockdown is fait accompli ( a done deal), there must be Divine Intervention as I wrote the other day to offset this negative development for humanity and trigger the global shift to higher levels of expanded human awareness.

    This is now somewhat difficult to explain.

    This shift will not be the final ascension as, except for the few PAT members, all humans and most lightworkers from the new age are not yet ready for this transfiguration. Therefore, there will be a global shift that will be caused by a tsunami wave of Source energies from the Central Sun that will lift humanity and this holographic matrix to a new energetic constellation. The minds of the people will be opened with one fell swoop for the truth and above all their inner conscience will be activated for the first time. They will know without any doubt what is right and what is wrong, what is truth, and what is a lie.

    This ability exists currently only in a few light warriors from the PAT and is virtually non-existent in the rest of humanity, still living in the old 3D matrix based on lies and deceptions that are still believed by the overwhelming majority as the current scamdemic proves beyond any doubt. It does not matter that this matrix already vibrates with upper 4D frequencies and that some of us are living on 5D and higher dimensional platforms. It is still the old matrix, kept alive by the collective beliefs and illusions as the current lockdown exemplifies.

    Therefore, before one can begin with any meaningful revelations, there must be an energetic shift that will bring human awareness at the natural levels of the astral plane (4th dimension). This event is now in preparation and will represent the last global shift prior to the final planetary ascension to 5D.


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  15. Love, light and hugs to everyone. 💕
    Here in SE England it is very hot today and due to be hotter tomorrow but my horses are getting ready for winter. Their winter coats are growing like mad and they are hungry, as in wanting to put on weight for winter.
    I love all the photos, autumn (fall) is probably my favourite time of year
    I could do without the growing pains today

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    1. Interesting Netters, as the past few days my feral cats can’t seem to get enough to eat either, they’re ravenous! Especially when it’s so hot out, they don’t normally eat that much, so something is up. I also love autumn, the crisp air, the earthy smells, the colors, love it!

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  16. Sharon, you are not alone at all. I think we all have relatives like that and I hear stories from other friends whose relatives are so fearful of the virus they won’t let anyone in their homes either. I find it so sad myself and I just cringe when I see children in masks. Thankfully I have sisters that are waking up and are seeing what is really going on. They had been asleep as I had tried gently over the years to give them tidbits of information when conversations arose. I have been trying to help others who ask me questions and some have been slowly waking up too. Been having some go arounds with the nursing home this week and have been pouring buckets of light on all of them whenever I think about it. Still won’t let us in to see the parents even though they said last week they were going to start opening up. Frustrating, but I try to hold and shine the light as much as I can.

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    1. Hello Brenda,
      Good work on planting those truth seeds! I honestly believe that is the most effective way to help the unaware. I have been dropping truth seeds on my husband ever since we were dating. I believe he would be in a total panic right now if I hadn’t. Now he is dropping truth seeds on others. Masks are mandated here where we live, and sometimes he will walk in stores wearing a fast food wrapper as a mask 😆.
      I hope you are able to see your parents soon. I will pour some Light buckets for you and yours.
      Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗,

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  17. Wow! I had an intense night last night. Ringing in the left ear was off the wall. Started about 1 am central time in US and continued after I went to bed. Usually I get ringing but it only lasts for a brief period and is just on and off. Then I heard clicking or knocking sounds with it every little bit. Is that the knocking you cats refer to? So I meditated with it and started to get some visions forming but couldn’t quite make out what they were. Lots of colors and shapes trying to form a picture. I had been getting some chest pain before the ringing which I still have some of this morning and it comes and goes too. Crazy dreams thru the night as well. Knew something was up and saw the Schumann just now and the black line and the wavy lines show something intense was happening.

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  18. I’ll start today’s comment with a hearty Har! There has been a decided shift in me today. The new kitchen faucet is being installed even as I write this. The old one blew up in my face yesterday. The unexpected shower was dealt with summarily. Gardener is doing light work in the shade today due to the excessive heat warning for the Cascade valleys today. Onshore flow kicks in tonight with 20 degrees of cooling. 97+ degrees today is a little daunting. I’m ahead in my watering, so I can stay indoors where it’s cooler. I have a confession to make: My mood was so foul yesterday that I treated myself to a baked shrimp scampi dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. I had to laugh, for when I called the restaurant they said my usual table would be waiting for me. (I expect the brass plaque will be affixed to it soon.) I finished the day by eating 1/2 of a key lime pie ALL by myself! (One of the people staying at the cabin inadvertently left the door to the freezer open so the pie was partially softened) All in all, I must say that I AM in a much better mood today. Cheers!

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  19. Dear cats,
    What is your read on how Gaia will help with the cleansing of the planet and the lower energies? Earthquakes? Tsunamis? We’ve already experienced fires in Australia and the US SW. Just wondering how Gaia will cleanse next.

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  20. Engineering called, the warp drive’s working, buckle up. A seat belt and climbing harness are useful additions to the meditation chair. We need only to lift off and undock. Remember Source Much Love~scott

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  21. Just had a Lockheed Galaxy buzz the house I didn’t even know they could fly something that big that low. Shook the house so bad I thought something was crashing. Kansas is a wild place as usual. Guess they are getting ready for something fun with a stunt like that. Ha helicopter coming over as I write this.

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  22. Looked like a Galaxy to me but I guess it could be anything military and huge never seen one before fly that low over us.

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  23. A few months ago I saw a strange black plane just hanging vertically right over the trees it was totally silent I didn’t even know what that could be. It looked like another Lockheed that was supposed to be out of commission. I have seen so many things in the sky in Kansas but i never want something that big going over the roof again. 🤣

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  24. Not a fan of OANN, or any media channel. Really tired of all the politics. Republicrats and Demicons, they’re all the same. Neither have the answer. All are puppets of deep state. And whether you follow ACIM or any other Christian-based teaching, isn’t it all about forgiveness? Especially for those your ego tells you are “wrong, evil, bad?” Just turn off the TV, radio and social media altogether. It’s designed to incite anger, fear and pit people against each other. When you focus on positions you will never be able to love/ forgive your perceived enemies. When you focus on commonalities, you will find that liberals and conservatives are more alike than you allow for in your political beliefs. I am a liberal. Do you hate me now? I don’t hate you for being pro Trump conservatives. In fact I honor your right to choose, and I thank you for giving me so much practice staying in Divine neutrality and not taking sides in 3D. Pichets of light to ALL of us, as well as

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  25. It feels like I should share this. I have the sense our Light Pitcher pourings have caused something BIG with the collective, which showed up for me in my experience last night.  

    Last night while dreaming:  I was with some other people, just ordinary life going on.  I scrambled to wake up after having just felt or just was feeling rumbles and ripples like an earthquake or vertigo feeling, so that I had to stagger a bit to remain upright. Turns out I’d awakened into ANOTHER dream (still dreaming, but THOUGHT I was ‘really’ awake)  I asked several of the people in the place where I was if they’d felt anything, but they all said “No, but there has been shouting”.  All the people were from long ago in my life, no longer living, but still alive in the wakeful dreaming.  

    I reflexively reached to G+P+C myself suspecting there might actually be some sort of frequency/ dimensional shift happening.  It felt urgent to do the G+P+C.

     Then I woke up all the way, out of the ‘awake in the dream’ state, disoriented and still remembering the rumble/ ripple feeling.  I think there was a sound with it, low,  grumbly sort of sound.  At this point it took perhaps 15 min to make my way through several layers of waking up to be certain of where  and when I was.  It was around 1:45am PDT by the time I looked.  I had a strong feeling something really large had just happened in the fabric of dreamspace reality, affecting the Illusion- first in the dream space- and would be showing up soon in the waking space.

    I never did go back to sleep, but remained in bed.  Curiously the night was SUPER quiet, so much so I wondered if the ‘world’ had disappeared for a while.  One of those SOURCE is here type feelings.  When I checked meters later in the morning, the Italian Cumiana meters showed a quite unique blackout pattern on ALL the meters, which doesn’t  normally happen.

    love, friend

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    1. This feeling of SOURCE being already here, I have for the last two weeks. Thank you for sharing that. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one.

      Love & Light

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