Another Sign Unto You ~ [UPDATE2]

Just a little sign. Unto somebody.

Regular readers will know that CATs don’t get biblical, but…

Hey… a sign.

In dreams night-before-last, some CATs were assisting people from OE to NE (Old Earth to New Earth). This time saw us escorting people through insane traffic, through customs, getting them their boarding passes, and then onto ocean liners… which is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for us. We do this all the time. But this time we recognized the guy checking tickets. This has never happened before.

In the dream, we handed over our tickets, as we have a hundred times, along with those for the people we were escorting, but we never go aboard. This time the ticket taker looked different than the others: He was late 40s/early 50s, solid-looking, handsome, black-haired, lantern-jawed… he was an angel.

After the dream we had a train wreck checking in with each other. He looked SO familiar… but he wasn’t an angel we’d worked with before. Then we checked out who it was: It was Archangel RAPHAEL.

This was a surprise. AA Raphael is a healing angel, yes… but he’s also the angel of TRAVELERS. We thought that appropriate given what we were doing… but wait, there’s more.

We don’t write much about angels, as most CAT experiences occur at a considerably lower level. (The basement!) But imagine our surprise when — at today’s CAT meeting — one of us saw a 9-foot-tall white-robed figure glowing at the top of the stairs. And guess who?

We were kinda floored. (We’re still floored.) At the time, we said hello, but we didn’t do what we were supposed to do: GO INTO MEDITATION AND SEE WHAT HIS MESSAGE WAS! Duh. Instead, we chatted about how amazing and cool it was, what he might’ve been trying to tell us… (yes, we can be lame sometimes). AA Raphael was clearly getting impatient with us… because, as we chatted, we heard stomping on the stairs! Feeling the DUH moment, we went into meditation…

…and we could be wrong, but we clearly heard two words: “TRAVELING DAY.”

This might might be for one CAT, for some CATs, for all CATs… or for all of us… or it could mean something else. But it seems pretty clear that something will be happening soon.



The M’s all agree: Everyone should be setting extra protection all the time during this phase of The Event. Do this when you wake up, around noon, in the early evening, and before bed (in this case, to specifically safeguard you in dream state). We have a bunch of low-vibe things attracted to us, lately, specifically targeting anything “bright and shiny.” Note that more sophisticated dark things can throw (motionless) holograms, as well as project their voices/thoughts into protected spaces. It’s nothing to be afraid of, but it can be a little off-putting. (In your minds-eye they can often appear like dull-glowing basketballs with orange edges, seen “over the fence” of your protection.)

We also just finished a significant timeline jump, over several days:

And please, don’t microwave phones or money to “disinfect” or “recharge” them, respectively; neither work, and the former is unnecessary.

Common Sense is clearly no longer common.


Ok, here’s a sign unto you. We are going to seriously blackball anyone else who makes a medical suggestion of any kind on this site. We understand you want to help, but you’re not helping. There are some things you can’t herbal your way out of. So cut it out.

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  1. Well, this looks interesting. N. Cali. and PNW jet stream action over the next few days. The forecast for the farm over the next 10 days is for the possibility of up to 7 inches of rain/ snow level dropping down to 5000 ft by the weekend. It’ll be nice to see the glaciers on the mountain across the valley refreshed with white. They had gotten less than pristine appearing due to the gawd-awful smoke incursion we had a few weeks ago.

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  2. I think you’ll all agree this is about the cutest cat video you’ll ever see (it’s short don’t worry)

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    1. I miss having the house full of kittens.

      I don’t miss giving them away to random people and watching their mom go crazy catching mice that no one needs.

      That’s the thing about this world, you can never experience anything good without eventually dealing with the flipside.

      I’m just soo tired of nice things turning sour, makes me want to roll up in fetus position and quit trying.


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  3. Dear Lily, I am so sorry you are going through this. Holding you in Healing Light and Rememberance of your Divine Perfection. All my love dear – jane ❤️🙏🏼❤️

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  4. Hi guys, I’ve just opened a chinese Lucky cookie and I found this message:
    “Event will take a turn for better by Friday”.

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  5. Funny images of money that people were trying to disinfect in microwave! :))))))
    Did you know that you can wash Canadian money with soap and water? ;)))
    Just saying… 😉


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    1. People don’t seem to realize that sunlight is rich in UV and is a natural germ killer. We see people walking around in the sun wearing masks and bags over their heads and… [shrug]. These same people might want to study cholera epidemics.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Yes! I totally agree! It makes me sad that people are so easily manipulated and not educated in such simple things…

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  6. @Lily

    Go to the doctor ASAP. Don’t mess with it. ❤ Sending positive healing and instructions to the universe to put a doctor in your way that will direct you to answers and a positive resolution for your health!

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  7. Sharing what I find helpful setting protection in the aethers, this is not my work and claim no credit, use if resonates.

    To be super shielded- all in the aether:
    >>> dark purple robes, thirty spheres of light concentrically, liquid kaleidoscopic chromium star tetrahedron later, 12D cosmic shieled with diamond rainbow frequency and finally an obsidian sphere all around you. Phew.

    Cats rule you ‘guys’ rock 😎

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  8. I was communing with SOURCE this morning, asking/sensing about various things/people/conditions, asking appropriate aid where possible – light pours for various peoples and whatever reality I’m in and some imaginings – and this started playing strongly.

    May your days be bight and shiny and begin to be filled with ease and joy – may you easily cast off the negative programming of whatever pasts, dissolving into nothingness that which has/have prevented that ease and joy in your life, while retaining the whatever wisdom it has brought you.


    Queen – A Kind of Magic (Official Video)

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    1. Hi Kagee; as I read your post, this started playing in my head. Haven’t heard it or thought of it in years. Pretty song (makes me think of my dad; he loved to dance, polkas, though!) :

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  9. Hello!?
    Is anybody out there?
    Any update on Lily?
    Any update on anything?

    I fell deeply into a pool of black ice last night. I could use some pours of Light to help me extricate myself from the despair and return to a higher vibration. Please. ❤ Thank you. ❤

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    1. Sounds silly, but try uplifting music. Sometimes something so small can make all the difference, you just need to make a tiny adjustment in your perspective, even if it feels impossible to do. It actually isn’t, just seems it is. You got this ❤


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    2. Hi laraksmi,
      I’m holding you firmly in the field of our Love and support as you walk this. The knowing that you will find your way. Love, Angela

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      1. In my last reading with Lisa, she said that we’re all ascended masters, those who were brave enough to come here and help at this point in time. I think she was just using it as a way of describing advanced souls, though.

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      2. Lots of memories today, memories of balancing on the edge of major changes in my life, the feeling of emptiness before stepping into the void.

        When I was younger I managed to fall through ice on a couple of occasions and had to make it out of the water by myself. The energy at the moment feels similar, like I have to work to not get dragged down.

        I still wish it wasn’t so damn lonely around here. I mean, I realize that we never are and I can see the value of going through this stage. But still. Can you imagine being surrounded by real people; sharing, helping and laughing together? Do you remember what it feels like? I’m not sure anymore, the closest thing I have in my life is this community.

        Get better Lily, we can do this!


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        1. Hi Sifoo,
          Yes it’s an individual walk. Though we can certainly hold a resonant field of support and Love for each other as we traverse it. Personally this has been something of so much pressure I could feel/see parts of myself turning crystalline. Parts of the Tree healing trauma by turning crystalline. The only kind of patch that could survive the damage. And there was trauma damage. I’m still working on it. What a journey of healing. Forcing me to ask the right questions of myself. Forcing me to let go, forcing me to ask for help. Forcing me to accept that help by learning how to apply it to myself. I can feel now that I’m almost to the end of it, the travail. The walk through the valley. I can honestly say I think it could have taken me out. Feeling better now though. The end is in sight.
          And a part of that feeling better is this group. We are all dealing with our issues. Some of us may be dealing with The Walk. But we are here. Together. I read everything while in it. I sent love and healing as I could. I sent support and held the field of our group. Of us. Still shaky, I’ll be back to full strength soon. New strength because so much has changed / healed. Love to you Sifoo, and love to everyone here holding the field of Love. Angela

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  10. Hello everyone, just thought I would give an update. I wanted to reply to you all individually but I am just so tired so I do apologise.

    Doctor is sending me some Progesterone for the Endometriosis and more meds for the Proctitis/UC. Will be trying to push for an appointment with Gyno specialist at the hospital when I speak to the Gastro nurses about my UC, as they can usually refer to another doctor in the hospital if you are already a regular patient.

    The only other big problem is getting sleep. Poor Elsie is picking up on me not being well which unfortunately usually manifests as meltdowns and refusing to sleep, not because she is being naughty but because she does not understand what is happening and needs more reassurance which of course is more exhausting for myself…

    So, there is light there at the end of the tunnel and if I can just get Elsie to be okay then things should start looking up (everything crossed & keeping as positive as possible!)

    Thank you everyone, and loads of Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Soo good to read an update from you, Lily💓
      Yes, do push firmly for that appointment – all that matters is that You meet the right person giving You the right help so that You finally can get well and Heal – I am praying that it will be so🙏✨💖💕

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      1. Uli ❤️ Thank you. They want to try progesterone first and if that doesn’t help will look into it further…I used to have something called the Dep Provera injection which is Progesterone and I am thinking of asking for it in that form. I don’t remember having any of this trouble back then!

        Hope you are well and sailing through these energies with ease 🙏

        Much Love & Light ❤️☀️❤️

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  11. Speaking of signs, signs that indicate the grand wrapping up of loose ends, here’s an interesting one.

    Without going into specifics, this evening I had a realisation, a very subtle yet critical shift inside of me. It was something that was long overdue, an acceptance from my heart regarding a very personal situation. A life lesson…

    As it happened, a nebulous shroud of white lifted up only a couple of feet away from me, floating upwards to disappear out of site.

    What was this? Why happen at this pivotal moment?

    We must be very close methinks.


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  12. Aww lily, rest when elsie rests. You have to take care of yourself. Any family or friends that can care for elsie for a few hours so you can get in a nap? Moms need breaks. Dont be ashamed to ask for help.

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  13. Lily,
    I am glad you are beginning the road to renewed health. You MUST become the priority until health is restored, however long it takes. Utilize the help of your parents during the daytime while you have them. Seek out other caregivers for Elsie or reciprocal arrangements with other Mom’s who have special needs children. You need a break and (unless the shift is tomorrow) mending time.
    It seems that we have been in the trenches for such a long time. We have been.
    Last night’s dream had me working in a field hospital just outside a war zone. I was getting a commendation for being wounded in battle while working. The sense of camaraderie and service to others was what kept us going together.
    Do not ignore yourself in these last few days, weeks, months or years. Cay

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  14. Did we have another timeline jump earlier today? Black space on the Shoe Man.
    Thank you, Source.
    We are One. ❤

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  15. Here’s my today’s b-ice observation: the political insanity increases, people are behaving badly (classic understatement) masked wearing has become routine, traffic is terrific, anger abounds. Zounds! But lurking quietly in the background is the sweetest, most gentle peace,centeredness and joy. I observed loving conversations behind masks in public places. What caps it for me is sitting in the garden here at the farm and adsorbing the profound SOURCE quiet. That to me is the reality that we are experiencing.

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    1. I actually had a black ice dream (!) — had my bag packed and was driving home at night, about to get on the highway but it was just a big sheet of black ice and it was drizzling besides, so, dangerous conditions. As I sat there observing, cars were sliding off the road and people were yelling in the distance, it was getting chaotic. Then a pair of headlights was heading right for me. Since I was on ice I didn’t know if I could get out of the way, but managed to squeak off to my left a bit, and the driver squeaked a bit to my right and just missed me. Then a state trooper showed up, and it changed to a scene that I was with others on a plane that was grounded due to the bad conditions, and he asked me to put my mask on. None of us was wearing one. He was nice about it, but everyone felt a little on the spot. He then declared the highway shut down and we were all going to be provided with state transportation to get where we were going, which I assumed would be buses (one of the pilots was hoping for a plane, but I highly doubted it).
      — So, I read that as the “authorities” shutting everything down ‘”for our own good.” :-p

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  16. One of my youngest, after months, cane to sleep in my bed again last night. He has a bad dream about wolves. Strangely my eldest daughter, when she had bad dreams as a child she also talked of wolves. I set a protection around him, and I saw (in my minds eye) red coloured light, which faded and went, followed by green. Do negative energies attach to children? I often see green when I send love or protection. Ive never noticed the red before.. it feels like different energies have colour to me. Does anyone else get this?

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  17. My obsession with you CATS has bled through to dream time, again!

    It had all the cliches:

    Undercover, secret mission
    Sinister government agency
    Escape and evasion
    Stolen gold
    Child rescue en mass

    Quite an adventure, in which victory was claimed hurrah!


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  18. Hi Cats & ~M’s,
    Thank you for sharing the vision of Archangel Raphael. That Being helped quite a bit when I was in the worst of it. I saw a vision of someone when I was working / healing in the Tree. At one point I was in the Tree, and as I turned it came off the page so to speak, and became multi dimensional, and I was looking at many branches that looked like crystalline paths. I asked a question and the person / Being I saw who answered was blond, male, all in white – the lantern jaw you described and he nodded in answer. He never spoke words.

    That triggered a memory from long ago when I believe I met this Being in a dream. He never spoke then either.

    I didn’t realize the colors I was working with – emerald green and pale pink were within his range of healing. Much to think on. But mostly – thank you. I didn’t feel alone as I was walking all this. Helpless sometimes, directionless – but never alone. Love, Angela

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  19. Hello all, I wanted to share this with you.

    It rained today.   

    After months of heat and dry and then smoke… rain.   It came out of the west, clouding up the sky.  The sun was already cool today.  Slowly, the hints of moisture were ferried by wandering currents of air.  In mid afternoon, it began.  A fine rain, driven gently aslant by the breath off the ocean to the west, traveling up the valley.  

    It fell for perhaps a quarter of an hour only.  The dry grasses added their sweetness to the rainscent. The slate blue skies deepened the greens of redwood, oak and vine.  The hush of bird and earth held a bit longer after.  

    It has been a good day today, even before the rain’s grace.

    love, friend

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  20. Here is the latest from blossom, can the CATs comment on this announcement, and say if its true that the whole planet is going into lockdown?

    Yes, an Announcement is to come soon that is to shock.

    //Ok … deep breath … be bold Blossom … Is this to come BEFORE the elections?

    Indeed, it is.

    //Oh Lord! That is really putting yourself on the line there Guys and I feel a little concerned about you saying so, yet, I asked! Therefore, I must Trust and wait and see. Is there anything that could prevent this ‘particular’ announcement from taking place?

    At this stage, we can see no intervention for it has been kept very ‘Sacred’ and under wraps.


    Yes, Blossom. That is the word we are choosing.


    We can feel your trepidation?

    //Yep. You can … that’s quite a statement. Ok. For once, let me behave like an Awakened, Enlightened specimen of the Ground Crew Light Force and ‘go with it’ instead of trying to knock it, just to cover my street cred, once again. So, onwards, please.

    In our last communication, we said it would not be long before Phase Two begins … and we hold True to that.

    Let us firstly clarify.


    //So is the announcement or the lockdown the start of Phase Two?

    The lockdown.

    //Many countries are already in lockdown, either dragged on from the first or gone into a second. So, when you say Global, do you mean Global?

    We say Global … because we mean it.

    //So, every country in lockdown all at the same time. That is going to have to be one big announcement!

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  21. When there are long pauses in the action and comments here, I sense that all you Cats and Ms are busy elsewhere. I hope that some of us fledglings are not left without a last word or two of encouragement.
    I made it out of the black ice pool, primarily by listening to angelic music, much meditation and breathing in Source. Thank you, Mark, for the music suggestion. AA Michael and AA Raphael have been my companions as well. Thank you to all here who sent pours of Light. “I get by with a little help from my Friends.” ❤ ❤ ❤
    Just now I found a very inspiring, personal, not channeled post from Sophia Love website from 10/7/20 that you may like to read: Remembering Love in a world on Fire.
    Additionally, Lisa M Harrison posted her final episode of Deconstructing the Construct Episode #82. on 10/8/20 which I viewed yesterday. She had very poignant words, like you Cats, stating that it will be done by the end of October, that we are ALL going Home. "There was a virus in the Construct, and we are the cure." She signed off, "Construct is Deconstructed"

    Waiting for the world to change. It's the last of a string of beautiful Fall days here in SW MI before the rain moves in tomorrow. I'll be working in the garden, Gratefully feeling the Source shine down on me. We are ONE.

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    1. thank you Laura

      a good explanation about my “SEASICKNESS” in the first seconds of the video

      Love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️


  22. dear Newlynn

    I am fine now. I used two 1000 gauss small magnets with the North pole on the skyn
    just behind the ear flap.

    In Lisa Harrison’s newest video

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