635: New Clothes ~ [UPDATE3]

Things are happening.

New Clothes

Some CATs dreamt they were in interviews last night. We got new jobs (which weren’t revealed), and we were given a new suit of clothes to go with it — clothes that were all white. Some CATs had just stepped up to the tailor to do a fitting when they woke up. You can make of that what you will.


Some interesting developments. There was a double CME at 18:47 GMT:

And a high-energy proton spike before and after:

There were also some timeline squiggles here and there:

And there was also a FLORP earlier this morning:

Oh, and the timeline separation is continuing:

The Scream

And… this may or may not be related, but one of us had some ET visitors this morning (they sounded kinda crab-like) and they scared the holy hell out of one of our cats! We actually got a recording of it but want to examine it before we share. Totally hilarious cat scream.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is the day we expect… with no screaming.


They don’t call it Super-Terrestrial Patience for nothing.


WHOMP starting:

There’s also an uptick in neutron counts:

Spirit def has a sense of humor: We’re hearing Ravel’s “Bolero” as we search the various meters…


We aren’t sure if it’s Gaia or (Good) ETs doing this — or both — but moisture to California looks to be connected via water tentacle: Check it out. It starts, stops, then starts again, with incredible persistence; note how unnaturally long the moisture connects with the land. This is the exact opposite of what’s been happening for the past five years… not that we’re complaining!

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  1. Sigh! I was going to order some more plants this evening, but suddenly I felt no need. . . . . . . Hmmm, I wonder what that means. Cheers <J

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    1. I was a gardener for quite a few years. The most calming, healing job when I needed it. Your garden must be really large to find a space for so many plants. What season is it where you are now? I am seeing snow drops here now and also have a Daphne flowering which has tiny pink flowers which smells amazing. I would love to see your garden x

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    2. Love this! I had a dream 2 nights ago that i was driving to a new job but while I was on the road i realized I had the sniffles. I thought I can’t go to work with the sniffles. Everyone will worry im spreading covid. I woke up thinking what the heck was that dream all about. i guess I need to work on not worrying what others think! Im getting serious FOMO. lol!

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  2. I believe it was posted that Source would step in when people would be forced to take the shot against their will.

    Well, it’s already happening.

    If you need to get essential surgery at SCVMC (Bay Area), you need the shot.

    Already know someone it happened to, they gave in. Haven’t asked about it, but SCVMC serves a lot of Medicare/Medicaid patients who wouldn’t have the money to get lawyers or find a new hospital system.

    New Earth now plz 🙂

    Previously I wanted to stick around to watch Trump win, but meh…even if I was needed for waking people up (as suggested in some comments), I’ve already cut too many ties with people who have personally insulted me. I don’t think my pet fish need waking up either 🙂

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    1. Same with when I broke my wrist in July and needed surgery – had to get tested (brain-impaled) or it was a no-go; now that there’s a vac, that’s also required. That’s how it slowly becomes mandated across all sectors (and I work for a hospital – not patient-care related – so just a matter of time).

      I’m following Trump status as long as I’m carbon-based 😉 but if I have an alternative, I’m outa here!!

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      1. I had wrist surgery too, in fact 2 months ago today. And I too was “forced” to have the test or no surgery which I had to have or I wouldn’t have use of my hand. I sorta kinda lucked out as the swab wouldn’t fit up my nasal passage so am hoping that if there was an “implant” I was able to blow it the hell out lol. With that said was on a zoom call tonight for a friends b-day & I can’t believe how many got the vac & were happy about it!!! And I also found out through a friend of a dear friend of mine that my dear friend also got the vac. She had two of us telling her not to get it but she did anyways!!! I have realized I am just going to have to let go as people are going to do what they are going to do & some may never truly see the truth. I so want to go home as I’m truly done w/this place & be with my fur babies who have already crossed over…….sigh

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    2. I’m in a group on social media that won’t last long – it’s called something like those against taking the beer bug stick. People are already telling stories about getting fired because their employer has insisted that everyone get it and they said no.

      Husband’s work is going to start requiring random tests and now they have to wear those en nine ty 5 mascots. He has chronic lung issues so that’s great.

      I have to get some medical tests done and they require a test but luckily it’s the spit kind and not the other kind.

      People in my cancer group are more interested in getting the stick than getting treatments. All of this is just bizarre and happening way too fast. The shaming has started too.

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  3. Speaking of dreams, I was so exhausted when I got home I decided to take a nap. While I have had strange dreams/experiences/travels in my sleep, the one today was totally bizarre. I don’t even know how to describe it, but it’s like I was guided out of my body and visiting a parallel world of sorts, given extreme closeups to show me “this is very real and happening” ???
    Anyway, nearly two hours later I awoke and felt very strange and a little disturbed.
    And then, this evening, I watched a video posted on Rose Rambles (not sure if I should post the link) that made me feel queasy as it addressed cloning and reminded how we cannot trust anything we read, see, or hear.
    How sad that’s the world we’re living in.

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      1. Thank you! ☺️ Better than the response my husband gave: “You’ve got problems.” lol

        I haven’t been able to read anything spiritual or inspirational – just doesn’t feel it applies to me after I get through a couple of sentences – but I did read this this morning and it had some really good reminders to help us navigate through these crazy changes we’re experiencing.


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  4. I screamed at my neighbor’s cat today. He slipped into the house when my husband went outside to look at the trio of military helicopters flying to nearby naval base. I watched the cat spray my bed just before my fury exploded in an expletive laced rant. It was unusual behavior for me, but it felt good to get out as this was the third time this week he has marked my home. On my last nerve.

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  5. Interesting Cats & M’s I had a dream back in October 2020 to do with a new role/job I was given, in the dream I was inside a house talking to another person, I noticed we were both wearing white, the internal surroundings where white & there was a distinct white mist hue everywhere. During the full moon I was reminded that this new role is about to begin & to step into my new suit claiming it as my own. Empowering 🙂

    Funny yesterday I received a message about ‘crab’ in connection to the gridwork I am currently doing & have been questioning how its connected. Lol can’t wait to hear more 🙂

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  6. Fingers crossed!. Tired of living on the fence between two realities. Made peace with what happens next…..as I can’t put up with the evils here, any longer.
    Bring it on.

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  7. Glad that yesterday is over; energy was dense – felt like someone had driven a steamroller over me then threw it in reverse for good measure.

    Mentally feel like I am being programmed to accept a new reality with most human contact through the internet or mobile phone; zoom, Skype, email, WhatsApp, etc.; normal human interaction appears to have almost disappeared altogether; sharing heart resonance, a knowing look, warmth of a smile, laughing together or a gentle touch to let someone know that you care.

    Physically I have felt strange this week almost like my whole system is powering down – anyone else?

    My daughter text me this yesterday – Bethani Rose turned 8 this month.
    BR “ but mum”
    Me “ did you just call me butt mum”?
    BR “no, I’m using subordinating conjunctions”
    Me – 😳

    Humour was very much welcomed – have no idea where my granddaughter gets it from 😉

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      1. Lily,

        I feel this so much. My father and my step-mom both just got vaccinated. Half of my family cheering… I have a pit in my stomach. I did the same as you, ask Brother J to enjoy it with them.

        Half my siblings will take it too….

        The bottom line… Fear feeds them. I am trying to be calm and still and giving it to SOURCE to fix.

        ❤ kk


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          1. I know, Mum had been talking to my aunt who also got it last week 😕 The nurse that saw her told her how many elderly people were literally wearing their best clothes to go and have it done as they were so happy about it. So so gut wrenching my sad…


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          2. Cat2 and every vaccine commenter,

            The insanity is sort of like the mom’s clamoring for the Cabbage Patch Dolls, or reader’s for the Harry Potter Books…marketing of scarcity, plus setting up a hierarchy of who can and cannot get the vaccines.

            I am so done with all things patriarchy!!!!
            Not keen on the old matriarchy system before that, either.
            Old news, boring news!

            Excited about all of us rising above it all.
            ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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        1. Kittkatt ❤️ It is truly horrible and surreal, how did we get to this?

          Trying to hold the light as best we can but this is tough watching our love ones do this, Source help us 🙏

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Alnilam144
      I’m irish this information is incorrect..I only point this out so people are not mislead…ms G O’Doherty and “anti corruption Ireland” are a very dangerous racist organisation who corrupt the truth for their own agenda..they are not working for a better world and are oblivious to Ascension….looking forward to a world of non duality as I’m exhausted watching good people being mislead in all directions.🙏

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    1. Welcome from Russia. I was just telling someone how great it was to be in contact with people from all over the world, but that there wasn’t anybody from Russia to get the Russian perspective. Now there is! Thank you for being here. BTW. I lived in Russia during a previous lifetime during one of the wars.

      The Dog Lady

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      1. My last life was in Russia. I was a student
        in the Imperial Ballet School in St Petersburg, about two classes behind the
        famous dancer Nijinsky. I knew him and
        was able to watch him dance! I did not live
        that long and died around the time of the
        Russian Revolution, in 1917, and then came
        back in 1941.


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  8. A couple of days ago I told with loud voice, during my meditation:

    🌈 💖 I want to ascend on the 30 of Junuary 🌈 💖
    and I believe strongly, I am eager to take flight
    Pedro my rabbit is coming now every afternoon at 17 to hear my chantings
    Pedro will come with me to NE…. definitly.

    So much love to everybody and a special hug to KG 💖🌈 💖

    love Alnilam 💖🌈 💖

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    1. Please everyone keep in mind that the 10/20/30 message may not have specified a date. Something might happen on the 30th (today), it might not. We HOPED something would, but it might’ve meant 30 days AFTER the 20th. Or it meant October 20th, 2030. We never got any clarification. It could mean something else entirely. (And it also could’ve been just for those CATs who saw it.) We just don’t know.

      Today is 10 days after the 20th.

      That said… we have reports from CATs about smelling New Earth air in their homes today.

      < CAT Eds.

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      1. Hello and Love to all

        Here is a link to “Before It’s News”.

        Interesting tidbits and behind the scenes happenings…

        I especially appreciated the distinction between the CCP and the Chinese Government!
        So much more makes sense to me now that I know the difference!!!!

        Also, more info on arrests, timings, the gold,
        and changing back into the Constitutional Republic.

        It is fun to hear about different calendar date possibilities…Feb 19…March 4th…

        Interesting that the tax return admission date has been moved to Feb 12…I wonder if that is connected to behind the scenes changes from income tax to only sales tax? I have been wanting that since 1979 when I first learned of the possibility!!!!

        (However, I want it stated that, in a heartbeat, I am at the ready to leave it ALL behind within a New York/Nebraska nanosecond, all in, no holds barred, in each and every moment or in one big shift, as New Earth opens to us 🙂 )

        After the huge letdown feelings of Jan 20th, I am happy to report that I have succeeded in processing and integrating so much so that I am now free of expectation, centered, and able to be aware of the show without being worried. That feels GOOD! Whew! 🙂
        However, every time the tv acts up I still do wonder if this is it? the Emergency broadcasting beginning? Ha!

        Some things I love and enJoy about every legitimate being connected to this site (not trolls):
        heart-based, buoyant, resilient, loving dedicated souls, willing and able to be strong and take care of business! What a group 🙂

        I am still confused on a few things…like above when “Before It’s News” says that Simon Parks was a former Navy Lieutenant? I know he has a high-ranking job waiting for him here in the United States Republic once our military completes its cleanup and reorganization tasks…but is he a British citizen? and was he in the British Navy or ours? Oh well… My heart tells me he is a good guy and legitimate — and reminds me of my beloved grandpa.

        I like to fill in the pieces of the T puzzle as able, while still remaining high-vibe and at the ready/ and creating New Earth.

        Finally! I am finding renewed interest in my future…clarifying to the tiniest iota what I DO choose to experience and be a part of creating. Feeling that I was born for Now and Onward, and excited about the possibilities again, curious, and accepting miracles!!!!

        I have been very creative again, lately, and that feels good, too.

        Looking forward to playing along side all you Cats, M’s, AA’s, soulmates, and heart friends!!!!

        Instead of, “the best is yet to be!” I feel that The BEST is currently Becoming, unfolding.

        Feeling full of gratitude and appreciation to be here, alive, and in my miracle body that keeps amazing me by healing and becoming stronger everyday…
        Big Hugs
        Big Love
        ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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        1. Hello and More Love to All,

          From “ournewearthnews”,
          a copy of T’s complete Exec Order #13848 (imposing sanctions for foreign election interference, and asset seizures…) a breakdown with explanations, and legal timelines:


          February 1st is “FREEDOM DAY” 🙂

          The Exec Order provides 45 days after the foreign interfered elections to gather evidence.
          Nov 3, 2020 to Dec 18, 2020
          Then, it gives another 45 days to present it to T.
          Dec 18, 2020 to Feb 1st 2021 — at which time assets can be frozen and seized.

          This explains why/how Wall St is going crazy right now trying to protect its assets.

          EnJOY FREEDOM DAY everyone!!!!
          ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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      2. @CAT Eds What is purpose of these visons if we don’t know their meaning ?

        Seems that everybody just guessing,like before election and then we have a mess.
        How can people take us seriously,if we don’t have accurate info? We just sound like false prophets 🙂

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  9. We don’t often share links, but this has an important takeaway. Note that in many respects this short video isn’t anything we didn’t already know, however, the HOB (through Ocean) offers some excellent advice, for everyone:

    < CAT Eds.

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    1. Yes! Although until we truly awaken in SOURCE, my tongue-in-cheek remark regarding other universes/omniverse is that they are (just bigger sandboxes) Har! Not to denigrate anything in this eternal adventure. On a more mundane 3d topic: cripes, it feels like winter today. 40 rainy degrees. Phbbbbt! Ever onward. Cheers <J

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      1. Oh! As an afterthought, I baked a fresh batch of double lemon zest icebox cookies for my default position. (Warms the cockles of my heart!) I’m in much better spirits now. Again cheers <J

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        1. J. Inspired by you, we had a go at making the cookies last week for the first time. A few hiccups as I added too much lemon juice and the mix was too wet as a consequence. Then they wouldn’t slice from chilled so we have put half the mix in the freezer to slice from frozen next time. Anyway I just rolled them into balls and squidged them a bit and they were light, slightly crisp round the outside and fluffy in the middle so we were pleased to say they were gorgeous. Thanks J, as it’s not a recipe I would have known about in the UK. 🤗☺️💖

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    2. Thank you CAT Eds ❤️

      What a wonderful video!

      I choose to be completely sovereign and free, to transcend all limitations, to live in a world without suffering, where all beings have unconditional love and respect for each other, where everyone experiences abundance and the ability to create and manifest whatever our heart desires, to experience perfect health, joy, peace, beauty, pure love, to have all natural gifts and skills returned to me, to have the ability to heal and be healed, to be able to talk with the plants and animals, to fly, to travel across space and time and visit other benevolent worlds and beings, but ultimately to make my way back home to Source…

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. Yeah, some of the Judy Byington stuff has been just plain wrong, like her lists of those arrested and executed. We don’t know where she’s getting her info, but it’s innaccurate enough to make everything she says suspect… which is a shame because so many WANT it to be true.

          < CAT Eds.

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          1. Yes I have noticed some errors in her information. Basic facts that would only take her a very short time to cross check. Simon Parkes being referred to as Simeon Parks and his previous occupation being wrong. It sounded like Robert David Steel’s previous occupation! Ah well discernment is the key and like Ben Fulford, there may be nuggets of info in there that are right.🧐🤔

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    3. Thanks, CAT’S 🙏

      Ocean reminds us to remember where we are from, in order to continue where we should be going. We came here for a specific reason, and in doing so, forgot our origin and direction and filled everything in between with this planets manipulators agenda for the Human experiment.

      No wonder the recycling plant was crucial to continue farming our suffering. Its abhorrent to think how many souls have been naively led back into the fighting pit… I’m guessing the deliberate degrading of our DNA is only temporary, until depopulation has reached a desirable level for total control. Then survival of the fitest agenda will resume for harvesting.

      No wonder, as souls, we are considered so highly, this really is a supreme act of courage and compassion bordering insanity. Are we saying that EVERY ET race that has a vested interest in this farm is also culpable for the Human predicament by association?

      From today, I’m concentrating on becoming an Angel, and not a bloody fallen one! This farm needs shutting down, NOW!


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  10. I’ve been following love in action now with Victoria. Some of her finds are interesting. She also sensed the timeline split. She saw some interesting US airforce posts from now.. may link to the Middle East and current events?
    10 days after the 20th.. off we go into the deep blue yonder.. worth a read x
    Also Mariana has posted a link today on negating Karma/negative emotion and rising up which was a helpful reminder for me…
    Finally Lin Wood posted this today which I think is beautiful and calming

    (‘Brother Square-Toes’—Rewards and Fairies)

    If you can keep your head when all about you   
        Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,   
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
        But make allowance for their doubting too;   
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
        Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
        And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

    If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;   
        If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;   
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
        And treat those two impostors just the same;   
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
        Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
        And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
        And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
        And never breathe a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
        To serve your turn long after they are gone,   
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
        Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,   
        Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
        If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
        With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,   
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,   
        And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

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  11. STP …was playing with words…top picks…

    SOURCE Tango Party

    Suits Transform Players

    Suit-up To Play

    Superior Telsa Power

    Straight to Purity

    Surf the Pre-Pulse

    Success Together Pour

    Sun/Moon Trancen-dance Period

    Strong Training Preparation

    Simple Transportation Pulse

    STPstpSTP: Step-up to Plate, Star Terrestrial People, Single Tingle Pulse

    Subscribe to Peace

    Slides Through Purple-phase

    (12 year old boy humor): Sit Through Poop-phase…Sending T P.

    (for KG 🙂 Superior Tough (personal) Power

    (for J) Spiritual Tender Plantings

    SOURCE Thanks PQuantum-News

    Sun Transforms Pieces

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  12. just a note – my temperature feels ( has been) on broil, neck felt broken before dawn hrs – had to use weird pillow with two lumpy rotating balls that are heated or not hoping it would help – body, vibrating/shaking – rt hand/arm/leg worse in function — hoping these are positive signs. I think I dreamt of Mr PresT. last night…
    love to all,

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    1. I also have been burning up, plus feel like neck and low back are wrecked, plus body and knee aches. Neck thing was all week, the rest, just today.

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  13. I was chatting to villagers about planning a street party with cake, music, singing, dancing and general happiness and people when the “lockdown” is over.. as a celebration of life. I imagine a life of honesty, and joy. Much like Laura described with her tree house community, with a large communal table, music drifting in, time to read and do all the creative fun things. And lots of trees, children playing free in nature.

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  14. Re: Update2 – LOL, I have always thought that Ravel’s ‘Bolero” ran on and on and on and one and … Well, you get the idea.

    Similar to what we’re all going through right now, yes?

    Fortunately,’Bolero’ comes to an end, thus I take heart that this all, too, will come to an end 😉

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  15. Regarding update two, I sang the rhythm of the “Bolero” to a friend today during a conversation…funny that…😉

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  16. Final comment for the day (perhaps) Well, I seem back on track. I just ordered some more plants, so I guess my mojo has returned. (Or maybe it was the lemon icebox cookies which, BTW were exceptional for some reason. Yum!) <J

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  17. Re: Update 3 Yeah, also note the “shadow “touching us in the PNW at the same time. We’ve been having about .o5 inches of rain daily for the past week while you in Cali. have been getting inches. The ground up here is, shall I say, a wee bit dampish. I belong to a network of weather reporters and it’s fascinating to look at the daily reports. The web site is cocorahs.org . Check out their interactive map. <J

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  18. A thought regarding how people are clamoring for and cheering the vax: make it a scarce commodity and create the have’s vs the have-not’s. And highlight a few high-profile types doing things illegal, immoral or fattening to get it. And then stand back to avoid being trampled by the madding crowd . . . Easy peasy! [grrr . . .]

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    1. Love the fattening part! Even that!
      It is crazy 😜 how so many people
      are acting.


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    2. They know what they’re doing, they had a lot of time to practice.

      It’s the perfect polarizer, if you fall for that one by now you’re not getting it.


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  19. Nyes indeed. When our Collective starts to spin a yarn, it can be most twisted and compelling…

    Late comment about “timeline” jumping, mentioned in an earlier column, to different ones wherein certain entities “now” appear to be alive: Well, just consider it another raid. Much fun, nyet? Wanna do another??

    I’m the one who quite some while ago made a lengthy comment, with blurbing like immanence of the eschaton, interpenetration of the spheres, etx. [oops bad pun]

    Thnx for all. Interesting and funny. See ya

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  20. A video of the Marines singing ‘These are the days of Elijah’

    That dream I had around 2010 when I was having a really yucky time and been crying all day and felt incredibly low:

    I was at a party and a man came to me surrounded by light and told me everything would be okay, he said his name was Elijah. I woke from that dream in our blissful joy laughing like a child!

    Is this the end of the 10 days of darkness?

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  21. Well I seem to have made progress in dreams at least, two nights ago my family packed our bags and moved out of our unstable house as the old fell away, and last night we appear to be living in a hotel before moving to our final destination. There was some sort of unprovoked attack from the dark (which I realized what was happening and moved family to safe place) which was horrific and the shock of which seemed to wake a lot of people up.

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  22. I’ve just been listening to people talking about buying silver.. it seems to have gone viral. Suddenly all the small people feel they can DO something positive against the huge hedge funders. It’s made me smile to see how excited people are uniting in a common cause. It seems to be part of the whole reshuffle somehow. Lovely to feel a sense of joy as people come together.

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  23. Sorry for not posting much, though I do check back regularly for news… this blog is the only thing still keeping me somewhat sane during these dangerous times.

    My family’s all safe so far, which is surprising… I do have the sneaking suspicion we already passed the beerbug early last year as asymptomatic or slightly symptomatic. My hope is that as many people as possible make it through this crap safely, as I sense the numbers are grossly inflated to instill irrational fear.

    The only issue is the Jab… I hope SOURCE intervenes soon to end this whole farce. Seeing my brothers suffer and being deceived like this hurts more than any virus ever will.

    I just want to go home. I’ve seen enough of this show, and it ceases to amuse me.

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    1. The jab/test are the poisoning(virus). The rest is programming. Know, the rockefeller family run the medical farce(gates is related). Hospitals were designed to take You out. Peace.

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  24. I found the NASA site that defines what the Schumann Resonance is:
    Basically, it’s a very low frequency wave created by thunderstorms and lightening, or which there are thousands every day, all day long on the planet. Now the graph and its changes make sense. I could see that there was a ‘something’ happening on the graph, but didn’t understand it.

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  25. Crazy whomping night last night! Around 1 a.m. I started jittering pretty hard and I could feel the energy ramping up. My ears started ringing louder and louder. Then the blast started. I was pounded by the intensity. I saw my husband standing by the side of the bed asking if I was ok.
    It took amazing strength to get to where I could hug him and ride through the wave. Finally it started to wind down. When I could finally open my eyes and breathe, I was really puzzled. My husband wasn’t standing next to me. I could hear him snoring downstairs on the couch.
    What was that? I thought at the time, this is it, the big moment. Birthing pains?

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  26. Meanwhile, back at the ranch… after 4 days of my own personal Bed In, the desire for a shower trumped the vertigo / no energy schtick. Found myself singing Mein Herr / Hair in a nice hot shower on wobbly legs. I’d had quite the gnarly bedhead going. Man knew I was in there as a safety precaution. Speaking of him, he’s had the run of the joint for the past 4.5 days… O-M-G the house is a disaster! Impressive even, except for the strange smell in the fridge; don’t wanna know. (I’m no neatnik myself, mind you.) Anyway, my head was still wwwoooozing away and the legs were on a timer, but there were plants to water and a cat box to clean out (needless to say), and I was fading fast and wondering which Earth to ground to — grounding has always been a weak point for me esp when I’m incapacitated (“too much Vata, not enough Moon”). So I head back to bed. Cat is there. Cat’s behind needs attending to. –ahem. OK, dude, you really need to attend to that. Suddenly, I find I am plenty grounded and able to march him at arm’s length to the back door and put him out! Is anything more grounding than cat poop with a touch of disgust thrown in? Just the ticket. (The Lord works in mysterious ways.) I am back in my regular spot now though, all the same. The saga continues, but I feel significantly more ‘together’ somehow…

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    1. Reading your comment got me laughing soooo good😂😂
      Grounding cat poop… can really see myself sitting there by the cat litter ‘house’ in the bathroom next time there are whompy waves🤣🤣🤣
      Take care Laura💖🤗

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      1. Strange medicine, but hey, whatever works right? 🙂
        I had to attend to his explode-a-butt yesterday after all. Nothing like trying to get at an uncooperative stray cat’s very furry rear end with a soapy wet towel, or two, whilst trying not to go into vertigo mode again… But all’s well that ends well; we are all clean now and feeling much better today.

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  27. Dad is quite unwell after getting the jab this week. Shaky and dizzy… Really worried about him. 😔

    Any light pours/healing energy for him would be most welcome 🙏


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    1. Lily. So sorry to hear that about your Dad. All four of our parents have now had the jab. It’s going to be hard to deal with the fall out. Light pour coming his way and a big hug to you petal.💖🌈💖

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      1. Newlynn ❤️ Thank you so much. So sorry that your parents have all had it too, sending Light Pours to them and you and everyone affected by this. I wish we could do more. I am praying that when the Shift happens that they are all healed. Hugs ❤️

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    2. Will do, Lily! Sending Loving Light pours to him and please Brother J & AAM; aid Lily’s father with transforming the vacc in his body to pure saline.🙏✨💖🤗

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      1. Uli ❤️ Thank you 🙏

        Oh I wish we could turn every single vaccine out there out of bodies and ones already in bodies into pure Saline 🙏🙏🙏

        Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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        1. I am so sorry, Lily! Sending light pours, of course. Here is an article from Dr. Mercola about the vaccine, made me cry because it is just such a crime against humanity! But at the end are suggestions for which supplements might be helpful to deal with some of the side effects, maybe some of this could help him? Sending lots and lots of hugs!!!
          I hope this link works…
          ❤ Vic

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          1. Vic ❤️ Thank you you so much for sharinig this, fingers crossed it will help alleviate some of the suffering. It is an absolute tragedy this is happening and pretty much all of of us are going to be affected by this in one way or another as our loved ones choose that path. It’s hard to think about it without getting very low and tearful.
            So much Love to you and ALL

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  28. Aaahhhhh! I spent a truly sublime time on my cart amongst the oh so fragrant witchhazels in witchhazel walk with my morning latte in the gentle rain.After sipping on the elixir, I pulled back for the wide shot and viewed the whole bright yellow display from across the lawn. The yellow glowed through the gentle mists. Get the picture? Perhaps if we ever get a break we can send the drone up for some videos. What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time we still had Ruby the Wonder Dog racing through 2 feet of snow. We move on. . . . . Cheers <J

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    1. Cat Eds: Posted this but it is not showing moderation…so resubmitting.
      …me thinks/feel worlds are happily colliding…been following this gal for years…she seriously knows her stuff (a massive understatement :). Aside from spot-on political insights, she is on the forefront for health – like you’ve never been taught…connected to some you won’t believe.
      Well, maybe some in this crowd might (sorry inside joke < it is how you move 🙂 .

      …on a side note…am i the only one with cooking timers breaking? One after another. Breaking the time barrier? Ha!

      Speaking about time..About a million years ago Shirley MacLaine wrote a book, 'Out On a Limb', (or another book by her) in it she introduced a time exercise she would do on occasion…when she was running late or had some other issue with time she would say, "I'm God on time. I'm God on time. I'm God on time." (3x's)…And Somehow it Always worked out.

      Personally, i've done this exercise..and every single time it worked..somehow…go figure. Over the years, the only 3 times it did not work was when the other person (3 different people) literally had nothing else going for them in their lives. Hmmm…Www..ondering…if…we…all said this…would we go to NE sooner than later?

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  29. Had an interesting dream.

    There was a stadium which eyes slowly undressing in number, representing the timeline getting darker. I think I was an ET.
    I did a ritual allowing me to time travel at will. I kept jumping around time, trying to fix it. I figured it out and waited in the present in the stadium. The “bad guy” was acting victorious as the stadium was almost full of eyes. Then as soon as the last eye materialised, there was silence and a wave of energy dematerialised and there was a single giant flour made of gems. This was the sign of successfully solidifying the positive timeline.

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  30. Hi Cats

    Can you see if the whole Vaxxx BS will be stopped this year? Is there help on the spiritual side for all the masses that cheeringly line up for the shot? I imagine otherwise there might be mass deaths.

    I realise it’s all an illusion. Still, it sucks to be living in this illusion at the moment.


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  31. what arrived on january 30 was a tough night as a result me beeing broken and tired the whole january 31, whatever, that was a low wave no pushing up again 🙂

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