WHAT is The Event?

BELIEVE… that you’ll be thrown up into the air by a callous photographer. AIIEE!
AND that The Event will be happening any day now. AIIEE!

Regular CAT readers kinda already know much of this, but new folks are coming in and asking the same question over and over, so… here’s the answer. The question: “What is The Event?”  Here’s what ~AM said in a comment. [Note1: ~AM edited this as they weren’t entirely happy with the way we were providing answers. ]

[Note2: ~AM stands for “Angel Meowracle,” a term this psychic loathes, but since they sprouted both wings and four animal heads — AND a lion’s mane — and started throwing golden lightning everywhere… well, it’s what we call them, so too bad, ~AM.]

~AM: “Ok. What is The Event? No one is quite sure. There are lots of accounts, lots of expectations, and most of us have seen what it will look like… but no one really knows. We expect it to be a moment — or a day? a week? a whole lifetime? — where we are all reminded of our connection to SOURCE. Some will greet this with joy, some with terror. If you have been victimizing children and beating your dog, you yourself *expect* that you will be punished for it… by someone… perhaps YOU disguised as an angry mob. Note that *SOURCE does not punish.* In any way. SOURCE is pure love and wants you to remember our relationship with SOURCE. If you could somehow sample a teeny teeny bit of how excited SOURCE is that we’re reconnecting… you’d explode. The Event is primarily a SOURCE reminder.

If and when a specific dramatic moment happens (no one is sure if it will), it may look like a massive BRIGHT wave of rainbow-fog that comes out of nowhere, or it might be a wave of brightness, or a free chicken dinner… or just a feeling that comes over all of us. OR it’s a metaphoric thing that we’ve been seeing, and that bright wave is ripping through us right now… as it is. No one is quite sure. It is certainly nothing to be afraid of. After all this is done, it will be undeniable that something happened.

What happens at the time of The Event? None of us see the exact same thing, but reactions are similar: we may experience a little floating (which we already have, hm); being enveloped in light (some of us have had that, too); walking across a bridge of light (again, could be more spiritual metaphor); we dance a little jig in a funny Renaissance hat… who knows?

Bottom line: YOU ARE THE EVENT.

Once INSIDE the moment known as The Event (which is now?)… we don’t know exactly what will happen, because every person is different… yet every person is also the same. We are all One Spirit, attached to SOURCE.

After The Event, you may find yourself on either the 3d earth (where we are now), or the 4d earth. The two will split (or they already have?) and one group will move to the next level while another group stays on 3d. Some aren’t ready for 4d and are cashing out, now. (The amount of suicides and heart attacks are borderline epidemic.) Some who are ready for 4d will stay on 3d to help those who need help, as agreed upon during your in-between life (the life in between your previous “death” and this life). What happens after The Event? Does it ever end? No one is quite sure. It’s going on RIGHT NOW, so it’s kinda hard to see what’s going on at the ends or the edges, as we’re right in the middle of it. There may be an option after The Event to go to the 5d earth, but we really can’t see anything for sure. How’s that for vague?”

In the meantime… DO NOT eat the salmon mousse.

The Event is not just a one-off thing. It’s been going on a long time, perhaps thousands of years, the energy building and building until… well, until something, we don’t know what. We were recently told that, before The (main) Event, that there were to be 12 “Steps” that would get us closer and closer, in a major stair-step way… and that one of those Steps might be the actual Event. Or not. Well, we’re now up to Step 10 (or #11, we may have missed one in the maelstrom). Alas, the energy is so high and weird now that we’re having trouble seeing anything; we missed Step #9 altogether.

Lisa Rising Berry (Lisa Berry Rising?) just posted that the “Strange Anomalies” portion of our Event performance were already beginning, so we’re close to the denouement:

As the energy continues to shift, the veils are being lifted.  This is the true meaning of the apocalypse. I am feeling and literally clairvoyantly “seeing” energies that were in some kind of energetic prison being released.  They are confused, low on light and distraught.

We cringe at the (popular interpretation of the) word, “apocalypse,” unless it’s used at an islands dance-off called, “APOCALYPSO”. This IS indeed the end of this world, but also the beginning of so many others. Think positively. If you have a funny hat, wear it. Think of all this as a prolonged New Year’s Eve (without the alcohol; alcohol lowers your vibration). Remember the horrors of Y2K? Of the Millennium? You still have the t-shirt, right? No, we don’t either. Well, The Event really will be an event that you will never forget.

Stay flexible. When you feel like you’re dying or going to explode, BREATHE. In and out. A lot. Slowly. But don’t hyperventilate. And meditate, meditate, meditate. And don’t worry, not all of our sentences will begin with “AND.” AND we aren’t going to appear in a gigantor way and start knocking down buildings, no matter what the media says.


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  1. Felt the need to read this again today…..hmmm
    Had to laugh at “put your funny hats on”
    I got myself an early mother’s day present, yes you’re allowed to do that.
    A troll sleep mask with hair. I think I’m doing it wrong, lol
    Followed my morning giggle by flicking the telly on to see the news crew wearing 4 seriously stupid hats…….spat my cuppa tea everywhere.
    Ha, way to start the day.
    Love it and love you guys

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  2. Have any of you or your readers posed the question of what happens to our children and fur babies when this happens? Do they come with us? I realize we don’t know, but I have to imagine this has come up in comments. I posed this question on your latest blog but it looks like it was removed??


    1. First off… don’t think we deleted a post of that type. We only remove ones that are duplicates (which happens a lot for some reason), or have bad language/intent in them. However, sometimes the system loses things between you and the site. It’s the nature of the internet.

      As for the rest…

      Children go! Animals go! Politicians no-go. Ca8al no-go.

      -CAT Eds.

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