Something Just Happened [UPDATE7]


Something has happened… we’re just trying to figure out what it is. [UPDATE: We know what it is!] We were trying to do a Step 10 wrap up, checking all the meters, but the energies just won’t stop. And now THIS.
Look at this. If the MSM knew what this was, it’d be front page news. As it is, no one is covering it:

That’s TWO gynormous geomagnetic events. G5s+, off the charts. Close-ups:

UPDATE: This is actually the set-up for… .

 So, shortly after midnight PDT and around 6:00 am PDT.

This actually describes exactly what happened.

This kind of thing (the G5 events) normally has its origins in the sun… but all the solar meters are sleepy. Meanwhile, at (sold out) Spaceweather… there seems to be no interest in “science” apart from what NASA tells them:

But, look at the Yakutsk muon data:
Literally off the chart. It never looks like that.

And another:

Literally off the chart.

And here’s the riometer data:

Are you getting it, yet? This is huge. [Answer at the end.]

Those are singular plots.

AND… something else just happened as we wrote this up: NOW IT SMELLS LIKE DONUTS! Seriously. What the heck is going on? Ears ringing like crazy, too. We’ll let you know what it means once we figure it out. Jeez. Mondays. [Keep reading]


 UPDATE1 7-30-18 — 2:18 pm PDT

The phenomena also registered in Canada…

…and the SW (solar wind) velocity was off the charts at one point:

…but all the USGS (read US-based) magnetometer plots are blanked out:

See those blank areas? Just look at the graphs at the top of the page to see what goes there!

Gosh, wonder why. Other meters just stopped working around that time or recorded dead air. Huh.

Is the Netherlands for sale? Looks like it.


Wow! We just learned what we’re seeing here: a major timeline split! It’s Lisa Gawlas’ “U”!

We suspect that this is may be the major timeline separator between the Yellowstone-goes-BOOM timeline and… well, this one we’re on now. OR, this split will happen at the time of The Event, we’re not sure.


AND we just had a major GRB (gamma ray burst). The big secret? That’s a communication. It’s a coded tone. Most high-level ET civilizations can locate and piggyback a universal message (readable by anyone at their level) into each GRB. It’s apparently quite common.

This one probably says: “WELCOME! You made it!” or “The Event is coming!”


AND… we just experienced a loud BOOM and a 3.9 earthquake in Northern CA, at… 22:22 UTC. This is definitely related to The Event! 


Here’s the split from the Kiel Longwave Monitor:

 Jeez, enough already.

Is it The Event, yet?

UPDATE6 8-1-18

The Tixie riometer (cosmic energy) is back to being pegged:

AND a big drop just now at Lomnicky:

And a bunch of WHOMP-ishness:

That blue strip energy woke many of us up.

Add caption


There’s Lisa Gawlas’ “U” again!

Look at that MAX number! Five times the average!

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  1. Scam? How are we scamming anyone? Are we making money from any of this? Are we making you buy real estate on the New Earth? (Ooh, that's a good idea.)Sorry, lady. You're the one setting yourself up for failure. Feel free not to visit here anymore if we violate your sensibilities so much.-CAT11


  2. Ok. What is The Event? No one is quite sure. There are lots of accounts of it, lots of expectations, and most of us have seen what it will look like… but no one really knows. We expect it to be a moment — or a day? a week? time is an illusion — where we are all reminded of our connection to SOURCE. Some will greet this with joy, some with terror. If you have been victimizing children and beating your dog, you yourself *expect* that you will be punished for it… by someone, probably you disguised as an angry mob. *SOURCE does not punish.* In any way. SOURCE is pure love and wants you to remember our relationship with SOURCE. The Event is the reminder, among other things. When it happens, it may look like a massive BRIGHT wave of rainbow-fog that comes out of nowhere (though some of us see it from the Northeast), or it might be a wave of brightness, or a free chicken dinner… or just a feeling that comes over all of us. No one is quite sure. It is certaily nothing to be afraid of. It will be undeniable that something happened. Expect to hear at least 5 billion people ask, “What was THAT??” The other billion already knows.What happens at the time of The Event? None of us see the exact same thing, but reactions are similar: we may float a little; we're enveloped in light; we walk across a bridge of light; we dance a little jig wearing a funny Renaissance hat; we stand there and wonder what the hell is going on and wonder if the 2018 college football season will be canceled; or we finally just relax after being spiritually assaulted and hunted and harrassed for 50 years… who knows?Once INSIDE the moment known as The Event… we also don't know exactly what will happen… because every person is different… yet every person is also the same: we are all One Spirit, attached to SOURCE. We're guessing that there will be some communication going on, perhaps in the form of a question of personal choice.After The Event, you will find yourself on either the 3d earth (where we are now), or the 4d earth. The two will split (if they haven't already) and one group will move to the next level while another group stays on 3d. Some just aren't ready for 4d. Some who ARE ready for 4d will stay on 3d to help those who need help, as agreed upon during your in-between life (the life in between your previous “death” and this life). What happens after that? No one is quite sure. But there will be an option about two years after The Event to go to the 5d earth. Those who are going will go.CATs and M's, did I miss anything?~AM


  3. Scam, indeed. Surprised we don't have more doom-and-gloomers harassing us. Cognitive Dissonance. Perhaps she'd be happier if we sold Cintamani Stones and Tachyon Chambers!-CAT2


  4. HigherDensity didn't link back to us. At all. I sicced the Doctor on them.-CAT4


  5. Last night I was outside playing pickleball, and we saw a horizon-to-horizon rainbow, and there was no rain. The sky was bright iridescent orange too. An hour later, I got home, and military helicopters were circling the neighborhood for the third night in a row – supposedly some kind of 'drill'. I'm certainly not placing my faith in any kind of cosmic intervention, but in the back of my mind I am hoping against all odds that it happens soon.


  6. Nope. We don't do facebook. We also jealously guard our privacy, for reasons we won't go into until after The Event. Don't worry, nothing nefarious.-CAT Editors


  7. Cosmic intervention has been happening here, in earnest, since 2012. The PTW have lost.-CAT6


  8. Hope you guys don't mind but I used one of the links above to share this info on my 'Time of Awakening' page. If you do mind, please let me know and I will delete it.


  9. I'm not sure what I think about all of this stuff, but I have to admit, it's strange reading all of these comments, especially yours, as I live in Texas and had a very strange night as well. It was like there was all this activity, a bunch of things happening every time I closed my eyes. I had to keep sitting up in bed to remind myself that I was actually in a dark, quiet, still room. That hasn't happened to me in many years, and I wasn't stressed, overly tired, or any mainstream explanations.


  10. Okay cat 5 this is how you respond to your minions who threaten a commenters life “be nice”. I’m making copies and am going to see if your blog host cares what you allow your “followers” to post. Thinly veiled death threats might be frowned upon!! You think you people are ready to ascend?? That’s a laugh!!


  11. No, that's fine. We're here to help, not to lord over knowledge. Though we are leery of giving out all our meterage links, as the cabal would love to squash all the avenues of information; they've tanked five our our favorites after we posted links to them.-CAT10


  12. The tree's are communicating again. It is great to feel their energy once again.


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