Meterage 11/21 to 11/26 [UPDATE10]


Jeez, we’re piling up so many comments that we need new posts more often (and maybe less mint on our heads). At least now we have an excuse:

We had a (very) small CME today:

We’ll probably feel some effects of this in a few days. HOWEVER… this will mark the first time we’ll have felt the effects WITHOUT akron interference. It’ll be interesting to see the difference. We’re already sleeping better, but then again, we were seriously being messed with.
And we had this. All CATs heard this ZING this morning. (This is a proton count.)
The ZING’s magnetic component… as measured in Scandinavia. There can be local differences.


Felt a little sizzle last night, but ours was probably due to portal activity.


Energies are up.
Portal One’s “knock knock” is still going strong…
…and still appearing all over the place.


More as we find it. In the meantime…

…you might want to keep the door closed.


WHOMP in progress as of 11/23 @9:24 UTC. Some of us can feel a timeline brewing… though it could just be resolving, elsewhere.


Don’t know where else to put this, so… here’s Lily’s cute cat:



The lie continues:

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 12.28.18 PM

There are no “Starlink satellites.” Those are ET craft. Looks remarkably like many of our recent visions and dreams.


Ugh. Late updates as most CATs felt lobotomized all day after last night’s blotto energy (coming so thick through portals that you could walk on it):


Here it was, rolling in last night:


And it’s starting up again:












Hooboy, looks like tonight’s gonna be as bad as last night:



Well, we’ve had a… glitch. It’s not a timeline jump. So far, we can’t tell what it is… but here it is:



Yesterday and today, ALL CATs felt/feel like they’d had lobotomies in the night.


Check this out. See this anomaly?

…and today.

This is the reptoids trying to either create a new timeline, or subvert this one with something in their nastiness quiver. We ask again, WHY would ANYONE think they can defeat SOURCE?!? It’s ludicrous; beyond insanity. Anyway, this will come to nothing.


Thanks to the commenter who pointed this out. This is indeed interesting:

Check out the pattern to the right.

And this:


This is about the time we were to get that glancing blow from that CME.

Proton drop:


And these oddities:



And finally:

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 11.49.41 AM


We saw someone else posted a video about a “lightning bolt from the sun.” They were talking about this, which we clipped earlier but hadn’t shared:



This is actually an energy pulse by Portal One inside the sun. It happens every now and again, and is basically extra oomphy Wave X energy from SOURCE… well, let’s say SUPER-OOMPHY Wave X energy. We have no idea how long it takes for this energy to reach us; the rates are always different.


In terms of this…

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 10.21.23 PM

…and the weird Kiruna graph above, it was the PTW using some technology to try and force something to happen… but it didn’t work.


234 thoughts on “Meterage 11/21 to 11/26 [UPDATE10]

  1. that cat is so funny. Every time I go out lately I swear (quietly) that I’ll never go out again. It’s wild outside and I’m not having a lot of fun “out there” 😀 Maybe I should just stay home and have catchocomint sherbet instead. =>•.•<=  {miew}

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  2. I’ve heard of (and eaten many) cathead biscuits before, but never cathead ice cream. LOL – that image had me spewing my coffee, as I just could not help but bust out laughing. Thanks for that – I always enjoy a good involuntary belly laugh (aside from the cleanup) !

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    1. I think it will be a shock to the Normies to learn
      that there are cat, dog, horse 🐎 and other ET life
      forms that pilot spacecraft!


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        1. The horse beings that I have heard of are known for
          their healing and, I believe, come from Arcturus. They
          resemble our horses but in a somewhat more modified


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            1. “Ach. Katzenbrot/Katzeneis… sie sind superaffengeil!”

              Collins Dictionary translator:
              “Oh. Cat Bread/Cat Ice… they are super monkey horny!”

              I have a feeling something was lost in translation?? 😉
              Or not? 😉

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    2. YES. I’m responsible for that.

      It began with and centred around the ‘horse’ ~ there was very strong ‘donkey’ inclusion as well, but mainly horse.
      I only sent it out 2 days ago.

      Please thank your guides/higher self for this amazing answer…and throw in a big hug from me.
      And that I am pretty impressed (as usual) with how cleverly they compile and deliver back these messages.


    3. I know what it means. It’s not about horses. I was King Fergus of old. And my last name in this incarnation is Ferguson. And the yellow ships are Riggolt’s yellow submarine (a captured SSP cigar ship found in deep space where it shouldn’t have been) and his friends. Thank you for the heads up! A Fergus Christmas indeed! Fun! Fun! Fun!

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    4. On one of my recent dream, two days ago, i was witness a swarm of goldish little lights, far in the starry sky, moving in the same way as if they followed the milkway “trail”, on the whole curvature. So pretty, and people was not impressed by this (?!). Kinda nice dream, after a quite long series of purging ones…

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  3. I just figured something out! Everyone, please take this with a grain of salt while I explain to you why that was a really bad pun. Anyhoo, just to get you up to speed, my guides have always intercepted me with trinkets, little toys, and marbles along my path in life to cheer me up or tell me something important.

    4 months ago I was at a medical facility doing a job. At the side of the building is an indention filled with dirt, meant for plants. There were no plants in it. There was, however, a small stress-ball Earth and a salt shaker. I ignored it, did my job and moved on. A few days later I was called back to the facility because, apparently, I didn’t get the job done like I thought I did. While there, I thought about the salt shaker and little Earth and went to see if they were there….they were… I took them because I felt they were meant for me and I didnt want to have to come back because I didn’t take them. Here is a private cloud-link to a picture of the items.

    Notice the color of the salt shaker……..It has the colors described from those who foresee the event. It has a gold trim on top too. Also, all this talk about people getting “shaked” out (like from a salt shaker) makes me wonder what the guides were/are trying to tell me.

    No telling till “it” happens. Just thought you all might find this interesting.

    P.S. the shaker came from Belize and I live in Florida. . There is a map of the country on the other side.

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  4. According to Wikipedia, Fergus means “the angry one ” or “the wrathful one”. You may have tapped into a Scottish surname definition.
    Ha! Coal in the stocking this year for some? Cay

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  5. I think being messed with is just becoming part of daily routine. 😂 It’s just constant pivots to maintain some sort of normalcy. 💃 Looking forward things settling in 2020 unless we have jumped timelines 🙄 and now are on course to other adventures😬. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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  6. this is my theory on Fergus and Christmas. When I looked up your dream, The Fergus Christmas is about a horse and the NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

    ALL AGES – We are all “EAGER” Magic….

    or another take, The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse and then Fergus of NE.

    watchya think?

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  7. @m5 and then I found this …”experience magic” with Fergus. I say it sounds like you had an amazingly prophetic dream. and the glowing yellow ET Ships flying across the darkened sky are akin to Santa’s sleigh and his reindeer bringing presents to the “good” little boys and girls. Like the Light warriors, We are The Light, We Are the Love, WE ARE. (we are the good girls and boys)

    maybe? I don’t do dream interpretation, but that’s my take.

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    1. Too cute! I love the piano keyboard collar he/she is wearing in the first clip. And, the singing and the piano playing really go together in both clips. This reminded me of my first dog I ever had. A miniature schnauzer. She played the piano too. I had totally forgotten about her playing until I saw this. But, she didn’t sing. LOL! Although, she did dance, and twirl, and play dead, and wave, and a whole bunch of other stuff. BTW, I’m the dog lady here hanging out with all the cats. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got cats too. Well, technically I’m down to just one now. But, as one of my favorite vets recently said…you never really own a cat, they choose to own you. Dogs, on the other hand…well mine at least…Sooooo needy! LOL! I blame it on the energies coming in. And, yes, I did notice the cute toddler in the video. That dog just stole the show, though!

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      1. Brilliant video!

        Well, as far as cats go, I am determined that our new kitty and us will have a mutually respectful relationship, nobody owning anyone else thank you very much (can I hear laughing?)!

        Much Love ❤️😄❤️

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        1. @Lily, I just saw the pic of you new kitty – the most extraordinarily beautiful feline, such kind intelligent blue eyes.

          Much happiness with her,


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          1. Kg ❤️ Thank you. She is super lovely. We only got her yesterday but she is already chasing little balls around and playing with her toy mouse!

            She is currently watching a meditation video with me, think she likes the groovy colours!

            Sending Love and Healing thoughts to your daughter 🙏🙏🙏

            Much Love & Light ❤️✨❤️

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    2. I was going to type “speechless”, but by the very fact of typing out “speechless” meant I wasn’t speechless, because I was going to type something instead of nothing.

      So instead I will say it was beautiful.

      Mark x

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  8. I would like to know which web address you are using for the Russian Schuman graph as the link I normally use is not working continually comes back as “This site can not be reached” here is what I had been using, A direct copy “This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.”
    Also wouldn’t mind having links to those other graphs as well, if you are willing, won’t be sharing with others as no one around me is awake enough to understand but I still send Light Love Compassion and pure intent of Unity for all no matter what.
    All the best to your whole group and those that follow as we are obviously in the light.

    Thank You for all that you do

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    1. Same one. Sometimes it doesn’t work for us, too. It’s often due to a bunch of users in your general geographic locality accessing the site at the same time. It’s just a puny server. But you make a good point. We should cull all the sites we look at and share them around in case anything should happen to us… not that the meters are as important as they used to be. Before they were to show the skeptical that “science” was recording what they were feeling, even if science had no idea WHAT they were recording. Now people are more and more used to using themselves as the meters and comparing notes.

      And thanks. 😉

      -CAT Eds.

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    1. It’s ok, they have a lot of “stuff” that needs to be cleaned/cleared. I hear it at home almost daily. We Are The Light….. Compassion/Harmony to All. Peace.

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      1. OKAY. Another good Lily-ism ! ! !


        Does that make four???
        GOOOO Lily, when we get to 20, we all pop up to New Earth!!!
        We are counting on you. 😉

        I know… “now’t” isn’t as funny as the others, but I’m desperate. LOL

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          1. Lily, I know.. 🙂 I used to read a lot.
            Been watching the BBC version of Father Brown, too, like almost everybody else on this blog. How did that happen? LOL

            I want some of Mrs. McCarthy’s award-winning strawberry scones. They just look like a biscuit with strawberries in the middle, is that right? There must be more to it if they are award-winning.

            It seems to me that Americanisms aren’t as much fun as Lily-isms. 😉
            So, are all Lily-isms Northern UK slang, or can you throw some Southern in there, too? 🙂

            I can add some Southern Americanisms if needed, maybe even some Redneck Southern. Upon request, all y’all. But, I just somehow don’t think that funny Americanisms are gonna propel us up to NE.

            I ain’t talkin’ ’bout no horny monkeys, though. I’ll leave that to the Cats and the Germans.

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            1. So scones are like savoury cakes that you can have sweet with jam and double cream (yummy) or warm with just butter (also yummy!)

              Hehehe, a lot of Lilyisms are just made up sillyness but I have parents who were born oooop north and I was brought up down south as my parents moved before I was born. That plus hours of watching Monty Python and other such wonderful sillyness and being a bit eccentric all adds to fun!

              Would love to hear some Southern Amercanisms, all sorts of isms!

              Much Love and silly Lilyness!


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            2. Hey Y’all!
              Down here – Deep South- it’s all about the biscuits and cornbread!! And if you’re not using a cast iron skillet then you must be ‘from somewhere else’!!
              And I’m actually a “Damn Yankee” – grew up in western New York and came down here to work on Hurricane Katrina debris mission – ya see, if you come and visit, you’re simply ‘one those Yankees’…but if you stay, then you are referred to as a Damn Yankee!!
              I say y’all…cause it’s all-encompassing!! And better than “yous guys” that’s used by Yanks!!
              Love All Y’All!!

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  9. Something may be going on – about 12:55? am (11/22) started getting super dizzy – was already lying down – and felt a ‘more’ presence… Layered? overlay or infusion? of… higher self? – looked at Schumann because the tab was already open, so refreshed and it is continuing it’s white ‘fence-post’ building exercise tonight…

    Had just come across a video with ‘women of Country’ multi artist medley of part of the CMA award show (a vocal coach reaction/analysis video). One of the songs was one which played on the car radio ! EVERY ! time I drove to my Rubenfeld Synergy appointment that was helping spill out memories and siphoning pain out of my body tissues in the 90’s. If you read the whole lyrics and know anything of my history there would be understanding of why it made me cry each time (not great for driving) – BUT this time, hearing it tonight, some of it felt an immediacy of significance – I’ll just share the lyrics that struck a cord for tonight or the present(s) now occurring.

    Martina McBride Lyrics
    “Independence Day”

    … … …
    Let freedom ring, let the white dove sing
    Let the whole world know that today is a day of reckoning
    Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong
    Roll the stone away, let the guilty pay it’s Independence Day
    … … …
    Now I ain’t sayin’ it’s right or it’s wrong
    But maybe it’s the only way
    Talk about your revolution
    It’s Independence Day

    Let freedom ring, let the white dove sing
    Let the whole world know that today is a day of reckoning
    Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong
    Roll the stone away, let the guilty pay it’s Independence Day
    Roll the stone away
    It’s Independence day

    Body just gave a huge sigh – usually a sign for me…
    I don’t go to news at all or any outside stuff, so will just wait til someone here informs me if this matches something happening in the ol’ 3d world out there tonight or tomorrow…

    Still feel full of ‘more’ and an odd, part relaxation – kind of like confidence, but not the right word… surety?
    – left hand fingers and big thumb pad tingling mightily… right hand fingers stiff and trembling… dizzyness letting up now, but being replaced with neck stiffness –
    Time for sleep, methinks…

    May you all sleep well, with peace or at least significantly pleasant dreams…
    Much love and thanks for journeying here with me,


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    1. Hmm?… just noticed the posting time of my comment above (song lyrics) – It does have 1,2,3,4… but out of sequence – maybe my life is out of sequence. 🙂
      Don’t remember what the sequence means and not in numbers info tab above… curious…


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  10. I would really REALLY like/love/so appreciate everyone’s opinion on this here “AI and THE EVENT UPDATE”, if you all wouldn’t mind sharing your knowings:




      1. THANK YOU! this phrase is being bandied about like crazy.

        it’s all still garbage in, garbage out. to paraphrase clif high (what’s up with him lately?!?) from some years back… yes, a computer can beat me at chess but can it enjoy the victory?


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  11. I was finally able to have my session with Lisa Gawlas this morning👏🏼. When we were complete I asked her if she was aware that you Cats were assisting her. She indicated she has been too busy moving, etc to check in. She asked me repeatedly to let you ALL know: “Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my Soul for all the help”. I Am happy to oblige. She sounds like a new person, honestly💜🌈👏🏼🧬🥰

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    1. Ahh. Then the moon mission was a success. Excellent. We heard the same thing from Laura Whitworth. No more voice issues/interference/illnesses. It wasn’t affecting *us* that much (because of our shielding), so we needed to hear it from others.

      Thanks for reporting back!

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I noticed from Allison Coe in one of her latest videos she said her hair fell out and she didn’t want to do videos as often. Hope she is getting help too. I think most people learned about the event/shift from her.

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  12. Is anyone else feeling like they’re completely “done” here, and is heavily checking out emotionally? As if this world in particular has literally nothing left to offer (besides my country’s food, bless Italian cuisine).

    I think I’ve reached the point of non-return, as of late. I’m involved in all that I am because I have to, not because I feel particularly compelled to participate in society at large.

    Can we have the SHIFT already? I’d rather leave all of this behind and hopefully forget about it. It’s been a painful, annoying ride.

    There has to be a better way than whatever this madness is.

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    1. Just read this comment to those CATs present and we all said the same thing: “HA!” We are all SO done here.

      The good news: few have any idea HOW MANY fans humans have for doing what we’ve done, on ET and spirit sides. (Beings are all around me right now watching me type this.) You will be shocked at the sheer numbers and level of happy mojo you are going to encounter and enjoy on into the future… for the rest of your days in this universe… because of what you have done in this one lifetime. It is an enormous (pain in the ass) accomplishment. In a short time, this will all be but a distant memory… and a cosmic lesson on how NOT to craft a civilization/genetic experiment. A few weeks, a few months, a few years… whatever. We are infinite beings, so our waiting room times trend toward GALACTIC, it seems. Bitch bitch bitch.


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    2. Francisco,
      I have felt that way for years. Nothing to hold me here if I am lucky enough to get a ticket on the early train out. My daughter and husband are capable and self reliant. All bills are paid and responsibilities completed.
      I cannot have authentic conversations with most people and I find superficial talk boring.
      That being said, I still enjoy beauty, nature, my husband, cat, home, and good food. Hopefully those things are enough to make my remaining time here worthwhile to both myself and those with whom I interact. Cay

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    3. Agreed, today was strange with the “I dont need this!” Being a “loner” Is ok when you enjoy the “company”. Peace.

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    4. Yes, same here. Lately I have feelings that I am done with the experience gained on this level and it is the time to shift to a new level.

      But, even saying that, a month ago I was “called” by the guides (I think ?) to shift from this existence to another, as I was needed somewhere else, but I asked for prolonging my time here as I still have young kid (and older one) to take care off. I felt that my wish was granted.

      Now, I do not know who or what was asking me to leave, t was in a middle off driving my car, I was alone in it, but I felt that a way to go was in a car crash, were that my guides or somebody or something malevolent, I do not know.

      But, again, lately I feel more out off space and the time, maybe the Shift is very near ✨


  13. Hey guys, I saw something really weird/odd/cool last night , on That is Impossible (channel) on youtube… I don’t know how to post a vid here, but they had a tree, that had grown up into/through a car so fast that it had busted thru the metal and roof, might have been a hoax, but they showed it from bottom up and my thought was that maybe it was from quick timeline shifting, car in one timeline, tree in another and when they merged, PRESTO! Lol. If it’s a trick, it’s a good one. Worth a look

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  14. I’d like to ask for support of any kind that comes to mind for my daughter – she’s having a really bad reaction to a kidney stone – vomiting only bile for hrs, can’t even sip water, violent hrs long shaking (not cold), pain of course, left leg totally numb, etc.
    For insurance reasons she ‘s reluctant to go to hospital – we haven’t paid off last time… they really can’t do much – my brother had to have his blasted twice – it’s in the family – me and my mother, too.

    She’s also in the first months of pregnancy – she had a miscarriage this last spring – She’d had an IUD of some kind removed last year after 4 yrs because it was causing severe health problems, bleeding and pain; her body seems to overrule other forms of not getting pregnant. She almost died from several things when pregnant with my granddaughter 5 yrs ago. Her body doesn’t deal with pregnancy well…

    The day before the Cats’ crew moon mission I was drawn to ask a lot of assistance from Brother J and select AAs (different for each household member) for any artificially imposed negative programming, and any other kind (there seems to be a lot of generational and maybe genetic stuff), to be lifted from them permanently. If This was a purging of that I could view it possibly worth it…

    Thank you for your consideration,


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      1. @Cat Eds.
        I’m so grateful for your help for Kagee’s daughter and all the others you have helped. And are helping.

        I send love and prayers for recovery for all who are suffering with health issues.

        I’ve seen many posts about this, and I sent prayers each time. I can’t make the “like” button work, but I send a prayer each time I see a comment.
        ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. @kg if she’s pregnant, she needs to go to the hospital or her primary care obgyn. If she doesn’t have insurance, the hospital will put her on state insurance or (obamacare) b/c she is pregnant. Hospital visits don’t really hurt credit. She should go to dr. better that than hurt the baby and be sick.

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    2. Ideally she’s on neo-natal by an M.D.
      An N.D. will also have treatments (acute and chronic)
      After this painful acute event, either one of those may say “Read this book then live it” (simple, effective, zero price and low cost advice)
      Might be as simple, though not easy, as reaching an alkaline body state; one’s blood takes 2 to 4 months to turn around (not 4 months because she’s relatively young)

      “it’s in the family”
      Doesn’t have to be; eat foods that are a match for your body then fine tune by body issues.

      “her body seems to overrule other forms of not getting pregnant.”
      May be more than that (strong and/or over-active immune system affects one’s entire body)
      A strong immune system is excellent with a negative (walking pneumonia, flu)

      Transparency :
      relative to this post, my biases are due to the authors of information that I’ve selected :
      – Dr. Peter D’Adamo, N.D.
      – Linda and Jay Kordich (LiveFoodsLiveBodies)
      – John Kohler (DiscountJuicers)
      Intuit … please regard, disregard, be uncertain, or be unknown.
      Take care!

      References :
      Odds & Ends, thatcrazytoaster1, 2019-11-20 at 2:04PM
      Cranberry Apple Juice with Jay Kordich, YouTube, 2m53s


      1. @George A. Chapman – thank you – I actually have a Tristar slow juicer somewhere from the guy you mentioned – used to watch him a lot – I used to juice some before I was living with others and access to food and other things changed.

        I appreciate your time and efforts on our behalf,


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    3. As others have said, she needs to go to the hospital. Insurance when you really boil it down is an imaginary concept anyway. Your daughters and granddaughters health and lives matter more. There are ways to get help to with medical bills.

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      1. @M3 – thank you – I’m not surprised about the adrenals – she’s always on high alert – many anxiety problems – I just posted a ‘small book’ on her health issues down below.

        With the eating disorder and adverse reaction to suggestions and $ issues – I’ll ‘ask’ about seeing if change can start through non-verbal means and much ‘help from beyond. She has a lot of not wanting to live thing going on, from dealing with everything. We all kind of know how that feels…
        Hope things get better energy-wise environmentally for us all…

        Thank you sooo much for looking into this for us…


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  15. A lot of us really really appreciate and love everything you guys and gals do for everyone. You are our light when sometimes our own light seems to get dim and it is hard to carry on.
    There are always going to be those snarky kinds of people out there while we are still here in the lower vibes. I get snarky comments from people I know also so I just try to ignore them as much as I can because, lets face it, a lot of these snarky people are truly ignorant of what is going on and they just don’t ‘get it’ yet.
    We all need to just hang in there as best as we can. (Which I think most of us have been doing for years anyway).

    Love you all,

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  16. After winning the International Miss Understanding trophy this week, I must say that the subsequent clearing has made me feel a lot lighter.
    Both physically (there was a painful clearing on the toilet via number 2) and mentally, something has shifted big time.
    Was it my own or an implant, I don’t know, what matters is that I worked hard to get it out and that it’s gone. Fo-evah!

    Tonight I am feeling lonely, as I have so often in my life, and longing for a new reality where my kid and I are living together as opposed to the once every other weekend arrangement there is now. She wants it too.
    My mother has fully embarked on the Ascension train (she was bound to choo-choo-choose it) and is currently experiencing an upgrade in the form of flu symptoms (shivering, cold) and a runny nose. Clearing old hurt and tears.
    She’s coming along with us to wherever it is we’re going: NE, Heaven, 5D, Neverland,… The rest of the family, or what’s left, is giving me the impression these last days that they’ll never change. But you never know. Bruce Willis once recorded “Under the boardwalk” so anything is possible.

    I go to bed early. Almost every night. Around 8pm. Makes the days shorter and whatever is coming, seem closer. Dreams are all about finishing up stuff with old friends and acquaintances
    My life now feels similar to leaving a home. Just checking the rooms if I didn’t forget anything. Looking around and wondering if I’ll miss this place. Nope. We’re good to go!
    Where’s the cab? Taxi! Or as they say in Mexico: Taji !

    Goodnight all & thanks again for all your work Cats & M’s.

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  17. Hello! Can anyone help me? I would really like to share a photo of our new kitty, she is so unbelievably lovely! But, I am concerned about privacy etc…if I put an icloud link. Does anyone know how I can post a photo without worrying about personal security etc…?

    Many thanks & Big Loves ❤️

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      1. Love to you too Newlynn ❤️ Her eyes are soooooo hypnotic! And I love her ‘third eye’ marking on her forehead! Her birth name is Bluebell but ‘Elsie’ is calling her Puss Puss!

        Big hugs 🤗❤️🤗

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    1. Lily, Your new kitty is absolutely
      gorgeous with her beautiful coloring
      and sapphire blue eyes! I truly hope
      that she will be the right cat, for you
      and ‘Elsie’, for many years to come.

      With lots of love, ❤️💕❤️💕💝🌈🌈


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      1. Coriboy ❤️ thank you 🙏 Yes, those eyes…..😍 They remind me of Lapis Lazulis too and Sapphire, they seem to change hue! Hopefully she will come with us to NE 😊🌎🌈☀️

        Much Love ❤️

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        1. Her Mother is pure, yet I dont know who her dad is. As her mom lived on the street after her owner moved or passed. Mommy is the most beautiful of cats I’ve seen. Minky Loves/is Loved by All. Peace.

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    2. OMG!
      Such adorable cat! Blue eyes are sooo beautiful! I feel so much good energy coming from her!
      She is a very good addition to your family!


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      1. June ❤️ Thank you. She has a lovely, calm energy. I am keeping everything crossed that it works out and ‘Elsie’ accepts her. I have to be so careful. If I give Puss Puss too much attention, Elsie will get quite jealous whereas if I just sit and quietly observe, take a step back, I know Elsie will love her, I think Elsie needs to feel the kitty is there for her! This beautiful kitty is not a lap cat which makes things easier, she likes to sit near you and has , so far been very intuitive to Elsie, not getting too close, just enough for her to get used to the company!

        Much Love & Light 🙏❤️🙏

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  18. Not sure if you remember me posting about the light I get flashing every night outside my kitchen window? CATS, you said it was me re-connecting with me! Well it’s stepped up! I used to get maybe one small blue flash each night but the last few days, the flash of light has been bigger and much more frequent. Tonight, about 5 times, once in the form of a large orange door shaped light!

    I’m trying to work out if this is a good sign?! I’m a bit perplexed! ☺️🤔

    Much Love ❤️

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    1. Oh, it’s good. We are seeing two things: 1. You are one of those people who are on several levels simultaneously. You may have a dream where you meet someone “higher up” only to find out that… it’s you. Some beings split themselves into up to as many as 12 separate spirit-parts for this one mission, to better accomplish and assist. 2. Your “ground crew” is popping in to make minor adjustments for you so things are easier. This happens a LOT more than people realize. It’s no big deal.

      Either that or you’re just going screaming bonkers… but… you’re never at the meetings, so… 😉

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thanks CATs! That explains A LOT of my dreams! And also in waking life. I have had quite a few times in my life where a friend or someone I know has told me they just saw me the other side of town, places this version of me has definitely not been! Have also heard my name being spoken on occasions and look around to see nobody there! Happened in the supermarket once when I was with my mum, she heard it too!

        What are ‘The meetings’? Very curious ☺️

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. Lily, I had an interesting thing
          happen, years ago, when living
          in NYC. I attended a group that
          met in Carnegie Hall, that aside from being a concert hall, has
          apartments that are accessed from the Seventh Avenue side.
          I was on my way to the meeting
          when the subway stopped and I
          knew that I would be late. When
          I arrived at the elevator, to go to
          the tenth floor, the elevator operator, Caesar, looked at me with very large eyes 👀 and said
          “I just took you up…you could not
          have come down ten flights!” I
          was wearing a dress with a very
          distinctive floral print so I am sure Caesar was right and I must
          have bi-located!

          With love and light,


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            1. Lily, I can’t imagine what
              it would be like to meet
              ourselves. I seem to
              remember that in the Seth material (books before your time) the author Jane Roberts, and her husband, saw older
              versions of themselves but I don’t think think
              that they interacted.

              With love 💕 to all,


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        2. Lily your Cat is beautiful :-). I have also had times when I felt myself in another body whilst in dream state but more real than a normal dream. Once as a male escort, which was a very odd experience currently being of the opposite sex, and another as a man living I what I presume was the Everglades (I had one of those boats with fans on the back) with a wife and teenage daughter, I think I was a mechanic, also another on different planet in a city with a river running through it and we were playing in the river. I guess I will find out more as things progress.

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      2. @Cats Eds,
        I’m glad you mentioned the splitting of spirit-parts – I’d gotten the impression that the multiple personality thing I lived as and didn’t consciously know about until the Reubenfeld Synergy work (I’d started in the 90’s) and they started popping out to protect from detection – I’d read along the way somewhere in last ten years that effect was part of the purpose of the abuse program – to produce this condition – but I had begun to feel it was different with me – this feels more right. I found, in therapy, I’d had huge guilt every time I couldn’t ‘take it anymore’ and popped another ‘alter’.


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      3. For years, people that I’ve never met before have been trying to figure out where they know me from. I just tell them I have one of those faces although, truly, I’ve never seen anyone that looks as much like me as whoever these people are seeing. Just went through it again at the gym last week; so strange. Maybe this is the answer.

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        1. So amazing, I feel like we are getting pieces of the puzzles that we did not even know (on some levels) were missing! This journey is so incredible! I’m so grateful to be awake and receptive to more learning!

          Much Love & Light ALL 🙏🙏🙏

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        2. I’ve had that experience most of my life. I like to say, “no, we’ve probably never met. I think it’s Spirit in you recognizing Spirit in me. We are all One, after all.” Love!

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    2. Hi Lily. I see purple or violet orbs all the time as well as tiny golden/silver “sparks” frequently too. I just acknowledge them, smile, and go on my merry way. We are remarkably blessed! BTW, I had an Abyssinian kitty companion for 18 wonderful years. He still drops by occasionally to check in.

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  19. I enter a hearty “Me too” as fare as completions are concerned. The last 4 dogwoods were planted today to complete the season. I gave Gardener off next week with pay, and I realize W and I have completed a 25 year journey of doing amazing things together. We are complete to follow our paths in different directions. The energies feel, to me as those of completion. (too many completions,etc, but that feels complete, too. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!) (I suspect that it’s time for my afternoon latte after my nap is completed.) Glad to hear about Lisa. My visit is next Friday.

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      This morning I awoke with that message to give to the Cats. I had very firm instructions on that. The events that came to pass over the last ten days, especially on Thursday November 21st, had been working their way through my life for over 30 years. Now they are manifest.

      There was much loss, illness, and great heartache, but wisdom gained from living among people whose lives were far more simple than mine, and accepting that some events were purposeful even though I felt I had been robbed of my wealth.

      Time to relax and rejoice. My life is simpler and full of love.

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  20. This rings true and feels right. It aligns with visions I’ve had of what will happen.
    I must admit it totally scares me.
    Probably another reason why I’m having anxiety attacks out of nowhere lately, removing that stuff before the Shift happens.

    Article by Teri Wade (who also has an article on the corrupted ToL).

    The Day of Purification…

    When the Dimensional shift happens we’ll experience the 3rd dimensional state of consciousnes recede away. When this happens we will start to see synthetic materials begin to disappear that are not of the natural world. In my opinion they will not disappear all at once it will depend on what they’re made of.
    When the grid of 3rd dimensional consciousness begins to break down along with the magnetic field this is when these synthetic materials will disappear. What so many don’t know is that axis and grid changes have been happening for millions of years this is why there are no manufactured items from previous civilizations that are of synthetic material. Which is ironic because these past civilizations were much more advanced than ours.
    The fact that objects start to disappear especially to those who are and have been completely oblivious to the changes happening on this planet who also don’t understand what’s happening to themselves begin to go crazy. This is why very advanced civilizations built massive structures out of stone. These structures make it through the dimensional changes and remain there.

    When this 3rd dimensional interface occurs you will notice the colors of the objects won’t match in ways you’ve been used to it will boggle your mind. The Galactic’s that have been monitoring this shift are hoping for a gradual movement through this interface. You will be able to watch this change happen for only a short time before the magnetic field completely collapses.
    Your field of view and vision will disappear and you will find yourself in sort of a black void. The 3rd dimensional consciousness will be gone for you. Some people will fall asleep and start dreaming for 3 to 4 days. The proverbial 3 days of darkness. This is a natural process and we’ve done it many many times but fear will be an issue for some humans on the 3rd dimensional level.
    During this process you might all of a sudden remember you have done this before. As the 4th dimensional world comes into perception Light comes back again. You will be in a world unlike you’ve never seen before although you have you just haven’t been able to remember because of the erasing of our memory.
    It will be a brand new place all the color, shapes and textures will be all new to you. There are a lot of similarities when you shift worlds but this one you will shift as you not as an infant. And probably minus your clothes depending on what they’re made of. 🙃
    One of the similarities is the Holy Trinity the mother, father, child. When upon entering this new world you’ll be met by two beings your father and your mother but they will not be anyting like your Earth parents. These beings will be 10 to 15 ft tall they have a bond with you and will guide you through the beginning stages of this new world. These beings know you and your divine nature from the very beginning of your creation. Basically, you will be in this incredible new reality with two beings that you have this intense love and bond with but won’t really know why.
    As your physical body structure remains the same, on an atomic level you will have transformed dramatically. Meaning, much of the 3rd dimensional denseness will have been converted to energy. Meaning, much of your atomic structure will now be further apart than before. What I mean is your cells won’t be so coagulated together which means you’re becoming a lighter being not so dense.
    You will go through this process alone. Remember the biblical saying “the many are called, so few chosen” Meaning, the wheat will be separated from the chaff. Remember, when you enter this 4th Dimensional world you are creating everything second by second, thought by thought. This is also true in the 3rd dimensional world but we have been so programmed to live in such a restrictive environment within an incredible amount of limitation.
    This new reality is a world of everything happening instantly. What I believe the saying “the wheat will be separated from the chaff” means. As we go through this movement into this higher 4th dimension you will need to stay away from any fear based emotion because that will pull you back into that lower vibration. The ones that are thinking love and who remain calm will be pulled through to that higher reality and you have just won the game.
    You become stable in this new reality depending on what you’re thinking.
    “If you live by the sword you shall die by
    the sword and the meek shall inherit the Earth.” Meaning, the separation of those who still remain thinking in a 3rd dimensional way will be left behind. The wheat and the chaff will be separated.
    One of the first things you’ll start to realize is that whatever you think happens instantaneously. Many of you will look at your appearance and want to change it to an ideal image that you want. Self modification is a childlike exercise but if you look at many non-terrestrial beings they’re all tall, beautiful and healthy. Self modification of body structure is a natural occurrence and will continue from the 4th dimension on. It’s a creative expression. Again, it’s very important to remain at peace within the first few hours of this dimensional interface. Your inner technology is very important.
    Remember, these two beings are unlike your Earth parents and they will guide you the first two years of this new reality. They don’t look at you as your Earth parents do as possessions to be controlled. Let’s say these two beings are telling you something you would instantly experience it. If they are explaining a certain location or a room you will instantly be there. It’s kind of like a higher state of dreamtime.
    The 4th dimensional realm is somewhat like the 3rd dimensional realm with some physical aspects to it but with the injection of Christ consciousness which will bring in Unity consciousness. A Whole New World…

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    1. Wow, I have been wondering how the Shift would play out, if it would be an instant flash or much slower. So it will be like taking off simulation goggles and then you realise you are nude?!

      I might stick to cotton clothing from now on 😉☺️❤️

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    2. It being… The White Flash a.k.a The Black Void

      One believing in SOURCE, One believing they are becoming SOURCE

      Whomp me a holy man, rest me in my earthen grave

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    3. author is Drunvalo Melchizedek – The Dimensional Shift ?!

      The Phase before the Shift

      This is the period that usually lasts from three months to two years. It is triggered mostly by the geomagnetics driving people crazy. This is what causes the collapse of the social systems of the world. The stock market crashes, the governments become nonfunctional and martial law is invoked but doesn’t work because the military is having the same problem. This is followed by the lack of food and other supplies and no help. On top of this, most people become paranoid and reach for their guns. Nowhere is safe on the Earth’s surface.

      However, because of the tremendous help that our spiritual ET brothers have given us and because of the dramatic changes in consciousness that we have accomplished ourselves, there is an excellent chance that we will not go through this dangerous period, and if we do, it will be very quick. In fact, I would not be surprised if we had no warning at all, except the five to six hours that we speak of below.

      If we were to prepare for this phase on a physical level, we would put food and supplies in a hole in the ground to last at least two years. However, if we entered this underground fort when the shift began, we would not come out. Why? Because the dimensional shift will take us into a new dimension of the Earth’s consciousness, a place where the third dimension, our normal world, will not exist. Once the shift begins, the third-dimensional world will pass away, so it is unfeasible to put food and supplies in a hole and expect to emerge after everything is over and resume life as usual. A large portion of our population have recently done this in anticipation of a Y2K problem. There is nothing wrong about doing it, but it must be understood that it cannot save you. No physical preparation will help you in the higher dimensional levels. Success there depends on your spiritual awareness and mostly on your character. Yes, character. I will explain soon.

      Five to Six Hours before the Shift

      This phase is a weird one, from a human point of view. The Native Americans in the tribe I was first born to when I arrived on Earth, the Taos Pueblo, are told to enter the pueblo, pull the curtains, not look outside, and pray. To look outside would only cause fear, which is the last thing you need.

      A strange phenomenon begins at this stage. The two dimensions begin to overlap. You may be sitting in your room when suddenly something appears out of nowhere that will not be explainable to your mind. It will be a fourthdimensional object that will not fit into your understanding of reality. You will see colors that you have never seen before in your life. These colors will be exceedingly bright, and they’ll seem to have their own light source. The color will seem to be emitted rather than reflected. And they have a shape your mind will not be able to explain. These objects will be the strangest things you have ever seen. It is okay; it’s a natural phenomenon.

      My strong suggestion to you is, don’t touch one of these objects. If you do, it will instantly pull you into the fourth dimension at an accelerated rate. It would be easiest and best if you avoid moving that fast. If it is unavoidable, then it is the will of God.

      more here

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      1. For years I’ve been looking for info about the actual Shift. Until yesterday no one was able to give me any detailed info.
        Yesterday that Teri Wade article finds me, today there’s the Melchizedek info (thanks!). It’s a sure sign the Shift is imminent, info we need always comes at the right time.
        Moreover I’ve seen that actual scene happen already: weird luminescent kinda holographic objects floating in our living room all of a sudden.

        Excellent, gonna read the link now.

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      2. I read the full article.
        Here’s my two cents: the scenario is going to be different as described (he also mentions an alternative one at the end btw that is more how I think it will happen) as such that this is a mass ascension. The one he describes is for individual ascension the way Ascended Masters have done it: death, resurrection and then ascension. We, on the other hand, are doing this as a collective and whilst alive (more or less ;-)).
        I guess that’s why the whole universe has flown over to watch this happen, as it’s a first in history.
        We are doing this as a collective.

        As for the details: no idea. I’ve had visions yet they seem more like dreams now. I’ve seen different scenarios, don’t know what is what anymore.
        The only thing I do remember vividly is a flash of Light when I’m on the street (like a fog that envelops and then a flash of light) and next thing I know people are asking me for help/advice. That’s it.

        Enough about it, it’s speculation anyway. I’ll see exactly how it is when it happens. it’s more fun not knowing what’s in the Christmas present until you open it.
        PS: hello Puss Puss!

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        1. Stefan ❤️ Puss Puss says “Miaow do you do?!”

          I have not yet read the entire Shift articles shared but what I have digested is pretty amazing and very useful to keep in mind…

          I too have seen strange holographic ‘things’ in the home. Quite abstract forms and shapes in vivid colours (pinks, blues mainly). I’ve gotten to used to seeing them now but as the days go by, they become more frequent and there seems to be a constant ‘glow’ now. If we could walk through a door back to the 1990’s I think we would get a real shock in the difference in vibration and energy, we’ve come so far. The Shift must be soon and I really hope that as many people as possible make it


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      3. @Anonymous, Thank you –
        This reminded me that some time in the last 5 years? (still have ‘relating to time’ difficulties) I was drawn to a course or series of training given by Drunvalo Melchizedek in your Merkaba, online. I don’t remember much, just that it seemed necessary at the time and I think he said he was going to stop teaching after that – there was something else he had to do and as the whole thing was recorded – it was available and he wasn’t needed for that anymore. I think he was going to do more research or form a special school with his wife who understood some more esoteric things better than he did, maybe involving the quantum universe – not sure if remembering correctly –
        I seemed to get whatever I’d needed/was guided for and then didn’t read or watch anything of his after…


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        1. Well, take the information as just another set of data points. This time around, The SHIFT is going to be a little different, because so many more are waking up than before. Still, it’s a good primer on what you might encounter.

          -CAT Eds.

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        2. Kg, I had the entire series of tapes on vhs. They sat languishing in my basement until I tossed them. I figured that when “it” happened I would probably be where I was at that time. Har! Anyway, this was at least 12 years ago. The tapes didn’t make the move. (Besides, I didn’t have a vhs tape player by them. Ah well)

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          1. @J – I have a picture in my mind now of anthropomorphized vhs tapes languishing in a swooning couch waiting for company… 🙂

            When I get guided (pushed repeatedly ) toward something I just go with it now – well, last ten years or so, anyway – One of the most obvious was Delores Cannon and QHHT – – first ‘accidentally’ It got so when I searched for something completely not related on ytbe and she pops up – then happened more and more with her and the three waves of volunteers book – so did eventually read that (parts I was drawn to) – and did get two sessions.

            My old landlord had umpteen vhs tapes of Dr Christopher and his nutrition and remedies tapes – he eventually sold them to the naturapath I’d been going to… (after I had viewed them several times)… 🙂


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      4. Have a large salt shaker at the ready whenever you read ANYTHING authored by that “little tree” guy. Some are “experts” because of stolen plasma, stolen water and even stolen bodies. I made a detour from my path when I bought and read “Serpent of Light”. Anyone who will be cavalier in admitting to taking possession of another’s body should raise eyebrows even if the other stuff he says “resonates”. Careful.

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  21. To Cats, Ms, All and sundry… 🙂 (long… :/ )
    Thank you for your thoughts and advice concerning my daughter, I’m very grateful.
    She has said a number of times she doesn’t know how to BE in this kind of body – it’s her first time in a human body and I think VERY different that whatever she had before – even breathing she says feels like trying breathing under water. She has a lot of complications – I think at least 3 autoimmune disorders – one obscure one diagnosed at Yale New Haven hospital in Ct, a HUGE teaching hospital, that I don’t think would have been caught anywhere else and that one precludes the eating of many foods, makes the tissues of her mouth (and body) dissolve – most of these conditions are not recognized or taken seriously by most Drs. She also has a severe eating disorder that manifests atypically in her body, so when she’s tried to get help with it she is dismissed… She has severe PCOD causing huge hormone problems and cysts, her body makes stones EVERYWHERE. Constant battle with tonsil stones, kidneys, even pancreas which she was able to move out as she does with the tonsil ones on an almost daily basis… A lot of foods that are healthy for others normally are not for her – Other immune things cause a lot of pain as do the results of three car accidents – the resulting health issues from the 3 whiplash parts have been the worst/long lasting, vision issues and migraines.

    She deals as best she can, but things got so much worse after contact with her partner’s brother, a truly evil psychopath who interfered with her psychologically – I have often wondered if he or other factors have interfered with her, encumbered her with things?? So changed after that.
    When she has done healing work with people (since before 5 yrs old) her energy is incredible and I think “there YOU are”, but she can’t handle it – she sees into people down to the cellular level and picks things up from peoples’ lives if she touches them(even if she doesn’t) and it’s too much – She also can’t forget anything, so information gets too overwhelming. She touched something I made when going through therapy (when I was remembering my abuse history) -it looked like a little fancy cabinet, cardboard – I’d asked her not to touch it – I had pain siphoned off in there, too. Being a triple Scorpio, of course she touched it and (she told me this a few years ago) got the whole download of over twenty years of abuse – everything she remembers of anything is ‘there’, always fresh like it is just happening or happened… I’m not sure how she stays sane at all…

    She should have insurance through her work, but something went wrong with it; she just got added to her partner’s, but it hasn’t kicked in yet. She had a horrible experience with Drs in pregnancy with my granddaughter.
    We have very little money – food is sometimes difficult to get and our access to the food pantry has run out months ago – We did get a notice yesterday the local police dept is delivering a food basket to us this coming week for Thanksgiving – I wondered what we would be able to do – sometimes the only food we could afford has been the dollar store – sometimes it’s better…
    We don’t have money for ND (not covered by ins) – when my mother died a good portion of what I received went to going to a ND and such things to get some of my health back – we can’t do that now…

    I realize this may all be TMI of my daughters life – I’m not whining… it’s just complicated – All the physical is hard, but she manages, but it’s the other that concerns me more.

    @Cats,Ms, Am, etc. There has been something that has always really bothered me about the psychological aspects since the contact with the ‘brother-not-in-law’ or maybe she picked up something from her contact with me that had been part of the things done to/with me by parties unknown – it’s always felt ‘off’ to me and shouldn’t be there… If this helps at all in looking into things – I appreciate it – otherwise we will just ‘deal’ til things get better.
    In much gratitude…


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  22. Felt like posting something happier & since you’re all family –
    My granddaughter turns 5 yrs old today – not sure how/if were doing something today – she’s not too aware of such things and I sent for something, but won’t be here for few days- very exciting – (hopefully) magic detangling brush and detangler. Most of the time she looks like a, very beautiful, wild woman of Borneo… 🙂 Tackling an Autistic girl that is chest high tall on me and over 70 lbs that doesn’t sit or stand still… challenge is a small word…

    Feel free not to click the video – warning… chipmunk voices. Cats wouldn’t do anything this undignified, so had to call in the chipmunk act…
    Love to you all…


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  23. Remember the movie The Langoliers, based on a Stephen King novella. As I laid awake in the wee hours this morning, it came to me as a likely scenario of The Shift. Well, it’s been a loooong time since I saw it, but as I remember . . . A big whiteout and then all that’s left of the Nasties are little piles of inorganic parts that didn’t get vaporized: watches, dental work, replaced joints, etc. That OE slowly dims, loses its vitality and the atoms begin to pull away from each other and it dissolves. Or maybe the Langoliers come and eat it all. For the rest of us, we’re in the NE, which is still empty of us. We can hear the roar of it approaching and then whoosh, it’s swirling all around us and we’re all swept gently into this magnificent vibrant NE, where every living thing (and everything IS living) is imbued with Love. And with that, I fell asleep . . . for a little while. [Sleep, I’ve come to the conclusion, is highly overrated!] *sigh* I like that one!

    Thanks and great Love as always, CATs and Ms and All connected here, for all the work and guidance via this site.

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  24. Sometimes when I look up at the stars I will notice a light that is moving “erratically” often disappearing and reappearing several times. It appears to be the same size as a star or satellite, but due to it’s movement, it’s clearly not a satellite. Always assumed it was a spacecraft of some sort… first sighting was a few years ago and it was the first time I knew for certain there’s more out there than most are aware of and are lead to believe. Any specifics on what is was?

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      1. Possibly… I just hadn’t thought of it that way, but that seems to make most sense. I was trying to make sense of why it would disappear… If I remember correctly it will disappear and then reappear while still headed in the same direction… I do know it always reappears within close proximity to where it disappeared.

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    1. I am seeing a lot, almost every night with the dog out for a walk (same repeated today, I just came from the same walk), flashing lights high up, red and white, but flying in zig-zag pattern as they wanted to caught my attention, then start flying strait, go back, zig-zag again…

      It couldn’t be the plan as this pattern is so erratic, I just saw two doing that, it was fun ✨

      I am not sure if they ate watching me, or just having fun, probably the second one, no matter what they are doing and why, it is nice to know that we are not alone ✨

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  25. Cool stuff today, a Beautiful Red Fox crossed the road in front of the W and I. “It showed Itself for a purpose” is what I stated. Then a mile down the road, another one crossed the same way, that She brought to my attention. Then We were wondering what 2 appearances were all about. We Are The Love/Light, We Are! Peace.

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    1. Was it raining? I’ve only seen foxes when it’s raining when they can’t use their acute sense of smell.

      You could view at them as totem animals and look on the internet for an answer, that is what I do in situations like that, as there could be many interpretations.

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      1. Was cloudy, not raining here in NW Pa. Where there Is a lot of wildlife. Just unusual to see them near roads. Grateful for the appearance. Peace.

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  26. I feel I left 3D a long time ago. As I wake up every morning I hear “I am love, I am joy, I am grace” in my head. I sleep with crystals in my bed. Yesterday when I woke up I also found I was clutching a pink quartz angel in my left hand as I woke up.

    My dreams for several months have been about graduating from college and packing and moving out. When I look at clouds I often see the edges in beautiful colors. This is all so exciting!

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  27. I have been so incredibly dizzy the last hr or so maybe longer – kind of remember almost falling over earlier – maybe the Schumann accounts for it – was happy to see the activity(ies) posted in update 4 – glad of any reason to clutch with my brain( weird visual)…
    Night all – I’ve had enough of this day… – not that it was awful, just enough…


    PS: thanks everyone…

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      1. yup, me-ies, too – and legs not working right(more not right than usual) – My toes work me up a little while ago – had to see what was going on in my extremely limited way, Ahhh … Saw update 5…
        Looking at the Schumann, large sized, noticed it was when I woke last time(I thought due to family member movements, around 2:30 something my time, MT) that the graph had that thick band of TOTAL whiteness. Going to hopeful sleep more… deeply…
        Have really weird headache and crown ache and sickish besides toes, foot lymph channels and wobblies… now vibrating… ugh, enough – sleep come fast…


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  28. Ugh, I felt those energy coming to Earth last night as never before. At one point I woke up open my eyes and had a feeling that I am pure energy with conscience, I felt like I am the energy bubble radiating the energy in all direction.

    That energy was so powerful that I am going to levitate with my norm wife in the bead and thinking off her reaction to it 😨

    I couldn’t feel my body at all, just that I am that energy bubble. It was still dark outside, maybe 5AM, I see my wife wakening up, I am hearing my younger son also waking up in the next room as I am still that energy bubble, maybe that high energy I am radiating woke them up, probably, I do not know ?

    I do not meditate, and this was first time I felt like energy being in a woke state, pure energy without body, but with conscience, maybe that is what You who meditate are feeling, I do not know.

    But, I also felt that those energies are filled with information, healing, maybe I am merging with my higher self ✨

    Anyway, when I woke up again in my physical body, my shoulder did not heart anymore, so I guess that there was also some healing going on ✨

    Lately, I have a feeling that I am done with the experience I gained here, and it is time to move on, I mean, I had those feelings in the past, but now it has more substance, more definition to it, maybe we are really near our goal ✨

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  29. Huh, I wrote a lang post about me last night being energy bubble in a woke state, pure energy radiating it in all directions, did not feel the body at all, just as I am the energy bubble with conscience ✨

    But, I can not see that post even waiting moderation ☹

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  30. I’m currently restoring a 50’s Necchi BU Nova And I thought about that post y’all made about having your instruments come with you to NE (something that my BF will be excited about, for sure). I am wondering if this will apply to other things? I’m asking because I’m thinking about picking up sewing, and I’m worried about the skill being made defunct if we can just insta manifest on NE lol

    Liked by 5 people

  31. Wowzers, just had a cracker of a migraine, strange as it was very short but really intense, could be the ‘energies’ ? Oh and also intense cold, bone chills!

    Hope everyone is well ❤️🙏❤️

    Liked by 4 people

    1. It Will pass, My symptoms from last december. Get cozy, lots of tea/honey and spring water if available. I consumed mostly live food, fruit 1st then pico de gallo w/cilantro, worked very good for Me. Follow Your heart on appetite. Stay Well! Peace.

      Liked by 4 people

  32. I just need to know if anyone-else feels this way…

    Christmas is my favourite time of the year and my favourite holiday!
    I love to put up my Christmas tree and lots of decorations around the house, eating Christmas dinner with my family and friends…

    But this year I feel completely different about it…This year I do not enjoy Christmas shopping, I do not care if I have any Christmas decorations in my house and I am not looking forward to celebrating it at all. The joy and, excitement about holidays filled with void instead…
    I am feeling like we just celebrated Christmas few weeks ago and it feels like almost a middle of January now but I need to do everything over again…Why?…Not fun…
    What is going on?…


    Liked by 14 people

      1. I feel that Christmas will be completely different this year…Something is going on…I only could feel it. I have no explanation for it.
        Do you?…


        Liked by 6 people

    1. I’ve felt like this since at least 2007. Could not get in the Christmas spirit at all, shopping was a struggle and did not want to decorate. Still feel like that now and would just as soon skip the holiday. But other family members want me to join in and they just don’t get it. I’ve been on this roller coaster ride for over 20 years and it has always been hard for me to be in groups of normies–always having to bite my tongue about certain subjects–didn’t want to start any arguments at holiday time. Either that or subject matter was so mundane or expectations about what is “proper” just too hard to cope with. Anyway, others have felt this way for years also, according to other articles and comments I have read.


      Liked by 11 people

      1. Thank you! I am so glad I am not alone!

        ((((((HUGS)))))) and Patience! Good things just around the corner!
        Thank you everybody! ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️

        Much Love!

        Liked by 6 people

    2. June,
      I have always loved Thanksgiving. Last week I decided to make Thanksgiving dinner early. I did not feel like waiting two weeks. My husband and I enjoyed chicken & cornbread dressing, green beans and fresh cranberry sauce for a few days. We also shared some with neighbors to spread the joy early.
      I lost interest in Christmas once my daughter was off to college. Gifts at specific times never was a priority in my life. If I found something I thought another would like, I would buy it and gift it whenever it appeared. Christmas gifts have already been given for this year. Cay

      Liked by 8 people

    3. June. Yes, I just can’t be bothered with Xmas and strangely we will be on our own this time. Only the second Xmas this has ever happened. I’m just planning to rest.💕

      Liked by 6 people

    4. June… ha ha ha, sorry for laughing, but I feel you.

      Why do we go through this nonsense, such pomp and ceremony? So we can educate the children on what plastic crap to choose to distract them from their spirit of course. And in the bargain the planet suffers a huge strain on resources taken to support one fricken day of the year. Do I sound cynical? You betcha!

      But I do have 4 anklebiters and I find myself stuck in the centre of a society hell bent on commercial waste and thoughtless ritual. I am drowning in the hypocrisy, some self imposed!

      What keeps me afloat (besides the styrofoam mountains) is a light heart, which is not to be confused with nonchalance. As we have waxed lyrical countless times, this experience tis all but a game. It’s how we perceive it that shapes how we perceive it…

      So deck the halls with bells and holly, have a vegetarian roast with all the trimmings and share ethical gifts. This can actually be a time for opportunity. Not that anyone time is more important that any other time, but it does help galvanise a purposeful common cause when despite all the crap, the underlying message of goodwill still lives and breathes.

      I say use it. I say be light of heart. Find the opportunities to spread goodwill. We are a seriously flawed race, messed up, confused and terrorised but when we come together we shine. Very brightly indeed!

      Happy wretched Christmas!

      Mark xoxoxo

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  33. Two nights ago-saw a bright white light in southern sky moving slowly northeast, no blinking lights, just bright white.
    Originally thought it was a plane with landing lights on but there were 3 commercial airplanes in sky blinking colored lights in other parts of the sky for comparison.
    The white light began to dim and then after short path blinked out.
    Any thoughts appreciated
    Much Love & Laughter to All Y’all!

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Okay, Free Spirit…I see you are on board with the Lily-isms and Southern Redneck. ;-))

      I saw some comments higher up the page from another person or two who are willing to contribute other regionalisms, but there was no reply window, so I will have to wait to reply.

      I also saw Lily’s “cracker of a migraine” and wanted to count that one as a Lily-ism for the poetic punch, but don’t want to count it since it caused her pain. So, I’m gonna leave that and “crunkle” out.

      Meanwhile, I’m having to mull over the concept of “smirking Germans”.
      I’m thinking that that and “totally tubular” belong in a category of their own. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  34. Arggh, I’m being asked to share something, but not sure why or the direction it’s going to, so asking for guidance with the composition – I’ll try to keep it short – (well, short didn’t happen…)

    I’ve shared before of an association for a time, in 2008, with a deceased musical person and the advised severing of that bond, following bad advice.
    Following that severing I was inundated with entities trying to gain access (I believe there was something of that bond with him that also provided protection, until it was severed or the way it was done); even had to move out of my apt. for a few days, but they, and more followed – I’d called out for sincere help – It arrived ( immediately while driving, not the best time, concentration-wise) in the form of a huge presence from seeming FARFARFAR away, male feeling, and took action, clearing them away and staying with me. Had gotten some information around that time and more today that he was from a different universe – not a different galaxy or dimension, but universe and that the spirit I’d had the bond with knew ‘him’ and helped arrange for his help… Ooo, ringing in right ear and dizzy.
    Ok, has been repeated to share, kind of. his name. (I think It had be fully hard to pronounce) developed into contracted and changed pronunciation of ‘Big Guy’. 🙂 He had never met/dealt with a human before and I think that was a factor in how profoundly personal and pervasive the interaction became – the overwhelming strength of his energy, teaching me and dealing with some issues I had. Someone
    else judged this as inappropriate and I was delusional, which I of course accepted and backed away – pretty much cutting off contact (though I kind of knew he was still around in the back ground) I learned today this judgment was incorrect and am being asked/guided to open to more conscious contact again – also that my spirit hadn’t cut it off, only my ME-shard consciousness backed off…

    I think this all came today because last night before sleep I had in, a kind of backed off, asking session with Brother J and AA Micheal and my daughter’s Higher Self’s wisdom and intent for/about the removal of anything that was not hers, or neg influences or not longer served her. It felt after and today there was a call to open up again to more of a conscious communication with guidance, etc. Back in that 2008 time I’d had more communication with guides, feelings of Brother J and Mary(mother, not Madeleine) in a consciousness field above Earth, even sometimes felt the physical presence of Brother J on the edge of my bed. – I had problems back then with the ‘other’ name because of the abuse in church – there had even been a GOD seeming energy that was always felt in one corner of my room – hopefully that was a teensy-tiny, itty bitty, minuscule fraction of SOURCE – had a hard time opening to that.
    I cut all that off too.

    They are not really letting me know why I had to share this all… Maybe encouraging us to look more to the guidance of our Higher Selves and other Prime positive ‘SOURCES’ that are available and that we are more energetically able to access, now?

    Well, hope there was a reason for someone in this…


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  35. how could anyone decidedly be done with this world and all the beauty nature has fought endlessly to provide, every animal & insect & creature so divinely here to experience existence… with you if you so choose… to be at one… to find peace & love in your heart and in the hearts of the beings whom shall survive and live on

    if you think you could create something more beautiful in the fourth dimension i bid thee so try, because in my eyes, SOURCE has wrought each spark from every possibility to create this, here, paradise.

    Don’t lose hope, choose to know instead.

    Seemingly a message to myself, yet, a message to share with friends.

    Liked by 5 people

  36. What is that huuuge boom noise?! I just HEARD it tonight? I’m having big Mandela experiences.

    Had a reading with your fav psychic Lynn…she’s still seeing the shift happening about a year from now. But w time jumps now who knows

    She said I chose to be a caregiver in this life and I will AlwAys have someone to take care of. I’ve always taken care of my friends from when my friend ran away from home At 14, I let her stay in my closet overnight so.My parents would not find out. Lol! 😂 To my friend who got a divorce, I paid for it and let her live w me rent free for a year. A friend lost his house, I let him live w me til he got back on his feet. Took care of my dad who died of emphysema. Now mom w cancer.

    So if any of you cats need help, I’m the go to girl! 😃

    Liked by 12 people

  37. I’ve been reading a lot about what might happen after the shift and found lots of conflicting information regarding 4D. It’s mainly the time spent in it.

    I feel that what’s going to happen in the shift and 4D will be different for everyone. The shift will be instant for some and long for others and everything in between. The same for 4D, some might be days in 4D while others spend multiple lifetimes in it, and everything in between.
    This makes sense to me as it’s the only way for 4D civilisations to exist.

    Opinions? If you feel it’s incorrect, why? And why do you think there’s 4D civilisations?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lily, I have a race with you in my own mind as to who posts Blossom first. Since you are several hours ahead of me on the Pacific coast you usually beat me to it. (as Rusirius says, lets be light-hearted!) Cheers. (Give new kitty kisses from me)

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  38. Regarding update 7…
    Why do people think the PTW and negatives are intelligent?
    If they were, we would already be in a star trek world and they would be revered.
    Since they are stupid, they repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot (knowing full well the consequences) and wonder why they are in pain and have no feet left.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. They’re more insane than stupid. Note that PTW also includes the dark ET factions. They aren’t dumb… but they’re not smart, either. They’re surprisingly pigheaded and unable to synthesize change. It’s the mental software they’re running; it’s faulty.

      -CAT Eds.

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  39. Gaia Portal ❤️ (sorry if I posted this twice! It did not come up as ‘waiting for moderation’!)

    “Appearances” are abandoned as the Righteous Guide.

    Standards of Illumination are learned and followed.

    100th Monkey has been reached.

    hu-manity awakens fully.

    The Grand Awakening accelerates.

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  40. I wish I had shared my dream this morning whilst it was still fresh in my mind! It’s mostly gone now but here is what I can remember…

    I was in a very large room, filled with people I do not know (in my 3D existence). There were huge curved windows looking out onto the nights sky (could have been a very large shop of some kind).

    The sky changed from regular black with stars to being filled with plasma blobs that changed shape, a bit like the lava lamps you get. The colours were beautiful. There were also ships in the sky, phasing in and out. The whole scene was spectacular. I was trying to explain to a group of people what was happening, that everything was fine. I remember saying something very important (but cannot remember exactly what the words were now!) and a man at the back of the room finished my sentence for me. I was happy that there was someone else there that also knew what was going on…

    That’s all I can recall but it was very intense dream…

    Much Love ❤️

    Liked by 11 people

        1. Yeah, it was a joke, just wanted to make you laugh. You said ‘store’ and Are you being served is about a department store. And you said it was an important message so I just joked around with the well known line from that show “are you free?”. 😉
          It was one of the few shows on tv I actually enjoyed a lot.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. Stefan ❤️ I never watched that programme, wish I had now! I just saw a collection of t-shirts being sold with Mrs Slocombe sayings, many references to her (ahem) pussy! 😮😂 xx

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Ahum, I am glad you said it. Well you did get a kitty recently, right….
              If they show it on the telly again, do watch it, I think you’ll enjoy it. ❤️

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  41. Hello All!
    Some of you were discussing how Christmas has lost its shine. I don’t feel very festive either.
    Though, most obvious to me is the feeling of the Ren Fest. My husband and I have been going to the Texas Renaissance Festival for four years. The first year we went, we had just started getting serious about our relationship (we had been best friends for two years before we started dating). It had a very sparkly magical atmosphere. I bought a big beautiful quartz crystal point (it called to me), and we had our tarot read as a couple. We took a walk in the garden there. I took advantage of the mood, and decided to take a chance and introduce a bit of my spiritual side to him then. We were sitting on a bench in the garden and I took the crystal out of the bag. I held it for a bit and cleansed it with white light. Then I handed to him and asked him to hold it a minute and see if he felt anything. He did feel something. I told him that he was “reading” the energy. He wanted to know more, so I taught him to “read” plants around him. His eyes were opened, and he was fascinated. We have made the Ren Fest a yearly tradition after that day. It has been just as magical… until this year. It had a happy facade, but felt empty. We were distracted and didn’t do the things that we normally do there. Mostly, we people watched. It had a feeling of finality. We met two older couples there, and listened to their stories. I heard lots of “we used to…”. I felt a bit sad there, almost as if everyone there was just trying to recreate something that once was. At first, I thought it was just me. I asked my husband about it when we got home, and he said it felt different to him, too. My husband is still a normie, but has come a long way. I know that if I try to explain a lifetime of spiritual knowledge and experience to him in too short of a time, he would just shut down and call me crazy. I try to introduce things to him as opportunities present themselves. Anyway, some of this may be TMI, but I felt I should share.
    I love All of you beautiful souls! 💗
    Hang in there!
    Hugs 🤗

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  42. I wonder if update 7 had something to do with how I felt this morning… I woke up (for about the 4th or 5th time) when my daughter left for work, somewhere between 6:30 & 7:00 am MT – she works all different hrs, anywhere from 4:30 am to past 11:00 pm – and from 6 to 9 1/2 hr shifts. She when back to work the day after her acute attack – still hasn’t passed the stone though…
    Anyway, I felt we were either on a ‘bad’ timeline or were hopefully just about to jump from one – I think I started repeating the ‘I ams’ and encouraged myself to go back to sleep. That feeling had changed by the next time I woke, around 8 am MT, I think…
    All morning I felt a desire to post, without explanation, the 2 mantras in my FB status. I’d only gotten FB years ago to keep in touch with my daughter and such back east, then added some people around the world that I had taken some trainings/workshops with online, in 2012 – all pretty positive people – good people to have in the world and such. I don’t generally add any one else… I still feel like doing that, but haven’t yet – maybe waiting for timing – will see…

    Also really hungry today… *shrug*

    Be well,


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  43. I felt your last update. I have a really sensitive shell. My body feels the inconsistencies of our environment and I feel them before they come. Waking up has helped me realize what exactly was going on with me but I digress… There is more to do this but I’ll get into that on a different date. Absolutely the awakening is here! We have finally hit 100hz as a planet woohoo! We are getting close to the major threshold to move forward. We are shifting, we are splitting and we are here. Take in and enjoy the ride!

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  44. “I woke up (for about the 4th or 5th time)”
    Yup like the last 3 or 4 years. . . Never sleep deeply, cuz if I did I would change this world. Very tired. Very snarky and very sure I will not walk into a white light. Very sure I won’t do it again. An if I’m wrong I’m sure they will tell how I might be wrong before they send me back to do it again cuz I got it wrong again.
    Ok snarky mode.
    You and I know we are more than this.
    Physical body aches are not real when you, of the soul, spud, that doesn’t exist here. It’s been awhile since my body hurts because of the Schuman. I know it other ways.
    Let me cuss this out please. .
    Jzs fhg crst I know who I am. I am tired of living a life in the illusion that it is easier to be if you don’t believe in yourself first. And I myself, love you bunches. Can we live there please?

    Liked by 4 people

  45. Freaky dream last night.

    Demons coming to earth to fulfill contracts that were signed that granted them permission to brutally murder children when they reached the age of 12. I was trying to protect one of the children…

    I hope whatever horrific information is meant to be exposed happens soon. I know there have been a lot of people at work – but once more people can see the truth, we can heal and transition quicker and awake from the illusion. People are ready – I think that’s why we’ve seen such a rise in anxiety and people questioning their cultural/sexual/social identities. They sense the illusion. Frustrated by the context but they don’t grasp the magnitude or undercurrents of what change, what shift is truly occurring. They are feeling a lack of direction/purpose and that bothers them on a deep level that they have yet to identify (that they are choosing to live a lie that tells them they aren’t perfect and whole and worthy of love)

    I think partly what has caused there to be a bit of a lag is social media/Hollywood/violent videos games etc. They’ve been desensitizing the masses by creating more opportunities for exposure, making us more accustomed to being okay with seeing/experiencing horrific things… gradually making the pill we have to swallow larger and larger.

    I wouldn’t normally share something like this, but it feels similar to recent information that has been making it mainstream… somehow sense a relation there.

    I was also watching a violent movie before bed (what was I thinking) – but content/context very different.

    Please don’t let Ryan Gossling be one of them.
    (…sarcasm…) but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be a little disappointed…

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  46. The phase of TLJ’s to Heaven On Earth will work for Me as a gift. I send Warm/Healthy Tides of Joy to All here. Update 9 looks “doctored near the sun! Peace.

    Liked by 5 people

  47. OK… Has there or is there ‘something’ significant happening in or to do with France today or lately – super dizzy, shucks, THAT let up a bit yesterday, enough so I could wash all/most of the build up of dishes in stages while child watching…
    Anyway, back to France – seems last night all? dreams were in French or about/concerning France, esp since 4 something am MT and remember waking at 2:37 am MT – I think maybe before then to – and all the little wakings
    un-time-noted since light began (very pink clouds; snowed again last might).
    Then this last time, right before 8 am, I saw a boat with the name on it of ‘Brittany’.

    Any one have a clue about this? – I don’t watch or read ANY news…

    Going to try to go back to sleep, repeating the ‘I Am’ s and turn the wattage up on ‘SHINE’…
    much love to ALL,


    Liked by 4 people

    1. Peace Love and Light

      I am in France and I can tell you energies are heightened. People are feeling it, acting all crazy. Most of all me being here there is a chance that I may ascend at any time, as I am ready to at any given moment. Otherwise, life goes on pretty normally, as usual.

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  48. Hermitage, Oh. I’m in a parking lot watching ships or something (approx. 6 of them) sucking up chemtrails. The vaccuum effect is tremendous. Peace.

    Liked by 9 people

  49. Mmmwwaaahaaa…… I feel sssooooo much older than I am… trying not to be swept away by it 😣
    Keep dreaming of unicorns 🦄 and dancing 💃 🧡🧡🧡

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  50. Quick question…why do some people try make returning to source seem like you will cease to exist?

    This is probably going to sound far-fetched, even to you…
    I have always felt that this is not the first time everything has gone from source and going back to source. Also, when all is back into 1 point, everyone perceives to be all there is. You can never cease to exist. And I’ve been getting a feeling as of late that a new multiverse is created once all returns to 1. Because time doesn’t exist, it would appear to us 3D inhabitants as going into source in order to get to another universe/multiverse/omniverse.

    Liked by 3 people

  51. The winds are crazy here even for Kansas. Looks like the source just said hi through the sun guess we should be glad we still have eyebrows. LOL 😉

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