HOT-n-WET: Meterage, Dreams, Jumps, Anomalies 7-1 to 7-4-20 [UPDATE9]


Yes, it’s the post you’ve all been waiting for… the special HOT and WET issue!



Well… some of the CATs, about half, have recently received fresh kundalini activations… in a rather ignominious place: the southern end of the spine (CAT butt). It happened yesterday and this morning. Meterage was interesting during this episode:

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 10.55.40 AM
Major “heat” episode circled. This was literally the 3d cord being severed.

We also had a (non earth-facing) CME six hours ago:

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 12.00.50 PM

And other fun, this first meter showing seven or more timeline jumps:


And more energy:






This was from early this morning; total swamp-out:




Meanwhile, energy is increasing:

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 12.11.39 PM

And anomalywise…

We’ve never seen this meter look like this.
And we’ve never seen frequency floods like this, let alone nine of them.

And then we have…





And now…



And, this morning three CATs (all M’s) awoke as the land vehicle they were in suddenly ran out of road and literally hit water. This reminds us of what Lisa Gawlas was talking about. We even had “WATER GIG” on the CAT calendar for today and tomorrow.

Basically, we just went off the reservation into uncharted territory.

Another CAT dreamt of snow… and a world-changing earthquake; the world went sideways and we had to hang on. Note that we often see other timelines in dreams, and we see things as symbols (the world has already gone sideways!), so no reason to panic.

And now…



We didn’t want this post to end there, so…

While some of you see yourselves as light columns and “pillars of fire” in meditation (you know who you are) you may not know what this means. You are spirit, and you have lived zillions of lifetimes since the creation of this (one) universe. (And as for living in the multiverse, it’s impossible for us to see this far back.) Basically, you’ve lived as humans, ETs, trees, planets, stars… you name it, you’ve lived it… going back a zillion years. Well… those lives STACK… at least in your mind. And the STACK looks like… a pillar of light. That’s what you are.


Here’s one we made earlier.

Though we feel more like this:

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 10.12.11 AM


Uncle. Happy July, everyone.


And the mayhem continues:







WHOMP is progress. Be sure to breathe through it.

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 9.51.11 AM

Those near portals will definitely be feeling it more keenly.


Upon further review… the second CAT dream listed (with snow and a big earthquake, etc.) took place on another timeline, one that saw a pole shift event. We don’t see that on this timeline.


Btw… try closing one eye or the other and squinting at the moonlight. See if you see the shift in rainbow colors, one after another. Gorgeous.


Here we go again. Looks like a timeline jump AND a WHOMP:








You’ll notice that none of the meters we typically show are from the U.S. Gosh, wonder why.


Whoa. This just happened:




Whoa again, muon-style:

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 12.46.21 PM
Basically a return from a ton of timeline jumps.

Jumps (there were lots before this, too):

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 12.50.11 PM

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 12.51.04 PM

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 12.51.27 PM


And again:




And again, more dramatically. Something is ramping up. It’s palpable.





223 thoughts on “HOT-n-WET: Meterage, Dreams, Jumps, Anomalies 7-1 to 7-4-20 [UPDATE9]

  1. Hey Cats. First time commenter but love your page and appreciate having a source of upliftment. I was wondering if you (or anyone else) could offer me some insight. I am currently pregnant and am having a hard time differentiating between ascension signs and pregnancy symptoms. Any thoughts? Also any idea about us expecting people and how that will play into the new earth? One last thing. This is my rainbow baby (baby after a loss) so the feelings are heavy here. If you have any psychic insight here it would be so appreciated. Thank you! I so enjoy reading the comments on this page. The people here warm my heart and soul.

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    1. Welcome Amanita,
      congratulations on your baby on the way.
      I’m sure everything will be fine. Sending Light and Love. Be sure to write to tell us how everything is evolving, and of course to announce the arrival of that little rainbow angel. You know if it’s a boy or a girl? Have you already named it?

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      1. Hi, @ Amanita,
        You write so beautifully about this site, thank you…
        Please feel welcome in our all name, i’m sure
        You have a most beautiful name…
        Best thing nowadays, let yourself, like a babe,
        in Source’s embrace: nothing more wondrous!
        And trust. Trust fully.
        To differentiate between symptoms – who cares?
        Talk gently with BrotherJ, to take your pains away,
        to enjoy your pregnancy with you,
        relax and smile and send Joy & Love to your babe.
        There is no better thing you can do.

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    2. Hello Amanita 👋🏻
      It’s nice to meet you!
      I have 4 kids – son age 19, daughter age 17, son age 2, and daughter age 1.
      When I was pregnant with my younger ones, I had the same issue of not knowing which discomfort was associated with what. I worried about it for a while, then just decided to let it be and go with the flow. An expecting mama has enough to worry about, so why add to the list?
      I also sympathize with having a rainbow baby. I had an early (3 weeks along) miscarriage before I got pregnant with my younger son. Then I miscarried his twin when I was 2 months pregnant. The emotional rollercoaster was almost too much to handle. I found out I was pregnant, then had a miscarriage. My husband was with me when the twin miscarriage happened, and we were both devastated. I went to the doctor to see if I was in the clear to try again. The doctor told me that I was still pregnant. I did not believe the doctor – I even argued with her. But she settled the argument with an ultrasound, and she was right.
      I was so emotionally confused that I had to sit in the doctor’s office parking lot for an hour with the ultrasound pic in my lap before I was mostly okay to drive home.
      Before I miscarried my son’s twin, I was sure I would have a girl (I predicted the gender of my older 2 kids correctly) . My husband was sure it was going to be a boy. I believe I lost a girl, and she came back to me as my youngest daughter.
      Just know that you are not alone. I love you and your baby and will be sending you love and healing. And hopefully soon we will all be enjoying NE.
      Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗
      ~ Sharon

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      1. Thank you so much for the love and support. Sex is unknown but we are strongly feeling girl. Had a miscarriage and recently lost a baby in birth. Hoping for a healthy baby and much healing. I do have an almost 7 year old son as well. I don’t have internet at home but I want to be more involved in the community here. As others have said, it makes me feel sane and I feel connected to many of you. Thanks for the warm welcome.

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        1. It’s very common to miscarry when you’re trying to carry a high-vibe baby to term. Mary had to have constant ET support to handle Brother J as a developing foetus; she almost miscarried about 20 times, and she was 16. Please note that miscarried babies don’t die, since there is no death, per se; they just go back to the front of the line to try again. The baby you have now is the one you “lost.”

          Please note that it will be very difficult to sort energy pain issues from pregnancy pain issues because they will be so intermingled. However, we’ll check on you.

          -CAT Eds.

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        2. Ok, the necessary CATs (we all have specialties) finally got together and looked at you.

          You feel good to us. Your energy feels to be balanced, and we think you and your baby will be fine. 😉


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          1. Dear CATs ~ WHAT a lovely welcoming / baby gift to ~ Amanita ~

            I add my warm welcome to this amazing group here! SO glad you are among us and sharing your thoughts.

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            1. Thank you cats and others. Dolores Cannon also says that. She is the one who turned me into the New Earth. And so here I am. I will let you all know how it goes. Much love.

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    3. I have’nt been pregnant in this form, at least I do not remember. Yet My Wife, Our kids+gk’s enjoyed the outdoors(grounding), spring water(no plastic) music with a melody during pregnancy. Much Love in Harmony. Peace.

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    1. Those are grackles and happen every night here this time of year. 1000s hit the parking lots every night to sleep in the trees and power lines, it’s quite the sight 🌃

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  2. At exactly 1 a.m UTC which was 3 a.m for us, me and my wife woke up seeing a brilliant white golden flash in our third eye. Definitely major e energy upgrade. My seven year old son also woke up and came at that exact moment. In short we all felt it. Anybody else feel it?

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    1. I saw a weird fast moving flash of rainbow light across the ceiling in the kitchen and that was before the crazy fireworks even started. The whole room felt like it was full of thick energy.

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  3. Good day, would like to share what I experienced today. Something about the Timeline Shift.

    Journal I made today:

    >July 4 or 5? 2020.
    -Had a dream about a woman/witch wanting to curse a community as she leaves the village/she was driven away by the people (the village looks similar to the subdivision I’m living as of this writing). The curse will take effect unless the people there will praise her name every day.

    -The woman appears to be a sort of the village’s “leader”, that caused multitudes of suffering to the inhabitants.

    -Me, disguised as a kind old man that helps the villagers, disintegrated her curse (by declaring: “the curse has no effect”) and commanded her physical body to die (by declaring: “you are already dead”). Her soul being judged by Anubis on scales that measures Ma’at’s Feather and her heart–proven weightier and was eaten by Ammit.

    -After we buried her body respectfully to a cemetery/just in the village, I became a sort of priest or maybe an attendant in a wedding, then as the wedding finishes, I showed to the couple my true form as an angel with golden aura, four or six golden wings and so on. The church and the whole city looks futuristic, the church has a golden statue of an angel with four or six wings which is similar to how I looked and the whole city has a golden hue with golden buildings.

    -After waking up I later found out that it was not MONDAY, but actually SUNDAY. But before I slept I’m sure that it was Sunday. I wasn’t paying attention to the number of dates on the calendar so I’m not sure if it was July 4 yesterday, but the day felt like–and my intuition told me–it was Sunday yesterday. I’m in Asia hence we’re mostly a day ahead from the whole world.

    -Some dates from the websites I frequently visit concerning spirituality, this whole “Disclosure”/”Event” and so on topics are all messed up, some dates are missing.

    -Timeline jump somehow confirmed here?:

    What do you guys and CATs think about this?

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    1. One of my favorites…hm… a have this song in my mind since yesterday
      very powerful meditation with a pillar of light coming from the sky and we as a group in a circle around and slowly going into the light pillar❤️🙏❤️

      Much Love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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  4. I was not able to do the meditation last night due to too much incoming energy and intermittent firework blasts. Had indigo and purple light pool splashes within my inner vision and difficulty getting a deep breath last night (which I seem to remember happened to others here previously). I did better in the 4th’s preliminary meditation wherein my light column expanded into glowing mist far and wide. Glad others were able to carry on. Cay

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      1. ~ Dear CATs ~ from the perspective of the ACIM, does ‘dark’ truly exist? I’m not being facetious, am in beginning stages of working with the ACIM material, and have read that anything that is other than Source/God is not real. Does Source include ‘dark’?

        If ‘dark’ is in the Illusion, does focusing on it reinforce the Illusion? Would it be something to forgive, to help free the mind from Illusion?

        ~ Angela’s ~ comment ( on the Pillar post ) about finding the golden tunnel in the last un-severed strand of the dark in her meditation increases my question… along with the CAT mention of possible self- blocking in their meditations….

        I find I am feeling this day oddly myself.

        Thank you for making time to answer, I hope!

        with love, friend

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        1. Yes, but we create it ourselves, and use it to hide from SOURCE (thinking we’ve done something wrong). Most people are wrapped in several dark layers. As your mind is healed, more light is revealed.

          -CAT Eds.

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      2. Same when I done it, at least in a first run, which I had to relay to appropriate time, I made a post about it yesterday in Pillar Meditation post, but very quickly I went through that blockade, but did not felt it in the second run, all in all I think it was success from all off us, only wish is that things are going on more quickly, this waiting is the worst, at least for me, but it is also obvious that it is same for the most if not all of us here, but also, reading the latest Blossom post, it is same for her too.

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      3. I feel better now. I got nowhere with that meditation, except for passing out for an hour. Hopefully I was being upgraded or something else positive was going on while I was elsewhere.

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      4. Interesting meditation for me. Despite the tremendous amount of fireworks exploding, I was not bothered in the least. I found that I was observing from afar Planet Gaia and the columns of light arising from the surface. I would occasionally become part of the column when it went rainbow. Today I’m at peace and should I admit to it, just a wee tad spacey.

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      5. Cat Eds. I tried twice to meditate and send it forward to 5.30am and struggled to get going. In the end I tried at 6.11 am and managed an hour, which felt like 5 minutes and sent it backwards. That was a tough one but the severing of the light and dark worlds was amazing. Three cuts and the two worlds sprung apart at speed. It’s tired me out today and we are also being battered by strong winds again in the UK. We are either being boiled, rained on or windblown lately. Try picking your blackcurrants whilst trying to catch the branches as they sail backwards and forwards. Fun.😳😊💖

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          1. Thanks Cat Eds. Will tell my partner we need to get our log order placed. It usually turns out to be a boiling hot day when it arrives and we have to stack it. 🙄😸


      6. That’s cool, as I rose as a rainbow pillar I saw others around. Two were close and I felt they were my pets/friends. Out! Then, I woke a little after 4am. Last 2 night meditations sort of meshed together. Been cat napping between my naps today, did very little gardening, fed Minky & kittens. Peace.

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      7. I had a rather strange start to the meditation as well! It felt very tumultuous, I couldn’t really connect, forget about pillar-forming! I was really tired, too, so I just hung back and watched to figure out what was going on. At one point I saw AA Michael come out of a cloud of fighting or turmoil, all fresh out of battle with his sword dripping with blood! I thought that was very strange, it felt weird! It then morphed into positive energy and at some point after that the flash of light happened. So yeah, that was a little weird…
        Hugs and love!!!

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      8. I fell dead asleep for ten hours! Never do I do that! I was so embarrassed to say anything, slept from 10 PM to 8 AM, I missed the whole show! When I got up in the morning, I felt like I Had a new body! My energy level went from burnt molasses to spearmint snowball with marshmallow topping. Just yummy. Nothing hurt, my eyes cleared for the first time IN A YEAR (I’ve been seeing flashes) and for the first time in five weeks I went out into the garden the work in the heat for hours.

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  5. Short video over Los Angeles basin illegal fireworks. Funny how the lockdown of beaches and legal firework display backfired literally. Cay

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    1. They went wild in my neighborhood last night debris all over shooting stuff that was dangerous. It was like being in a war did see one red orb ufo zooming by to see it.

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  6. Did not see that anybody else posted about Blossom White Cloud channeling appeared today on his YouTube channel, well, it is not channeling from today, but she posted it today, it is 3 part.

    This is link to her YouTube channel, the top 3 videos are posted today 😉

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  7. Interesting, I was just doing the meditation in a bed, but before I started I looked through window, just to see the full moon shining brightly, but when I finished the meditation and looked again through the window to the moon, there was a huge rainbow haze all around the moon, and it looked to me that moon had multiple shadows off itself which are wobbling around it in the same fashion as the sun wobbling image you showed here, interesting 🙂✨

    But this episode reminded me about similar, when I saw the purple energy around sun spreading all around the nearby clouds… Is it good assumption that when we are in let say 5d frequency or near it at least, that maybe our senses are then tuned away from 3d and closer to 4d, 5d or higher, and then we can see with our own eyes something which is already there, but invisible to our 3d eyes if our frequency is not at appropriate level, maybe I am wrong with this, but this tonight episode, together with some previous give me compelling argument, that maybe I am right ✨


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    1. End when I came back to the bed, I looked at the moon again, and it looked normal, without that rainbow haze, so maybe that few cigarettes which I smoked downstairs lowered my vibration, I am in pure guessing mode, would be nice if You CAT’S can confirm or debunk my hypothesis 😉✨

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  8. I added my pillar of Light Friday and last night, and severed the shadows of darkness. I’ve been feeling the hurricane of energies, timeline jumps, upgrades, downloads, the past week or two, especially the past week. It seems, there have been many mergers, insights, sharp rights, and a rumble strip or two. I had also noticed that it was more of challenge, or different, last night. I’m not clear if that was imagined, or due to the increased energies, planetary alignments, the collective, the presence of so many beings, exotic, non-locals, or otherwise. It’s possible, with so many, Universals, inter-dimensionals, extraterrestrials, even neutrals, at non-familiar frequencies, it could result in a sort of dissonance. We’re non-local, expressing as energetic beings, I didn’t sense malevolence, but odd, weird, different, would explain the unfamiliar. I feel as though things have been changing, no doubt. Hearing sounds, fragrances, visuals enhanced, more vivid, dimensional bleed throughs, or 3D objects appearing fake, or phasing in and out. I feel like I have received downloads, but it’s like trying to open a windows 10 file on a Commodore 64. It’s just an opinion, but I think as the files unzip, DNA activates, and we simply open and surrender, it will sort itself out. It’s like a family pet who remains in the yard, even though the invisible fence is gone, conditioning, or run for freedom even if it hurts a bit, or the bathwater’s too hot. Regardless, Infinite Loving Awareness, in the Eternal Now, Source Has This, Happy Independence EveryOne!!! Much Love~scott

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      1. @Delfino Gasoido~ Thanks for understanding Delfino, I wasn’t sure quite how to express that, or what it is. I think that many of these frequencies are light codes, and they are affecting us on a quantum level, cellular, DNA, structural changes, but also the bioenergetic harmonic expression. It’s adapting our forms, but also is full of Source Light, Love, Creative Intelligence. I think I’m recalling fragments, aware of bytes, pieces, releasing, integrating. I’m likely missing more than I’m grasping, Thank Source, someone else is steering! I had the perception, a week ago that this was a 3 phase window within the 3 eclipse window, Last week, the weekend, and this week is part 3 of a process. Guess we’ll see? Have a great week! Infinite Love!


  9. Went outside to do the meditation during the Eclipse. One of my tenants was sitting in my chair waiting for it to begin. Then her daughter came down…then the couple from the 2nd floor came down…then we adjourned to the patio where I lit the firepit, ate the food they brought and sat quietly during the 2.5 hours we were all out there. Was able to break it up about 1:30 am and just came in and went to bed. I was so primed to watch the eclipse and meditate as it was the all around perfect Summer day and evening here in Chicago…

    This is the only time in my 15 years of owning this building that this has happened, where everybody decided I needed to be distracted and kept company. I, by the way, had sat on the patio all day long enjoying myself with iced water and a light lunch whilst reading a new book. No one hardly noticed me there.

    Weird, very weird.

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  10. My meditation rehearsal on the first day went well.
    Not as fluid as usual, but I did it. I traded in my ax for a state-of-the-art super power vibrating laser sword and cut the two worlds apart, cutting and cauterizing the wound on the spot, with no blood or damage, so to speak.

    But on the day of the “true” meditation, during the eclipse, it was like going to meditate in a giant mixer. Everything was messed up, I was unable to focus, even my eyes rolled as if I was in REM phase. It did not matter that I threw cables to the ground, imagined light, wrapped myself in a protection bubble or invited Brother J to enjoy it with me.

    At five minutes I had to leave. I thanked and had to chew on a piece of ginger root, because I had horrible dizziness, wanting to vomit, as if I had gotten off a boat in the middle of a storm.
    I have to say that in 3D I get dizzy easily since I am a baby, the ginger saves my life. It is going to be that not only the kinetic movement affects me, but also the energetic movement-
    And it is clear that there was a lot of movement !!

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