Meterage/Jumps for 9-1 to 9-3-20 [UPDATE3]

Ugh. Worst August ever, good riddance. Welcome to September.

We’ve had another CME:

We might feel something on the 6th or 7th.

And… this is fun… the PTW keep trying to create new timelines, and are pumping huge energy ito the process. Look:

And here’s that jump from a few days ago:

Looks like we also had a jump early this morning, starting at 2:30 am PDT:

Showed up on the SR a little differently:

14 = midnight PDT.

We have no real way to show you, but there’s a major weather war being played out right now between the PTW vs ETs and SOURCE and Gaia. Gosh, wonder who’ll win. We of course get to be the spectator-victims in the middle.

We also had two significant GRBs:

In the meantime…


Unrelated to The SHIFT/Event… the mayor of Chicago’s action figure just hit the shelves, already in ‘property defense mode’:

AND… Disney released a commemorative Joe-Biden-Yoda action figure:


Hm. SOURCE is looping us. You know what that means…


Ok. Time is running in a loop…

… and it will till something aligns and we can move forward.

What can we do to help? We’re working on that. It feels tied to something big that will happen soon. Many CATs immediately got that this is Divine Timing being performed by SOURCE… which is necessary for The SHIFT to occur. It could be something else, though… but it SURE LOOKS pre-SHIFT to us.

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  1. Oh, so that’s why my husband and I woke up seemingly without reason this morning at 4:30 central. I had a feeling something was going on. Thank you CATs and Ms!
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  2. Hey, CATs! Thanks for everything, btw.

    Question: What about that “election day” meteor NASA is trying to scare people with?

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    1. Pfft. Not only is it tiny (the size of an old Nissan Sentra), it’s not even close to being a threat. We get that they’ve known about this one for some time, and only now did someone at NASA (who should be fired) decide to scare people with it.

      NASA: Not A Space Agency.

      -CAT Eds.

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  3. Well there ya go. I saw SR earlier today and said “I’ll bet the CATs will comment on this baby” and sure enough there you are. I’m so done with August. I took something to help me sleep last night (thank Bast I had some valerian in the house) and it STILL woke me up. What a month … I feel like I’ve given up a few lives this year. Miew!

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  4. LOVE the cat in the covered bridge! Agree
    about August … was totally awful!!

    With love ❤️ to all,

    Coriboy 🐈🍁🍂🐈🍁🍂🐈

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  5. ~RE “Weather War” in progress… ~
    One measured way to see this in action is happening here in Northern California where I live.

    The long range weather forecast goes out 10 days, with highs and lows and humidity, etc. Ever since Saturday (8-22-20), each day is markedly cooler both highs and lows than forecast had said. In the last 3-4 days or so, the day’s forecast shown each morning is revised downward 1-2x throughout the day, sometimes more than 5 degrees! The lows have dropped about 3 degrees over the same overnight time frame.

    Today, for example, was forecast at about 90F degrees three days ago. Last evening, it was to be about 87 or maybe 88. This morning felt decidedly fall-like and the cool held till near noon, with a high of perhaps 83-84? Now, at 4pm, it is only 76F, normally nearly the hottest part of the day.

    It’s common enough for the temps to vary here day to day, but this is an unusual data trend. Right now, the coming weekend is forecast to be near 100, lows in the mid 60s, so early warming each day. That forecast too is dropping daily, and I’m curious to see how it actually shows up!

    I have had the sense that ‘they’ are trying and trying to keep the heat ON and keep tossing matches till ‘they’ get the awful results ‘they’ are after. Gaia, on the other hand, seems intent on levering her California anatomy in a more comfortable and less incendiary manner. No surprise to read this new post!!

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    1. Yeah Friend. Here in the PNW we had .31 inches of rain on Monday. The lows at the farm the previous mornings have been in the 40s F. NOW, there is a giant ridge of high pressure off the coast which is supposed to sit over us thru the Labor Day weekend with highs in the 95 degree F. range. The Northern Pacific visible satellite is very telling . When I watched the loop this morning you could clearly see the Cali. wildfire smoke streaming offshore, but what you coild also clearly see was the bazillion chemtrail streaks being sprayed along the coast until, oops, the last satellite loop frame suddenly didn’t show the area. I wonder what went wrong? Anyway, I’m going to look after this quick note to see if the problem is “fixed”.

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    2. See if this link works. You can see the chemtrails circling the core of the ridge. (kinda’ looks like they’re going down the drain-let’s intend)

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        1. They’re still being used off the coast of CA, to keep the artificial pressure ridge up, poisoning the water and killing the aquaculture with chemicals and harsh energy. They think that rain coming from the Pacific will carry radiation… to the stupid wine grapes. A whole state held hostage over wine grapes. Let it rain and don’t drink wine. (FYI, wine from the CA wine country — Napa and Sonoma — is heavily laden with glyphosate, as it’s in the water table and drinking water/irrigation supply; that’s the reason for the “mysterious” breast cancer rates in the SF Bay Area (because Bay Area women tend to drink more wine than others). Vintners know it but there’s nothing they can do… except not make wine… which they won’t do, since it’s all about the money. It’s actually a moot point, what with the New Earth and all. Such a sad state of affairs.

          -CAT Eds.

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    3. I agree, friend. I spent 40+ years in California, and the weather is “trying” to normalize. I do remember, however, that the heat turns back on in September / October / November (when the fog bank recedes off the coastline) and sometimes miserably, but the nights were wonderful. In Arizona, we are now still fighting with drought and really high summer temperatures (second year in a row now… no monsoon season), but all of a sudden, the nights are dropping into the mid-60s, which means it’s a 40-degree swing every day. It’s really curious to watch Gaia flexing her terrestrial muscles. Even on these past few days you can feel the Mother’s blessed cooling in the breezes. I somehow suspect She and the Divine Source are in control of all of this now and it WILL settle down.

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  6. Hi everyone,
    It’s been something for a few days, so I’ve been MIA. I even tried a couple of times to answer posts, and couldn’t. All my energy is elsewhere right now. It’s been a sort of life review, and not pleasant in spots. And a withdrawing of sorts.

    Could not get to sleep last night until about 2:30 EST and then woke up again (after lots of dreamage in there) at almost 6 am and that was it. Dreams re-visiting old places and issues that I thought were solved. Even in the dream I was surprised to be facing this again.

    My daughter is now saying something big this way comes. And Cats just now the bloated feeling. Just in my hands though, that’s a new one. Like they are huge balloons. Weird.

    That seeing another time line and watching it go by was in there. First time for that.

    Ever since the strange withdrawing the other day, no real seeing. simply a feeling of pending.

    Even this was hard to do. Like I’m reaching thru a thick space to type this. It’s been so nice to see all of you being so thoughtful and supportive of each other. It’s helped to see that while I was in whatever it was. It’s a lovely blog / space. Lily I hope you and Elsie are doing well.
    My love to all. Angela

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    1. Angela ❤️ hanging on by a thread here but still going 😉

      Hope you get some lovely long, deep, restful sleep tonight with beautiful dreams ✨💤✨

      Haven’t many words at the moment, just sort of observing everything…I know what you mean about ‘thick space’….lets hope September is better 😊

      Much Love & Light to You and Sarah ❤️🙏🤗🙏❤️

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    1. Aaaarrgg! Can we PLEASE jump away from whatever the PeeTeeWee’s are doing?🙁 (Huh..just as I wrote that my ears started ringing like crazy.. should I take that as a “YES”?🤔)

      Take care everyone💖🤗

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    2. Cat Eds. Very prophetic. The SC is looking like it did before the last jump but seems to have been going for hours. Wondered why I woke at 5am UTC. Still in the jump as I write this. Looking forward to landing 🤔☺️. I had dentistry done by staff yesterday kitted out like space men, poor souls. Huge amount of protective clothing and Masks looked like Darth Vader! All that just for two minutes drilling to roughen up the surface of a tooth to replace a lost filling. Bonkers!😳
      Loved you comments about who will win and the term Spectator Victims. Great description it made me laugh. You are also posting some great pics too as usual. A fair amount of work must go into finding them which is much appreciated as they lift peoples spirits no end. Thank you Cats and the lovely people commenting. The party draws near.🎉🥂🍰🤗😺💖

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  7. Hey cats,
    Have you heard of the Wuhan Asteroid? I heard there may be a Trump Asteroid as well. I’m observing the show w/ lots of popcorn. I thought this was astroid thing was funny, wondered if you have any intel on it. Nothing surprises anymore. This year can’t end fast enough. 2020 has been like an Ayahuasca ceremony without the shaman. Love to all.

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    1. LOL, Spot on, that’s exactly what it feels like to me: an 8 month cycling Ayahuasca ceremony without a map. Can’t wait for the liberty caps.


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  8. Weather Wars? It is impossible for the PTW/toidreps to win. Give it up already, chooks! (I most certainly do not intend to insult chickens)

    I will most certainly accept “soggy Spring” compared to what we experienced last year & early this year of bush-fires starting in October 2019 and extending to January 2020.

    The Winter I experienced in Melbourne was the coldest I have experienced thus far. Overnight lows of FOUR degrees C & one episode of snowing in Melbourne CBD. Temperatures were “predicted” to be a number, and then “re-assesed” or I would see on the apps on my phone to be 2 degrees lower, or the “predicted” temperature would not be reached, according to the apps on my phone.

    I am intuiting that we will be experiencing higher in intensity/dense/intense winds with the kilometre-per-hour speeds to be higher than previously experienced.

    OoOo! I’m starting to “channel-type” again!! Squeeeee!

    “”Victoria’s State of Emergency is extended by six months as ‘Dictator Dan’s’ controversial bill passes by just ONE vote cast by a Greens MP who returned from maternity leave for marathon parliament session””

    Weeeell, it was either six months at Stage 4 Lock-down, or TWELVE months at Stage 4 lock-down.


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  9. I’ve been feeling joy lately. Like I know the end of the movie and am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the final moments. I know it will be glorious. I feel we are very close to the shift. Whenever I have been waking up from sleep, I have felt buzzing all over my body which feels like I am being transformed, converted in some way on the molecular level. My response is, “Bring it on!” And then I go play one of my harps for the trees and birds. I have four these days.

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    1. I must confess that at my advanced years, I still like frathouse humor. (altho the p.c. part of me cringes when I see stuff like this) All I can say is Eeeeeee!

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  10. Hey CATs/Ms:
    I’ve been following 1PacificRedwood on YT for quite a while and he does a good job (in my humble opinion) of analyzing weather data using the satellite maps and pointing out exactly where weather manipulation is occurring, explaining what you’re seeing and what they’re doing. Once you know what to look for, you can pick out the telltale signs in the weather imagery and in your skies yourself. And if you find he’s disreputable please let me/us know!
    Love and Light

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      1. Yes! So happy we are getting some ‘outside’ help from the ET’s who in my book are the real “Super Heros”!!! If only people knew………


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  11. Why does the PTW keep accelerating the awaking when they claim to not want it?
    Even when you look at the politics in America, the dems and MSM keep doing things that benefit trump. It almost seems like trump is another PTW puppet or the PTW are stupid beyond belief. There is also the possibility that they actually want the awakening and pretending to not.

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      1. Surely, even STS (which make things advantages to themselves) should see things aren’t working out for them.

        Maby I’m just too stupid to understand it. I just feel if you Keep shooting yourself in the foot, You should realise you’ll have no foot left.

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  12. Feeling floaty rather than fluffy.
    Unable to concentrate or focus and just want to sit in the silence.
    I have been feeling energy running out through my hands and have been talking to and coaxing my Moringa tree. It is doing poorly as it lacks roots and was only a stem in potting soil when I transplanted it a few weeks ago.
    I know I have the knowledge and skill to affect plant growth but have forgotten in this incarnation. Still it is a good skill to practice and I hope it will come back.
    I am not looking forward to the 100+ F temps headed this way. Stay cool. Cay

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  13. Wide awake again at 2:30 am EDT. SR looks funky for the last 7 hours as it did for a few hours just before the last TLJ. Deep Breaths of Source! Centering while listening (again) to Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 6: Sing Gently. The soaring vocals are so angelic. We are ONE. ❤ ❤ ❤ [ No wonder you said we may have another jump soon.]

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  14. Most definitely have been getting WHOMPED BIG TIME! Nightmarish night, feeling exhausted and bloated and as if my brain is in a ball of cotton wool!

    Apart from that, everything is Tickety-Boo! hahaha

    What a crazy August, eh? I’ve been sensing galactic energy around a lot in North Wales, UK – benevolent and ‘waiting and watching’ kind of energy…

    Can’t even think what my own name is today, so I’ll keep it short. Big love everyone…

    Jay xxx

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  15. Source, Gaia and positive ET friends 🙏

    Woke this morning with two ear worms. Think my guides have a sense of humour lol!

    The 1st was this awful rap tune from about 10/15 years ago by a group who called themselves Big Brovaz! The only lyrics I got were:

    This is Big Bro,
    Takin’ over the show
    With this new flow….

    Perhaps Big Bro is Source 🤔

    Then I got ‘Pass the Dutchie’….


    And yes, so happy August is behind us! It was very 🤪

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  16. Hi all ❤️
    Happy update to tell
    We did not get Thunder the rescue cat, or the following 7 we applied for but I would like to introduce Wu and Tang to my favourite kitty clan
    2 wee lil ginger brothers
    I’m in love
    Sharing the joy with you all
    Be well everyone ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Surfaphina. Hi Sam. Welcome Wu and Tang.😻😽. I love ginger cats (well I love all other cats too). Reggie, our ginger that we had many years ago was like a cat budda; large and spent most of his time in contemplation. You will have lots of fun with two kittens. We are, with just one kitten! Gird those loins. 😳😊💖

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    1. This: “They’ve opened portals to deliver the energies that are upon us” – I dont get that. If the energies are upon us, why the need to open any portal? We’re already getting the energies. Care to explain, i if you’ve figured it out? thanks!

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      1. Well, You have to ask the author off that text for better clarification, ans as I know, the English is not his primary language, so maybe it is just not the best construct off that sentence ?

        Maybe the meaning off that is that Now the energies coming through the New opened portals are upon us, not already present energies ?

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  17. It has been very interesting to see the war of the weather. In the deep south, it has been almost unbearable heat. Temps in the upper 80’s to 90’s with heat index in the 100’s. It seems like someone is boiling all of the air, it is so hot to breathe. But I have noticed the partly cloudy days are what they should be, sunny with a few clouds, instead of clouds with a little sun. The storm patterns are back to somewhat normal paths. Havent seen a wrong directional storm in quite a few months. These storms in the Gulf are spitting out so crazy, it is almost like Gaia is stretching them back into place. The dog days of summer are almost over, which has been in October or november for the past few years. Leaves are starting to fall. We might even get an autumn this year along with the best spring I’ve ever seen. And the wind… oh my… my favorite… I tell my nephews and my daughter that the wind is a hug from the Source. I make them close their eyes and feel it swirl around them. The soft, whispery wind in these hellacious hot days is what being in the south is all about.

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  18. hello Cat’s
    the Schuman is strange:

    any idea?

    thank you for all the news and graphs
    we are sleeping a lot and drinking water to
    hopefully we will all arise soon to NE

    I stopped the coffee too now. My body don’t want it anymore
    drinking now Earl Grey with almond or oats milk and I love it

    Buckets of Light for All!
    love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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  19. Reposting from the other thread-
    [video src=""/]

    Could be a glitch but it looks too much like a space ship.

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  20. CATs – whats up with Schumann? Never seen it like this before… is something looped or on-hold?

    Have had a new sensation.. as if I’m kind of ‘florping’ somehow – can’t find words to quite describe this, but something is changing either in me or in my field.. Only hope I can handle it well enough, whatever that’s all about, but it’s making me so darn tired😴💤

    Take care everyone💖🤗

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    1. whatever it is today, “flooring” is about the extent of it. I’ve been all over today, dropping things, spilling things, not able to focus on anything, a weird sense of UNease in the air … I can’t wait for a CAT or two or three to clarify what the “looping” is doing … why did I so foolishly think September would be any different than August? ROFL

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  21. Well whatever is happening we don’t appear to have landed yet! I definitely think another part of me is some sort of tree being as it feels like I have shoots coming out all over, I have been using them to ground people.

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  22. Just a couple of things – on the more NE end of energies a fire truck came and noisily parked in our duplex parking lot a bit ago – I ended up having to do some controlled breathing to control the feeling of tears wanting to flow (the positive kind of crying) from the energy in the parking lot – our duplex-wall, neighbors son (11 yrs old, I think) had his bike stolen the other day (I had to ask my daughter why there might be a fire engine in the parking lot) – the local fire company came to bring him a NEW bike… *sigh* – I don’t generally cry, because crying was a, literal, punishable offense most times in my childhood – concerned with hiding abuse happening… which leads me to sharing notice of a video…
    I wasn’t going to share it, just mention it, but seems nudging is to share – I kept NOT watching it because the subject matter was my pretty constant life experience with many participants the first close to 30 yrs of my life starting at a few weeks old… I deal pretty well with it by now, just not my favorite subject to delve and wallow in… too close to home literally, and elsewhere…
    A lot of seeming accurate mention of some states of things happening and being disclosed in the world at this time with input from two beings who have passed on who were and are aware, personally – wonder why I’m being so wordy… coping mechanism?
    Anyway – if you are interested — it’s here – if you might be triggered you can always pass it by…
    Much love,

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  23. Lovely teasurimg Laura ❤️
    It’s hard not to worry that the outcome for earth won’t be positive, even when told over and over the light has already won. Nice when someone says ‘source has got this’ ❤️😢

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  24. Just came back in! There was a big boom/crash, I thought a tree fell on the house @8:15 est in Pa… nothing! There was a Beautiful Magenta Sky, that maybe I was supposed to See. Orrr the kitten’s stomachs were telling, time to Eat. Have a Lovely evening, All! Peace.

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  25. Is there an FAQ on how to read the charts? Like what to see and what’s odd about them? I came to this site relatively recently and many times, I don’t understand what’s happening.

    What is the SOURCE loop?

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    1. Hi Ice
      I get you on that. I also used to struggle to figure them out with my brain.
      Finally I realized I could just FEEL it.
      Of course when my friends ask me what the heck is going on with the graphs and I tell them to do that, they just look at me like -Huh?
      We try to use our brains too much of the time IMO.
      Hope this helps a little 🙂

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      1. I got some very good answers indeed.
        This is not a Tomsk glitch.
        Indeed these are Source Work, as some last preparations.
        Planet was induced into Stasis / Suspended Animation /
        This is how Earth reacts — of course totally different picture.
        The patterns are transmuting, great Consciousness Elevation takes place.
        As my Guides put it,
        the NEW Frequencies are now anchored and sealed into Earth.
        Guess the big Shift will prove it, probably by September 22, 2020

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        1. Thank you, @oro! This helps explain why I woke up earlier this week with the word “homeostasis” in my brain! Had to go look it up in my Webster’s 3rd Intl. (It wasn’t there!) Has to do with the balancing/harmony of living systems. Cool!

          Gramma B

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  26. @CATs, Ms,~Am, et al… Just felt like sending a big thank you of appreciation for your patience and forbearance for your responding to all our incessant questions. 🙂 You all must take a lot of deep breaths – I also appreciate all the people here to ask questions I’m too shy to do so – still too much programing hanging around inside to not open my mouth for speaking…

    I’m so glad I was guided to your site a couple ? of yrs ago – thank you for my remaining sanity…

    Much love to you all,


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  27. I found this on The Earth Plan Blog website, relating to Uluru, The Magic Box and The Shift:

    The Original Prophecy Foretelling the Change of Everything
    This has been an evolving process that began nearly three years ago. Elders and Keepers of Lore have approached us with an almost identical word for word description of soon to come days of complete transformation. Such has been the number and consistency of narrative, if other Elders approach us on unrelated archaeology or history that involves Old Way protocol and knowledge, we always introduce the topic of the oncoming change to see how they react and whether they knew of this renaissance. If they do not, then the radar is on and suspicion aroused. Fortunately, that has never happened, because on each occasion when the subject was raised it became immediately obvious that they were genuine and knowledgeable in such profound matters.

    We first heard talk of this seminal transformation close to three years ago. The sources vary, some are very close to those orchestrating these ceremonies, with others there were degrees of separation, but what remained constant was the general processes, location and outcomes. To begin with, we were told that a Pleiadean spaceship carrying a special device was on its way to Earth. Since that earlier description it has become obvious that this had already happened, a long time before. From an Original perspective, time is circular in nature and progression, so being off by close to a million years is not an issue as it did happen, when, is such an insignificant part of this equation. What doesn’t change, is that it was delivered by Pleiadeans, and the ‘machinery’ is ready and waiting.

    This device, which the Elders refer to as a “Magic Box,” is beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, but there is one drawback in this gift from the stars. If unassisted by humans, it will do nothing beyond await instructions. Even when the ‘switch’ is sung and turned on, the best it can independently do is get ready. Aliens of good intentions are banned from directly influencing human affairs, they can hint, suggest and wave a big white flag, but never initiate or supplement. This Magic Box will feed off pure positive human energy. If there are indeed the minimum numbers still present (which runs into six figures) and unaffected by pandemics, economic chaos, warfare and terrorism and are totally focused on the positive, this box will absorb that powerful reservoir of pure energy then amplify and distribute throughout all the ley lines and Dreaming tracks on this the planet.

    The planet itself is aware of this oncoming acceleration where its resonance will ascend. It is for that reason that the Schumann Resonance, which measures the planets inner pulse, has been of recent times peaking and receding like the tides of the ocean. It is readying itself for this ceremony, for once the final ritual is completed the Earth will continually vibrate at a much higher level, forever. However, if the current fear and negativity prevails and the number of people who are unaffected is too low, the box will remain idling and soon after the Earth’s axis will tilt and the oceans will clean the planet and virtually everything will be literally washed away. Either way, the earth is rising and will be cleansed.

    Now if the numbers are sufficient and the energy flows, the Elders have told us that the Earth will literally split into two ‘pulses.’ One being close to 200 on the Schuman chart and the other will remain at the present base level of about 8. Each soul will automatically gravitate to the frequency that reflects their current stage of spiritual development. Those obsessed by greed, gossip, power, backbiting and turmoil will be drawn to the lower vibration while those seeking wisdom, introspection and Old Ways will be called to the higher resonance. Such a bi-vibrational construct is an imbalanced physical equation, as you cannot have two realities co-existing on the same material plane. Over the months, possibly even a few years, past the dividing line the lower base, to which many will be called, will slowly fade then finally vanish. And so too will its entire esoteric cargo leave this planet. This separation is not meant as either a judgment or penalty, as the souls who do not straddle the hurdle will still incarnate, but not here as the higher ascended frequency would literally kill any less developed soul. So, it is back to Kindergarten elsewhere for a lot of the present-day inhabitants of this planet, and on to Earth University for those who made the grade. (* Since hearing this explanation of where these souls went next, another destination has been presented to us, which will be expanded upon in another article further down the line.)

    And when will the final examination for each soul take place? The answer, which is down to the exact second, we first heard from Original Victorian Elder, Brendan Murray, and I remember stating at the time of first disclosure I was very hesitant to vouch for such precision in timing. Time means nothing on the other side of the curtain, it is a mortal construction, and too many self-proclaimed prophets have staked their authenticity on a number and date, and we are still here none the better. Despite these justifiable reasons not to declare any date, because of events and information given that cannot be fully revealed at present, we are now 99.999% convinced that on December 21, 9 pm at Uluru, the box will be opened and switch turned on.

    One Two and Three
    Whether the audience is Cherokee, Hopi, Original, Mayan, Bruce or someone who is aware, it makes no difference as it is the same story about Moon People and why they came, irrespective of geography or tribal membership. They live below and have big eyes and care greatly about the Earth and the sapien magicians who lost their way. The Earth’s magic is coming back, but so many people, institutions, cabals and leaders see things differently. What they fail to appreciate is that finally Old Ways will prevail, because past the date of December 21, 2020, new rules apply which means Old Way always conquers No Way. The Moon People, the Pleiadeans, those from Sirius, Andromeda and all other off-world locations, know what is coming yet are unable to do much more than passively spectate and can offer nothing to assist, except for one special previously agreed to escape clause in the form of a Magic Box.

    They are all watching and hoping that we can turn on the switch and power up the crystals inside the Magic Box, knowing it is all down to us. This is the event so often predicted, it is a time for all incarnated souls to make a final choice in deciding whether to be heroes or villains. The best part is that no other spirit or being gets to choose, it all comes down to the consequences of your own actions and thoughts. It is your karma that picks a side in this final showdown. So, it does all come down to what comes next.

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. OMGOODNESS!

        SOURCE, we just want peace, please give it to us now, we are so tired, we only want light, we are finished here, let us love again without impedance.

        NOW FLICK THE SWITCH! (With respect x)


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    1. She is trying to get as many in before (perhaps) an imminent wave of transformational love from a certain sunny heavenly body ☀️😉☀️

      Much Love ALL and maybe see you all very soon! ❤️🙏🤗🙏❤️

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        1. I’ve felt like this before but this is waaaay more intense!

          Sky was really purple/pink tonight and there is this eerie silence/stillness…

          Hello Source, You are SO Welcome! 😊

          Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  28. Something has definitely changed. The past 48 hours have been very strange and disorienting. I can’t find the words to describe it, which has become the norm for me. (I dislike speaking now and have a difficult time writing or typing.) In the dream it was like I was experiencing life out of linear time. I was my current 57 yr. old self merged with my 16 yr. old self. I was in a home with my mom and brothers who also seemed to be merged as well. It was a wonderful dream. My mother passed when I was 31 and pregnant with my 2nd daughter, so she never got to see her. In the dream my daughter was there too and was able to see her grandmother. It was like everyone was getting to live the life they were truly meant too and be the person on the inside that they could not show in our 3d world. I had always had dreams with my mom in them until about 3 years ago when I started to wake up. They abruptly stopped and I really missed them. Last night’s dream was a beautiful gift. I hope everyone is feeling well…the energy is crazy!


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    1. That’s so interesting, Brigitteann! Yesterday I felt like my mom and dad were hanging around me all day! It felt really beautiful and I cried a lot during the day, whenever I felt their presence. I went through a lot more release and I was able to let go of all the negative emotions toward them very easily, stuff that had been hanging around in my heart for a long time! I felt nothing but love and gratitude toward them! Amazing! It left me feeling very peaceful and calm inside!
      Hugs to all!

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  29. It’s 9:34pm here in East Anglia UK. There have been planes/craft/something making a real racket in the sky! I am wondering if there is some kind of war going on up there or if they are trying to prevent any Shift happening with there trails…I looked out of my front window earlier and saw a small flash of orange in the sky!

    Could be something entirely different, perhaps not any kind of craft at all!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  30. I just heard a lovely rendition of the song ‘Lean on Me’ – it made me think… If we all lean on each other then no one falls down – I have a back, front and two sides available for leaning if anyone should have the need…


    Found this song, very soothing/peaceful… artist, Avi Kaplan former and founding member of Pentatonix acapella group – left for family and the stress of constant travel and needed nature…
    vocal range A1 – C#5.

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    1. I had to share this, too – a bunch of relevant songs fell upon me all together – Avi has a beautiful voice in all ranges and seems to me to have a beautiful ‘Earth’ soul, too…


      I had to share this one, too… Avi Kaplan – 'Change on the Rise'

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    2. Kg. Thank you for posting that. Avi has a wonderful voice. If we lean on each other back to back we can prop each other up. I think I need scaffolding lately to stay upright. 😻💖😊

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  31. Had a couple rough days on this energy see-saw, but feeling like Tony the Tiger again. I so related to the comments a bit back about the feeling of not fitting in, always observing, not getting it. Like a sort of saudade, one of my favorite words and most familiar feelings, a bittersweet longing for a past (I have known on some dimension, in some life) and ever striving to find it. Even here—since I am the only one not sold on Trump, mostly due to T’s dismantling of enviro protections, I often feel this not fitting in. But, I AM keeping an open mind that maybe, just maybe, things are not as they appear, and I will finally find my new earth and nature loving tribe. I’d love to start a community of like minded meditators to pool resources to get a lakeside property where LOVE RULES. Anyone else? (Oh you have no idea how hard it was to put myself out there about this.)

    Liked by 8 people

      1. Hi Susan,
        I’m so happy I found your post again. That dream is one I’ve had for years. To be in a place where we each have our own cottages / space / garden – but also in proximity to a larger group of people who are like kin. Who respect and cherish the earth / Gaia. Our own community where we can gather to have fun, but also have space to ourselves. Kind and loving. I have glimpses of it now and then. I don’t know where or when it is, but it is lovely and my heart yearns for it. Love that you put that out there. Angela


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