Gaia Core/Axis Meditation


The need for this just popped up, so let’s do it.

On Wednesday evening (tomorrow) we’re going to have a pre-full-moon meditation to push as many timelines over to POSITIVE as possible. We don’t talk about it much, but each of you have your own timeline that you manifest, and all of us together have what looks like a giant threaded cable-of-light timeline… and those wind into others, etc. There are major and minor motifs in this huge time tapestry we’re constantly spinning. Our main goal is to light up as many individual timelines as possible to bring positive change to all that much faster.


Wednesday 5/6/20
5:00 pm PDT/0:00 UTC


In this meditation we’re going to concentrate on sending LOVE AND LIGHT to the earth’s core and axis, spreading it up and down the earth’s axis till it erupts out the top and bottom like a fountain, thus propagating light throughout the earth’s entire local portal system. This should reach everyone.

We’re going to try something a little different this time, a modification of the lighthouse technique. After you GPC, imagine yourself getting really tall… taller… tallest… bursting into a gynormous pillar of rainbow light. Then thread yourself into the earth’s axis and… stretch out!

As always, if you can’t do the meditation at that time, meditate and “send” it to that time. If you have trouble with any of it, just send light and love to the earth’s core and axis.

(We might do this off and on through the full moon — which is at 3:45 am PDT (ugh) Thursday morning, or 10:45 UTC, one main reason why we’re doing it earlier. Note: Team Dark typically tries to pollute this axis energy all the time, so you could make this part of your regular meditations.)

Light it up!



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  1. GOOD MORNING (well, from Melbourne) CAT(s) & M’s & Universals! (5am Wednesday morning here. bluddy insomnia….grumble)

    5pm Wednesday 06 May is 10 am Thursday 07 May (AEST)

    Full Moon is 07 May, 8:45 PM. (Melbourne time)

    I can imagine what you’ve described!

    “see” every-one “there”!


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  2. Will give this a whirl ASAP!

    It’s funny, I was thinking about this for most of yesterday and today. As we are extensions/sons of SOURCE, we each technically manifest our own individual timelines which shift depending on our state and overall progress, which means we live in a constant flux, unless we learn how to brandish it in a positive way. (SOURCE saber, anyone? I need to try that in dreams sometimes.)

    I was planning to mention this on the next thread as a theory of mine to help some others who might be on the fence to understand this whole shebang better, and you guys come out with it on your own.

    It’s no use, we really ARE interconnected, aren’t we? Hahaha! Hope you’re all doing well, my kitty friends. Love and Light!

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  3. Hmmm, You are actually talking about toroidal shape on the end, same as I got on the end during the last meditation, well it ended up looking like that, not that was my first intention to form it in that form, and then I was out in a space looking down, not straight down, rather from the angle, just to witnessed that toroidal rainbow 🌈 energies swirling all around Earth ✨

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    1. Ugh. Terrible time for you, we know. Sorry, we were trying to accommodate everyone. You can also do the meditation earlier and “send” it to that time. Note that some of us are also going to meditate around 11 pm – 1 am PDT (7-9 am London time), getting as close to the full-moon time as we can.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. It will be at 2am in Croatia, but I do not have a problem with that, it is quite time in the house anyway, count me in 😉✨

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  4. I will be there for the Gaia-Core-Axis Meditation to push as many timelines over to ***POSITIVE***

    .*. .*. .*.

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  5. ‘Yes’ it already has been a natural intuitive part of my joining with Mother Earth – I envision my energy as a torus field that extends out from my spherical body, then I expand out & join with hers…..hand lifting from feet to head then both arms making circles is included, doing it several times with 3rd eye focused intent….repeat as it feels desired to do, anywhere, anytime…..

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    1. @lily144

      yesssss Lily
      we are the RAINBOW CAT’s TEAM…. Oh I love it!!!!

      Love Alnilam

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  6. So in this illusion Boris Johnson has apparently said that vaccinations are the way forward…I wonder if there is more to this than meets the eye, although of course it’s just all one big play and not worth blinking an eye at!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  7. Count me in, I will light it up with ALL. Fascinating, in our last group meditation, as a grounding cord was sent to Gaia & the energy amplified, the grounding cord became a massive cable. That was when I remembered the CATS & M’s advice of ascending octaves like a ladder. Thought I was gonna blow a circuit for a minute or two, after that it all went quantum and then expanded. I recall the thought of being a part of a vast filament of Light, Love, Source, afterwards, as I had dissolved in that instant. I will most graciously add my light thread to the grand tapestry, I am light, I am love, I am ONE. I AM

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  8. “… just send light and love to the earth’s core and axis”

    Do we ground and send light and love always to NE during meditation? When we send light and love to Gaia, do we do it through thoughts or visualization?

    My ears were ringing out loud when I read this meditation post, even right now. But I doubt that I would be up to the task with this meditation. So, stay SAFE to all of you taking part. 🙏

    With Much Gratitude & Love 💖

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  9. Looking forward to joining CATs, AM, M’s, HCs,
    commenters and readers in the meditation. It
    is going to be spectacular!!



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  10. Count me in as well. Have been seeing myself as a pillar of that rainbow light lately and will join in with the rest of the rainbow pillars to align out timelines. So it is. So happy to do this with everyone.
    Be well,

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  11. the second i saw that picture and read the post, my 3rd eye experienced major pressure. Like a thumb was pushing in or out hard in the middle of my forehead. that was weird. a sign maybe.

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  12. Altho this is a different thread, I’m including it here. Here is a very sweet ACIM story. Today (Tuesday) my new ACIM book arrived. Since I had never seen the book before, I sat down briefly and read the first few paragraphs of lesson 1. I was quietly bemused and honoured to notice a sweet, gentle and completely real presence making itself known. I thought it was very nice to have a brief visit from you know who. As I’ve stated previously, I’ve always had this ability to hear/feel energies. This brief visit, however, was complete validation on a personal level of the power of these lessons. Woohoo!!!

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    1. J,
      I got my book yesterday (Tuesday) as well and asked Brother J, angels and guides to be with me through the journey. I woke up to someone/thing sitting down on my bed beside me last night. Scared me initially but saw nothing there. Then felt out with my heart to get a sense and feeling of the being and got no bad feelings. (Also got no intoxicating unconditional love energy which I have gotten before with large androgynous humanoid messenger energy beings). Mentally told it that only those with my highest good and love of Source remain. It stayed, so it may be a new guide for the ACIM journey. Then I fell back to sleep while I felt energy being moved around in my pelvic and lower sacral/lumbar spine area. It felt like an energy adjustment and I see my chiropractor today. Cay

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  13. 7-9am London time sounds good for me. I’ll be out in the fields with the horses so can do it barefoot on the grass🌈🌈💜💜

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    1. I think it will be midnight tonight for gmt/london 🧡 full moon is 11.45am for us 🧡


  14. Lots of changes lately.

    First of all sleep. I used to go really, really deep; very sensitive to timing, I could only sleep at certain times of the day; and I always felt more dead than alive when waking up. It has been like that as far back as I can remember. Last few days it feels more like meditation mixed with dreams, I can go in and out at will whenever I feel like it and “wake up” feeling rested. Very weird, but from my observations I would guess this is what sleeping is like for most people. My feeling is that there’s no more work to be done on the other side for me.

    Second stars. For several years now I’ve seen moving stars almost every time I look up at the night sky. One or two at a time. Last night I counted 8 of them moving in a straight unevenly spaced line. And after that I saw a super bright one, brighter than any fixed star. All I can say for sure is that whatever is moving up there is changing.

    Third helicopters. Back in Germany the military liked to race one of their small attack helicopters at maximum speed straight over our roof about once a day. Since I arrived in Sweden it’s been very peaceful up until now. Last few days a huge helicopter has been running squares around my hood for hours at a time. I’m seriously considering ordering a powerful laser pointer.

    I can’t make up my mind if I’m supposed to stay here or move on. On one hand it feels like there’s no space for me here, no work, no friends etc; the beer bug didn’t improve the situation; on the other hand I have nowhere obvious to go.

    I’ve been playing the following melody in a loop lately, there’s something about it that feels just right. It’s sort of mellow and sad yet hopeful at the same time. The series is pretty good as well if you’re willing to read between the lines.


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  15. Beautiful connections today… rainbows everywhere (in my kitchen, in my pond in my garden hose spray while spraying the crops!) Blue, blue, blue sky with not a cloud in sight… sun bathing everything in pure diamond white light – BLISS…

    Just before I woke up today (6th May) I had a thought – ‘I have to join the meditation’ and I sent a rainbow through me to connect. Also did the GPC protocol, simultaneously.

    I fell back into a ‘dream’ ~ and I found myself inside a computer store because I needed some advice on AN UPGRADE! Everyone began helping, and one girl started to put some pink components into my computer (a silver Macbook Pro) telling me it would be around £46. I thought, ‘Not bad for what she’s doing!’ and agreed to wait.

    Meantime, my little fur baby, Twinkle-the-Star-Cat, had gone missing. I was aware that I was really upset, but the guy behind the counter said, ‘No worries, we can bring her back for you.’. He then proceeded to do something with a weird looking device that actually printed out a NEW CAT BODY, but before he produced the finished product, he rolled his hands around a blueprint – and I saw many animals including a Fish and an Eagle, before the cat body appeared.

    As soon as that happened and he handed me the ‘package’ with all new instruction manuals (!) my little fur buddy appeared at my feet!

    As the girl who was working on my computer handed me the upgrade, she said, ‘Actually that’s £56 if that’s ok?’ – which it was because I had wads of money in my purse! But interestingly 1956 is the year I was born!

    She then said, ‘Oh we had one more part, it’s metal so we had to order it in, but it needs to go into the system tomorrow if you can come back?’

    I asked what the missing part was and she said, ‘It’s SPYWARE. You have to have it by law. So the Police can keep tabs on all you are doing!’

    I said I would not be coming back as I did not intend that to be my reality and I walked out of the shop with my cat!


    I went downstairs to feed my Star Cat and she miaowed loudly at me. I took her little fuzzy face in my hands and kissed her butterscotch nose, saying, ‘I love you Twinkle. You came with me! I’m so glad we made it to New Earth together.’

    Then we both moseyed on outside for a cup of tea in the sunshine and to watch the rainbow sprays in the fountain of our new pond, while rainbow light cascade from my inner lighthouse rainbow in a Toroidal Field of light – connecting with EVERYWHERE!

    LOVE was always present, by the way xxx

    What a wonderful world xxx

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      1. Hey. Other lawyer lady. Just finally saw your responses on the other thread, and the CATS and MS. There’s no one that loves a good lawyer joke better than me. And, so happy to see that there are more of us, supposedly “horrible lawyers” out there fighting from the inside out. It feels so good for me to find out that I’m not alone!!!!
        The Dog Lady

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        1. Nice to know that if I need a lawyer that doesn’t think I am a fruitcake because I talk about timeline shifts and the NE, that I can post here to inquire. 🙂

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  16. Quick question on meditation…
    Why do guided meditations not work for me?
    I do get some effects when meditating on my own without listening to anything, though nothing like the things everyone else says they get.

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    1. Don’t feel bad. None of the CATs use guided meditations, either. We had a meeting about this once upon a time. It seems like… an invasion, an imposition. Then again, that’s just us. Use whatever works, discard the rest.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Yeah. My personal take in guided meditations is that they are external. My meditations are internal with no distractions. But that’s just me.

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    2. Which is why we were strictly forbidden to discuss our meditation experiences in the ashram where I lived for a while. Someone says they saw a bright light and everyone else blocks their progress trying to see it themselves. My teacher also advised us to not get hung up on the effects, since they’re mostly distractions. Just let it be whatever it is, it is always the perfect experience for you.


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    1. Da-da was just the one who told Lynn about it. He’s basically the CATs’ go-between for some psychics, since his relationship with them is the strongest.

      That said, it looks like we’re gonna have EXTRA meditations to do! No prob.

      -CAT Eds.

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  17. Fancied myself as a sparkling, chromatic, pillar of light with blue blazers for this one, but please be honest with me, would my bum look big in it?


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  18. Oddly enough, when I woke up this morning, in my third eye I saw a torus shaped rainbow colored donut twirling about (looked the size of a pea) – haven’t seen that particular shape before when I’ve seen colors/shapes – I’ve seen in spiral and gyroscope shapes but not torus, interesting. I will def. do the meditation out by my pond!
    Yesterday I saw a wide rainbow for quite awhile below the sun in a huge half arc like an upside down rainbow right below the sun. And 3 days ago, I was woken up around 3AM by frogs singing in harmony, in a magical way I’ve only ever heard once before a few years ago (by the creek nearby, not in my creekless woods!) – and omg – just now they started up again in the woods behind my house while writing this, how cool is that? Now they stopped again, I guess they got my attention! 🙂 My dog who is doing better now, just had to come in the house, sat looking at me and started wagging his tail and came over and gave me a big kiss, then wanted to go right back out. Something is definitely going on around here!
    Rainbow patrol is ready here – thanks Cats!

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  19. I need to work at 7 am wib but last night i have sent love and raibow energy to gaia… Imma doit again when i can… Love you guys… 💓💓🙏🙏

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  20. I just finished the meditation and before ending it I felt and heard the wind, maybe in that way the Gaia wanted to tell that it heard and felt my Love and my Light for her, I looked at my phone and it was showing exactly 2:22am, nice ✨

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  21. My meditation lasted 17 minutes. Got the chills big time when I jumped into the axis. As I was closing down, I heard “It is done” and “Well done”. Infinite Love to all ❤️🌈🙏🏼

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  22. Ugh, that was exhausting. For whatever reason, we found ourselves *pushing* Gaia up from beneath the core, while galactic brothers *pulled* up from above the core — and the M’s in the middle doing both. We weren’t expecting that kind of duty. Then there was a golden lion-head spiral burst UP at the end! CATs are recharging for later tonight. But we did what we came here to do: start things toward the full moon. You’ll know what we mean… sometime, some day. Good job, everyone. Above all, you just self-selected. 😉

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Interesting. It took an hour for our energy to register on the meters. If you knew how far the various meters are from the core/axis, you could get an interesting measure of energy for 10^X number of people participating. Seems we just started something. You might be able to feel it inside you.

      CATs are celebrating. 😉


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      1. Wonderful !

        I did a few since last night and then again at 5pm PDT. It was kind of a chore, keeping the energy/visual going, but then I just relaxed, let go a bit and had these “thoughts” that this rainbow healing would jump start a mega healing energy and that any badness (especially that being purposefully propagated) would be transformed into the opposite, Like any vax would be transformed into happy joy healing, etc. It was a really nice feeling, and it just kind of appeared.

        Ive also been intending that Protection is 24/7, along with the Earth Core Rainbow healing activation.


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    2. I did my best at the time (10am Melb) to participate in the back storeroom at work in the dark :). Funny, i imagined myself so big that a tucked Gaia under my arm and climbed a ladder for awhile. Hope that helped.

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    3. I tried, I really did, but I couldn’t stay conscious. It wasn’t sleep, it was meditational zoning out, and it lasted for about 45 minutes. Hopefully my soul accomplished something while I was gone.

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    4. Cats, what do you mean by “we just self-selected”? I hope I didn’t select myself out of something because I didn’t do the group meditation. yikes

      I feel wonky if I make my body big, like I have left my body, and I end up feeling very ungrounded, so I have to attach cords to bring me back down. I did my usual meditation that day, and added my love for Gaia to your mix.

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      1. It’s a good thing. By participating, you *stuck out* and showed yourself to be one of the Positives. There weren’t that many of us meditating, so for such a small group to have a big impact, several Positive groups (and Spirit) took notice of you. You might get more (Positive) attention in meditations.

        [See the Aftermath post.]

        -CAT Eds.

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  23. Interesting: I sat in hidden garden #1 which is where the portal is. My take on the meditation is that the portal transported this higher timeline all over the planet. My sense is that it is accomplished. Maybe my job is different and takes a different route. I don’t know. The energies here simply flowed into the ISNESS.

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  24. It was beautiful. I saw the cable like light through the core and expanding around the Earth. I also had intense hot energy around me at the meditation time. I had to take off a sweatshirt I felt so hot! I feel our united meditation shifted things a bit, for the better.

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  25. Imagined myself in the elongated magnetic core of the Earth of liquid white gold light. Then I invited others ready to rise up and join in for a ride up in conciousness, I began feeling random pings all over my body/energy field as they jumped on/into the light magnetic pole like iron filings. When the pinging slowed I took the Source energy from my solar plexus into the stream which resulted in an immediate explosion shooting all out the northern polar region. Fire works. That was interesting. Cay

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  26. I kinda felt like a pogo stick in there, an iridescent lumpy-middled pogo stick? It seemed to take a loong time, but it’s all subjective – I didn’t make it ‘out the ends’, if we were supposed to, before I passed out. I just woke a little wile ago – feel like I had strange dreams…


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  27. Just checking in with you post-meditation. Wow! I began at 8 pm EDT sitting/reclining on my bed with the sun shining in my window and emerged at 9:46 pm with the full Supermoon just rising over the trees and shining through the darkness into the window! This was a surprise to me that so much time had passed, that I hadn’t fallen asleep and that I could remember the vivid colors of the rainbow light while, at one point, having asked to ride inside of a merkaba while in the rainbow light into the nearest portal (surely there is one somewhere over the Great Lakes) and through the core of the Earth to the other side and then back again. Repeating the mantra, asking for guidance. I was especially surprised to see the moon upon emerging, as it is almost always cloudy where I live, due to the proximity to Lake MI. What a gift! I AM. Energized from the experience! And hungry! I wish I had some Key Lime pie, but I will settle for an orange and a small piece of organic salted caramel chocolate. Day #57 of my quarantine. I hope it went well for all of us and that we made a difference! With loving gratitude and heartitude for all that WE ARE. ❤ ❤ ❤ Laura

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  28. I was sort of busy with gardening that I forgot about the meditation happening today >.<

    I'll try to make up for it tonight before bed.

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  29. I just finished my meditation. I did my best to beam it back to the specified time. I got the visual that I was sitting lotus style in the core of Earth beaming intense waves of Love outward in all directions. My body is still buzzing. I feel like I really connected. I truly hope I made a difference.
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. I felt tingling all around my body and beyond few times, it almost broke my meditation, but I keep going to the end, up to 2:22am when I felt the breeze off wind, and I think that was a sign that it is over, that we accomplished what we came to do ✨

      I will do another one at 10:45UTC, which is even more comfortable time for me, but I did not mind that 2:00am meditation either, it was for a good cause, thanks CAT’S, M’s and everybody else who participated, it was good one ✨

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    2. Chills @ 5am est so I did the second meditation. Slight buzzing @ 10:00am. Strange ball of energy on SR this morning, could be morn med. Beautiful clear Blue sky in Pa. Peace.

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  30. Couldn’t do the meditation at the original time because I had 3d world stuff going on. But, did it right at the time of the full moon tonight. Not sure if it helped or not. It did help me, personally. I had a really horrible day with my stepfather. He thinks he’s such a good, Christian person, and he’s really such a cold hearted tyrant. I had to spend most of my time today trying to get myself back positive after how negative he made me feel. So thankful I have this place to come to and help me get back to my center!
    The Dog Lady

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  31. Well I tried my best to do it at the right time! Had quite a challenging night with Elsie, lots of screaming and nappy changes.

    Managed to join the meditation an hour and a half early at 11:30pm (UK time) Then again at 12:45am. The first was a struggle, couldn’t visualise rainbow light very well, felt blocked but I was feeling anxious that Elsie still needed me.

    After a change and settling her in to bed again she finally fell asleep.

    I sat in bed and ‘beamed’ in! As my lighthouse got taller I literally soared up, so exhilarating! Asked guides, Brother J, AA Michael to join me along with you ALL.

    Imagined beautiful rainbow core running up and down through Gaia, threading myself in and soaring both ways until rainbow light erupted north and south of Gaia then raining rainbow light all around the surface before wrapping Gaia in rainbow mist! My lovely lion friend showed up in my mind mane ablaze with rainbow light! I had to stop 5 minutes before 1am due to a surge of nausea! Lay down and went to sleep.

    I tried again this morning around 9am whilst still a bit dozy!

    Lots of chemtrails this morning, saying the mantra and sending out declaration that this is not my reality!

    Much Love ALL 🙏🌈❤️

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